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Maintaining a Strong Faith and Dismissing Doubt

Allen Lloyd


Presentation given at the AMEN Australia 2018 annual conference held in Adelaide, Australia, www.amenaustralia.org.


  • November 25, 2018
    11:45 AM
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So just before arriving here. In fact we were doing an East Coast program in Atlanta Georgia and it just ended and that's when I got on the plane and landed here on Wednesday morning but we take 20 in a program and 19 of them came in with major depression and. Where where was the 20th the 20th had anxiety I feel light anxiety and so they have to have anxiety or depression. To come into the program or a mental illness that's connected like O.C.D. or something like that and you can see out of this there was 123-456-7891 extension 0 that had severe levels of depression many of these people were on medications some of them for medications we didn't have as many come in on benzo this time I think there were 2 patients that were on bends and 2 that had recently gotten off recently by meaning within a week of coming to the program we try to get them off if at all possible because our studies show our long term 66 S. will be better when they're benzo Fray Bentos or a frontal lobe suppressive although I do you have a lot of people on chronic Venza in this country. Yeah. Yeah quite a few OK. So. This is. Where the they were at at the beginning of the program and as you'll see many of these were suicidal only one had mild major depression. And in it was actually 9. 10 days later this is where they work and these By the way the drug companies don't like to do the peak United study because it doesn't show statistical significance they view the Hamdi the Hamdi is where others are evaluating them and I'm sure some of you put people on antidepressants and you bring a man and they say I feel no better and the family says but they are better and this is why is it they're better we've noticed them different and so this is why the pharmaceutical companies love to do the Hamdi analysis because if they do the patient analysis they won't show much significance at all but that the peak United's patient driven we want not them not only to get better but we want them to know that they're getting better and have objective ways in which they're feeling better and so these are the NIH and cry to these are evaluated by just on the 9 criteria each of those 9 criteria have a total of 3 potential points the more points the worse it is and these are the D.S.M. criteria so you can see the average individual you might say well you know OK 6 not as good maybe case 14 not as good but remember these are individuals that were also on drugs and bends of and some of them had been depressed for 25 years it's going to take a different time frame for some of these to improve but notice case a you know severe at the top of the left not even qualifying case one many of those cases case 1619 severe down to 9 so you take the average and they had at the high end of moderate in this program down to not now where is our values that mostly well in the way our program. For whatever reason we always have more severe cases in that program in part because the more severe cases think that the Atlanta program is new and they're a little nervous they're thinking that this one might not be as good as the experience we are programmed so people self select often the Wiemar programs that are more severe and we may not get it down to 4.4 in the Wiemar program sometimes we do down to 3 but the average is going to be more like $5.00 to $6.00 cars there as they're starting higher they're starting up 2122 as well now back looks at depression and the way that you're thinking back was the in fact we have just. All of our therapists have to go through the back certification training we like the back model as far as the cognitive behavioral therapy so they're learning how to do C B T for anxiety for depression for suicide and those sorts of things and back looks at it in 21 different ways and how you're thinking as well as some physical symptoms and back has a category called not only severe but extreme and you can see 3 of those cases were extreme depression and so they were extremists in the way they were thinking and 191 that was not depressed in the way they were thinking and some were just mild to moderate but again on the way there thanking you can say the significant improvement that occurred the extreme if all 3 of them went for mix trained the pression to not even qualifying as far as having depression in the way they're thinking now so the good news there not only getting better physically but they're getting far better in the way they're thinking so the average person came even more depressed in regards to thinking and they're down to no depression in 10 days now of course the temptation for them at the end of this program is the thanks they've got it licked. But we have something called re entry in the last 3 days we're training them for re-entry and then some of them we encourage the extended support plan where we're actually helping them through in a professional manner by the way the drug companies don't like to look at the functionality they are looking at but they don't publish on it except if it shows benefit and there was one drug recently a relatively new drug that showed that 6 percent of people actually improve and function and they advertise it everywhere this is the drug that improves and function none of the others do well let's say what percent of people that actually help 6 percent and function this is an IT course that there's 3 or 4 that came in extremely difficult functioning in other words they were unable to work they were unable to function in the family they were unable to function in society at all most of them had very difficulty in functioning they were functioning some some not so much into or actually high levels of function and you can have severe depression anxiety with people still working every day and still functioning at the family level but still thinking of ending their life and you can see the difference here far better than 6 percent far better than 50 percent far better than 75 percent of individuals improving and function so average went from very difficulty functioning to not difficulty and functioning can we're thinking of suicide on a regular basis somewhere thinking about it less than a quarter of time those are the 3 at the at the lowest scale what we call somewhat difficult if you're very difficult that means you're thinking about a half a brown half the time and 3 that we're thinking about it continually they couldn't get it off their mind thinking of ending their life. And this is where they were when they left not even 8 out of 10 and of course we know how it happens in the psychiatric community in the psychiatric world we're primarily training them in the psych Center's safety plans so that they instead of ending their life they do something else which is good it protects them from ending their life and we teach them safety plans as well and we're not against the safety plans but we're far more interested in correcting the thought because if you don't have the thoughts you don't even have to worry about safety plans and you can see out of 10 of them or no longer having the thoughts in the 2 that were there were just less than a quarter of the time so the average individual suicidality very difficult down to $0.00 Now they're still thinking about it we would recommend the extended support plan this is why they need to continue to go on this so anxiety which is more difficult to treat anxiety or depression. Anxiety is known to be more difficult requires double triple the dose of medicines a lot more side effects that's often when the benzo use you can see 17 came in with levels of anxiety many of them in the severe category and we see across the board improvement and anxiety as well and as little as 10 days the D.S.M. scores went from moderate down to none the back anxiety inventory they were back looked at a different way you can see 12345678 had severe levels of anxiety and noticed a marked difference. In 9 days from severe anxiety down to just mild to not all 20 came in with a level of emotional intelligence this group was a little more emotionally intelligent than average most of our groups come in around 92. About 8 points below the main the main is 100. And we had one person that was considered emotionally retarded case number 16. When they came man but most had more emotional intelligence than typical some pretty high but notice what happened afterwards and this is this is the measurement that is most connected with their future success so our goal isn't just to eradicate depression anxiety is to set them up for significant success and notice that case it was emotionally retarded they're up there over $120.00 that puts them in the top 15 percent while the nation an emotional intelligence and so the average went from 122129 it's a 3 standard deviation move in the program and so what is it that produces some of this benefit I think the the answer I mean the question that was being asked for this talk is what helps you with your faith and and helps get rid of doubt. Yes So we follow them up at this was just our. Our. 10 day resolves we do all the results again at 2 weeks after they go home and typically 2 weeks after they go home do you think it's better or worse. Actually a little better. On average they'll be better in their home environment that means that we retrieve train them for re-entry pretty well and then we measure everybody at the 20 week point if they're in the extended support plan we're measuring them every week. During that 20 weeks and then we we started just this last year measuring them at one year point and so we don't have one year accumulated data from all of this we are always did 20 weeks but now where we're doing the one year data point and and it's gratifying to see the consistent success a lot of lifestyle centers have complained that when they look at long term data it doesn't turn out very well. In this program it's not that way. Our long term data is quite good now some will relapse. But when they relapse they will tell us that they didn't get a severe and they also caught themselves before they got that severe and they realize what am I not doing and they got out their discharge plan and then they realized wait a minute I'm not doing this I'm not doing that and then it comes about. So this is a letter I just got today from a Georgia participant and she allowed us to share it I apologize for not filling out all the thank you cards I did a couple but just got overwhelmed by the amount of gratitude and lack of space just writing thank you was too inferior for all of you it is Thanksgiving Day so she wrote this on Thanksgiving and it seems appropriate to show my gratitude thought I would do it justice what's in my heart you see I was actively suicidal when I had my phone interview and even battled carrying it out between the interview and arriving in Georgia. I told God you have to get me into this program or I'm done I have a plan method and opportunity to carry it out I tried so many prescription drugs alcohol and others various forms of self medicating all without lasting results various forms of therapy only let me wondering why I was trying so hard all night to have the big and mighty God pointing fingers at and judging me and my constant failings I lied to get accepted to think she's the 1st person who lied to get accepted. Why did you know what her lie was. We don't take actively suicidal people because we don't have the 24 seventh's supervision and she knew that so she lied she said she was having suicidal thoughts she knew she could get in with that but if you have a plan in the meetings were to commit these people you know that's that's what we're to do and then they can come to the program after they're not actively suicidal but she said I was actively suicidal because I knew it was my final resort my last hope I've been told I have treatment resistant depression anxiety various medications all came with terrible side effects and without results it was even suggested to me to try electro shock therapy and I was so afraid of being denied exception acceptance into the program and so full of pain that I quickly answered No one fair asked me if I had recently been suicidal I wanted to want to live I just didn't know how anymore and I felt I was a burden to my family I had lost all motivation the house was a wreck the dishes piled I wasn't showering or brushing my teeth I was lost in a sea of what appeared to be unending despair she had a spouse she had small kids. I can tell you she's in or she's 35 I arrived in Georgia so overwhelmed and anxious that my blood pressure was 40 points higher than normal called my husband I told him I was coming home he talked me into giving it a couple more days you can say how these people want to come home it's very much why they want to come home in part they're being accountable and they don't feel like doing here this and they also don't think it's going to get them better they think these measures are kind of too simple you know what exercise come up it's not going to help me this light. First participant I met was a pastor and that gave me courage as a pastor could step down off the pedestal when I always place them when they always are placed on it and admit he needed help so could I my drivers were kind but I was completely withdrawn didn't want to converse Elmer he was boisterous and perky Linda had a constant smile she's the administrator of the program and Daniel walked way too much and laughed all the time I thought there is no way these people can be real they're disgustingly happy it's not possible. That album or a started talking about hydro and I was of the quick opinion she was crazy she wants to do that. She was one of the the staff who had been through the program and love hydro the 2nd day Dr H. E. He's the position we train for the Georgia program put me on a 2 meal a day plan and a $24.00 hour fast that turned into $42.00 because I already hadn't eaten in several hours when I saw him but he was encouraging of the opinion that I could be helped I wasn't so sure though she was obese I'll just tell you that I met with the Laney this is the counselor and told her my fears and my story of how and why was there she was encouraging kind and gentle on our approach thank you so Lennie for all that you have done I look forward to working with you these next few weeks then Pastor Paul kept getting up and talking about weaving Jesus story into mine that he knew my sorrow sadness and emotions he made my heart spin with thoughts of but how why are you sure even me and more than Linda saw me crying after one of his lectures and asked if I was OK It was the 1st time I saw her without a smile but it was replaced with genuine concern I told her I get that Jesus suffered the same emotions I guess that he was tempted in ways I've been and will be but I don't understand the surrendering How does releasing it make it better she straight away set up a time to meet with the pastor I was intimidated by him at 1st I don't do well with strange men. She had a background that you might guess why she didn't do well with strange men but also because I was sure that this man of God was going to judge me shame me and ridicule me for things I was dealing with and doing I had far too many secrets for him to think I was worth the time to care much less help me I was wrong this man was so comforting in a voice so soothing I'm sure a random stranger could drop a screaming infant in his arms and they'd instantly fall asleep. Faster Paul had this genuine fatherly demeanor that hardly comes off as any of the things I was sure he would but I still don't think I was worth this time and efforts but he never turned me away in fact he offered to visit with me daily he took time from what I am positive was a busy schedule to help me after meeting with him that 1st night I think I had a dream spiritual or warfare she goes into how she had a demonic experience and this is common in our program she was awakened by a dream I was being chased by a black cloud and then covered by it and can only describe it as a demon jumped in my face and yelled This is not over yet I woke in a cold sweat and could not get out of bed until morning because I was so scared Pastor Paul offered to come with Linda if it happened again to pray over me and with me he didn't judge me or ask questions or blame me he just prayed with me and offered me a simple prayer to carry with me in case I had something like it come up again a couple days later I had a fall blown anxiety attack in his office and I'm still embarrassed about I just knew he was thinking I must be crazy and beyond help case you haven't figured it out fortune telling is my standard of modus operandi of distorted thinking. I apologized for my panic thinking that was. That was expected of me and I should but also because I kind of wanted to save face I was humiliated over that appointment but he assured me that it wasn't necessary and that he was excited to see how God had pulled me out of it I didn't even cry into my hands even though I could now breathe is exciting but I do see how God rescued me from it as time went on I learned that pretty much every person had their story with the pression that almost every single wanted utilize the program Linda shared her story Daniel shared his Elma Elaina Cammy Michelle Lisa Maria and think was possible to come back from depression and live life so fully and happily as these people were I've been back home less than a week but I am more hopeful than I've ever been in the last 35 years I crave sunlight I'm walking daily and I'm sleeping 8 hours a night which never happened in the history of me ever seriously I've struggled with insomnia since I was a child I remember wandering the house at 4 years old in the middle of the night I must admit I was beginning to think that blue light was a joke but I'm still using it and I'm still eating big and despite my husband's cheese and eggs in the fridge I'm even doing hydro in my shower daily Be sure to tell the shoulder sheriff that that's Michelle why she didn't call the shoulder sheriff that was to get in the cold all the way down to the shoulder. He had told me a month ago I'd be willing waking up early and going to bed early and sleeping like a normal person I'd left in your fails real sleep without exhausting was something I didn't think was possible for me I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome several years ago because no matter what I did I was exhausted now no coffee no Dr Pepper no black tea I'm functioning I'm driving that alone would be well worth the price. I'm looking forward to the remainder of the program and then she she goes on in the other habits that she's not doing screen time that she's relieved to have so much of the guilt and shame out of her life and to have people say you're worth it I'm proud of you you're special is not things that she was used to hearing and the. The how the struggle is getting so much better after completing the 20 weeks making this a way of life I will finish it and I want to become certified to be a trainer and community program and she also wants to go through the spiritual training which brings me to Dr Natalie I showed up halfway through this program. And gave some lectures and helped the physician through the final discharge planning he still somewhat in the learning stage Dr Natalie thank you so much for what you've done with this program for going outside the doctor box and against Big Pharm in the medical norm to help others like me find healing your crown is going to be full of jewels in heaven and the 1st time I met you was when I was up front giving my testimony and you hug me and told me you were proud of me and that I was strong I am not sure that you will ever comprehend just how and what that did for me and she were admitted she still has healing to do but and summarizing its case after case like this that makes it easy for me to have faith and no doubt the spirit of prophecy says natural manes uv in accordance with God's will bring about what supernatural results and we see this time and again case after case. So I must admit there may be something that comes my way that I'm not anticipating but there is no doubt. There is no doubt that COGS methods work and that he is still interested in the personal lives of human beings like her and if this girl can be transformed who thought that there was no way that she could get out of it there is hope for anyone in the world. And so I hope that you're encouraged during this Amen we can to utilize God's methods of healing show his love and compassion for each one I don't even necessarily remember doing what I did with her I remember I came right as they were giving their testimonies on Wednesday night and I remember she was struggling with her she was sitting next to me so when she came back I did talk to her a little bit put my arm around her but that was just what we would do for anybody but yet what a difference it makes when the Lord is using you to say just a few words there with his looks of compassion for humanity Well it's been nice getting acquainted with you I would encourage you know one of the things I mentioned to some others were wanting to start in Australia program. But it is going to require some Australians coming over and getting trained in the US. And we'd love to have that happen if you could get license in the US it would be a paid program in other words you could get paid while you're getting training if not well if we will support it so we will pay for your training. But we'd like to have the right candidate to Curley the physician is probably the most important because they're heading up the entire aspect of the program and we would love to train a physician who's willing to dedicate their life to programs like that but it would be sustainable and it would be one that. Would would be an exciting life I can tell you you know I mentioned gyrocopter is earlier and yeah there are enjoyable but the most enjoyable thing that I do is to help patients like Angie. And there's nothing that beats down. And and that's why we'd like to expand this work and see it go to other places around the globe this media was brought to you by audio proves a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to W W W audio verse or.


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