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24. Keys to Success!

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • June 22, 2018
    11:00 AM
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We're talking about keys to success number one is knowing the Lord and making sure your personal relationship with the Lord is strong number 2 is believing the message yourself and I know a lot of people and in this is the thing we talk about. It's unfortunate today that we're using terminology that sounds really good like just uplifting Christ and focus both focusing on Jesus but we're actually in many cases using it as an excuse not to know or believe administers doctrine agonist believes and I say I say doctor and doctor has become a bad word I mean there are some groups that I even say that today and some of these things and one of those doctrine is about doctrine just so you understand doctrine is a word that means what teaching OK and the gospel is a doctrine it's a doctrine you don't try it you can't talk about even talk about who Christ is is a doctrine it's teaching and so you've got to believe the message you're not going to be sharing the message I want you to notice the statement there by Ellen wife from testimonies Volume one she says I saw that the mere argument of the truth will not move souls to take a stand with the remnant or the truth is unpopular the servants of God must have the truth in the soul a few that are conscientious are ready to decide the weight of evidence but it is impossible to move many with a mere theory there must be a power to attend the truth a living testimony to move them you've got to own it you've got to you've got to be confident about it and you know if you have questions that's fine just don't put your question to the self and say I have questions about the evidence base and I'm just not going to best get it for the next 5 or 10 years I don't understand why a 7th Avenue says you know I've got questions about Ellen White Have you asked anybody know if you talk to the pastor know have you looked at the books on it no really. No I'm too busy watching Netflix I mean is that it in other words this ought to be the most important thing in our lives if I'm not certain about it I ought to get certain about it because they look let's be honest maybe I'm in the wrong church maybe this church is a delusion in the devil going to take me to hell because I'm in this church I mean for me not to know what I'm about all spiritually demands an answer and I'm going to tell you that if you do study it you'll be confident that you're in the right place that's I mean one thing I loved about being when I was an avid is Bible worker that I love that because I could answer everything from Bible I didn't have to pull out Ellen White to answer any Biblical question and I firmly believe in L. white and I use Elements writings everything else because I think that's what God give the prophets for but I don't Bel I don't need to base my faith on and so I mean you know I talked to other people never got to say well you know I know you don't find this in the Bible but you know you find in history there is this change back here and you know Sunday and they raise their resurrection and they give their reasons for it I don't have to do that I can go to Scripture for everything and that's why I'm a 7th am. Some helpful resources are listed below if you've you have questions of your own oh I got to read that other one of the bottom of the page says truth is not truth to those who do not what. Practice it truth is only truth when you live it in the daily life truth is not just cognitive truth is not a something in your head you know what the Bible talks about truth truth is something by nature that embraces you or it's really not true so if you have questions a Bible spitter prophecy reading plan a mention that a meeting this morning deception hymn book has a great one in the back book get get get confirmed in your fav 7 devils Bible commentaries a great commentary if you've got questions on certain passages to look them up the discipleship Ham book is a great resource on giving the reasons from the Bible why we believe what we believe and then there's an old book called Answers to objections by Francis nickel Now if the Mitnick all you can I say they've republished it but it's like it's an outrageous price so you can also get it as a P.D.F. online for free you just search interest objections by France of the nickel or of the nickel but it's a great resource as well OK next page number 3 be genuine loving and earnest. Sometimes there's you know it's it's it's sad that the people who are in bracing the truth should be the most Christ like people in the world and that should go without saying you know the fact of the matter is I can't point any fingers here but that because there's been times when I have acted like I have to in retrospect say you know I've got this theory of the truth but if I'm unkind it's only a theory and it's very important that you know that is something sometimes we get to defending something that's true and rightfully so we know it's true it's biblically true could be the Sabbath it could be something else it's a biblical teaching in we're passionate about it and we should be but don't let your passion be unkind. And I think there are times that that most of us do that and some of us don't some of you are so meek and gentle. That I don't know that you would ever offend in that way but then maybe your problem is being bold and you need to be bold but I think for many of us we have times of maybe pushing it the wrong way don't stop sharing the truth I'm going to tell you that I've had people say you know I just don't want to say anymore because I went some time ago and I just said the wrong thing and I just realize I'm not good at that not not going to do it again who is behind you saying the wrong thing why do you think he made you said wrong. So guess who just one devil did so I could tell people when they don't come to church because all hypocrites they don't come to church because somebody hurt me this is somebody hurt me and I'm just not going back to that church let me ask you a question Who do you think worked behind that person to get into her it did why do you think you did it keep you out of church what are you doing stand out a church put that put that together you want to let him win on this one you know he's going to have people that but we don't want to be those people who want to be loving and earnest in our contact with people we want to you know that the quote is here about how Christ never needlessly spoke a severe word but he spoke everything in love tears were in his voice and I'm not going to read the whole statement we just need to make sure that we have the Spirit of Christ we were sharing the truth that's going to be that's going to make a difference I mean people need to know that we care about them we can disagree with them and they may not be happy about that but it goes a long way to know that the person that disagrees in fact I was studying with a lady. However forget she asked this question if she had been to some meetings before here and there had to do a whole series and I was sitting with her husband and it came down to one thing where she said you know she was convicted about the Sabbath but she was totally like you guys are way off on the state of the dead thing I just know you're off on that. And so she's like I just I can't join your church and I would tell her her name is Sally I said Sally you don't you don't have to join my shit because she was convicted convicted on the Sabbath like I said I say you don't have to join my church to keep the Sabbath I said if I were you and I were in your shoes looking out of the joint of 7th Heaven to church but if I were you I'd be keeping the Sabbath somewhere because you know that's God's word. But anyway she asked me this question she said so let's just say I never join you church I'm just not going to join a church so are we going to be friends anymore and this was after some time when I had visited a few times and been by the House and and it just really hit me when she asked that like she wanted to know you know her mindset was assume if they find out I'm not going to be a part of the church they're on they're out of here I'm not interested in more whatever else and I didn't know how to answer that right away I'll be honest with you so if I don't join because I'm thinking you need to keep God convicting you to keep the Sabbath I don't want to just say hey look no big deal it is a big deal but I don't want to say no I'm not going to be a friend and I prayed about it I'm like Lord you know help me to know what to say here and that's what I told her I said Listen Sally I what I'm telling you I believe with all my heart I think this is life or death through I really do I said Now I know that you may not see it that way and listen you have to make your decisions like I do what I'm telling you I'm telling you because it's important but whatever you decide you're always going to be my friend and I think that went a long way and we're friends to this day and she still must have the evidence now I'm still praying for pray for us Dave and Sally because I want to see Dave and Sally make some decisions but they're still good friends and every time I go by I mean we straight up like I haven't seen you know I went by recently and anyway they're great couple but that you've got to know you care about them that's the point and that will go a long way now number 4 be intentional and direct. It thinking about my time and I'm thinking about how how I want to communicate it to me this is one of the most essential points in fact if you look at a statement yeah I can't believe that I left out one of my favorite statements and this is what it says I'm going to I'm going to paraphrase it to you because I don't have it here and it really needs to be here. Ellen Weiss says the secret of our success as a people advocating advanced truth is making direct personal appeals to those who are interested direct personal appeals I think this is the one of the biggest hindrances of our members is there they don't know how or they're afraid to be direct people you know you're bridging you're building friendships you're trying to find an avenue to begin studying together that's all good but when you begin studying with people you're going to come to a crossroads where you're going to have to be direct and the challenge there is you know it as well as I know it that when you're direct you might just lose the friendship that you have spent so much time building the problem is this you'll never game the soul you're not willing to lose it's not going to happen you're going to you know Jesus was direct with the woman at the well Jesus was direct with the rich young ruler he lost the rick Jesus himself lost the rich young ruler because he was direct but he had to be direct with him. I've got a friend of mine who's studying with a classmate in college the classmate is not a 7th Day Adventist So they've been doing Bible studies this person is studying and they go over the Sabbath in the class and said all this awesome is so clear why haven't I seen this before you know goes home talk to some people comes back and like yeah you know I just I don't think it's important that we do that right and you may have had those experiences talks about the state of the debt all worried she calls me she text me and she's like I'm doing the study to say that then she friend a pastor Hinkle's detect and texting him as well we're giving her coaching and I'm going to stay the dead and how it's going to go tech Severus as it went back fabulous she like I've always had questions about that what you presented makes so much sense and she goes to talk to some other people all comes back and says you know what now the last was after the State of the dead I mean right after the study this is great it's crystal clear. Went home to visit her parents and maybe that was it I don't know what the factor is gets a message back and says yeah you know I'm just thinking maybe we should be studying this together you know I mean you have your beliefs and I have my beliefs and and and she's like What do I do and I said if it were me I would have face to face and say listen why are you a Christian anyway are you a Christian because you want to follow what God says or you just want to follow what your church has always taught I'm a 7th Day Adventist or I'm a Christian I would ever I'd say not because of what people believe it's because what I believe the Bible teaches now what I share with you I think is what the Bible teaches if you have a different understanding of that I'd love for you to show me Biblically where maybe what I'm saying is wrong is I don't want to be deceived this is this is what the Jews did. With Christ and in any way I mean I would be a heart to heart with this what I want means by direct personal peels and I'm told people before I mean I can do this better with a parent because of the parent I could say just pretend it's your own child and this is the last opportunity you have no parents I have to say last opportunity because as parents a lot of times maybe we don't see it we should of course as parents sometimes the things we've times we've said things we shouldn't and so you know I don't want to mess it all up but if you the reason I say that is if you knew it was your last opportunity ever because of the love you have for your child even it was uncomfortable there are things you would say that's the kind of love that you have to have for souls and that kind of love in your heart the love of God that he puts in your heart will lead you to make those an element says that much will lead you to make those direct personal peals you're going to have times when you're going to have to just be direct with people and ask them like you mean. Sometimes we're just so we're read about being proper about things and then afterwards we leave the situation we say well I don't know why they're doing this and I don't know why they're doing that I can't believe that well why did you ask when you were there well I don't want to offend them now I don't I'm not saying to be offensive to people but you know we work Bible study offer and I've had church members go out and follow up now like I went to the door I have an interest card and you know they've signed up but they're just like you know I don't know I don't have time for this right and. Or they'd be it worse yeah I mean I think in cases like that I mean will you have to lose to be a little bit more pushy and when I say a little more pushy I'm not talking about be rating them but encourage them I had a Church member of mine in when I was in Hastings Joyce you know joyous couple iska and they had moved out of state now but Joyce she would she would go to the door and this she do on her own with the story she would take the the stork Bible study lessons. And she would people would when they put mailed in for we did these mail outs and that's was that we were using his church so she'd take these out of the House and the person would say oh I thought I was going to get those in the mail you know have that response and here's what Joyce would do she take a D.V.D. with her and she say well I get sent to you in the in the mail if you'd like but if I do that I can leave you with this great D.V.D. that goes around explains the whole thing. And I mean I want to tell you that woman she got into more homes and this is the funny thing she never gave a Bible study technically and what I mean by that is was oh I can't have a Bible study but when she would go back to the house to drop off Lesson 2 and LESSON 3 and she'd say would you think of that D.V.D. Well what about this part here what do you think about this and she basically give them a Bible study on the porch and when a person a question she didn't answer and I mean she was baptized in people and bringing them him but she was willing to be direct with people she wasn't pushy the way some people might say pushy maybe she was a little pushy but just not enough and I'm not again talking about a rude an offensive way but being direct with people you've got to be willing to lose the interest if you're going to gain interest they're going to be times when you know and I'll guarantee that some of you in this room of in that place you're just like Oh man maybe I should but if I do that they're going to and the reason you're even thinking maybe I should is because the Spirit God is trying to prompt you and you're like no I don't do this because I don't want to lose risk losing this interest and so what you're doing in essence is you're saving yourself an earthly friend instead of giving them the opportunity of heaven that's a reality Jesus was willing to lose people here if he could gain in there even with the tragedy that's why it's you know we talk about this with God the tragedy we see in the world why does God allow it God is willing to let some of the worst things happen here if he can get him in eternity. Because that's going to be infinitely better so there's a level of that in so many where we've just got to be able to be intentional and direct with people just be honest with them and speak to them heart to heart and soul to soul that isn't going to happen in every conversation you have but there are contacts in the course your study where they're at a crossroads and you see if you present something and they're hedging on it and you're going to be direct with them and say you might even share with them listen I remember right when I was in your spot where I remember what your struggle and I know what you're struggling with and I remember when I was going through that let me tell you and I'm I just I'm appealing personally and experience fully but that you know that's that's where the decisions are made and that really is where they see your care for the soul you're kind of stepping out of the box a little bit and just being straightforward with them and you're going to have people that will say yeah well I'm not interested in you Mike Connelly have to say well I understand that and you know look I'm going to leave my information and you know if you decide you want to pick up the studies again you know give me call me glad to do it and you might leave it there and I've had that happen before and I've had people who after some time realize that that was the truth I've had people study in there like non don't want to keep Sabbath and that's their hurdle and so they go over this church and that church and lo and behold they can't find satisfaction anywhere in the comeback after some period of time Sam just tired of it everywhere I go they just preach fluff in fact we got a lady right here came to the series this last fall and. She was convicted on the Sabbath she'd gone around to different churches and recently she came back and she don't want to remember she's like I just get tired of all the fluff everywhere so look the Lord is working on people now I gotta run through this quickly the next one work with a ripe interest what that simply means is you know Jesus said The harvest is plentiful in the labors if you pray the Lord of the harvest that he sent laborers into the harvest what kind of labors do you need in the harvest field. Harvesters right if you got a house you've got some dry work that needs done you have a plumber that shows up guess what wrong answer say I need a contractor this in a plumber No no no no they're wrong when I need a contrary do you send a lecture NO NO NO NO NO I need somebody who knows drywall right but Lord these people who know how to harvest and harvesting part of harvesting is that direct personal appeal of telling about a part of harvesting is knowing that people are different places and here's what I mean by that some people are not what we call ripe interests and what that means is I've touched on earlier today there are people who they want companionship but they're not ready to make a spiritual decision and you've got to know the difference and you can be going in having a Bible study with somebody in or just like I don't know it's not going anywhere I've had church members do this in fact unfortunately I have to say that I've had pastors who give their church members the least interested people like oh you want to do a Bible study here I've got one for you because the pastor wants to do the interesting one and he gives you the and then you're just like I've had members tell me that the former pastor has done that with them and they didn't know about I noticed it when they described it to me like it just didn't work out for me I don't think I'm good at what you don't think you're good at because you're trying to study with somebody is not interested I mean a person may have you over make you cookies and sit down and go over the lesson but that doesn't mean they're interested and they make excuses and they can't meet next week and they can't meet the week after and then a monthly you're meeting again and it's off again the kids are sick and all the dogs and I got a soccer game and you've got to be able to recognize that there are people that aren't interested in what happens is we feel guilty if we say well but I can't say that I can't not go there because I don't want to say that they're a loser or they're lost you're not saying that you're simply saying they're not interested yet the Lord is always working to take people who aren't interested today make him interested tomorrow the circumstances of life and everything and so that's what I mean by ripe fruit you know and I've used a stray Sion. I'll tell it look it's obvious when a person is missing the studies all the time will say listen I've noticed it's kind of hard for you with the schedule to study maybe we ought to maybe I can leave you with the book and in check back with you in a couple months to see if your schedule frees up you know I mean you want to keep the contact but the reality is most of us don't have time to go to every certain place we have a time for maybe one in home study or 2 and so you want to focus that time and so I've given the illustration of trees if you have to orange trees is one here and one here and this orange tree has these orange on it there's a green orange you're looking at you really ion it you want that green or it was not ready yet obviously there's one over here has all kinds of orange oranges but you really don't want those you want that green orange you've got your eye on that green orange you're focusing on that all the while you're focusing on that what's happening over here they're over ripening in the rotting right you're missing out on a harvest you could have Meanwhile the orange over here well it's going to get orange sooner or later you can pick that orange but it won't cost now what's going to hurt if I go over here and I leave that orange and I pick some over here and I come back and I check and I say hey it's coming along but not yet and I come back here to get some more I'm going to harvest something and I may harvest this one too. So there Pete you know you're not just turning your back on somebody forever by saying you know we're going to postpone this and if they're not interested they're not interested and you can interest in the Spirit of God interest them so you do what you can you leave the connection there but the Lord has somewhere else for you to work on the devil's going to distract you with ripe fruit an ripe fruit and in that distraction not only are you losing out on the other ripens here you're going to get discouraged out of doing anything for the Lord because you're going to be like it nothing ever works or course it doesn't work you're not working with right for I'll tell you that is a huge issue so you really want to realize he you know it's hard to figure how interested if a person's always canceling on you and they're not applying you're studying things not putting anything into practice you know they're not right through and you just want to find a way to maybe postpone Like I said even with the book and you can even tell him you know my schedule I got you know my skills got him busy busy because you're going and studying on going at other Bible study whatever it is and just you know postpone it and say you check back with him and do check back with him and it could be over time the board will will bless with that. And I'm all I'm already at my time limit but I've got 3 things I'm going to applying the truth to the heart I kind of talked about that a little bit you can read it I want to 0 in the last 2 quickly don't consult your feelings ecclesiastics 11 is where the Bible says that. He regards the wind will not so and he regards the clouds will not read you remember that verse OK In other words when we look at circumstances we are a poor judge of circumstances I just want to tell you that this is a huge problem for people success you see things oftentimes you say that it's not working now this you know. You can be Bible studying with people and of course you've got the right be interest factor that's in there as well but a lot of times we go by feelings on things and feelings aren't the way to determine anything when you're working for the Lord the Bible says in the in the morning so the seed and in the evening do not withhold your hand because you don't know which Going to which is going to prosper this or that or whether both alike will be good and so so the seed go out and do it and trust of the Lord is going to make it work don't allow yourself to get discouraged is what I would say because when you allow yourself to get discouraged that's the only success the devil can have over and get you out of it is longer here saying Lord here I am send me he's going to use you and he's going to win souls for you period the only way he can't do that is for you to give up on the devil knows it so you need to know it don't consult your feelings trust the Lord and finally don't be afraid to try a god can't less attractive one hand out the conversation you're free to have the Bible study and give God can't bless that you've got to do something and God will take what you give and he will multiply it you work on the plan of addition as OH MY says God works on the plan of multiplication and God has promised you success and I have some statements here I shared. Some of these before the very bottom of the page the 1st one says if you fail 99 times in 100 but succeed in saving the one soul from you and you've done a what noble deed for the Master's cause cries object lesson 3631 of my favorites is when we give ourselves wholly to God in our work follow his directions he was he makes himself responsible for its accomplishment he would not have us conjecture as to the success of our honest endeavors not one should we even think of value or cooperate with one who knows no failures. And finally. That last one I just read that last one to you about being pressed into power as instruments of divine service and I quoted someone $26.00 which I share the last thing as well that the Lord says that there will be a harvest and those of those who so in tears shall reap in joy and we'll be bringing in the sheaves bringing the shores she has we shall come rejoicing bringing in the sheaves and God has she for you to bring in if you will just say Lord just take what I have I know it may not be a lie and use me amen Let's pray together father heaven we just are so thankful that we have the ability to be pressed into service as instruments of divine power oh Lord we thank you for calling us to labor with Christ is where his yoke to bear his yoke and learn of Him I ask now Lord that you will go with us to the remainder of this afternoon and evening and follow me hearts be drawn closer to you may be stirred with the Spirit of Service me will be. More competent in the truth that you have given to us we share it with power we ask in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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