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26. Fishnet Demonstration

Marshall McKenzie




  • June 23, 2018
    3:00 PM
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So any any smartphone device whether it's a and when I say android I'm talking like Samsung L.G. all of those different and then you have Apple So those are your 2 main devices everybody pretty much knows that there it is right there he actually brought up the app dot fishnet OK that's the app it's a free app you just go to the App Store and you just put it on there that's that's the application these interests are put into OK again from there I'm just going through this kind of quickly the 1st thing is getting the app the thing is what you're going to tell the app is what your name is and what church you go to because the information that you'll see is you'll see when you open it up you'll see your name and you'll see the church that you go to OK and that church that you put in has an address and then all those interest once we put them in what you'll see I'm around your church like for instance I just somebody asked me yesterday from Arkansas said hey can you tell me how many interest like a 50 mile radius around our church there is 44 so I got the information from the office and gave a number so if I put that in the app he would see 44 flags OK where people have actually like I have interest right here there's an interest about 2 miles down the road 2 years ago finished all a lesson There's actually several in this area there's about 15 or 20 that are that are close within 510 miles of that right where we're sitting OK. So what this what I like about this one of the things is you see what's going on even though you can't see do you understand I'm saying it's like the Lord's just pulling back the curtain and saying By the way these people are interested they're studying OK And so now when you get this and you have these interests OK you can see it as a contact list like this. Or you'll be able to see it OK like this so this is like the 1st view and it has like a menu where you click on and it has a drop down and you can see profile you can see messages you can see training so there are some things on a dropdown list you'll see them as maps then you'll see that as a contact list or you can have a contactless view now the thing is once you click on a full AG it will automatically turn into the fish net flag it'll turn green with a fishnet it'll look like the app that interest then becomes your interest nobody else can click on that way so that means once you've clicked on it it's your responsibility to follow that. Nobody else can click on now if you say return to Q There's a button where it says Return to Q. you can put it back in the queue and somebody else can take it or your pastor will have the ability to transfer and you can transfer an interest from say you leave and you move and you go somewhere else OK then you trade he can actually transfer that to somebody else within the church OK they will you can call fish net Doug and Mike they're 7 they have a nice guy there just you can just call them on the phone and they'll work with you they've been so good they want the pastor to work with if you don't have a pastor you have the comp that's why they want to communicate with the conference OK. So that so that way we can do this and get everybody moving forward because that makes sense so you don't have to worry if you don't have a pass or just start there my next step is to get emails from this gentleman all of the leaders we get them in the system and then everything will just flow from there. So let me give you some basic on the what you're going to see when you have it OK. So what what they've done is so you can see the contact list they have flag colors so these flag colors the flags represent the interests OK and the flag color changes based on the newness of the interest so if the interest is under 30 days you'll have you'll have this right here OK and it will start changing of Eventually they also have You'll notice this change made over foreign language so that way you know oh this interest as it's changing this interest is different language so they're trying to make it so that you can celebrate today a different language you can tell as well as how all that interest is I've got a couple flags right now there's one in Lansing that's showing up that's actually like bluish color it's about 30 days old which is new where it came through and so they've requested Bible studies from amazing facts and so so we're already starting to work with them OK so this just gives you flag colors and the post is dealing with language OK so every interest is a flag is now remember I told you you'll see it go to 30 and if you click on it if it'll go this will actually turn to the aft collar that's when it turns to the aft color like this that somebody is following that so you can click on that OK that becomes your interest. Now from there these are the contact details so when you click on a flag then this contact detail will come up and what you'll see is all the information that ministry has given regarding that interest now if it's like it is written I don't know what kind of information you're going to get from our Bible school I'll tell you what amazing facts gives you as you will actually see the number the e-mail address and by the way we don't want you calling people this is about for amazing facts you're going to the door so don't think I'm going to call this person and see if they're home don't do that OK that's what our Bible school will do but what you're going to need to do is go to the door OK but you will see this information and then underneath when you click follow up that becomes your interest and then you will see like remove from Pew or you will say like you know there's another button where and I have it on my thing where you can actually say this is no longer they don't want to be contacted anymore they don't want to be talked to anymore not even from amazing fact there's no religious interest you can actually take them out of the cycle so their flag would actually disappear before you do that you probably want to talk to your pastor a leader in the church. But all you want to do is click follow up or return to Cuba if you're done following up that interest the note on the bottom is where you type in your visits now what we're doing with this net and amazing facts is when we send soon as you click follow up we will get a notification and we'll know who is following it up and the purpose of that is because if you go to somebody and they call us we can confirm that you are a representative OK so so and you also want to type in the notes. When you type in the note it's after of course you leave the door you're in your car you're driving away take not for a moment you type in the notes have visited them I'll get into will our interest in our level of interest in just a minute but you type in the notes all of this is real time so all your notes will be updated every time you open that interest you will see all of those notes your pastor will see all of those notes OK We had amazing facts we'll see all of those new Ok so this is the cooperation that I really appreciate what fish net is doing because they're really working on just bringing everything together so that everybody supporting everybody in this is what I say this is how the church should function OK as we're working together so this is contact details and if you go online I'll tell you right now if you go to fish net if you have a pen and paper you can see this stuff on your computer the app doesn't function but all this information is on your computer through a U.R.L. So it's fish net dot on line Christian services dot org OK so you've got fish net dot on line Christian services dot org Is that very last word of there is and then it's forward slash manual though it's fish net dot on line Christian services dot org or word lash manual and you can get all of this information you can kind of read up on. The other one I put it up here is I'll give you all of these U.R.L. so you can see it OK the next U R L. Is fishing that it's the same fish not on line Christian services not or what you'll go forward slash can vent Yes No this is separate the one U.R.L. is taking you to the 1st picture I showed you where to have all that information the 2nd one is fish net dot on line Christian services dot org Say forward slash canvas then it's forward slash again canvas. Forward slash Khamis forward slash canvas dash and avi. And there's a need for navigate so you've got canvas OK just to let you know when you do get certified this is what will show up soon as you log on OK under your profile where you have your name and your church underneath that it will show the look this logo when you have this logo it's a certificate they call it once you have this logo you will have access to the amazing fact interests OK. So I'm going to talk to you about the canvases in just a minute. Anyway in those are the. OK So this is where you can get the information here is the contact details on think you can actually do this with so these are the buttons that you would be returned to Q continue to follow up and then recommend for removal. OK you're not removing them but you're recommending now the pastor or our institution can actually remove them from the file OK those are the 3 you'll always see when you click follow up of an interest these are the these are the options that you have the other option is for the pastor and that's transfer so he will have actually a transfer button OK so it shows you to continue to follow up OK like here receiving Bible studies joined group joined administers so you can actually clarify how you're following them up like for instance Dan CERN's he's evangelism coordinator for the Texas conference he found out once he had the app he asked for some amazing facts interests and we put them in a mile from his house as he would walk there was an interest who had graduated and finished all 27 lets He didn't even know it and he walked by this guy's house every day so he got the idea hey so he walked up to the door and said I am the new local representative for amazing facts and the guys like really and they started a conversation and now the guy is studying in his small group every week just a mile down the road from where he lives and so now they're continuing to study so that's literally how easy it is because there's already common ground OK you don't have to make it up or try to manufacture it you already have it so it was exciting as he's telling this story and then you have recommend to remove so they go through each of these areas if you just go to that U.R.L. you can read through this and actually learn how to use the app I'm going to switch into kind of more of the training. OK so if you just go to this U.R.L. they have adding members they have a lot of stuff in there about the app so you can actually read it on your own computer and go through I'm going to shift gears now. To something else OK All right so I want to give you a little bit of information about the Bible School OK And about the interest and how to follow them up that's why we had by the way that's why we had the canvases OK if you look here if I can go back to OK right here are our canvases Now what we've done is we've actually taken OK how did 2 approach like for instance we have we have how to contact new interests and how to reengage delayed interests and I'll talk about both of those OK you've got a new interest you have delayed interests OK so what we did was we actually put the canvas online so all the information and how to approach that person is right there this will actually show up on your phone it'll show up on your i Pad when you just click the menu you can click canvas and it will give you this information now we're we're trying to make them better OK we're trying to make them better but nonetheless the focus is what's in these squares this is additional information that you would want to be aware of what's in the squares is kind of you know I've ordered for so long campuses are so helpful OK I'll explain why in just a minute but it needs parts here that are in the squares that you want to really try to get to know so you know how to approach this interest. OK. You see this purple button up here this is what you will see in the app OK And what that does is when you click on that let's see if it will work here it will take you back to the home screen OK so by clicking on that button I go back to the home screen so if I click an interest and I'll describe the interest to you just a minute based on what interest I'm following up is what canvas I will use. Now I'm going to add another one here in about another week when I get back on how to what are some ways you can follow up on people who graduated there like done with all the lessons but they don't have anything else to do what are how can I follow up with that person OK And so we'll put a 3rd one in there once we have this finalized OK in these we don't just give out to anybody again as they go through this training as are aware of how to follow up how to work with a Bible school that's when you have access to this and the interest so that all makes sense OK So these are the canvases the purpose for the canvas is to give you you know I always say to students who are canvassing you know the canvas is like a diving board it just kind of gets you out OK gives you some idea what to say and how to approach the person and these canvases I've talked to are Bible school so as I talk to them about how they're working with that interest I develop the canvas so that you can kind of in one situation you may need to just walk next to them and let them know you're in the area as a local representative that's willing to answer any other questions you're not you're not interrupting the Bible School process you don't want to go on the representative and now it's going to be personal battles that they're going to be like wait a 2nd I thought I was signing up for correspondence we don't want you changing those interest but we want people to know those local representation. OK that's there to help you OK at that point you might be able to give them a card OK like Marcus say you can give them a card it's OK to make up a card if you want what I have recommended as a people every time you know amazing facts is known for giving free material we give a lot of free material so I put in here you'll notice free gift options OK and we can say that you can give anything you want the only problem is is that if you give something our Bible School doesn't know you're giving then if they they can ask you Did you receive your free gift and they can say did you receive your final events or did you receive the day have you fallen saying we're all on the same page so we're encouraging people if if you're using canvas number one here's option number one for you for that canvas if you're using canvas number to give them this it's important to give a free gift when you leave the door whether you're going to continue the Bible study because it's a delayed interest and you're now getting them back in the bible studies or if you're there just to walk alongside them you're introducing yourself as a representative for amazing fact and then you say and by the way we're just here to you asking them a few questions that they receive from amazing facts or they've asked for it that are and then you're turning around and saying and by the way here's your free gift from Amazing back OK now we don't give those all out for FREE sorry we can't take all the orders and give all the church you'll have to purchase the product but we're trying to make the connection so at the store at the bible school they can say yeah that is a representative by the way did you get your free gift and all of a sudden there's a contact now and your supported in the field as following up that interest so from that's why let me I'm going to switch screens OK and I'm going to go to. I'm going to quickly go to our interests here and that's what we did in Texas OK So these are kind of the level of interest that you're dealing with with amazing facts interest you have a new interest a continued interest in all interest and a graduate interest OK these are the 4 levels of interest that you're going to find OK when we're dealing with an amazing facts interest a new interest as somebody who's just reach out to amazing facts Bible school because you see it there it's like the flag remember the color of the flag and it says day one and you look at it says oh wow they just got the lesson so then you know if I'm going to go visit this person and I just got the lesson I'm going to use canvas number one I'm going to take free gift number one and I know exactly what I'm going to ask and when I go to the door how I'm going to introduce myself you're always going to introduce yourself as the local representative for amazing facts or you can say I've just recently become the local representative for amazing fact OK And so you can introduce yourself that way if you want to make a card like Virenque or but he's the pastor of the Richardson Texas church and he was an evangelist for amazing facts for 8 years and he made up cards that said amazing fact it was written and project stuff surprised all on one OK and then he had a blank space for the representative name and then their ID number OK Our phone number so he did that I've asked our marketing department if they could make up some cards for the representatives and were because I took his example back and said maybe we can do this for amazing fact the thing I say is you can at least art by letting people know on the back of the pocket book that you're going to hand them with the magazine. You just put a label on the back with your name your email address and phone number and say listen if you have any questions that you're going through the Bible School and you're doing these lessons if you have any other questions feel free to give me a call or feel free to e-mail me I'm just I'm here to serve OK but remember since that interest is yours as we give them lessons you will always see that and they have you always see those notes updated so you'll be like you'll be looking at your app going wow they're at Lesson Number 6 you know and you can you can go back how are you enjoying the lessons etc etc and you can do a revisit a little bit later these are for people that are new interests and continuing interests that we're continuing to work with now I want to share with you what we do at the bible school normally when someone calls into the bible school we send the very 1st lesson OK we send the very 1st lesson and we send that with a letter I don't have a letter here normally I share that but we have the letter OK And we have the very 1st lesson so you're asking them if they receive their 1st lesson after that they send that lesson back to us if they're still doing it they send the lesson back to us and then we send them the next 4 or 5 at one time OK And then after they finish those they and they encourage them to send them all back together so they would have to finish 4 or 5 lessons and then they send those 4 or 5 back and then we send them another 4 or 5 lessons OK and you will see this information within the app within the notes we're trying to automate the process so that as the information is put in it goes to that your interest within the file now what happens is that if we don't hear from them in 6 months. We send them what we call a last letter now I've asked Eric to put that in the notes so you can see if they've received a lapse letter or not what happens if we don't hear them for them for 6 months we were send them a lapsed letter but if we don't receive the Lapps letter back with any writing on it we don't follow up anymore now what happens is a some people we have called and they said oh I lost those lessons could you recent them to me and we'll rescind the lessons OK. And so what if we have a local representatives who are keeping track then you may be able to take that interest that wanted correspondence you may be able to turn that into a personal Bible study because so much time has passed that's when you give them the option if they want to continue with the correspondence or if they want to have in home Bible study where you'll bring the lessons and you'll start the process as the representative for amazing fact if they say no I still want to in the mail I'm sorry I lost them whatever so not a problem you can type that in the know will get that and we can send them the new less This is how we're working together so do you understand how that works OK So what we have is the lapse letter so you'll see of eventually in that note you'll see that lapse letter that comes through OK in the note and you'll know it's been in according to the time it should so it's been 6 months OK so then at that point you're going to use you're going to switch to more of this kind of alder interest canvas which is kind of the 2nd camera because I'm approaching them differently that's why I'm talking to the bible school to understand their process so that I write the canvas so that you know how to follow them up does that make sense. OK So we have new interest continued interest those are more canvas number one when we get to all interesting graduate interest this will be a separate campus I'm not quite there yet but this is campus number 2 when you get to an all interest that's where you can actually asked to turn that into a personal Bible study and some of these interests are older there is no doubt about it so you may end up using campus number 2 and turning that into a Bible study enters a personal Bible study interest or remember and don't switch the bible studies Evans' an amazing facts interest they're already used to receiving amazing facts studies don't go with it is written studies sorry to say that but it just it makes it's like OK you're saying you're an amazing fact representative but now we're using something totally different OK we're giving you these interests and hope that you will carry them on if need be and make that because we have so many interests that that's why after 6 months it's hard to keep up because we just don't have time with all the prison we have correspondents and then we have Bible school like 2 sections and they're dealing with I think I don't know 68000 or something like that or even more than a tentative it's somewhere up in that number so and we keep getting more so the thing is it's hard so that's why this important now the thing is is that we don't. We haven't even entered our many media interests you have OK to give you an idea I think it was like 2 years ago we had about 45000000 people who amazing fact so we haven't even added our media interests but these are just Bible school interests we're starting with to get this worked out and then eventually we'll have a canvas for media interests and and so that you're educated in how to follow up a media interest centered a delayed interest the reason is they still may be somewhat interested but they haven't continued with the correspondence studies but they've maybe received the 1st 4 or 5 they never sent them back they received the Lapps letter they never sent that back to us but the film of you with amazing facts they did have an interest in amazing facts and at that point you're asking them where their interest is how they've enjoyed the lessons so far and then at that point you're saying to them in the canvas remember I can't overemphasize this enough stick with the canvas when you're 1st starting don't take the canvas and say I'll just do my own thing. Because that canvas is specified to how our Bible school is working with these people if you start going rogue Now don't get me wrong you may change it slightly I understand that but there are key elements within that canvas and I'm running out of time normally I would go through the canvas with you we look at some of those elements but I'm trusting this group to stick with that canvas and hopefully will be able to do some more training in the future here in Michigan so that you can get them bulk of it but the thing is we want to at least get just started OK and this information is not for anybody else OK I'm giving the information to you it stays here until we can kind of do a little bit more and add more people OK And that's why I'll have a list of the names from all of you here and if I see names that aren't in there most likely is not going to happen for them until the process is worked out you know if you announce yourself as the local representative for amazing facts and they have amazing facts lessons they may ask you if they're later down in the lessons using they're not probably going to ask you right off they're associated you with amazing facts OK granted if you were there and you weren't supported by anybody or you didn't have anything around you then I may ask you all those questions but Doug is not afraid this most people know what Pastor you know and what amazing fact is so that's why I said there is comment there some common ground there if they ask you answer don't don't have a problem saying that and by that time at the end of the lessons they may already understand that they may understand the Sabbath but the thing is before you just jump right in and remember we're talking about questions and listening and see where they're at invite them to a small group start a small group and bring them to your small group and then introduce them to your church. Here's the thing I can give you the next part in the next part of the next part but let's follow up what we have 1st let's be successful there and when we're successful there we can take the next step I just like yeah like I just I just talked about nurturing and discipleship how many of you right now are disciple and one person to take your place you have to take your place all the hands drop your disciple in for them to take your place because God wants you to plant another church you know I said to a church one time I said how how many of you think you can reach what's your population and they said to me our population is 10000 we're in Montana and I said how much of that can you reach and they said that church about a 100 people they said we can reach about how we can reach all of them I said OK and then my wife said Marshall describe for them what you mean by Reach I said OK let me spell out for you what I mean by reach and when I spelled it out like I'm just telling you they said maybe one percent because we're talking about discipleship and investing in the lives of people how many people do you have time to invest in to make sure they take your place that's reaching people OK right so so the thing is is let's let's take what we're learning let's apply it hey maybe you know what this is why I love the church you can start disciple and somebody in the church already and it's just preparing you to disciple these people but how can you disciple these people if you can't disciple to people within your own congregation you fall so I can throw out a lot of information to you and then you're going to be like where do I start start at home you know it's interesting in relationship to past or a we're She says the very 1st we're going to Pastor any answers as to her just a train of church members that's his very 1st work. OK And then from there it moves on same with you go back home and start the cycling but as you do start this process but again I say stick to the canvasses and again you can call us you can ask us any questions feel free to give me a call OK I will do my best OK 2 to help and of hopefully Mark we can get some you know pastors trained here in this process so that they can aid you in your local church to be able to do this as you go out and represent amazing facts that make sense but who lose stick to those canvasses as we went through I'm OK And and then we'll go from there I want to make sure I'm ending because Pastor Doug just walked in. And so you want to make sure you go to buy 2 The other thing is as you know and it's nice to have your you know men if you're married to have your wise of you and kind of balance things out a little bit it's very rare you want 2 men really to go to a door we've had some issues where people have called us on those types of situations we don't want that to happen you know so it's important to go 2 by 2 but be conscious and one's talking the other one's praying as you're doing that and you're following through you know what the campus is that we give you so those are some important things yes so I would partner up with somebody that actually has something like that to answer your question or you can work with somebody they can give you the details and you can go and follow them does that make sense then you want to write some notes though because those notes need who leans you use the no function in the notes don't walk away and not give an account for what just took place there we need that information just as much as you need that information as we're working with you so please take notes. And use that note function OK. We're going to have to close I wish I had more time with you really do but. At least we're getting it started OK and then I'm sure the conference will work if you're a little bit more I hope in the work of the conference in the near future on some of the things so that that we can work together to reach these people work right. Or I have have or perhaps Father in heaven we thank you so much for your many bless the Lord for the tool you put right in front of us for the people that are studying searching seeking for truth for security for stability for for something different in this world. War They are seeking for heaven they want to new home and more we thank you that you offer that to us you said Let not your heart be troubled believe in God believe also knew my Father's house are many mansions were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go to prepare a place for you I will come again and Lord that is our great hope and we long for that day when you will come again in the crowd the roar of home Lord Jesus thank you so much for your many blessings even in. This media was brought to you by audiobooks a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W dot audio person dot org.


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