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12. Cycle of Evangelism

Jean Ross




  • June 18, 2018
    3:00 PM
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Your father once again we are grateful for the opportunity to be here and just talk about something that is so near and dear to your heart out of seeking and saving the loss that of sharing good news that Jesus saves that he can say to the uttermost that is a special work of cleaning even now blessed a time to give in Jesus name the man. OK the cycle of evangelism creating a culture of evangelism in the church like most of us have heard about the cycle of evangelism before I think it's one of the most important things the church can do when it comes to evangelism and there's some good public a reason for why we encourage this here's the statement that you might have noticed in your lesson I don't know if it's in this one of my people one of the previous ones but it's Christ method alone the quote from the book ministry of healing page 143 Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people the say the a mingled with man as one who desired their good what's the 1st thing you did in mingled Jesus was friendly took his time to get to know people he is interested in people he asked them about themselves he showed his sympathy for them and minister today means how did Jesus ministered to the needs of most most of the people that he came in contact with. Medical ministry right Health Ministry in his case he healed them we can do the same type of healing that Jesus did but do we have a message that we can give that does bring physical healing Yes and that's why we have the health messages the right hand of the gospel so we make friends with people we find out what they need are we ministered to the need often through our medical missionary work that we do and we win their confidence and then Jesus said follow me so those steps of course important when it comes to evangelism we see 3 distinct phases in the ministry that Jesus did he befriended those in the community he made friends the minister to the needs and won their confidence then he shifted the word so those are the 3 key methods that we use for reaching people making friends ministering to their needs when in their confidence and then sharing the word so if we take these 3 areas and we put it on OK so far so good we found the right power point we have so many of them it's hard to keep track so we spoke about Christ method the one that gives true success he showed his sympathy for them minutes that they need one their confidence then he said follow me this was the slide I was looking for so if you take Christ method of evangelism and you divided just 3 key areas the 1st thing Jesus did was make friends then he won their confidence then he shared the word with the people out of these 3 way do you think we as Adventists are typically the strongest making friends winning people's confidence or sharing the words. How many think sharing the word is out strength as Adventists. I agree with you I think when it comes to preaching the word I don't think there's any other group that could really match the Adventists right and all of our doctrines of backed up on scripture we've got all kinds of Bible studies we use We've got charts we have a great prophetic understanding of Scripture we need to do that we need to be as efficient and effective in sharing the word as we possibly can but if you want to be effective in sharing the word you need to have people to share the word with so that is to make friends and win in their confidence now way do you think we as Adventists that typically the weakest making friends are winning people's confidence. I think is kind of a 5050 here how many of us have someone that we know we would consider a friend but they not a member of the church that I'm Adventists might even be a family member all of us know someone right but if you found yourself in the situation where yet you're a good friend of someone but if you try to share the word with them or bring them spiritual scenes they just don't seem interested and you notice that and like I got my religion you got you all to whatever and they kind of push you away one of the challenges I think we as Evan is have is winning people's confidence so they are all willing to hear what we have to say right. Now do we when somebody is competent while we got a minister to they need we minister they need you know through whatever means they can but really we want to awaken an interest in spiritual Thanks that's the main goal how do we win their confidence when it comes to ritual thing so. Let me give an illustration of how we can do this several years ago we moved to California Patrick for 9 years in the Midwest and moved from Missouri to California got out and Sacramento and just a couple houses down from where we were staying we met Mr Nick that's the nick was a nice guy he and his wife and their kids were in high school and my kids a little at the time but he had these big dogs and sometimes he'd have his dogs in the front yard and we would drive by my kids to see the dogs and they'd want to stop and pet the dogs and so we became friends and every time I drive by and I'd seize carriage door would be open and he'd be out working in the yard we always stopped and was visited in pretty good friends but he knew that I was a pastor and every now and again I would try and say something bring up something spiritual and became very evident that Nick was not interested in spiritual things he was doing quite well he had his own business and was rather successful and you know I tried to bring up something spiritually he kind of. Not really that interested in spiritual things so I began to wonder how can I win his confidence so that I can at least share with him the work right around that time we were doing in Africa training program and one of the things that was presented in a after class is the importance of listening building a friendship to the point where someone is willing to share with you a genuine concern that they have sidelines that at that after a program that will be doing and then it says when you found out what a genuine need is then you need to pray about that and they told us a little follow up on how we could do this so I thought OK here's an opportunity for me to practice this to try the south so built a friendship with Nick until one day I was talking to him and I asked him said Nick How's everything going. And he stopped and he said aloud it's not going that well of course I've been studying this stuff in Africa Honestly I'm you pay attention now this is important so I said why this is he says well I don't or she just graduated high school there's a door that just decided to move to Las Vegas with a friend now he's a secular minded man but he knows Vegas is not the place for an 18 year old and he says we're rather concerned about that meaning him and his wife we'd rather concerned about that that's what I needed so I responded with the 3 S. have you guys talked about the 3 yes it so you'll learn about the 3 F.'s but I responded with what the 3 S. he said Well Nick I can understand the way you feel approached that I probably would feel the same way if my daughter was 18 and she wanted to do a lot they did but I have found that God answers prayer I'm going to pray about that so the 1st F.A. so I can understand the way you feel the 2nd half is what others have felt that way before but I have found that God answers prayer I understand the way you feel others have felt that way before but I have found God answers prayer one more time because I think it's important so you build a relationship with someone to the point where they are willing to share with you a genuine concern that they have when they do that you say well I can understand the way you feel I probably would feel the same but others have felt that way before and I have found that God answers prayer I'm going to pray about it others have felt that way before but I have found that God answers prayer I understand the way you feel others have felt that way before but I have found God answers prayer call that So yes. Now when I said that to Nick I said well I understand the way you feel others have felt this way before or I probably would feel the same then I said but I have found and he kind of fucked up a little bit I said but I have found that God answers prayer. You can see the lead and he thought I was going to say something exciting is kind of the end of all these eyes a little bit like yeah yeah and so I when I foist response and realize well I don't want to keep assuming that I but I want to get it out there I said you know I will pray about that on the stand the way I feel God answers prayer found God answered for I'm going to pray about that and then he kind of said A And so I changed the conversation I remember he had a speed boat part makes these houses how fast does your boat go anyway so talking about something totally different but I wanted to plant that seed so now we're going home and for family worship and it's together we said we have a special prayer requests and you know pray about tonight we're going to pray that somehow through this experience God will reveal Himself in this neck all the kids I don't know who are going to pray about that so that was our regular prayer requests for worship in the morning worship at night and then we went to prayer meeting and they said anybody any prayer requests I got a prayer request please pray for Miss the mic and you know Mr Nichols but we prayed anyway paid a premium prayed at home we had the kids praying I prayed said Lord please somehow work through the situation to reveal yourself to Nick and so we let that go for about 2 weeks where we just spent a lot of time in prayer this is a special prayer requests and then at the end of the 2 weeks I went back and because he had brought it up the 1st time I could bring up the 2nd now so we were talking and I said you know Nick I've been praying about that situation with your daughter has God done anything yet. Should've seen the look on his face kind of left them out bra a little bit and they say you've been praying about it I said yeah been praying has God any Yeah there was a pause and finally said Well funny you should say that just today she called she said things didn't work out in Vegas she's coming home I said Praise the Lord and then he looked again and smiled at me and he says you think that has anything to do with you pray so I know it to us. And then he asked another question he says does God always answer your prayer I said he always does I say God can also answer you'll hear said I'm not a praying and so would you like to know and we began to have a talk about how to pray and I learned to me Porton lesson it's not for us to convert the heart but if somebody brings a concern we can take it to the Lord in prayer and then we can follow up in a couple of weeks and we will be amazed at what God will do to reveal himself to someone when we intercede on their behalf we're actually able to start some basic bible studies with Mr Nick he became interested in spiritual things because he began to wonder what was this just coincidence or did this has something to do with him praying and so how do we when somebody is confidence number one build a relationship with a person I'm told they're willing to share with you a genuine concern that they have you don't have to fix the problem need to listen to the problem and once they share that with you you say I can understand the way you feel others I'm sure have felt the same who have been in your situation but I have found that God answers prayer. And that's it just plant the seed but then you need to actually get involved and praying specifically for that person and what do you pray you say Lord please somehow reveal yourself through this situation and that's the kind of prayer requests that you want to take to the church you want to pick and in the bill and you want to pray specifically for that person for that situation that God will reveal him self through that to that that a couple of weeks go by and then go ask them say Hi I've been praying about that situation has God done anything yet I always like to add the word yet because sometimes God has not done anything just yet a little more time is needed that's how know it's going even worse I say well you know what don't worry about I know God Lance has a plan then you pray some more right you wait to see what God is going to do evangelism is working in a god and too often evangelism we leave God out of the story and we just yap telling them everything they need to know but the reality is they need to connect with God They need to know God They need to experience God So we're looking for opportunities for the Holy Spirit to work in that person and through that situation now why is intercessory prayer so important when it comes to evangelism well as your know we're involved in a great controversy right the forces of good against the forces of evil Christ amazing jewel against the devil and his angels and in this great controversy between good and evil there are certain rules of engagement there are certain things that God will not allow say to do. We can be very grateful for that because if Satan had his way we would probably all either be demon possessed or dead right but God will not allow the devil to do that so he protects us he holds the devil in check now it is true if somebody opens up the door yes there is such a thing a demon possession but God won't allow the devil to possess someone at least not until they've had a child chance to make a choice but in this great controversy because the devil is held in check by certain rules you might say God at the same time to be fair has also restricted what he does to influence someone otherwise the devil would say unfair or unfair you're not allowed to do that you doing more than I can do to try and influence a person right so great controversy taking place but when we in to see this is the power of intercessory prayer when we intercede on behalf of somebody else that gives God the legal right to do more to reach that person then he would do if we didn't intercede on their behalf so when Satan says unfair unfair you're not allowed to do that God says I have a right to do so because this person is praying specifically for them and God is able to do more to reach that person. Now I think it works both ways right there's the devil have he's people out there who are cooperating to try and increase his influence over people yes absolutely likewise as Christians we should be praying specifically for individuals enabling God allowing God to do more to reach that person and I think that's where the prayers of parents are so effective in reaching the children in allowing God to do more to reach their children that's why intercessory prayer is so important and when it comes to winning a person's confidence intercessory prayer is the key build that friendship until they're willing to share with you a genuine concern that they have then you respond by saying I understand the way you feel others have felt this way before but I have found that God answers prayer and then take it to the Lord in prayer and you will be amazed at what God does in response to into sister prayer I don't think there is any prayer that God likes the answer more then when we intercede on behalf of somebody else they's power in intercessory prayer one of the quick story here and then we got to keep going on with doing an evangelistic series one time. Indo I looked out in the congregation and a lady was there and a husband was there she was a member he wasn't a member but he came to all the meetings he did the presentation the Sabbath and after the Sabbath presentation with visiting in the home and I said Well do you see what the Bible says about the Sabbath and is it clearly said yes yes and I said do you see a way clear to keep the Sabbath and how I can keep the Sabbath and so wanted to keep the Sabbath has because after work on Saturday and so what have you spoken to your boss about it this is all now my boss he's not interested he's not religious and said Well you know what I understand the way you feel you want to take care of your family and I know many others have felt the same in your situation but I have found God answers prayer I'm going to pray about that so I began to pray about it well a few days went by and he came back to me and he said you know I've been convicted I'm going to talk to my boss about trying to get Saturdays off to praise the Lord God got a plan say when he spoke to his boss and he called me back and he says you won't believe what happened I said what he said I spoke to my boss my boss that if you don't show up at work on Saturday don't come on Monday you're not going to have a job well that's not what I was expecting I was expecting some good news is I'm sorry I can't keep the Sabbath I have to provide for the family so while I understand the way you feel others of felt that way before but I'm going to pray because God's got a plan Well that's 7 came by and I got to preach and I looked out on the Congregational and kiri was he was sitting in church or the wife I was surprised at the end of the service I was shaking everybody's hands and handshake you Senator while going to the printer you work something out so I don't know what's going to happen I said well you didn't the boss say you have to be a workaday he says he did but the more I thought about it I just was convicted that I needed to stand up for what I knew to be right and praise the Lord and answer the prayer Well anyway went to work on Monday and just as the boss and said he called me up and he said I've just lost my job. I said well don't worry God's got a plan out of praying do everything you can put out your resume try to get a job look see what's out there that a mortgage that was you a family to support So time went by and I kept praying about it and nothing I called him up almost every day had you heard anything no nothing nothing I try this try this we tried all kinds of things but nothing was working and I was the past and I'm beginning to get really worried here and I'm saying Lord come along you know. We told us gotta stand up where all you need you and the mortgage is due and it's late and he told me the dates and the amount and I'm getting real nervous and finally I called him up and I said well the mortgage company well your bank accept the credit card payment and I think well maybe I could help him out because I know they financially literate and have the money and I remember what he said he's in the past you told me God's going to provide a new. Year I said I'm trusting God I'm trusting God Well it seemed like the very last minute you know they worry about having to leave the house now and finally called me up and said I had a very interesting conversation morning and what was it he said the owner of the company that I used to work for called me up not the boss but the owner he called me up and the owner said that he heard what had happened to him. And he said I am also a religious man and I appreciate people standing up for what they believe. He says I want you to come back and work for us and he said well so I can work on Saturdays he said no that's OK We have an opening in a position that is higher than what you had a supervisory position that doesn't require work on the weekends and as a paying priest told me I'm a civil prays the whole hearted God were good out. And I've seen many of those kind of experiences where you put God to the test right take him at his word into seed on behalf of somebody else and see what God will do I found God sometimes theory in circumstances as it in this case but in many times God changes the individual despite the circumstances I've seen that too so God can change the heart to can change the individual or he can change the circumstances sometimes he does a little bit of both but sometimes he does one of the other so take God and His word and then watch to see what will happen so again just to make friends doesn't matter who it is the neighbor the friend the person that you meet at the stall build that relationship this is what we can do everyone can do is bull that relationship to where they are willing to share with you a genuine concern that they have when they share that concern you just respond with the 3 S. and sound in a prayer about that make that a matter of prayer put it on your prayer list and I think all of us should have some names that we're praying for on a regular basis specifically and we can all do this Lord please use the situation to reveal yourself follow up with that person 2 to 3 weeks and see what the Lord has done that's how you win their confidence so that you can share more you can share the word Does that make sense of everybody is that something we can all do yes that is where it starts with evangelism. They look at the example of Jesus said in the Bible they are 3 phases to Christ Ministry The 1st is the prepare face and that's when Jesus St John the Baptist to prepare the way for Jesus at a later point Jesus sent out the 12 disciples and they went in prepared before Jesus and then 70 others and then Jesus would go after them so the 1st thing to prepare phase when it comes to evangelism we need to prepare for a man who has to go out reach then you have the preaching face and this is where Jesus went to those same cities where the preparation had been done he went to the many towns dotted around Galilee and he preached in those cities and towns where the disciples had gone in prepared and then we have our food phase and that's the preserve face and example of that is the early Christian church after the ascension Jesus and the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples they went forth Creech ing and there was an abundant harvest of souls while many of the people that were converted were the ones that heard the disciples and then a hood Jesus and now the follow up of the disciples and they were converted in the church group so 3 phases in evangelism prepare and then you've got the preach and then you've got the preserve face each of those 3 phases are important so you have the nurturing Well let's start with the personal work this is making friends and winning their confidence sharing the word the public presentation and then the nurturing of those new believers and I think sometimes we neglect a little bit this new phase where you know they become Avonex the kind of on the OWN you see them once a week but it takes a little bit more than that requires them nurturing some disciple and some growth some effort that's an important face each of those are very important and we can see these 3 phases Illustrated I think in a parable that Jesus told that we all very familiar with we've all heard the parable about the Good Samaritan. Talks about a man traveling from Jerusalem down to Jericho a couple of weeks ago we were actually in Israel and we had an opportunity to go from Jerusalem down to Jericho and Jerusalem is up in the mountains but you go down to Jericho Jericho is sort of on the shores of the date See this is the lowest point on Earth and it's quite a travel from high all the way down to Jericho Jesus said A Jew was going from Jerusalem down to Jericho and a very interesting road as you drive between the mountains and lots of Gorges and caves in those kind of things desert the area and you could just imagine the scene told the story that they would this was a dangerous road lots of hideouts for thieves and a man traveling from Jerusalem down to Jericho he falls amongst the sea and one of the thieves do to the man they beat him up what else do they do strip him of his Rayment And what's the 3rd thing they stole everything you have and they left him half dead right or left in there to die so they beat the man they stripped him and they left him to die well that is a Pharisee came by oh actually it was a priest that came by a priest and Levite the priest came by and the priest didn't help the man the Levite didn't help the man but the Samaritan came by and Jesus said the Samaritan had compassion upon the man say went to the man ministered to his need putting oil and wine in these rooms What were the 2 things that it. Oil and wine poured into his room probably covered him with his own robe with the seeds that stolen his garment $21.00 a donkey took him to an inn the money got to the end took care of the man that night but then he gave some money of talent to the innkeeper and say Now you take care of the man and if you spend anything extra that I haven't given you I will repay you when I come back again now of course that parable tells us how we ought to take care of our fellow man but like so many of the parables of Jesus the whole Gospel is contained in that parable the man traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho in one sense can represent the whole human race the thieves can represent the devil and when Adam and Eve listened to the devil back in the Garden of Eden they lost that robe of life didn't they what does close represent in the Bible right just in this way and the wages of sin is that they were left half dead now the Levi can represent the Jewish people the chosen people could Israel really take care of the sin problem or really Jesus takes care of the sin problem what were they to do point people to Jesus right point people to Jesus so that Levi comes by he can't really help them and the priest come by and the priest represents the sacrificial system or the ceremonial LOL the offering of animals could that really take care of the sin problem that was a typo or a foreshadowing of Jesus in the parable who does the Good Samaritan represent clearly the Jesus Jesus comes by why does good Samaritan help the man because he had compassion upon him why did Jesus leave the glories of heaven and come to this and polluted planet because he had compassion on us what is the Good Samaritan do to the man says he poured in all ill and wine into his wounds what is wine representing the buyer in the Bible. Blood of Christ that's justification what is all representing the Bible Ollie's for that sanctification what is Jesus done to take care of the some problem justification and sanctification covers the man with his own row the writers of Jesus put so many donkey and takes into the in where does Jesus take those who have responded to his grace those that he is justified and those who are being sanctified thank you cation is the work of a lifetime where did Jesus take them as it sure did the Good Samaritan gives talents to the innkeeper give him some resources Yes Has Jesus given talents to the church yes and Jesus says You take care of these people that I bring to you you look after them you take care of them and if you put forth anything extra that I haven't given you I will repay you when I come back again you think anybody's going to feel shortchanged when Jesus comes back the 2nd time. So in the parable of the Good Samaritan Not only is that how we ought to treat our fellow man but it's how we as a church should function in the context of the world Jesus is the one that saves it's his sacrifice that provides the given it but we have an important part in ministering to those. Who have responded to his grace right were they in the church is the in you and I on the in keep it's God is given as talents God is given as resources and God is a new take care of these people for me they are precious in the side of Jesus we have a responsibility to nurture those new believe is very important that's why we call amazing disciples we've been told to be disciple make this and that's an important part of evangelism sometimes is the neglected phase of evangelism All right so let's talk for a little bit about this harvest cycle when you look in nature you can learn some important lessons that we can apply in the spiritual realm when it comes to the harvest cycle there is 6 phases the 1st is what we call personal preparation and if you look at a farmer before the farmer goes out to plow the field and so the seed is got some personal preparation that he needs to do I passed it for 3 and a half years in Iowa and then I was 5 years in Missouri lot of farming happening there and it was a lot of farming happening here as well corn and soybeans Is that what they farm here corn and soybeans and before the farmers would go out to prepare or actually plow the field there was a lot of activity in the barn they would have to make sure everything is there for the tract and they would be working on this and working on that and get things organized so the personal preparation is the 1st phase that's true in the church and we're going to see the connection in just a minute you've got the preparing of the soil that's where the farmer goes Apne plows up the ground the sowing of the seed the planting then the cultivating watching the plants grow removing the weeds and that kind of thing and then that results in the harvesting in the garden and collect the soybeans harvest soybeans of the corn and then after preserve it they have to put it somewhere so they put it in the barn or in the silo so 6 phases in the harvest cycle each of these has a counterpart spiritually speaking. So we're going to start with the very 1st one and that's personal preparation how does this relate to the church what are some of the things that we're looking for in this 1st face some of the things that we as a church want to emphasize in the personal preparation is revival prayer planning training programs developing a church mission same today around the Gospel commission so that's where it begins sometimes you have a church contact us that amazing facts and say we want to have an evangelist come to an evangelistic meeting we always ask well that's great but what type of preparation has been done before the evangelist gets there some church is a very good in their personal preparation others haven't done anything or we can almost guarantee what the results will be if that's the case and not what you want if there's no personal preparation that's done but if the church gets together and they begin to recognize that God has called them to do a special work and they spend time in prayer and they play and they do some training and they begin to reach out into the community leading up to the evangelistic meetings those meetings will be far more successful than if the church does nothing so the personal preparation phase is important now in the harvest cycle and there are certain harvest indicate is that you look for so if you're a farmer and you plant the seed begin to see the plants grow you are busy watching to see what you have to do based on how they respond and if you growing tomatoes for example you have a garden and you go out you look at the tomato plants one day and the leaves are just hanging down like this what does that tell you it needs water you need to water the plants if you go look at the plants another day and there are these ripe soft red tomatoes hanging on the vine What do you have to do. You've got to protect the tomatoes whatever they don't pick the tomatoes that go bad right so you look and there are certain harvest indicators that you're looking for to know when you're ready to move on to the next cycle of the evangelist so it's true when it comes to evangelism So one of the harvest indicators in this 1st phase some of the things that you have been looking for is the spirituality practical Christian experience of individuals within the church family unity of the church family now you're not going to get everybody in the church United or evangelism but you need to get a call group at least who are committed to saying let's see what we can do in evangelism is a little church not too far from where With thing one time and they approached us and asked if they could help if we could help them with some kind of an evangelistic alchemy each the church was an old church actually they didn't have any children in the church anymore no young families that the youngest person in the church was almost 70 years old that you have any kids in the family and literally they were dying out of the small community but there was an elder in the church who just really believed that God was not done that that church yet. He felt convicted that God had raised up the church there was a work to do in that church so they contacted us and said is anything we can do to help well he started what they call group of about 4 or 5 people after church every single week he would invite them to come forward and they had a season of prayer specifically praying saying Lord please help us here in this church to do something to do something now with an older group so they were limited in what they could do but they didn't have much income but they did what they can they sacrificially gave So they were able to set aside a little bit of money and they were able to hire a Bible worker so they brought a Bible worker in for 6 weeks and she went to all of the houses in that community she knocked on the door she started Bible studies with the people as many as she could in addition to that the church said Well there is something we can do for the community and there were a few ladies in the church who were very good cooks and they said we can offer a special. Cooking School specifically targeting those with high blood pressure or diabetes so they actually contacted the local clinic in the area and they informed them that if you have any patients that are coming through with high blood pressure or struggle with diabetes let them know about this free cooking school that we have but of course the clinic was happy to get some additional resources that they could tell their patients about and sub patients began to contact the church and they set up the special cooking school and we had a number of people from the community that were coming and were building bridges through the health program that they were doing that in the bible studies of the Bible work that they would in the health program finally it came time for the eventually stick series nationally asked me to do the meeting there so I thought I'd have to do it in live too far away so we sent out flyers in the community to advertise the meetings opening out of the evangelistic meeting and how many people came from the handbills unfortunately 0 came from the handles. But we still had a good group of those it is because of the bible studies and the Church Health Week outreach program so we went through that evangelistic series at the end of the meeting by God's grace we baptized about 2 families one of them had a whole bunch of kids suddenly that to dust out the Sabbath school rooms and pull out the felts and figure out a kid's program because now they had kids that to take care of so the old folks started teaching the kids in the family that joined one of the families the joint they'd never heard these things before they were so excited about they heard so they began to share with their family members and their neighbors how they can add minutes and then they came to us to keep the past the one dance that could lead to another one of those that didn't even know what it was could we do another one of those Bible long studies that you did for a month and then realise an evangelistic series because they said we have all these people now that are asking us because they've seen the change in our life they want to know what's going on and we don't really know everything that well could you do another one of those series so the church did another one right away and that one family brought a whole bunch of people. And we had another baptism at the end and some new families came in and they came in and they said wow can we do another one of those evangelistic series and it just kept going well if you would have visit that little church today you'd want to get there early just to get a parking spot all of the Sabbath school classes up they have a healthy Pathfinder program now the church is talking about whether or not they have to rebuild because they too small right now. All of that happened because a Coal Group said Lord we don't believe you finished with us yet that there are somebody in this community that has to be reached and they set up the cycle of evangelism So we know it works if we follow God's method so the 1st phase is personal preparation the mission focus on the church family is focused on reaching others with the gospel the next phase that we have is what we call preparing the soil that's the next one that we have that's friendship evangelism community service programs community seminars such as stop smoking cooking seminars silence of all advertising for Bible study so now we're beginning to reach out into the community we starting to build relationships remember those 3 main areas make friends when confidence share the word so in the making friends category we are connecting with people we ministering to they need the harvest indicated for this phase the number of positive relationships between the church members and the community that we have a good program that we can offer them something meaningful the number of positive relationships between the members in the nonmembers Now when it comes to these bridging events I think all of us have been involved churches have been involved in some kind of a health outreach sometimes that don't always result or bring the results that we hope for if you haven't been involved in our Health Program at the church cooking school and you have all these people coming their friends in the nice but them then a company named you the meeting demand what the deal how do we make that connection I think one of the keys when it comes to the health program is connecting the visit is with one of the members so some of the programs that have been successful that I've been involved in is you have a member handpicked members who are there from an evangelistic perspective and they are seated at each of the tables and throughout the health program you give certain assignments for each table. To get people to interact with the advent the evidence has some training they know what they need to do they need to build a relationship people one of the programs we did they gave a recipe for how you can make a loaf of bread and the assignment was that week bacon loaf of bread and then share it with somebody at the table and while the admin is new that was his assignment say bake several of the bread and contacted everyone that was sitting at a table he said I want to share the loaf of bread and they went over it connected with them at the house they invited them to eat the loaf of bread together so they had some fellowship from sharing time they begin to build a relationship then when the evangelistic meeting came it was the responsibility of that member who connected with the people at his table his or her table it's now their responsibility to give a personal invite to that person inviting them to come as they guest to the prophecy seminar we actually wrote up a little thing that they could say they could say Man we have another seminar coming up at our church I know you really enjoyed the one that we did on health but this next seminar is actually looking at health principles found in the Bible in the Book of Daniel and I know I did one of my favorite seminars you thought the other one was good boy this one is fantastic you got to come to our Bible help prophecy seminar whatever we called it and sure enough they then invited the people to come and typically they said Just come for the 1st night see if it's something you'd be interested in and that's usually all it took so that's something to bear in mind when you have these bridging events and connect them to people who will be biting to come to the evangelistic series OK the harvest indicator or actually the 3rd phase now is planting the seeds. Noticed Bible studies is at the top of the less personal testimony drop of 5 studies video Bible studies personal Bible study small group Bible studies you want to get people into the word so you might start a small group Bible study at your home you want to get people into studying the word personal Bible study video Bible study now a lot of people say well you know that's OK but for me to give up every Thursday night for the next 6 months to give a Bible study to somebody I just don't know if I have the time to do that well what we're asking for is not necessarily 24 bible studies with one person the purpose of these bible studies are just before the evangelistic meetings begin the purpose of these bible studies is still a common interest in our prophetic trues to build a relationship with the person and invite them to come to the evangelistic there so usually it's 3 or 4 bible studies is all you need and if you time it right you do those 3 or 4 bible studies and then the evangelistic meetings begin and you have a friend that you could bring to the evangelistic area hatchery a church in Missouri and one Sabbath morning we got up after said anybody who wants to be a Bible study instructor we have a special program staff church for 15 minutes. At about 25 people that stayed behind in know what they were in for and we said well we're all in rolling you in our Bible study instructors program Oh great they said one of them lame and said Well for the next few weeks we're going to go through the 1st 3 lessons in our Bible study series we're going to show you how to give a Bible study that's great never given a Bible study before but that's great looking forward to it so we went through that and they learnt a lot and then at the end of that we said well here's the catch in order for you to receive your certificate of completion to be a bible instructor you have to give someone a Bible study they said pass that we can't do that I said Why it's all we don't know anyone who wants to get a Bible study we were supposed to get these people I said Well do you know someone that's not a member of the church yes they said so why don't you try this why don't you go to your family member why don't you go to your neighbor once you go to your friend and say you know what I've been rolled in a Bible study instructors program at my church but in order for me to graduate and receive my certificate I need to give somebody a study it will take just 30 minutes can you help me out with that impossible Can you just give me 30 minutes and I said OK I probably could try the church members actually went to the neighbors and their friends and they did that very thing they said you know what I rolled in this Bible instructor program but I want to get my certificate I need to give somebody a Bible study would you be so kind of just give me half an hour. And people said OK I suppose I can do that I remember one person reported back she asked the name of the neighbor kind of said you know I'm not I'm not even a Christian she well that's OK you don't have to be if you can just help me out and he said OK I suppose I can give you half an hour and so she 7 all the member said and I gave these bible studies well at the end of each of the bible studies we made up some nice responses are it's that we give it to the one that's receiving the Bible study and the cards have some questions so they want to receive the card they were kind of critiquing the one that was given the bible studies but at the same time we were learning where there were spiritually one of the questions was the presentation biblical Yes that makes sense yes and we asked some other questions related to that so they give the car they fill in they bring the car back to me and they do 3 of these bible studies and then at the end of those 3 bible studies now let me just preface this by saying Jesus said You need to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as us well after they gave 3 bible studies they were not qualified to receive their certificates we weren't just going to give the certificate to them we're going to have a whole ceremony to receive this and that this and the ceremony was to take place opening night of the evangelistic Sirius and they were to invite the one that helped them get this certificate to their graduation which was opening night of the evangelistic series. Just before the Eventually 6 series began all of these 25 members brought their neighbors their friends they came opening night to the evangelistic spirit because they were going to graduate before the evangelistic meeting began I got up and I said we're really interested in studying the Bible here we're so glad that we have some people who have taken an advanced coast to study the Bible and then going to be receiving a certificate and of course you know the members are there and their friends sitting there in the friends smiling in a cold in a minute come out and get this a terrific at a neighbor help them I even acknowledge them as a I'm glad Bob here to help John get a certificate and Bob smiling and everything and we do that little graduation and then after that we say well if you're interested you welcome to stay we're going to be looking at a fascinating prophecy that ties in with some of the things that you guys have heard and look at Daniel Chapter 2 and we go right into the engine here and then the people come back the next night. And then we had baptism from people who had never given a Bible study before but they did 3 bible studies they brought their friend to the evangelistic series then the evangelist and God took care of it from there that's all that to do just awaken an interest in spiritual things bring their friend to the evangelistic meeting you don't have to preach the 2300 day and explain all the my new share of prophetic symbol all you have to do is share a scripture awaken an interest build a friendship invite them to come that's what our job is with the Bible study so that makes sense now I'm sure they found them I want to go on but in the context of the cycle of evangelism we're looking to about 3 or 4 bible studies before the start of the evangelistic series you don't even have to deal with the Sabbath issue. Talk about the inspiration of scripture the trustworthiness of the Bible talk about Daniel chapter to do nobody can argue with that the toll history it's solid it's there build a relationship with a person and then invite them to come and I remember one of the ladies in the church she couldn't think of anyone to give a Bible study to she really wanted to get that certificate so she came up with a creative idea she cold about 6 evangelical churches she spoke to the past and she said I've been rolled in a bible instructed program at my church but in order for me to graduate I need to give somebody a Bible study what do you help me what is the pastor going to say no I don't want to study the Bible so what do you know her graduation she had 4 passes from the other churches were there opening night of the evangelistic series she gave them Bible says she had never given any want to Bible study before and so these guys had that many of them stayed all the way through the meeting and they heard things that never heard before so that's the goal of the bible studies to waken in interest share not scripture so that they will want to learn more build the relationship bring them to the Angelus to carry so is that something that we think we can do 3 bible studies Yeah probably right and find somebody that we can ask to help us with to get a certificate so there's different ways to go about it and I want to work very well but there are different ideas out there that's the goal of the bible studies. Our syndicate is for this one is the amount of direct spiritual outreach by the church towards the community other words how many Bible studies the have taking place in the community that's a goal you want to have as many Bible study opportunities then we get to phase 4 and that's cultivating for the harvest this is leading up to your evangelistic series some of the things you want to do here is continue the bible studies now this is it people have not made a decision to come to the evangelistic series you work with them you transition to your home or to a neutral place let's say you doing a Bible study with a few folks and they interested in a small group I will study him I want to stop on your home and bite these people to come to that this is all leading up to the evangelistic meeting so you need to be selective in what topics you going to address in these bible studies don't make left the number 3 the mark of the beast All right the purpose of these bible studies is to waken an interest in spiritual things to build credibility so that when we talk about prophecy because I want those avenues they know about prophecy remember one of the passes that came as a result of those Bible studies he started preaching the things he heard in the evangelistic series to his church at that was an elder from the Sunday church that Kay. He started preaching the stuff in the Sunday class the things they're learning in the administration he started coming to our church on Sabbath and then preaching the stuff on Sunday and he's members or those in his bible Sunday class would come in as we did to get all the stuff they never heard of before says if you want to know Bible prophecy you got to go talk of the Adventists they really know their stuff is what is there so we have people coming from a church across the street from ouse come over and Sabbath them they go to their church on Sunday and share the things so anyway these small group Bible studies is important connecting people harvest indicated for this phase the number of consistent in all personal bible studies that are given the number of people attending these bridge seminars these house seminars and church when it comes to advertising for the evangelistic meeting we always encourage sending out handles because you always hear the story of somebody that found a handle on the sidewalk in the garbage can the picked it up and they came out to the meetings and their lives are changed but typically are evangelists we're always looking at new creative handbills and evangelism advertising. Depending where you are in the country the responses about to Perth 1000 Bible Belt It could be as much as 3 or 4 if you're on the East Coast of the West Coast with like one and a half if you're lucky some of the areas like Seattle it's probably after saint after person I don't know but it's tough you can't just based on public evangelism based on advertising more so if you have Bible studies in the community so one or 2 per 1000 you send out $20000.00 handbills Anyway are you can get between $10.00 to $20.00 people showing up maybe about 15 in the bible belt area in the West secular areas and little bit hotter but if you have Bible studies Let's say you have 20 people that are receiving Bible studies and you buy all 20 to come to evangelistic series out of those twenty's the typical is that at least 60 percent of those receiving Bible studies will come opening night to the event that maybe even more so the more bible studies you can have happening in the community before the evangelistic here's the more of those folks will be there opening night agreements with pictures that's why we encourage Bible study was so very important in preparing for the evangelist eat meat. OK Here are 4 important guidelines with reference to your short health outcome each bridge events a short bridging events are the best of 4 to 6 sessions you don't want to go to law along programs can wear out the church members and tend to a level of those attending you don't want to sap the energy and desire for the evangelistic series for your health progress in the short to the point of the bridging events within 2 months prior to the start of your evangelistic series you don't want to do a bridging event and then not have an evangelistic series for 10 months because those interests will grow call you need to connect them and pull them along the shooting clue to mingling time a kind of spoke about this a little bit when church members can get to know those attending encouraged members to personally befriend want to guess whom they later will invite to the evangelistic series juge bridge choose bridging events the church has done well in the past consider the talents the abilities of those within the church leading out in these events as well as the need to the community you're trying to reach and it comes to these bridging events quality is far more important than quantity not the number of the programs it's the quality of the programs you want to leave people hungry for more right you want them to say wow it's over already I learnt so much in the seminar when he's going to do another one versus saying man that took forever that was a long seminar I'm worn out right so short high quality programs is the way to go. Make sure that every guest has a church member assigned to him or her who will take a personal interest in him and relating Biden to the evangelistic series that's key purpose of these bridging events is to build friendships with people so that they have someone to invite to the evangelistic meetings OK then we come to Phase 5 and this is the exciting phase this is the harvesting face this is they have a strong message appeals for the stations of public evangelistic seminar at the church in the video seminar if you don't have a live evangelist during viable series of meetings of the church those who don't come out to the evangelistic series you want to continue with Bible studies in their home and you stop resenting the stronger messages at that point calling people to make decisions to harvest indicated for this face to get a crowd of the number of nonmembers attending the public seminar that's the goal you want to get as many people there opening night of the or evangelistic series then you go allow the Holy Spirit to work it out the word to work but bring the people out opening I. And then our final phase is the preserving face that spiritual weekly study opportunities including deeper truth and Christian experience we have something called spiritual mentis where each church member an established church member will be friend one of those new members and there's a program that they do where they might invite them to come to their house to open up Sabbath on Friday evening just think about it the new members never open up Friday night Sabbath they don't know what to do invite him to spend some time with him 7 afternoon to see what the procreate on the Sabbath what's not appropriate on the Sabbath you want to have weekly opportunities for them to study so you really encourage them to come to your midweek Bible study now again here it needs to be kind of evangelistic reminded so the topics that's present at a prayer meeting need to be connecting with those new believers right helping to ground them in the truths that they've heard and if you think about it these new people have been coming out for 5 nights a week studying the Bible and now suddenly the evangelistic meetings over and asked himself what am I going to do in the evenings now I'm not going to go back and do the stuff I used to do I don't just want to sit on a watch T.V. the way I used to want to do well they need to have a study opportunity where they can keep growing right that's the new version of the new believer Otherwise we're going to lose them and that's what happens we lose these people because we don't follow up with them after the meetings. Obviously Kate is the practical Christian experience of the new believe us want to make sure they grow and that's a small groups is so important continued opportunities for studying God's word that's a weekly Bibles that you do on a regular basis in the church that I'm involved with we do regular Tuesday evening Bible study and it's really good for our members but even more so for the non members and we have a lot of non-evidence that cow throughout is in the Bible study many of which had their 1st contact from evangelistic series and they really enjoyed what they heard they missed part of it so they weren't ready to make a decision but now they're coming out every Tuesday evening and they're growing in the building relationships not too long ago we baptized someone who came through our evangelistic series or said I don't want to be baptized yet at the end of the meetings I want to learn more so we had a Tuesday evening Bible study with went through the whole book revelation verse by verse so there's like 6 months them all at the end of that he said Pastor I'm ready to get baptized I know what I believe now we are baptized in the manger cheat in the lake but we had to follow up meetings so there was follow up weekly study opportunities are very important sometimes the question is asked Why are the results often so small in evangelism you maybe even heard people saying well evangelists of the work anymore someone said well we tried evangelism people just come in the front door and they've got the back door right or we've spent all kinds of money and no one has baptized you heard that before the baptism Vangelis and it doesn't work they say 2nd Corinthians Chapter 9 verse 6 is the answer he who sews sparingly shall reap also sparingly use those Bountiful they will need Also than to flee often we don't follow all the steps in the evangelism cycle we don't plant enough steam I think of a farmer out here who decides to grow wheat and he's never grown weed before but he decides this year I'm going to grow wheat so he passes up his field and he waits for the wheat to grow up and nothing happens. And so he goes to these farmer friends and he says to them I don't understand why nothing's growing in my field so I want to grow wheat so they ask and they said well what type of frivolous the use you tell them and they say Pretty get it said you check the PH balance of your soil because you know I did what is it he tells of the next ride up where they scratch their head they can't figure this out so finally they say we're going to come pick a look at you will feel see what's going on so early one morning all of these pickup trucks pull out into this man's field and all the guys get up and they've got their caps and their hats and they boots and they walk around and surrounded by fields of green all the neighbors have we've growing there's nothing in our friends field and all the farmers and scratching their head they can't figure this out and off farmer friends standing there and he's just puzzled either and finally one of these friends say to him so what but that was see did you play it anyway without a farmer friend says Well you know I was hoping for a harvest I was praying for a harvest but I guess I didn't planting the seed not a true story. There isn't a farmer alive that would expect a harvest without 1st planting see but isn't it true of the church we pray for our vets we hope for a harvest we send out some hand-bills and then nobody comes amid. Evangelism doesn't work when evangelism does work but you can only harvest what you sow right we haven't gone through all the phases we haven't done the bible studies we haven't done the bridging again we haven't built relationships we don't have anyone to invite to come to the evangelistic meeting we're going to how we spec things success so the seed is in the harvest you need to remember that. Collation 67 Do not be deceived God is not mocked for whatsoever a man's fellows that he shall also reap so if we sow sparingly we will reap sparingly 3 reasons then why evangelism sometimes does not work number one we don't plant enough seeds so we reap what we sow we don't prepare for the harvest That's number one reason why we don't plant and I see my fact we've met work the churches before and we asked them I said well what have you done for pre-work and they said we haven't done anything ever planned that out of a plan so we set them up and they accept us altogether we said well don't do any Vangelis we've actually told and don't do any Vangelis think now don't waste your money now wait for 10 months go through all of these different phases and then do the evangelistic meeting it will be more successful give it a little bit of time so you know it's one thing to do evangelism it's more important to prepare for evangelists if it's to be successful Think of the final idea at the top of the funnel the mouth of the final this is where all the contacts are for the church these are those attending our seminars our friends the church members have down here these are the people that actually receive the bible studies before the evangelistic meeting here's where the evangelistic meeting starts and down here these are the people who make decisions for the truth well if you want many decisions for the truth on here what do you need to have up here. Very large mouth right so we want to have a long list of interests the church is working for and of course people will grow at different speeds spiritually speaking so there might be somebody on your list that you've been working with for your ass before they actually come to the evangelist if there's there might be people that you just make contact with and they're really interested in spiritual things and they ready to come and attend to prop them and so you need to recognize that people are moving at different speeds so give them space to grow but you want to have a nice big list of people that you're praying for the church you're asking God to intervene in their lives you're looking for opportunities to win their confidence to build a relationship with them so we're always looking mean gauge looking to see where the spirit is moving reason number 2 why Vangelis sometimes fails we forget that the seed in the harvest so we take a break from evangelism instead of continuing the cycle letting success grow this important just like the story I told you the lowlier we did one evangelistic meeting in those new people came and their friends were asking questions we did another evangelistic series now if we had said well you know what we don't want to do another evangelistic series for another 2 years while by that time all of their friends would have lost interest in learning more so you've got to keep the cycle going I remember doing an evangelistic series once in the Surrey and somebody stood up on the community and he went through all the meetings he sat and listened to everything nice guy friendly at the end of the meetings we handed out a little response cards remember one of the questions on the card said What is your religious affiliation and he wrote in big bold letters that had the Holy Roman Catholic Church and then he put in brackets I will always be a Catholic said OK well we know where he stands the meeting was over. Re chip going with the church activities a few months later we did another evangelistic series and guess who showed up the same man he went through all the evangelistic series 2nd time and at the end of the meetings we handed out the cards just to be done before one of the questions religious affiliation this time he wrote Catholic OK we're making progress. I was part of the When couple months went by with another evangelistic meeting same guy showed up went through all the meetings that then we had about the cause he wrote when it came to religious Felician he wrote was Catholic but thinking about being the mad that it. Took 3 evangelistic meetings so you want to keep that cycle going right a farm a plant the seed and he might have a bumper crop one year or your plants and he doesn't get as big of a harvest as he once did many stop farming he just plants again and keeps things going so in the evangelism cycle some years you'll have an abundant harvest of souls other years you'll have a little less but you just wanna keep the cycle going probably about 8 years ago past the does asked if I would lead a church plant in the Granite Bay Area in Sacramento one of the suburbs of a growing area and we were going to plant a church in this area so we started with a coal group of about 15 members we met in somebodies living room planned a big parade in the organize and the Right well it let's really implement the cycle of evangelism from the very beginning everything we do let's implement the cycle of evangelism so from the start we did that we did at least an evangelistic meeting once of the most years we did 2 evangelistic meetings one in the spring one in the fall. A lot of with 15 people we kept this cycle going over and over and over again and I know church is a different this is unique this is a church plant typically with a church plant the people at the church planned really wanted to grow that's why they there they very Vangelis they came minded and so we had a lot of lay involvement in every church a little different but just a great group of people who are really committed and 8 years ago we started with 15 people today the ground up a church has a membership of over 500 we have 600 people attending every week and we have thousands of people watching online thought of from just a small coal group of 15 it was interesting people said to us you working one of the toughest neighborhoods granite base is very affluent area it's one of those places you can't even get to the house because at the gate and there's a whole bunch of hollow gated community so you have to wait until someone drives up when you slip in the gate to get out of the code but we really had to focus on health outreach and relationships and building our evangelistic interests through personal contact and Bible study we brought in a bible worker we did a lot of evangelism and it works some years we baptized 4550 people in a year some years it was a little bit less but we kept the cycle going in the Lord's blaze so I know the cycle of evangelism where we've seen it work really does make a difference. Reason Number 3 we have weak disjointed links in the evangelism cycle you've probably heard the saying before a chain is only as strong as its weakest link right so every part of the cycle of evangelism is important in closing then how should the corporate cycle how often should the corporate cycle of evangelism repeat what we suggest every 12 months you might want to have one major evangelistic seminar once a year and when the church has got that down then you can maybe have a mini evangelistic series or revival that same year at a 6 month interval now we kind of we have a number of people who are coming into the church so it was hard for them to commute so we did evangelism a little differently class that most of the we meeting is around the weekend so we give folks time off but what we did is we required the new people who came in from the last evangelistic series to actually be the main helpless in that 2nd evangelistic series the church members were there with a backup support So what would happen is a person would come to an evangelistic series they hear for the 1st time they get all excited then the next evangelistic they the ones that are bringing their friends they're taking care of the program they welcoming the people they handing out the literature they very much involved while they get to hear the whole thing again the 2nd time and it doesn't burn out the church Memphis and we actually have church members in charge of the new people kind of connecting with them getting them organized so that's the way we're able to keep it going because you can wear the church out if you have the same people doing the same thing over and over again so you want to start using those new people and get them connected into evangelism so they get used to it and say well this is what we do as a church we do evangelism. Personal cycle different plants ripen for harvest the different rates latest uncontaminated strawberries and so on they're all different people grow at different rates so we want to give people time to grow if somebody does not make a decision at the end of the evangelistic series keep the relationship going maybe they'll be ready next time right you do the evangelistic series so don't do the scorched earth policy where you put so much pressure on the person to make a decision that if they don't make a decision they don't ever want to see you again right you want to least build that relationship so you can invite them back the cycle of evangelism How does the corporate cycle relate to the personal cycle just real quick recognize that if you go through the corporate cycle that's the cycle that the church does you're working with people at different stages so give them time to grow keep the cycle repeating at frequent intervals in order to harvest people as they become ready so that's why the least once a year maybe you could do one every 6 months or at least a small one once and then a bigger one every year in summary them what if we looked up 1st of all Christ Mass that. Friendship that wins confidence then you share the word what is the key to winning somebodies confidence the C.F. All right you meet they need to build a relationship with them till the point where they are willing to what share a genuine concern that they have and then what do you say I understand the way you feel others have felt that way before but I have found what if you found God answers prayer it doesn't matter what the problem is Perry's still the answer I call that the 3 S. It's also very helpful when dealing with controversy If someone to argue with you about a particular doctrine or whatever might be you can say well I understand the way you feel I think this out the same way when they With that in this truth but I have found that through prayer God and how guided the clear understanding. Remember the 1st time I heard the 3 S. in the context of controversy and how you deal with it while this is great I gotta try this out when all of them try to get into an argument with my wife. Trying to get a mad about something and them just the right time I said honey I understand the way you feel and look at me. Said others of felt the same in your situation. But they have found I came up with some excuse you can live with a while later got into a little bit of an argument I said here's another chance so how do you understand the way you feel sure that don't try that on me you tried that once before she got on but it does work when you'd working with someone a Bible study and there's some resistance understand the way you feel as a felt that way but I found you can kind of lead the conversation there so the 3 S new work aren't in different context you can use them. Summary then Jesus gives a think sample of prepare preach and then preserve the 3 phases of the mansion as I'm psycho prepare preach and preserve sharing God's word is like planting a garden it must repeat in all it is to be successful one of the most important things that a church can do and evangelism cycle is the best plan for evangelism it follows God's instruction of seed sowing it builds success from year to year because the seed is in the harvest final verse Cast your bread upon the waters for you will find it after many days now in the Bible what does bread often represent. What does water represent multitude the nations and kindreds in time what you think it means when it says cast by bread upon the waters preach to the people share the word write if you can do that through preaching you can do that through bible study share the word get it out there you might not see results right away. But still share the word anyway you can give a serving to 7 and also to a 4 you do not know what evil will come upon the US If you don't know what's going to happen in their life or what situation they might find where the things you have said will come back to them and you'll have an opportunity to witness and build with them so evangelism then he's sharing the word sharing Jesus was somebody else that's the core of. All that's the evangelism cycle All right we've got some key things I think it's in the book we are going to time to look at it but does your church have an evangelism cycle if it doesn't what can you do to set up an evangelism cycle if you're already have an evangelist I'm cycle what can we do to fine tune and perfect our evangelism cycle how is it organized how can we get more people involved in the evangelism so I can still think it's one of the most important things church can do is that ongoing nations like. 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