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The Tentmakers Tactical Advantage

B. Parks


Robert H. Pierson Lecturship Series at Southern Adventist University: Did the Apostle Paul use his Tentmaking for a greater purpose than to supply his financial needs? In this unique message, we study to find that effective discipleship gains momentum through the integration of vocation and victory in Christ. Authentic discipleship isn't just about church life, but the whole life. Paul modeled whole life Christianity. 


B. Parks

B. Parks and family have been church planters with Adventist Frontier Missions in the Middle East for over 10 years.  He is an ordained SDA pastor, motivational speaker and author.  


  • November 2, 2017
    8:00 AM


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One of the most painful questions I received when I was 30 I was waiting for a little good news that was very difficult to get into because for them a missionary and very native has a very had a television show while I was there to get television shows to happen over 70 percent of the population with National Design people who lose their fellowship set to the theme of the show was that they were Jews who were working together with Christian missionaries to the Turkish or to the black market. So you can imagine the idea of visionary was very negative there is I'm so glad that I want to say I was I'm a missionary or mission a title of government. I was like an argument have a vision Well have you have a view that as almost a S. tying in last in my work in Turkey I have yet to try to figure out who has arrived is I was a part of why I want to bring the companies more than coach said leadership skills because I want to do the visionaries come and I had a whole vision of a new show a school just then and they said Turkish people at all I started working with the old melon Tell me tell her tourism business but you know I've been meeting with the son of the mayor of our Sid He had all the bridges university for business degree and he began asking me about I'm sure is a business I'm into risk to do what you market strategy with your homework have tourism in the industry and I was and as you began asking me he didn't question that I knew what I would do 32 or 3 years we need to pay and then today I hope your whole thing is of. Very painful for me and so all of that I was again telling people I'm writing because I was I had published a book I wrote one of the articles in the magazine but you know to have an authentic career is important because the 1st thing when you meet somebody said and then they have to just kind of carye what is really what your expertise and throw they're in the bridge into conversation but if you are very nebulous about that if you didn't want to marry this person or produce the OK and that's right and I'm going to head out should I even with really a danger to school as well your goal. What do you want to do here your quarters and Chinese government and we send this guy you know. So this is why you did it he didn't reveal or now we've chosen this idea of with I'm just going to research this not only what you post started this whole bit but we chose this name 3 years ago I was later than just part paid tribute I leave it woke up and I will have to go back to that I bought the door with me today show because it is over go the grid commission go you enjoy all the world tennis and of course the potential exponential contest all of the lady So if you're African church were sent out to a small church district or 3 churches churches 354550 people and then you know really what is the capacity of that church for growth but if you think within natural care you know this many are dogs and opposed to dogs I've got this many who are actually acted and opposed to what was I actually have those that are kind of in the middle of the road or the left or other right how many can really rely on trickles down to just 3 or 4 and so the idea of 10 me is really quick at the same place for ministry or every person in the capacity of better Adelaide a team can communicate the gospel and a powerful way because they didn't feel godly sensitive areas or B they didn't know it I wrote my little description of who I am just a little sadness there this is where I 1st got out of high temperatures the grew from 35 to 120. I feel great about it you know what I had just a small part to do with that the church knew and understood. The Gospel did have to ask where are limits of their peers 1st before I go there are 3 different occasions and your week of prayer and those people knew they were saved it mother stood there God What can I do have their literature for a potluck they're talking about a progress it was just fantastic and when guests would come there was such a virus eat those yes we just steak and of course our preaching my our our visiting people but it was really the militia and what it has sold I'm sure is far worse for the Iraqis as they are under a lot of their lives of P.T. this is all there ever was another one was really just they were like out of a smattering of society what do people do they work and so the big question is Where is the church when they're not and your bill because of the church just disappears with their nap church then you really don't have to live it you have evolved just happens to feel love and him to his beloved in heaven and so there are surely this morning is how bout you. I don't know that's not a profession here but if you are a religious or private world really you need to begin to think of yourself as the bottom of the need and then the professions that are around you that are needed a Mad Max believe the scientists believe me I am the specialist these are you are Aventuras these are the people who are going to be carrying forward the work you know as we engage in everyday interactions with people we carry. Life. And why I have the power to his life. I was going to the Vatican and arrived and I couldn't have Apollo to work and I when I asked the world in their eyes I get this thing to work she comes out of her square up a storm and she's just passed through all sizes and this looks like she's been through a lot of trouble in our life well to finally get a home and her and I've often fact I gathered through the gestation of your day and I open the door for her and I say ladies 1st and she sobbed and she said well I have and because of the smarter boys laughed at they study the lady and you know the Holy Spirit came on me and I said you're more the lady your friends and Jesus I had and she just stuff she looked at me and she just started to you're out and she said you know I just was through a divorce 3 weeks ago I really needed to hear that and we started a dialogue and I usually carry around a little brochure of the tell every one of them both around but there's one that is just above the head and shoulders above the Red Skull of a letter from Jesus in. And when you hear this love letter Jesus people respond it's just like a message from heaven that there are people all around us if we're alert and are wise and there's no reason that a person has to have the others agree to minister to bring people to them and this is what the 10 year is all about well go tensional is of a movement of cross cultural one of the one marketplace just. To Differ who missed and obviously a person can be attending resorts here United States we just call those an active membership but more avenues of the frenzy for this purpose is that we're focused on sending those active members to places where there are no it's. No it's part of a medicine but in the world there are very 5 see them doing either or that have a nose so they had a presence now in Turkey where I know that we have over 30000 villages of us I was over or that have no Christian presence at all so there is a place where just even moving there would change the statistical map this is a city wide and I used to call that how tell you a little city in the south of turd head it was on a sliver of the most under-rated in the world we moved there was this city also now by God's grace was in the form of his work together a core group of believers media around out of that we had a legion I had baptized. As a savior and I baptized realize that this is for me and has been and you now have no religious group I am the you've got a curious group on and by God's grace she had that although there's a 1000000 young who come in to join the group to go anytime that I ever wanted and this is all a feeling of baptizing and they narrow is all of you this work is going to carry on I want to do you picture my van like this like why am I you know she's from Poland just a great supporter of our boys who are turning completely charged with us over 10 years those are like last year you know we just have we showed a lot of a lot of why or why he was our neighbors and you can see we just were active people there for him and what they look like today all right I talk a little bit I about as a friend to your visions I think probably most of you did turn a little where that primary we're interested in is a church plan and. Missionaries there were all over they heard the language and take people all the other types are more or almost excess quota shares your goods and the carpenter another one to morrow comes from around here it is a moderate camp these guys really know how to endure were tough times they stick with the job and they have to build grit because we're trying to understand the rule of you at every deep level so that you know never synchronize polices or charlatans or which Dr. John Force happens around the world. OK there is a huge word there it ended your order intentional that makes all the difference between tourism. And witness a big difference between just being the international X. Factor and 10 meter because somebody is intentionally internally a situation being once you pointed in business meeting and friendship into something spiritual Not every person you meet is right or worse there are people who the Lord has not always of the Holy Spirit work for a while this is what you have but somebody that is intentional is watching for those opportunities and that's what we're trying to do as I think people who are placed in places like Iraq are going to be sure we've got people working for companies like Sharon X. are people working for Myers on Microsoft and it is global companies who need overcome one big hurdle that they have a mishap languages learn because in the big companies they speak English so we're writing certain Hello version of it and trying to reach Turkish people and things in other words like a lot of Indians outlive Brazil Well I want to buy a house and the guy. Anything you want to cover with the Good News this is up this is a road with language and you're trying to convey a deep spiritual guidance when you get here is a joke is just left and right you know it is this is a very different God So with 10 acres in one way to avoid that because they could work it out the higher level would also be good as the church. And the higher status level in society rather than working for the local or for our so as a missionary in Turkey we are very back to work but I have to ponder because a lot of the people I reached were unavoidable why I didn't have a job so when I go out trying to meet people who are married oh why do people write they were the kind this is the progress of the Gospel by the people who wrote and the read section there is we've all reached people or the least be people world that's what subsidized dishes called 10 for you window stretching across the border Africa as I read your words I write in the pub into Mongolia are trying to praise God heard the greeting maybe I haven't got over 450000 advantages him trying to bridge you had your largest really moving there now hold that picture in your mind and look at this next map. This is a map of the ratio Bishan there is to the major population so you see the red world where we need missionaries and this map shows where Very are getting the mission errors. So go Big Brother Missouri last summer for missionaries and there are going to places throughout Latin America Central America Africa it's really noticeable on the river yet the Mediterranean Riviera there's a lot of missionaries there as a good place to be right in the Highlands but where we really need the missionaries are not receiving the Eat action which means the other region are going to remain region for all time. This is words ending or goes it doesn't rule out the Middle East there are larger home opportunities for people like Robert desires and people who have expertise in chemical engineer him Michael edge here this map shows us where the each or woes of the Middle East and how Christianity is threat and the. Time of your boss all senators of evidences for a reason it was a center of commerce and so the people would come hit their ship the shipping lanes and in their travel the spice routes basically the Gospel spread over all those hours of trial because it was shared by Burgess and people would embrace the good news and then there were periods of just places. Well another advantage that attending her has over her missionary pieces what do we see in this picture here. You have you know the pastor he's getting tonight where is this Arab head and he gave her a law of his lead ha yet you haven't needed skills we're going to fix ourselves hours or you can help us to set our brains for our buildings or whatever those clothes are and that bad guys think that a guy here in there that saw doesn't just have a saw he's got the Holy Spirit in his heart bad for them it is the difference between a word or and intended somebody is going to bring their marks or fire it if it did yours other than his own school other then other than the school yard. And now they go out with a missionary heart now they will use some of your very dollars your reason maybe you may have missed this picture I discovered phone call from a guy last week he said I trained in a secular university he said I wanted to go back and study to be a pastor but I realized I would be much more useful for Jesus if I had a hand and went out into the Middle East and city this is headed just to dock with the focus of the missions changes career Oh speaking of that take a look at this picture these are what we call this here the students this picture taken a few years ago I got assurances to the Middle East that you know it might be to go to a training of it Forder while that's him students these are young people who have chosen to go and get their degree heat in places where there are no or few at a distance so they wouldn't have gone and golden school in the midst of all. All the school who are fighting an old school in places like Yemen and these somewhat dangerous places getting their degree with one verse they're going to be there for 4 or 5 years. And they're going to be there on they believe that their interaction their natural interactions with other people is our going to have going to factorize Colombia where these are really on fire fire kids now there's something buddy that is missing in this picture and you want to be able to identify a tally but you know who's not to this picture in North America. Every one of these poignancy mysterious is coming from South or Central America or Korea. And they said we did try to do this and just we didn't get any volunteers from North America Now one thing you see on my sheet there is I've read the book Cold War or World changer why because we've got to have various they're reporting the seeds in the children in your mirror the dish is imported why her job is your students because somehow there's no agitation among the parents that this is a worthy noble cause. Why did I write that book because I was commissioned to write that book for readers between 2001000 for the Sprint your missions and new volunteers. None he said we had clearly identified that our schools are failing us and we are not happy in the development of a farming system you see when a baseball team wants a good team they start back to the elementary and high schools to be able to find the players talk are former vice you know they fall all over talked about here is a professional mission is good enough or we have a certain educational system supposed to be foreign me missionaries. That's the purpose and there were no are getting missionaries there's no nothing wrong with the education that's happening in our school yeah we were educated brilliant people people going back to the sari and gathering the well that for a church it would take about people who can speak because of people the gospel matters enough that they will Overstreet their life of the delicacies that they want to be able to move to a place to eat J.. Well why does it is he who begins with a little dog in the home and tells within those wealthy king delusion for knowledge when fighting over the whole handling treasure of beating his a man the more he seeks to impart like the more white people receive the more one tries to display the Word of God others with a little over soul of later he comes to excel how to lead them and so in many ways attenuator is a train because the Holy Spirit is right there alongside him and his didn't speak a word of truth to somebody the Holy Spirit boasts a proverb that rock those strategies because really who is the expert to be able to teach anybody how to reach a man home are. Pretty good kids not been dud so that has got to go there and figure that out the Holy Spirit was well worth it he is an old lady of all the 1st standing right there who bit shocked stiff he did the band rugged way he didn't know it was it was going to get such a service that it would be your majesty and followed shot up all of those like. Wow they were yet sinners Christ died at the old garden since he stitching there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus only love their side and his shop. And so we get the promenade picture and the logos spall works really didn't want to be a lot of people and on the flip side it says you know other places that it is a word all so it was a sort of needs Suborder himself but he also got some funding for his missionary. Although there was a 10 maybe reversed balls of fire pieces he was sent by the sure. Or should the new reforms actually that are stressed very bored if you have somebody at yours or should they were to get a job working for Google in Iraq wrote in your church Premier to the front row over there. With your church see them as a missionary were just a person who's leading the church or. Person whose knowing move their membership you see their strategic They are the cutting edge most of the Day Adventists all out you have to begin to think about the spirit in paradise this Paul was sent by the church to be a 10 year oh my God you're a good radio rug guy you're going to go big chances. We've got visitors up to here did the elders maybe I rolled out. He has a great he's lived his ministry and his share is what he believes and he made his disciples we talked about that last night the real killer but as for what all this is about is really producing. Reproducing the papers so we only order towards Carter and then that on her grow old and die and then he just are all over and so are we really need horse deciding a person who can interred teach others the appeal of deciding how to proceed have a frank others how to believe and up encourage others how to lead others and price these. Horrible works. Both are how the church has groups and this is of course the strategy of both of these places because financing does allows the viability of legality allows the white buildings secrecy is important and so our churches are for the door we had a girl they came to Turkey while we were there she was on a tour of Everest diversity she was from China and she told me about her brother a shining star heat House tours was in telling about how structures and she said we have between 50 to 100 people the people on salads they feel down on the ground like this and they said just all next week which other to listen to the cost of that I wonder what I've already got the starter dirty we don't have to keep the windows closed because we're going to let people hear this again or if we were concerned about his or her sister started to grow and we got to 27 people and we decided we got to do something there are business is just too big for our house to house searches are all our work because everybody eats the big matches a breaking news so people are not very considerate about space but you know how churches are people who are somehow just so then together often hidden to be close to one another and share your heart to share from the Bible this is what over 310 years how are you left out of your heater Listen to this from Helen white and she says it is entirely the church members understood where there is a work to be done and the more vigor you know is to wait for a regular process before they may be effortless they should take up work right where they are there should be needed urgent waterfall to regularly so. The regular I mean she had all the cards regular lined I mean you're getting a salary from somebody or a girl I mean that she says approved all this this is what i wanted me to pick up even regular line there it was under Labor one step out of the regular army and take up cell satirizing work surface rather sure does the soul being one of the war in the worst world lover Stand by experience what it means to be labor cigar the big question for me that it was probably a shoeman right what is he doing good to those our country is a different place he said this I believe there is one here in this modern nation sure by the way it was established church after church How did that he waited for the field where there was nothing who was a girder he would build this house and while in the legal and moral life already there it would work to tell a good strong church was established then he stands a good good word add up so he would go to another place and repeat the same thing this it did over and over again the right girl wrote over and over again as a big man regarding the starting point of god forbid Well I love this scripture you know to Scripture is give it back to her one verse it was you speaking to them our decision and speech this gospel was going to do through slow the G.D.S. of marriage the beer and I watched very closely those yellow legs there because you are used to certain talk so if you heard a preacher. ACT UP or paid for his wife what does that say people of. On that it re persecution broke out against the church through song and all except the Apostles were scattered throughout. As America so who's now our M.P.'s America. The church is still a good either our They're at work already doing those who have been scattered preach the word. Me So Jesus has told your boss all this guy was going to go our But it wasn't there was it was who carried it out it was the laity because they were the ones who were scared and where they were they were freed good and it changed the world it literally changed the world you just think about the dynamics if you give it to a church or 3rd fire or beauty and you are not the only preacher you have 35 preachers. This is the radio suddenly change. And that's what we've got to struggle world Taylor this is what Martin Luther says about this. He says that if it is your invitation that the pope bishops priests and laws are all those errors or state prisons border regions farmers are all that terrible as they did this is indeed a piece of deceit and piracy yet nobody be intimidated by him and that for this reason all recessions are illegal the spiritualistic and the really good years among them except there are as we are all created raised by balances the mind how do you know all 500 years to get a stranger. Is it possible that the reason that we can't go to a business is about ordination is because we're in the wrong way to is there Jesus said If you're interested 2 plus $27.00 or 9 you're not going to come up with an answer the Ensor is in the freezer of all the leaders. Jesus never intended that we're going to use trial we're layers of holiness is it possible the organization of a Celt he doesn't go out of desiring I do road. I was sure of the movie but I think our time as Costco will hold up I really want to see it there's another concept called business admission her powerful research staff room I'm going to close here just with this last quarter well why did we invite against him why listen to this she says this is people who wish harder use is cool the strength of which the laxity makes the hand who may come from God Whatever we do wherever we are placed he desires and troll our minds that we do perfect work this issue less than the contented industry and the necessary bs of life is yet to be learned by video writing followers it wires were raised more services for Character 2 or for garden paths the other mechanic merger lawyer are carrying the phrase there are British realities in the order the supply the labor and they're called missionary in the open field it requires a stronger spiritual nerve to bring religion into the worst shock and the business office center find it easy to overlook everyday life and mores ever trends are supporting the standard of God's word but this is one of those or requires. Well. This is what God has asked of us when we go get connected to the light and very much room for those of you who have churches we have to nourish to challenge your church to do this is a good and some of the best that you've got to send to the places where they're in that red zone where you have no hinders that's what the church needs to get as a run all over the mission. Using the latest for all because. Every set of saws I see this morning that I'm. Over looked was sitting outside of the box working with the Rovers in the day when every major who has value or is rich will impact the employee all. The components of training for every major communication use we we offer ourselves to you right now. There being New Direction want to use us new ways we should go about our career our service. To this. Is. 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