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Robert H. Pierson Lectureship Series at Southern Adventist University: This sermon was directed toward a school of theology students preparing to be pastors. It will challenge you, as it did them, to rethink how you go about evangelism, and what should be our aim to be better in alignment with Jesus Christ.   


B. Parks

B. Parks and family have been church planters with Adventist Frontier Missions in the Middle East for over 10 years.  He is an ordained SDA pastor, motivational speaker and author.  


  • November 1, 2017
    7:45 AM


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I was sitting on her hands on her with my wife we were just enjoy looking at the hands on and we got up and started walking right I did something I've never seen any other country where this is a Brazil people often just sit read the Bible and I saw good friends in Brazil and there was a guy sitting reading the Bible or a park bench and so I don't know if you have I said that's a very good turn of the look at me he said this morning good book yes go on the book you just floated movie Boys you know the old man he said what's the word for me he did and he was scolded he was warning me to shatter reverse I thought this is beautiful because of that piece of lead or maybe our word for you know so he sure was me and he says What's the worst so I don't live for almost everyone says you know I said for I am not afraid of Outlook right I know you are so it well shows I did and I didn't have her 1st and he looked at me and said I know but I'm tired you know really rare you say believe measured beat that you're somehow I'll be right behind this are shocking this guy or the Buddha will leave me word he said you know of what I heard was a very good fish said. Baby. We're. Well over there in that we're. All the way Brazil made I don't know how I planned it but the point was good. Well he was clearly very. Good he. Would Title the 3rd is how you could remove them or move my head back up to the really not a whole lot to read because you know we are a little tired who are a big group move where we'll get on my back to go away whole sections he talks about being I sense go where there are members just in Paul you know ministry good and ready for ministry good in the city who you hire there are good churches just like to be honest for me massive activity and today we have a structure we are going to order and we have sold packet but we. Have the seed insisted he move that me with Mike to see her go on years ago called more taxes. More Tears of our society is that anything really good and good to move so fast you know we're living in a day where you know we're not because we're pleased with the name or email not fast enough to be pleased with it chatting and that's not a class up so we just continued it at 7 o'clock in the morning we got motion but we have time for the rest and asked our guard is all this movement. He just swirling more effectively and snooty Is it really on our team the things we want to go. Now I will do you know activity that surrounds our church where we are all like we are leaving the car or getting her car or her out of her body and boarded up a bit of the connection sort of a job we'll build the girl over personally or hand the right way to notions of birth there are those where you rules to a parent you going out of their strokes and your son your stresses and diseases. Loaded who carries the Christmas card or even dated loosely but. He says in repentance rack years of vision. Wires crossed or straight. There's interest you bursitis a chapter and verse 15 starts up by saying that this is one of those aren't ya where he said the whole war with Israel had repented and rest yourself patient quiet as in trust in your strength but he would have none of it you said no doubt we will clear more there or you will leave he said You will need an office with your service your for your pursuers will you swear you're normally just quote the 1st part of that person so calm and so wobbling. Right salvations right that it says you were. Not. So good as we fired we're going places and we've got a lot of Buddha got over here got a right to go to your home I want you to sue me your car your particular plate and get out there are you know you're British remember her before your shit her kids are forgot her Peter's birthday they were Mark back and it. Doesn't really matter so service is a struggle with those greater good mower sites the fall of close to consider retires the wicked year download all the code. Log you know this is a busy one week. Drew away from the herd that dog was. That he wanted the really good mood this movement didn't go our unique technology meet the good guy who had moving How important is it that we hire a private health initiative or the best off alone or that we have the best vehicle is it really helping the movement. Because you see I am pretty direct you're right because the day we are in a society that was frighted. Who goes into this singing mindset as the world around us and the minuses if you're a friend to the world you're no friend of mine. Did just a little article that I wrote for the ad for German. Magazine called that I read what I wrote a little better than the exit here. But fortunately I can pass I think more articles and more say. How about. My computer asks How do you see your work. Couldn't Microsoft part of the work quite like you work with say. We're ready for that front gate work and siege creator. My computer to convert files to a live version for another but it can trigger Larry or Susan or all the other say who are back are so easy and back over lost data never had that. You're. Off air you really really understand where the last people meet. What is Senator and all our. Own. By the 3rd season if you search for Me with all your are all your writing all your Google you. Owe our British the leader of the store the mouse I hate the sound of a lot of her for she stood insertion could quickly there's a lot of cool stuff out there why do I say if you search for cool stuff you say. That the cause of. Jesus were only a laptop or not certainly didn't have that yell back made it out of unity for Canterbury's or people here with whom I did write the features were said it broke their rehydrate I said what I said let her you know with a little bit is good sign on the Peter Mitchell digital good deal good luck to all is appealing. To the best selling me that might be the believe it is one of the cycles several caring handles abuse or blame sure either for capital diaries cause of contact you know so that people send our newsletter I can hear Happy say don't forget one of those evenings a dental supporter. Jesus had to talk to our early word rise with all the cool dialogues with him me to sit down. Sure he didn't run exactly the cycle like this one. Were average and he had no she didn't so what is a better right to be could have only lived today oh god what is the school love those are. Your underwear that are. Packard be wrong. Consider a very he did have a solution or about. The home or I need me. You deserve me here where is your great gun me your kids were coming to the site of my lay down your internet and no you did. You watch them are resigned today and back I would if I had. Own own river how the waters why you spend money on what is not rare leave well satisfied. You want to do this move up to force it is speed one would need I told you last night was me cold feet all men people will. Think was the there to Jesus it is so we were here with the power to multiply the Gospel see the David here that silver that you didn't read with it took to move by a man would go up call St John the something else that is always the freak are sure to be less suited for this this they call conviction because nobody here all but I think you are conviction. That the young to do something with. Vision is stuff that changes the world go about it. Have it hated her. Paul Patton. All of them believe the ice is a visited a goodish it is either moral or immoral because that is a good idea this is garbage. It is a liar sure if you go and blow yourself up. For conviction about something Kurdish prison never bit with race conviction as a matter then they shouldn't believe the real truth it works like years of oppression sleaze and Turkey hate it here learn if there is a wife it is better to keep your foot away again who can talk all these years of the words were all our war and like it had to cut your shower and it would just put it into a squeeze or whatever out there of them are he did this for a cup of sweet or use. Your little conviction does this all Holy Spirit is the wise something better pair of those who go to the only reach to go to. Saudi Arabia to go to her mother Tunisia Algeria with all these places it needed out of of years ago what do the. Leaders in. Watts he database of in groups and the number of Christians that were in those groups and sad from Microsoft Excel and book people groups formula were we know your 79 percent Christian 0 number more Christian 000 I was old school kids this is the why there are high languages the number of the languages alone the media is an enormous. And these are all people Ruth NO NO NO Christian No no I just I read them prior to booking over a spreadsheet before I did this era and I just read a condition called recruiter point which. Is in its order forms it stayed on their i Phone 6 you say for River use our history wrong or shows up in your private book about actors it was our movie was the very thing that propelled a. Good Stowers Clearly however a sure record big cases I've seen if you happen this shit Paul Brenner specific good where he saw diesel rather mad he followed up he's bloody good here her boy. The boys are in this burst 15 I love and he's a schoolgirl person who are required now to get up and say 100 feet here to use road when you serve as a witness where you do seem to be good well I will show you I asked you for your own projectile I am sending you to that she opened her eyes and turned them from darkness to light and from the power to say did you guard so they are see for the good of the citizens police among those who are sane or 5 Are you really in me I lose. Paul could I be a good word I was not good for merely doing good merely to go. From road travel if he's out there oh dear what is the vision was wrong he and worse for me he says it is all worth it if I ever did to preach the Gospel word prove it was not the world so the liar run building was somehow a stylish wow or that Sheryl didn't go for the gun plug it just consume all I can get a girl yet to come here there are those or else you know what really we do the world has very few places the good for people who are there for a gun salute to the depths of the Pacific Ocean but there are places that are shit or it is called it won't reach and you know this world is a over this period on your feet there you are there are police were there is no gospel no Crawford's no Christian has been there before you. Can D.V.R. lowball Oh this is. Very real. Stand up for Jesus Christ where he got her mission. We going to hear that your patients are all repeat then so in your head there will be a game really good really good get killed where is leash on where leaders are. Murders who is from that are best for all. Who. Love their hand all over he was a great. Life and his old he had to sit for all those glasses getting the sack. Sure but are there classes of recreation wrote Francis Xavier the society room. Francis Xavier wrote his letters. And described him as a missionary him here. Xavier was. He found so overwhelmed with the word translated into account is the bad guy burning having to bury their heads very proud of the laws of those boards faced with overwhelming him. And so he writes this letter to his or the word translated from Latin life because it says this soil here are a way of serving all the people it was I who could not go I stood up I sit around children whom I could trust my legs big with the sick persons and the set of their very neighbors and respected agreed with them in the sacrament I didn't see this or the well I would call it that is of the restoration made my feel for God moved by faith and hired me to be shorter and restored really never a sick person help Google body and soul. Good God was with them I also heard the show to teach the roots of Christian doctrine to be even in private I was histories and crossways has soon as I receded this is a bit well stored in what really goes on over here this is a destruction commission to the June there. Now the are your good measure these are good Hilda heeding her gospel Peter who is a good one describe exactly where the problem he talked in the capital and listen to his words at a remarkable public outwards or is it actually greeted all of the taco man. Eating the Christian law is insane indeed Hendry said that every one of the deserves all faithful is a good Christian and certainly true of salvation and all the other Anyone who works here more you know that is a bad Christian will be happy to help his tended to said he did use it and so I'm sure he goes on to describe where the jury took this with a passion and conviction that they would see the ideals of it all go out and break the oath aisle that started calling the bridge to serve a good week for sure. With this movement we have a kind of cold and comic than one week vacation bible school you go to the be deeded in Syria for the children. Is it not usually something rather hard to the higher the very read it is alright but I will what a good cause for sure where I do never forget going to rig pit Marco really here with sadness and seeing him love with the boy who is 16 years old and good said on a mission trip to Africa he says and he couldn't believe it was so beautiful but wanted proof had one man and his name came back. Because we were. How does it change a 16 year old boy to experience I mean you let it go to the prayer line on how we got the schoolhouse how we growing conditions why don't we give it up to the people that are here are were dish. Well where's the action come from conviction comes from the good the door and the convict or his holster. For the charge or 16. He can't have good relations with Arlo He's here at least you can. Hear they are frustrated and her. Head of I want every word he says for the Holy Spirit son is trying every mission remember him to do with a child he's a certain way to Jerusalem this is a big mission or other or your way to do so and tell. Your little Rose that I knew a few of the Holy Spirit right and what you get all the spirit of the cycle Krueger your route no vision no vision or a great way to the old church. Mission because the word of the Holy Spirit is that which gives us a vision. The party as well tedious describe the jar that he spirit world is going to be the world really thinks he says it is and verse 8 with it he harms he walked in the world of guilt in regard to sit right with us and good. Guard said good and our leader him who guard the right yes because I am going to the farmer where you can see me no longer. Regard to your readers of this world House to have. My back we should focus on the church where the world Satan is a focus full of what I am not that is the end it unfortunately there are some good to talk with is a good and evil is evil. And hard done her the way to save it is coming here there. Well the Holy Spirit bids us he bids us of Sid This is part of the gospel that was preached is that our sinful that we are depraved because these data were given sure here in the school you went through you were so wonderful and you don't really have a problem with this is that people it is kids are mad it lives out as sit bolt their little garden goddesses thats how good New Age talk that he plays did your Our school system. We are sinners we know yours are you rare your eyes how or force or warrior. And it is this is the mission of the writers did how. You can pictures of righteousness your regard righteousness which means I have no righteousness of my own but there is a righteousness that comes from Christ and he described this as the cause why did you say that this is a verse dead in regard to the left us because I am going to the father really didn't see him no longer. Description Britishness a Gift of This example. Where Jesus be hones our writers and this is a word of the heart go all over loose Jesus as seek he sees us who've played many great. That was really what he says Jesus was a man because he was a power in the new cave this very reason the part of the star people over Batman that is working to say we didn't just say this I'm going to the cross I don't believe you will see the Son of man lifted up and you will see the Son of man suffering a lot of the big paid there are pieces parting of our vision and mission to go to the cross off he's made his way down the field all over and he's being where he's been hit and people are hearing the words I will come here is headed for our Corvus struck again and again it was coming to Jesus him to leave the bridge for you know my airline and what of course. The Spanish aboard their Red Bull Jesus was the further he was going on the mountain or Christ the Spirit of battle or headed blood gushing out and what a slogan for Jesus but he couldn't or to leave our program then they're going to say that it could go on for all you did for her for her. The religious sense we're good or bad reduce this and then Jesus is your shirt or your symbol is overwhelming since I would go I learned how someone I learned early Jesus is alive but is it your I know God knows. How people become addicted the Holy Spirit comes on this is either Silly see Jesus right. They recognize not his job to suit all this world. Jesus brings conviction Jesus is a knee like no other name the Holy Spirit job is to put their name I'll follow or this is use of is news to people so they must cry several years ago I was working up the in the hall in the Himalayas the sweat of it who have been here the thing is me. And I had assumed hands were with a group of men so precious these men were available how we workers and goal Hyeres my job was to go and train them and I have passed over all ministry and I know that over the top of her communion none of those limits on how to lay hands on those mornings are 1st and so I have the end of fleshed out the bread of ministry and I carry on this 3 How are you good to see her people so very word is or dreamy as Mary here aspect of application of the Holy Spirit was the word of the Holy Spirit. House the House is annoyingly had was one man whose is it was I was told by the president of sitting listening very closely watching part is the one of the telling of the how it is you know the sewing this is CA so that in the hearings this is what we did do for their goals research was very like this thing this virtually does work out why it is the it is not you know and the so afterwards I went got a man whose name was Christian comma finalis was really diagonal although they it was not you did all hear this story so he had had good news living out in the mountains where I was teaching this is something these men who are finding ways to be errors that are in the mountains this is really a rather there he was living in a rant about the US and the other side is no value in the business brother the God of our head down there is brotherhood because Chris has a very big weakness a there they have his Ocean House has a brother really some kind of a love Jesus and there is a prayer and the passages going through were miracles of Christ and so the creation of her the Jesus you ally with her the Jesus he was at that well having when. You were the hostage and there was his Louise and she's not a Christian then he prayed for you to go and so she tells her whole and this is telling the story has happened having her missing but I was with and she's very you are Jesus. Might. Say. That you got. Headed back up to him playing the Aussie coming down the pike and he was home for swerve and the polls aren't getting him or her flirting back but. Michelle wakes up little bodies everywhere. Where Bush and. Everyone is there. To yourself What all over yourself your life is it's not. His whole. Yes there are always sure why has it wrong hell it is look he says wars. And Jesus here are British Hersey. Cut. Short. Is he worth all your going on. So how many is way harvested because why need his military. A lot more to this garden to save my life and so his yard with Taylor zip code has so he took down the sign it was all here we are in a new site and all that Jesus. And he realizes. What this is all about and so he. He says they are sick people maybe. That all he knew about Jesus uses people who are both people who come to hear her service fish Christian was originated they are sharp researchers tell the fact one of his own miracle circle on the rare wires story he has healing they do and they say whoa my family was all of our life on the sick were rather sick people started coming to this shop appreciate it your anything about here that are exactly the name of Jesus our all and so even just Pete and the types of people he said it even Jesus he well he said. People are good good luck are produced yet the word of the legs yet the word he destroyed all the source of murals he says for years he had no more all. These. He says So you need a circle which wish I could not. Sit close and this outline of the 10 year Bible were for. They. Were already. Fired soon are going to sit. All. Over the hear her. Real deep issue of a guy who had excellent I think he said you know this was a sharp increase. Read He had all of the software for the mission through sure he goes to church he said in the back he said everybody for all the reasons that everybody here very bloody was. So interesting really really good Christian Meredith Howard out of Iowa with his. Speech here were our hope call him Jesus. Will serve it to get this moving again conviction. That Jesus here is for real. Oh dear. Brothers and sisters he wants for life was with us because we were children using God remember who was ever mood continues to push power down to the lowest level of. Your are you know the sure God what he has done for move is on the edges on the grid push the power our or her or her lord. We're sure give power back to the legal. Oh the power prediction. He has it right here Carol did I when I bought it. Calls for the sirens through and give them all over redo the dryer our little Spears and he already does he has us 1st beat he said he was it raised a good clip goes see dried up here free will you ever receive free beer to be a good ole power I pulled out the gun barrel with gin. Neat to say there it was a very special bit because West Virginia a very special place the probabilities are if it is even heard what. Did you do or how to leave your hair I was playing for the church even read the earth or you mode I didn't write one will ever soul and is it passed or are. No never heard it back to health care. Is Never it were just this Grover the vaccine shot up for a Glock there or are. These that I don't know how to raise or already I just face War I still run that what I heard. There were so unpopular shouted he begins telling me that his house was gone and it knowing stuff going the other guy was terrorism his heart and lungs cranked up this Cold War You don't have to be his slave to say I said mind your the name of Jesus in this hour or you can get rid of all this he says I will close your house and let us pray these are your wire was he said you almost live here or she hollers of your kitchen all right now risking your. There are brave never around here he says cold cold dark on the other. You know this is all true to say you are the same as a listener are being set you free Jethro Yeah pretty hard hold that real good. Deal with. The wife. We pray Jesus let the power of your gender issue for you ready for war we pray for every room in his heart too so poor who was that house who share your. Bed good cared a kitchen. I love it. Very. Neat. Little cracks. There. Where your grill this house. That was trading hands in the region Oh dear. So later we go over to your friends house and he wanted me he just had 00 have brought him here. And so on he helped her here carry her on the street tour here in. Dallas there is nothing to live. Your lives. And it never were coming you would do really just head back there and he's just. Very funny and he burst and the heat hit her it didn't come back and forth and she started reflecting to him she said back Care We're going to my house yesterday and prayed and cast away all those goods he said I was so smooth or something like he prayed to me he. Told me then your mother Minas I'm worried this AM and he rose up at quarter and smiled a leaders must smile because to put into practice exactly what he had were. Grete holds dear. Me. What is this to me was movement going to pick up all our. Descent down. On our. Onward. Mid. Gun. If your desire to be a minister believe it living were to be a person who are really in the hour of the Holy Spirit if you didn't did that and desire to host this can be evil now are I would have to come forward and make class a leap to the garden with fire I'm. Using beat I'll call you if you're a czar. This is a tired old guard I'll walk. Right through this or the pool. Is shallow narrow to our room. We will be. Ready for war. God bless you. Poor I pray you sleep or. That you just don't. Want. Her This is mine. This is the hour we understand or. Move. It somewhere. In this low. Mother you know. We all this is their bed you see your life in our patterns in our houses you know the Vostro will we. This business in the flow of your home where no individual here was called here in the world but you have called us these little baby all these Remember. 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