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11. Divine Commission

Jean Ross




  • June 18, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Well this morning my 1st presentation we got 3 and so we'll work our way through this is the great commission or as we call it in the book divine commission now you know the background of the story Jesus was assembled with the disciples on the Mount of Olives he was about to lead them in a stain to his body in heaven but Jesus again reminded the disciples of the mission Matthew 28 gives us the divine commission something very suddenly sounding accept the one we Jesus hold the Bible that they with these witnesses Jerusalem and Judea the Marea and then to the ends of the world now for the disciples to be successful in the mission the G.T. The called in to do that with several things that they needed to realize 1st of all they need to realize that in the own string they could not accomplish the task that Jesus had given them they needed divine help and so they all began there in the upper room in Jerusalem spending time in prayer coming together being united in this great commission of taking the gospel to the world that's when the Holy Spirit came with power and in one generation they turn the world up by down so evangelism begins with that connection with Jesus because evangelism is not just conveying a set of beliefs or ideas but it's introducing people to a person that person E.G. and you can't introduce somebody to Jesus if you don't really know Jesus so evangelism it's very Kohli's sharing with somebody else with Jesus is them for you that makes sense if you don't have an experience to share then why should somebody listen if you're just talking about a theoretical Jesus not a personal jesus where they can read them in a book you want to share with them a personal experience that you have with Jesus what has eaten them to you how Jesus changed your heart and your life that's important when it comes to evangelism So we're going to be talking about this great commission a little bit this morning evangelism is really the her. Peter the church that's why we are here and I'm going to veer a little bit off the note so don't don't worry if it's not exactly the same. But that's why the 7th heaven stretches yet God raised up the evidence church this special work in these final moments of the history in the book Acts of the Apostles page 9 we have this famous quote The church is God appointed agency for the salvation of man it was organized for what reason for service what is its mission to carry the gospel to the world so God organized the church the purpose of which to take the Gospel to the world that connected with the great commission. So from the very beginning of the evidence church we've been a missionary mind the church heard a period of time the church somewhat stagnated in that mission in the late 1800 early 1900 and till there was a a really emphasis on the importance of taking the gospel to the world I think we're all familiar with the early days of the Evan movement with the proclamation of the judgment our message early 840 S. up to 844 there was great emphasis on talking about Jesus coming after 844 there was a mother believe that God connected with that but it was not fully understood that the Gospel was to go to all the world as we were the ones to take the Gospel to the world back then the understanding was that because in North America we have representation from almost all the world preaching in America to some degree would accomplish that mission but it was after 844 even later on in the late 800 in 1900 that the evidence movement really began to realize that we need to go to them not so much them coming to us but we need to go to all the world in proclaiming the 3 inches message that there was a big surge of missionary activity in the early 198800 but it really began to swell early in 1000 hundreds and Adventists went around the world preaching the 3 angels messages and today you can go to just about anywhere in the globe and you can find a group of Sabbath believing Adventists with about everywhere a few places yet we haven't really been able to make inroads into certain groups but by and large the Gospel is going out to all the world because the Great Commission says you must go so from the early days of the the ebb and movement we realize the importance of missionary activity of course that's built to today. So I'm even understanding evangelism 3 questions we want to consider they would do a little differently in your book but they the same questions what is evangelism who does evangelism Why do we do it Angela's M I think in the book it's worded here it's the on page 8 yes what's goal God's role for my life what is my role in evangelism and how can I hasten the coming of Christ updated creations but they the same ideas behind the 1st of all it begins with what is evangelism interesting to note that evangelism in the Bible Bible uses verb and not nouns when talking about evangelism in other words evangelism isn't a passive waiting but it's an act of going it's not waiting for people to come to you but it's going out and finding those who have never heard the word building relationships with them so the church is commanded to go go to all the world preaching the gospel eventually Zoe's a Greek word that means to preach the gospel and what the word gospel mean. It means good news do we have good news to share with the world yes we do if you look at the 3 Angels' messages found in Revelation Chapter 14 the 1st danger begins by the scribing an angel having the everlasting gospel of good news to go to every nation kindred tongue and people now the word gospel of good news has an interesting root cause we can tell it was 1st used by the Greek speaking residents of ancient Alexandria and they were dependent upon grain that had to be brought to them in ships and when the ships laden with grain would come into the port of Alexandria somebody in the city was given the mission of heralding the good news that these grain ships had arrived and that didn't work of proclaiming the good news it eventually became known as gospel someone was to proclaim the gospel of the good news the grain ships had arrived it's interesting to know that when the Bible writers were looking for a word to describe the good news that Jesus the living bread has come from heaven to provide spiritual life they use the wood gospel or good news the proclamation of good news now that we have good news to share with the world what is that good news that we have to share with the world Jesus what else the 3 angels message how is the 3 angels message good news anyone worship the beast or is image a receives its mark and his voice on his hand the same should bring to the line of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixing to the cup of his indignation it should be to mentor with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels in the presence of the Lamb. That sound like good news. Sometimes warning is good news right. Not only as a warning about the beast about Babylon but it also tells us how we can worship God in truth the 1st angel's message defines true worship the next 2 angels warn us about false worship so if you walking a certain way in that ways leading to death and somebody tells you hey wait a minute there is a better path that leads a life that's good news for them right turn their life around so the everlasting Gospel is connected with the 3 angels messages there are a lot of truths plus that in that but in truth it is God's mission to save mankind and it's how we can be saved Jesus is the same to of all that we do especially as it relates to 3 inches messages I'm sure we'll talk more about that later on this morning now 2 reasons why people hate evangelists it's because of doomsayers and propagandists like people a little nervous when someone tries to do evangelism all are you trying to convince me to do something that I don't want to do do you really have good news we need to remember that it's not ad job to convert the heart. Only God can change the heart but what we want to do is bring people into connection with Jesus that the Jesus that softens the heart through our preaching at teaching a bible studies the goal is to connect people to Jesus and then we sustain the saint and evangelism found this little joint one time it's about evangelism and you can read it's all just read the text you there above 1st of all here's a little Christian friend standing right there and he's got a little Bible tract in these hand he's got a glow track and he says well looks over to this chap here and he says I think this man needs attracted the thing right there well here is this guy shallow thought shallow thoughts not much happening there smoking drinking and frame techniques up on him he's going to do some evangelism so he pounces on the man Bonzai says believe or die in the stuff this little track down the man's throat says take my track and believe me well in FIA the man that is trying to reach turns and runs away he watches him disappear you must believe he says after he goes well at least I thought some seen. How successful do you think that evangelism is probably not that successful right the Jesus has given us a method in how we can bring good news to people the sharing of the 3 angels message is good news so let's talk about that for just a few moments. Just as the Great Commission the methods have to for was a special message she's a disciple that they would debate to the world so there is a special in time message that God has given the Adventist Church to take to the world and it's the 3 inches messages find that in Revelation Chapter 14 but I want to go back to chapters before you get to Revelation 14 actually 4 chapters before you get to Revelation 14 and you have Revelation Chapter 10 because that sort of forms the foundation of the proclamation of the 3 inches messages now what do you find in Revelation Chapter 10 Revelation 10 describes an angel coming down from heaven and he has a little book that's opening his hand be familiar with this prophecy and he said to his one foot upon the earth and where to put his other foot on the sea OK So the angel has a little hand a little book in his hand that is one foot upon the earth these other foot upon the sea and then he lifted other hand and swears by him a live sore EVER NEVER who created the heavens and the things that are there in the earth and things that are there in the sea and the things that are buried that there should be time no longer but at the sounding of the 7th trumpet when he's about to sound then the mystery of God will be revealed as he is to Clayton to his servants the prophets and then 7 thunders out of their voice and John the batter right in his voice they don't write down with the 700 and then finally after this experience John then is told to go take the little book which is open in the Angels hand and what is John told to do with the book he needs eat the book and so he does and when he eats the book the book is what in his mouth sweet as honey in his mouth but as soon as the stuff is swallows up what happens turns his stomach but. Then after that he has a message let's see if some will read for us the last verse of Revelation Chapter 10 you have that for a. OK So the angel says you must prophesied again so that then would assume that there was some prophesied taking place before the book was eaten right you must prophesied in your works not finished it scarcely begun now what is Revelation Chapter 10 all about Revelation 10 it's a description of the early Advent movement around 843-2844 the angel coming down from heaven represents a heaven same message that came to the A During that time of great interest in prophecy knew only 800 and here in North America probably the most well known figure leading the advent movement was William Aletta but there were some elsewhere in the world that were also preaching based upon the prophecies the Book of Daniel that Jesus and become the verse in particular that a great significance to the early mother right to add minister leaves with Daniel 142-2300 days then the sanctuary should be clans Now how do they connect that with the 2nd coming of Jesus they thought the earth was the sanctuary and what would be the cleansing of the sanctuary. And Jesus would come and the fire would consume the earth will cleanse the US from scent so they thought the cleansing of the sanctuary is the 2nd coming of Christ but when Jesus didn't come as they had thought they experienced a bit to disappointment a few other things just to note there. Did the disciples expect that Jesus was soon to establish an earthly kingdom all the way up to his crucifixion. Did they even think that Christ is going to that mission is the kingdom after the resurrection Yes verify to reading accept the one of the disciples that Jesus well is this the pine that you can restore the kingdom to Israel Jesus said Now just go be my witness is the worry about that that will come so it wasn't quite clear in the mind of the disciple the nature of the kingdom all the work that Jesus was doing Jesus came to establish a spiritual Kingdom we call it the Kingdom of Grace when he preached repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand that was referenced in the Kingdom of Grace the Kingdom of Grace would prepare the way for the kingdom of glory the kingdom of glory is when Jesus comes again right so they didn't quite understand the work that Jesus was doing so likewise the early Advent believers they did not fully understand the work that Jesus was doing for them in the heavenly sanctuary they like the disciples were looking for the kingdom of glory when crisis still building up His Kingdom of Grace that makes sense. And in order for the Kingdom of Grace to be fully built up there was a special work that Jesus had to do a work of clean thing in the heavenly sanctuary and that's what was referenced in Daniel a 14 of the $2300.00 days and then the sanctuary will be cleansed now the disciples didn't quite understand that and they went through there but the disappointment when Jesus was crucified was only after lives that Jesus was able to explain to them and they began to understand the nature of the kingdom and nature of the work the G.'s as a call them to do so likewise the early Advent believe as they had to go through a bit to disappointment a painful experience but as they went through that experience they began to understand Hera what their mission was what the work was that Jesus wanted them to do now very important for us not just to back up their little bit so the angel comes down from heaven he has the little book open in his hand the little book at the Book of Daniel it's a little prophetic book that has a mysterious time element because it says at the founding of the 7th trumpet when he's about to sound the ministry of God will be revealed as is the clay to his that is the prophets there is a mysterious time aspect of something that's not fully understood in the Little Book of Daniel now the book is open meaning it was sealed but now it's open referring to the Book of Daniel now then John is told to eat the book it's sweet mouth that are in the stomach that describes the early Advent experience following that by the way what is the meat the book the reader to study of Jeremiah Chapter 1516 words were found and I did meet them and they were in to me the joy in the rejoicing in my heart so after this experience then Johnnie's called You Must prophesied I again and that's for the chapter and now you know that the chap the divisions in the Bible were not inspired. For the most part the Bible writers will translated that in very good jobs actually the translated in providing us some guidance with verses and chapters but I think in this case the 1st 2 verses of chapter 11 really belong the chapter 10 what is John given following that message you must prophesied again is given a receipt and he's told to do something what does he have to do measure what is it that John has to measure the temple of God and the altar and what else are those who worship there and now what does it mean to measure way now if I wanted to know the length of this room how would I find that out I'd have to measure how would I measure it I need to get some kind of a standard a ruler or a tape measure now the reed is a ruler or a tape measure and so these back in Bible times though it was a reed with markings on it like a giant ruler and that was used for measuring and if I were to measure the length of this room I'd run my paper measure from one side to the other I would compare the length of the room with the absolute stamp it in essence I'm doing a work of judging all with me I'm comparing something with the absolute standard the context when then just says to John you must prophesied again the context of this prophesies. It's the context of measuring it's the context of judging or judgment the range that if you must prophesies again and then it has to do with measuring what needs to be measured the temple the altar those who worship there in so there is a work of judging a work of cleansing It wasn't until after the ONLY Advent believe as when through this experience that they began to realize the nature of the Gospel that they would it take to the world it is a measuring Gospel it is a judgment type of gospel sainted in Jesus and his high priestly ministry for us and him now Revelation 10 says but at the sounding of the 7th trumpet when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God shall be revealed now when he grabbed my Bible out of here away do you find the sounding of the 7th Trumpet I'll give you a clue it's in Revelation Revelation 11 I'll give you more of a clue Revelation Chapter 11 and verse of 13 now I noticed the most this revelation 10 says at the founding of the 7th trumpet when he shall begin to sow the mystery shall be revealed so there was a mystery connected with the Little Book of Daniel that was not fully understood until that they've been trumpet sound it all what is the founding of the 7th Trump you find in verse 15 Revelation 11 the relationship they then brought 15 says then the 7th angel sounded and there were loud voices that have been saying the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and He shall reign for ever and ever now what he's meaning to do use there when it says the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of a lot he's at talking about the Kingdom of Grace or the kingdom of glory at the Kingdom of glory. Talking about the 2nd coming of Jesus but I want you to note this announcement is made in heaven before Jesus actually comes back to the earth because look at what's happening on the earth when this announcement is made in heaven verse 16 says in the 24 hour lives that that before God in the throne fell on the faces of worship God say we give you thanks a lot Almighty the one who is who was and who is to come because you have taken your great power and reign the King about the Kingdom of glory look at happening on the earth though the nations were angry and your wrath has come and the time of the dead that they should be judged and that you should reward your servants the prophets and the pain and those who fear your name small and great and should destroy those to destroy you so is their life still going on on Earth when the 7th Trumpet begins to sound in heaven yes what's the condition of things on the now very good the nations angry right your wrath is come what is the wrath of God 7 last plagues are being poured out and it says the time it should judge and give rewards to your servants and destroy those who destroy the earth that happens right at the 2nd coming then verse 1900 days then the temple of God was opened in heaven and the Ark of the Covenant was seen any temple and there were lightnings and noises and thunderings and earthquake and great hail So what is the focus of Christ's area of ministry in heaven when the 7th trumpet sounds Devah Tolman or about isn't in the heavenly thank Shorey it's in the most holy place because that's where the ark of the Covenant is so when it's talking about the cleansing of the sanctuary or the mansion ring of the sanctuary spoken about a final work of claims in that Jesus does in heaven and on the A Just prior to the 2nd coming of Christ now what do we mean when it says the cleansing of the things sure Jesus cleansing a building up there in heaven. Well yes in one sense he is a why does Heaven need to be cleansed Anyway all right we learn from the Old Testament story the DAV Atonement all the things that have been compressed throughout the West symbolically stored up in the sanctuary on the Day of Atonement they were claims they were removed at the High Priest minutes that for the final time doing a special work of plain think of the sanctuary now how many sanctuaries do we read about in the Bible I'll give you a clue. Why may I or 2 the heavenly. And the earthly Now when I say the earthly I'm talking about the one that Moses built that was followed by Solomon that was rebuilt after the Babylonian captivity that's all the so that's just to know you're not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit I.E. that 3 what about another one Jesus said Destroy this temple I mean 3 days I'll raise it up again Jesus referred himself of the temple his body yes the church are we not all living stones put together to form a temple for God The temple of God So the Bible that speak about 5 temple or sanctuary the claims being of the sanctuary that Jesus is doing for us in heaven includes a cleansing all by the temples that have a Toman the Old Testament was used to cleanse an earthly sanctuary but of course that made it to them we have the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary which is a record of the sins that is something that is going on now but the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary is really a reflexion of the claim thing that Jesus is doing in the church and in the individual what is the purpose of a sanctuary What is it that God told Moses God said Build me a sanctuary for the reason. That I might dwell amongst my people why did god need a sanctuary to dwell among the people at the tender back of all in the world to teach people how to approach got what happens if God would have shown up with the chicane and glory unveiled by the sanctuary. Are the Israelites would have been destroyed why would have they been destroyed because they sent the purpose of the sanctuary is to take care of this problem so God can dwell with these people that's true for all by sanctuary that all of the same purpose the purpose of the tank surely is take care of the sin column so that God can dwell with these people because then separates us from God We can't be in the presence of God If we are having sins in our heart so this didn't have to be claimed has to be removed of course that was shown to us in type through the earthly sanctuary in the cleansing of the earthly sanctuary but why did Jesus come by the way why I ask you that question what would happen if Jesus appeared on the earth. With all of these glory that he had in heaven before he came to the of what would have happened. People would have been destroyed right so Jesus veiled it then a D. in humanity just like the 10 look like any other 10 from the outside it was a little bit bigger but inside the pain the glory of God was revealed so Jesus looked like any other person but the glory of God was on the inside right and Jesus came to this earth to reveal the character of God and to take care of the sin problem so that God could dwell with his people Jesus died on the cross to take care of this problem so we can be that make sense now the bible says no you're not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us to transform and what does that involve taking care of the then problem so that God can dwell with us are you with me to make us his witnesses so the purpose of the sanctuary is to take care of this than problem so God can dwell with us that's why the Holy Spirit is working within our hearts and lives what is the Holy Spirit trying to do take care of the sin problem within us so that we can dwell in the presence of God What is the purpose of the church in the US today to preach the gospel the Gospel takes care of the sim problem so that God can dwell amongst us then make saint why is there any sanctuary the heavenly sanctuary takes care of this sin problem not only of the earth but of the entire universe so that finally the New Jerusalem can come down to this earth this slim problem is finally taking care of no Most than the most and is and God can dwell with us that meeting is their sanctuary in heaven the entire book of Hebrews tells you that is there a sanctuary in heaven after Jesus comes well yes and no but here's the point yes there is a sanctuary after Jesus comes we go back to heaven for how long 1000 years will they be a sanctuary in heaven during the 1000 years but at the end of the 1000 years when the New Jerusalem comes down and the earth isn't recreated then John says looking into the New Jerusalem I saw no sanctuary there where is the sanctuary Why is the sanction not there what's the purpose of the sanctuary to take care of the sim problem. And at the end of the 1000 years when the final judgment occurs and sentence then is on the Mall there is no need for a work of cleansing that came along with the sanctuary does that make sense so the sanctuary has accomplished its job what happens to us when Jesus comes the 2nd time those who are alive we are translated how come we can be translated We have changed why because the sin problem within us has been taken care of these earthly sanctuaries on no longer need them make sense so the purpose of the sanctuary is to take care of the same problem now to get back to the early Advent movement at the end of that experience that we read about in Revelation Chapter 10 you must prophesied again the prophets sighing is in the context of the measuring the measuring is in the context of the judgment that's why the 1st angels message says Fear God give Him glory the hour of his judgment has count now we need to be clear on what this means because this is good news when we talking about judgment we talking about measuring we talking about measuring we talking about cleansing it's all the same thing we were describing the same experience this cleansing the judgment is a work that Jesus does in us it is Jesus that claims that the heart it is Jesus that cleanses the church it is Jesus that cleanses the universe finally from them it is the work that Jesus does but Jesus can't do a work of cleansing in us if we don't come to him to be claims the measuring that we read about in Revelation Chapter 11 is not a one time experience. At the day by day experience as we come to Jesus every day to be measured or to be judged God is able to claim in the heart anyone who comes to Jesus with sincerity asking Lord nation the claim to me will be plain sin is not the problem God can take care of the sim problem our stubbornness and refuse all to come to Jesus is the problem are you with me but anyone who comes to Jesus into therapy and says Lord please measure me please claims me Jesus will finish the work that he has begun All right so the everlasting Gospel is proclaiming good news saying hey the sanctuary is now open for cleansing come to the sanctuary come to Jesus come to Jesus to be clean I remember growing up my parents are both shorter than I and one of the things I wanted to do was one of those ambitions of childhood was to be as whole as my 1st of all my mother she was the one she showed of my dad I'm a go for her for a summer just call it right and every now and again I would walk up and just quietly measure myself how not they are weak oh so goes by and stand how one day I mentioned not the one you know I have a hold of my mom on there with a day of celebration for me and then a little while went to look at my dad's home and I'm going to see if I can reach his height Now if you saw my parents you'd understand they're both very short so my dad said it's no big ambition but anyway I wanted to be measured by em and I'd come up and try and measure a nation sure enough one day Alice's all that might cause that was long gone right they quite a bit shorter than I am but measuring is not a scary thing it is revealing progress and grow as we come to Jesus to be mission. We are looking for progress we're looking for Grow Yes there are areas in our lives where there still has to be some special work Jesus is the one that does that or become to be measured because we should be able to see some degree of spiritual growth right way mine of the we want to be but by God's grace we shouldn't be where we started the needs to be some progression some growth as long as we are coming to Jesus to be measured we have no fear of the judgment or we are covered with his righteousness those who don't come to be measured Well they don't receive his robe of righteousness that makes sense so the message that goes to all the world with the proclamation of the everlasting Gospel is a message of hope it is a calling saying come to be measured the sanctuary is not going to be open for measuring forever a time comes with the measuring is complete and Jesus says He that holy land of the holy still he that filthy let it be filthy still the work of the sanctuary in Jesus removes his priestly robe put on his kingly robe and he comes back as King of Kings and Lord of Lords but that time is not yet come so there is still hope there is hope to tell the world come the mission God can save to the uttermost those who come to Him through Jesus for them or thing a possible son I having heard all of all of that is the dream just message good news absolutely is someone who is longing to be set free from sin it's the best news ever there is a way I can be clean I can be right with God I can have peace I can have hope. That's not me doing the work in myself but it's Jesus who is on the work for me because I can do it on my own I knew it's right that we have good news to take to the world we are the bearer of good news little more about the 3 engines message probably later on somewhere OK Well who does evangelism them who does this work of taking good news to the world these are they just page 167 it says every true disciple is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary all of us have a part to do a missionary somebody takes good news to the world not all can go as missionaries to foreign lands above all can be home missionaries in their families and in their neighborhoods now Jesus when he told the disciples to be his witnesses he said stop in Jerusalem and then go to Judea then go to some area and then go to the ends of the world why did you say start in Jerusalem Well that's where they were Jesus said these well it is on the Mount of Olives the disco down the Mount of Olives up into Jerusalem through the Kidron Valley and that's where the upper room was that's where the disciples gathered together realizing the need of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit came upon them with power they started witnessing in Jerusalem in the area of Judea the Marriott which was a non Jewish territory and then from there it went everywhere especially at the stoniest even the Apostle Paul now becomes the apostle to the Gentile world here's an interim report back in 898 it was done by the 7th day Baptists now the evidence church in the early days was growing very rapidly and there were a number of people wondering why is that the evidence church is growing. And my church is not growing one group in particular that we're interested in the advantage with the 7th day Baptists that of course the Sabbath keepers like Aves but they want growing so they launched this big study to try and figure out what the secret was of Advent is growth this is what they found December 28th 1898 their answer to why the evidence of growing old 7th Day Adventists clergyman all missionaries them up locate it passes their busy teaching preaching in organizing churches said that's the secret of the grow their evangelistic clean mind so the church members realize that the mission is evangelism and they all willing to organize themselves and get involved in evangelism locally so freeing up the past that to do more alchemy Chian evangelism and in the early days of the evidence church Vangelis would go a step or should church she'd be there for a few months and then he would head off to another territory in the church would by and large manage itself on the path that would shake him from time to time and that's kind of the way they had set up the whole church was evangelistic a mind it focused on evangelism just him to know that in the early days of the evidence movement of the church it was the studying the advent of the trying to figure out how to grow things like now Evanescence letting everybody else to figure out how to grow. Something went wrong OK. We follow the original plan we shall have success now did the admin is realized this in the interview with Al The star who was one of the only advantage is that his $886.00 this is an Indiana newspaper again they were curious about why the evidence was growing he says in the 1st place we have no several passes that churches are told largely to take care of themselves while nearly all of our ministers work at the Evangelists the new field now doesn't mean that the churches were abandoned that they didn't have any pastoral of the side or the elders would train to help out in the churches these pastors did check in with the churches from time to time they would go to do the route and they'd be visiting but by and large the church was well contained and felt led and the pastors were free to establish new churches. And so this was at least the mindset in the early evidence realized this and then it goes on to say besides this we sent out large numbers of Cole Porter's about books and I tracked to the families last year we had a 125 Coppola's across the country with the church is very small back in those days and then this is a G. Daniels 112 let me just back up and tell you a quick story about this age Daniel became. Even a little bit before that Alan White went to Australia and came back to the US in 1980 settling down haven in California but was she was in Australia should begin to write letters to the brethren and she was telling the Brethren we need to do more in the lines of evangelism Well at this point the church had grown to the point where we had a few institutions some educational institutions some medical institutions which took a lot of administrate of responsibility especially with church leadership at the time almost everything was directed from the general conference from the Brethren kind of controlled everything at that point and she kept saying we need to do evangelism she wrote to the brethren who are leading the church that you need to take the lead in doing evangelism and so they tried from time to time but that was so busy with administratively sponsibility is that kind of set evangelism on the back burner while she's over in Australia and she's writing these latest saying do evangelism do dances and she finally comes back to North America she settles in that California alum Haven A.G. Daniels who is a good friend of Alan White he comes his conference President the time and he's taking a trip out to the west coast they stop to visit the Sister White and the story goes that he arrived in elms haven and knocked on the dole and said you know a G Danielson has the right in the attendance at all then you just tell the nations What moment in upstate call them I waited and waited and finally she came back she says I'm sorry Daniels with the wife or. The prize you can have a good career and sit with me. She said no but at the White give me a message she said she won't see you until you do what God has told you to do. She didn't see him that visit that day while this make quite an impression an aged annulus lady wrote as we drove back by train back to the east coast that one of the longest train rides of his life but he got back and he wrote a letter to a while he said you want me to resign as general conference President she wrote back and said no just do what God is hold you to do well that's really what it took 80 Daniel to realize I need to make public evangelism a party so he himself started the Angelus the meetings up and down the East Coast and inspired his past this. To do evangelism and he promoted evangelism among the churches and he emphasized mission work in sending missionaries overseas and the meant in flying The began to catch on after that famous 1900 General Conference where that we organized in missions and they had compensated and they reorganize divisions and put everything in place it created the structure for just the sudden surge in missionary activity and evangelism so Elmwood recognized the importance of evangelism Anyway this is what A.G. Daniels had to say 112 so that's after that little story with Ellen White had come back he said from the beginning of our work we have recognized the very important evasion of our work for a minute because we have not settled ministers of the churches of passes to any large extent now they were some of the logic churches that had full time passes but for the most part the church members were trained to take care of themselves passes would check in from time to time and then the end of the oversight of the passes but the prime mission of the past the weather evangelism he says I hope this will never cease to be the order of affairs in this the nomination for when we see South forward movement and we settle over our churches and stay by them and do their thinking and praying and they work then our churches will begin to weaken lose their life and spirit and become paralyzed fossilised and the work will be weakened almost prophetic right. They were pretty clear on what their success was keep the momentum going stay focused on evangelism now things have changed in our day back and early days of the evidence movement evangelism wasn't just to the thing that would happen but it was several months that would go by Upton these were churches that were established without any advantages present nearby but the evangelist would actually stay on for as much as 6 months to help ground the church and train up lead is really make them clearing what we believe in the fundamentals and that's still true today when it comes to evangelism we might do an evangelistic there is a model asshole weep but the work of eventually them doesn't end at the end of the 4 week period there is grounding there must be a CO and I think one of the challenges we have when it comes to Angeles and you probably all heard this before where we baptized a whole lot of people they came in the front all but then what then went out the back door always baptize all these people haven't seen them well that's because we stopped the evangelism at a crucial stage when we should not have stopped the evangelism even if they were baptized it doesn't mean that spiritual growth is now over but they still a lot of growth that has to take place the nerd string of new believe is so important when it comes to the church that's evangelism that is the continuation of evangelism and that's something that we want to emphasize you might be able to bring people in baptized some of what's the point of baptizing them you can hold on to them they don't ground them they don't become part of the church if they don't learn to connect with the body of Christ and I want you with reference to this this is manuscript 50 again notice the date 1901 she says as I travel through the south I'm away to the conference I so City at the city that we're gonna work what's the matter she asks the ministers the hovering over the churches which know the truth walk thousands of perishing out of Christ. If the proper instruction were given if the proper methods were followed every church member would do his work as a member of the body he would do Christian missionary work those that every member would play a part that would do Christian missionary work all right next question begin to consider why do we do evangelism while of course at the proclamation of good news there is an urgency to why we do evangelism what's the urgency the 2nd Coming but what happens before the 2nd coming close of probation the sanctuary is open right now but the sanction is not going to be open forever and in order to be ready for the 2nd coming of Christ what needs to happen we need to be measured right we need to be measured if you want to be cleansed so there is an urgency to the proclamation of the Gospel time is running out now is the day that come to be measured Don't put it off till tomorrow we don't know what tomorrow might hold but now is the time to come to be measured so there is an urgency in the giving of the 3 angels message soon Jesus said that that time's up he that's holy the holy still he that filthy the sanctuary close Jesus finishes his priestly ministry now it comes as King of Kings and Lord of Lords so there is an urgency in our message why do we do evangelism evangelism is God's means of saving law people that the preaching of the word that transforms people's lives. Now it is true somebody can be can be converted through reading and I think it's important we have literature ministry that important somebody can be converted through radio and television but God's chosen means of saving soul is through public evangelism through the preaching of the word through bible studies or the preaching of the word that's God's chosen means we'll look at some of the codes later on on that one Secondly evangelism is God's means of building His church on the disciples who were. Before the crucifixion they didn't understand the nature of Christ Kingdom the they were ogling among themselves who would be the greatest and the king that Jesus into this. And after Jesus rose from the dead they know that and fully understand the mission of Christ his work but when Jesus told them that they were to take the Gospel to the world something they realize well we can do this on our own They'll also be in to realize that our dysfunction within the church is hindering the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and we need the Holy Spirit if we can accomplish the mission so the disciples burdened by the mission given to them by Jesus they way able to come together they were able to confess their fault they were able to unite with the purpose of taking the gospel to the world then the Holy Spirit came the power when the church gets united to do the work that God is called to do then it is the Holy Spirit is able to come we have a lot of discussion today about the need of the Holy Spirit yes we need the Holy Spirit we need the latter rain we really do but how we can get the latter I. We've got to get serious about doing the work that's called to do and the latter a milk cow write a letter in comes one preacher once put it the Holy Spirit only hit a moving target if you're not moving for Jesus you're not going to get the Holy Spirit the Spirit comes in the church that he's moving that he's active that he's committed to fulfilling the great commission taking the gospel to the World Evangelism is God's means of unifying the church nothing unites the church like evangelism keep those focused on task evangelism is God's means of personal spiritual growth when you get involved in giving somebody a bible study or even if you working with someone and you begin praying for them and you're looking for opportunities to ship shoot with that person it helps us grow spiritually I remember as a fairly new of the student the time I was Muslim in the past that and my wife had a work colleague and she began to share with a little bit and. She came back and said you know my friend wants that Bible study great I have to give a Bible Study the set as a theology soon you know I had a lot of the verses lined up I was ready to go and I met this person in the middle and again Bible studies and she was very intelligent she has good questions and I remember one Bible study we did on the eve of the day and I had all the verses lined up and I gave him the verses and she went to. The hall and she was reading from the King James version that was whole was the parting how I had never read that verse before about Rachel of the day was holding the potty she called out the need. Engine. Interesting what they did. At the soul. I didn't know what. I did even though their birth is in there so you know what to force me to do forced me to go back and study it out then I began to realize that the different words in their original and you have breath and soul that we need to change in the King James in particular a better translation being as a spirit with the parting with the breath with the parting that some translated putting soul there and so I had this idea this all out and then I went with back to her and I was able to give a good ancestor and she said Oh well now that makes sense because that ties in with some of the other verses that you see while if I'd never given that Bible study I probably would never have run into that least not at that point I wouldn't have learned the answer so when we share our faith and when we do a Bible study we can have questions arise and. Before that force of the steady every week passes Doug and myself we do a radio program called bible answers lie and it's a Colin radio show we never know what's going to come what QUESTION Mike how many of the questions are ones that we've heard before you know a number of them the questions that coming sometimes you get a question you never heard before becoming like those could be a little tough at the moment but you know what we make a note of that and say we're going to go study that one out at the good question we want to have an answer next time so when you share your faith that forces you to dig a little bit deeper and that results in deepest spiritual growth individually and then of course evangelism is God's means of Shen issuing the work in this gospel of the kingdom shall be taking to all the world of the witness unto all nations and then Jesus said was then the end will come then probation can close that everyone has had an opportunity to hear the gospel they made a choice of a sion clothes then Jesus comes. What does it mean to be a missionary testimonies Volume 9 God expects personal service from everyone to whom you think trust that a knowledge of the truth for this time that the last statement there God expects each of us to do something with reference to what we know now we might not know everything and sometimes the tendency to think well I don't know enough I can't give a Bible study because what happened to the Ask me something I don't know well I don't think there's anyone that has everything down just perfect but you know something right start with what you do know start showing what you can and if they ask you a question that you don't know is always a good answer that's a good question and any more information for you on that and then go study and figure it out and share within the truth so we can wait until we know everything we can't wait until we are sanctified and perfect before we willing to share with somebody else I have facts in order for our spiritual growth we need to share otherwise we won't grow spiritually this media was brought to you by Adil to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave the W.W.W. audio verse or.


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