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23 - How to Live Dangerously for God

Gary Blanchard


In this final episode, Pastor Gary Blanchard encourages young people to live dangerously for God. He provides practical advice on how to hear and respond to the callings of the Holy Spirit and how to find the balance between taking risks in ministry while being wise and counting the cost. Gary shares frankly from his own experience as a young person as well as from his years of work in ministry. As the world youth director, he provides relevant and up-to-date information on opportunities that are available for young people to become rightly trained and to live a life in active, aggressive and unstoppable ministry for Christ.


  • February 10, 2019
    8:45 AM


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Young people were created to the dangerously for God but how do we find the balance between stepping out of faith and take full this risks that God doesn't require Hi I'm Esther love and you're listening to the beyond podcast in this final episode pastor Blanchard talks a gentle miter about how to hear and respond to the calling of the Holy Spirit all being wise and counting the cost. Gary shares frankly from his own experience as a young person as well as from his years of work in ministry as the will to use director he provides relevant and up to date information on opportunities that are available for young people to become trained and to live a life an active aggressive and unstoppable ministry for Christ. Gary thank you so much for joining us I know you're a busy man traveling all over the world and inspiring young people but you sit down here with us is a blessing oh man the honors mind thank you for having me today we want to talk about young people and the opportunities that God has for them in ministry Yeah I want to paint a scenario to you young person maybe you went to a conference a church one on one Bible study and they're starting to feel the tug of God in their heart they can read maybe desire of ages or steps of Christ or the Bible and the like and you know what what what can I do to make a difference what would it what would you say to a young person they're hearing the call of the wild is what they're hearing and the call the wild is a call of the God of heaven calling and then to minister to be a disciple for him so that's wonderful when they're having that sense they want to live for more than than than just this world that's very very that's a good sign I mean it's the Holy Spirit is getting hold of them I think it's really beautiful because once there was conversions in the Bible people said what I meant was I do be saved now what Yeah right what's the next step exactly exactly God always has go and share a man you know my comments on that the the natural result of a converted heart is to want to share their faith I love it I love it and you know this Sabbath I spoke about how God has place innately inside the heart of a young person to live dangerously for him not stupidly for him but dangerously for him we see that in the illustration of Psalms 127 verse 4 where the Bible actually compares young people to arrows in the hands of a warrior arrows in the hands of oyur are shot into the most dangerous places that's the enemy's front lines so young people are designed for action for God If you want to keep young 77. In the church you have to send them they have to be rightly trained and sent and that's the whole purpose of Adventism we've been given the 3 angels message the most solemn message ever given to mortals and their message must go into the enemy frontlines and young people they're the wings of the 3 angels message I know that when you were younger you had a conversion experience you know you're obviously doing this for a reason you're a pastor you're now working to motivate others to tell us a little bit about your experience and how you realize God's call in your life oh man when I was 16 years old I felt very called by God to be a pastor I felt him tugging at my heart the problem was I didn't want to be a pastor the last thing in the world I wanted to do but I did feel him calling me into ministry one of the things I've noticed about God is how patient he is with us you know I ran from the call for at least 4 or 5 years I want to do anything but be a pastor and in fact when I finally gave in to the gentle tugging of the Lord it's kind of a dent gentle tugging just wouldn't stop all the way through Southern University when I was going to try every major but the one I focused was calling me he wouldn't give up on me finally I said OK Lord I'll I'll do it you want me to do as long as I don't have to preach. And you know one of the chances of getting a pastoral call if you don't want to preach I was too afraid to get up front fact even to this day it takes a lot of courage for me to get up on the stage but then when I'm up there the Lord takes over and really directs me I remember the 1st time I ever preached I was so nervous I couldn't stop my legs from going up and down the whole time and people could see it my leg was out of control and I was just standing there very very petrified but through the years I have found that the one who calls you is also the one will come alongside you and just like with Moses he says who made your mouth Moses Don't worry I've made your mouth I will tell you what to say Don't you worry if I'm calling you move forward so I have found God to be faithful and true and I've also found that he doesn't call the qualified he called the called. Don't look at your life and say you're feeling a call from God and don't don't be tempted to think that can't be for me I'm not worthy Well that's exactly the point he calls the on godly to the cross then he washes them clean fills them with the Holy Spirit and sets them to work for him very important and one of the greatest experiences of a person's life great adventure serving the Lord one of the questions that many adults ask young people is what you want to be when you grow your kids yeah I like to rephrase and it's almost a pet peeve of mine I say oh you know we should really turn our kids to say what would you like what do you think God wants you to do and you know and how does somebody find that you know they know that they should be a missionary do they have to go to Asia or Africa or Europe to do that or can they also be a missionary by being a nurse or doctor or lawyer etc How do you how do you find your calling like you're a senior in high school and you have absolutely no idea what's the game plan what literally step by step what does a young person do to actually try to find God's will for the life oh that's a really good question that's a that's actually a very big question you know that's but it's a very important one too when you're having it when God puts in your heart a passion for the last he will also open doors you just need to keep your eyes and ears open I've learned something through the years I've studied the Word of God and I've seen how God works around the world whenever there is a heart open for God God always sends a missionary. And we see that throughout the Bible never been as or had a heart open for God God sent Daniel right Rahab in Jericho heart open for God God sent spies right you have Cornelius in Acts chapter 10 he had a heart for God He was still lost he's a good guy but lost and one who does God sent Peter so what I'm saying is that if a young person is feeling that in their hearts it's because God is raising them up to do something great for him there is a mission he has a purpose or someone in their life that needs them at that time and God is raising up to do that so it's a very good thing God will open the door and make a way the Holy Spirit will direct and guide them I would say just really quickly some practical things I would definitely be in tune with what's going on in your local conference your conference you director has activities and events and stuff that's happening that you can get involved in you can also check out the website I got to do a little plug for that right you know youth dot Avonex dot org And you can learn about one year mission mission Caleb public campus ministries 1100 K. where we're challenging young people to have 100000 evangelists series around the world so there's these Web sites they can go to look at see if God is speaking them to those things but keeping their eyes and ears open if God is stirring their heart to do doing something for Him God will open doors they just need to open their eyes and open your ears for the opportunities and don't be too proud for humble things it may be that you're going to be picking up chairs maybe that's the 1st thing you're going to start doing you remember a lie just started out by washing a lie just hands right so maybe a simple step to God is calling them to take whatever opportunities God gives you the 1st call the ministry I ever got was a call to play guitar and I didn't know how to play guitar that they needed a somebody to play guitar for Cademy Burton Academy so I learned that summer how to play and that was the 1st thing I did as a lead song service at Burton academy got open that little door for me scared to death to do it but eventually I got better at it and God opened doors for them that have it I mean it's really hard to play guitar when your hands are so sweaty Yeah. Yes I'm nervous. Some people say that actually will they say and it's also true that many young people are leaving the church I know you've mentioned this before and as a young person who's listening to this obviously if they're listening to they probably don't want to leave the church but sometimes it just happens because the church might be offering certain things what would you say about you know being and from an adult's perspective what should we be doing you mentioned a little bit before what should we be doing to keep the church or the young people in the Church of this generation is reached by inspiration that's what I would say. One of the best stories in all the Bible about while why we're using young people and how to get them back is for Samuel chapter 14 the story of Jonathan in his armor bear you remember Saul was sitting on of the pomegranate tree doing nothing he's to solve the king Jonathan's father started out with $3000.00 soldiers $3000.00 young men young warriors with him but by the time we get to 1st say much after 14 he's down to like 600 they've been deserted him why because he's sitting under the pomegranate tree while the enemy is completely in circling Israel So in other words he's playing it safe he's not living dangerously he's not going after the enemy like he was supposed to he's hiding under pomegranate tree so finally this young man named Jonathan says you know what I'm sick of this we're going to go God has told us to go for we're going to go forward so Jonathan moves forward in the mission he takes his arm or bear with him and you remember the Philistines fall back right well there's here's where the story gets really exciting because all of a sudden these young men that had left Saul some of them were hiding in the caves others of them had actually joined a Philistine see a side when they saw Jonathan in the armor bare moving forward and God doing miracles and knocking down the Philistines they started coming out of the rocks and they left the enemy side and began to join the movement if we're going to reach this generation we need to lead by example we need to move forward we need to be bold young people who are in the church who are fired up for God need to move forward in living dangerously for God and the other young people who are hiding the caves who have deserted will be inspired by that. So I would say again that this generation is reached by inspiration you can talk all day about it but it's when they see another young person I shared this on Sabbath but Bernie canoe that young man who laid down his life in Indonesia I mean heartbreaking story but this bold young man a nursing student he goes to papa Indonesia further that he was like the star mountain Regency of Indonesia and he's out there taking a bath one day and he gets attacked you know he loses his life out there but all these young people have started to sign up to be a part of mission service after they saw that because they were inspired by this man's gotz and his courage and is willing to move forward and so I would say what we need to do is we need to move forward we spend a lot of time trying to get kids to come out from out of the caves and leave the enemy side we're spending a lot of time doing that but this generation is reached by inspiration show them I think it's fascinating that activation or doing something breeds inspire Come on now that's really awesome when I was in high school I remember we went on mission trips my academy went every year and it was such a blessing and part of my conversion I do remember however that some of my classmates were not allowed by their parents to go on these trips because it could be too dangerous or what's the balance between being smart and not being dumb but at the same time knowing they've got to protect living younger sleep but not living or presumptious Well said in fact Jesus tells us so clearly didn't I send you out among wolves be as what wise as serpents and as gentle as doves he didn't say go stupid he said Be strategic when you go yeah parents parents are obviously going to be concerned even if they're young people are living in a safe area and they're going to say for my heart I worry for my daughter even though she's going to one of our great universities and I worry because I'm a parent that's a parent's do and that's great. And obviously whenever a young person wants to do mission projects get involved parents should find out where they're going to the people that they're going with know what they're doing right. Do they know the culture they're trying to reach Is there some kind of strategy in my eyes some kind of strategic thing happening or is this something that is not well planned and well organized so parents have a right to ask that question they should Living Dangerously does not mean living stupid that's very very true how does a young person decide what to do and I know there's many We're going to get into some specific ideas and initiatives that the General Conference in the church has going on but more in a general perspective like how do you know for going to be a doctor how do you know if you're going to be a nurse should I be trying to assure him mission trip like short term or should I you know go off and you know do what the gentleman did and they haven't been missionaries Yeah how do you know oh wow interesting well I really like in fact before we were interviewing here we actually talked about this we talked about how God has placed passions in our young people's hearts you know some passions that they have that not everybody else has and I would say to a young person asking what is God's calling on my life is to ask yourself a simple question what are my passions what are my talents because God is actually directing your life based on those you can be a powerful you don't have to be a pastor to make an impact in people's lives you can be a businessman and be a carpenter we're all missionaries regardless of what our occupation is we're all undercover missionaries so whatever God has placed on your heart whatever passion he's given you whatever career goal he's put in your heart it's also the you might effectively be a net to reach other people that God wants to lead into the kingdom so I would say this without a question all of us regardless of our occupation our ministry missionaries know I really like that no matter if you work in are paid by the church and you're a full time missionary or if you're a full time missionary at home but self employed Yeah God wants to use US Yeah and it can I just jump in one more time or something I want to say or to is we're very we're very concerned here in North America because many of our pastors are going to be retiring very soon so they'll be a large vacuum of places that need to be filled by by new young pastors coming through and we're not seeing as many as we should coming to the rink. So I want to say if anybody's listening right now I'm not I'm not talking bad about being a pastor if you're being called to be a pastor Praise God you being called to be a bible worker praise God you're being called to be a bible Professor praise God step up to the UPS to up to bat because it's a great need in the church and I believe God is calling young men and young women to ministry I want to ask you a question as kind of a Biblical question knowing God's will many times people wait until they know everything before they act and then there's the other side where you just do do reckon Asli right yeah but the Bible does say I was there that you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way walk in it when you turn to the right and left a comment on on that topic of you know the balance between doing 1st and then knowing you know etc and I'm learning as you go yeah whenever the word of God says something in regardless of what you think you go with the Word of God I've never regretted following the Word of God I've always regretted not doing it but I've also known sometimes that the more I've walked with God through the years the more I've been able to distinguish his voice he lets me know when it's time to move on to another job or move on to another area you learn to hear his the whisper of the Holy Spirit he does speak to us you are absolutely right quoting that verse because there's It is so true there is will be a voice and if you're not used to hearing the voice of God like Samuel Yes he didn't know who it was he thought it was right calling it was actually God he had learned to years voice it but the more you walk with God the more his voice becomes more distinct and you know when it's God's voice you still balance it with the Word of God of course but there's that voice that that you listen that still small voice and when I hear that I know it's God and I know I need to move in that direction let's talk about what the General Conference has gone on for the for the church and for the youth let's let's talk about local I know that you guys have initiatives and things that you would want people to do in their local church and of course you have like Mission opportunities abroad let's talk about local if you say I want to be involved but I can't go anywhere right now or what not what can they do what can they do to get involved well you know like I said a little while ago check with your obviously your local youth pastor if you can if there's a pastor in your church that. That works with youth find out what are some things you can do to help out get involved there start with your local church you have a youth pastor Come on work with your past or your senior pastor doesn't have to be or if you don't have a youth pastor work with them find some things locally there that are needed or maybe also in your community man a great way to reach people for the kingdom is to get involved in community efforts also like I said little while ago the next step would be to get in touch with your conference find out what's going on learn what their website is learn what social media platforms you're your conference has for use ministry get actively involved in those things so that's what I would say I would say start as close as you can to where you're at Remember what Jesus said he said and you share power when the Holy Spirit come upon you and you should be witnesses for me and he says in Jerusalem he starts in Jerusalem he doesn't start at the end he starts in Jerusalem and then scenario and then Judea and then to the end so start closest to where you're at you don't have to go across the ocean was God's calling to go he's calling you cross the ocean go for sure if he's opening up doors for that to happen go but otherwise start in Jerusalem is true because many times people think that all I want to do great and big things for going Yeah but we're not faithful little things are true and that's something that God can fix all of us about and it's so powerful because a really big things are discipline just little things get to you know in Man Yes Well said. Let's talk about what the general Congress has to offer worldwide some initiatives I know they have you mention a few already let's talk about them let's break them down and actually get practical Hala can get involved in what they actually look like OK well 1st of all I would say go to youth dot administers dot org This is our Web site and you're going to find so many things on there exciting stuff that's having a lot of big initiatives I would also say to also make sure you friend us on G.C. youth ministries on Facebook because a lot of stuff is coming through there all the time of vents and activities so really if you want to know what's going on all you need to do is check those 2 websites but I'll highlight a few things for you 1st of all we have global Youth Day coming up in March global youth days amazing event around the world thousands hundreds of thousands of kids involved in being the sermon on Sabbath some of them go to church on Sabbath and hear a message and then they go out and they beat the sermon others just spend the day being the sermon on Sabbath it's all sermon yes some of them choose that route in either way is fine in fact I personally encourage them to go and hear a sermon 1st then go and be the sermon because we want to make sure that they understand that both are important but they're out there being the hands and feet of Jesus and that's in March and I'm very excited about that but what a March it's a 16th of March March 16th so it's the 3rd weekend there in March but we're going to find out more information about that yeah. It's all there I'll man everything you need to know how to get it started in your local church Hopefully your youth pastor or your local conference knows about it but if not you can skip the middle man don't tell him I told you that but you can skip the middleman go to youth. So global youth days a big thing we have one year a nation very excited about when your mission what they want to ask about the global Youth Day What are some examples of things people do they just pass out tracks and they feed the homeless like what are some things that people can get involved in just by listening here and this is a really good very good question and we have different themes each each year this year it's adopt the ideas for them to adopt an elderly person that they can care for in their early home adopt an animal maybe adopt a prisoner. Adopt a homeless person it's to really take somebody on your wing and care for somebody Now let me just say something about global youth a global youth is not supposed to be a one day event supposed to start to kick you off a lifestyle so every is so so when you start global youth it's a beginning of your entire year of working with with this person that you're adopting So this year it's adopt and we really want to challenge young people to be the sermon by loving and caring and adopting somebody and in unconditionally before we're in the next one you know maybe like a testimony example of how this is impacting young people or maybe the community you know or wow we have so many of them I mean in fact you want to make sure that you go to I'm going to plug it again G.C. use ministry's Facebook page because we will live stream this thing and you will see young people from all the world they're during global use day they will actually show the things that they're doing you're going to see young people excited as they do things all around the world some of the things will be live some of the things will be prerecorded maybe a week or 2 before but like I said global youth is a springboard for a lifestyle I really love that you mentioned a year in mission and yeah I'm very excited about that we're challenging every union around the world to have a one year mission one year mission is where teams of young people 18 and older come together and they come up with a plan using Ellen White strategy you know it is Ministry of healing page $143.00 Christ method alone socialise sympathize serve and save they come up they use that template together they come up with a plan to reach a particular city and they spend the entire year working that strategy based on Ministry of healing page 143 and I got to tell you brother around the world the stories we're hearing are amazing young people reviving local churches by this ministry young people planting churches to this ministry starting ministries and so we're challenging every single union around the world to have a one year mission and everything you need to know about when your mission is that you thought having a star org And that's the Web site I go to we just have a theme going on here I want you to go a little bit deeper into the cross middle of summer. I love that quote Yeah and I love the concept of helping people meeting their needs because it builds confidence as the court says yeah I love how you summarize that I'm actually going to keep that and use that when I when I present I explain to people let's go into it just because some people might not even know what that is yeah you know because we can think of you know ministries like just preaching and passing out tracks that's like the traditional way it's very effective but there's more to service than just doing that yeah yeah let's break those down well I just noticed that in a lot of things we do we do either do a bunch of loving acts in the community but never share Jesus or we preach Jesus but never doing a loving acts in the community what Ellen White was pointing out a ministry of healing page 103 is that our ministries need to be redemptive now the words we need to love the people in the community but Alternately we need to lead them to the Savior Jesus Christ and one of my favorite stories about this is in Acts Chapter 3 remember the story of Peter and John they were going to the temple for prayer and they they see the beggar and they said silver and gold have we known but in the name of Jesus and they reached out their right hand at that right hand is the hand of grace the favor in the name of Jesus they reached out to help the man up that right there is what Ellen was talking about it's going into our communities in the name of Jesus in the name of Christ boldly saying the things that we're doing are because of him and what he did for us and reaching out that right hand of grace toward others that are in need and helping them up it's very interesting as soon as they reached out the right hand in the name of Jesus to help them up a miracle happened when we go out in the community redemptive Lee We're going to see signs and wonders and miracles done in Jesus name supernatural stuff happening crazy stuff happening and you remember this young man came into the church as a result of that so we need to make sure we understand Ellen White strategy she says to socialize sympathize with the community right serve them and then save them lead them to Christ I think that's a really powerful as or another an issue of the going on we've got lots of them we have a mission Caleb as well Caleb is kind of one year mission light. That makes sense when your mission is one year but Kaleb can be a week it be 2 weeks or 3 weeks but what's cool about Caleb is it's very synergy it's a lot of synergy what happens is all the youth leaders in the in a conference and all the youth leaders sometimes in a union will pull all their young people together and get an army of young people together and that army will go into a particular city and they'll go in the city will spend the day practicing ministry of healing 1143 right like we just got done talking about but then in the evening they'll hold evangelist meetings I was in Lima Peru. Maybe about a year ago and brother I gotta tell you this stuff I saw there was amazing I wish it could happen around the world but what happened is all these youth leaders got together all their kids and they brought 10000 kids to the city of Lima 10000 they filled a stadium a stadium of kids they worshipped and praised God then they all went out and did acts of kindness throughout the week and then every night they held evangelistic meetings and I remember driving down an alley road and seeing several young people on a stage preaching and people looking out of their window seeing these young people preaching this Rangers message they baptize hundreds it just. Caleb mission is a combined effort that that's pretty it's a short term thing but a mass of young people doing all these acts of kindness in a city so they they swarm the city basically it's pretty cool. What would you say to the young person who is seeking to do God's will and to do something radical but they don't have a lot of support and sometimes that they come across that maybe from family sometimes they're the only Christian or even their church family unfortunately yeah is not supported there the only young person would you say with that well you need to respect their parents on your father your mother your days are long on the land which you're living in and we know that that's that's the case need to be communicating with their parents and talking to them and explaining to their parents how God is moving on their hearts alternately though all of us need to make a decision to obey the Lord even when even when what we want to do as opposed to what our parents want to do we need to be willing to obey the Lord so I would encourage young people to work very carefully and on to their parents their father and their mothers and and but also keep in mind that ultimately they need to be obedient to the Lord and a good example this is Jonathan like I just shared with you Jonathan didn't get permission from his father Chris he was an older young man he was older he was in the young person he was he's older but he didn't get permission from his father he went and God did a mighty thing and basically his father ended up following him following his example that's really beautiful What's your favorite Bible character I know you mentioned several here that illustrates this idea of living Bollea for God Oh boy well Jonathan obviously 1st for Samael chapter 14 and to me is a huge example of what it means to live boldly for God and I think there's a whole lot of them specially in history of our church like I love the story of Abraham the RW is 66 year old man living in Windsor California man. Boy just 66 years old and he feels a call of the wild to go to China so he goes to the church leaders and says hey guys I really feel called to go to China and they're like 2 you're 66 years old you can't do that what does he do he goes back he raises the money any funds his own way to Hong Kong he goes to Hong Kong and he leads people to Jesus he was bold man he just went for because God was calling him he tried to get people to support him but he couldn't get it so he he was faithful to God regards and he raised the money to go on self he made up his own flyers people were converted 10 years later they finally found sent a quote official missionary to China and by then Abraham had led several to be ready for baptism is a great story and that is absolutely absolutely inspiring Yeah unfortunately is not always supported That's a good example of not support as well there was your support but he wanted it and he did it anyway I mean I could tell you stories I just mentioned to you Bernie canoe which is inspirational March 2018 when he laid down His life for the cause of Christ a great story there but I could tell you about Jay and Andrew's who sacrificed everything as wife passed away his daughter passed away he eventually died but he laid it all down for the Lord and I like what God says that if you lose your life you'll find it you know we don't know we need to remember something Brother it's more dangerous serving the devil to serve in Jesus. Right and so we got to keep that in mind that yes living for God is living dangerously not stupid but it's living dangerously but it's much more dangerous living for the devil now that's not as much fun to you because Jesus said If we live for him we'll find our life and lose it come on I mean that's powerful something you said remind me has thought of this is much more dangerous to not do anything at all as well which is really working for the devil Yeah because doing nothing you're Yeah you're It's not a good situation to be in a good point there people think that what's the risk of risk of action of the wrecks risk of doing nothing you know exactly worse Well you know I would say this too that Jesus said you're either gathering or scattering there's no such thing as not doing anything you know by your life you're either turning people on to God or turning them on to the enemy there's no middle ground is no fence sitting I love the story of the young man is sitting on the fence one day and Jesus comes up to him and says Come follow me. On the fence Jesus please come follow me and this young man says no I'm stand on the fence so he is goes the devil shows up and says come on young man come follow me and the man says no I'm going to stay on the fence and the devil smile and said That's OK I on the fence who was a good one and I was a good one and our last closing minutes here I want to take a little bird's eye view and kind of more into an appeal way talk to the young people who are listening you've been a ministry for many many years and you work with minute with it with young people and you've seen a lot and you've learned a lot what are a couple pieces of advice looking back at years of ministry for a young person now looking forward what can they learn from you so that they don't make the same mistakes or or can be more efficient and effective for God and you know I wish I wish I had the very beginning had a better understanding of the gospel and how much Jesus loved me and and I had a greater handle of that I think I spent a lot of my life trying to get God to like me I'm sad to say that but I felt like a lot of times I I didn't understand that. How much he loved me and that my actions should be outflow of what he's done for me and how much he he loves and cares for me you know what I really love is a story. David's mighty men member there were 37 of these guys these guys did crazy stuff I mean one of them fought off like what 800 men by himself and use phenomenal warrior another guy defended a field by himself and killed off a mother $300.00 or whatever now the guy jumped in a cave with Gyptian that was 7 feet tall and killed him and it's crazy stuff these guys with David's mighty men amazing and I have the mystery question is why were they willing to do all that stuff for David and if you look back on the history of these guys these guys at one time were reclusive as they were rejected by King Saul they had nowhere to go but David let them in David wrap his arms around him and let brought them in excepted them and love them and they became mighty warriors for David did an incredible exploits because he had 1st love them you know I'm going with this right well they fought for David we fight for the son of David Jesus Christ who also accepted us in a mighty way so I would say to all the young people listen here put your eyes on the cross Take a look at what Jesus did for you how much he loves you how much he accepts you how he doesn't call the qualified he qualifies the called Remember the Jesus says to you to come as you are to him and here's the good news that as we come to Christ and we realize how much he loves us we respond in love to him and great exploits for him like David. Was a closing words that was super awesome. But somebody on the fence to like I don't know if I want to be successful I want to make money I want to have a family I want to have the white picket fence Yeah. To tip the scale form oh well you know. You may not have the white picket fence and and all the things of the world but I'll tell you this right now that God has blessed me mightily if you follow Jesus boy did he say you'll find life and find more abundantly but I'll tell you I never get bored for serving God and He will give you what you need he's taking care of me I've been so blessed as you follow Jesus he will at the right time give you the right person to. Guide you to the right career and it's not that life will be easy all the time OK but they'll be met he will care for you and God guide you through this life he's the great shepherd so you don't need to worry about all that if you give your life to Jesus you know everything's going to be OK in his time you just know that if you don't give your life to Christ you don't know what's coming your way thank you so much for joining me and I know the young people I even myself was really encouraged to get to that forgot how much awesome they met and so thanks so much for joining us thanks for. Thanks for listening if you've enjoyed this episode or others from the beyond podcast look out for a new podcast series coming up and learn and share which I will be hosting along with geometry go to learn and share podcast dot com to find out more.


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