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27. Caveman Theology

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • June 23, 2018
    6:00 PM
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Loving more and we thank you for life and we thank you for the knowledge of the truth that gives us purpose and that we have the privilege of sharing life through your word be with us as we once again director attention to your holy book and to be with me as I share pray that the things that we learn will help us be better witnesses we ask in Jesus' name and. School having my voice. I really I don't want to teach right now I want to say. But that would bring a bring the class to acquit him. The presentation I want to do with you right now up it can be found in the book that I think they've got over at the A.B.C. I'm just telling you that because I can't do it all in one program it's all caveman theology it is and kids go gee it's actually I take the conversion experience of Isaiah that you find in Isaiah Chapter 6 we're going to look at that real quick and I make the point that that reviews the steps of salvation so if you have your Bibles we're going to go there and read it quickly Isaiah Chapter 6 and I'm not I were reading through one through 9 A Not having to read all the way through verse 91 through 9 halfway through verse 9 and bear with me as I read Isaiah 6 verse one in the year the King died I saw all the Lord sitting on a throne and lifted up and the train of his robe filled the temple above it said Sara full each one had 6 wings with 2 he covered his face with 2 he covered his feet and with 2 We flew and one cried to another and he said holy holy holy is the LORD of hosts the whole earth is full of His glory and the posts of the door were shaken by the voice of him who cried out and the house was filled with smoke so 1st describes what he saw. You know what he said verse 5. I said what was me Priam under UN because I am a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips for mine eyes have seen the king the LORD of hosts than one of the Sarah from through to me having in his him the why of coal that he had taken with the tongs from the altar and he touched my mouth with it and he said Behold this is touched your lips your iniquity is taken away and your sin is purged Also I heard the voice of the Lord saying whom shall I send and who will go for us and then I said here my Send me and he said go tell this people here you have got the steps of conversion now if I was to ask you what's the 1st thing a person needs to do to be saved I often get answers like repent believe but I would suggest to you that the 1st thing in the steps of salvation is to see even in the book steps to Christ you'll find that she says 1st the person must see the love of God The Bible says it is the goodness of God that leads us to the next step which is repentance and look at all these samples in the Bible you will see a people who are converted and it begins with seen something Bible tells us that Paul is on the road to Damascus and he sees the Lord that brings about his conversion. The thief on the cross he sees Jesus lifted up and he goes through the steps he publicly confesses and he repents and he were Seems you have an example as a kid who goes through a conversion experience what does a kiss want. As he wanted to see the Lord and so he climbed a tree to see the Lord. And there's countless others examples in the Bible. And when we take our eyes off of Jesus we start to sink remember Peter walking on the water what was a key to his doing the impossible for you to live the Christian life is impossible unless you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus all said since we are then surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses let us cast aside the sin the weight that does so easily beset us looking unto Jesus and you know you heard that song Turn your eyes upon Jesus we are transformed by what we behold and that's of course 2nd Corinthians 318 but we all with unveiled face the holy Nasm in the mirror the glory of the Lord our being transformed into the same image from glory to glory and Christ when he talked and he could Demas about the steps of salvation he said if I am lifted up I will draw all men why did he say that he said As Moses lifted up the serpent you remember the story people were complaining about their food they didn't like the manna God gave and then the serpents came in and that's that's a very important point if we're not satisfied with God's bread the serpents will come in and they're all bit by these deadly serpents and they were dying from the venom God told Moses to take a serpent like the one that was biting them make a bronze replica of it put it on the pole lifted up and it'll be whoever looks in faith upon that will be healed from the venom is very important is right after that in John 315 you've got John $316.00 which everyone knows and it says As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be lifted up that whosoever believes in him might not perish but have everlasting life he says that part twice. So this other verses just as important for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believe in him might not perish but have everlasting life so he mixes Minchin's and mixes the lifting up of the serpent that's a position of visibility they looked and then they lived and so by the way what does that mean looking at a serpent on the pole How in the world do we find are we supposed to worship sneeze What does that mean let me give you a. Caveman theology on that I lived in the mountains or we had a lot of snakes and I actually saw so many snakes I had a full time snake stick leaning against the wall in my cave and we had rattlesnakes we were worried about the King's Things in the garden and they eat rattlesnakes that's fine. So when I saw snake you don't want to just reach out and when you kill the sometimes I'd club it sometimes sometimes I've read was out in the trail if it wasn't where I normally go I just ignore them because you know it's a waste of time but if they were where I travel I'd try to dispatch them that's pretty spooky I go on the trail at night and in the warm nights in the snakes don't come out when it's cold people always holds rattlesnake country as it's too cold today and I come out when it's the right temperature they come out and I'd be hiking down the trail in the desert warm night and you put your foot down and you hear. What I tell you jump 12 feet in the air when that happens so I would kill him with a stick or rock but then I'd want to off the trail because even the skeleton of a rattlesnake if you step on it and it's you things Pierce you you can still get hurt and sometimes people the club a snake and they think it's dead they reach out to pick it up and they're so tenacious they'll spin around you think they're dead they're not moving the bite you so I would pick them up with my snake stick. And I had a little noose on the end of it and I'd slip it over the head and made since it down to take it all somewhere dig a hole and bury it this was a kingdom of shepherds in the Bible snakes are bad for goats and sheep a dog might survive a snake bite. I have one dog got bit a couple times he lived another dog died 2 years ago from a snake bite and pickle lived through a snake bite but sheep and goats don't do so well and so when they killed a snake they would pick it up with their staff and they would carry it off and there it so for that nation when it talked about a serpent on the pole it meant a serpent has just been defeated a snake has been killed it is being taken off to burial and so it's not saying that we are to worship snakes. But that when Christ was lifted up through Jesus being lifted up he defeated the serpent through the blood of Christ it's the antidote for the venom of the Serpent is what it's telling us and so they were to look and it began with a look and when we look to the cross if you read the book steps to Christ it's at seen the goodness of God on the cross the greatest demonstration of the love of God is at the cross it's at the cross you see Satan's love of power and God's power of love. How many songs you find in the Bible that focus on the cross alas and did my savior believe at the cross of the Cross there I 1st saw the light the need the cross of Jesus I fain would take my stand just hundreds of because that's him right as understood that the cross is the point where if you read Pilgrim's Progress came to the foot of the cross finally his burden rolled away. So it's through seen what happened at the cross so 1st step. And salvation is we need to see the goodness of God as seen in the context of the cross the badness of sin the seen in the context of the cross we don't realize our need of a savior until we see how deadly sin is look what it did to Jesus and not only do we see the goodness of God in the badness of sin at the cross. It's in the year our king died you notice the 1st words in chapter 6 in the year the King as I had died now was king is i a good king or bad king principly good. You read a 90 percent of what it says that you know he did make a mistake with pride when he went to Temple but we assume he repented that I mean David made mistakes too Hezekiah made mistakes sort of hotshot all the good kings it records some mistake accept King Josiah every other king there was some kind of backsliding but King King as Irene 52 years and it says that he walked in all the commandments of the Lord as did David his father and it mentions his pride in going to the temple of the Lord and he was cursed with leprosy but we believe he repented and died say before that. So he's a good king 52 years longest reigning king next to Massa Can you imagine the instability in the kingdom when you had the same king and you had the relative peace during his whole reign they had great peace the strength of the king to be built machines of war he built up the cities and then he dies or is a great deal of apprehension what's going to happen to Israel and God gave Isaiah this vision to show him I'm still on the phone don't worry you know and so it was in the context of the Cain dying he has suspicion and it's in the year that our king dies we see the Lord High and lift it up you see what I'm saying Good King Jesus in the year that he died we seem lifted up what else about how we saw him lifted up what's he surrounded by. The Lord on his strong he's terrified and what are they saying holy there could same as in Revelation crying Holy holy holy It's the purity of God that helps to see our sin so you know step one is you see the goodness of God and then by contrast what happens after Isaiah sees the goodness of God is woah woah is me by contrast never heard a Jewish person person say we've a day. And it's actually we have a is in the air and this is exactly what I did C.S.S. That means we may as MIA or Oh it is me I am and I am man of unclean lips and I do well in the midst of a people the 1st to confess as owns in the sin of his people you know when we see the goodness of God and by contrast we see our best let me tell you story real quick to help illustrate this. When I was very young my parents divorced at 3 I bounced back and forth between my mother my father my grandparents. Sometimes summers I live with dad my brother and I and my father in his house he had a shoeshine machine. And someone just gave me one little while ago one of our after students actually and it's one of these machines it's like a big chrome motor at out of one side of the motor it's got a red brush and out of the other side's got a black brush you maybe see him in hotels you step on the top button turns it on and it spins around and bumps your shoes it's amazing to me that in 59 years they haven't changed the technology they look the same they're chroma Sheens with a red brush and a black brush hasn't changed but my dad had one of those and I was always fascinated with it because I just I'd sit there and it was on the floor in our hall upstairs and I'd turn it on and it could be and it was so powerful when you know 4 years old and I put my hand against it to my hand got hot from just the friction and I try to stop it I couldn't stop it and and I'd turn it off I turned it on give me sense of power is too young to drive so this is close as I got. And I remember one money morning I woke up before anyone else it's a Sunday morning my dad was sleeping in and my brothers were I had a brother and step brother and I woke up at everyone's asleep and I was bored so I went to the hall and played with a machine I turned it on and turned it off turned it on turned off soon I got bored I thought why don't I shined shoes without all shined shoes so I tiptoed into his bedroom he always kicked the shoes off by the better grab his black shoes and they brought them out the hall and shut his door and I thought I'm almost sure you suppose you should polish to do this and I remember there was a bottle of wax shoe polish underneath the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink and so I went in and I didn't realize this was the liquid Griffin shoe polish you put on the sponge applicator I didn't know exactly how it worked but I just figured black sheep Polish went on the black. And so I somehow managed to get the lid off the thing and I poured a generous amount of black sheep polish on this Black Rush and I turned on the machine. And 1st announced a little bit because outlet ramp up up up up because all of it was subtle like a pool on one side and then it picked up speed and did this all happen in a fraction of a 2nd when. As I was horrified I saw this black rainbow suddenly went up the wall it went across the ceiling down the other side of the hall and just it's all happened and it's and I saw this with bad and I turned to hit the button I turned it off and I stared at that for a minute. And I thought boy this is the biggest mess I've ever made in my life. But then it occurred to me you know you're young and you think things through very quickly I thought nobody saw. No one saw that I was You're not everyone else is asleep but nobody will know who did it. And so I went into the my bedroom and I climbed back into bed. And I laid there for what seemed like an eternity pretty soon I heard my dad get up and you could hear banging around the bathroom and then you open the closet door his bedroom door walked into the hall and I heard a footstep pause then I heard him make some guttural noises like what. And then immediately I saw the light come out of my room because he opened my bedroom door and I'm laying there my brother's in the same room you know we're both laying there you know this and he was doggy dog I'm trying to act like I'm asleep and he said you know he'll never know they're going to get in here and I got up and I knew he meant business so I got up and I grew brother my exact leg of a sleeve you know I walk in these he points with the hands of his he points his you know anything about this. Then anything as a Permit me a thief broke in and tried to shine your shoes who knows what happened that is it could have been anything could happen nobody saw me so I'm going to ask you again you know anything about this and he once you start down the road a line you just feel like you need to keep going and I said no so there's a bench conveniently right there in the hall and he set down on the bench and he took me and he put me over his knees who are going to spank you until you tell me truth and he starts to spank and this is before it was illegal and he starts to spank me and and I'm gone I didn't do it I didn't do it I did it and eventually you know you're a going to torture and I said I did it I did. So he sat me down and I'm we're burning crying and sobbing and I said I can spank you because you made a mistake as I spank you so you lied to me so they get in the bathroom washer face. With the saw over I went to the bathroom and I actually had to stand up on his little stool to look in the St and I and I looked in the mirror and I had like spots all over him. And I said is there is mirror the old I said what was me I am on done. Because what happened and I thought and nobody will know but I saw myself through my father's eyes and I thought wow what a mess and you know that's what we all need is we need to see ourselves through our father's eyes and will realize that we've got a problem so after he sees himself. He says whoa is me I am Monday. He confesses and he repents and that's the next step you know you read in Job Chapter 42 verse 5. I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear but now my I.C.U. therefore I am Arbre myself and repent and the Nash is what led job to repentance now my I.C.U. and when he saw the holiness of God Like I say he said I repent in dust and ashes this of course is the end of the Book of Job when God reveals himself to Joe when we turn our eyes on Jesus when we look at the Lord we are transformed by it be holy and but do not become discouraged if you feel badly when you look at the goodness of God It is good for you to feel bad when you see his goodness. There's a quote in the book steps across that the closer we draw to the the presence of the brilliance of God the more painfully This thing will every spot of defilement in our character become Now that's a that's a paraphrase but that's the gist of what she wrote there and so you know when someone comes in the room and you've been in the dark and they turn on the light there may be a period of pain while you get adjusted and as you turn your eyes on Jesus that may be a painful thing but don't ask to turn the light back off again so you can just stay in the dark now the story. When I lived in Palm Springs after I came out of a cave I had a meat business and believe it or not I sold meat over to Terry now and it was Doug bachelors' wholesale price of beef steaks and I used to take these steaks I would butcher I buy sections of beef I butcher them into different states and I'd take them around Palm Springs Those are hot springs and I'd sell them and if this amazes me people bought them because you know I just I was a long haired hippy back then. Anyway but as I drove my little Vokes wagon I had a Volkswagen with my with an ice chest in the back as I drove it around the desert they have terrible sandstorms. Out there and it kind of wore the the paint off the edges I don't have any of you seen what happens to a car that down the desert regions there but if you get caught in a sandstorm it would hit your windshield over time so that it looked like a bathroom window of the sun hit my window I could not see out of it and it would take the paint off the fenders to blast off the fenders and this was my 1st car and I grew up in New York City I took taxi bus walk I didn't know anything about cars are remember when I got my 1st Volkswagen I said No where do I put the water in the radiator they said it doesn't have a radiator and I remember open up the front looking for the engine and it was that's the stored was in the front the engines in the back and I knew nothing about cars and someone said that Doug Make sure you keep the oil full now I heard the word full and I thought the minute you poured oil in there in till it ran out they didn't explain the dipstick to me and so I just kept pouring oil. Until it's runnin out of the spout Yeah and so you know and I did that and it got so warm it blew the seals out of the thing and saw that leaking oil in and so after a while I thought you know I probably ought to sell this car. And I went to K.-Mart and I got some paint that was almost the same color and I painted the fenders and some are all I cleaned up the tires I put some S.T.P. in the engine anyone knows what that is accounted for your oil leaks and who builds a compression up and and I did everything I good could to make the car look good and then I noticed that when the sun went behind Mt Santas into a tall mountain Palm Springs was in the shade for a couple hours before sundown the car looked really good in the shade. You couldn't see that the wind shield when the sun wasn't hitting it you couldn't really tell but it was pretty bad so when I ran an ad in the paper I said. $1971.00 Volkswagen 3 speed automatic you know $500.00 will show after 5 o'clock. I really did that. I was not a member of the church yet. Because it looked good in the shade you know we all kind of look good in the shade we compare ourselves among ourselves and buyers selves but if you step into the white of God when you're exposed to the glory of God then you'll say What was me and you repent now repentance is a sorrow for sin and a willingness to turn away from Send Repentance is not just you say 3 Hail Marys cross yourself and go out do the same thing that's not repentance repentance is. Peter went out and wept bitterly and he was transformed David when he repented he laid on his face for 7 days a lot of people talk about the sin of David and they want to sin like David but they don't want to repent like David. You don't see too many people really sorry about their sin not to sorry they were caught but sorry about what they've done to God Judas was sorry about what was going to happen to him and he hung himself Errol was sorry about the consequences whereas Peter was sorry it her Jesus and that's what real repentance 0 is Romans says in chapter 2 verse 4 or do you despise the riches of His goodness and forbearance and long suffering not knowing it is the goodness of God that leads you to repentance you read in 2nd Peter 39 The Lord is long suffering to us not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance Peter also says in his pet accost sermon it is God who gives repentance to Israel it's repentance is a gift it's a gift of the spear one of the things Jesus of the Holy Spirit will do is he'll lead us to conviction. And so I saw the Lord he saw himself in repentance and repentance as being sorry enough to stop now that doesn't mean you may not repeat the same mistake but you ought to when you really repent you on there ought to be a transformation How important is repentance in the Christian experience. What were the 1st words John the Baptist said when he began to preach. Then what were the 1st words Jesus said when he began to preach he said repent how many sermons do you hear in repentance you know in order for a person to repent they need to know what they're doing is a sin the woman at the well could not know that Jesus was the Messiah until he put his finger on something specific in his in her life he had a very loving conversation with her about water and about mountains about worship and then he said Go call your husband and that's when she realized. Yeah I've had a little problem with that I have a problem in my relationships and he said and the one you're living with now is not your husband you don't hear too many such sermons where people get specific about sin is not very popular but Jesus did John the Baptist dead and they came to him or they said What shall we do till the soldiers do vote no violence to any man stop complaining about your wages and difference said What shall we do what shall we do and they are asking for specifics and he told them how to repent and it usually meant bringing forth fruits of repentance which is a change of behavior a turtle was walking slowly through the woods one day and he heard his frog voice going hello. And eventually the turtle made his way over to the edge of this deep hole where he looked in the hole and there was a frog and the Turtle said What's the trouble for example can't you see I'm hopped into this hole I can't get out it's too deep. Turtle said What do you want me to do he said well if you could go find a stick and drop it down in the hole I could climb out he said Give me a moment old turtles are small kind of slow so about 20 minutes later the troll comes back and the Frog is there sunbathing not far from the entrance of the hole the Turtle said I went and got you this stick and you are not in the hole anymore what happened frog said well I couldn't get out but the snake crawled in and I had to get out. It's amazing what you can do when you're motivated. If we really understood the deadly nature of sin but we presume on the mercy of God We figure I'll just keep sending and I'll ask him to forgive me and then I'll say and I'll ask him to forgive me my grandfather smoke Lucky Strike cigarettes for 60 years in here remember those were like the unfiltered industrial spring you know your Killian 10 minute cigarettes they're just really pretty strong he tried to quit he tried to quit and tried to quit and the one that he quit so Grampa what happened he smoked over 50 years and he said I was in the hospital for a digestion all problems and some stomach problems and he said I was sharing the room with a man who had throat cancer and his voice box was removed and I said I saw him smoking a cigarette through a hole in his throat. And he said that's all it took and it's I threw him away and I never smoke again and by the way he lived to 93. So. Yeah I'm figure and since my dad smoked for 50 years and he lived to 83 and my grandfather smoke for 50 or 60 years and he lived in 93 since I don't smoke I've got to take care of myself. But. You can do what you want to do when you want to people say I have tried I've tried I've tried and tried I just get I've got to have another cigarette or so and pulls out a gun and puts it in says you like in secret and pulling the trigger you probably think I could probably go a little longer. Try to try to try to get stuff I've got to have another. You can use you can you just don't want to bed now and whatever it happens to be God can give you the victory you heard my sermon I think I preached it here called confession and I think it is yeah I go out and I just I share that because it's and it's sort of in an autopsy of how you struggle with addiction and you can change so you repent and part of repentance is confession now if you didn't know what I probably should have told you this to start with I'm giving you 7 steps to salvation these are the 7 steps in the process see God I'll tell you where they are on the no go back you see God you see yourself you repent you confess you receive you here you go. You know I'll do it again see God step one step to see yourself step 3 repent step for you confess Step 5 you receive Step 6 you hear Step 7 you go all right now back let's talk a little bit about confession I think confession is sort of a sister to repentance they often go together when sees Jesus Jesus then shows as love he says I want to abide it your house I love you he comes down he publicly repents he says if I've taken anything from any man by false accusation I'll restore him fourfold and half my goods I give to the poor and it's pretty clear he'd been stealing from everybody he says if but he's a public and it's not of me if he had been extorting money from people that's how they made their money. And he publicly confesses it and then after that happens he's accepted by the Lord Jesus declares in the son of Abraham. On the cross he says to his fellow speak you not fear God seeing we are in the same condemnation but this man has done nothing amiss he publicly confesses we are getting what we deserve right but this man is the nothing amiss and then the Lord tells him Verily you'll be when he says Lord remember me you confess and you will be with me in paradise Look how beautiful that is how quick that all happens so the steps of salvation aren't long how long does this vision take this experience in Isaiah 6 as a matter of moments after he confesses. His sin let me say one more thing about confession I'm trying to hurry so I give you some question time. I've met people who have been in the church for years and they've never really confess their sins to God Now if you confess if you sinned against somebody go to them and apologize. And reconcile spirit of prophecy says a lot about that you know how can she says there's only one commentary Christ makes on the Lord's prayer if you forgive him in their trespasses your Father in heaven will forgive you but if you do not forgive them he will I forgive you cannot be misunderstood it's also in the parable in Matthew 18 so my Heavenly Father will do also to you unless each of you forgive every man his brothers trust us from his heart yes from his heart so there needs to be reconciliation confession to others if it's a local horizontal sense but most confession is to God that should be done privately you don't need to go to a priest and people often come to me and they tell me things I say look I don't want to know the details of that stop people tell me things I will put pictures in my mind I don't want I said you need to tell that to go on and he'll forgive you but. And when you do that. God promises that he'll help you get a new beginning. I sometimes think that if you get by yourself if you've never done this before you want to feel a new birth kneel down get a piece of that old office Ledger paper make a list and just start with the 10 Commandments is no one here can remember all their sins but if you've been a liar if you've been unmerciful if you've been coveting others things are taking God's name in the name of all adultery whatever it is make a list say Lord I'm guilty of these things write it down pray for a moment that prayer search me Lord try me is there any wicked way leave me in the way everlasting and God will bring things to your mind I know someone that was praying like that and I said I forgot that I had stolen 20 dollars from my sister 20 years ago and they said the Holy Spirit brought that back to me that I never confessed never paid her back whatever you might say Lord how do I reconcile this I used to feel for my employer going to get thrown in jail what do I do you know people come to me some difficult challenges whatever it is you're append of it anything you can do to restore don't kneel down and say Lord I'm sorry I are old my life my neighbors leaf blower and I've not given it back please forgive me go they take it back and then I'll forgive you. Know I mean so the something you need to do right. And then God promises if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse from all unrighteousness. Now I've gone to people that are dying on a hospital bed and they can't make a list and they can't reconcile will God will forgive them that he forgives the thief on the cross but if we have time and if we have means as far as possible right any wrongs you can if there's people you need to apologize to do that I have a friend he got he got a cancer note from the doctor he thought it was liver cancer turned out to be something that was treatable and he thought he was dying by the way we all are dying if you didn't know that. And he said you just convicted by the Holy Spirit all these people including his kids that he just needed to holidays to he was wanted to be right with God and he was talking to everybody and he said you know I I did this are charging too much for that and he went to his kids that I was a bad example in and he just and he said you know in doing that he said then you've got to report you're not dying right away he treated his cancer is OK now and he said you know I've got a relationship with God like I have never had before because I realized that my days were numbered and I needed to make things right so that's a very healthy thing to do and then after use confess therapy lists don't let anyone find it right. Now after Isaiah confessed and after he repented lives then the angel took a cold from the altar and he brought it and put it on his lips that he had confessed man of unclean lips sidewall in the midst of the people of unclean lips or God puts the coal where the problem is and. He receives the cleansing of the Lord that cold from the altar touched his lips it in God's declared your sins forgiven your sin is purged so soon as he asked and confess and repent of God sent cleansing he needed just stay and receive that clearance and receive the promise of God that your sins are forgiven and then the. Karen I were 2 days ago we were at Niagara Falls and we saw you know when to Pennsylvania it did not make sense for the ministry to fly is back home in the flies back to Michigan a lot more cheap for us take a rental car and drive here and so I said well look we got a couple days a road trip we haven't done this along with other kids for years so we'll go to my Agra falls we went to Niagara Falls and they they showed us a of video of the history of Niagara Falls why we were there about this guy called the great blonde and he was the 1st one to stretch and on a cable rope of all things across the chasm of the falls if you've ever been to Niagara Falls it's just it's monstrous You know the power of it all and this is before they check took some of the water away for power for hydroelectric it was in its full period back then and this guy walked across with all the forgetting in 15 times something different occasions and at one point he said how many of you believe that I can make it across Niagara Falls and they all believe it isn't Will anyone let me push you across the falls in a wheelbarrow. And nobody wanted to do that he did actually carry his manager or cross the fault on his back now that takes face on the managers party. So the Lord says I can save you believe it. And then he says climb in the wheelbarrow if you believe it you need to receive it by stepping on faith and did I believe it this is righteous and by faith God has made a promise he declares you'll be righteous if you believe this is that right are we say by faith in His sacrifice. He declared to Abraham this now is a son he declared started as a kiss. The crowd was murmuring he's going to be the guest about public and Jesus said so they salvation is come to this house and as much as he is a son of Abraham he was declared righteous because Abraham because the kids had faith the thief on the cross through looking to Jesus and calling Him Lord and King even though he did not look like a lord King Jesus said you are going to be in paradise and it's something that must be received so by faith we receive that and that means when you do that you have eternal life is not a wonderful thing then the next step 6 is you hear God after Jesus came out of the water it is baptism the heavens were open and there was a voice so as you will hear a voice God begins to guide you in a new way you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way walking in it and when Christ came out of the water the heavens were open this voice of this is my beloved Son Jesus said He that has ears let him hear it now how do we hear God's voice so his word Jesus said My sheep know my voice and they follow Me How do they hear a voice he speaks to us through His Word it might be through a pastor teaching preaching it might be through opening up a Bible but then God guides us in a new way I remember hearing a sermon about George Whitfield the. Great preacher he was called the Trumpet of the Lord before he was a wind preaching he was an actor because he had such or booming voice said No P.A. back then he could talk then John Franklin talks in his autobiography about listening to WHITFIELD preach and he said that he didn't experiment no saya Frank was always doing scientific experiments things were user curious you heard Whitfield's voices and wow I have never heard of pipes like that in a human being before and while Whitfield was preaching outdoors Franklin paced off how far he could go before he couldn't distinctly hear him and he went a mile away and he was still hearing or. Over water the human voice can be heard up to 10 miles. Certain people not everybody but Whitfield had an incredible voice Ellen White would talk sometimes of thousands of people with her voice she talks about the ability to be able to teach and preach publicly so this one man would feel would go through towns and all the saloons we grow close and there are great revivals man was very curious to hear but he didn't want to be a Christian and someone who if you hear him you'll be a Christian he said Wilder quote my years but I'd like to see the guy so he went to where he was preaching but it was too many people and like he is he found a tree climbed up in the tree and he wrapped his legs around the branch and leaned against the trunk and he put his fingers in his ears with field came out to the platform and began to preach they need a primitive platform for and he looked at him and horsefly started buzzing around this guy's face. And lay it on the horse flies by and landed on his nose and the man took his hands out of his ears to swat of the fly just in time to hear with field say He that has yours let him hear what the spirit's. Admin was so stunned that very moment that I swatted that the fly he missed he fell out of the tree and he said that he was converted somewhere between the branch and the ground. I mean. He that has ears let him hear now then after God said it says then I heard notice what happens they say I'm almost done he said I heard the voice of the Lord then we hear once you surrender to the Lord you will understand His word in a new way why because God does not want you responsible. For obeying if you have not yet surrendered because you will be accountable for what you know once you surrender you hear it anyway doesn't Jesus say to the disciples with his Why do you speak in parables so hearing they might hear and not understand and seen them might see and not know you said but to you who have surrendered to me you are going to see and you are going to understand and you are going to hear and be converted and so once you surrendered you'll hear in a new way and the last thing is after you heard the voice of the Lord what are the voice a god said Who will go for us a lot of discussion about the Trinity today it's so clear New and Old Testament that God is plural he says who will go for us and he says here are my Send me and he said go tell this people salvation is composed of it's a rhythm it's a love the Lord and love your neighbor the 2 great utterances of Jesus Matthew 11 come on to me right we come to the Lord in this vertical relationship then the Matthew 28 go until we come to God we go for God right you know the story of those lepers that they find this great treasure and everyone is starving and they say come now that we may go and tell the Kings household this is what salvation is all about we come to the Lord that we may go for the Lord and so here you see the whole story of salvation is in the experience of Isaiah and as I mentioned it should be and I think they still have all of this is in greater detail in the book A Man theology in. A trustee may have a movie if you see OK thank you very much we just got 5 minutes or so if any of you had any short Bible questions that we could I see hand up here say it quickly and I'll repeat it. The 2520 this is a kind of a. Diversion belief that. They're picking the Lord's date that he's going to come in is that part of it they're setting dates and they're basing it on the 7 year prophecy in Daniel and they're saying that you apply those dates you make the day for the year prophecy you know I think Steve will brag actually wrote. A good book on that as it was called Blind Date as a clever title and he goes into that more detail there is a few people getting mixed up on this it's very sad it's and they they're taking statements were on the White says that William Miller was a prophet and you're supposed to take everything that was in William Miller's chart obviously is not a property so the Lord was coming in. And 844 you know what God used them but so that I think that that's not a lot of people some folks are getting mixed up on that question here. In Isaiah 45 or 7 Question about the nature of God's love let me go there real quick. Well let's look here Oh I think you know what you're talking about I form light and I create darkness I make peace and create calamity God is not saying he's the author of evil is saying here that when people reject him isn't it true that God said if you turn away from me I will allow famine to come I will allow calamity to come when the children of Israel rejected God He withdrew his protection the Babylonians came the Egyptians came so when you reject light what automatically comes in only other alternative is darkness and if we were Jeckle love in the power of God in that sense things happen and so you know the Jews often in the Old Testament you'll notice that they saw God a sovereign and so when anything happened good or bad they realized that like the story of Job didn't the Lord need to give job a certain length on his leash and so I didn't the Lord need to give the devil a certain amount of permission you linked in his leash to certain limits to bother and temp job let me give some others a question here an opportunity right anyone else quick question. When the woman touched his garments No he was It doesn't say Jesus angry he said who touched me as he's asking a simple question a matter of fact the woman fearing and trembling came and knelt before him I think this is Mark 5 and he told or go in peace he wanted her to just bear witness to the miracle that happened that's why it's in the Bible and the reason that story is so important is because the whole Gospel kind of revolves in that story you've got a woman who has a flow of blood for 12 years she represents the Old Testament she touches Jesus she's healed Jesus is on his way to resurrect a girl 12 years old she's like the New Testament church they both touched Jesus that day and the whole Old Testament economy and the whole New Testament economy Jesus is the starting and then ending point of both and the woman represents the church so he wanted her to bear witness of what had happened he didn't go who touched me indignantly No he wasn't bad and neither was he mad when he said to Mary do not cling to me I know in King James is a DO NOT TOUCH ME. He don't doesn't mean your own holy don't touch me he same do not detain me for I have not yet ascended to my father but go and tell my brother and I send my God in your god so he gives her the great commission he says don't hold me he shows himself to Mary before even the sense of heaven so you have this and Jesus was not he didn't lose his temper when he made the cord and he chased everybody out of the temple. All he needed to do is speak the words but he was indignant but Jesus never lost a temper the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets question here if someone doesn't believe Paul's writings are inspired they probably have a problem with about 50 percent of the New Testament. So that fortunate but let me give you if they believe Peter's writings are inspired Here's what Peter said in 2nd Peter chapter 3 Peter said as also our beloved brother Paul says in his letters in which are some things that are hard to understand in which those who are unstable rest means terror twist as they do the other Scriptures to their own destruction and so Paul Peter is referring to Paul's writing and scripture so they got to get rid of Peter to. Let's have a closing prayer Father Neven thank you so much for the promise that as return our eyes upon Jesus by looking at him we can experience that transformation if we see Christ lifted up I pray Lord that will realize that we not only want to see him that way but we want to lift up Christ in our lives that you invite us to come to you and then go for you and to love you with all our hearts and to love our neighbors help us to live out these dual principles in our life and pray you continue to bless the camp meeting pour out your spirit that we might be drawn closer to you and be better witnesses for you be with each person help them to know how to apply these things in their lives and to have that peace that comes from knowing that our sins are forgiven and that we do have a home in your kingdom because of Christ it's in his name we pray you meant. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W dot audio dot org.


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