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The Summer Of Me- Part 1

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • July 8, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Well this morning I'm starting to to have a series of the next called The Summer of me. You might wonder about that title but you know summer seem to be a time when maybe you were a little more carefree we're out of school we don't have to study as much maybe the kids are out and you feel that extra stress some of you for many it's a time to go on vacation to get some R. and R. And that's not a bad thing please don't misunderstand me don't hear what I'm not saying vacation is not a bad thing and I'll mention more about that but sometimes we can approach summer like it's the summer of me myself and I we want to go to a place like this. Where we can just sit and lounge and watch the waves roll in and relax a little bit just kind of stretch or maybe we want to go pamper ourselves and go to the spa I mean who doesn't like to go to the spa and put cucumbers I mean that's what summer gardens are for right. Something I want to go on a cruise going a cruise there's all kinds of things on that boat to entertain you on your cruise on this summer of me as you say I just really like a good banana split I mean if I'm going to indulge this summer just give me a banana split with the hot different kinds of ice cream and the whipped cream and and there's even some chocolate curls womb is a great way to kick off the summer of me yes other say I want to go out on the golf course I want to swing my clubs are saying I want to go shopping I mean what better way to have a summer of me than to get some new duds right and a new clothes what I had from last year is so last year. And there's something new. Others say I like to keep it more simple I like to go the cabin on the lake just some quiet time to reflect. If anybody owns this cabin on the lake by the way make sure you write that on a blue card and put that in the offering plate. I'd like to visit and find out when you're going to go on your vacation. Just a little cruise around the lake and your little antique simple boat Summer me. You might say you know I like to keep it more simple I like to go camping so you have everything there in your V.W. bug and you go camping and I can you can accomplish the summer of me and be dummies aren't that big in fact my son looked at this picture he said Where do you sleep and I tried to point out is back here in the back somewhere but there's really no room I guess you can sort of grill here but it's not really the way you want to do it on the open flame so if you forgot you can just go for it. Because again food is part of the summer of me others of you say no for me I just want to hammock I want to good book I just want to relax and enjoy Now again I'm not against vacation I'm not against pulling away and pulling apart and being able to to reflect in fact some times are best off ha moments when it comes to family or marriage and relationships or ministry or whatever is when we can pull away and when we can kick back and relax and not be so crowded by all the pings in the phones going off and all the rest I get that and I'm in full agreement of that in fact that's why I put this picture up. You recognize the Joker right here in the front. That's us doing paragliding and somebody very kind said you know we want you to do something here some might do something you wouldn't do otherwise and so all of their lives and I would think What could we use this for to do what we wouldn't do otherwise and so we did this and in case you think you know Elizabeth is so sweet and so innocent she did it too. She was up there Jesus himself said Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile rest can be important but rest is almost starting to be redefined. Because no longer is it about me having time to pull away from the world but it can be a time for me to engage more deeply in the world to pursue all those things that excite and intertainment and on and on and rather then coming apart and resting in Christ we're really resting and somebody else desired ages says they had been putting their whole souls into labor for the people and this was exhausting their physical and mental strength it was their duty to rest and so sometimes it's your duty and my duty to rest that's why this same God who instituted this sadnesses I want you to rest once a week because Rest is important but how you rest maybe is something to think about one of my favorite ways to rest and to be recharged is doing something like this where it's quiet there's no rush there's no hurry it's my Bible I love it when I can be out in nature. And God can speak and powerful ways in those times that can rejuvenate the soul sometimes in a lasting way that can last for for days if not weeks or months and some of those times I was having a conversation with Marilyn Bauer this week and she pointed this out in one of our avenues publications in 1930 afterthought Abner's gave about 6.45 percent of their income to the mission offering. That's a sizable chunk beyond that they give gave in 1930 now the depression started to set in 1929 but they're still giving 6.45 percent of their income Fast forward to 2008 the year we elected Barack Obama just to give you some frame of reference again after tide Agnus only gave point 36 percent like a 3rd of a percent income to the mission offering on average that's a big jump and I found myself scratching my head saying man what would be causing this oh maybe it has something to do with it's the summer of me or the fall of me or Winter me it really doesn't matter it's about me and the feeling what I want to do to go where I want to go and all these kind of things is because I have to pay for this kitchen I have to keep up with the Joneses I have to drive this car and do all this stuff and so mission it's just not in the budget it's below the line that's where I see a problem turn me if you have your Bible to 2nd Peter job for 3 as we read a few verses. 2nd Peter small book near the back your Bible right before 1st 2nd and 3rd John and right after James 2nd Peter chapter 3 verse 9 I mean from the New King James version it says The Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some count slackness but is long suffering toward us not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance but the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the elements will melt with fervent heat both the Earth and the works that are in it will be burned up verse 11 Therefore since all these things will be dissolved what manner of persons to you to be in holy conduct godliness verse 12 looking for and hasten the the coming of the day of God Now that's a passion of my heart looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God What does it mean to hasten cause something to happen sooner than it otherwise would that's what it means to hasten mean if you practice this morning when you're trying to get to church on time there was some hastening taking place can you hurry we're going to be late we got to go may have you prepared during the week so that you would be able to get here on time by preparing in advance but we can hasten the coming of the day of God we can have it come sooner than it would have otherwise desired ages $633.00 by giving the Gospel to the world it is in our power to hasten our Lord's return that's exciting it's in your power and my power to hasten to speed up to bring it sooner. Well but I just don't really have time how do you not have time you have time to do all the other things that you want to do I don't really have the resources really then I do see you at the outlets this week. Resorts a little by giving the golf the world's in our power to hasten our Lord's return Matthew $2414.00 and this gospel of the Kingdom this is Jesus' words will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come that will happen and people oftentimes like to say things like well it's God's work it's not our work and that's true it is God's work but he chooses to use us and if we're not willing to be used he'll use somebody else but won't be it under. The Gospel the kingdom will be preached and we have a responsibility to preach it to hasten to speed up the coming of Jesus and this is this scripture that we just read of Matthew $24.00 on the lips of Jesus we see the fulfillment here now in Revelation 146 to 12 this is the 3 angels message and this is describing the fulfillment of what Jesus said in Matthew 24 that this gospel will be preached around the world and then right after the 3 angels message what do we have. Jesus comes Revelation 1414 then I looked and behold a white cloud and on the Cloud Sat one like the son of man having on his head a golden crown in his hand a sharp sickle Jesus is going to come and Revelation 14 talks about the fulfillment of the Gospel being preached to the world at this time by 9 testimonies page $1000.00 in a special sense 7th Day Adventists have been set in the world as watchman and light bearers to them has been intrusted the last warning for a perishing world on them in shining wonderful light from the Word of God we have a responsibility they've been given a work of the most solemn import their proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels messages there is no other work of so great importance they are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention for those are solemn words nothing else she's saying we shouldn't eat we shouldn't sleep I don't think she's saying those things but what really grips and captures our attention today is that proclaiming this special message that God has given to us or is it just really carrying out the summer of me you know I live once well if that's your attitude that might be the case of people like to say well I don't know enough yet pastor I can't explain in 3 messages anybody I can't tell him the truth about anything that's your job you're the one who's got degrees and stuff but I can't do it I don't know enough number the story of Jesus' disciples when they go up on the bank and there's this guy that is demon possessed and he runs at them and if you read the account all the disciples do what they flee they run away. And Jesus stands his ground he cast out the demon and then the man what does he want to do he wants to come with them he says let me go with you and you know the response Jesus gave him go home to your friends and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you and now he's had compassion on you. Didn't say well go to seminary for the rest your life go read through the Old Testament for 5 times how come because you don't know enough yet this guy was demon possessed like 2 minutes ago and Jesus is saying now go tell your friends what I have done for you that's a testimony you have to get off track and do all the other stuff and then you know have this come to Jesus moment no you just tell people what Jesus has done for you at this shine camp we were trying to train young families and even their children to give Bible studies I says really not that hard it's like making breakfast how easy is that you pour in some cereal you pour in some milk and you eat it it's really that simple you pour in some Bible verses which ones any ones you want the Bible is living and active in a double edged or even to divide bone and marrow but let the Word of God do the heavy lifting and so you just read a passage maybe some in your neighborhood to discourage put out the Bible say together of encouraging text I'm with you always on never leave you'll never say you whatever they are and just put 345 they'll be fine and then your kids can walk over and say hey I know you're going through a tough time right now I know you've been hustled by I have a couple passages I thought we encouraging to you is there any time that that I could just go over some of those with you from the Bible they might say no so what chances are especially if they're little kids they'll say yeah OK and i told me just read the verse and then you say wow is not a cool verse where you think it means and then you don't think anything. Ha yeah me too and I like this 1st because the go the next one what do you think it means and the next what do you think it means can I play with you Laura Please be with Mrs Smith a minute and you go home. Let God's word do the heavy lifting over I don't know enough yet or like this one from education 671 all who engage in ministry are God's helping hand they are coworkers with the angels rather they are the human agency through which angels accomplish their mission so angels are working through you and I the human agencies and then get this angel speak through their voices and work by their hands and the human workers cooperate with heavenly agencies have the benefit of their speaking of the angels education and the angels experience so what excuse do you have none. Because the Angels are going to speak through you the angels are going to be your hands one on one experience the angels will be your experience so you just go Matthew 2019 go there for you we talk about the 10 Commandments in English teachers is this a command or is it just a request I mean maybe we should translate the Bible again and after the summer of me then if there's time when school picks up and everything gets crazy again then go there for in the cracks and make no. Go therefore is the command make disciples of all nations baptizing them the name of the Father the Son the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you and lo I am with you always hear Jesus passing off the baton ride Have you ever seen a race like this a relay race and let's suppose you're running and there's there's 4 laps and you have 4 people on your team and you run your little bit behind but then you start to catch up you know and then the 3rd person goes and you're just right neck and neck and you're down to your fastest person right and you're really hoping and you're rooting OK here we go and there's that handoff and you give that and just reach and they take it and they just stand there. Right. Oh no no of I don't have enough experience I mess up my know we're in the way race on just going to I mean what is that here Jesus passed as a baton and then if we just take it a step on our part and say you know I have a message this is one of these somewhere here but I haven't but we're not living it for not passing it on drop the Patel on. Releases says this and His Revelation are given the 3 angels messages were not only to reunite understand this message but to proclaim it with no uncertain sound to the world by presenting these things revealed to John we shall be able to stir the people do the people need stirring today they do are they hard to stir they are but listen to this the usual subjects on which the ministers of nearly all other denominations dwell will not move them. Why what is the usual subjects'. Grace and Jesus paid it all that's true. But you never hear prophecy you never hear the message you never hear all kinds of other things and so we as a culture in North America have become gospel hardened because I can have the summer of me and God's grace is always there I can have that too I can just I can have the best of both worlds because it's not going to move the people. Subjects' won't work but our message is unique and it's based on prophecy the world to be worn with the proclamation of this message if we blanket it if we hide our light under a bushel if we so circumscribed ourselves that we cannot reach the people we are answerable to God for our failure to warn the people you had it in your coat pocket and you left it there so let's talk a bit more about this prophetic message Christ preaching by the way it was a prophetic message some of the 1st words he said The time is fulfilled 2300 a prophecy and it says exactly when his ministry would begin the time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is that hand that's the fulfillment of prophecy the Apostles message were based on the fulfillment of prophecies of Christ Peter and acts to use prophecy to prove Jesus as the Messiah go read a later day Paul preached to Christ the fulfillment of prophecy and 1st Corinthians 15 he uses prophecy to say this is it this is Christ Stephen prove price is the Messiah to prophesy in X. $7.00 before they stone him over and over and over again they're using prophecy the obvious message is a revelation of Jesus Christ in prophecy now 3 angels messages are clearly prophetic and that's easy for us to not our heads too and say yes but sometimes we think that if we invite them to a prophecy seminar and then speak to them about the state of the dead we've done this bait and switch and it's just not right it's false advertising. But friends that also includes is included in our prophetic message it also includes our doctoral understandings look at Daniel $812.00 you know $814.21 days in sanctuary shall be cleansed is that prophetic language yes 2 verses before because of transgression an army was given over to the horn to oppose the daily sacrifices and he cast truth down to the ground and he did all this and prospered friends at the end of the 2300 days truth will be restored and so when we talk about these various things that are doctrinal we are restored in truth which is prophetic you see that. Daniel's prophecy is fulfilled in the Advent movement where truth is being restored it's not about me it's not about our denomination it's about God's word and it's about truth so let's look at the message that I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the ever lasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation and tribe and tongue and people saying Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea in the springs of water and so we're supposed to worship the Creator who made everything on the 7th day sabbath which it was his idea and it's about this idea that the judgment hour has come to stop and think about this when we think about the judgment hour now we think about Jesus' transitional in from the most sorry from the Holy Place to the most holy place and he has his own blood and he's intercede on our behalf that's how we think of it now but prior to 844 in the early 800 that's not how anybody viewed this they thought Jesus is coming at the end of the 2300 days 844 G. is going to cleanse the earth by fire it was a message of judgment wasn't it. And so William Miller priests and a lot of others raised up and preached this message for Bentley and people's lives were changed in transformed why because yes it's coming I'm going to have to stand before God and face the judgment what standard is used in the judgment the law is used as a standard in the judgment and get my life right with God and pay attention to the law and to make sure that his life covers me and my sin I need to work on allowing him to sanctify me and so on and so forth great controversy 379 The 1st angels message of Revelation 14 announced the hour of God's judgment and calling upon men to fear and worship him was designed to separate the professed people of God from the corrupting influences of the world and to arouse them to see their true condition of worldliness and backsliding basically the 1st angels message was a wake up call folks we've got to wake up this is coming soon you can't keep doing this riffraff over here unseen over here and all this other stuff on the side you know you've got to get your act together by the grace of God You need to come to church need to read your BIOS things you know to do with. The summer. Was a wake up call a lot of people heard the wake up call a lot of people out to change their lives some scoffed in the last days there would be those that scoff but it was kind of a waking of the law even I mean you think about King just found the law in the temple and it brought about revival didn't it remember that story John the Baptist preached baptism of repentance same idea I mean if you need to repent that means you're doing something wrong if you doing something wrong because you're being judged in light of the Law Jesus began his public ministry with repent. When the rich young ruler approached Jesus he pointed out the young man's sin. Papa don't point out my sin and the like that makes me feel uncomfortable so leave that alone and become gospel hardened Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace I don't hear I'm not saying without the grace of Jesus Christ we're all lost Right that's true but there's a work for us to do we want him to save us not in our sin but from our sin Peter praise Jesus whom you crucified he told us straight Christ object lessons 152 the sense of need the recognition of our poverty and sin is the very 1st condition of acceptance with God Think about that for a minute because in our society today I'm not in need of anything I don't lack anything I have it all and I'm here at church why you precious to me I'm here I can point to a lot of people that aren't here but I'm here the sense of need the recognition of our poverty and sin the closer you come to Jesus from step to Christ the more faulty you will appear in your own eyes if you read this before the closer you come this is evidence that Satan's delusions have lost their power that the visit find influence of the Spirit of God is a rousing you know deep seated love for Jesus can dwell in the heart that does not realize its own sinfulness But if we do not see our own moral deformity this unmistakable evidence that we have not had a view of the beauty and excellence of Christ I'm going to good place then no you're not I'm a sinner in need of a savior Yes you are and God's grace is there to pick you up let's look at another verse 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 we've been looking in prayer meeting about the children of Israel coming out of Egypt and this is speaking. To that experience but gives us some whoa something we should pay attention to 1st Corinthians Chapter $10.00 verse one moreover brother and I do not want you to be unaware that all how many all our fathers were under the cloud all pass through the see how many all all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea all ate the same spiritual food all drank the same spiritual drink for they drank from the spiritual rock that flowed that followed them and that rock was Christ so all of them had this same experience it doesn't say just a few just the so lacked know it says it all but then verse 5 but when most of them but with most of them God was not what pleased for their bodies were scattered in the wilderness with most of them how many are we talking about like 2000000 people all went through the same experience together where in this together were here together we experience this together and that together and all these thing we all were there. For most most of them God was not pleased remember how many went into the Promised Land like to. Now these things became our examples to be intent that we should not lust after evil things as they also lust in and do not become idolators as were some of them this is our warning all of them went to the same experience but most all of them didn't please God. Some prophets during the bondage in Egypt many of the Israelites had to a great extent lost the knowledge of God's law and mingled its precepts with heathen customs and traditions then they were going to throw him out we're just going to mingle them. You ever have your kids mingle like board games and stuff up puzzles. Becomes really hard to decipher which is with this game which is with that game I mean it can take hours to sort all out here God's people have become mingled with heathen customs and traditions and it's hard to decipher which is true when we don't even worry about that anymore don't be so legal istic we're just going to be a little of this and that and and it's all good. And God brought them to Sinai and there with his own voice declared his law we say this is like a week and a half ago and. I mean there's thunder there's clouds the earth is shaking there's a trumpet blaring and everybody's in all of what's happening and God with his own voice speaks audibly the 10 Commandments I mean this is a wow moment because he had lost the knowledge of God's Law conforming to worldly custom converts the church to the world it never converts the world to Christ I mean that's what you hear a lot Well Pastor if we just had music that people like if you just wouldn't preach so much about the law and about sin if you just emphasize more grace we can pack people in. Our offerings we're going to the rose we can have an expansion and be huge by times on the need to have and yet to govern this judge analogy I mean there are conforming to worldly custom converts the church to the world that never converts the world to Christ I was just reading this this week I don't know why I get it sometimes as a pastor they just send you stuff because you're a pastor but it's Christianity today so this is an amnesty publication and they had an article called wait upon the drop I think it's talking about a drop beat but maybe somebody can inform me I'm not as hip as I used to be. It says here the house lights are dark as bright beams of electrical blue scanned the crowd white strobes posts 8 to the beat and it talks about how the music starts to the climax the snare comes in louder and louder and 16th nodes and then the bass and you get the idea the crossing non-denominational church in Tampa where the weekly attendance of rough roughly $3500.00 rules is one of many congregations now incorporating electronic dance music when you think church we could fill up this row and. In the corner with some in the back what's the answer electronic dance music wow this is very enlightening it's not a full on Rave it's not a full on rave and you'll see more traditional instruments like drums electric guitars and keyboards much of it is set to a temple around $130.00 beats per minute. E.D.M. or electronic dance music once the underpinning of the all night rave scene has now become one of the most popular mainstream musical styles as influencing both studio recording Christian worship music and live congregational performances have you heard enough Russ Jones pastor worship parts of the crossing said that E.D.M. has brought youthful edge to its services and helps the church reach a younger generation it just brings more of a liveliness to the worship atmosphere you think when you hear it you just kind of want to move a little bit you think but Jones 46 is careful about how much E.D.M. to incorporate into regular weekend services what do you think electronic dance music George Barna the statistician I saw this just. I think it was last night I was reading in the atmosphere of you and he was part of he's not an avenue this but he does to to sticks religious statistics around the world in the North American all kinds of things and so he shared some of these statistics at this convention that they had I think it was in Hungary and these are his where he says we're in crisis in fact this is the July issue of the review we're in crisis there's a conference on if issues impacting families he said this children being exposed to extended family gatherings church services art exhibits I'm not sure why you see that in there and Bible study showed an average about 2 hours a week in those areas so whether it's family gatherings whether it's a church service whether it's Bible study art exhibits 2 hours a week and I didn't say it these are like Christian people or not I'm assuming this is probably Christian people but anyway either way children are today exposed to professional sports television news online content and current movies 7 hours a day so one is 2 hours a week the other is 7 hours a day was 7 times 7 too much. And he says the biblical worldview of our children our families is being rewired and the fat and just even having a biblical worldview when you start to break down the 18 to 30 year old in the thirty's or whatever he says it's like becoming smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller was the Bible say I don't know I don't care I use this in the 7 hours of all this stuff all the time. Spent 2 hours you know family gatherings and a bible or 2 and they mix and they mingle electronic dance rave church thing I must be spiritual everything's OK if I heard about the grace of Jesus Christ and I'm going to go do whatever I want to do again we're in crisis Listen to this and spare prophecy volume for. 339 to those that have a form of godliness but no not the power that's a buy over we can gain many who would otherwise do us great harm this is the devil speaking lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God will be our most affective helpers pleasure pleasure pleasure pleasure pleasure those of this class who are apt and intelligent will serve as decoys are you apt Are you intelligent you're going to service decoys to draw others into our snares and many will not fear their influence because they have professed this same faith this is beautiful they'll never see it coming their avenues to. We will thus lead them to conclude that the requirements of Christ are less strict than they once believed and that by conformity to the world they would exert a greater influence with were only. It was told before it happen and its completely happening is that not thus they will separate from Christ and they will have no strength to resist our power and air long they will be ready to ridicule their former zeal and devotion. This idea that the worst critics will be those that were among us but leave same idea about the 2nd angel another angel follow the same Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication they become intoxicated with false doctrine and really what is ballin but a compromise church spoken of in Revelation 17 in more detail and the 2nd angel's message identifies babbles teachings as air and points back to the 1st Angel's call to worship the true God That's what it is this is what you're supposed to do come out of this. The problem is we believe the lie that we can just have a little bit of both just a little bit about. The little bit you may know what that is the Great Wall of China. Holds special memories for you but we won't talk about that today. I price to gotten some statistics maybe you could tell us how long this wall is how tall it is how thick it is but the idea was these barbarians from the north were just constantly wreaking havoc and so we're going to do this thing we're going to build this wall and so they met erected this massive wall to divide everything and now we can sit on the other side of the wall and just be safe and cosy and complacent Ah. Why are you so east wall you know in the 1st 100 years they were invaded 3 times never once was it over the wall or through the wall when it was every single time bribing a gate keeper to just let us in Friends 7 hours a day our children and people out there are being bribed by you know their bribing the gate keeper just let us in and will tear down your biblical worldview so fast it was the traitors within the walls that overthrew the strongholds of principle and betrayed Israel into the power of Satan it is thus that Satan still seek to compromise the ruin of the soul a long preparatory process unknown to the world goes on in the heart before the Christian commits open sin it's OK we're patient it's going to long preparatory process but when the mind is not come down at once from purity and holiness to depravity corruption and crime it takes time to degrade those formed in the image of God to the brutal or the say tannic but by beholding we become changed. By the indulgence of impure thoughts man can so educate his mind that sandwich he once loath will become pleasant to him said to me patriarchs and prophets for 59 friends the 1st angels message is still a wake up call fear God and worship him for the hour of his judgment has come he's coming soon do we care or is it just the summer of me and he was for 12 says prepare to meet your God if we're going to do that what would that look like he's come over lunch today what are you going to do all this too soon OK he's coming over next month it's come over a year from now what are you going to do. A year I got a lot of time just hanging out looking more money I guess he was $1212.00 let us lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us and let us run with in durance the race that is set before us let us take that baton the 3 angels message and lets run. Looking on to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith he's promised every resource in heaven he says the angels are just waiting almost impatiently waiting to come down and to be our voice to be our hands to be our experience that we are even have to share this message and they're just waiting waiting waiting and we just don't have done you still have time to go to slip and slide part tomorrow yet. The great burden of every soul should be is my heart renewed is my soul transformed are my sins part and through faith in Christ have I been born again and my complying with the invitation Come unto me all that are labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest again I'm not picking on vacation I'm not picking a water park but if our whole existence. As entertainment and and pleasuring self and you get the idea as far as as Rescue says I'll give you rest break from the from the labors that's fine but make sure I'm part of that bring your bible packing with you spend time on Russia unhurried time what are going to do is going to pack so full no I want to have some hours every day I can just spend in God's word that's vacation do I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ was the question that we need to ask and do I feel it my duty to believe every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God so will be this summer of me or will it be the summer of the your Heavenly Father we want to be there when you come to take us home and Lord next week we're going to look about what that entails Yes there's a mark of the beast but you have a mark 2 or a seal and what does that look like oh lord it's not bad to take a vacation to spend time with family with friends doing things that we enjoy but Lord may we not ever become so pleasure hungry that we don't spend the time we need each and every day drawing from the wellsprings of life help us to be about your business in this time with your message that when that role is called up yonder we and others around us in our sphere of influence will be there we pray in Jesus name. 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