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20. Gospel Presentation, Part 1

Jean Ross




  • June 21, 2018
    9:00 AM
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Defy the one thing we are grateful for the opportunity to gather to get and open up your word and study about all the good news flow that you have given us to share with the world pray that we talk about the Gospel commission this morning the spirit of leading guide in Jesus' name amen. OK Well Alf subject for this morning is Chapter 11 if you've been looking through your book as well it's the gospel presentation is what it is a book about the Great Commission yesterday chapter 11 the Gospel presentation so we're going to highlight a few principles with reference in sharing the gospel the Gospel presentation and there's a lot of good information in the book I'm not going to be going through everything in the book hopefully you'll have a chance to read through that that might be helpful in the little test that are becoming the bulk of our time this morning is going to be talking about what aspect of the gospel do we really want to emphasize when we are visiting with someone we're talking with them what is it about the Gospel that they really want to emphasize over looking at that as well OK so the Gospel presentation good news sharing good news with people indicators for the Gospel presentation so you visiting with a neighbor a friend or you doing a Bible study with someone and they begin to ask certain questions you want to be sensitive to these questions because they're going to tell you if their hearts are open or a gospel presentation they might ask you well how exactly do you pray that's a good question means they open how do you accept Jesus very important question if they ask that you might even want to ask depending upon way off through your Bible study do you know how to accept Jesus you can even initiate these questions or do you know how to pray have you prayed before does Jesus really forgive sins that's a question that they might ask you know while they're open to it what does it really mean to be a Christian all that's another opportunity to share the gospel with them I've done too much for God to forgive me I've never had something like that before I'm a great sin I don't think God can forgive me I used to know Jesus but I haven't really prayed in years so there might be someone who used to be a church member but that kind of drifted away maybe I'll come into that when you. Visit a former member you doing the reclaiming an active member is that sometimes something you'll hear well I used to pray I used to go to church or used in the Jesus but I haven't done so in years. I want to know God But when he really expect me not the question all idea that sometimes comes up so if you visiting with someone in these questions come up or you prime the pump and say. Do you not a pray or do you believe Jesus forgives you for your sins you can ask those kind of creations kind of see where they are here's a statement we have in the book evangelism page 298 it says when persons who are in the conviction you can tell whether some of them the conviction of the Holy Spirit are not brought to make a decision at the earliest period possible there is a danger that the conviction will gradually wear away so if you work in the person they come in the conviction name of the asking certain things you can ask you want to work with the Holy Spirit evangelism is working with the Holy Spirit so you want to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit listen to what they're saying Find out if there is an opening if they are interested to know more about the gospel the good news and you might even ask them Do you understand what the Gospel is that's a question I like to ask do you know what the Gospel is let them say what they think and then you have an opportunity to say well yes that's correct but have you ever thought about this and then you can go through some of the other bible verses that we have so here is a basic list of verses that is often used for a gospel presentation not what I recommend is if you doing a Bible study with someone I would write these verses in the back your bible somewhere because you never quite know when the opportunity presents itself. If you can't memorize all of the verses or write them down in the back of the Bible so you know where they are and maybe just a little phrase about each of those verses so you know what the general theme is now this is in your book by the way all of these verses are in the book in that chapter that says the gospel present Taishan Chapter 11 you'll see it it's in there. So these are some of the verses that you want to direct their attention to when you're actually going through this 1st of all Romans chapter 3 verse 23 no person is example of the Bible saying Romans 3 $23.00 all of sudden and come short of the glory of God So we're all in the same boat we need Jesus that's the 1st point you want to emphasize you might even say something well we're going to start with the bad news and then me and I get to the good news the bad news is Roman ship the 3 of us $23.00 all have sinned and come short of the glory of God we're all in need of God's grace we all need forgiveness so that's you building common ground with them if you start in the same place include yourself in the Gospel presentation you not above them but you recognize their concerns and James tells us if we offend in one point we're guilty of all talking about the 10 Commandments somebody might say well I'm a pretty good person you know I keep most of the commandments but there's a few that well maybe that's not that important Well when we show them that according to the Bible all of the 10 Commandments need to be kept and if we offend or break just one we guilty of breaking all of them that's why Romans 323 says all have sinned so we're all in the same boat here we need God's grace what's the result of death wages of sin is death the Romans 623 so we send what he says in the transgression of the law we've broken the law what's the result of sin it's death so you're painting the picture you're giving them the bad news 1st right they've broken the law with sin the wages of sin is death so you work in them through a process. But God holds out to us so we've broken the law we sin the wages of sin is death but God has not left us and of course this is where you can also include John $316.00 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son So God is the want to take the 1st step initiate this connection with us once again even though we sin even though we are deserving of death God loves us and he has a plan to read E.M.'s so you want to emphasize that in Isaiah 59 as opposed to 20 and 21 those are some of the key verses that you can look at and then he has showed powerful evidences of his love Romans Chapter 5 is 8 says while we were yes then is what the rest of the verse Christ died for us so he didn't wait for us to make ourselves good he provided a sacrifice that would make us a good so we should 1st of all show them that we're also in is because we've broken the law the wages of sin is death and then we're all deserving to die but God did not abandon us to leave us he provided a way of escape he provided the sacrifice not because we're trying to make ourselves good but because he is good and he provided the sacrifice 1st and he comes to us wanting to save us so this is God and machining salvation these are the principles that you want to emphasize Now you might want to read the verse get the principle and then maybe expand upon it and make sure the person understands the principle if they don't understand the principle that we're all Certain come short of the glory of God and that sin is the transgression of the law and that the wages of sin is death well then you can't really get on with the rest you have to help them understand the bad news 1st. That we're in trouble and we need Jesus people won't recognize they need of Jesus until they see their true condition so that's what these 1st 3 are doing revealing to us out of true condition and then it's telling us about the solution the solution is found in Jesus why did Jesus save us because we try to be good no it's because he's good and he loves us what motivates God is his compassion for us we want to emphasize that this is a lot of people that think well he's naturally a good person and that's why you know he has grace oh he's a Christian because he's naturally inclined to those kind of things we help people realize that no we all sin is and it's not because any of us have a certain inclination towards God it's because God has an inclination towards us that he saves us oh God he's reaching out to us what you're trying to do in this gospel presentation is help them realize that there is no sin that God can forgive that God can forgive Olson and that he has the power to give us victory over said and that's the part that we really going to emphasize a little later on in the presentation today but I think that in particular is good news the way people are then you want to also emphasize that the only way to obtain forgiveness to come to God is through Jesus Jesus said I am the way I am the truth I am the life so 1st of all we realize we're a sinner we're on the conviction because the wages of sin is death yet we see God reaching out to us because He loves us now what are we to do while now we want to step to wards God how do we step towards God through Jesus so we need to recognize that Jesus is the way to God is the Way the Truth and the life so we come to Jesus in prayer we accept Jesus as sacrifice for us we ask Jesus to be our personal Savior that's what's we emphasize here in this point. Then the next one is we can be part of the solution so if we make a step towards God God will move towards us not that he hasn't moved to us yet but he's waiting for our response he's waiting for us to do something and while you presenting the Gospel presentation you are trying to build up their faith because the devil is going to try to discourage them and think Well God's not going to hear my prayer God doesn't answer prayer I've gone too far I'm too much of a sinner so why are you doing this you know using your own experience and you saying you know there was a time where I was wondering if God was going to hear my prayer but then I reading Scripture that he is faithful and justice a give us to cleanse us from all unrighteousness if we can face if we come to Him in prayer so you building up their faith don't put yourself on one side and them on the other and you kind of just addressing them like a teacher and you telling them everything that they need to do you sort of standing alongside them and you guiding them including yourself in their experience so they have a friend there somebody that concerned about them someone that is leading them versus just teaching them that's an important principle to keep in mind then of course you want to encourage them that we can have freedom in Jesus to talk about this here in quite a bit in just a few moments freedom in Jesus not only include forgiveness but it also includes power we are justified and we are sanctified by faith. And then we have an invitation to receive his gift finally in Revelation chapter 3 verse 20 Jesus says Behold I stand at the door knock whoever hears my voice and opens the door I will come in on to him and I'll dine with him and he with Me I'd like to go to that verse in paint a little picture of Jesus is standing outside the door of your heart and he's knocking he won't foresees way I am your freedom of choice your will is what opens the door and you can open the door right now you can choose Jesus right now you don't have to leave him standing outside and if you open the door Jesus says He will come in and he will eat with here. Sometimes I think one of them me alone explained to them that in the Bible bread often is a symbol of the Word of God and the way that we grow spiritually is through God's Word we receive Jesus through the Will choosing he open we open the door he comes in but when he comes in he wants to lead us into a deeper understanding of these words that's what it means when Jesus says I will eat with him I'll dine with him I'll help you understand the word then the word that we come to know Jesus so I emphasize that part part as well in the Gospel presentation and then we have a promise for Growth said Corinthians tells us that anyone in Christ is a new creation old things are passed away behold all things have become news so encouraged in that there is hope in Jesus Jesus can change who we are now it's also very important and we're going to get to this the into that when you do this gospel presentation you want to be realistic you don't want to set the person up for failure I've seen experiences where someone will receive Jesus as their personal savior but the Gospel presentation was not given correctly to the person so at 1st they have joy and after giving us and they grateful but then a few days go by and they wake up in the morning and they don't have a great day and the temptation comes just a strong before and they think well maybe Jesus didn't hear my prayer 2 days ago or maybe I'm not really forgiven and they don't know what to do when they see that carnal nature is still alive within them and they begin to doubt whether God actually full gave them all heard a prayer so you need to anticipate what the devil is going to try to do to discourage the people you're working with so you want them to understand how this all works right that just because we receive Jesus as our personal Savior doesn't mean the the Connell nature suddenly disappears what that does mean is now we have a spiritual nature and a carnal nature and we need to be feeding that spiritual nature and we need to be starving the common nature and give people practical ways as to how they can do that and we'll look at that a little later on in the presentation so here are some principles then in the Gospel presentation I want to go through one more time. 1st of all what is the 1st thing you want to do help the person understand that we're all in the same boat ride all the same and come short of the glory of God You want to define for them what the Nance what is sin a transgression of God's law and if you break one of the commandments you've broken them all and what's the wages of sin death so we in big trouble right we're all in the same boat we've broken God's law we guilty of sin we heading for death but God loves us and he doesn't want to see us die eternally so he has provided a plan of redemption a way of escape and God does this not because we're good but because he is good and he loves us so he reaches down to us right and that's what this is talking about God calls us to him self OK He showed his powerful evidence of His love while we were yet sinners Christ died for us we don't have to make ourselves good to come to Jesus we can come to Jesus just the way that we are he will accept us then you want to emphasize the way to have this forgiveness it's only through Jesus Jesus is not only the one who provides forgiveness but he's also the one that lives in us and with us day by day so it's not just Jesus at the beginning of a person's Christian experience it's Jesus every single death and you need to emphasize Gees. Emphasized the cross emphasized his experience to live with you very very important and then recognize that there is a solution God has provided it's through Jesus we can experience freedom from sin we can experience freedom from sins we have committed in the past but we can also receive freedom from those temptations that come away we'll explain to them how they can get victory through Jesus and then we have an invitation to receive his gift and you just quote Revelation chapter 3 verse 20 and say Jesus is knocking at the heart of you though right now and that's where you can become a little serious he longs to come to Him He wants to give you peace he wants you but it's up to you it's your will that will open the door it's your choice Jesus wants you to open the door what do you want to do today parents had to make that decision say yes if I want to see heaven this will praise the Lord we're going to ask him to have to come in in a very special way just a moment and that's why you have a prayer and then tell him you need to grow you want to be a new creature you need to be in the words of the Explain that a little bit so once you've gone through these steps and they are clear in these basic parts and I want to go one more time and you need to help me I want to make sure you get it or I had so we start by describing the problem what's the problem then is the problem of where the sun come from. What is fun transgression of the law how many people have broken the law also we all in trouble What's the wages of sin death so we all condemned to death so in a bad situation but how does God feel about us God loves us and so he's a plan of salvation he has a plan of redemption not because we good but because his good he has compassion upon us and God can save to the other most those who come to Him through Jesus you need to have faith but you come to God through Jesus so that brings you to the next point the only way to salvation is Jesus and what he did for us he talked about the cross they briefly then after they realized wow Jesus is the only way then you go on to we can be part of the solution other words God has a plan he wants to change us he wants to forgive us he also wants to see that as free and after you paint that picture then you do the appeal and the appeal is Jesus is standing knocking at your heart still he wants to come and when he comes in there is peace there is joy there is hope there is given everything you need you receive when Jesus comes in but the problem is the doors close and Jesus won't open the door that's your door you have to open it how do you open the door through your choice. Through your will and I explain to them what that is because sometimes they feel like ha such a big sin I just don't feel like I can do what God wants me to do well don't don't worry about then start fight choosing Jesus everything depends upon the right action of the will you cannot of yourself change your hearts you cannot of yourself give to God It's affection but you can choose Him He will then work within you both the will and do according to good pleasure All right so everything depends upon the choice about making that decision so once they understand what that is to open the door I need to choose Jesus then you invite him to do so well let's choose Jesus right now would you like to choose Jesus yes I'd like to choose then you lead them in a prayer the praise very simple it says Lot I recognize I'm a sinner because through the same ideas in the prayer I recognize I have broken the law and that the wages of sin is there a father also recognize that you love me and you gave Jesus and Jesus has provided a way of escape so I come to you in the name of Jesus I know you are knocking at my heart still please log come inside I choose you today thank you for your promise that if you confess us and your faithful and just to give us cleanse us from all unrighteousness so you might have to lead them in that prayer because they might never have prayed that kind of prayer before Right but those are the steps you want in your gospel presentation OK what's the 1st thing you want to do are you going to say oh man how many times you go through this one more time right because this this is where all you can teach them all the doctrines in the world but if they don't get this what good is it going to do are you with me this is the heart of evangelism right here the Gospel presentation so what's the 1st thing you need to describe or show them. The problem right the problem and the problem is sin and what is certain transgression of the law and what's the wages of sin death so we describe that you look at a few verses make sure they understand that so we have a problem it's not just them all of us whole world has the problem we're all in the same boat but now what is God doing while God's looking down with love and he's provided a way of escape and that way of escape is through Jesus not because we're good but because his good and because he loves at the same test the Son Jesus provided a sacrifice so that we can be forgiven but in order for us to get to God we have to go through Jesus he is the Way the Truth and The Life and he's given us an invitation Bible says he stands at the door knock and out of all of the verses Revelation Chapter $321.00 that I usually almost always quote or have them go to that verse near the end of the Gospel presentation of the makes it so clear its visual people can understand that Jesus is knocking at the hearts of all he wants to come in but in order for Jesus to come in we have to open the door what is the door of the door is to the heart but how do we open the door through the will through the power of the mind the will we choose not through our feelings you might not feel different when you open up the heart store at least the purpose doesn't mean you didn't open up the heart and that Jesus didn't come in encourage them we walk by faith not by feeling so if you choose if you ask he will come in and then you lead them through that little prayer does that make sense of everybody. Can we all do that I think so not that complicated All right so in our Bible study and you know what I do this several times in a Bible study by the time the person is done they've got the Gospel presentation idea down in their minds because almost every time after we do the 1st one in every Bible study I begin with a quick summary of the gospel and I go through the same thing and eventually they know it just like you do so what's the problem since a problem with its income from it's breaking God's Law What's the wages it's there what is God love us yes as God provided a way of escape yet what's the way of escape is Jesus through his sacrifice and Jesus is standing knocking at the heart so what do we have to do we have to open the hearts door I ask them how do we open the heart still through choice as to how often do we have to open our hearts door I say every day the apostle Paul says I die daily Wright says the day by day experience. So by the time that person is done with Bible studies with you they need to know what they have to do to be saved the very clear in their mind the day by day experience now there's an aspect of the gospel of the good news that we want to emphasize Now this is not all in your book the steps on the practical side of it is in your book there's a little more more of the theory that you want to keep in your mind as you give a Bible study as you do the Gospel presentation and you just some general principles here so there's an aspect of the gospel I want to emphasize and it starts in Luke Chapter 2 verse 10 Remember we said everything goes through Jesus through his sacrifice 3 is gift this is the angel and now on sing the birth of Jesus fear not for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be for all people around to you is born this day in the City of David a savior which is Christ the Lord now in the English the words good tidings come from a single Greek word that is elsewhere translated as gospel so in other words we can read the verse fear not for behold I bring you the gospel of good news so here we have one verse summarizing for us what the Gospel is now of course the Gospel can be expanded upon but here is one verse from an angel explaining the gospel all right that sense is in Jesus and what Jesus has done so let's take a closer look at this verse 3 important things in the Gospel 1st of all the gospel brings joy the angel said I bring you good tidings of great joy why does the Gospel bring joy it will be just looked at the knees the transgression of the law we're all guilty of breaking God's Law in the wages of sin is death that's bad news but the solution is in Jesus so Jesus brings joy and when you find hope and life. There is joy so the gospel brings joy and when we present the gospel to our neighbor our friend the Bible study context let's present this with joy so you can paint a pretty dark picture when you talk about sin and the problem but when you start talking about the solution you better start smiling All right get excited because this is good news this should bring joy this hope God has a plan for us Secondly the gospel is for everyone and you want to emphasize this sometimes people think well I'm too much of a sin Oh there's no way God can really forgive me say no no no the gospel is for everyone and what is the gospel all about it is a message of salvation the angel said unto you is born a savior and then when the angel was speaking to Joseph speaking of Mary and she shall bring forth the son and you shall call his name Jesus for He will save his people from they sins so the Gospel saves people from Sun the gospel brings joy the gospel is for everyone and the gospel is a message of salvation Jesus saving people from a sense now how does the Gospel safe people from some who want to be clear on this in our minds Roma Shepherd One Verse 16171 of my favorite verses is this Paul speaking for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it what is the it the gospel of Christ for it is defines it the what the power of God So notice that the Gospel is connected with power the Gospel is connected to power for it is the power of God House the power to be used for salvation or to salvation for everyone that believes to the Jew 1st also for the Greek for in it what's the it. The Gospel the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written The just shall live by faith now we need unpack this 1st just a little bit Hmong we understand a little bit about the gospel the gospel is good news but here point Paul is even more specific and he says it is the good news concerning who Jesus is the good news about Jesus the good news about Christ Christ is the Greek for Messiah which is the Hebrew so Messiah is the Hebrew Christ is the Greek means the anointed one so it's the good news about the Anointed One the good news about the one same from heaven that's what it's about now if I were to ask you to open your Bibles to one of the Gospels where would you go you go to Matthew Mark Luke and John and what do we read about in the Gospels read about the birth of Jesus the life of Jesus the ministry of Jesus the Murray cult of Jesus we read about the teachings of Jesus the read about the death of Jesus we read about the resurrection of Jesus so the gospel is all about Jesus his life his birth his life the substitutionary death his resurrection and now his high priest the ministry that's all about Jesus about who he is what he has done now Paul narrows down what is it about Christ that we emphasize he says the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation so there is something about the life of Jesus that poll says is powerful that brings salvation what is it about the life of Jesus that is so powerful that it brings salvation while explains it further for us near the end of the verse for in it what's the it the gospel and what's the gospel the life of Christ. For in it the life of Jesus the what the right just miss of God is revealed So what did Jesus reveal from his birth to His substitutionary death to his resurrection What did Jesus reveal a righteous mess of God Now why is this so important to Paul why does the emphasize this What was Paul's background before he was converted why he was a Jew but not just any Jew He was a Pharisee and what did the Pharisees put their confidence in with reference to salvation the law but what about them and the law they put their confidence in their own righteousness they felt like they could keep the law and at least if they did the best they could that would be good enough they understood that you couldn't be perfect and they said well God doesn't really expect perfect perfect in this but if you just try really hard and do the best you can well that's going to give you the best chance in the judgment All right so they're right just as was based upon their own works and was told trying to obtain righteousness based upon his own works before his conversion yes you can read the story of what Paul was doing before he was converted but when Paul met Jesus he suddenly realized there is a right just since that his father better than any right is and if I can obtain for myself then he realized it's that right just miss that saves me not my right you know and that was revolutionary in the thinking of pole it was revolutionary in the thinking of the Jews that there is a right chestnuts that is perfect that takes my place so we were talking about the right just as of God revealed in Christ why is it that our righteousness is not good enough to save us. Well what happens if I go through the little gospel presentation and I receive Jesus as my personal savior and I have the Holy Spirit come in my heart and life and I live a perfect life from now till my death is that right just not good enough well yeah but what happens if the Holy Spirit works Americo with me and I actually live a perfect life like 144000 will live after probation closes you see the only kind of right just honest that count for everlasting life is a perfect right just minutes from birth till translation there is only one being on earth that is lived a perfect right just as from birth until a substitutionary death and that is Jesus so even if I have the Holy Spirit's help and from now on I live a perfect life of righteousness there's a problem not that I probably will ever live a perfect life of righteousness before probation closes but the problem is we have a history we have a history so all of us already disqualified from trying to earn our way into heaven because we all of a history of sin at some point we've Olsson all fallen short of the glory of God So are only hope of salvation is I right just as outside of ourselves and imputed right just that pulls getting all excited and he says Hey friends this is good news there is a righteous mist that's available outside of ourselves it's the right sense of Jesus and then he goes on elsewhere to say all by the way that right just miss of Jesus has already been accepted by God it's got his seal of approval that that right just snus is able to say. That's Paul gets all excited about Jesus and that's why he goes preaching everywhere and anywhere that there is a righteous ness that say's it's the right of Jesus now how do we have pain that imputed righteousness of Jesus through justification and how we to be justified through the Gospel presentation simply opening the hearts told by faith and the moment we do that we do that every day we are justified his righteousness takes the place of my unrighteous and I stand before God just as if I have met him. Now that's wonderful and that's a tremendous truth and that brings assurance to me that if I keep opening my heart still I am saved I'm secure but we live in a world with sin and we don't always want to be fully right we want to have victory in our lives and that's where sanctification comes in that is the imparted righteousness of Jesus and his team part of the righteousness of Jesus that transforms us into a new creation now want to be very clear with reference to the motivation for sanctification if our purpose to be sanctified is so that we can obtain a degree of right just in this that God can accept so we can be saved we have the wrong motivation if we're trying to do the right thing in order for us to be saved what's the motivation selfishness was there any selfishness in the righteousness of Jesus all of Christ's righteousness was motivated by law the only kind of righteousness that God can accept is a righteous in is motivated by love. So when we come to Jesus Emery open the hearts to all and we understand the forgiveness that God gives us we will then want to do those things that please Him not in order to try and save ourselves but because we want to glorify Him We want to thank him we want to demonstrate before the whole universe that God can say it must be motivated by love does that make sense of everybody sometimes in our minds even though we've been Adventists for years we fall into the trap of thinking that somehow I have to do the right thing because I'm trying to be saved but the motivation is selfishness which disqualifies any kind of righteousness the right motivation to do the right thing needs to be love and appreciation for God That kind of motivation God can accept that's the righteousness that God says yes that's what I want so it's important that we help people understand this when we given them a viable study because the natural tendency is if I can just stop smoking then I will have a righteous in this that God can approve and become self sainted salvation salvation is never self-centered It's Christ sainted he becomes the motivation Jesus does the 1st work we respond to what he has done sanctification is a response to justification if we don't understand justification if we haven't received justification we will never be able to experience sanctification because our motives are wrong does that make sense of everybody. Justification comes 1st no wonder Paul says that's good news so as a Christian we are not walking around under this cloud of condemnation always afraid that we're going to do the wrong thing thinking that somehow we save one minute and then we send in the ME lost and then we ask forgiveness then we saved and then we do the wrong thing the middle last in a kind of a yoyo Christian experience that's not the kind of Christian experience we want to have we want to have confidence in what Jesus has already done for us and we want to respond to what he has done a saying Lord work within me to glorify you and I to reveal your character to show for my love to you that's the motivation for writers OK any questions on that the make sense OK Please don't ignore that in your gospel presentation because you don't want to set somebody up for failure you don't want them to think somehow that it's their right just once that pays them I'm not I'm not saying sanctification is not important thank you for geisha is crucial because sanctification reveals whether or not somebody has truly received justification so if we don't have a desire to do what's right then we need to question Have I really receive God's forgiveness the him Have I really open my heart soul to him or is he still standing outside if Jesus comes in they will be a desire to serve Him to please Him to love him that's the correct motivation for doing anything good has to be motivated by love OK talking a little bit about power now how does the Gospel save people from this and everybody wants power today some think about means of wealth others to politics others through learning and the others through the indulgence of selfish pleasure but whatever that means the object is the same some kind of power. And everybody on the Earth is under some kind of power either the under the power of Satan which leads to sin or the end of the power of God that leads to right Yes miss but everybody wants power we feel a need for power even if you were to look to our secular culture today there is much emphasis on power some of the most popular movies being produced are movies of people that have extraordinary power as people like the idea of having power having dominance people have dominance they want have power now that's not all a bad thing did God originally designed that mankind have dominance in the earth yes dominance of the nature in a positive way and nurturing way but does God want us to have dominance over the carnal nature does God want to have dominance over the carnal nature absolutely right absolutely so a desire to have power I mean just stop and think about it even in the practical way how many times do you make a New Year's resolution to get up early in the morning and go exercise or whatever the case might be and we just bail out of me the whole man I wish I had more motivation I wish I had more power right people realize if they want to be able to finish what they decide to do you get the carnal nature that sometimes drags you down God wants us to have victory wants to have power so everybody wants power of some kind notice the staple in the book Amazing Grace that says our condition through sin is unnatural the power that we store is us therefore must the supernatural Where does that power come from else it has no value there is but one power that can break the hold of evil from the hearts of men that power is God. The power of God that gives us dominance over the Connel nature All right so in your bible study in your gospel presentation not only help them understand that Jesus when He comes into our hearts and lives he gives us peace and joy and forgiveness but he also wants to give us power once again with the living rooms over the flesh over the common nature this is exciting this is exciting for someone who is experiencing the consequences of being dominated by the flesh not a happy place to be where you're under the control of sin. Some people that might like to be under the control of them but sooner or later people realize the devil is a terrible master and they struggle to escape but they realize I don't have the power to escape and you come with the Gospel presentation you sharing with them good news saying hey there is a way that you can escape there is a power that God wants to give you it's a special supernatural power that he wants to put that in your heart and life now what is the nature of the saving power to you about this power that God wants to give us Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 and 7 that famous verse specially for as with Advantage Revelation 146 then also another angel What is the angel representing Revelation 14 messenger that has a message right flying in the midst of heaven why is the fly in the midst of heaven so everybody can see him now everybody can hear him the message that has to go everywhere and what does this message contain the everlasting Gospel What's the Gospel good news good news about what a life of Christ and what does the life of Christ reveal the righteousness of God and what is it that we need so desperately righteousness. So they have a lasting gospel reveals to us that there is a righteousness that say's it's the righteousness of Jesus and we can receive His righteousness by opening the hearts of the Lord having Jesus coming and you don't always think of the 3 jewels messages in those ways but this is where it all begins if we don't understand what this everlasting Gospel is how can we bring good news I mean what's the good news about Babylon that's fallen this fall and not a whole lot of good news there other than a warning where is the good news that if anyone worship the beast or his image or receives his mark and his forward on his hand the safe return of the one of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation he should be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels in the presence of the Lamb the sound a whole lot of good news right now so if you don't understand the everlasting gospel all you've got to try and avoid the mark of the beast based on FIA or based on selfishness and how successful with happy won't be very successful right so sometimes in our evangelistic presentations we motivate people based on fear instead of based upon the gospel the good news the love of Christ so must keep this imbalance otherwise he setting people up to join the church and you making them Pharisees trying to do all the right things because they trying to save themselves instead of responding to what Jesus has done a high changes everything right there is a peace there is a joy there is a motivation that comes from receiving his righteousness and His Grace OK well then it goes on the everlasting Gospel to preach to everyone that dwells upon the earth every nation can attack the people saying with what kind of a voice. Voice not a soft voice a loud voice Fear God is that sound good news it is if you explain to them what fear is reverence God. How do we reverence God while the verse tells us how we reverence God by worshipping Him That's how we fear God worship him the 1st dangerous message defines true worship the 3rd angel's message defines hole for ship and the 2nd angel warns us about false doctrine a babbling fool doctrine don't worship the beast worship worship the creator to worship so the 3 angels message deals with worship 1st angel is true worship 3rd angel is false worship the middle angel has to do with false doctrine the whole teaching let me just be sidetracked here for just a moment if you don't mind there's something else I want to say about this range of messages what kind of a voice is the 1st angel have. Got a loud voice is a God given going the artisans go what kind of a skip over the 2nd angel what kind of voice the angel have and the 3rd angel followed saying with a loud voice if I want to worship the beast there is a major with the mark so the 1st angel has what kind of a voice the 3rd angel is what kind of a voice. What kind of voice is the 2nd angel have. Given no 7 for the 1st angel has a loud voice the 3rd angel has a loud voice but the 2nd angel goes Babylonia Ollie's fall and. Where is the loud voice. Or you jumping out of me I thought maybe that's what you're going to say if you look at the 3 angels messages sure enough the 1st angel is a loud voice the 3rd angel has a loud voice but the 2nd angel just announces abalones fall and he's fallen. When they are studying this now B. And I'm wondering well what did you hear why the 2nd is with a loud voice Well if you think of the 3 angels messages not only do they represent our message as a whole that has to go to the world but the 3 angels messages also represent 3 phases of the Advent movement when was the message 1st proclaimed fear God given glory the hour of these judgment has come worship the creator 844 and shortly thereafter write the app started earlier but not in its fullness they do not understand anything about what it is to worship the creator they didn't understand the Sabbath so some time later but the 1st angel's message is often being described as read leading right up to the greatest bargain in 844 started sometime earlier and then sort of culminated with the judgment our message and even after that when the end of the truth of the high priest the ministry of Jesus is what the hour of judgment was so even a few years after that they would still proclaiming it very very loudly right the 2nd angel then would represent a time period after the proclamation of the 1st Angel where truth was established especially as described in the 1st angel's message and it was evident that Babylon was colon but what happens after 841 let me put it this way which church follows the Church of the Delphia in Revelation 3. Latest idea which was the Church of the 1st angels message Philadelphia ladies the late alpha so it was proclaimed the law but sometime after that we entered into the church of luke warm then. Where the church said I'm rich increase with goods I have need of nothing and Jesus said you don't know that your wretched misrule poor blind the naked eye Council of the buy of me gold we find in the file what's called Faith and Love wide Rayman Christ's righteousness I said spiritual discernment of the Holy Spirit that you might be rich so we moved from the Philadelphia church of the 1st angel into the Laodicean Church of the 2nd angel and the message is babbling he's fallen he's fallen but because the church is laid at the end it's not proclaiming it very loudly but when you come to the 3rd angel's message what is the 3rd angel myth to say if anyone worship the beast there is a myth or receives his mark does anyone have the mark of the beast today so even though we preach the 3rd angel's message does that have a special future application Absolutely and I believe based upon the 3 inches messages when we begin to see certain things take place setting up for the mark of the beast then I believe the church will respond with a loud voice finally and say don't worship the beast don't worship examine it you don't receive its mark based upon the 3rd angel message so that's why the 3rd angel has a loud voice because it's yet in the future so if the 1st angel has a historical application and the 3rd angel has a future application where do you think that puts us today and the message babbling his fall is fall'n is not a popular message today especially when you have this worldwide ecumenical movement where all the churches are trying to come together and the Adventist Church is trying to fit in with the as a Protestant denomination they have one group saying abalones Fawley's fall it's not a popular message so yes we believe it we know it's true but let's not make a big deal about it. Let's not preach loudly that Babylon is fallen is full you want to stand with the 2nd angels in a loud voice one of the quick thing how many times is babbling fool babbling is all and is so why does it say twice traveling this fall in the fall and you've got the answer. In Revelation Chapter 17 there was a woman and her name is Babylon and she's sitting upon a scarlet colored beasts I don't know for the name is written Babylon the Great. Mother of harlots So she's the mother church and she has a daughter churches who does the mother church represent Rome who do the door to churches represent a POS they've Protestantism now in the Bible we have certain probationary time periods that God had given to different groups he gave the Jews 490 years of probationary time which ended in 34 A.D. at the stoning of Stephen at that point Israel fell their probation was closed and all that God could do was call out a remnant Don't miss this board and point the cold out a remnant spiritually Israel and even go back even further before the flood there was 120 years of probationary time that God gave to the end to deluding world at the end of that $120.00 probationary time there's nothing more God could do for them judgement was coming but God hold out a remnant knowing these family are you with me 400 years the Israelites were captives in Egypt at the end of that 430 probationary time period. God called out a remnant Israel came out of Egypt and judgment came upon Did you see the pattern that's established they have the 1260 Years $538.00 full $798.00 during that time period God was trying to through the different reformers were trying to reach the mother church trying to bring it to a point of. Conviction and conversion but in 798 her probationary time in that Babylon fell the 1st time and all God could do was call out a remnant a Protestant church are you with me but then from the mid eighty's hundreds even little before that God was still working through the Protestant denomination and if you read some of the material that was out there in the late 700 early 800 all the way up to the mid eighties hundreds of Protestant passes in office you will be amazed at the death of their spirituality and they call for right just now one of my favorite authors I like to read some of the name of Andrew Murray he lives in the hundreds he's got some powerful things on surrender of self prayer practical good stuff you read him you think many maybe is reading on why he was a contemporary of L. My Just some good material and you can clearly see how God was working through the Protestant churches but a special message came to the Protestant churches 1st and foremost 843844 that was a very important message when the Protestant churches as a whole rejected the message Babylon fell the 2nd time and all that God could do was call out a ram and. And that's why we are here today are you with me so the 1st hole is the mother church the 2nd Folies the door the church is now they are people out there that are saying that the 7th Day Adventist Church has fallen and the 7th Day Adventist Church is babbling what I have to say to them is how many times to stab and fold just wife the mother church and the door to church there isn't a 3rd full now it's true the church has to be purified is going to be a shaking we need the latter rain is going to have to be a revival in the church but this church is going to go through by God's grace a man so we don't have to have a remnant of the remnant coming out and I don't know about here but we have that on the West Coast where there are some very concerned brethren and I share a lot of their concerns they see things happening in the church and they're getting very nervous and they begin to pull out from the church and trying to establish their own little groups their remnant of the remnant and I'm saying don't jump ship the ship is going to go through the storm it's going to be shaken it's going to be purified but it's going to go through because based on prophecy is only 2 fold and both of them have already occurred does that make sense that everybody that was a distraction anyway I was going to talk about that but I wanted to mention the dragon angel. Back to this point to write the Gospel is connected though with worshipping the creator fear God given glory the hour of his judgments come we spoke about that the measuring yesterday our eye is calm and worship Him that made the heavens the earth the sea and the fountains of water now of course the one who may they have is the earth the sea is the creator the Creator is Christ the everlasting Gospel is connected to Christ as the creator as an important point to see why that is what is the saving power the preaching of the Gospel involves presenting God as the creator and calling men to worship him as such therefore the power of the Gospel is nothing less than the creative power of God Why is this important because part of creation is to be a new creation and only the creator can make a new creation and you need to tell your Bible study context this because it's pretty discouraging when you try to do the right thing and you realize you don't have the power to do the right thing and you get discouraged in just about ready to give up you say don't give up because the creator is also the savior he has creative power to work in your heart and life to change you and make you a new creature Romans Chapter one Verse 20 says for since the creation of the world his invisible action attributes are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that that without excuse in the world around us we can see a demonstration of God's creative power because he made all things so the power of God is seen in creation therefore the power of God is his creative power and since the gospel is the power of God and to salvation follows then the gospel is the manifestation of the creative power of God for the saving of mankind that makes sense. Why couldn't angel not save us could an angel come to the earth to live a perfect life how do you know angels are pretty powerful beings being an angel might have been able to come live a life of perfection on the earth but in order for salvation there has to be creation a re creation can an angel create no so there was only one being in the universe that could save us and he had to be the creator and that's why I think John emphasizes the role that Jesus played as the active agent in creation John chapter one verse one in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God in the Word was God All things were made by him without them was not anything made that was made and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us so the word the Savior is also the creator and that's the link that Paul is trying to make that the link that John is trying to make That's why Jesus Jesus is worthy of worship because He created us and he has redeemed us and saved us that's why God the Father is worthy of worship because he has made us according to Revelation He is redeemed us so the creator and the Savior are connected in the Gospel and that's rather important because not only do we need forgiveness to the Savior we need power through the created right justification thanks to cation we need both people want all they want hope they want to change in their life now how powerful is God's creative power pretty powerful. God made everything right and God made the sun. And the sun has a lot of power doesn't it always shining up there it's been shining for 6000 years now and it'll probably shine for quite a while to come but how much power is contained in the sun while they tell us that I know who figured these things out that somebody says in one second there are about 400 trillion trillion watts of power that is emitted from the sun that is a lot of energy some produces all of that energy in one second of course we don't get 400 trillion trillion What's a power every 2nd hitting the earth because you know this is going everywhere you read it down there so we get a little bit of it but if we could somehow harness all the energy that comes from the Sun in one second that tell us that's enough energy to power everything electric on earth for 500000 years. That's the energy power one second that comes from the Sun Now where did all that power come from where did all that energy come from can energy create itself has to have a soul so God is the one that put all this power in the sun Jesus made this fine shine that energy had to come from somewhere it came from God and they tell us that al sun is the size of a glow fall in comparison to the earth when you compare Al sun with some of the other stars that they seen out there in the universe. Well 0 stars also need to have power they also have energy where did their energy come from came from God All things come from God And after God created the universe with these creative power was God running low on creative energy. God has no end to his power now the point that Paul is trying to make and it's quite incredible for you think about it Paul is saying the same power that was manifest in the creation of all things that same power is a valuable role for God to recreate us into using if God can make the sun shine can God give us victory over soon absolutely if God could make the universe in the Help us to control our Tampa absolutely for there is nothing impossible with God So in your gospel presentation remind people about the power that we talking about this is God's creative power that has been used for our salvation now while much we do in order to tap this creative power of God He was chef deliver success but without faith it is impossible to please Him for He comes to God must believe that he is and maybe the reward of those with diligently teaching. 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