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Getting Involved in Outreach

Angie Thompson


Presentation given at the AMEN Australia 2018 annual conference held in Adelaide, Australia, www.amenaustralia.org.


  • November 25, 2018
    11:15 AM
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And you haven't even bothered in the company where you live in Jesus' name just like to pray and that you could be with us just now as we spend a little bit of time that and pray maybe only for hearing to help us to speak about and talk about what you have in mind for us to what we leave here in this time where I reach out to help. For us to save and help reunite Mitchell coming to St Paul as help as in the Saints thank you for 11 gracious thank you for this new to the spirit inviting in Jesus Christ and. Giving all involved with out ways. I really interesting are helping you have a place with people who help. Out think about their firm and then I'm not sure. I regret that I had a choice you know I try to do this and that wanted everybody. To be here and you could get about doing the now you claim I am doing that in Peru we hear anything you can be doing has all of the I think Miley is on the air and I have a way to help their entire life ministries because the ministry actually think god. And if you will be my one thing one medical case I will not begin on the washing then you know what it was down there probably and probably. Seeing. My figure sitting down and things and they are going to die whatever the event was that you call it naked. Thing to say that then you realize I. Was Made Wow I will probably pass too in a place or you know which was. Not a very well and welcomed here from a change they did seem OK I gotta help and then maybe there are greater because I want to have a job he got. Me both in Ukraine all even unexpected place things to think about just leaving you not here is enjoying the things I need any manager. What am I doing oh hope you are being a dad that can get to be enjoyable and the thing is you don't want to land one available all in down by me and I will no longer tell em if I'm breaking some very rich and rewarding as you so this is an addict of the 3rd time and I guess if you get the child running my Jones book and keep the navigation. I want to keep doing it it's a bit like this so I'm hoping to not put you off but actually not an issue very rewarding it. To read. So reaching out hoping that was the missing the people you help little sound you have to go with and then you know to me that you know I'm not I thought I had a really bad ones that you have a good life giving meaning try and issued a line and lay claim Well you see because all his life what is a lie being that and then turn around and doing maintenance even making things I mean I'm depriving you in a spiritual way home did you see chasing me that you were chained because if I. Thought I had one guy with the things in the moment to devote what is an outreach program. Will. Even get that. Yet. In. Any shape that I do want to say about our age we often think that what about changes to get a patch of after. Is that it because sometimes you can get a batch of baptism in the ninety's. They didn't appear to be correcting so many and then are pushing same as it of me enraged and how he's going to get a dime people inside to change and just as important I think by saying I just want to say that and then when my boy. Mading will just say how do you get to the hospital that I was you know what about which people in the juge same thing and what you want to be in the model so I really want to make your approach what you believe and so for me I have a problem in that. And I need intermediary bodies I and we all can say fine a lot of course we want to bring it straight but when you're going to look after those you really have found your way because some of them have told me if anyone has a story to tell. I have been doing and they have Lyme and who could see the baggage being the baggage they carry my training may not find it any of these programs. If you're going to be effective you know scrolls connected should. Be done politically in the region get a little bit help. People and as my father says I'll just go at that I think that's a lovely goal good talking point I agree with. Probably getting some of the party going to put quite a program we've got a ship which can say no program if you're really that person and now you're carrying in that line begin to live and let small. And. What about the ones out there the thing is that I met a lot of argument that she thinks he might so I think I'm not going to. Change and then. I came back to bed is you know has a solid life donated some programs the problem is people who went into care and then on a program and then being a program we like to be able to use than it really is a language they have. Learned the nomination and so. On now going to situation you have to be a legal coming come on the crack then. Initially bushfire the people coming to the program because they don't realize that what about all these programs all of them mention. A little bit what you do with them and you know the main one so I think it's a partner is. Not to change it isn't in when I say the big question begging to a lot that I was going to go all out the plan by. The big you know I know what it is for them I've been waiting to get a new wardrobe that none of the part about none of them are about the depression anxiety or means alone that wanted to get into an integrated means I don't. Think you all feel the have to be givers and it's interesting because. It is one of. The stars is exhibiting basically a similar thing with directing the program the thing that you'll be able to say because you're going to go a few minutes ago on a bench pressing the White Knight that really want to join some of the crew who got to go see the problem get together the hype that got me at her side potentially handed out race. And then. I'm like. Maybe I want to go into the ring that I'm doing and go to. Strap to lab and using thinking off the track so for himself and he can just come back to that and say you know doing this was on and so I kind of just a little reminder. You then stay in your chat with the audience I am doing it for the. Community. Being the majority choose because it sometimes ain't doing it for a good song that was on when I'm warning you know what your audience is what are you doing programs for so that when you're really. You know what the tact is all you will have a few. People that will come and join then. And then you can have them but you need to know what you're getting into when you planning per gram. And then we have to ration through this. TAPE I put trust God and pray to draped and guide you every step of the way even. Doings of those of God I feel like if you come back to that coming to these really really detailed how to play on the genie by shaking really in private and you're saying that I cannot say what when and when you've got a permanent fire out of the few minutes in getting in the chain in the hive and I need to have some time being a struggle today and willing to help them in this particular not so good in that which they see. Supporting them to make big difference and. Then remembering to ask for help when you're in need sometimes things don't go as planned then you need some of these help I do with I feel that song and. I need to know. People to help and encourage people we have and this is more to do with content than could be so you help as well but you get to spend and they want to not know anything about what you're talking about I don't expect them to go away and I have to watch a little thing about either not some people can change. And it's a big to me for a reason to. Try to intimidate me in the programming and. Round and you will need to keep in shape on yourself doing them out to be only for bad hips and you know not that made about them and for my wife I could just change to staying on track and there was. A allow plenty of time for preparation I guess it's really really important to think about and really made it on the way things happen in the Sunday state change changes and tweaks always lovely and. Us in a not just sense than to make sure of that something you should have this is the last minute mission. And the last time every contingency but I'm. Just sorry it's and I don't intend to keep the plan so that if something does go wrong kind of a back of the species to their help is there we're going to make sure that everybody going through the heavy things this aggression that you want and I wasn't going because I had been such a short time. Little rooms are. So far from me it's really getting that people in the church to help Yes you know and it just doesn't seem to be an interest in this and that seems to be quite moving was led to my head is it not realizing how tough it is and basting to do this to let this is going to hear is why I was focused on the curtains and any ties would do once get a read in one's heart and exactly what image might be to give to the lines of. What in your program that you get going. It gets you started looking to not even chance you know until the money I was misused as a lot of good you know. 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