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21. Gospel Presentation, Part 2

Jean Ross




  • June 21, 2018
    11:00 AM
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Jesus said other sheep I have that I'm out of the salt I'm going to call them they're going to come we're going to be one fold and one shepherd so the 4th Angel revelation 18 proclaims babblings fall and he's fallen with a loud voice and it swells into the 3rd angel's message and those 2 are connected with the Latter Rain special outpouring of the Holy Spirit so the 3rd angel's message is going to be given with power but that's still in the future it's with the outpouring of the Latter Rain a special proclaiming it's an important message the world needs to hear babbling he's holding his whole income out of all my people and it will be proclaimed with a loud voice so that's how revelation 18 fit in with the 3 messages 1st angels message the early Advent movement the 3rd angels message about the beast and its mark but in the future we're living under the 2nd angel today Babylonians Paul and he's fallen but not with a loud voice but when the latter rain comes and the 3rd angel's message begins to be proclaimed then you have the 4th Angel had joined them and he cries about a loud voice babbling he's full of the soul and after the message is given by the church then Jesus is able to call these people to come out from Babylon other sheep I have that are not of this fall so Jesus has people in Babylon but at the right time he's going to call them to come out of Babylon he knows where they are and to some degree God might feel it's better for them to stay there where they are right now until things get sorted out here in the church but at the right time he's going to hold his people to come out right unfortunately at that same time there will be those who are in the church that because of persecution will leave but at the same time to be those who are outside the church that we live in and. And finally then God will make up his people at the end and then the seal of God is placed upon the foreheads of those who are his then probation closes 7 last place Jesus kind of the sequence of how things fall as we go from here OK still talking about the power of the Gospel right what kind of power is involved in the Gospel God's creative power right because the say the is also the creator how all we know how can we tap into God's creative power working in our lives all the and see his face look at this verse again he was 11 verse 6 but without faith it is impossible to please him how do we please God by doing the things that he wants us to do right spending time with them is that all he wants How did Jesus please The Father Jesus said the father loves me because I always do what he says. Why did Jesus always do what the father said because Jesus loves him why do we please God do what he says because we love him you understand the motivation if we don't love him we might try and do what he wants us to do but the motivation is wrong and our righteousness is a filthy rags it has a meaning so it's by faith that we do the things that pleases him it's by faith that we come to love him that we have the right motivation then it says for he'll comes to God must believe that he is. What is I mean when it says we must believe that God is that somebody talking about believing that God exists as James Teluk the devil's belief that help them there is a tremble so it's not just believing that God exists. But rather it is believing that God is who he said he. God is who he said he is according to the Bible God is the law of friends you got to tell your Bible study context this because so many people out there in the world think that God and even we sometimes think that God is up stairs with his arms folded he's looking down and we say Lord lovelies help me he's going. To try a little bit harder maybe next time. But according to the Bible God wants to say right God isn't standing up in heaven with his arms folded he's leaning down with his arms outstretched saying just turn to me I am the creator all power is given unto me in heaven and you know just turn to me allow me to come into your heart I want to do a mighty work with a new I can save to the outermost take a look at my resume look who have saved her I look at the list of names it's not a big deal to me I can do this but you have to turn to me you must believe that I am the lead that I am a God of Love believe that when you pray I hear your prayers that I take your prayers Seriously I don't ignore your prayer and I have the power to do something about your prayer that's so important it changes everything God is on our side trying to save us from not that we are against God and God is not trying to save it God wants to save us right that's what Paul is saying if you want to please God believe that God loves you and anything everything he can to say believe that when you pray he hears your prayer and he will act because he loves you not because who we are how good we are we must believe that God is and don't let the spy he is a rewarder of those it diligently seek Him they got to believe then when we lead somebody in that gospel presentation may help them realize that they are sinner and Jesus is the Savior and if they come to Him by faith and said Lord I open my hearts go please come in you need to believe that he will come when. Encourage them to believe in total faith say Praise the lord you've open your heart to Jesus he has just come in while I don't feel any different so well don't worry about feeling it's not about feeling it's about faith healing will come later on don't worry about that claim God's promise right there live by faith not by feeling that encourage other people to realize this all right well that brings the next point faith vs feeling Romans chapter one verse 17 for in it that is the gospel the writers of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written The just shall live by faith now what is it to have faith it's believing that God is that he's got a love and that he hears our prayers that's where it begins that's what faith is. Simple not that some complicated formula to figure out what faith is faith is believing that God loves you and that God hears you and that God is working for yourself action you can leave it right there so when you pray he hears you when you ask he helps you because he loves you that's a pretty simple and then of course that's the Christ. The just do not live by the feelings they do not live by the emotions they do not live by what they can see the just live by faith we are pointedly reminded do not wait to feel that you are made whole but say I believe it it is so not because I feel it but because God has promised them. Right from the get go if you doing a gospel presentation understand where the people are going to go I understand what the devil's going to do the devil is going to try and make them feel as though God did not hear their prayer you warn them up front don't go by feeling the devil are going to try and test your faith going to try to make you feel as though you're not worthy or that God has not forgiven you just ignore those calls and replace them with God loves me Jesus died for me I prayed and I ask God to come into the heart so I believe that he is just that simple OK All right talking about faith the knowledge of what the Scripture means when urging upon us the necessity of cultivating all practicing faith is more essential than any of the knowledge that can be acquired and that's what we're talking about today are knowing the Sabbath truth will not save you knowing the truth of the state of the dead will not save you it might protect you from era but that's not what saves you what saves you is Jesus it's the gospel it's Christ receiving him as your savior that's why she says it it's the most essential knowledge that anyone can have what does it mean to cultivate faith we're going to be looking at a Old or New Testament story Matthew Chapter 8 which I think you know to flee illustrates what faith is you're familiar with the story it says now when Jesus had entered into Capernaum a sin Tyrian came to him pleading with Samson tearin was the headquarters of Christ Galilean ministry up on the northern side of the Sea of Galilee it's also the home where Peter was he lived came from Capernaum and Jesus enters into the city and there is a sin Turion that comes to him now is the centurion Jewish. No he's not he's a Roman right he's there he's part of the occupying force we've got soldiers under him but he heard about Jesus he was actually prior to this impressed with some of the teachings of the Jews with reference to one god and obedience and God's law and those type of things made an impression heard about Jesus and he realized that something special about Jesus. So this into him came to him pleading with him saying Lord my servant lying at home paralyzed dreadfully tell me did Jesus say to him I will come and heal him and of course he that was you and I And Jesus said All right I'll come help you be great come on load Come hurry hurry it's almost dead you gotta hurry kind of like marry him off of it send a message to Jesus come Lord Lazarus is sick but notice what the centurion does the sincere and answered and said a lot I am not worthy that you should come into my room notice this in Tyrian does not look to his righteousness or his goodness to anything in Christ it is Lord I'm not worthy I'm not even with a few to come visit my home he says but only speak a word at the key and my 7 will be here for I have a man under authority having soldiers and in the end I said is this one go and he goes into another one company come and to my servant do this and he does this 1st day when Jesus hurt it. He Malvo and he said to those who follow it assuredly I say to you I have not found so great a faith no not in Israel imagine the scene this been Tyrian whenever he goes somewhere there's quite a following of people with him and as Jesus is speaking in the sincere in comes the team all the people they stop what they're doing and they're looking and they want to see what's going to happen is this Roman centurion powerful man coming to Jesus you know attack Jesus are S. G.'s what's going to happen he comes to Jesus then he Biles before Jesus insists please come help my seventy's OK I'll go it's in the Lord I'm not worthy just speak the word and after he says that Jesus is of a while and almost and he turns and he looks to the Jews and he stretched out his hand and says I tell you the truth I have not seen this kind of faith no not in Israel that's interesting there are several occasions when Jesus was amazed or astonished by somebody's face and they were non Jews this is one of them also and Jesus went up to the fire commission woman and a daughter with the NG has a right she begged Jesus to do something and Jesus ignored her and then finally said Grady's afraid that it be done in the 3rd way Jesus models now there are a few things that happen in the story that I think it's important for us to know it 1st of all number one the centurion wanted a certain thing done and he wanted Jesus to do it so he said Lord please come when Jesus said I will come do this this insurance said Speak the word only and it shall be wedded to sin Tyrian places confidence in the office already of the word across right where do we place our party in the Word of God. If God says A That's good enough for me just speak the word lord that's all I need I don't need to feel anything I don't need to experience a change of circumstances I just simply need to hear the voice I need to hear your word and that's it there is a peace that comes he's heard me that's all that's important as long as he hears me that's all I need and that's a serious a just to speak the word no that's fine let me just hear it and then I'm done that's all I mean our words can actually create different neural pathways in the mind of the one that's hearing us and in the mind of the one that speaking so words are powerful so he recognized this the centurion recognize this now put this in the context of the Gospel presentation I sometimes will even take people to the story and I say do you want God to do something for you I say have you when Jesus to do something yes or do you want to do honey to forgive me I want to heal me spiritually speaking want to change and I say do you believe is where I go to the verse and I read If we confess our sins He is faithful and just a Forgive us to cleanse us from all unrighteousness this is the works of Jesus this is Jesus said it to you so what to make a difference in Jesus in hearing person in the Senate and so what kind of a need to say what he doesn't have to be a person he said and here it is you believe that you claim that strength and I face the century of depended upon the creative power of the Word of God as you said to Healy 7 What then his faith is a simple information faith is trusting that the Word of God has creative power to accomplish whatever God saying. So what do we need as a Christian we just need the word that's of this ensuring wanted low just give me the word that's why is Adventists we emphasize the word when we say the word is so powerful it's so important because this is the voice of Jesus this is the voice of God to your soul that's all you need. You don't need some extra evidence there are other churches that set aside the word of God and they have to have some kind of an experience or America Act miraculous type of occurrence to give them say you've got to perform a miracle or be slain in the spirit of speaking in tongues to prove that you have the Holy Spirit we don't need any of that stuff we've got the word that's all that matters right all we need is the Word of God That's the power of God We can see this illustrating the miracle that Jesus deformed you know the story of Jesus in the disciples on the Sea of Galilee it is a terrible storm Jesus is asleep in the back of the boat he's been preaching teaching all day the storm comes up the disciples of fearing for their life the waves are crashing in on the boat and finally somebody realizes hey wait a minute Jesus is here maybe Jesus can help us in Peter says Lord Lord don't you care to be perishing wait she says now because there's Jesus care salute me that's waking up and so what does Jesus do he gets up and he says to the wind in the waves Peace be still and immediately there is a great calm that comes on the sea now let's just imagine that for a little differently then this boat and the waves are crashing in the winds blowing and Peter looks over and Jesus is sleeping and Peter says I don't want to wake him up looks like you need the rest but I think I know what he would do Peter stand there and hold out of the boat and he cries a lot of the Can peace peace there. What would happen the wind would probably look to the ways in paper look who's talking to us it's Peter Peter thinks he can tell us what to do we don't have to listen to Peter but when Jesus got up in the boat and Jesus said to the wind in the waves. Suddenly the wind turned to the waves and said look this is talking now. This is the creator we best do what you say. Of course the when the way the whole you get the idea right there is something very different from my work. And the word Gene. The words of Jesus have creative power my words are just my thoughts expressed so if I say I want my bible to go from there to there I can say it but nothing happens I have to make it happen right but in the case of Jesus if he wants this to go from here to there he doesn't have to do anything but simply speak the word because his word has creative power to do whatever he says and if we by faith can grab a hold of the word of Jesus Jesus says it's as good as if you have now you might not have it immediately but it's as good as if you have it you've been approved for the mortgage the money is going to be deposited in your bank it might not be there right now but it's a guarantee that you're going to get it right and you grab that promise of Jesus you might not have it right now but at the right time you will realize that it will be fulfill that faith feeling is grabbing the promise and saying right Lord you promise of with the evidence let me see it let me see it maybe I didn't do it faith is grabbing the promise and saying all right Lord you promise that you will make it a reality in your time when it's passed and then I patiently wait for God to fulfill his will of my life and I trust and trust in him I might not feel anything at the moment but I still take his word and claim it as a prop so very important. OK So the answer now how this works the question is how does the Word of God have how to accomplish whatever God says the answer of course is in Genesis chapter one Jesus is the creator we also know that God created all things through Christ in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was the former boy darkness on the face of the deep and the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters then God said Let there be light they were there for the Spirit of God was harboring over the face of the Waters comes from a Greek word that carries the idea of pent up energy as if I have a spring and I'm pressing the spring down between my hands all this pent up energy there what is the spring waiting for waiting for me to move my hand and suddenly it just springs up and so it's a creation of the earth the Holy Spirit is hovering over the face of the war to go paint up energy and what is the Holy Spirit waiting for he's waiting to hear who heard of Jesus and the minute Jesus says Let there be light poem The Holy Spirit made it so you see whatever God says the Spirit always does there is no exception there is never a case where God says something in the Holy Spirit goes I don't know that kind of hard to do you know raising Lazarus from the dead that's not easy of course not there is nothing impossible for God So when Jesus said all last rest comes forth the Spirit made it so Lazarus was resurrected so here's the point God spake there was darkness but at the moment he said Let there be light that is light where the light comes from the Spirit produces the power of the Word of God is the Spirit of God whatever God says in the spirit always does there is no exception to the rule song by the word of the law they have intimate he spoke and it was done next question is it possible for God to lie. Well no the Bible tells us God is not a man that he should lie nor the Son of man that should repent as he said and will not do when he spoke and will make it good now it's true God does not lie because he tells the truth but on the other hand it is impossible for God to lie because if he says something whatever he says it occurs so I follow this little clicker up in front of you and I say this collector is orange the internet aren't just black and it's pretty common systems aren't just orange finally going to say he must be color blind right or he's just telling a lie that's because I can say something but my words don't have power to change anything but if God would have called this clicker that was black if he called it white guess what would happen immediately it'd turn white Now this is so important to share with your friends when you're given gospel presentation look at this verse having faith is expecting the Spirit of God to always do what God says the cultivating of faith is simply taking God It is where it is trusting not in your own strength their will it is understanding that trusting completely in the company Schmidt of whatever God says he has the promise Jesus said Come now let us reason together says the Lord though your sins be asked call it they shall be as white as snow though they are red like crimson they will be as will the here is a heart's red like crimson but God says No no it's not crimson any more it's white like snow and because God says it we believe it and the Holy Spirit makes it so. That's some PL So when you talk in your Bible study context about God's forgiveness and grace they might sell I'm a great going to have you don't know what I've done you can tell it doesn't matter what you've done this is what got us a. Lot of the sins be dark he can make you as white as snow you believe the promise you claim the promise by say if you believe it the Holy Spirit will make it so God says I will give you a new heart and I will put a new spirit within you I will take out your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh who's the one doing the work God is the one right because he is the only one that has creative power Alawite says you cannot change your heart you cannot obvious out give to God at the factions but you can choose Him you can open the hearts goal he will then work within you both the will and to do according to his determination is that good news do we need victory over the common nature absolutely how do we obtain the victory by say by faith not by feeling out of time to talk about this but it is through the study of the word that we strengthen our spiritual nature and we need to remind our Bible study context this when you working with them don't set them up for failure when they receive Jesus their personal savior explain to them saying you know you'll probably notice you still have a common nature but you also now have a spiritual nature you might even feel it but if you believe the word you have aspersion our work is to starve the calm nature by feeding the spiritual nation. And the way we feed the spiritual nature is with the words you read and that's the Christ there is nothing more calculated to strengthen the intellect like the study of the Scriptures we had about that last night of that that the importance of studying the womb it does something for us we might not even feel it working but it's working right this power in the word because it's the creative Word of God God is doing something and if we would faithfully feed aspirants or make sure our common nature we get sobbed out but if we're feeding our common nature all week and we throwing a few scraps Sabbath morning to the spiritual nature which nature do you think is going to be dominant which one is going to overcome the common instead of the spiritual help you people understand put your bible study in the context of faith try and get them to direct their attention away from themselves away from their feelings people are so guided by feeling get them away from their feelings and have them take a hold of the promises of God that is their security that's going to be this such a beautiful message that God has given us to share with the world a man. Your Father in heaven we are indeed so grateful for the Gospel folks so grateful for Jesus in the work that he's doing father here grateful for your words we understand the power of you were today that creative power we want to have working out hearts and lives in a mighty way continue to be with us to camp meeting draw classes year just pray probably get up at the mine a point that we get to share it is with the engine remember this media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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