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16. Missing Members

Jean Ross




  • June 20, 2018
    9:00 AM
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The A Father in heaven we thank you once again that we have the opportunity and a few moments together opening up your word Look that's practical principles that will help us in our soul with the FS bless the Times today in Jesus' name amen if you following along in your book we're going to be looking at Lesson Number 13 reclaiming missing members and look at some of the high points there is a favorite on a whole lot of time to cover this morning but I think will a good foundation they just can build on when you look at the book there's a lot of good information there so reclaiming missing members. Luke Chapter 15 verse 4 says what man of you having a 100 cheap if you loses one of them does not leave the 90 and I mean the world in it and goes after the one which is lost until he finds it now in this parable the Jesus told who is the Good Shepherd Jesus is The Good Shepherd and Jesus left to 99 So in this world I don't know if there's 99 but he left the sinless world and he came in search of the one that was lost planted the that was Christ example of cause that needs to be our example and he's asked us to follow his example Romans Chapter 5 a say but God demonstrated these love towards us in that while we were still sin is Christ died for us who made the 1st step in man's salvation Jesus didn't wait for us to be perfect but he provided the sacrifice that we can receive by faith Matthew Chapter 10 tells us to in verse 5 when Jesus came to Addie's disciples Where did the 1st tell them to go we looked at this earlier these 12 Jesus St out and commanded them saying Do not going to the way of the chain files and do not enter into the Samaritan the city of the Samaritans but rather go on to the sheep the lost sheep of the house of Israel so where were the disciples to begin when it came to their evangelistic outreach. That would to begin those who will wants all those who were familiar with the message with the truth accept the 81 verse 8 says but you shall receive power in the Holy Spirit is come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me study in Jerusalem and then in some area and then to the uttermost ends of the earth siding with those who are closest to us and then we expand from that and I come the evangelism in the book evangelism Page $693.00 we have the statement yet how often the now ministry endeavors we begin in the outermost parts of the earth while bat bypassing the law sheep right beside us God is calling us the software we are and there is good news the Holy Spirit is convicting former members of your church to return these non attending members are right for an invitation to come home when the storm of persecution really breaks upon us the truth sheeple hear the truth shepherds voice. Self-denying effort will be put forth to save the last and many who is straight from the fall will come back to follow the great chef it so important area of evangelism is connecting with those in active members those folks who were once Polish shopping with us in church we haven't seen them for a while preparing for your mentalistic meetings start with those people start building relationships with them so a few things to consider why is that that. 7th Day Adventists my believe the church there are several reasons but here are probably the 3 most dominant reasons why people leave an Adventist Church and it's not necessarily listed in order but one of the reasons there is a conflict with the pastor or a church member that sometimes results in a person getting frustrated and so they stop attending church another one which I think is is the main reason why people leave is the 2nd one discouragement of a personal problems and or discouragement with themselves of a failure to live in harmony with Bibles and in another way just the cares of the world and the deceitful ness of riches and they get discouraged and they lose that connection with Christ and they just feel like you know what it's a waste of time why do I even go to church is no way I can live up to everything I need to or they need to understand the Gospel in the good news but that's one of the reasons why people leave and then another one would be deep personal tragedy that leads to questioning of God and frustration or a lack of support from the church so somebody might be going through a difficult circumstance in their family or their health all work and because they are not connected with a support group at the church or friends that are part of a small group pipe of ministry that it's easy for them to get discouraged and if somebody misses church one week and nobody contacts them and they miss the next and they don't hear anything from the church it begins to form a habit and it becomes easier just to stay home than to actually get up and go to church and stylish to connect with the people so if we see someone who's missing church we need to be right there to encourage him to come back and work with them right we don't want to let time go by it gets hotter the longer it is. So they 3 types of loss that we find in the Bible the one is the lost sheep the lost sheep know that it was lost Yes the lost sheep did he wanted away from the fold right found himself alone cold in the wilderness and at the end to cry he was lost and of course the people that realize that they are lost the other is the lost coin the lost coin now that it was lost the last coin didn't know anything so it just got lost and didn't quite know it until it was found if you can put it that way and then of course the last son he was aware he came to a conviction he actually made an effort to reach out to come back and the father met him and so we need to be looking for all of those kinds of people people who don't really think a need they might not think that they are lost but they are those who recognize that they are lost those who have wondered away and those who are reaching back trying to connect trying to learn trying to come back. So there are 3 basic steps in reclaiming lost members in the 1st place to get the names and find out why the people left that's the obvious starting point the next it's a form of to visit these former members seeking to reclaim them listening to them and inviting them to come to different church events evangelism is a very good thing to invite them to come to say if you have an evangelistic meeting that is soon to start start with those inactive members visit them connect with them and then you can invite them to come out of evangelistic series Thirdly nurture these new believe it into a new renewed commitment to Christ and to his church and look at each of these phases how do we do it 1st of all how do we get the names of those non attaining members you've got different options to cut the church records which is probably the obvious starting point if your church is like most adventurous churches you probably have more people in your church books than you actually have in attendance on average about 60 percent of the names in the church books actually show up some cases it can be a little a little more depending upon how the church is of the new A church plan usually there's more people in the pain than there actually on the books but if the church has been there for a while usually things kind of go the other way so you want to start with the names of the church members find out have they moved they still live in the area sometimes it's the children of church members they were baptized when they're younger went to college got busy with a career and never reconnected with the church when they came back and then of course referrals of administrators in France someone in the church might say well you know we used to have that person needs to attend regularly we haven't seen him for a year or 2 all days and lead right down the name you want to follow up on that church school records if the church is connected with the school often the young people will go through the church school they get bible study the be baptized and then they go on and they get disconnected from the church so that's another area that you could you can work with. Now in large congregations many of the names in the church books might not be recognized by the board members probably the easiest way of simplest way to discover who these people are is to distribute a list of unfamiliar names to the church members asking them for finding any information they might have about the names on the list now you want to be careful in the way you do this you want to be redemptive So if you can be handing out a list of names of church members especially Sabbath morning you want to kind of lead into that but say here is this church who are really concerned about every single one of our members and as time goes on people might move or maybe they just get busy with something else maybe they attending a different church I'm not aware of it but we want to connect with all of those who are members of the church so we have some names that we going to be distributing today. Some of last contact with them if you could write down anything that you might know about these individuals because you might have a visitor there right so you want to bear that in mind when you hand out these cards want to make it evangelistic and redemptive in the way that you do that but you can get quite a bit in mation just from the church members it's always a good idea to visit in Paris and you know go out and connect with these people God never designed that as a rule his servant should go out singly to labor so you want to go with someone when you go and who should you take with you on these visits Well if you married a good person and your spouse to her right if not maybe there's somebody else in the church that is wanting to be involved this is a great ministry for people to get involved with number one it doesn't take a whole lot of time Number 2 it's fairly simple the best time to actually go out and do the visits I found is on a Sabbath afternoon usually people are home on Saturdays and 7 afternoon is a good time maybe right after church I bring a change of clothes because you probably don't want to show up somebodies door dressed in your suit right are your fancy Sabbath dress if you're going to go visiting because that my people feel a little but I'm comfortable so bring a change of clothes you have pop like a church and then changing on your way home. Home you can just stop at one of these people's holes and they can explain to you what you can to do when you get to the door so you want to go to zoo is always a good idea when you go wherever possible try matching up the visiting members with those being visited according to some of the interest Korea family background and this might happen after your 1st initial visit so you might want to introduce those missing members to others in the church that my chats similar interests so if you go to the door and it's a young person that you connecting with the way you wanted to do use that young person to your young people's group that you might have a church if you meet with somebody who is interested in a particular area maybe help us something connect them with someone connect with help so you want to introduce people and connect them and then consult closely with your past before setting out on your mission the reason being is the past that might be working with someone already and they might say well don't worry to visit that person I'm already connecting with them but here's some names that I think would be great I don't know much about these people follow up with them try and find out what's going on so you want to be organized in this so I would say find a group of people in your church who would be interested in this type of ministry is not too difficult doesn't take a lot of time but it is a great ministry is specially for the evangelistic meeting starts you get together you do some training go through that chapter reclaiming with the members in the book and then get organized and set a date that after church we're going to try on our way home to stop by one of the 2 of these folks to try and make contact with them and we'll explain what you say when you get to that all right so here you are you and your friends are your spouse going to go visit someone so you get their address and you're on your way there after church and you walk up to the doll you knock the door and they open the door and you say hi my name is so and so on this is my my husband my wife my friend and we're with the local whatever the name is 7th Day Adventist Church we just wanted to come by and get acquainted now when you say those things you need to have something in your hands that gives you a reason. To go today dole if you have nothing in your hand you just standing there saying we want to come by to get acquainted look at things. I'm in the middle of something and on time but you want to have an excuse to stop by the house so you have a book in your hand you might have a D.V.D. You might have a magazine you want something to connect you to the church that you think they might be interested in so a D.V.D. Something inspirational something encouraging you don't necessarily on this 1st visit want to try and delve into some of these fans that have doctrines that might be of concern to them especially if you know a little bit about them but you want something encouraging that you can share with them so they go to the door they ring the doorbell open the door and you say that's my name and introduce yourself and say from the local granite base 7th Avenue Church we just wanted to come by and get acquainted we haven't seen you for a while and we wanted to give you a special guest so you have that in hand and you can give it to them now when it comes to giving someone a book or literature there's several things that we could do that I think would make it more effective if you just hand someone a book and say I want to give you this book it's kind of like oh OK well maybe I'm not that interested. What I like to do is of I'm if I'm handing out a book I will read through it a look through it before hand and find a chapter or a passage or a page that I think they would really enjoy So when I go to the door I'm going to give them a book and say we want to come by and share something with you and you could say the book is called whatever whatever and there is a chapter in here that I just allow at some page 53 now you can read the whole thing but I would encourage you make sure you read page 53 Matter fact you might even want to start with Page 53 read paragraph 2 don't tell them what it is read paragraph 2 it's fantastic I think you'll really be blessed and leave the book with there that kind of primes the pump a little bit what do you think they're going to look at 1st page 52 right they will be curious what is it that he got so excited about let me take a look at it so that's true in any type of literature distribution that you might give Don't just give somebody a book and say hope you enjoy the book Good luck find something in the book that you've really enjoyed and say this is a great path but point chapter whatever whatever is fantastic. Sometimes when I get out the book desire of ages I like to do the same thing they did in this book is on the life of Christ and passed a book but there is a chapter in this book they just can't mess it is my favorite chapter in the whole book you can read the whole thing but you can't miss the chapter matter fact you might even want to start with that chapter you know what that chapter is like yes they have a good family that's probably one of my favorite in the God of the 7 and I'll start with that and say Here's the page number take a look at this 1st read this or that motivates people to actually check it out you see take the book and they'll read it so you want something in your hand when you go to the goal you want to kind of prime the pump when you give it to them make that 1st contact now you know sometimes the conversation might continue maybe on a follow up visit if they take the book you can go back by in a couple of weeks and say hey just wondering if you had a chance to read that you have any questions where you blessed by that and that will open up a conversation with them well once you get into a conversation with them and you find a little bit about them this is the key question that you want to ask a very important question in the conversation you ask the question now you used to attend that church didn't you and they'll say Yeah I used to go there then you ask how long ago was that all those 23 years ago then I asked the question Have you ever thought about coming back to our church you want to ask the question Have you ever thought about wanting to come back you don't want to say well when you come back you say would you come back and they say no. All that's kind of the end of the conversation right it's over but he said you have a thought about coming back and they say no you can say well you know what we've got this great event that's coming out very special musical program coming up on Friday evening and I think you'll really enjoy in America fact until the whole family you can go ahead and give an invitation for them to come if you have if you ask the question Have you ever thought about coming back and they said well you know now we have he said Well fantastic we've got this great program coming up Friday evening for the whole family I think you'll really enjoy it so you want to ask the question Have you ever thought about coming up coming back again now this could open up a lengthy discussion you want to listen attentively make sure that you hear all that they have to say reassure them that the church family will seek a resolution if needed and want to see them back in church so listen to what they have to say before you leave Be sure to invite them to any future charity event that might interest them this is not the time to get into any deep theological discussion noise at the time to try and argue with them with reference to why they don't come to church the purpose of these visits is to make contact to show the person that you care about them and to invite them to come to one of these church events that's the goal make contact befriend them and invite them to come to some event that the church might be doing. Now here's a few tools that you can use a few do's and if you don't number one get to the point of the visits and then a few minutes so you visited with them maybe you've dropped or something and you come back and follow up visit and you getting to know them and chatting a little bit while they know that you're from the church they know you're probably there for a reason so get to the point you want to ask the question now you said 10 the church didn't you and I say yes how long ago was that and they tell you have you ever thought about coming back now you want tying things correctly if you know an event is coming up in a couple of weeks that you think they would be interested in and evangelistic there is a revival there is maybe a guest speaker that's coming maybe a Christmas program or a house than an oral or something that you think there might be interested in use that as an event that you can invite him to plan this work around what the church is doing you might even want to arrange a special event so that you can have all of your in active members ataman you can go out specifically and invite them to something special that you think would be a blessing to them. You want to listen Kindly listen interesting listen calmly to what they have to say and always close your visit with prayer it doesn't have to be a long prayer it doesn't have to be involved prayer but at the end of the conversation you could probably just say something like well it's been fantastic visiting with you you don't want to stay too long think the 15 minutes is all you need it's been fantastic visiting with you we need to be going but before we go quickly just have a show for the prayer just value ahead and stop praying you know not to wait for any formal response on their part your pray me to be short in the to be to the point meet the courage in reminding them that God loves them in the prayer after the prayer you say amen and that was so good coming by and visiting with you I want to remind you we have this very special event taking place this weekend I think you really enjoy hope you'll be able to come you can also say to them you know I'm going to be there and I'll be looking if you want to place a said please come to that with me kind of funny how that is sometimes people not knowing ways to say it becomes a hindrance to them actually coming to any name that I want to feel all quiver I but if you say hey you walk into severe that America it would be my pleasure to have you come as my guest something like that that try and make it is easy for them as you as you can to have them come out to those church events. I gave a brief invitation to come out to the evening seminar is he doing an evangelistic seminar the meeting or the event that's going to be happening at church the next time and then you want to leave shortly after your prayer they have a short prayer and then you leave and I hear a few don'ts that you don't want to do when you go make contact with these people number one don't betray the backsliders confidence they might say something to you like well the reason I don't go to church is because so and so sold me a bad car and he's an elder in the church or a deacon in the church and he's a hypocrite from what I'm told to Brother So and So and say well the reason Bob is not a church was you sold him a bad car and then he gets upset and called Bob and makes the thing worse for us now they are some cases where you might have to communicate with the past then give him some information but typically you know you don't want to try and this is not the time to try and make peace this is the time to get them to come back to the church 1st right to build a relationship with them Secondly don't actually talk they might tell you stuff that just seems kind of strange I've had all kinds of things in people's homes and sometimes I've had to sort of just smile on the inside and have a straight face that you think or that is just crazy that's all the wall and my salary is about don't come to church or consist of some weekly So meanwhile I know so so so and she's she's the sweetest person on earth and they got upset with it wasn't anything she had done you know is a perception they might have had but you don't want to get into an argument you don't want to try and defend anyone or their reputation at this point or you want to do is connect with them build a relationship invite them to come out don't defend anyone it's sometimes hard to do that a little critical of the past though or somebody in the church you don't want to get into that is kind of listen carefully and kindly don't stay too long all you need is tainted 15 minutes don't dismiss the backslide as hopeless I'll tell you a little story in closing about that one and don't argue about church standards. Again they'll be another time when you know each of them when you work with them that you can deal with these issues but right now you're just in a ball that relationship and get them coming back where they can hear the word. All right Christ method ministry of healing page 143 Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people the say be a mangled with man as one who desired the good he showed sympathy for them he Many said to their needs he won their confidence then he bade them follow me now if you have the things you want to keep in mind after you've made that initial visit with the person you've gone by the House you've given them something that's your excuse for going by now you want to nurture that relationship whether they come out to the event the gene by that into or whether they don't come out you can still follow up with them they'll befriend them still connect with them put their names and church on the church list for social events but not not solicitation event I just be very careful about people putting their names on any type of church mailing. List what I mean if the church going to do some kind of mailing for upcoming events make sure that they're interested in that event so when you visiting with them and you say you've got this great health program that's starting this I'd love to come but are going to be out of town this weekend so don't worry we'll let you know when we're going to do something again. But be careful people don't always like stuff coming in their mail that they have an asshole so just be careful in that when it says church events of social events not solicitation event that means if the church is doing some kind of a fund raising the asking for money or something like that don't don't send them that information right otherwise I think why you just after my money know we're not interested in them we want to connect with them. You want to stay in touch from time to time you want to telephone the former member keeping them informed about interesting church family News this is as the relationship is building you know trying that relationship so at least once every 2 weeks you want to get in contact with them follow up just for the phone call or stop over the house give them something Keep that we lay ssion ship going it might take several visits before they actually come to something using important upcoming events in these queues for a return visit to invite them bring along some one of their age group will summon the interest to get acquainted as you're getting to know them to have a particular interest or you might want to connect them let's just say you visiting a young mother and she's got little kids and you realize well here's an opportunity to minister so bring somebody else in the church a young mom in the church that can connect with her and they can spend time together and the kids can play together so you building relationships with these inactive members trying to figure out a way to bring them back. You want to try and help us all personal problems that might have structure changes such as babysitting transportation K. giving takes personal interest in the children if they have kids I remember one time a church that I was involved with they were doing these visits and they were connecting with people in the community and they went to one particular area in town someone that was associated with a church several years before but then stopped coming and they went to this one particular area and had a lot of kids one of these apartment complexes in the rough part of town and a lot of kids running around and so they connected and and the mom was a little overwhelmed and she had all these kids and so the church member said you know what looks like you could take a little time just to kind of rest and recuperate would be OK if we picked your kids up on a Saturday morning and took him to church for an hour and a half or 2 hours to give a little bit of a break of the mom said absolutely you can have them just into asking you to mall no no you know so we actually had some of the church members drive around and they picked up these kids there were several families and they brought the kids to Sabbath school and of course the fab school was these kids never been in the church before because the mother used to be associate with the church many years before having come for a long time so they brought the little kids to Sabbath school got them excited about the songs that would sing in the stories that was cold and then they would drop the kids off after Sabbath school we had quite a group of these community kids that were coming out every Sabbath morning and we had Saints as Sabbath school teachers because these were really energetic kids and they were able to work with them hold their attention it really was a evangelistic ministry that they did well after doing this for several weeks the kids would go back home and they had a great time it was a safe place for the parents didn't mind the kids going and then they arranged a program where the kids are going to do some kind of a song or program up front for the 11 o'clock service well then of course they invited all the parents to come to see their kids things also. And they've got all of these parents showing up SAVAK morning actually came to church to see the kids thing so working through the kids they were able to connect with the parents so those are some of the things that you want to be looking at or thinking about when you're visiting if that small kids they might be willing to part with them for an hour or 2 Sabbath morning and bring them to Sabbath school and then you can follow up in those way so these are some of the ideas you want to be thinking about dealing with the kids if appropriate occasionally stop by their home with a buck or a loaf of bread or a basket of fruit that once a relationship is growing with this person if you happen to be a baker and you can bake a loaf of bread that's a great thing to take vide So you know I was just baking some bread of this morning all of you here's a fresh baked loaf of bread people are going to love that right so use these Asics as excuses to go by and connect to the person Yes So stay in contact with these members and connect with them over different events and different things to try and work with them and then put forth every effort in your power to see the former members a present during a cold or surrender or a special sabbath morning consecration a baptism of service again you want to try and connect them to these opportunities where the Holy Spirit can speak to the heart and evangelistic meetings are great opportunities small group Bible studies home Bible studies these are great things that you can invite into. Anything is a call to surrender revival weekend event or a special guest speaker that's coming or maybe something related to inspirational passed them on that somebody has to share of the some of the best thing to invite people to come see if you have somebody sharing their testimony at the great testimony how to come to that do everything you can to try and get them to come during those coals will surrender allowing the Holy Spirit to work upon their hearts if there's financial needs that prevents the family from coming you can talk to the appropriate people in the church to see what you can maybe do to help. In many cases they might not have transportation to the church you can work around that right try and find someone that can pick them up and bring them or if they need some help otherwise talk to the right groups that you work with in the book great controversy we have the statement the redeemed will be Sherry's in his joy as they behold among the place those who have been one to Christ through their prayers through their labors and through their loving sacrifice and the wonderful promise that they will be people in the kingdom because you win by their house you knocked on the door you gave them a book you shared the gospel with them and that's what evangelism is all about it is recognizing that we're part of a larger plan to bring people into the Kingdom we have a part the Holy Spirit does his part God is working through these different channels to connect with people all right a couple of questions related to this anybody have any questions on Reclaiming the active members I know we went through this quickly trying to hurry to hit the high point so we'll have time to pass the Doug is a fairly clear you know if you're a friend of the missing member and you want to try and bring them back you can always bring another frame the long someone name might be new to them to connect with as well trying to find somebody in church that has a similar interest so you can kind of connect them and then the other person can also encourage them to come so they know more than one person at the church that is sometimes the case that's where you can get others involved as well all right so there's a there's a missing member of a different church and you're trying to connect with them but you don't want to step on the toes of that church I think in one way you can just contact the church and say you know I know this person I'm connected with and do you mind if we invite them to come to some different event I mean hopefully the church will work with you but at the end of the day you've got a soul you've got to win right. And if they are going to neglect this law sheep you better go after this all right do the base you can to work with the different groups but I would not stay away because some of the churches know you can visit them if they not doing it somebody else do it right so you want to try and work with the other church as much as you can but at the end of the day this is a soul that meets the same and you need to make that a priority as well when you're trying to reach people I mention one of the points a little earlier don't have a dismiss the backslider has gone too far there is power in the Gospel God can reach people even if we think of when it's too late I was passing a church in Missouri and we had a brother that was attaining his name was Rob and his brother was passed. And path used to be a member of the church but he hadn't gone to church for years but Rob was a member of the church and we were doing our reclaiming an active members program there and he said I find someone they didn't connect with invite to come to the Church Well Pat you know Rob told of his brother path but Pat was quite the character he was the leader of a gang in town he had a tattoo Paula. He was selling drugs he was a skinhead the cops always trying to get him and he was trying to evade them and quite the character not interested in religion because Rob would go by and visit with him and try and bring up religion but pap to get all upset and all talk to me about that just a bunch of hypocrites that that church I'm never going to go but Rob didn't give up and we were going to do that evangelistic series and so Robin by saying you know Pat because these meetings happening at the church I really want you to come past that I'm never going to go back to that church it's a bunch of hypocrites don't ever bring that up again well then Rob came up with an idea he said Listen pal I'll make a deal with you if you will come suggests the 1st 3 presentations in the seminar I won't bother you anymore I won't bring up religion just come for me comments my guess is the 1st 3 presentation. Passed thought about it and finally said OK OK I'll go aka great got a commitment is going to come well opening night of evangelistic series comes along and Rob goes by the pickup path to come to the meeting of padded clean forgotten that he had said that he would come out and so Rob went by and said All right Pat I'm here impassible what a year for No no I'm here to take you to those meetings remember and Panjwai I'm never going to that church I'm not going back to those meetings Rob said we had an agreement you just need to come to the 1st 3 and then I won't bother you about it anymore OK finally finally they will come to their opening out of the meeting church people are gathering in and here walk same path and Pat was a big guy he was have to use up. Manny's arms M P S and everywhere he was quite the character and he came marching down the church and he came right to the front me plunked himself down on the pew and everybody in the church was kind of looking all man what's what's going to happen now while the meeting began was one of these maps meetings in the path of his preaching and so on and throughout the whole 1st presentation path was just shifting around looking at his watch huffing and puffing and making a bit of a scene at the end of the Angelus the meaning Pat got up in a huff and you can James I'm never coming back and he marched out of the church as if the members and hide their egos good while Rob didn't go give up he went back to pass the next day and said hey I dream of these 3 meetings only came to one we still have to go. OK Finally pathway and he made an agreement so a 2nd night same thing sat in the front kind of disruptive things a little bit but every now and then he would look up and he'd listen then he go back to doing whatever you say the 3rd night came along Pat came and sat in the front as he had done he thought of my final meeting that happened to be the gospel presentation of the past the got up and spoke about Calvary spoke about the cross hook about the power of God's forgiveness how they God can change a sin into a faith and I 1st had was doing the same thing that he was always doing but they need to be in to look up and actually listen somehow the Holy Spirit was able to get them to pass in that public preaching of the word and at the end of that sermon the evangelist made it clear that if there's anybody here or those who are listening on satellite if there's anyone who needs to make a decision produce if you want peace you want to give if you want to fresh start any vice you wherever you are just to stand and come forward and to the amazement of the church when that appeal was made Guess who's to do this the pasty tears rolling down the cheek. His brother was beside himself with joy while Pat decided to bring his girlfriend to the meetings they came through all of those meetings and at the end of the evangelistic series we had the privilege of marrying the 2 of them and baptizing them all on the same day. Now they had a ways to go there was a lot that they had to learn but the seeds of truth have been planted in their hearts and I was so exciting to see their lives change the law begin to make some real changes in past life of a year or 2 after this experience I was going to India to do any Vangelis experience now those of you have been to India specially 1015 years ago doing evangelistic meetings in the villages you can get a large crowds of people that would come out of your meetings and you gotta make sure that you keep an eye on your project and your laptop because in those meetings these things can disappear and I thought I need somebody to help me out with the equipment and I thought well I'll see if pap wants the cow so I went to pat myself I mean he looked pretty intimidating I said Pat do you want to go to India and help me with them but I'd love to go he said so we got on the plane and we flew to India we had a big meeting out in one of the villages a lot of people were coming and I remember at the end of one of the meetings I was busy talking to my translator and the project that was there in the laptop was on the stage and Pap was usually very good sort of things were done he'd be packing it away and putting him in the back but this time I looked over there I saw the equipment there but I didn't see Pat anywhere until that strange he's usually right on it and then I began to look for him and I looked up and what did happen is pass had gone back to the car to get the bag but on his way back as he was making his way to the stage those of you have been in India might understand he was surrounded by a group of Hindu woman. He couldn't understand them they couldn't understand him but he knew what they wanted you've been to India before the people want you to pray for them and they'll take your hand in the just put it on the head and that means pray for me pray for me and I remember looking at the crowd in his this group of women surrounding Pat and Pat's got his hands on their heads these faces turned up towards heaven and he's earnestly in seceding God on their behalf and knowing where he had come from I said there is a God in heaven that changes people who live. That mission trip made such an impact from past so many came back to us he spoke to his wife and he left them when fact he was construction he left and went back to India for about 6 months and helped to build churches in different girl areas in India his life was changed because his brother did not give up on him everybody else's have Hollies gone too far let's not waste our time with with path but Rob said no God can still reach him so in this work of reclaiming an active members there might be those that the church might think I've gone too far left the wayside high no every soul is precious to Jesus Amen and we want to do everything we can to try and reach them. All right so let me have a closing prayer I'm going to give you a 5 minute break and then we're going to turn the time of a path of that the a Father in heaven once again we are grateful for the opportunity to be cold labor is with you in the greatest work of all that is the key and saving the last fathers we think about those who used to attend the churches but they don't come any mall we do pray that you give us with them you give us the courage to connect with them visit with them and fight them to come back a little while there is yet that news lost she'd find their way back to the home thank you for hearing a prayer. And. This media was brought to you by audio production a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermons please visit W.W.W. audio Verse dot org.


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