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14. Grow Your Church, Part 2

Jim Howard




  • June 19, 2018
    11:00 AM
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So church wide community need based ministries in every local church now the key in every one of these the key and I would ask you as you're thinking about OK I want to take what I'm learning here in a manual and I want to go back to a local church and I want to see my local church move and grow OK this is a simple way for you to know 5 areas that you can focus on right. And the key in each of these is the adjective OK because if you look at community need based ministries you can probably think of community need based ministries that you have in your church but the adjective says church why so we're not talking about a few people or whatever we're talking about ways that you can impact the entire community and ways that your whole church can be involved even if you you know you may not impact your entire community if you're a small church or what have you but if you can all be involved in impact in the community so some people might be involved in health ministry or what have you but there are things you can do community projects you can do going to civic leaders and finding out what the needs are in the community thinking about the types of educational classes you can do whether it's finance or parenting or what have you all those things are ways to just get community interaction with community. We are actually in the General Conference working on a health and community outreach guide and that will be for the purpose of being local church. Instruction on how to do various different types of. Health of events and various different types of community outreach so give you all the steps so if you're a health leader how to do a Health Expo how to do a cooking school how to do you know how to do one day events how to do monthly events how to do multimedia A events the different programs that are available all that kind of stuff and then we'll have the same thing for community outreach guides how to do this type of community program this of me program giving you ideas for what you can do to get the entire church involved. My conviction is that OK let me say a couple things Number one the title of this session is training center churches and here in Michigan we've for a long time talked about the need to fulfill the. The instruction of Ellen White where she says that every church should be a training school for Christian workers every church should be a training school for Christian workers this is one of the reasons that on the grow Web site which is not up yet but it will be up in a couple weeks grow dot Adventist dot org on that website we're going to be eventually. Putting training videos that will be like 3 to 5 minute personal ministries training videos you're going to see some familiar faces on there because collaborating with Mark and Cameron and flying them out to the G.C. and we're going to go into the Hope channel studio and we're going to create a ton of 3 to 5 minute person miniseries training videos. With each one we're going to have a little training guide so like a one page training guide and you know the primary place we want you to use them in is satisfied so we have a burden that if every church should be a training school we do already have something called school at church is a Sabbath school and the pillars of the Sabbath school here knows the 4 pillars of Sabbath school just curious if anybody knows that's what I usually get so you have Bible study OK Bob same prayer however you want to go with it you have fellowship you have world mission and you have community outreach we summarize it through our department in 3 areas Bible study and prayer fellowship and mission and under mission you have both world mission and community outreach OK We have always said Sabbath school that's a big part of Sabbath school is the mission but the reality is most of our Sabbath schools are trending toward just having the study time and what's happening is we're losing the connection with the world church and we're losing the opportunity for local mission types of emphasis Here's what often happens we have a Sabbath school program that begins at $930.00 and or $915.00 or whatever it is and it starts with there's different names we use for it the preliminary program what does preliminary program suggest to you. Who needs to be there it's not the actual program it's the preliminary program the superintendent remarks what does that communicate to you I don't really need to hear what the superintendent. It's remarks are right. And that's what it has become in most cases you have a song or whatever you assign a few people to it and they do a program. They might do a devotional thought they might they might share a mission story or something sometimes but by and large. It's kind of another many programs sermonette if you will what we would like to do is not as many churches do it getting rid of that and just less to skip it altogether and go to class do that and you lose a big part of what Sabbath School has always been in the 7th Avenue Church So instead let's recover some things Number one let's recover mission spotlight I may be you know old school kind of guy but I loved mission spot even as a younger person I love mission spotlight and they have that deep voice this mission but we need a deep voice guy back but I've got to talk to Evan its mission Department about that but anyway they do however develop and send out to every local church a D.V.D. that has. Spots and there they have they have monthly ones that are longer like 10 to 12 minutes but they also have weekly ones and you could play a 35 minute video every week that's our recommendation if you don't play it every week then you need to have a world mission emphasis or story or some she's got the D.V.D. on or that emphasis or story you need to have that for that 5 minutes how long can I say. 17 minutes 13 minutes 5 minutes that's what you get OK So there's your 5 minutes OK and then but that's world mission. Isn't one of the pillars community outreach what the Sabbath school have to do with that so community outreach has to do with the local church and what it's doing right so let me going to give you a place to go visit you go to is it I don't know where Cameron went to but I think it's K.'s new S.T.A. or whatever the Kalamazoo some of them is church's website is and Cameron for some time is a local church pastor goes along wherever the church is doing a ministry he might it might be a prayer meeting and he takes his i Phone and he does a little video interview of somebody who has regularly attended and blessed by prayer meeting he goes along with the students to field trips and they go on and he films what they're doing any interviews one of the kids on the experience they had sharing with the people at the such and such place he goes to the Fair booth and he interviews the people who you know most of the things that happen in your church you're not asked or a lot of people are not asked and so what it does is he shows those every Sabbath and they show something a ministry that's happening in the local church his local church every Sabbath testimonies every Sabbath Now you may not be able to you are able but nobody might you might not do it but you could at least bring up somebody and have a short interview about community outreach that the local church is doing or is planning to do you know how long should probably take to do that 3 to 5 minutes. Then since it's Sabbath school why not have personal ministries training right in Sabbath school and that's what our recommendation is and that's why we're creating 3 to 5 minute videos that will go on the grow website but that sadness cools can go and they will have. Printable little guys they can put in the Bulletin and everybody who comes in they get to that part of the program boom they've got it right there it's got 3 key points of something they're learning with persimmons retraining and they right there are getting training every week in fact a school and if you wanted to take a week off from the video and have your own personal ministry spot that you're doing whatever it is you know we've done in a lot of places because people don't attend Sabbath school we've taken all the good stuff out of Sabbath school and we put it in the worship service so we put personal ministries in the worship service which I understand why we do it we we oftentimes. You know I've got this thought we have been talking about this would be great to have like a baptism and Sabbath school or really the good stuff and where people actually come are like what do time when that doesn't satisfy what and where people like Miss Sabbath school why are we trying to drain Sabbath School of Everything good and to stuff it in the worship service which is bloated by the way and goes too long and has all this stuff in it one of the great so our thought is that we recover what we refer to as not the preliminary program not to superintend or marks but the mission program and you have a 15 minute mission program every Sabbath that has 5 minutes of World Mission 5 minutes of community outreach and 5 minutes of personal ministries training so just give you a little idea and then when you get to by the way the class program in the class program it's not just study or lesson but every class should have a mission project. And so whether that's OK this quarter we're going to have a goal for destroying this many go track or this quarter we're going to sponsor going to the nursing home these sabots or whatever but every class has some mission project and they spend the 1st 10 minutes of class before they study giving reports or organizing whatever they need to to continue on their mission project and then during the 5 minute community outreach time. Many of those will be simply Sabbath schools reporting on stuff that they're doing as Sabbath school and Sabbath school will have an impact. So we believe that Sabbath school person ministries are where the laity are most involved in the 7th damaged church and we need to build up both of these because they are both. Experiencing some disease right now and they need they need a. Kick start I just want to be aware of where the videos we're talking about where they'll go we you can use them for Saturday afternoon training and all kinds of things but we're very hopeful that. That you know he's in Sabbath school OK So that's your parable Now let me talk about the plant goal every local church we would like to have active literature and media ministry what is the key word in there again is the adjective active because every church has a literal media ministry right I mean you have some go track hang it on the wall. You've got other magazines on out there right at Miss World Mission $360.00 but they're all additive Priyanka calls the idea is this is that you build up a inventory of truth filled literature the kind that you would share with people who don't know the truth so this is so wedding literature ministry. OK so the other thing about active is we're not just talking about. You know we have in the world church Impact Day which is a fantastic initiative it's once a year in April where the whole world church is is encouraged to distribute the missionary book of the year I think you should get involved in that but we're not talking about once a year literature distribution. We're talking about what if it became a habit for every person who attended church to be taking some literature every week when they went to church now why would they take some literature when they went to church because they need it to distribute during the week most of it might be in the form of tracks that can be easily distributor left around that you may need a couple pocket books you may whatever it might be and when I would go into a church in Ellen knows this we would talk to the board about literature and usually it meant $2.00 to $3000.00 a year and we would not in on a way. You might not remember but it was maybe a $1000.00 a year in on a way small church but we still that's a lot of money for literature in a small church and the idea is that you create a display that is both for visitors and members so the visitors are taking but the members are taking to share and the the placement is very important because if you put it in a dark corner of the church then it's just not going to get used and in some churches I've really had to wrestle because the foyer is though is that it Clee beautiful. That they don't want to you know get cluttered up with an ugly literary so do what I did find some good craftsman or someone to put a beautiful frame on it or you know I mean you want to make it beautiful make it beautiful but make sure that you make it prominent because there's a certain rule that you live by in personal ministries out of sight Adam a I mean the church members if you're not telling them and reminding them about it they're not doing it so much so that you put that beautiful literature display in a prominent place in the church that they walk by every Sabbath and after a short while they don't see it anymore it's not even there so what do you have to do you need to from the front regularly have regular process of promoting some piece of literature in your literature display and I would often as a pastor I would often do this while I was preaching so I'd like to read you a statement from a book called thoughts and then a blessing and let me just say a little something early in my experience I read a statement of this that totally changed my life this book is is incredible and if you didn't know it we've got some free copies out in the form by the time I got to the foyer to shake hands or whatever and turned around they were all gone why just a little clear promotion and then they'll read them or they'll share a more they'll do whatever but you don't say anything and they're just thinking about other things so one of the biggest things in person Ministries is you need ongoing. Ongoing elder gal more would say every time you walk by that we'll give it a spin or gal more that you talk about tied. But I use it for literature. Anyway and then we come to the calls of a goal which is every local church needs to have a by Brant Bible study ministry now is the key word in there vibrant because most every local church has a BIOS a ministry right because the pastor the Bible worker and one or 2 you know gifted eloquent lay people are giving Bible study but what we want is a vibrant by the city ministry and imperfect as it is that has been the effort with the development of the system for Bible study offer dot com because here is what you want you want a system where every member is involved in the Bible study ministry you say are you saying that every member can get bible studies Well 1st yes but I'm not saying every member has to give a bias and there are different circumstances there may be. Different reasons why that might not be the right time or setting but I will say this every member needs to be involved in Bible study ministry you know that all you have to do to help be part of the Bible study ministry is to get the Bible study offer dot com tracks and distribute them in places where you go so that you're getting the word out and you might find someone sign up for bible studies for you or be the grader in your church you say how's that help the Bible study Ministry of a how because in every local church you should have a simple question memorize. Have you heard about Obama's school so you meet him there or visit or write oh we're so glad you're here we want to tell you Marse Amoco and have you heard about Obama school just a quick little like like almost like you just thought of it is this is this all we have this exciting thing that oh you probably don't know about this but have you heard about Obama school I don't think I have also here let me give you something before you run off let me give you something and you go and you grab the clear plastic bag it's called Intro Pack right and you go grab the Intro Pack it's got a card that tells all about it where they can sign up online or leave the card there at the church very good and the 1st bible study of a couple of series so that they know they get a little sample of what they could get you give it to hey check it out tell the everything you know about it basically you can sign up online and go through this whole by was a series for free one of them has D.V.D.'s as a sample of them and they're they're fantastic and I actually am study leader here with the Bible School and if you wanted to I'd be happy to go through it or you could go through it on your own anyway here you go I mean our art is that that's not hard so you want to be on the Bible study ministry be a greeter right anybody can offered by will say when it's that easy and then maybe you'll actually get bible studies or maybe you'll say you know I don't give obscenities because I have the gift of hospitality Well I've got good news for you the best study leaders are the ones with the gift of hospitality and that fantastic the reason is because when it comes to soul winning your success has less to do with how well you are able to articulate it has less to do with that then it has to do with your ability to find your way to the heart you know how I know that. Because inspiration tells that it's going to profit he says that very thing and you know what else I know that when you open up your home and we have some members who just have that given that you're very kind a Mormon would have you that you have you have basically brought down the defenses to the point where the truth once the defenses come down the truth will do the work so much so that if you don't quite feel you're still nervous about it then just pop in Pastor Doug you know that's what you want invite him over you have to give hospitality so you make a mean bowl of popcorn right because that's what I also doubt if people know how to do so make a mean bowl of popcorn and sit down in a head on the lesson and press play and this smile and listen and when it's over then is that what do you think and then of course they're going to share whatever and you're going to talk and you're going to build a relationship and you're wonderful hospitable way I mean you can do it get of hospitality is wonderful wonderful for by I was at ease in Id say my gift is being cold and mean. We can get you involved in correspondence Bible study. There is something for everyone something for everyone or you might just have and this is a real need sometimes maybe you have that friend who's a real good you know real good at giving by was that he's a just you know they can just knock down the 2300 A. Moment Wow be learnt clear and you're like how they do that I don't know with a text or whatever and you're all worried maybe you have a nice comfortable home we have a great need in our churches were people who will host. By the study where you can invite people in and where you know you just provide a place where maybe you're not the one pushing play or whatever they were there's a study leader that is going to do it but you're going to make your home available for Bible study whatever it is everybody can do something in the Bible study ministry that's a vibrant bombs that Mr I'm not talking about the old Bible school where back in the corner closet we have a stack of lessons and one person knows about them and they're sending out cards and then there's Mitt doing the lessons but nobody else in the church is involved or knows what we're talking about as I want to talk about I'm talking about total member involvement in the bible school every day local church should be a Bible school all right now having said that this where I want to pause can we pause and and you can keep that we're down to 3 goals right we need 2 more you've got the 3 goals a local church we're going to pause and I want to just do a little bit with this this handout that I gave you because the literature and Bible study ministry there are just some people who are not convinced let me say this way as a person of personal ministries leader in local in the local church for many years before I became a pastor I experience the pain of a person ministry there is perhaps no job in the church quite there are other very difficult jobs and minimize anything but this particular job is kind of like what are they saying like pushing a rope or whatever pick your analogy but the idea is that you just have such a difficult time getting people to be willing or interested to engage in personal ministries and in sharing the truth. You hold training events thinking that will do it and it always seems hopeful you know I mean I know how many times I've done this and how hopeful I am because I schedule the event it's going to be for 2 o'clock right after Apollo and we have potluck and the place is full and I'm thinking praise the Lord everybody this is give me a great training everybody staying after and then about 5 minutes before the train is going to start I make the announcement hey just what I know got time to wrap things up because we're going to be starting in the sanctuary and is 5 minutes. And you know what happens next right the chairs start to rattle and the plates start to go and the coats get put on and then the hugs are given and you're like oh what are they going to go on oh. And you walk into the sanctuary and those 7 people God bless them God bless those 7 people. If we're going to have a 7 people I don't know brother we would have given up a long time ago those 7 faithful people are there and all those people who are potluck are gone why are there only 7 people in that meeting I'll give you my after you know a few years of experience my personal conviction on why there are only 7 people there it's because they had have no intention of ever giving a Bible study that's not the best or we stop and the reason that they have no intention of ever giving a Bible study is that they do not feel that they personally are called to give a bias of yours and say that's not their gift that's not their calling OK. So they're not actually you know many of them and they've been helped by the confused way in which we've sometimes presented many of them are not feeling guilty about all their little upset of the past or for trying to make them feel at times or the personal ministry leaders are trying to make them feel guilty but they have their reasons and they think they're biblical that they are not you know everyone is different and that's not their calling they do not feel convicted to do that now what I want to share with you is that I have never found a way to bring conviction to people other than the Word of God and the Spirit of Prophecy inspiration when I'm when I'm preaching an evangelist experience and somebody is coming and they're convicted by the Sabbath and they keep coming but then somewhere down the line they stop coming and I go to visit them you know the 1st thing I do I start to talk to them and then I open up the Bible and I begin to remind them of the texts the same texts that I've gone through to rekindle the conviction because conviction comes from divinity comes from God and they have to feel it come from that divine source and then it stirs up the conviction the Holy Spirit uses it and stirs up conviction because no one makes a decision without conviction and that includes within the church making decision to do something they need conviction so you need Bible in Spirit of Prophecy reasons like what makes you think that they're called to share their faith what makes you think that you need to know biblically why you think that right so let me give you some advice. Go to the A.B.C. and buy yourself this book called The discipleship a book and in this book in chapter number of think it's 8 is a chapter called call them to witness. This particular chapter takes on the tact the task with the new member who's being mentored of explaining to them how God has called them to be a witness now understand something witness saying it is not a spiritual gift you know that it's not listed you won't find it for it's great these 12 ROMANS Well visions for not their witnessing is not a spiritual gift witnessing is what you call a factory equipment a minute I call it standard equipment me a factory criminal me he took my next illustration praise the Lord it is a standard equipment it's not like you know alloy wheels or heated leather seats it's like the steering wheel you don't say and when the thing is something that every disciple is called to do let me give you a couple of biblical pictures that might explain that one would be when Jesus was speaking to the woman at the well in John chapter 4 you member that and he offered her living water and his incredible claim to her was that everyone who drinks this water you drink the water of out of this well in your thirst again but everyone who drinks of the water that I shall give them that water will become in down a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life. Now what's the difference between going to Jacob's well and drinking the water and becoming a fountain of water what the fountain what the spring it's a source of water. So when you drink the living water it becomes in you a source of water OK So the point is everyone who drinks the living water by the way what is Jesus talking about when you talk about the living water you could say I heard the holy spirit that's true ultimately you're talking about the waters of salvation you're talking about being born again of the Holy Spirit by the way doesn't Ellen White say that everyone who is born of God becomes a missionary soon as they are born of God to become a missionary it springs up in the heart well that's what Jesus was talking about as soon as you drink a living water this is not certain people this is everyone let me give you another one Jesus said follow me and I will make you become fishers of men and let me ask you a question when he says follow me what is that referring to when we talk about follow me we usually say people who follow Christ are disciples of Christ so everyone who becomes a disciple of Christ he says he will make them become fishers of men to be clear what this means is that you don't have a choice like I mean I don't mean to say you don't have a choice you know you have a choice to not follow Jesus you have a choice to not be a disciple but if you're going to follow Jesus and be a disciple then he's going to make you a fisherman that's the point a disciple becomes a fisherman. It's not an optional thing it's something that is part of the process it's nothing to get upset about it something is beautiful it's putting the missionary heart of God in your heart it's making you have the character of Christ it's making you become like Christ is making you want and loving for the salvation of the people around you that's what it's talking about so if if the gospel and the truth of the Bible is where Christ was revealed to you and where you found salvation what are you going to do you know me it's it's not this is something that should be a natural flow of fact that when that is where we get our conviction and what has saved our soul that we're going to take it to somebody or somebody else by the way that's what the word is for 1st Peter 123 says that we are born again through the Word of God we're born again through the Word of God A witness a witness is just somebody who says what they've seen or heard like a witness in a court or whatever they've just they were they've seen or heard have you seen Jesus Well you have seen walking on you know whatever but where have you seen Jesus in the words so for you witnessing of what you have seen if you've seen it in the word of that's where boom jesus love and truth was revealed to you then witnessing for you is telling people about the word and it's going to be that you know by the way when a thing is not telling what you have not seen or heard so people get afraid well you know I don't know enough or whatever well OK but at the end of the day God is only calling you to witness to what you have seen or heard now you should grow and you should learn more so you can share more with happy but as of today if you only thing you've done is watch some landmarks of prophecy David Davies was witnessing the you. SARA Some of the landmarks are probably very right you can do it that's witnessing it's not it's not overly burdensome because it's grip your heart now if you're faking it and you're going to church but the truth has never gripped your heart that I can see why you might you know have nothing that you feel a burden to share but rather that this is the Lord has touched our hearts then there is something we have a burden to share and that's what witnessing is and it's not certain special people it's not certain special people I remember reading in this old General Conference book put out by the left of his department this wonderful story about this woman who was super duper shocked and she didn't want to be part of anything she was so nervous but she felt convicted so much by the Gospel and by the truth and by the Lord and she thought I've got to do something and so she went to the church and she got a bunch of tracks and she did it on her own came home alone put them down or floor and prayed over them and she took those tracks and went to her neighbors she didn't knock on a single door to the later men and she prayed that God would somehow bless them 6 months later there was somebody giving a testimony who was being baptized and they shared that they all began with a tract they found left on their door a credible true story in this book gentle calm you may think you know all I can do that I can do the I'm not here trying to prescribe for you what to do but I'm telling you that everyone who has been born of God has a burden to lead souls into the truth and now I'm going to tell you about a responsibility that the Lord has laid upon you ARE YOU READY FOR THIS. This is actually a quote you can find in the deception Pan book oh the 70 page book or you find the book Christian service I think it's on page 5959 or 690 it's an awful handout. Don't you love that when the tab on the back the 2nd quote let ministers teach church members to see it let Who. Teach who church members that in order to do up here grow in spirituality OK in order to grow spiritually they with the next word must as the next word that's an important word they must carry the burden that who has laid upon them the Lord has laid upon them the burden of leading souls into the truth not just leading them. Into the church per se but leading them into the truth this and this is a burden that the pastors are putting on anybody this is a burden that the Lord has laid on every one of us and he's saying look this is a burden this is my burden this is think about it what do you think burdens Jesus hard I mean saving souls the people you love are the same people he loves and he has a burden and he's saying look the only way to really grow spiritually is if you do something about that bird and as he put that burden on your heart then the intention that he's giving is that you would learn how to be like God by acting on that and leading people into the beautiful truth of the Gospel this is this is not you see no mention of. Let ministers teach church members with the gift of Bible study teaching let ministers to church members with you don't see that this is because every disciple every disciple is called to do this in fact look down on this. A couple of quotes down. In every church in every church the members should be so trained that they will devote time to the winning of souls to Christ that's fascinating that's talking about more than just what you do at the water cooler you know that happens to happen dynamically organically it's also talking about scheduling into your life intentionality in being active in personal ministry. Let's look at. This look at nothing when I was. In that one of the credit OK the 2nd for the last one the dissemination of the truth of God is not can violate confined to a few ordained ministers the truth is to be scattered by all who claim to be disciples of Christ isn't that what we just learned that if a disciple becomes a disciple they are going to be come a fisherman it's not like an optional thing it's not certain one are you seeing from inspiration that many of our church members do not realize that they are called by God to share the truth are you following it do you know how serious it is we already read how serious it is because we won't grow in spirituality which puts us at risk for eternal destiny by the way if we just sit on it because we can become complacent then we can become carnal and then we could lose hold on God But beyond that I want you to look at this quote one above that one that we just read the 3rd from the bottom. They in is now seeking to hold God's people in a state of what in activity what kind of an activity she specifies to keep them from acting their part nor does that mean with as acting their part that they have a part what is their part acting their part in spreading the truth everyone has a part to play in spreading the truth why is Satan so actively doing this that they may last the weight in the balance and found wanting you see rather this is as as leaders and as ministers this is an eternal issue it's an issue that's not just about getting the commission completed with the world but it's an issue that has also do with preparing the church for the coming of Jesus and if we're complacent as a church and if we buy into the idea that the actual spreading of the truth is only for a few and we can be involved in non spiritual pursuits and just go to church and what have you but not be involved in that aspect of the mission we will be putting our own salvation at risk because because not because we didn't share the truth per se but because by not doing that you fail to grow and you become begin to have a carnal resurgence and you are at risk of falling by the wayside so I think a hand of yeah. Yeah yeah isn't that something this is why and let me tell you something as a person ministry later I learned a few things I learned. By experience because when those 7 people came out to my training on the very next Sabbath I had a few words to say about it to the church. I don't know if any other person has these leaders have ever had a few words to tell the church it was a kind of joking passive aggressive lashing anybody ever done something like that. And it doesn't help and there's no growth that comes from it that's why what I'm trying to do is tell you if you can gather the principles and teachings from the Bible in a spirit of prophecy that just make it plain and just encourage them to with that and you don't have to name call you don't have to make whatever you don't need to make them feel guilty that tax too will make them feel guilty if they need to feel guilty you understand and let that inspiration do the heavy lifting and let the Holy Spirit do that work and that you need to know you need to know that every disciple of Christ is called to lead souls into the truth now everybody might do it a little differently like I said somebody might be like that shy woman who passed out those tracks and prayed over somebody might be hosting a bible study in letting people their home different people are in different places it may take time to get trained or feel adequate and all those things but you've got to begin somewhere and you've got to start exercising your faith and wanting to lead souls into the truth and have a burden for that now we're coming to our close because I've got one minute that was my main emphasis I wanted anyway but I just want to show you the last 2 goals for every local church in the grow. Initiative. Regular evangelist meetings now here in Michigan that's not a huge issue although it can be. Some churches you know don't like to do public mandolins every few years or whatever I get it but let me tell you that Ellen White though she says individual labor is more important and there's a quote on your page by the way that actually says that it says if we can have one part done let it be the individual labor but she also says when comparing extensive type like public type meetings versus individual labor when both are combined with the blessing of God a more perfect and thorough work may be raw so the best thing to do is to combine individual with public proclamation I mean as long as we can as 7th they have it we should regularly invite the community here the public proclamation of the truth not everyone will come some people are going to be reached in different ways but this is an important and very vital way to help people who we've been working with to come to decisions on the truth we with when more souls currently through this method in terms of people reaching people who lords and preparing some other way oftentimes then just about anything else. Even though of times comes your personal invitation What have you you'll find that this is one of the most effective ways we still have so it's doesn't do everything that's a problem when people say it doesn't work yeah because you're trying to get to do everything but it is and it plays a vital role in the process. And then the last one a systematic discipleship ministry being intentional and what we have been using here in Michigan and what we're trying to promote is that people have a systematic process so we use the deceptive handbook someday probably very soon somebody's going to come out with something that's better and more thorough and we'll drop this like a whatever and start using it totally serious Our goal is to create next a Bible study hymn book that will be something that you can train people get bible studies that you can do right after you do the discipleship a book so that you are still continuing to work with people and make turn from consumers producers but this helps people to begin shifting to where they begin seeing themselves as being involved in making disciples themselves that's why this is so important because you have to get people who are newly baptized involved in the work of God while the they're still moldable in shape a bull right you let them get sucked up by the complacency of the church for a few years and it's hard to recapture So when they're fresh and new you train and you get them activated and the Lord will bless it so I really encourage you and tell you I was telling pastor Cameron Hey brother I know that you know people think old hat here in Michigan they've seen this book for a long time but I can almost promise you that there is a high percentage of churches who are not actually using it to decide for new members that's my own prediction so you've got to think not just oh I'm going to you know hand this or I'm going to but we need a systematic process in the church and make sure that we're disciple in every new member because you don't want to lose the ability to shape that saved them into that soul winning leader you don't want to lose that opportunity while you have it and that's why so important to get to do that right from the very finish are right from the start after you've finished the process through harvest. So those are the 5 goals there but you haven't so you go back to your local churches and those are the 5 things you're aiming for is simple and the Lord will bless you and know that he will as you not only do personal soul winning but as you seek to be someone who ignites your local church to win souls All right let's pray together Father in heaven thank you for this time we've had I pray that you bless everyone here that they would transform their local churches through. Their own experience of seeking after you and seeking to be a soul when we're told that all it takes is one individual to seek after the blessing of God and to go to work for him in order to revive the whole church so I pray that that will be the experience here and that the things that are learned will be able to be implemented and that the people in the local churches who receive these back will be very receptive to the ideas and to the passion that is brought from coming from this can be so blessed each one has here not only today and throughout this can't meeting but throughout the ministry of their lines and. This media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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