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Who May Live on Your Holy Hill

B. Parks


Spoken for a MENA Tentmaker conference in Dubai, this sermon is a refreshing wind of gospel hope.


B. Parks

B. Parks and family have been church planters with Adventist Frontier Missions in the Middle East for over 10 years.  He is an ordained SDA pastor, motivational speaker and author.  


  • May 16, 2018
    8:00 AM


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I have seen a lot of miracles in my life and his handiwork over and his is moving circumstances and moving people and situations is sometimes so compelling overwhelming you just have nothing to do with just say Thank You God for. A few years ago I was just thinking of one story that is was so riveting for me I was out on a lake by family and I had been invited to speak for a camp meeting in the United States and we were paddling a canoe around this lake and enjoying it our children were just this cuddly 5 year old size you know and they were so enjoy in our lives they like Daddy we want to idle we want to paddle too and so I sat way a back up on the back of the canoe and let them try to paddle in about we've been out there for about an hour quite a big lake and suddenly this cloud started rolling in and then there was lightning and it started to rain and it was raining pretty hard so I was like boy we gotta get in and so I sat in the main piling spot and started to paddle brawlers were kids jumped out of the boat my wife was in the boat she ran with of the boys and I was just pulling the canoe up on shore when I started to feel my pockets and I realised my wallet is gone and I had thoughts particularly before getting in the canoe should I leave my wallet on the shore or should I take it with me and I thought Nah I'll just take it with me and I realized that I had that dropped out in the middle of this lake somewhere now the rain was just coming down lightning. And you know for I could have just left that and been done with it except for one thing and that was from that camp meeting we were going to fly to Alaska and meet my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary and in my wallet was my only form of ID. Which meant basically that I was in big trouble. It was a major disaster and so I just I told the guy there he was under like a shack I said I gotta get another boat and go back out there is when you're crazies are going to get struck by like I said I got to go and so I grabbed a kayak and I just started going out there and I was praying you know I was like oh God please help me I'm such an idiot I was going to do this and you know it was like just show the lack of space I had for prayer and. I was like that little 0 How could ever happen and I'm paddling and suddenly I was just struck with the thought in my mind you are not going to get any results with this kind of rain. And. I was just filled with emotion and I called out with all my heart oh God it has but you've raised the dead Jesus to heal the blind you raised left vs gave lepers there's kin back and gave cripples their legs I said Jesus I need your help bring me that wallet or let the wallet come to me I'm in a big lake and we travelled prolly a mile out there the rain is coming down and I started to paddle just with tears streaming down my cheeks Jesus as help me and no less than 30 seconds later I see this little. Black in on the water we have and it's blowing and I mean there's waves on this thing and I see this like black fan and so I paddle over to this thing and they're in there in the water I can see my wallet hanging down money is literally hanging out of the wall it is so real I can't even believe what I've seen and I could just imagine me getting close to that thing and then suddenly. You know it's like disappearing I'm like oh I'm to me. I put my hand out I don't know the order and I lifted out and I just said yes. It was a total miracle like when you know the head floated in and out all the back to shore gardens amazing you know yes it made. Me. Well I hope that he does some good for you and he does it for me all the time I tell you that night at camp meeting I told that story and I put all I had $60.00 in the wallet all of them were sopping wet still and I just put them in the plane I said take it you just take and I don't. Have the. Driver's license so. I want to turn tonight to the book of songs to focus on last night I told a lot of stories tonight we're just going to really present the Bible book of songs and look at Song 15. Board the plume a dwelling you're saying she wary who may live on your Holy Hill. That's a very pertinent question is that who I want to live in that same sure I want to live on his Holy Hill. This is Song 15 verse one now you know when it's talking about the sanctuary it's not talking about Solomon's Temple it hadn't been built yet this is David is not talking about the wilderness tabernacle he say who can live there he's talking about heaven he's talking about the throne of God that some day who can live there where the myriads of Angels are in the grand palace of the King of the universe and he gives this answer 1st to he who is walk is blameless and who does what is right Jesus who speaks the truth from his heart has no slander in his tone does his neighbor no wrong cast no slur on his fellow man who despises a vile man but on earth those who fear the Lord who keeps his own even when it hurt lands as money without usury and does not accept a private against innocent he who does these things will never be shaken that chapter different times and different seasons of life can be a real discouraging because I am not the blameless and I'm not that bright just God of the Bible talks about right just men there who's right just no one who found grace in the eyes of the Lord different man in a season of time where of all the earth was about to be destroyed there is a time where it talks about a righteous Abraham and righteous job God saw these men and he pointed them out even boasting to Satan about Job's a right just in us. But sometimes I don't feel like that right just man I give you this talk tonight because I think all of us as people of faith there are seasons in time where Satan wants to bring a cloud of doubt that's so heavy over our minds that we find ourself in despair and we say I am never going to make it to that sanctuary I never. Know it's going to be there and I believe that with all my heart that it is there I can see myself standing in the midst of those angels any more or less knows times last night when we talk about conviction conviction tonight I want to talk about disrupting the fiction. Because there is a fiction that Satan would like to paint in your mind which says you ain't going to make it the distance between your life and the holiness of God is just too vast You never felt that way God comes in and he wants to disrupt that picture and I love how he does it were to look at a few characters in the Bible look at it look at Jacob turned to Genesis Kaptur 28 you see Jacob had done some trickery he had come up with this idea that he was really in a blasted family and he deserved the blessing and he was going to do some things to manipulate situation so that that blessing was sure to come to him right and now he found himself in a house of tension he's at odds with this dad he put this goatskin arm him and pretended to be his brother and now he's at odds with his brother his mom and his father are at odds because of creating this situation and there's real stress in the home and so Jacob decides I got to get out of here actually as mother suggestion I got to get out of here and so he packs up this things and he heads out and God comes to him at night time now there's a fiction in his mind it's a lie of Satan which says you are going to be a trickster your whole life you're going to be fleeing all your life your whole future is marred and there's no way to really rearrange these things and look what happens here in chapter 28 of Genesis verse 10 Jacob left Beersheba and set up for hard when he reached a certain place he stopped for the night because the sun had said to be one of the stones there he put it under his head and lay down to sleep and this is recorded much later but the fact that we know he used the stone broke below is very interesting this is a hard night for him did many waiting and one time a nice loaded. An elevator shaft in Japan on the ground and the elevator continue to reset every 15 minutes like this. So I got up and headed out of the hall and slept on a park bench it was a hard night and a wicked sandwich for cheating on me it was hard in different ways because of this action of who he was it was me who are unworthy of your grandpa was Abraham man of faith look at you running away person these things and is it lead there but what happens in verse 12 he had a dream in which she saw a stairway resting on her with its top reaching to. See. Who and why in her sayings and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it 1st 13 there above it stood the order and he said I am the LORD the God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac pile will give you and your descendants a land on which you are lying your descendants will be like the dust of the earth and He will spread out to the west and he's to the north of the South all the peoples on the earth will be blessed through you and your offspring I am with you I will watch over you wherever you go and I will bring you back to this land I will not leave you until they are done what I have promised you. When Jacob awoke from his sleep thought surely billboard is in this place and was not aware of it this is it friends the Lord is in the midst of your life and you are now aware of it don't forget that the Lord is with you his by your side and when times looked up in the job situation is not what it ought of the family situation is not what it ought to know this the Lord is on your side. He is more committed to you then you are to him and he gives these promises to Jacob basically saying you may be faithless but I am faithful. I was just at a large mission conference in Thailand where we had all of our front here missionaries and these are some folks very committed going to places where there is no church there is no average to support they never hear singing why because they themselves must sing there is no congregation there to sing with you know what that's like and one of the missionaries there who was giving his testimony was telling about his own struggles and how he and his wife were fighting one day and they were just having a real trouble in their heart they gone through depression a burn out and they were saying here we are fighting and shouting at one another people who fight and shout like this are going to hell we don't even really want to help then you know they're 7th Day Adventists and there's a we're going to go out and if we're going to hell that whatever we do it is a very. Good and very candid you know testimony. You know we get to this point sometime and we need to know God is close he's with us he helps us through our times of discouragement pain turn for a moment to Romans Chapter 4 Romans 4 tracks the life of Abraham and this is one of the 1st ones what are you sure we say that Abraham our forefathers discovered in this matter 1st to you if in fact Abraham was justified by works he had something to boast about for God What does the Scripture say he bring him believe gone on and it was credited to him as right distance what did some 15 say that we need in order to get into the sanctuary of righteousness where we couldn't get them right just in US it's created to us it's credited to us it's not of our own if it was of our own then we really have something to boast of but not before God we need to hear. Tell our friends hey I mean really good God doesn't want to hear about that because he's got somebody else that boasts of he boasts about Jesus the man he wanted here the glory of what Jesus is done with Jesus is done in your life lean on upright to move in verse 4 now when a man works is we just are not created to him as a gift but as an obligation I went to the man who does not work but trusts God justifies the ungodly his faith is credited as righteous and this is a most amazing verse do you see what it says they're gone just to find the ungodly this is the most unusual group or what is God but justice God is complete justice justifies the ungodly How is this possible what it does for us is it opens up a massive door of possibility of salvation and if God justifies the ungodly couldn't I'm qualified. Couldn't you qualify him and if you qualify or the other godly then step in the door and say God I want that justification that you give to the very type of person that needs it. So this in the Bible while we were yet sinners Christ died right Christ died for us the very next chapter here her 6 you see it just the right time trying to find her series you see in just the wrong time when we were still our lives Christ died for Lee I'm not really and this is where we disrupt the fiction because Satan wants to discourage us and say you are not good enough to get into heaven you can just step forward and say same that's what qualifies me for having it qualified me by being a sinner is the very thing that qualifies me for the grace of the Lord. You know I told you last night that 2 days ago now it's 3 days I love the phone with a demon that demon was shouting and hissing and I mean this man the demon had a name he was beating against the guy who I was working with saying I will old this man a prisoner This is a 1st time I've actually spoken with him and I've seen a lot of demonic activity but the 1st time I've actually heard demon voice you know what that demons effort was I was on the phone with them for about 20 minutes his whole effort was to discourage me. I was the guy who was going to eat victim from his house and so at that moment his whole thought was I have to discourage this man and so as I was reading Scripture Sometimes he would say oh that's a SO BORING what you're reading and as I hesitated I I came to a point work eyes I was quoting the scripture and and I hesitated because I couldn't remember exactly I said Jesus says I am the resurrection of the life and he who believes in me and I. Hesitated because I know it's as though he die he shall live and then you know what the demon said oh you hesitated do not believe that. You see Satan found out from the sanctuary in heaven he does not want us to arrive there. And what he wants to do is bring us down he wants to bring us into a hopeless situation but the Bible is so filled with hope that if we talk about what Jesus came for that Jesus whole purpose is the king of the universe to come as an infant baby it was for your and I myself a ship that he came to save sinners he came to save people who are godless like you and me how Louis are to keep our minds focused on that and tell that because that's the very thing that your Muslim brothers and sisters need to know it's very thing that over there your Hindu and Buddhist friends need to know because everyone gets some kind of a doubt fact I when I was just in Thailand recently they have a huge wall of hell person going to go from a cold Havel to a hostile they're going to go from the hot hell to a beating in hell and they have it all pictured out and mapped out because everybody who dies 1st before they are reincarnated into a cow or a snake or a dog they've got to go through some hell what a hopeless existence how deluded Jesus gives us a different path. And so it was Jacob had this fiction in his mind and Jesus came and disrupted that and he said Let me show you a ladder brother it goes from the ground from your head all the way up to heaven and there are angels descending the ascending on that and Jesus brought that out in its own exegetical fashion turn to John chapter Chapter one. Jesus comes and there is these callings of his disciples in the Fanjul he sees in that then you are praying under this fig tree and in verse $49.00 nothing will declare Rabbi you are the Son of God You are the king of Israel and Jesus said you believe because I told you I saw you went to the fig tree you shall see greater things than that then and I tell you the truth he shows the heaven over and ages of God of the city and vicinity on the Son of man you see the Son of Man is our ladder to ascend to the throne of God I want to be at that throne you want to be at the throne we gotta stand on Jesus we have sinned by His blood by His stripes by his torture on Calvary these are wrongs on the ladder and as we come and we look at Christ as clear as it was that when the serpent was lifted on the pole look at live that said look at Jesus and we got a life it's ours gives us that guaranteed I like how in the story of Job Job a right just managed to torment to this lifetime as children are killed is clocks are taken away as well this taken away from his pelvis taken away he's really in a terrible situation and I think Satan leaves as his wife puts them because the poor Miss Right bad got a little mercy take the wife away and all but. They said I'm going to leave her and she could have my helper in the situation and stuff there is job and now even God has to disrupt his fiction because job is relaying a story line to his friends I've let a writer slide I have let a writer slide and he's repeating what work he has of being such a good. Man It even says in chapter 21 how we help the poor and is as the people were in need he would go and take food to the widow and as he would walk through the streets the old men would rise because they knew him as such a virtuous man job to repeating this about his own goodness and what this guys do becomes and disrupts the fiction and God says stop Joe that's enough let me tell you about myself as a god tells of his grandfather and his hour at some times we all need to be interrupted and God knows how to do it for the 2nd trip Yes Chapter 5 in verse 21 God made him who had no sin to be sin for us so that in him we might become the writers of God I will lose. How is that right Jesus and Jesus the Christ every day just place yourself in Christ in tongues his writings and our ages and that's the good news is a chapter of chapter 5 actually says Look at verse 18 all this is from God who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation and that's really what you're doing in 10 years you have been put back together with God and now you're going about putting other people back together with not because God is in you you can invite people who got to live in you do and you can be put to reconcile with the Lord for 19 that God was reconciling the world to Himself in pride not counting then sins against them and he is a myth to us the message of reconciliation this is what we must replace brothers and sisters the sound was say that these are excess saree information well we are. Are found in Tower is that God has made a way he has made a British back to Heaven and then we step into heaven with confidence and it's through the Lord Jesus Christ get on the ladder where the angels are ascending the descending that's what we've got to tell people the way it's been made it's been opened to Jesus side here's Jesus head bleeding crown for Jesus the 2nd Adam you're the 1st Adam had decided pierced as well and from that came a woman Jesus side Piers and from that comes the church is from there that the woman the bride of Christ is created and as we go to the cross we find their power we find there the whole that we need for daily living. So I want to invite you to disrupt the fiction it's a plane a rehearsed in any story line in your head to repeat these words God justifies the un-Godly. God justifies the on God the let's say it again louder God justifies the own God just not because you are good but because he is good. You don't have to say these words now but you can say them over and over in your time of need you see forgiveness is for the guilty we need forgiveness it is for people like us that we needed salvation comes to us before we have any of the results of salvation so if we said well I don't have any sense of goodness then me well salvation is already been provided for people just like that. Jesus has no gospel for the self-righteous self-righteous are delusional think about that for a moment if we think that we're good enough to arrive somehow on our merit because of what we've done or what we are really delusional God is that all of us are corrupt and in US there is no goodness turn back to songs chapter 14. Yeah so he's got that memorized even. The song working and bridges to the board looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand any who seek God All have turned aside as they have all together become corrupt there is no one who does good not even one. So we can find herself in despair over that but no we do not per chapter 16 tells us that there is a righteousness from heaven look at Chapter 16 and verse one piece a point guard for in you I take refuge where are we supposed to be in Christ right. For in you I mean take refuge in crimes and so in Christ died on that cross where were you in Christ you witness of your sins have been paid on the cross in Christ are you there yes by yourself there and with Jesus rose from the tomb where were you in Christ where you he plays in Christ exiting the tomb raised to life in newness of life this happens by feet brothers and sisters how do you sort of finish with just a reading of a song 16 I said to the Lord you are my lord apart from you I am no good thing as of the saints who are in the hand they are the glorious ones who is in all my delight the sorrows of these Those will increase run after other gods I will love pour out their like visions of blood or take of their names on my lips pursed 5 more of you beside me my origin and my cup you have made my lot secure the boundary lines of all and for me and pleasant places surely are I have you just like will inherit this country say how you have seen a man. Versus a living you have made known to be the path of life you will fill me with joy in your presence with eternal pleasures at your right hand friends that regard once at his right hand it's given as a promise to one of the 7 churches that's where I lived in Turkey right among the 7 churches and Smyrna it says you will sit at my right hand do you believe it. Scumming friends less invite more and more people into this wonderful grace that God has provided for us he lets them for pressure with. Jesus you are magnificent We value your immense yest of your life the risk that you put yourself on the lie died for each one of us your rose to life that we could live forever Jesus when we were tormented with thoughts of self doubt like Jake of Moses they've been like all gone before Peter as the post Cross went out fishing and Jesus had to come to him and said feed my lambs the eat my lands Lord let us remember that you have grace in abundance for us that you justified us your calling in a mission for each one of us we take joy in that or pray for your continued blessing now as we enter the Sabbath day that we could worship you full zeal and pleasure of your company Jesus a man in this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon leave it W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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