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Paralyzed By Sin

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • May 6, 2017
    12:00 PM
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I asked myself the question a while ago no we don't have anything back here but that's OK we can make do with that in 1902 this young man was 25 years old the time he bordered a British merchant ship and while they were out at sea probably only for about $34.00 days they left Cape Town it was bombed by a non-SI U. boat and the boat went down very rapidly and so at that critical moment he decided to jump ship and for 2 hours he was wrestling with the water trying to figure out how he was going to survive until he came across this little safety raft or this is probably after he rigged it up but he put something together that he would then live on the found certain supplies that were in this safety raft a couple of biscuits some water and he rationed that water for a good 30 days the same with the biscuits he took some of the things apart for a wire ended up fishing and by God's grace he caught a fish and that allowed him to use some of that for bait to catch other fish before it was all said and done he killed the shark with was going to say the water bottle or the jug I think which I don't think would be easy but he was out on the water from what I learned this week longer than anybody else and survive and he guesses how long you may have been familiar with that book I read through unbroken by Louis Zamperini or something like that his story I think he was out for 70 some days long time out in the sun blistered lips finally found and taken off to a concentration camp and so on this young man stayed out in the ocean 133 days. He looked like this with him when they found him. He would go out he would swim twice a day to try and keep fit so his muscles wouldn atrophy and so on and he said 131 days the color of the water changed even back up and then some boats came by he shot off some flares nobody responded and came to his aid and he realized as he got into this thing I'm just going to have to wait till I bump into land somewhere 131 days into it he sees the color of the water change and some kelp and some different things and at 10333 days he's saved he walked away from that incident he didn't even have to be hospitalized but I wonder what it was like on day 7 day 14. Day 65 day 100 as he's seen on this little raft to keep track of how many days have gone 512125 do you think he would ever think to himself This seems hopeless Now here's a picture of the ocean it's not quite what I wanted because there's a rock there so maybe it's not quite as hopeless but if you've ever been how you have been out in the middle of the ocean and you can look this way and there's nothing and this way nothing nothing nothing but sky and water and see for miles anybody had that experience hopeless Has anybody been in a situation they feel is hopeless that's not a good place to be and in fact I would submit to you that if this young man at age 25 would have given in to despair and hopelessness he never would have survived hope is crucial it's what keeps people hanging on but the devil wants to steal your hope and my hope he wants us to be hope less. Is that true and so today we're going to look and this sermon the 1st of 6 No it's just one. Paralyzed in sin that's the way that the devil wants to spin isn't he wants to paralyze you he wants to paralyze me in sin and so entrenched us in any issue it really doesn't matter the issue but if he can so wrap around us and make us feel like it is hopeless like we've tried this and we've tried that we've gone this direction in that direction we've read this book and that book we've gone to this counselor and that got cancer nothing seems to work it's hopeless. That's what the devil wants us to think he wants to be to be paralyzed in our sin and so this morning I want to look in the 31 minutes remaining. Mark Chapter 2 well known story join me if you brought your Bibles if not there's a Pew Bible there in front of you but we're in the Gospel of Mark Chapter 2 and we're reading how Jesus forgives and heals a paralytic and so the story begins there in verse one of Mark Chapter 2 and again he entered Capernaum he was just there recently he left for a time but now he's coming back. And after some days it was heard that he was in the house and any time people hear that Jesus is nearby there's a crowd if you ever been with somebody that is a high profile person where the crowds are always flocking it's hard to ever get close and they have to slip this way and slip that way but word gets out that these in the house and immediately many gathered together so that there was no longer room to receive them standing room only. Not even near the door everyone's crouching through a window through a crack through anything just to hear well can you hear a little bit. And he preached the word to them they were being fed by the word that's why they came that's why the crowd was so big for some reason when Jesus spoke the word this is unlike we've ever heard anybody say before and then they came to him bringing a paralytic who was carried by form in and when they could not come near him because of the crowd they uncovered the roof where he was so when they had broken through they let down the bed on which the paralytic was line now let's pause right there. Because those verses go awfully fast but what does it mean to be a paralytic to not have function in one's limbs does that change life as you know it a little bit yeah big time think about what today would mean to be paralyzed How would you have gotten ready for church how would you have gotten up and use the restroom how do you gotten out of bed how do you put your clothes on how to who would have brought you here yeah it's a big time game changer in fact in desire of ages 267 says this paralytic had lost all hope of recovery has anybody been there you go to doctors you go to physicians you're hoping for something that will fix what you're what is ailing you right give me a prescription give me a therapy give me something I can do to avoid this pain or this discomfort or this inconvenience and he's done all of that. To no avail so this paralytic had lost all hope of recovery his disease was the result of a life of sand and his suffering was in bittered remorse now stop and think about that it's one thing if you are helping this old woman across the street and a semi takes a clip at you and now you're paralyzed that's at least valiant but if it's your own stupidity your own poor choice and you can't be certain but it seems as if under everyone's breath somebody's saying serves him right he shouldn't own I mean the church has been preaching that that's not a good idea. Well you made your bed now sleep in it and he's been sleeping in that same bed year after year after year feeling hopeless in bittered filled with remorse he had long before appealed to the fair season doctors hoping for relief from mental suffering and physical pain but they coldly pronounced him incurable sorry God has done this to you and now you must suffer the consequences so not only is he paralyzed but he has this weight this guilt which weighs heavy in fact the hardest thing I believe to bear is guilt guilt has a way of producing itself or reproducing itself in the life in a lot of physical ways as well doctors will tell you yes I'm treating this and I'm treating this and I gave prescription for that but I think there's an underlying issue here that's probably the root cause of all of this and often it's connected to some form of guilt guilty you did it you know you did it and it's that weight of that sin that is way. Down. And so this man has that reminder each and every day but you know he thinks just before this Jesus healed a leper of all people a leper I mean this is almost like the aids of the day except probably a little worse they were cast out of the camp. They were unclean they had to be separated from their family yet Jesus he came down this man Jesus and he knelt down and he touched the leper and if he touched the leper maybe there's hope for me but then he remembers his past he remembers his poor decisions his poor choices and he says maybe Jesus will reject me because I handle that. Paralyzed and stand back and forth and back and forth until finally I imagine he comes to the point where he says what I have to lose. What I had to lose as his friends are telling about Jesus he says I've got to go I imagine somebody here can relate maybe you're not paralyzed but perhaps there's a sin in your life that you feel is paralyzing you from the joy from the contentment from the sense of purpose God wants you to have. And you feel like you to have it except there's this thing and maybe it's just this one thing is that besetting sin that so easily entangles could be pride it could be a closet alcoholic it could be smoking it could be over indulgence it could be the fact that you're judged mental It could be physical or verbal abuse it could be lust it could be adultery it could be theft it could be gambling and I would wager if I were a gamble or that all of those exist here this morning but lucky for you I'm not a gambler and the devil loves to just hold his thumb on top of any one of us whether it's on the list or not he holds you there and he says you're not good enough. You've got to fix this thing 1st and until you do how dare you how dare you do anything for God How dare you come to church how dare you accept a leadership position how dare you do all these other things you just keep this time on you and he says I got him right where I want it was not physical restoration that he referring to the paralytic in this story desired as much as relief from the burden of sin and maybe somebody here can relate to this he was fine being a paralytic for the rest of his life is this burden of sin that I'm carrying i just is too much for me it's overwhelming me I need relief if he could see Jesus and receive that assurance of forgiveness and of peace with Heaven he'd be content to live or die according to God's will so that's why he comes he sought his friends to carry him on his bed to Jesus he says hey guys will you do this for me if you're really my friends will you pick up this mat and carry me to Jesus and when they see the crowd it's his suggestion to his friends that bore him to the top of the house we can't give up I have to see Jesus like that him I must tell Jesus I must tell you as I cannot bear my burdens alone every sung those words I must tell Jesus I must tell Jesus Jesus can help me Jesus alone if that hymn existed then I imagine that was going through his mind his friend said OK you know Jesus is in there preaching right I know will be interrupting. Will you do it OK And so while Jesus is preaching not quite like a setting like we are here but there is this rustling in the roof there's this shifting going on. And there's this noise and there's this traction and things are falling on Jesus. What's going on maybe some he says who's on the roof. Tell Him Jesus is here now quiet down he's in the middle of a study but he's resolute I must tell Jesus that's the 1st thing come to Jesus just as you are that's what we must do we have to come to Jesus just as we are we have no other way in which we can come I mean with the cigarette in my hand Yep I mean with the whiskey bottle in my hand yes I just come to him as I am and I say Jesus help me forgive me of my sin and so there's a rustling in the roof things are falling and here there is one rendition I didn't find one that was my absolute favorite but here you have the crowds you have people outside the windows and they've they've made a hole looks like they had a skill saw I mean a beautiful hall. And they lowered him down how would we respond if somebody comes a hole we just put this roof on and somebody cut the hole and all of a sudden this person this tired sickly terrible looking person forgive me but they're coming down in the middle of this hole in the ceiling in the middle of our worship service begins police this is disruptive but I chose this one because I like the look on Jesus face he's like oh yes I imagine he knows this person quite well perhaps he was praying for him to come and he's lower down and let's pick up our story here and when they could not come near him because of the crowd they uncovered the roof where he was so when they had broken through they let down the bed on which the paralytic was line does that take guts by the way that take courage is that putting yourself out there he doesn't care I'm a see Jesus. I must and when Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralytic son and I met his big smile on his face Son Your sins are forgiven you your sins are forgiven you I'm not all that he wanted that was it he longed more than anything else for forgiveness to have nothing between his soul and his savior I must tell Jesus so come to Jesus just as you are Secondly humbly ask for forgiveness for your stand but I pray you forgive me for this whiskey bottle that I have in my hand right now will you forgive me and you says yes I do but I still have it in my hand but you've asked for forgiveness and I've granted to you but I don't deserve it I know I haven't been all that for a period of time that's true but you forgive me. Why as you asked right don't you want forgiveness for your sin and death point that whiskey bottle starts to shake you gotta set it down but I don't deserve this Lord I know but I paid the price for you so you could be set free and that's when the nice kind of buckle and the real heart fair felt prayers start to be prayed and friends that's when transformation begins in the life the devil wants us to see this backwards right you put down the bottle. You behave yourself you're on probation where is his probation time your sins are forgiven I love his verse and John 637 the one who comes to me I will by no means cast out. If you just come you come as you are with your junk and with your stuff and with your filth you just come and I'm not going to cast you away I didn't say I wouldn't clean you up that God will clean you up but that's not the 1st step he says you just come you humble yourself and you come another failure 1st John 19 if we confess our sins who's the one that's faithful he's faithful It doesn't say if we confess our sins and show that we are faithful he says he is faithful in fact he is the only one that can truly be faithful without him we can do nothing and that's why the devil wants to keep our thumb right on top of us and say you've got to you've got to own up 1st you've got to have a period of time you've got to show he said no if you confess your sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness but if I want to cringe when I have to 1st come and I 1st have to confess and then he forgives me in the midst of my filth. And then he starts to work on cleansing me from all mind and righteousness which is also by his grace so by his grace His Grace allows me to come His Grace forgives me his grace transforms me to going back to our story there's some grumblers here son your sins are forgiven verse 5 now verse 6 and some of the scribes were sitting there and reasoning in their hearts these were some of the same guys that this guy had gone to me says it's hopeless for you you are cursed of God and now this person is being healed and so there grumbling reason our hearts why it is that this man speak blasphemies like this who can forgive sins but God alone is that true yes so what are they saying he's not God How dare he. But immediately verse 8 when Jesus perceived in his spirit that they reasoned thus within themselves he said to them Why do you reason about these things in your hearts which is easier to say to the paralytic your sins are forgiven or to say Arise take up your bed and walk that's the next step this man has been forgiven now Jesus says I'm going to give power in your life to do something that nobody else can give you power of you I'm the only one that can tell you to rise pick up your mat and walk walk in me walk in newness of life walk in the power that I alone can give you now pick up your man walk which is easier and the man what does it say or than the verse 10 but that you may know the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins he said to the paralytic I say to you arise take up your bed and go to your house and immediately heroes took up the bed and went out in the presence of them all so they all were amazes and glorified God saying we never saw anything like this. Do you mean God can use my sin God can use my terrible reputation God can use all of that to bring glory to him he can because it shows what God can do with the filthy crummy person forgive me because we're all that way we all start that way he can take that person he can transform that person into a child of the King by his power alone and in that transformation. Glorified. GOD IS GOOD OH I'M glorify No you're not glorify we knew what you were we know you before we knew you I used to talk that way used to go and all those things we know what you are capable of but we see that this isn't you this is God in you and that's the only hope of glory. So that last step allow him to bring healing to your life Let this mind be in you says in Philippines it doesn't say strife willpower grit your teeth knowing you let just allow him to bring that healing to your life not as I focus on my sin with a microscope No as I focus on God's word with a microscope as I study what he has to say as I claim his promises as I accept his forgiveness and I'm given this new joy and this new energy and there's no sense of purpose and peace of mind all of these things then I can walk I can pick up on that and I can walk what God wants for me to do. Do you believe Jesus still heals today. Is he still in that healing business I believe he does it's similar to the story if we go back just a page or so just to read a few verses now leper came to him imploring him kneeling down to him saying to him if you are willing you can make me clean then Jesus moved with compassion stretched out his hand and touched the leper don't miss that he touched him and said to him I am willing be cleansed I love this quote whom ever will fall at his feet seign in faith Lord if that will. Make me clean shall hear the answer this is whomever this is you this is me this is the guy down the street across the yard whom ever he shall hear the answer I will be made claiming this is a prayer God never says Not right now maybe later I'm sorry it's not according to my will. He always says I will be that made clean when we pray for earthly blessings the answer to our prayer may be delayed or God may give us something other than we ask but not so when we ask for deliverance from sin. It is His will to cleanse us from stand to make us his children and to enable us to live of a holy life God says that's what I'm in the business of doing I will always say yes to that prayer I like this in Christ object lessons 157 in the whole say tannic force there is not power to overcome one soul who in simple trust cast himself on Christ the devil can do it and his whole force there is no power to overcome that one so who simply trust in the name of Jesus Christ in my last district there was a guy who had a hard time overcoming cigarettes that was his thing and he had the other things too but that was the last and he said it was one of the hardest and he go bury them he lay way out in some back hall or the beautiful holler and he go and bury those things in the ground and then he just be overcome and then matter how far he bury he go and you dig it up and smoke it again and all this craziness I mean it is craziness isn't it except for the fact that you and I do it too and he said you know Pastor what I started do as I start to say every time I got washed with this temptation I'd say out loud Help me Jesus help me Jesus help me this lived all by himself back in his holler I magine divided his spine and out of her that ran times throughout the day help me G.'s us. He said I just keep praying that prayer out loud until that would pass and I did that work he said absolutely at work and I'm not smoking cigarettes anymore I say praise the Lord. The whole say tank force cannot overcome Isaiah 40 verse 29 our Scripture Reason Thank you Samantha he gives power to weak and those who have no might he increases shrink we know that hurts my pride I like to think that I have enough power you know I can do this I'll let you know when I have it accomplished. Me you can do nothing he gives power to the weak and those who have no mighty increases strings there's another quote I actually have this one in the leaf of my Bible just at it this morning when is in the heart to obey God when efforts are put forth to this in. You see my motives it's in my heart to go I'm putting efforts towards us and I'm trying to block out I'm trying to not go here I'm not trying to see that or view this or whatever because I know that those are trigger points for me so it's in my heart to obey God and make an effort to put forward to this N. G.'s except this disposition effort as man or woman's best service you think God knows and we give our best Sure do I know no body else in this church no no but God knows and if you're giving your best he accepts this disposition and effort is man or woman's best service and he makes of the deficiency with his own divine merit Now whether you need this much or whether you need this much it doesn't matter God says if you're doing your best I'll provide the rest period. Like the good parent right tells or kids will just do your best parents know if their kids are doing their best or. If they're really striving for something. In the power of Jesus Christ. And he says I'll make up the difference if you just give me your whole claim the power of Jesus Christ and I'll make up the difference. 517 Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a what. New Creation old things have passed away they become dead whole All things have become new. Center in these $521.00 a few verses later for he made him who knew no sin to be sin for us that's not fair you're right that we might become the righteousness of God powerful so Jesus heals Isaiah $5035.00 and with His stripes we are healed the power is available to us that's not what the devil wants us to think the devil wants us to think overcome your stand 1st the on an issue this is embarrassing don't tell anybody about it why because accountability works so we're not going to be just going to. Overcome your stand 1st to prove yourself over a period of time well how long just a little longer the little longer maybe next nominee committee not this one and then come to Jesus sounds good and I get to step 3 and I come to Jesus no you know because you never going to overcome your sin you're never going to improve yourself over a period of time itself faulty method yet we cling to it but there's no power there great controversy says Satan is constantly seeking to see the followers of Christ with his fatal softness tree that it is impossible for them to overcome so just stop trying you have to live with your guilt forever is that the God that we serve just hang on to that burden just continue to carry that backpack and and what is keeping Roxanne there it's impossible to overcome. No that's not the God we serve Jesus pleads in their behalf his wounded hands his bruised body and he declares to all who would follow him my grace is sufficient. For the for you and for me sounds like this verse in Hebrews 102123 having or as some translations it says since we have a High Priest over the house of God Let us draw nearer with the true heart in full assurance of faith we have a high priest he has the blood of Jesus Christ the perfect lamb of God that takes away the sin the world and he's applying that blood as the High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary for you and for me he's making sure there's no shortage of power having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water making sure there's atonement for you and for me and he is doing that today and today and today in till he comes so that we will have the power to overcome 1st Corinthians $6911.00 another one of my favorites says neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor homosexuals is your favorite verse just wait nor Saddam ites north nor coverage this nor drunkards norovirus nor extortioners will inherit the earth so long list we can add more to it but this is the beauty of this passage and such were. Some of. It's not beautiful so they will meant to make you think that as soon as you commit a certain sin you're just that way for life like Paul is forever going to be held as a Christian killing Christian no he's a new creature in Jesus Christ you are a new creature and Jesus Christ and such were some of you whatever on the list but that was what you were. This is but you were a wash but you were sanctified but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the spirit of our God does that give you hope we can overcome God wants to redeem your past for His glory and I've seen this happen and is so marvelous when you see something that's been in the depths of despair in the depths of sin being able to speak to somebody as current issue right now and say you know what I've been there what. I know what that's like to how did you ever get out of it pretty simple let me tell you I came to Jesus like after you got no I just came in Jesus I humble myself and I asked for forgiveness and he forgave me and he cleaned me up Revelation 1211 they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony testimony is powerful and nothing is more powerful than a life changed by the power of Jesus Christ now the more powerful because you can talk about fear you can talk about Bible verses and passages and all these other things but when the doubter sees a person that they knew before that's not that person anymore they're completely different their new creature in Jesus Christ is a while I got to pay attention I got to pay attention there's something here that's why the blood of the martyrs is seed What is it that gives them that that peace and that hope and that assurance and they're singing hymns and they're bringing the mistake I got to have it I got to have it and it's the same in this story the last verse more in Chapter 2 so they were all amazed and glorified God saying we never saw anything like this. Here in the south you get a pass we seen before. Come to Jesus you are humbly ask for forgiveness for your sin allow him to bring healing to your life and maybe the prayer be something as simple as this. Lord take my heart for I can give it an honest statement it is die property keep it pure for I cannot keep it for the. My promises are like ropes of sand I've promised and promised and promised so I'm just praying this prayer Lord you keep it here because I can do it save me in spite of myself my weak I'm Christ like self mold me Fashion me raise me into pure and holy atmosphere where the rich Kerryn of the I Love can flow through my soul the simple prayer Christ object lessons 159 just pray the prayer there was a member in our last church one of our last churches His name was Steven he he was one of those that he 1st started coming to our church but he had some issues in his life but he was so sincere he would come up he likes to come to the altar pastor I mean he had a stick it was even an ax and it was a drawl drawl I mean he'd leave me a message and I'd have to listen to it 3 or 4 times to understand what he's saying on the on the message hire but there are stay on down here to turn don't know what you're doing you're probably right mission somewhere I want your help me God can you are mine. But he was so sincere and he come to me and say Pastor I don't know how you spell that Pastor I've done. I don't pick up a bottle again I done did this again and he go and it with tears in his eyes he would weep and we would pray together and study together and so then he get his life cleaned up he be doing great he found his mind with with with sermons and Bible passages and all kinds of things that were good and positive and then he fall off the wagon again and God says no no. And he would come down to the front and he would weep again and he would cry and we'd pray together we'd stay together and he'd get back on his feet and he'd go on and he'd go on and then you fall off the wagon again this happened for some time. But you know what he kept coming back that's the kicker by the way you keep coming back you keep coming back to Jesus you keep humbling yourself and that's the part that was so refreshing about Steve is that he would humble himself and he say I messed up we don't do that we don't we don't mess up and we don't humble ourselves we posture we make sure we look good there everything is polished we try to fool people but all we're full is ourselves around the devil to keep them honest but he would humble himself he would ask for forgiveness he'd find accountability partners I was one of them and he kept coming back and kept coming back and kept coming back and eventually he came to an entire baptismal study class he gave up one thing after another after another and he'd fall away when he come back I mean isn't that our stories anyway but we keep coming back and he says I want to be baptized this is early in the process I said Steve will get there I want to I want to make sure you understand what you get into Oh but I just I want to be that good you will I promise we'll get there and finally the day came he was ready and you want to be baptized in a creek like Jesus is on the south have knew we were now in the woods there were some people gathered around me saying Some him and claim some promises we talked about how God been working in Steve's life and how Steve wasn't perfect but he's going to keep coming back to Jesus you are going to keep pressing on to follow Him and allow his power to work in his life and he was baptized in that watery muddy grave because we'd stirred up some still and came out with this huge smile. Wrapped his arms around me gave this huge hug picked me up off the ground and I got to watch T.V. go from kind of a mess. To a new creature in Jesus Christ. I don't know where Steve is you know you've been gone long enough numbers change and people move away and this and that has he fallen off the wagon again maybe he has but according to the track record that I saw I'm not worried because he'd get back up he'd come to Jesus he'd fall the foot of the cross he'd ask and plead and beg for forgiveness it would be granted and he'd say Lord give me the strength to honor and glorify you today he pray this prayer Lord I give in my heart I can't give it now because asking us to do your Holy Father we thank you that you have redeemed us while he we were still sinners you died for us and if we will simply come to you and humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness you will begin that work that you long to do in us and we don't do that just once we do it over and over and over again. All along the way praying that simple prayer Help me Jesus. That we may bring glory to use our prayer in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verses or if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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