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The Greatest Miracle in the World: A New Nature

Ron Clouzet


Ron Clouzet Secretary of the North American Division (NAD) Ministerial Association and Director of NAD Evangelism Institute



  • December 31, 2009
    2:30 PM
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welcome back for those of you who are courageous enough to come back I you know it's it's difficult more difficult for me how moving here and standing and talking to realize that temperature but some of you told me at the end of the second session the morning that it was freezing here and arbitrarily as I stayed and I I kept working and when a friend came and we were talking it up after about fifteen minutes of just the two of us talking here but he was gone I was thinking so they were really right we have asked several people invade they had contacted them and I believe it's going to be better act I think it might be already little better I hope it's not so better in A falsely Wednesday the last will come because you still you still have the best chance in the house okay if you have your Bibles just just open them along with me just due to begin with this session and I would like this just read first Corinthians thirteen verse four love is patient you know that they were patient and Greek is the Greek word that is used to be patient with people is not being patient with things you know like waiting for your train to arrive love is patient it's when your patient with individuals love is patient love is kind and is not jealous love does not brag and is not arrogant does not act on becoming it does not seek its own is not provoked does not take into account a wrong suffered does not rejoice in unrighteousness but rejoices with the truth it bears all things and believes all things hopes all things and endures all things love never fails what a marvelous statement think about you know we say certain things don't fail with what we would get a great deal of credence if something fails a very low percentage of the time if something is successful eighty percent of the time everybody would be paying good money for wow I think on an eight out of ten times for this to be successful that's a very high ratio on anything in life when the Bible says something you know you can and when the Bible says that love never fails but that's a remarkable state of the remarkable statement when you think about the great controversy between good and evil ending when you read that statement love never fails that means that if they ate and in the final analysis God 's method of dealing with sin will actually succeed in it will succeed much beyond what we expect to succeed his love never fails to stop this afternoon about this new nature we talked about the nature sin we talked about the nature of God began to Pittsburgh father thank you for a respite in for a food for lunch thank you for this day which is given to us within work to earn it you purchased it on our behalf thank you for the opportunity to be engage with word of God Sefton I pray that you me with every every seminar this afternoon and everyone going to the seminars me with his speakers the presenters and be with us to may we perceive something about your nature something about your ways and means that may be insightful that may be helpful to us as we seek to understand you and our relationship with you in Christ's name we pray the greatest miracle in the world in a nature Mark Twain had a lot to Jesus Heaven goes by favor by grace if it went by merit it would stay out and your dog will go in it makes a lot of sense because a dog always tries to please his master angel and God will deserve have been more than we would join was a rebel that he was known to me first John chapter five verses eleven and twelve these are some of the most important clear verses regarding on that saves us the testimony is based that God has given us eternal life in this life is in his son two very important things rightly what are they won his state 's God has given us eternal life it is not God will give us it is not PSS or might give us in God has given us eternal life in other words that is something that he has already accomplished two thousand years ago it is a guarantee it is already stocked up it is an deposit of only four of the window all God has given us eternal life the other one is this life is in his son so if you want not if you want to withdraw all that eternal life it doesn't come in a vacuum it comes in his son if you want that eternal life it is not simply a concept is not something that got says you know all I give you flowers you can view no flour seeing implanted in your garden now I give you eternal life and that eternal lifetimes with Jesus Christ that's why when Christians have an over emphasis on the cross in and under emphasis on the power of Christ it is a in unscriptural view object because salvation is not simply what Jesus accomplished at the cross salvation is also what Jesus is accomplishing in your life based on what you come at the crop you have the sun this is one of the most beautiful verses every question I know this by memory that personal healer has the son has a lot you does not have the son of God does not have it's very clear and simple and in verse thirteen between these things I have written to you who believe in the name of the son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life so he is reiterating what he said in verse eleven you've got has already provided eternal life he has given to you eternal life and then he says again so that you may know you eternal life how do we have eternal life well verse twelve answered that he who has the son has life the life is nothing like we're talking about here of seventy or eighty years would like about analyze so the reference in verse twelve about the life is a reference about eternal life US the sun has eternal life you does not have this does is anyone to be born again remember we spoke about the fact that sin is nature 's innocent that it is something that can not even God can fix it not so strange how could it be that Yahoo can do everything and anything cannot face when he cannot face is that the nature of sin it is it is it is unfixable by my own components all right you just doesn't work it's equivalent of a artist getting good quality play in order to make pottery and in a work song that works with the with a wheel and works with a water etc. but gets interrupted leaves the work halfway done the goal but doesn't come back until a day later by Sonny comes back what does he do with that half way done these upon all he can do you can fly he could slide to fix it he could try to put some more water in it in to keep modeling and working on it but what he does do actually is the way he throws it away and start anew he has to begin a new because it will never be a top quality piece of pottery otherwise it cannot happen God does the same when it comes to our the human nature think about fixing it cannot be fast and so he's talking us to start over again why can they not be thanks Kathy cannot fix it because we already have destructive elements into it it doesn't matter how much good it looks into that because we have been bad already it's always going to be a mixed so he has to start over again he said on here than raising more questions than answering at this point that statement is listless look at this look at this story which is which is this story about how got best that in all that process in John chapter three you want to open your Bibles to that I know it's familiar and disassembling it there is some depth into the just like Nicodemus many were looking for answers and Nicodemus was a theologian you have to understand is the agreement was not just not just a regular Joe Nicodemus his whole life was the study of Scripture and in spite of that there was safe there was something he was missing member when we talked to at the first session about one of the results of sin being peaceful S&S that restlessness well that is evidence indicating Nicodemus knows that there is something that is missing in his life and that is why he's going to this man who appears to be so different than anyone else he has ever met he seems to have put things together he doesn't understand why because the guys a Galilean and he does not does not belong to the day of the lawyer or law he doesn't have the education that everybody else in who who who would have a chance to have it together has what is the fruit is also evident that exist I got to talk women I have to do I have to figure this out a nice exactly why he goes there versus one hundred is a the was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews this man came to him by night and said to him Rabbi we know that you have come from God as a teacher for no one can do these signs what is that America's busily heals all figured out they in merchants out of out of body of the first cleansing of the temple no one can do these signs that you do unless God is living it's interesting that that is what got his attention it was he somebody who is blind it was a need somebody who was an letter you could argue that the war Old Testament prophet to get some of those things you don't even raising the back but when you didn't notice isn't it so emanating flooring coming out of Jesus when he kicked out the merchants out of the cage of one look at him he said one statement in people in the near sometimes people portray Jesus as being upset he only takes the this quarter annually starts beating on things no big one was a was a sign of authority from a human being over a root of a mule eight eight eight beast twenty because there were plenty of beasts there but it wasn't that Jesus was man out of his something was a well-built unreason got upset with they know Jesus did not get none of the same way we understand Reno said when we are upset is because there is something selfish going on in our life something is not working out the way we want that's not Jesus self righteous indignation is not hatred it is not anger righteous indignation is not anger doesn't come from the same source Key West for chart like how the devil had misled all his people these are these people these are unrelated amount paid in Spain is on way out there these are the people that really don't I look at how is help help help missed visits will stress working through background was such evidence of divinity such evidence of authority and power and poise that is the miracle that Nicodemus took note of incident you know nobody know what he's like you you must be something because you wouldn't have been able to nobody resistant you everybody laughed can you imagine Jesus answered liturgies on the miscellany he starts on outright since you're somebody that basically raising your your your somebody in Jesus doesn't deal with that at all he says in verse three truly truly I say to you unless one is born again in the grief says more form above born from above he cannot see the kingdom of God he cannot see the kingdom of God Nicodemus SSA it is easy to see that you're somebody important and Jesus answers by saying the truth of the matter is you cannot see squat you cannot see you all you see is somebody who is different than everybody else you know all you see is somebody who did something that nobody else got in the Temple before but you're really missing the important thing you still do not see that I'm the son of God you do not see them the Messiah you do not see them I have a non- fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy you are still blind you cannot see I met your born again now it is significant that Jesus said that to a person who is the most equipped to be spiritual if he has said that to Martin S if he has said that to even to Judas we may understand why they may need to be born again but he said that to the person who had the best possible chance of being a follower of God any said to him you cannot even see through the fog right now is your born-again one of radical statement Jesus me a radical radicals that you know what that means it doesn't matter how faithful how grateful we had been a seven badness it doesn't matter how much theological education we may have had it doesn't matter whether we're experienced fasters whether we have led people to Christ whether anything nothing matters the point is every one of that's been has he said that the Nicodemus and bring one of the of us are very high in the same situation all of us none of us can see I'm too unfit were born again and that is how Jesus put it not easy it was a price verse four says that you know how can a man be born when he's old he cannot enter a second time his mother 's womb and be more Kenny court seeking out he was embarrassed a little bit taken off in a half step and so the answer that way even though he knew that was that was nonsense the whole concept of new breath was familiar to him at the beginning is called what would pagans became Jews they went through a new birth process however the Jews never thought it would apply to them because they were the children of God they were followers of God so how could they need to be born again and then Jesus reiterates this and asked something to that verse five says I say to you unless one is born of water and the spirit so you made a specifically born how born-again born how born of water and the spirit she cannot answer you see how he changed the birth no longer see now he cannot enter the kingdom of God imagine this is a journey if somebody were to say to me it is lot let's imagine in this room you know somebody I had them in mind with a weapon trying to work incomes after me while I have you know I is like well I'm I'm I'm corner but somebody who is my friend says walks through the door and the wall-to-wall you'll is in the way right what I need to know first if I want to walk through the wall will first of all you know physically speaking that's not possible so what he means by that is that there is something north there if I want to get into another kingdom another Rahal I have to find the north right like an entry in verse three he says you cannot see the door let alone entering inverse fund man you need to see that don't you need to find you need to find out where you need to find what that is in vain even you can enter that door but in verse six and eight eight six two eight that which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit we had been in work through some of these verses in a minute do not marvel marvel that I sent to you you must be born again the wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it but do not know where it comes from and where it is going so is everyone who is born office have you heard of Samuel Morris I remember number of years ago I read that and it really struck me as an marvelous marvelous story so many of you have read about and send a more sorry anyway some of you have it's a remarkable story is nameless Kabul he was principal of the crew drive in West Africa in the ladies nineteenth century by their rival five had taken him captive and held them in Ayn Rand 's basically as a force today favors from their fathers try in they would be in every single day he was fifteen years old they would beat him every day and then they would have people from the other tribe see him still being to be having in them they would have to bring slow director doing things for that other five otherwise they would keep beating him or they could kill him in regard to keep this son all the tribal chief ally they can't acquiescing to the demands of the school tried in short when months but one time after the meeting shortly after this is an amazing story after the meeting he was languishing there no bleeding and everything he was strapped chemo just the whole area just lit up and employees very distinctly spoken his dialect saying one run now and suddenly he's shackles fell through felt all eighty eight he found himself free in the voice is running so he ran it just right in he ran and ran any right now you got to understand is a fifteen sixteen -year-old who is really weekend by all of these meetings every single day and yet he had the strength to run and run and run he ran for seven days straight twenty four hours seven days run because that's what the voice said that's what the voice in the light 's that the new donation camp yet he would hide during the day and then you were run night at the mission camp finally have something to a Christian mission and horse of people recognize them from being a try but they hardly ever see and little by little they start communicating couple of the ladies there started communicating with them and shared a little bit about Jesus and you try to tell a story and to try to sell and that Jesus said interpose on his behalf and then they try to teach in the Bible in baseball than the story all in Paul's deliverance and how Paul was on his way to Damascus when a bright light brighter than this they knew I saw was on them and a voice said spoke to him in when basic that you uses the same voice the same person that spoke to me that's the same like the same person who spoke in sure enough it was anything is dark and understandings very primitive understanding of God he was able to recognize that one day it all makes sense what the Bible said what Jesus had done for him he was baptized into the Christian name and that's how we know him today by Samuel Samuel Morris and now he was in love with Jesus just in love with Jesus she couldn't eat they got it he sang all the time whatever you have learned that mission can be just kept singing all sometimes it was irritating to other Christians because he was not happy with Jesus all the time is like in all your that's all I know he would help me long time he would just be a developed tireless in trying to be good to others he was just so thankful injuries he kept praying helping others finally somebody you don't want to feel the missionaries and told him that where there come from it so he put together a figure you know and married people really know God because these people came from America and Ron got to me I know God is loving God Savior because these people I must go to America because he so loved with Jesus he wants to go wherever he could learn more about Jesus install he was convicted that he needed to go to America he was about eighteen by this time maybe seventeen you found a ship going to New York City he walked all the way to make it a business in today's single hour so we walked all the way to the shore I mean several days after that you're in a you know people said you know you can't just go on their hope that you can find a ship in North America holiness my father called me exalt the heat you know he just said something to her that he saw absolutely convinced my faith every moment that he gets there sure enough because there is as yet it is ready to go to New York in a few minutes he says that the ship am supposed to go instantly against their heat units sold me that the captain lets a man who working on he doesn't understand even why he lives in me braces okay fine and not Sony lesson do that for menial jobs janitorial type things well Jesus is a black guy from a primitive tribe in the late nineteenth century and that America is a link you do the math how do you think it was reading by the other crewmembers and I have the past life worse than any in many ways in addition to that you guys always have the is always singing in any eighties not almost as well he's just so different install that Harry plays they made her grandson they may make his life difficult on several times even try to kill him I was going there was a fight between two crewmembers that they were at each other he offers this line so that when one wouldn't endanger not understand that they do not understand why somebody who is constantly abused and in in in harassed and button-down what their enemies you know what happened at about six months in those six months the life of this young man the life of this young man form cases change the life of a green one in the area one of those people became a Christian and genuine God loving Christians by the time they docked in New York City because of his lack the greatest miracle was not his amazing deliverance that's a miracle that's amazing there the greatest miracle was not his passage to America what happened to those crewmen the major thing about Samuel Moore story really is how he actually became a Christian the fact that God would find them how there were no money even though anyone existed and God would call him and God will save it and I wouldn't easiest that the way that he did and how God this young man in practice completely the opposite of what he was used to everything immediate goal advantages whatsoever that is the real mayor the change of heart in what got us to make that happen in John three we really find birth process that I like this for us to to review carefully as seven points about this list off a little bit about number one versus at based on verses two three and five no one is really a lie no one is really alive until he or she is born from above Jesus made that clear to Nicodemus was as you must pass him first thing on this map you must be born again you got everything anyone would want you have all this privilege the truth is your data you worsen that because you think you're not they cannot even see Lebanon entered to the joys of God that lack of peace that which prompted him to say you know I better I better pick your brain about this because it is obviously even if you you run your life in a different way that everybody else I know number to the sinful nature is totally different from the spiritual nature this is later in their spiritual nature I complete opposites verse six says that that which is born of the flash is he that which is born of the Spirit is spirit all right in Jesus wasn't speaking simply about physical therapy was talking about spiritual in the spiritual realm that which is what quintessential is will remain to be self that which is spiritual is a different thing you see the problem is that Satan has cleverly introduced a third option and this is where it gets interesting right good and evil than Satan since all you but there's a third option in the third option is seen in the works of Paul in first Corinthians two and three when I read that I want to look at this very carefully a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness to him and he cannot understand them because they are spiritually appraised soul Paul makes the same point we been making right you cannot fix this in natural man in fact it is impossible for the natural man all over the sinful man to understand the things of God the Spirit of God they are foolishness to him he cannot understand because they are not appraised by the same with the same all tools it is that is not possible and then he goes on verse fifteen but he was spiritual that's the second time he was spiritual appraises all things yet he himself is appraised by no one knows it doesn't affect the White House of the people at phrasing in this chapter three verse one next one since I really could not speak the US to spiritual men but has to men of flesh as infants in Christ I gave you milk to drink not solid food for you were not yet able to receive it in any event now you're not yet able for your still question was a talking to the Corinthian church right that the Corinthian church problems problems in all incestuous one than taking people taking brothers and sisters the court was another one you mean major major problems in fact I I realized I couple years ago that the New Testament makes mention of elders and just many churches that are mentioned in the New Testament but it does not mention any elders for Corinthian church I've ever noticed that evidently there were no elders in the Corinthian church why not because they were not Latino there were no males for instance and in that male-dominated society is because they were probably not a single law spiritually much more individual that could be asked to be an elder in the church that is why have all minister to that church from as a proxy minister by letters is in sending messengers in interest helping that out until somebody would roll while spiritually speaking this church was a mess it was a veritable mess it wasn't it wasn't much better than a lot of neopagan type things in so he says to them I can't speak to you as spiritual people but as infants in Christ so what's going on here 's a three and this is the third option the devil has produced they follow me carefully they are really two natures one estate sinful nature Netherlands the spiritually misinformed through the one that you cannot do anything about the natural man unable to make progress you cannot fix it has been thrown away the spiritual natures they is the one that God has to offer to the new birth process is a born from above Christian regenerated spiritual nature is added to that individual okay they carnal nature of the fleshly nature is really high not also the words of the apostles but it really the invention is I'm really psyched was that the freshening man or the carnal man is somebody who was sent yesterday Jesus to begin with but does not continue to grow in Jesus in other words it has an intellectual relationship with God that is not a part it is not a surrendered far it is one that I sent you not make sense or or I can see that port or yes thank you God is in has never continued it was born but it never grew not want you to visualize how grows that concept ease in the physical realm everybody has seen babies right everybody has seen babies on some probably have seen babies that were just worn right really tiny little things for love Vern Vern thank you and God anyway I need to be cleaned up and Eric Ryan all Latino little things like that write about this day imagine imagine forty years later using the same may be forty years later in the baby hasn't grown holiday conduit of forty year old baby looked like we grow in well I forty -year-old baby nothing about forty all person for your baby it would be pretty gross right you know something really really awfully wrong has gone on there that's the car home he that Saqqara me in the devil says that your many questions in many evangelical circles that's that's the focus the focus is hold on to what Jesus has done across but in the whole idea growing in Jesus is dismissed or is is not important all I get is accepting Jesus did for you on the cross the whole idea but accepting Jesus in you today is not a part of the equation but the issue is that if a baby is born and is healthy that baby will develop that wealthy baby will get better enough that they ask you know we've had three children I helped deliver them help is to sponsor the word for mail to use when you say you help deliver a baby I was there my wife deliver the baby of the grace of God anyway how but that baby you already see growth in in a box form they already see the baby is better in fact for hours after birth the baby could not be good backing in the universe that normal that's what it's supposed to happen you know how much babies grow when they are in a six months if we want to grow the same right we draw the first six months willing albeit in this building and when three thousand pounds NBC management in general say you said yes to God 's even Mister Carl McConnell man is the one that is not growing in a carnal man really is the natural man is a simple man really bad except that is now quite sure because it refuses to keep growing in Christ number of preventive birth is the only solution to the sinful nature which in turn must die as important understand it in verse seven do not marvel that I said to you you must be born again other words this is this is not an option Nicodemus this is not an option it is not recommending this to say you must be born if you want to be a lie you must be born again in the means that if you have to make it now we'll talk about the two natures later if you have to nature you cannot learn what the nature forever right as pretty confusing and saw eventually one must die and the other one must be separate right any depends what you feed what nature you keep reading the one that will make a difference world will keep growing or not so the other one will die the number is the only solution to the sinful nature of any of the new grimacing all over the New Testament by the way first Peter chapter one verse twenty three says for you have been born again not a seed with this perishable but imperishable that is through the living and enduring word of God all born of water that singular that's a huge load might make you want to be born again you where you want to be drawing there is it is missing the word missing in the work that's what grows you nothing else really grows step four it would've gotten word of God is what role as a person or I guess that that's the big food right the Romans six seventy ten for instance he was the high is sound something behind that something behind the pictures that I forgot to move over usual V G who has died he is free from sin right that what it says now if we have died with Christ we believe that we shall also live with him knowing that Christ had been raised from the dead is never to die again death no longer is master over so it's one of the other eventually in second Corinthians five seventeen therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creature ingredient of creation the old things passed away behold new things have gone new things have come basis of the Bible talks about the things that are dichotomous that are different at our office in it it needs to be the way Matthew eighteen Jesus said to the essay to you unless you are converted and become like children you will not enter the kingdom of an so it is all over the New Testament number four to be born from above is an work of the spirit but to die to self your decision in LS color emphasize that is there some subtlety about that impersonator explains how the work of the Spirit is like the wind you don't know how works you know where we don't always come in from exactly when you hear the sound of writing all the results because moving three tops or the leaves of the trees so you know the wind is there so it is the work of the spirit that the decision is yours verse seven says that you must be born again so the implication is you have something to do about this you must be born again so it is the work of the Spirit but what you can do is stop the work of the spirit if you just it is the work of the Spirit who initiated to mobilize it but you could stop it it is not huge uninitialized it is not your work in the morning it is not what you don't say one day one in all wake up in the Morris is God all right I want to be born again today that's not how it works is already decided he once used to be born again the question is whether you are going to allow him to or not whether you stop that process or not just like a baby and maybe does not decide a baby in the womb does not decide today I think I want to be more mom no it didn't go for status working on behalf of the baby even though mom doesn't decide that the I know with modern medicine today you and this baby to be born to the all because there is these better than Friday inch of women's law but the truth of the matter is that in normal and normal processes not even the mother besides when the babies right there are other forces from above that make sure they deliver you can trust this is not what God is already at work on this the difference is whether or not in an unmitigated that your mental picture here to so that'll stick with you whether or not I feel gone down the birth canal you say I want to come out you know if you God is going to have this way praise God but we can do that you know I'm like that maybe the baby doesn't put his elbows out they help us to a small and masonry to come through in our number five eighteen and I'll tell you little bit more about that you'll see how real this analogy is not Jesus Joseph very real analogy about this maneuver is the inward work or baptism of the Holy Spirit but is the artwork demonstration is awkwardly demonstrated by water baptism what are we saying here Jesus said in verse three and five you must be born again of water and the spirit sometimes people make a difference between water baptism and Spirit baptism you need to be careful about that water baptism is simply great demonstration of something that the spirit has done in your life in Pentecostal communities in a charismatic communions therefore theology is what is called a second blessing theology and that means that after you have become a Christian sometime after you become a Christian you finally receive the spirit in a new go into a a whole of Christian experience and this is what you need to seek for and that's why in some of the classical Pentecostal communions is demonstrated by speaking in toxicity once you speak in tongues that means you have really really really now the court value a morning and you are really not about size by the spirit that is a false dichotomy being born of water and the spirit is the same thing in Jesus mine what does that mean they want or simply they are horrid expression of something that has taken place inside through the work of the Spirit in your life but it is demonstrated it is it is so it becomes clear water as a symbol for cleansing where the Holy Spirit is the source of the power for that whole new birth process and articulate of this festive real newborn writer will there is no mistaking when a woman gets her all of a sudden we had a baby where before I wasn't so number means you have something very tangible is very real this will greatly talk about the seventy nineteenth picture on creative to keep in mind this is where we came from and all of us look like that at one point or another if you things about the metaphor new birth this cause I mean birth is caused by internal and external forces not my personal work or human decision just like to mention regarding the mother of his son in the case of physical birth this is biological forces it is not a decision I can guarantee this and in those of you those women that are here who are mothers can vouch for this most mothers would have much more hype would have chosen to have that baby a month before or two months before they actually have the other times you've heard it all and how I wish I could have been on peaches and in all likelihood is against this business this is not the that is not her decision neither the babies in your reborn of the Spirit is not your decision is not decision got already decided that unless you stop and unit of the morning is not a marvelous piece of God will force your being born of the Spirit he wants to work out that he dies he is talking to it is also the most painful experience for human being to go through the center way that we can't remember any buddy can you imagine when you're in is a clone some excruciating nightmare right there is a reason why the babies cry when things like analyzing is not like they're waiting for the doctor to bat in the back is like an alleged understand the physics of this the birth canal is about thirteen inches wide at its widest know spending is any not then exist rather no centimeters sorry some of some of you ladies would think really not calling the correct that ten centimeters that's not very large and you get again and maybe do not even in the all young as yeah I know some places online explains this is a very painful experience not just fun and mother for the child as well and you can count on it if you are really going to be born again if you really cannot be in love with God is your nature is going to change it's going to cause pain it is going to be joyful one one one side of it in the abdomen is going to cause pain is going to be difficult to describe the difficult trials in the process and it will be dancing with you as you would when you are on how the Lena leave now but if you really find yourself to the will of God he will see you through it will nurture you he will give you plenty of joy just at the time that you need an wrong you may grow you can grow you the most painful part is when you're younger but after your more established is less and less faithful you all are everybody has heard of growing pains you know we usually refer to that do you know teenagers grow up in one sense not to put the clubs growing faith in America is calibrated and they can be removed very well deserved drawings of well when you get to be my age you don't throw anymore except for a few places we issued your established the issues are different doctors used to call this procedure conversion and that he is one of baby 's reach in us that affect down for his feet down first that can be extremely bad of me mother sent by birth because of that babies have to you know when they get here legs all in all twisted up over there in the umbilical cord some staff still what they used to do is you ready for this you're sitting in the big doctor would put his hand up the birth canal in convert that they called the call to conversion a conversion procedure was to change the baby so that the head would go down for in so that both could survive it's interesting that they called conversion is exactly what needs to happen because in a new birth process the thing that really matters is the head that's what happens that's where it all it's in the hand is in good shape in the head it don't everything else will follow you that leaves everything else will fall interesting characteristics of new newborns on the warrants typically have the same physical in all shapes and when they're born they had their arms folded not flailing ninetieths I'm slowly becoming through the birth canal arms folded knees and then not straight and you don't find babies being born with straight legs out you know like kicking a soccer ball just you know knees bent in their head is about knowledge individualized arms folded knees bent and what a beautiful picture all humility and that is what it will take me to be born that's what it will take for us to be born again a a state of humility a state of surrender in fact no babies are born with your head off it's there now it's always like they had no because what would happen a typical size maybe I say seven or eight pound baby they let between their shin in the crown of their cat is about thirteen centimeters but when their heads are bowed you send Synod you know that the same the same area and that is what it needs to make it through the Birkenau and so there are no need for you you're been a result like this it would rip out the mother and they would dine across how wines with Jesus when he told us you must be born think about that this is all that it entails that humility that surrender the work of God this is what God is doing in your life you must be born again number six even though the work of the Spirit is a mystery the result of his work isn't it in the newborn is not a mystery just like the wind chill is that it is active the result is not a mystery what is the result of the birth of the spirit get me a text I don't have a feeling that's why masking what is the result of somebody who is more of the spirit therefore it was very exactly the result being more of the Spirit is the fruit of the spirit Galatians five versus naked and very what is it love joy peace patience my faithfulness on the quality temperance or self-control and more modern versions that is the result of your being born so he got not a part of your life with me that some of you stolen the drive is not complete that it is not growing making a snug is not fully happening you should see some of that you should seem very tangible result in fact the Bible makes it so clear that is almost scary as Wurtzel used to say that we find this to be almost radical purity is how do we know we have been born again five pieces of evidence from first job number one the born-again sinner practices righteousness is what it says in first John two twenty nine practices righteousness if you know that he is righteous God is righteous you know that everyone also practices righteousness is born now doesn't mean that he is righteous inherently so it says that he practices righteousness another was the desire is to do good to know what God wants is to do what God is pleased God he is a righteous one so that is the practice of that that is evidence that I am not doing my will I I don't want to do my will I want to do this with secondly does not practicing conversely all right first John three nine no one who is born of God track the same now that doesn't say no one who is born of God a sinless is that no one who is born of God practices in other words in that person is not in the business of doing time and again the same sinful thing and you are on are constantly nearly willing doing the same things the same sins time and again we're not morning we're still allowing that fleshly nature the carnal nature to have preeminence we may say we are Christians but we're not really born again were born again when we went when we surrender our that doesn't mean that you don't fail or that you make mistakes but is not a habitual thing that you keep going at it time and time and time again nilly Willy it doesn't happen why because if you are born again you don't want that you want to you want to do what God wants you you want to agree with God enough disagreement and other evidence of born-again sinner loves others that probably is one of the most tangible evidences because it is hard and it is not easy to fake the other two are easier to fake even so deceptively vacant this one you can't really fake we know that we have passed out of death into life because we love the brethren people does not love abides in that so I find myself loving people who normally don't care for I find myself being gracious to people I wouldn't given the times a day before they would not normally be my friends and yet I want to engage with them I want to benefit them I want to be a blessing to them that is the love of God for believes Jesus is the Christ is the deliverer yes and that's that that's much easier to understand first John five one whoever believes in the Christ is that that that that Jesus is the Christ is born of God and five overcomes the world living by faith overcomes the world living by faith first John five four for whatever is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that has overcome the world our faith would talk about that more morning about what that is like the nature of faith that that the spiritual nature the new birth has provided the last thing you want to mention the birth process for some number seven nothing will bring them to death to self and in new birth until they see the love of God across best what happened with that Nicodemus Nicodemus understood some of these things intellectually but he was not willing yet to surrender to them to be born he was not being is not willing for God to bless you all that safety safety cocoon which is called in all the church and any realize that that's a good analogy to one day when a mother is pregnant and ancient monster stomach against the earnings here and says how the baby inside says out one in other words the baby is very protected in people that are not born again feel many times say but in reality they are not alive you are not living in the name if you have no struggle is because they're not living yet Sunday visit Nicodemus versus fourteen to seventeen is remembered quickly as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be used in the and whoever believes in May in him have eternal life for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life for God did not send the son to the world ingest the world but that the world should be saved through him what is this telling Nicodemus is making a reference to that bronze serpent that Moses built in order to for people to look up and lived to look out for that servant by faith and say God said that if I look at out I will be healed of these I been bitten by the fiery serpents are still here he said the news broke symbolism is what needs to happen to Nicodemus right to be able to see the kingdom of God but they start with symbolism is what needs to happen to Jesus for Nicodemus to be able to enter the kingdom of God Jesus would become sin itself second Corinthians five twenty one right he became sin for us he became the first certification of the serpent in as we look again who has taken all our sin unto him we too can be healed as white eyes everything freezes my pinstripes we are healed fix your eyes upon Jesus John one twelve and thirteen as many as has received as received and to then he gave the right to become children of God even to those who believe in his name who were born none of the nor of conflict will of the flesh nor the will of man but of God as many as received him he gave the right to become the children of God and that is your privilege now I know this is a lecture this has been a aching kind of an intellectual process I will like to encourage you to read through those texts again and some of the notes again and then on your knees say to God God I I may not be as born again as maybe I thought I was or I may not be growing out unborn but I may be a freshly person who is not really growing like a normal baby should be growing to become an adult old Lord Jesus please working keyboard enemy I surrender to you I want you to I don't want to resist you anyway I don't want to do my will I want you to do your will totally unhindered in my life I can tell you that if you pray that prayer on a consistent basis you will see that there are areas in your life that will start changing which before you may have not seen any changes for years things will start changing in your life that is the miracle of the new nature is pretty good father thank you for giving us this time to talk about John three when Jesus told Nicodemus help us process this helpless helpless cooperate with you in this birth process Lord we understand that the new birth is not something that happens instantly but it takes that it takes a while and in in if we cooperate with you to elect you do what you mean to do in our lives it will be quicker faster will grow faster on Lord Jesus we want to say to you we surrender surrender to you have your way around his reasoning is wrong according to your as this him all universes what wife's generation of Christ are feeling like to learn more about you my seat please visit www. zero life that God will order you like this more free online services please 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