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Maintaining Life Balance

Pr. Andrew Jasper


Presentation given at the AMEN Australia 2018 annual conference held in Adelaide, Australia, www.amenaustralia.org.


  • November 23, 2018
    8:00 PM
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There remains there for a rest for the people of God for He who has entered his rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from his let's pray Heavenly Father thank You for the Sabbath and thank you for a place to see the sun set way up high off the ground thank you for the peace the rest that is ours not only on this day but as we take its benefits with us into the week we can hide its precious gem in our heart in our minds thank you for a place to come and relieve us of our burdens and our cares we can more fully take up your yoke more fully learn of you who is meek and lowly of heart so that we can find rest for our souls for truly your yoke is easy and your burden is light to speak to us now from your word Jesus' name. Healing surviving thriving I'm not sure if that was supposed to be consecutive and progressive but it could make sense because as we heal and give sometimes we get to points in our life where we merely survive and the question is how do we get back to thriving the sabbaths is our antidote for the pressures of life so that we can have balance in our life Sabbaths sap us think back 6000 years ago God is speaking words that make things out of nothing and then he comes to a patch of ground in the garden. The scripture says he made man out of the what never tried making anything out of dust What do you have to do to make something out of dust Ed what what happens when you add water to dust so you're telling me God got down on his hands and knees in the mud and he made out and you just answer my questions right and there he is formed fashioned but dead no that's a trick question he's not dead but he's not alive what Izzy he's there but not quite there yet. And God breathes into him the breath of. Life so maintaining what balance. Wife's balance we need to understand what life is and after following 2 doctors tonight I'm a bit intimidated brother brother butcher is supposed to have this talk and he needed some time off to keep life's balance I'm sure as he was preparing this talk it finally hit him I can't go into this talk I need this he's at home with his family praise God for a conference president who finally could say I'm sorry I can't make it because I need to be with my family praise God maintaining life's balance not dead not non living but with the breath of life Adam becomes a living soul a living being alive and so his blood vessel start pumping his brain nerves start functioning he gets switched on yet you switch Don't you know sure. Because this is the 3rd talk tonight right on. The Sabbath is a time to remember the God who made something out of nothing because that's what he wants to do inside of us when we're in survival mode tempted to burn out it's almost as if we have nothing left to give and that's where God could start to bring renewal. You're getting to the end let him re start our life. The created world that we see today of bells with mysteries and the Sabbath brings us back to reflect on the creator's handiwork and power and mystery of life even where there is no life there is still wonder and in chantant the cosmos is full of mystery Take for instance our closest sun the star sorry closest star the Sun I have the wrong size switcher in my hand and I was wondering why it wasn't working now I can get it to work how big is this thing you've ever done in the overseas travels. You get on that Big Blue Jet and you're traveling over the Pacific or over the Atlantic and you're up there for hours how big is our planet nothing compared to the Sun There it is right there if we want to put that in full screen let's take a look what this looks like you could put $100.00 planet earth across the diameter of the sun so you thought your overseas trip was huge and massive this ball of fire up in the sky 93000000 miles away sorry for those American measurements. Stop to calculate the kilometers this thing put saw 5000000 tons of matter every 2nd. Trait weight loss program for new start participants got to figure out how it does it shooting out its beautiful energy $360.00 in every axis most of it which never benefits our planet but a small sliver gets to our planet heating and maintaining our life. That for all intents and purposes to our visible eye is the only lonely planet with life in the sun one star actually a modest star if you're to look in astronomy today the largest started day this shows up really good tonight in searches this is often blessed blasted out blanched up by the sunlight there's the sun there's Mercury Venus Earth Mars the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter the largest star on record now would fit somewhere between the orbit of Jupiter and Saturn I want to how much energy that puppy puts off every 2nd that's a massive star. You don't seem impressed somebody out there say amen. I'll get you to say I'm in here in just a minute because as you go outside and look at the Milky Way that density of stars right in the wings of our own galaxy and then you realize that when the telescopes look into that masts you find out you're not looking at stars after all some of those are actually whole galaxies of other stars and so the Astronomers estimate conservatively somewhere in the order of 100 sextillion stars in our known universe at the present moment think about it how much power and energy and force and heat is being put off by all of that massive energy and the Bible simply says. He made the stars also. Almost as if it were a cosmic sideshow to the great God of heaven who is it that is invited us into this space called Sabbath it is the one who said Stars and she said All right Father stars Holy Spirit all there they were I tell people and I get crucified for it sometimes I believe in the big. Cut said it could happen. This is the life you know what we're seeing out there that's not even alive but it's just chemicals forces laws of physics it's fascinating it's not even a life come with me to something that actually lives. From a bunch of medical is here and I'm going to talk about the I are there any ophthalmologist here I'm just curious to know. OK I might get away with this I'm fascinated by the eyeball not only because I married a north optimist I was fascinated I bawled back in my studies that we in our college pre-med believe days you came too late. I graduated from Wiemar as a pastoral ministry major with an emphasis in about 3 other things I don't know Rob Granger is one of my few teachers and I took an advanced nutrition class from him not a thing to do for a preacher or should I take an intro to nutrition and. It took some a 3rd year of class because I had to get a nutrition course in my last year mistake I passed in my room. I taught in an in physiology laboratory for 2 years I was so fascinated by the body and how it works and functions that Dr Goli was our head of the health department and I got to not only take the class but the next 2 years I got to teach the lab I was faster we got the cats and frogs and dissect I remember one other teacher found out I love dissecting things you want me to dissect house heart. I like prepared animals much better than the ones from the but your. I do like the eyeball we actually dissected a sheep head and the eyeball of a sheep I don't know if all the eyes I've never done to human anatomy study sections didn't go into medical school but the eyeball of a sheep that back part of the retina it is absolutely fascinating the iridescence is the human eye like that to those if you dissect it human eyes nobody's dissected human eyes well let me tell you Go get a sheep's head after instead and take a look at its eyes I'm not joking it is fascinating and as you look into the eye weren't we told in grade school that what you saw in your right eye goes to what side of your brain. And what you see in your left eye goes to which out of your brain and when you went to college in medical school you found out that wasn't true didn't you because what you see on the whoops on the right hand side of the right eye goes to the right hand side of the brain and couples up with what you see on the right hand side of your left eye and that optic chasm actually splits the nerves they go all over the place and it's not just rods and cones my wife tells me you've got nerves that see edges of things and other nerves see motion of things better at it is and then you get into the the muscles I love muscles because muscles contract or they pull or push your way to tired tonight or how many came from Sydney and that bumpy when they pull So when your lateral Rectus of your right sorry over there you're lateral Rectus contracts which way does your right eye go to the right what happens when your superior Rectus contracts it goes where right but you've got how many ice that was a trick question you have 2 eyes so when you want to look up your superior Rectus contracts and what happens to both of your eyes they go up but the fascinate me things when you go right and left you've got up to sit muscles contract ing right it's like oh it's like who made the which aren't you glad you don't do you know kind of like this and like this you know you don't have opposite muscles when you go up and down but right to left there opposite muscles it's a wrecked lateral Rectus in a media Rectus to turn right and the other one is let who do summat won. And if you think you're having a bad hair day. There are animals that see much better than us they have much greater acuity this guy he's great he actually can do this 360 degree radial site all over the place communion lizard fascinating nothing gets around this guy he sees everything This one's also fascinated to me off the southern coast of Australia what is this the cuttlefish your birds in your cages have little cuttlebone it comes from this guy that's what they sharpen their beak on this guy has a W. shaped pupil also 2 phobia for seeing in front and in back at the same time you cannot sneak up on a cuttlefish it's cousin not an evolutionist but you get what I mean is the octopus and the squid you seen these guys they're very fascinating creatures can you see it the marine biologist who took this film was following the octopus you don't see it because he's camouflaged into the plant watch as your eyes see him unfold his true colors this is the octopus squid and cuttlefish his capacity to blend into their environment so well that they look like a rock moving on the bottom of the ocean a rock a Moroccan Iraq but when I get to this red plaid. I turn into the red plaid that is not Photo Shopped. This thing that is an octopus by the way and now is part of the play at asters of camouflage and the cuttlefish is no different this is a cuttlefish in a laboratory acting like he's a player that this is because of who made shoes this is the God who told you come on to me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest so in order to maintain balance in life. I just got my 0 minute if the axes Dall and one does not sharpen the edge then he must use more strength but wisdom bring success if you're losing your edge in life it's time to stop and go back and sharpen the saw sharp in your capacity he said to love Him with our whole what our heart our soul all of our mind and our strength we're not just physical beings we're whole people we illustrate that today and O. and M. and of metaphor that is actually able to reach out to secular minds this is common now we're not just physical beings we're were more than that we're an integrated a whole person and we need to become physically energized mentally focused emotionally connected and available to other people and spiritually aligned so that we can sustain a high performance in this storm and let me tell you the storm is coming relentless in its fury are we prepared to meet it there is reason to live a balanced life. My wife's dop did Grandfather said I pray I would rather be 100 years too early and 5 minutes too late for the coming of Jesus on the Sabbath is a reminder I'd rather be early for the sabbath than 5 minutes too late what's the key to being ready and prepared she says Are we one with Christ as He is one with the father. If you are seeing people in this state of affairs and let me just ask. An intensity such as never before was seen as taking possession of the world in amusement in moneymaking in the contest for power there is a sorry in the very struggle for existence talk about just barely surviving she says there is a terrible force that engrosses What 3 things this is what we're to love God with with all of our heart all of our soul all of our mind all of our strength and yet here in the last days there is this intensity that is just south being us of our faculties It doesn't matter our gender doesn't matter our we are bombarded and this is Speaking of the world she goes on to say in the midst of this maddening rush God is speaking and he bids us come apart and commune with Him BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD then she goes a little farther and a little more closer to us at home many even in their seasons of devotion who she talking about now lets us we fail of receiving the blessing of real communion with God why we're in too great haste and with hurried steps we press through the circle of Christ's loving presence pausing perhaps a moment within the sacred precincts but not waiting for counsel we have no time to remain with the Divine Teacher and with their burdens she says they return to their work if you're going to maintain a lifestyle like this you're going to come to a point of breaking. And so she says these workers can never attain the highest success until they learn and this is the good news no matter where you're at no matter how tightly wound that is about to break she says you need to learn the secret of success made the Sabbath be a time where you learn the secret This weekend she says we must give ourselves time to think and to pray to wait upon God for a renewal of what physical mental and spiritual Hell look at these words they need at the lifting influence of his spirit but what kind of influence I just got new 10 days this last week and they bounce these are them but I got these 10 days they got this like spring bounce on him and I love this quote It's uplifting yet you see this is what God said into Adam that breath of life these are Life words Let these words recreate in you newness of life listen to them receiving this they will be what that's a life word could can buy fresh what life you hear a love this next one the weary brain the tired sorry the weary frame in the tired brain will be refreshed and the burden heart will be light she concludes not a pause for a moment in his presence but personal contact with Christ sit down in companionship with him this is our need. There remains there for a rest for the people of God Let's pray Father in heaven thank you for your word. It is living and powerful and sharper than any 2 edges sword it it's even cutting now convincing convicting us of a need that we dare not to Die Another Day Our need is to sit down with you talk things through and be refreshed and renewed physically mentally spiritually and emotionally. Bless us this weekend. As we seek to do that with your presence here in our midst Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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