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Growing as a Disciple

B. Parks


Often our evangelistic "training" is really just a lot of "how to" talk. How can we turn talk into actual action?


B. Parks

B. Parks and family have been church planters with Adventist Frontier Missions in the Middle East for over 10 years.  He is an ordained SDA pastor, motivational speaker and author.  


  • August 1, 2017
    8:00 AM


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How many of you are inspired by God to let me see your hands. You know we have done this by really any other and we want to do that which is excellent writing we want to do that which is in a good in fact one of the things there's always the heart of US and the. Prophecies of the last days are to be a Laodicean lukewarm church because obviously isn't worth much of them and we know why that description we were doing of ourself in hot conditions or as a pastor it curls and when he came to visit eternity and we visit later this and that and they describe to him how the Mountains of a lot of the other are right there behind the ears the and the cold waters would come down the mountain and then come to live and then over on the other side is the city of Iraq will we see these mission actually in the photos of Colossians and do you have within about a 10 mile radius of the cities of leaders of the Empire outlaws and quiet and higher out of the place where they have hot and Romans with go there to they in the hot springs and so the waters of higher up was a cold waters of the Love met at later this the and then you got a little more water and this Rich Carlson thought about this he said you know really enough coal water is bad sometimes we want cold water knowing we use it for any good there for certain purposes we use it to drink again and on a hot day we're glad for cold water so if that hot Jesus is a growing to be hot or cold to be able to do so ministry to have some motion rather than one. Listener it is called trying versus training what is the difference between try and train. We tried to do something we get our back to Aberdeen writes the university people say things like I'm going to trial who's ways this year or I don't want to try to get our planet or I'm going to try to sit here by a good possibly while. You here here we are all glad we tried to I are going to try and overcome our I would try and give up smoking around and try to visit my neighbors in my area there's a big difference between trying to trade what was the big difference well I want to I wanted I thought about this train for America on this because you don't see one thing you don't hear these people say I'm going to try to do a marathon the people train for America I have a train what's the difference there and so I did a Google marathon for a big picture and I put up here that would show people's wedding running exercising you know drawing I wanted to have pictures I typed in America on trains and you know it came up with pictures. That's how this shows the difference between trying to train train as about order it's about system it's about discipline these are charts of weeks of time and what you've got to do in order 16 weeks before America on we're 20 weeks before America to be ready so close up look something like this week number one Monday the rest oh you know that on Monday you can resume fundraiser marathon this week start out rested and I like that Tuesday however you go rather 3 months no that's not I want that Tuesday to work with the state 3 miles Thursday 3 miles Friday get a rest average I want you to run 6 miles these are miles here so you notice it works its way all the way up before the marathon 3 weeks before the marathon you're running 20 miles boy that is some training right and then Sunday is a cross train and you think maybe a Sunday worship or put that on there cross you know that's a different church you know having to cross train and get the idea well treat takes discipline right it means you have to focus on goal and you are moving systematically forwards that goal and you have this was prepared actually by many kids who has prepared over 500000 people for America and he claims through his network computer system he said of them on that website it is Chicago Bears America were 40 percent of the people who run the Chicago Marathon are running for the very 1st time. Because people have decided they want to be able to complete a marathon and they started him on the system of trade it's something that you can't just do what he did notion that you get on Friday and say hey you're on Sunday let me get it out. Or do that thing because what it's going to it's going to create an injury here yourself and where you do dangerous to other people. That's what Merriam Webster's had the definition for her to train to teach so as to make fit qualified or profession to form by instruction discipline or drill that's this word form to form means to take shape or to become own right is going to become something it wasn't by instruction discipline or drill and to me prepared as by exercise for a test of skill to direct the growth of a plant usually by bending pruning or tiny and to any minute object or objective So this is where we're focused on is what is it in church what is it as a body of believers that we are training for we want to become what are we being shaped into is there some sort of goal some sort of something that we are to be other than if you. Did God want to form us into something. Who is this person. That is Michael Moore That's right he played for the Chicago Bulls is probably one of the greatest basketball players of all time Michael Jordan was known for really be able to score of anybody and on every game the average about 40 points per game when you think the average N.B.A. game is the name the point he scored about half of the team's points per game and where things Michael Jordan was expection really good that was in the last minutes of a game in the last seconds of the game if the game with the time he could you know it was 8 seconds left this time out the bowl down the hall and we were going to give them all to Michael's or their high score so all the opposing players knew that the all that is going to there's one man whose nose was on the outs is going to be given that thought to have all the opposing team focused to try their best against Michael Jordan if you could call it were 765 and he would just pull or pull moves and you can put a point in his interviews and ask him how it is that you can so consistently Haugen who are the top players in the world and he said it's just simple I practice and he says when I step on the court it's not a game it's simply something that I have done over and over and it's so easy that as we said this is so easy because I was done in all people who are and this is I'm just simply curious that when Joe conditioned myself to do it but of course it. Nice part of the game the hard part was the crime and training is about practice and I want to when I when I'm talking about all of you you're US firing in the a Stars and I agree but you aren't aspiring stars are Jim when you live to be a star and we're called the stars of the most time and then the chapter 12 it says you will shine like the stars of heaven and here are those who have learned the soul to crimes that's what it us are in God's eyes are those who have used their spiritual power in a way that has somehow influenced other people and those Jesus and to me Jesus and Jesus looks beautiful with glowing smile on his face and says You are these are my thing that. Will hold in the pits are going to try to be a star or is a possible that we could train to be a star. What victories in your mind moves you like to experience. What would you like to train to become for Christ Who would you like to be in Cry arms who is your life to have him see you in to turn to the hope of the Senate in the chapter to read for a 2nd for our Scripture really because it says there that he wants all men to be seated in the comfort knowledge of Christ was that of the possible incense and the we got us of the answer so I had said in the chapter to be a good your 1st Timothy on this and that was our scripture reading and now for a 2nd time the captain students and their unit verses one for you then my son the strong and the gravy that is in Christ Jesus at the end you have for sale in the presence of many witnesses and for us to revive them old men who will also be qualified to teach others verse 3 in your partnership with the lady a good soldier of Christ Jesus no one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs he was as pleased as a man in arms and similarly if anyone compete as an athlete this man receives a vigorous crowd and let the computer according to the rules were 6 hard working farmer to be the 1st to reach the German props reflect on what I'm saying the whole world with impunity insight into all of this. Last word or think about what I'm talking about now in these verses mentions 3 different types of people what are the soldiers soldier. After the are and aren't right good so there's nobody says here's our soldiers where we know a lot of soldiers a soldier have training. Yes In fact the soldiers train 1st they go off to boot camp right and that's where they get the mood the commander really hits them around and then it gets them into shape as though without reason a Harley is really an arm is it's just a collection of people so that this is one that's really form an arm for people who come to work with you alive and remembering a time when our nation or the army together as a disease the British and whatever nation declared independence and George Washington was given this task of taking these Ray men a collection of events and turning them into an arm and it was important that they had 3 so we have a soldier and we have a happily. Picture here of in the swimmer Michael Phelps but also of course one of the past winners of all time but you know last year's records one green gold mask 23 gold medals more gold medals than anybody has ever seen before and he has over 60 Olympic medals and told amazing man what do they need just try to win the Olympics medals do you think that was just something that just kind of popped that added that. You know that that shot. You had. Rigid reins for your coach to work in and. Needs and then here we have a farm so farmers don't get much name there are very few farmers who you could name by name because of their fame right and yet are we all thankful for the former yes so what do farmers have in similarity to soldiers and affluence. They have their plan I think that's exactly right they have to project themselves towards the harvest so there is the ground water ground I have several farmers here most of my family and early and mark the work while you look for that in February they were living in a handy Palo they are getting the seeds and they were leaking about getting the little cup started receipt because you couldn't picture something far in the you needed which is the hardest way and that takes. Takes a lot of planning and discipline so what is in common with the soldier the athlete and the farm and these aspects we have they're all they all have patience so they have the long end view in mind so when we started on World War 2 We knew this was not going to be a war that was going to be quickly won it's not like the 6 needed war we handed the knowledge that this is going to take a patient in durance takes planning takes preparation and in life style I want you to think of each of these in late of your spiritual growth and your spiritual aspirations what is it that you're aspiring for. What is it that you really want to become in this life for Jesus patience planning preparation each takes time discipline diligence purposefulness an interesting one you think that any of these would wake up early and not all of them has somehow tied in with success is to make use of the day and to rise early so that you can capture the moment when your energies are higher to creativity to highs Have you ever heard of an armed with a book you were diverted here just doesn't matter the other or a farmer that wakes up late doesn't happen an athlete there see something happening with or dark or dark hour they are running because they want to get the most out of themself one of our Christian is a Christian wake up early. To get that know a bit from the Lord. So here we are there is a movie in the stands behind all of these now there's 2 types of motivation there's the external motivation and the internal motivation and the soldier here is primarily motivated acts thoroughly So here is another alarm chain of command and is told exactly what news to do and so he doesn't rise early because he wants to he rises or only Percy to write he had been there if the person wants to if he has to there's an external radiation and that means that they're going to pin that medal on him or that if you're going to get the media accolades from his commander and other privately he has sucked the room director because he has this internal drive that says I want to go Belle I want to perform we also have a coach there that Urban on and that even though I would shine a little here and sometimes early spar with him to make here be all that he can be sort of the map he has for X. thorough and internal motivation of the farmer exhibits all of our work to do. It is an entirely internal thing that. Get the seeds in the right I want to see that Mark's can visualize the picture a look at this. Their attitude the soldier has an attitude of obedience focus. Your aptly has an attitude of discipline are with the hard work. Has an attitude and it is a ride because of the mental picture regardless O.S.'s of this the world will be convinced not I want to go home to teachers put my work the church lives. Sometimes we wonder why have church in North America has been largely static the growth within a set of a 1000000 members since the 19th. Why is it that all of church and the various flat line growth rates why it is that has grown going around Esko grown at all innocent membership and then to a 5 Probably not I mean I wonder why isn't it is because we haven't had a good preacher is at all like that that the world will be changed by the lives of the people and I am really really whole as I look at this the area of training is something that our whole search has led us down on our rules are just homeless down is becoming somebody in Cry to be able to change the world to be able to influence enough back to take the spirit of yes the mourners Peninsula and make them into something that influences other people actually for in. No way says every church should be training school group creation workers. When we start Sounders schools historically anyway what are the sounds cool or but the sounds were it was the train people as well as all the school to train people not answers and theological debate but to train people for the work of God You know one of the things of the work of God is to be knowledgeable of the Bible and so that became a component of that as well there was a purpose as all the purpose of sound school was the train people how to communicate the truth of God's Love how to communicate the gospel of other people but somehow the framing opponents the gods were left in the high views about in the kingdom of heaven like a big wheel and there in the middle of your work was really is the genius of the wheel in the heart right without the love of your just a sermon was going to go nowhere it's the hunt that connected to the current current and gives a pile so that the integration line is that. Is the magnificent thing that centers around the cross and what it is that took place at the cross and this is what we're going to train and what is what have the cross the reason communing is that you have there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ and have only given cry for Jesus says in violence in the home of all men to me and then the less verses by and as he meant the cross and cry that you will be in the world when it is we're going to be drawn we're going to be drawn whom to him on the cross frame and so as the heart of this train is Jesus was in a new cell for us that we may have. On a line there is no judgment upon those who have put themselves in crime because the judgment of God came on he's us and we find ourselves in him the judgment has all on him and he has borne the brunt of that I'm moving him is good news. Well if there's this wheel and Jesus is a hug one of the spokes this to the verbal spokes It's called prayer and it's called the Word of God we have to be trained that this is one thing that I think if any of you doing reading about modern church if I designed the ship is becoming a more and more popular subject and here's why and people reflect more into science as the church grew up we were largely working to convert people who were coming out of a Christian background which means they had been training in their whole frame their mother and father were Christian so they knew how to pray and they probably had a mother who read the Bible or a mother who read the Bible in mostly isn't a church with their grandmother with her young and so the disciple have sex of prayer and the Word of God People who knew who did even though I have worked as my children this last week I was so proud of them to be able to go to Africa and tell the African people and I was teaching on this I was in their house my boys were in Bible lessons system or in children here and I don't like to give unless those 3 in children but I had to go away and if I go away I'm leaving you a job and a life as no problem that we've got this covered. Only so you see that transfer of discipleship means that we can become capable of the word and for erudition was they were teaching those Korean kids the advent of the you know the story I ever read a story about Jesus bore no knowledge. Here's where we're seeing a society that has that society has Mal growing up outside of the boundaries of Christianity not knowing what prayers not knowing what the Bible is and some discipleship is becoming a needed and this is Eric I wanted to teach people what's the basics of being rich or why did Jesus All About Who is Jesus other salvation were what is forgiveness really mean what is it people don't even know what Sanders. They're carrying around the behavior guilt load on their consciousness and don't even know why because they're never told they haven't read or that they are accountable to the reader and that they have a conscience and the conscience is very witness to a law and the law says you are condemned and although you have this right and Jesus and lived off of them and so it whose duty it is it isn't the pagans jar to teach the other reading is about this will lead us. You know only person who's going you are somebody who knows you say use them or me is actually under training in cell as well I will go 1st and 2nd the whole person is activity are so special because they are. All training a young man from the folks we can really learn and grow. Every church should be a training school for a Christian workers now I have another pull alongside of that I don't think I can bring out of this presentation in my area on. The way home instead of living on this subject and how the church is on a limited period and is as. Their members they will grow. With me more than frame seminars and they all sat through a lot of training seminars I have been training seminars are special they motivate these fire but it's not really the message Jesus gave us what matters is Jesus deliver training. In this one on one personal training and experience will bring us about with his disciples in the villages of the way working with young people teaching on the miles in a frame of the whole as it was in the interaction intercourse of daily life that he trains his men we don't see anything really about them our style varying. Gauteng tell and having ordinary people I place where his story hasn't yet and go time so much training and coaching professionals doctors and engineers language teachers and others for. Effective and intentional witness wherever their global career made sense you could easily become one of them learn how you can connect at W W W go 10 so that right now let's get back to this exciting presentation psycho Tendulkar host hired part them to remove and replace So the 1st lesson actually but here drew me with a design this is an acronym no to use underlying their acronym he r g but G.R.Y. T.R.Y. TRY your 2 cents or 3 and the 1st is if we really want to excel we've got a fine example. Say in a theoretically in the theoretical We have to go about doing something and this last week I was in your and I've been running something called Multiply is a push for go ahead was I'm in our living area for those who have a home or the step up to be on the ladder and moving upward in their usefulness for God's kingdom and so we're excited that many in the living area and several from the Holland search joining that and so as I head up to Africa as the light is unable to change they want a door that no problem be willing to do that and heavy undermine it was this idea. That we don't just come together blithering talking and return of the we actually have some different or and so as I understand that last week you didn't pull an assignment very jail for this return in 2 weeks with stories of how you carry the work of God and that's what's really important is pretty there is on the side as well by and training the man for doing this and I don't just say you're going to need a vendor really and you're going to need to you know get up your chest and I don't just talk about that the actual assignment is this week you're going to do this many. We get to as mine. The 2nd lesson is that which is remove and replace if you're wanting to really grow in your ability to be useful for who or something is going to come out of your life so if you're going to want to grow in your career affect in this what is going to do with now I'm taking the time really would forever order if you're wanting to grow in your ability to witness or have a home group in your house well now I'm digging that time this delivered a spade and you're going to have to remove that thing whether you know it isn't really in the news or whether it's getting a hole a dangerous thing up late or whether it's structural your date what do you have to remove and replace the Bible Belt as the latest structure that centered around swimming and yet and where the remove from that is not out of practice intent. Of gardening The turf is focused on this goal what is our goal to become men women useful for the Kingdom of God and what that I mean if you will so I ask very active minutes for her that whole thing then for or for a season or I I will focus in on Africa and I'm going to get an orphanage started there and she cleared out everything just to focus in on that high hole and I'm going to give you a different role for my mom and dad for many years in was focusing on refugees and mistrust in their I just around the service of people who who couldn't even speak their language what is a GOD will put on your life I don't know but he knows and if you see him community that you and you can remove and replace then started walking with the angels to find that the and that's were released a number of. Lesson 3 which is guided by the spirit of the roots of the Spirit then yield to the self in arriving in earth in the day we read these proofs look at the Earth and the parts that I have in chapter 2 and 1st who are against the story than endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus earth for no one serving them a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs he was a police. Officer immersed or there was a soldier removing. Movie this is really very very and the food brewed as it is from a officer is really. Going to burst out there WERE believe anyone pieces an athlete does not receive the very 1st crown unless and competes for him to the rules so what's removing from his $101.00 of the only Williams plain worth of proof is the picturesque around. The fire the former hardworking farmer should be the 1st receive a share of the crops so the hard working former rules from those like that would be one of the reward is the Yes case. Yesterday my son rightly rasberry he only had one right occurred that I was aware of and when you started your raise like that taste this and your idea for her is the taste of the 1st fruits and then. To get the. What's the difference between these 2 sailboats. Yet this has all of the structure to be able to grasp the women but it's not grasping the wind the sails are moving if you have ever gotten sailing I've had the experience to be here and inexperience they were never really had a grand experience bein. A life saver I just know what it is to get hit in the head with my car you know when you're trying to change wheels and suddenly don't think I was coming over. There and sometimes you forget to duck or they can't really they are you what's the difference between being a Christian who is actively in. Gave to the service of God you think these people are having more enjoyment from their sailing experience than these people these people are just sitting there frustrated with these guys get got a helmet on because he's afraid of getting whacked you know and there is a way that we pick people our sales targets and actually grabbing the wind and moving out in purpose towards it as a nation and in our Christian life we can either be going somewhere or we can be just sitting. Sad. Person. Can be sitting there sitters or in yours voices really low. He's a straight A disabled that brain still available Yes it is you want to stay out one has to be able to accomplish something. One of the greatest heroes of Nebraska this man right here you know athletics and the brand new Cornhuskers have 3 not only on the team level but there is the individual every individual for anything and they can only gather the team and then they train as a team and both of those married together individual for him when he injuring Ashley really jams and who through Jim Morris some of them was one of the less I want if you are jewels of a this last week a nation area I met a man named John I was jogging in strong Australia was working Pablo's of war if you heard of the company of Oracle there was a new all the computer programming for airports around the world other foreigners deal corporations. Different companies like Boeing when buying into their software and then the always will John Wall man I was sure platform with the Nigeria even worse over all of Asia sales for Oracle very response to his mission and he stepped down from that position to start a church in Australia and he got this urge because he was nice out in the adult and he had to help and over a 7 year period of time he saw. Those young adults fade away to where the rolls 12 left and I'm sure you realize what we're doing organ needles and this is our program a program for a program they have done for them he says this isn't training this is entertaining and there's a big difference and he says we've got to do something about this and so stick with this find local jobs and focus is brain in any way on this problem of local church use live in Melbourne Australia and describes it as a university town similar to perhaps Austin and there are these again trying to plan churches among the most secular high level doctor degree individuals and you can imagine that's quite a challenge Well this is quite a potpourri from 20122000 or until now but because Grey's Anatomy by a surgeon the bad guys 300 people 200 per still in the area a 100 of them gone out to their home countries because they were students some from China some from all Asia some from Thailand and they come into the mill more work and then they head back because grazing East figured out a system of training that not only is their church just pulling people together to work on the actual ear training then women how to write them for a and see the word of God and to burgle them through word of Uncle spoke of fellowship and witness for in how to run fellowship how witness to 30 years how to understand we're gonna and how to pray with the price at the heart of how we didn't do when or baptism when that be a wonderful testimonies to be able to have here in our link there. You know all of this website is full of trade materials it's called rightly trained were closed videos here like to be trained I would say that would be a great place to start as well as regularly did we have our old apply which is go after all year of trainee already and I feel stronger from it perhaps you would too you're welcome to join in a little play group talk to me or some of those who are here that. The Bible talks about each of these phases in life people going from death to life and we focus most of our efforts on bringing people from death into salvation death into salvation we want to see received how Louis are there born again they're born again but you know there's other phases in the Bible from going from being a baby to a child to a young adult to a father they can actually assist and pull people up and to grow grow the Lord in our knowledge and usefulness to the Lord. T.R.G. train with the sign and remove men and place and guided by the Spirit. We are in a race and in a race every writer grows so when the rains we are just joining this Christian life just because it's a hobby right we want to brother to win and we're going to be winners it's a related we're really if you're going to come to the end of your life and think Who have I left that part it would be God's grace there will be made that you have a path toward the name of Peter's and the whole the whole selfish and training there actually to be solar for that very pleasure Well I would've thought Yeah right you're. Buying all these letters that are 5 years old. There are gods in the air work and use them is. The United States why as well as the people who brought them there as well as the desire of an error or a serious hunger all services of people as their work I was there I got to call United Airlines on the ball on this is all talking with them and says we can reroute you. But it's going to cost $300.00 you know what I had a choice to stay inside Syria why children my ministry my house and just make a new life there and that you're in mourning pay me hundreds of dollars what do you think there's $350000.00 when it is around all mountain and all and not all I was like here's my credit card number I was willing to pay the crying. The goal you know free isn't free eighty's effort and that's why we have to remove and replace them in the train was easy everybody we're relying on your blue car is if you know what the words of even hope why why you will come over to my field in your own home why father and mother are fearful of your. Freedom. Love one. With a little room in the frame this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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