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How to Know God's Will for Your Life

Dean Cullinane


Dean Cullinane

Theology student at Weimar College.




  • March 8, 2019
    12:00 PM
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The last message that I would like to share with you today is one that has helped me so much in my own walk with Christ. If any of you are Christian already I'm assuming some of you are then you'll know that something that gets thrown around a lot is this idea of God's will what is God's will for your life what is it that God wants for you what is it he wants from you what is it he wants to do with you or just what does he want period and I struggled with this I struggle with this concept and that my life was not in my own hands the 1st time that I came to that realisation that God is in fact a real being and I shrug old with the idea that hold on does that mean that there's someone out there that just makes all my chart choices for me that I'm just walking through this life that every choice that I think I'm making it's actually not me it's God that's making a for me I just feel like it's me to help me to play along with it maybe. And so I remember sitting down talking to a good friend of mine he's a mentor of sorts I guess you could say and he took me to some Chapter 32 and so that's really where I'd like you to turn if you've got your Bibles or if you've got your phones maybe a Bible app on your phone or a song on a website some Chapter 32 have a word of prayer before we read God's word the Lord we thank you for these lunchtime meetings that we've been able to have together and father now we want to know what your will is for our lives bless this time bless the food both physical and spiritual or nourish. Nourish our entire being we are in Jesus name Amen some Chapter 32 look what it says in verse 8 songs Chapter 32 and verse 8 the Bible says I will instruct vs and teach the in the way that thou shall go I will guide the with my eye this is this is a great verse you want to know what God's will is for your life look at this God says I will instruct you and I will teach you in the way that you should go anything that sounds good but isn't just going to leave you there to just wonder around aimlessly until you find the right place to be he says I will instruct you I will teach you in the way that you will go and then he says I will guide you with my eye this is great this is all very nice but I know about you when I read verses like this it just doesn't seem very practical I'm like OK God you said that you will guide me you said that you will instruct me but exactly how is it that God is leading me with his eye and what does that look like I'll be honest the very 1st time I read this I thought of lot of the Rings if any of you've ever seen a movie I'm sure you haven't there's a giant I in the sky that just kind of points wherever it wants things to go and so I forgot how is it that you're actually going to lead me how is it that you going to guide me with your eye what does that look like thankfully. Thankfully he explains just how in the next verse to give us 9 he says Do not be as the horse or as the mule which have no understanding whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle lest they come near unto the so he explains it and he explains it by a way of contrast isn't this an I'm going to guide you I will lead you I'll instruct you in the way that you should go and this is how I'm going to do it don't be like the horse or the mule. Stay with me he says the way that I'm going to show you is I'm going to show you through your understanding and he says by way of contrast this is how I knots going to guide you are you listening this is how I'm not going to guide you I'm not going to sit on your back as though you're a horse or some sort of animal I'm not going to put the bit and the bridle in your mouth and wrap it around your head and then whenever I want you to go left I'm going to tug you to the left or whenever I want you to go right I'm going to tug you to the right god says that's not how I operate if I want you to go left I'm not going to drag you left I'm not going to sit on your back and make these decisions for you and it's good for either way for you some of us will rank that liberating feeling of freedom I'm in control I get to do what I want but for some of us also we kind of wish that God was like that I got I don't I don't know what I should do show me really deep down sometimes you want God to literally just choose for us just to sit on our back and tell us of the left or pull us to the right versus that's not how I operate the way that I operate because what it says in verse 9 be not as a horse or as a mule which have no what no understanding in other words God is going to use your understanding to guide you in other words there is some of you involved in this process got the I'm going to use your understanding so here's the very 1st point if you have no understanding then God can't really guide you with me so far if you have no real understanding of God of His word of who he is then you're asking almost for the impossible and asking for him to lead and asking for him to guide and instruct you in the way that you should go with it and realize we don't do this with anyone else you wouldn't approach a stranger that doesn't know you and that you don't know and ask them for guidance. Or asked them which way you need to go unless of course you know you know that they know the way can you imagine of your city or of the onus is terrible story terrible story but when I was young again before I found the Lord so don't hold it against me I had this really really it was a habit but it was a bad one and I was fully conscious of it as well I used to really enjoy when people would stop me on the road to ask me for directions. Because I would just make up. The biggest lies you know. Because I knew all the names of the roads because this was my area and it happened to me so often it was unreal Sometimes all people would just pull up in their cars it was like Do you know where I can find a street and I'll be like yeah. I know her. And I literally send them like a heart from our wild goose chase around the area knowing that they're never it was terrible it was terrible they were asking someone they were asking someone that did actually know the way but they were asking someone that they couldn't trust they were asking someone that they couldn't trust and I don't do that anymore I don't sometimes the temptation comes what I don't I promise. God says our guides you our lead you in the way that you need to go but I'm going to have to use your understanding to do it like you're actually going to be involved I'm going to have to actually use you now now they're there. I don't want to put a number on this that there is an infinite listen to me there's an infinite amount of ways that God could lead the Bible says in Psalms 147 verse 5 great as our Lord and of great power his understanding is infinite in other words God knows an infinite amount of ways to work towards a particular goal or particular objective he's not limited by by all logic or all reasoning he's he's got an infinite amount of ways to make something happen but sometimes I feel like the picture of Christianity is something like this I M I let's say I'm not a Christian there was a time when I wasn't a Christian and I walked into church and it appeared to me like everyone in church was the same it appeared to me like everyone in church was the same and I mean that across multiple levels I think I shared with you earlier in the week that when I 1st walked into a Christian church I was the only white person in the church the church was almost entirely Caribbean. And I was I was fine with that I just I stood out like a sore thumb. And I felt I felt like Hold on everyone in here is kind of the same everyone speaks the same everyone does the same thing everyone goes to church on the same day at the same time everyone eats all the same food it just looked like the whole point was just to make the same thing over and over and over and over and over again let me tell you something Christianity has been around for over 2000 years doing the same thing over and over and over isn't actually working I don't know if you've caught on and sometimes it appears like the purpose of Christianity is just to take what you see is the ideal Christian and just cookie cutter them out so that everyone is the same this is how you're meant to look this is how you're meant to think this is how you're meant to be copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste I'm a student as well copy paste is beautiful. But it's not the call of Christianity this isn't. Every single person that has been created on the face of this earth is created with a unique personality with a unique character and the point of finding God is not to lose that it's. Good appreciates personality he appreciates character he appreciates the fact that he's the one that made you different from everyone else think of the Gospels for example as for those 4 gospels There's Matthew there's Mark there's Luke was the other one John they're all about the same thing though they're all about the same story the life of Christ and they follow a similar pattern from the birth of the early years of Jesus' life and and all of them just after the resurrection but but even though even though they're all the same story they're all still relevant and they all have their own kind of feel to it and the reason being is that all of them were written by different people and you can see the personality of the all of those comes through in each gospel you read the book of Matthew and you see that Matthew's a man who is very focused on showing the Jews that Jesus is in fact the Messiah he constantly points them back to so it was written and this is how it's fulfilled and the Bible said this he uses a lot of the book of Isaiah to show this really is the Messiah that's what Matthew does Mark is very action orientated the Gospel of Mark is or is chapter one Jesus being Jesus being turned to tented that doesn't happen to Matthew chapter for them in the Gospel of Matthew Luke is a physician how did you hear are trained to be physicians I expected some of that's why. Luke is a physician so he notices he notices the minor details he's got a lot of small little things that the other gospels don't really pick up on and John just wants you to know that he loves Jesus he's like I love this guy I love em. I want to call it out far from heaven sometimes but I love this guy different flavors because the Holy Spirit is using different personalities to tell the same story it's no different with you and I God wants to use different personalities to tell the same story if you choose to begin a walk with God It doesn't mean that you're simply going to become like everyone else there's a parable in the book of Zechariah It's an Old Testament book one of the minor prophets and there's a priest a High Priest His name is Joshua and he's wearing filthy garments filthy clothes and it's meant to represent that his character that his life and his life record is in fact filthy It stained and he comes before he comes before an angel and the devil is there and the devil claims that that this man is too filthy that he's lost that he cannot be saved but the angel of the Lord comes and says remove those filthy Gaunts let me put clean garments on you signifying that he can be changed signifying that he can be made clean that he can be made new and this just very briefly is a snapshot of the Christian experience Jesus Christ taking away your mess and giving you a new start giving you a clean start here's the thing though it's still just too underneath the clothes. Is still Joshua underneath the clothes Newsflash if you're not funny before you find God. You're not going to be funny now that you found him that's not the point of Christianity the point of the gospel is to get rid of your character defects want to completely change your personality so that now you walk around like some sort of zombie just telling everyone that they desperately need God in their life God wants to use who you are. Sure there are some some bad habits that we have the sinful tendencies that are that are deep rooted that he wants to get rid of but he actually wants to use you because there's a way that you can be use that no one else can be used because you're unique it's funny the world we live in today I've never seen such a such a paradox where everyone wants to be unique and Everyone's to be the same at the same time it's incredibly difficult to understand you don't know which which which one they're going to be today it's like so so you're trying to be uniquely trying to be like everyone else because it doesn't it doesn't mesh so well this idea that I'm just like everyone else and I'm completely different it's difficult it's difficult for me to wrap my head around within Christianity sometimes it can look the same everyone's trying to look the same but here's the thing there isn't a Christian on the face of this earth who were meant to emulate Christ is lifted up as the only standard the life of Jesus which you too can become familiar with in this book is the only standard by which we're called to attain and we're not even told that we have to achieve it by ourself we're told that all the help in the world will be given to us just because you might be a Christian or you might become a Christian doesn't mean that you're going to be like everyone else there is individuality even within Christianity there's an individual purpose for your life even as we collectively move forward. There's a few examples of this in the Bible where there's Bible characters whose destinies are kind of set forth before them one of them his name is Jeremiah one of them is Jeremiah the Bible says in German Chapter one Verse 4 then the word of the Lord came unto me saying before I form the in the belly I knew the and before you came out of the womb I sanctified the and I would dainty to be a prophet on to the nations this and God said to Jeremiah before you were even conceived I knew who you were. Now there was nothing special about Jeremiah that allowed God to know him that that's just who God is before you and I even exist God knows who we are before you were born I prefer or danger you to be a prophet in other words it was my will that you would share my word before you even born Jesus is also one of these in the book of Matthew chapter one in the 21st verse it says and she shall bring forth a child and she shall call him Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins in other words his purpose precedes his existence Jeremiah's purpose preceded his existence Samson is another one I was told that Samson you may have heard of the Bible story of Samson this great strong man with these beautiful long locks and he was to deliver the his people the Israelites against the Philistines this was this was his objective his his mission his purpose was was made known even before he came to be I believe the same is true for all of us I believe that God has a purpose for you and I and he had that purpose in mind before we were even created but here's the thing just because God has that purpose doesn't mean it's going to be your reality because God is only going to lead you to guide you and to instruct you through your understanding and if you choose to not understand him if you choose to not get to know him then you'll probably never be that which he wanted you to be and trust me on this one trust me on this one to exist outside of your pup us will only lead to on fulfillment. It will only lead to unhappiness in many cases it will lead to depression and severe depression to exist outside of your purpose was not is not the ideal of life now here's the thing I can't I can't tell you go I'll just be honest I can tell you that if you do follow God's will for your life and you do dedicate yourself to that calling that you have a happy life I can't promise that because you read through the Bible for many of them that wasn't the case Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet and he followed God's will for his life he spent days weeks months maybe even years weeping at the fact that this calling on his life was incredibly difficult that nobody was listening I can't promise you a happy life but I can promise you fulfillment one thing that that the pastor that married my wife and I told us he said in your in your marriage holiness is the greater objective it's holiness over happiness so when you get married and you unite your life as you want to be happy no one's taking that away you want to achieve things in life you want to have a really good life we don't have a lot of time 890 years if we're lucky you want to make the most of it but holiness is even more important to find God really is the purpose of this life because if we do if we do so then we have we have a life times and a life times our lifetimes to exist after this one it's so easy to look at this life and to think that it's everything to think that these 607080 maybe 90 years everything but really really they're tiny They're tiny in proportion to how long we could have that tiny in proportion to how long we could have it's almost like me offering you now $1.00 you can have $1.00 now. Or you can have $10000.00 in 8 minutes and $45.00 seconds. I don't believe there's a single person in this room that's taking that $1.00 because we understand that a little bit of waiting a little bit of perseverance and the greater reward is laid before us God wants to lead he wants to guide he wants to instruct you. Here's something that I've learned along this path is that often times it's better to make the wrong decision than to not make a decision at all you might find yourself in this valley of indecision like I'm not sure exactly what God wants me to be where he wants me to go do something God can use something what is what what's the greater calling in life you tell me to be a doctor or to be a dentist. But to start Loma Linda civil war. To be a doctor or be a dentist come on how do you get to be a doctor you guys are going to get lynched after this right. Essentially their lease should be the agreement their lease should be the agreement amongst us that it's not so much whether you're going to be a doctor or whether you're going to be a dentist really the country the controversy is are you going to be a good one right I going to be a good doctor because if I have a doctor that really wanted to be a dentist I'm OK with that as long as he's a good one as long as he's someone that knows what he's doing as long as he's someone that cares now it's not enough if he says I'm a doctor and I say OK so what it is I care I need to know that there is one passion behind your calling that you do have some of the know how write some of the qualifications before you start messing with everything that makes me up but essentially it's really about just making the actual decision to push forward the Bible says that God lays before us the parts of life and death choose you which one you out of. Life or death. I believe that God's will for a life a lot of the time boils down to one of those 2 simple decisions. To choose life is to choose Christ choose death is to choose me to choose self to put my own selfish ambition ZX above the greater good that God might have in store for me Samson is one of my favorite Bible characters because he's one of the men in the Bible that I can relate to the most and I'm going to share with you why if you. If you manage to wander into channel Dettori him tonight listen to me God had all deigned Samson's life God said this is what I want you to do this is what I want you to be Samson only did it part time Samson followed God's will for his life when it was convenient for Sampson and if you read the end of the story you'll see that he did actually accomplish that God sent him to do but the journey was the worst the way that he got there was full of trials and difficulties that he needed not have gone through had he followed what the Lord said knowing God's will is salvation and many will say Lord Lord and they will not enter in the polls that do the will of my father they will see the king of this 3 ways how many ways 3 ways that you can or God's will for your life the 1st way is through the Word of God The 1st way is through the Bible you might be wondering why God doesn't speak to us today it's because the book is closed he wants to speak he's chosen this method to speak to us today this is the number one way to get to know God and therefore to get to know God's will for your life the 2nd way the 2nd way to know God's will for your life is through the impressions that the Holy Spirit puts on your heart the feelings if you would the ideas that come into the mine and say you need to do this you need to go here you need to do that. But listen to me on this one to just take Step 2 is difficult because you have no real underlying principle in the temptation might be to just listen to those feelings so what's the Holy Spirit might put impressions upon your heart you need to make sure that there can groom with the Word of God You need to make sure that they line up in the 3rd way the 3rd way to know God's will for your life is to look at the doors that he's opening and closing for you to walk through a few to stay behind 3 ways get to know Him in His Word get to know how the spirit is putting impressions on your heart and pay attention to the things that he's doing around you God will lead he will instruct He will guide you but he will use your understanding to do so I want to close with the story of a young by a boy called Samuel and 1st I know Chapter 3. Samuel was the son of Hannah a barren woman who prayed to the Lord and then conceived and she sent him to the priest Eli and to be trained in the words of the works of the Lord and look at what the Bible says In 1st time or chapter 3 verse 4 is said the Lord called Samuel and Samuel answered Here am I and he ran on to eat lie and said Here I am mine for you called me and he said I did not call you go to bed and he went and lay down and the Lord called yet again Sam Your And Samuel arose and went to Eli and said here a month for you did call me and he answered I did not call you my son go to bed. Now Samuel did not yet know that sort now some will do not yet know the Lord neither was the word of the Lord yet revealed until him and the Lord called Samuel again a 3rd time and he arose and went and said he remind for you called me an evil I perceived that the Lord had called the child therefore I said to Sam your goal lie down and it shall be if he shall coffee that thou shalt say Speak Lord for thy servant hears and so Samuel went back to bed and the Lord came and stood and called as at other times Samuel Samuel then Samuel answered speak for the servant here is and the Lord said to Samuel Behold I will do a thing in Israel at which both the ears of every one that hear it it shall tingle Samuel did not yet know God's voice but yet got at that time was speaking to him calling his name saying Samuel Samuel I want to get to know you Samuel sang or it's time to wake up from your slumber Samuel Samuel day's work that I have for you to do I want to do something through you that's going to cause everyone's ears to tingle I'm going to put a message in your mouth a message on your lips on your tongue that's going to shake things up Israel is going to be awakened because of what I have to say through you the Lord was calling Samuel But Samuel had to answer Samuel had to answer Sam Your had to get to know all the voice of the Lord for himself I have a challenge for all of you here today whether you're Christian or whether you're not here it is I challenge you to begin today to begin tonight it's reading 2 chapters of the Bible before you go to bed start in Genesis chapter one or in Matthew Chapter one The book has to beginnings. Sought in Genesis chapter one or in Matthew Chapter one and read 2 chapters before you go to bed just read it pray about it if you feel impressed too but just stop by reading it then read 2 chapters in the morning then read 2 chapters in the evening then read 2 chapters in the morning you'll see the craziest things start to happen in your life you'll see changes trust me and you'll see changes that you never thought were possible because the Word of God is living it has the power to change the entire being it can change your life listen to me it can change your life I used to tell people just read a verse treat a verse a day and then I found out that it would take $42.00 and a half years. If you want to go deep you can read a verse a day but if you want to get to know got you can just start with to start with 3 I mean that and if you've ever looked at the Bible for the chapters compared to your medical books. Super short. Super short 2 chapters in the morning 2 chapters in the evening let God speak to you I promise you won't be disappointed let God speak to you how you would at least want to make that commitment just for today just for today you might not even have a Bible that's fine you have a phone it's practically the same thing commit to reading just 2 chapters in the evening and 2 in the morning let God speak to you he wants to do something through that he can't do through anyone else he wants to make the years of everyone else tingle with the messages that he has for you for your life Father in heaven we pray Lord that for those of us that are already familiar with your voice that we become more familiar with it but especially for those dogs that perhaps are considering trying for the 1st time. There might be someone I met slaw that are in the valley of indecision they've lived their whole life without you But now now they feel some sort of impression where they're like maybe I just need to make sure for the blessed these ones help us to commit to a daily reading of your words so that we can hear you. We can expect you to guide us if we're not even letting you speak. Speak to our hearts old we are. Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio production a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you'd like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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