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Dealing with Difficult/Unreasonable Patients or Colleagues

Allen Lloyd


Presentation given at the AMEN Australia 2018 annual conference held in Adelaide, Australia, www.amenaustralia.org.


  • November 25, 2018
    10:15 AM
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Well in this area of difficult patient. Or it colleagues of course you know when you've been around as long as I have and I've been also chief of medicine of a hospital I've been chief of staff and president of the medical staff and now president of Wiemar Institute and of also had. Lots of dealings with colleagues in and scores of patients. You can imagine and we've had some very difficult ones to deal with and so. It's normally best to choose something a little more recent but one of the things I've noticed in dealing with difficult patients and colleagues is this quote here the influence of the Spirit of God is the very best medicine for a disease. And I should say it's also the very best medicine for dealing with the difficult people. The more deeply heavily influences I realise the more sure will be the recovery of the believing invalid. And a little over a year ago we had a very course every one of our patients that come to depression anxiety recovery tend to be quite difficult some more difficult than others but we had an individual who came to us who had been misled into coming to our program. She had had her. 5th suicide attempt shortly before coming a little bit of background on her she. And her parents became Adventist when she was in high school and as new Adventists she what they were excited to send her to one of our stalwart colleges Southern advantage University. But you know being a new Adventist and not necessarily endorsing all the principles within the 1st year she got in trouble in regards to the dress code. And she wasn't quite as compliant as our previous speaker appear. And. And as a result. There were some disciplinary actions that were taken she was still allowed to be at the university but there was some mild discipline but still it offended this young girl and she didn't want to have anything to do with the advent of schools or universities and she huffed out of there and went back to her home and ended up taking college in a secular environment. Finished nursing school. Became a critical care nurse but in the process started doing what all college students kind of do in that environment started drinking and all of that sort of thing I had unhealthy relationships with men bright girl them bright enough to be a good critical care nurse and get her our critical care certification. But just as a result of her drinking drugs and depression. And relationship issues she started to try to exit this world. And there were 3 attempts prior to her going to A.A. and actually giving up alcohol for 6 years during this process she did have a marriage had a child but that marriage didn't last and as the divorce was occurring. She started drinking again. And it was getting bad enough now that she was missing work she was being called to task for errors that were being made in her work environment. She needed antidepressants she needed anti-anxiety drugs and to try to focus at work she needed Adderall. Which is a stimulant and she. Was barely hanging on. When she started drinking again however everything fell apart and this time she was going to be successful and ending her life. She went out in her backyard to not make a mess in the house and she took a gun and she put it to her head and she pulled the trigger wall in a drunken stupor. And she could not get the gun to work the trigger jammed and in her frustration she called her boyfriend she and another boyfriend she called her father. They came over. The boyfriend was able to get the gun jammed. But. But she was obviously taken to the psychiatric institution she was she was I should tell you what state she's from she's from Texas and Texas of course the big guns stay in the union and they're not going to allow their 2nd Amendment rights to be disregarded so everybody knows how to operate guns in Texas and that's why mass murders in Texas are not a good idea because somebody is going to have a gun and take her out pretty quick but anyway. That's that's Texas and. So she's in a psych ward and prior to her a psych ward experience she was on Lorazepam you guys have always a past here I don't know if it's a different name. She's on the raise a Pan Am 2 milligrams 4 times a day prior to being admitted there and of course since she had just ended her life and I don't know the psychiatry is of the unit that she was being admitted to. The psychiatrist said you know it's too dangerous to be having her on benzo she's going and her life and so takes her off of Lori's a Pam abruptly. And now she goes into psychosis hallucinations. And they're having to fight her and finally the psychiatry puts her on clone A's upin a longer acting benzo do you guys have that one too. And so. She is now on a couple of milligrams 4 times well I think it was maybe one milligram 4 times a day they didn't do the equivalent dose of 24 times a day and she's in there a number of days and finally she's able to be discharged. During that time there she also she meets a millionaire alcoholic and start forming another relationship. And this guy has lots of money and really seems to like her and all of that and. This time when she gets out. Being in that an I.C.U. unit she had seen something happen where somebody had coded right in front of her as a result of a suicide attempt that was painless. And what they did is they took effect until patched you guys have those all right and you know with the Fenton they'll patch just put it all there wiped it all on the mucous membranes and you go into cardio pulmonary arrest and you're done and so after seeing that happen that got in her mind and so she checked herself into a Motel 6 this is a cheap motel so cheap that they don't always do clean up every day. And she did that and she nobody heard from her for a day. And her parents knew that she was dead somewhere that they were going to find her Everybody knew what she was up to that she was going to be dead and she actually did not die she woke up 3 days later in the same position now with bed sores all on her leg and all of those things. So she called her father again and it turns out I'm speaking in her home state at that time and I'm not even sure why I was there I should Mitt that some speaking appointments you know they lie lined me up and then afterwards I wonder how in the world that I ever agree to this and it was one of those it was one of those speaking appointment. There was a there was actually a very excited doctor to be there. Or to have me there ANY brought me into a big conference event that I wasn't necessarily invited by the Conference officials but anyway. Her A friend of her mother's found out I was there said Can Can NEGLI deal with this depression recovery program so I was asked that question and I said Yes We've had individuals like this so the next program here she is and her mother told her that this was a nice vacation resort for her to go to. And didn't tell her anything about the religious connection. So this girl is she's also a smoker. She's got multiple addictions she's on bends she's on all of this stuff and she arrives and right away she's calling the nurse case manager saying this is not a place for me this is not a place for me this is a religious place and it needs to I need to get out of here so instead of waiting for the 1st psychology visit the psychologist was assigned to her right away and said you know what is it how come you're so nervous and she went into I don't fit in I don't want to have anything to do with God I don't want to have anything to do with religion and furthermore and she says well why are you so nervous Well you know I'm trying to come off of these benzo but I need to have a cigarette and this is a smoke free campus. In the psychologist says go out in the woods smoke your cigarette come back and I will not tell Dr Ned lay or anybody here we are Institute and so in fact I actually didn't hear about this until after Christie. You know after the change had taken place but nonetheless. She went out there and did that and she stayed that night and every day she wanted to leave the spiritual counselor to talk to her the next day the administrator the next day and she also has social phobia when she eats she just gets out of there and she keeps talking about how she doesn't fit in and one of the one people say why do you say you're not fitting in I've noticed none of the staff has has tattoos and I don't fit in around people that don't have tattoos and are administrator of the program says should I show her my tattoo and I said no this is not about tattoos. Keep your clothes on. And let's just not worry about that statement that's not what this is about. And so. But despite her barely being in the program because in groups she would always find a way to exit the group with her phobia and she wasn't really communicating with anybody but by day 6 that's when we have our burning. And we wondered what she was going to burn but she burned her cigarettes we thought that was good she actually burnt her typical American diet she made a commitment to become a vegetarian as a someone who was sharp and in science she saw the science of a plant based diet in the program and she said you know I need to try this I've tried this before. And and she also burned her relationships with men so we were pretty excited about this commitment that she has made a we thought well you know things are getting through a little more than we thought. And but after something like that happens. What do you think happens the next day you know the devil almost had her he basically you know came this close to having her a couple of times and he's getting angry at this point because she's starting to turn around. And so he attacks in the next day she has her bags packed and she's going out of there and the administrator called me and says Dr Natalie Christie is leaving she has her bags packed she called the nuber. They're taking your out of here and the counselor isn't going to work the spiritual counselor isn't going to work I'm not going to work if you don't get over here she's out of here but I think you're the only one that's going to be able to help her. So I want over and I met her there in the lobby and she's pulling these things out and I said Christy. Where you go on. She says I'm going to check in to a local motel. I said Christy I can't allow you to do that she says I thought this is a voluntary program I said it is a voluntary program until it becomes involuntary. I said I know what you do when you check into a hotel. I can't have you do that she says well I'm going to call my attorney this is not right. And she says and I said well I can't take you there. She says Where can you take me I said there's only one place I can take you if you leave here and that's the Sacramento psychiatric hospital. She says Well go ahead and take me there she goes all fit in over there. And at that point. I got on the phone I hadn't talked to her parents at all I didn't even know much background about them except what she had told me so I got on the phone to see how much support because you know it's like a patient in I.C.U. that's about ready to to die. And. She. The parents say what's going on and we went through the whole history and things and of course part of the issue as we only have 10 days and I am trying to get her off of her benzo. You know at this point she was on clonazepam 0.5 milligrams one of the reasons why we're successful is the contrast in the lapel and things like that but people do want to run when they're coming off a benzo so it's not necessarily surprising but I explain that to them as well and they said whatever it takes we know she's getting help there whatever it takes please keep Are there well with that background and realizing I wasn't really in legal trouble that maybe she thought I was. I came back and actually administrator had taken over she had also gone through the program before and was a patient there and Christie had called down and she was ready to go back to her room. But I did tell my staff I said you know really we should take a Sacramento psychiatric facility because we're not a 24 seventh's supervision we don't have cameras in the room I said there's only one way I will allow her to stay here tonight and that is if you guys rotate if you have volunteers to rotate to have. Your ear right outside the door and if anything happens you barge into that room if you hear something happening. And 2 of my online nurse volunteered right away and my administrators volunteer. And they said we'll do it. And she slept through the entire night they didn't have to barge in at all she had no idea that they were out there in the room monitoring her like that and then that next day she began to cooperate she basically had the 3 day program. And at the time that she was getting ready to leave on Sunday we looked at the before and after scores saw it was happening she was no longer actively suicidal but I said Christy you're not ready to go I said you had the 3 day program you need the 10 day program you need to stay and this is what we'll do if you stay she goes well let you know in the morning. Well in the morning without an R. our nurses was relatively new Somehow this hadn't gotten across but in the morning she told me she was going to stay she was going home and she asked for her cigarettes on the way out the door. And I said and I didn't know that at the time when I start but I said Christie you do you are going to need us again and you know where we live I said call us you're going to need this she goes I'm going to try to do this program well she went home one of the reasons why she wanted to go home is the multimillionaire had a celebration date for her. She went back to smoking she went back to doing some of the things that she had done but she was at least exercising and she was running about 6 days later and in her town it was called Bethesda It's a suburb of Dallas Texas. All she could see was Sta on the sign. And then she ran past the house where we had told her there was a physician that lived that she could follow up with who was a good faithful Adventist physician who had been able to help her and she realized I'm running away from God and I'm running away from the very things that can help if they'll take me back all take I'll go back and so she called and says Can I come back. She came back and after doing all that it was more than just 7 day that we had to deal with there we were going off of the bands and all of those things but 2 weeks into the program she asked for Bible study. And she became very convinced of the truth of the Word of God they had changed her life she was now off all over bands of she was getting off for antidepressants she was feeling far better and week 2 and a half I said Christy do you feel like you're ready to go your way had evaluated her and she says I'm not going to say if I'm ready to go I don't trust myself you'll have to tell me and I said Christy you are ready to go. And. She says I was hoping you would say I'm not ready. Because I love it here I just love it here and before she left she asked if she could stay a few days and get baptized. And she was baptized in Moses rock. And Kristi now has become. Our nurse in the D.R.P. program. She actually says she thinks she saving more lives in this program than she ever saved as an I.C.U. nurse. And she is so compassionate with the others and you know we were praying for her our staff was praying for as we pray for all of the patients but now she prays for us she was just texting me on the way over praying that some souls will be reached from what your share. And she is a true and faithful person and true and faithful to the Lord's calling her son she's now a great mother she's got a very intelligent son. But her goal is right now she flies from Texas to Waymark every time we put on a program Her goal is to actually move away from our she loves it there we're not sure it's best for because the father lives in Texas and you know all the complications of that sort of thing but she wants out there every program and she is an inspiration to all of our patients and so this is how a difficult patient that we could have gotten frustrated with could have. Laid down the law for her although we did light on the law in some areas but the Lord can work through a staff that is open to the Spirit of God So. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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