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Episode 34: Early Adventism in England

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • February 20, 2019
    8:00 AM
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When J.M. Andrews arrived in England in 874 on his way to Switzerland he didn't find any Adventist converts there was one Adventist English family but they had emigrated before he arrived in 878 English born William inks who himself had emigrated to America arrived here in Southampton for a 2 week stay to visit his relatives and also to evangelize he passed out some literature while he was here and was able to convince 2 people to keep the Sabbath his next visit in 878 would prove more fruitful and in May of that year they sent a request the General Conference to send a minister over in June of that year the general conference voted to send the experienced pioneer and administrator J. and left. Southampton was one of the cities at the Mayflower left from on his way to America and it would prove the birthplace of the adamant is church here in Britain J. and left profound the work here both different and more difficult than in America he held a series of meetings in an area near where the president someone they had been to church is and is open in crowd of 152 indoor quickly after 255 meetings in December 18th 79 he did not have a single baptism though he did have a Sabbath school with 17 members the work was hard and the challenges were multiple but they pressed on. In general of $880.00 the newly formed tract and Missionary Society began sending signs of the times to libraries and interested people by February of that year 13 people were baptized in South and thin and by 1883 the 1st avaricious church was formed in Britain with 19 founding members by the end of 8093 there were 65 members in Britain and by 887 there were 122 the headquarters of the church in Britain with the staff and the printing press would move to Grimsby a house there on the North Sea coast and by 18842 churches would be formed in Grimsby and also be this building behind me is the 1st 7 they admin to built and owned church in the British Isles and was dedicated in 1889. S. and Haskell would come over and take over the leadership of the church in Britain and move the headquarters from the relative obscurity of Grimsby down to London in London using the house as their base they began to train local people and continued with aggressive literature evangelism in June of that year they baptized nearly 20 people just on the Washburn would further develop the evangelist work in England with an emphasis on literature evangelism Christ centered preaching and musical singing groups he held audiences of up to 1000 people and in the town of Bath baptized nearly 80 people. In one scene over to the British union was formed with 3 missions and 2 conferences a newly formed college and the health food factory in 1000 all 7 the 3 institutions along with the British uni. Headquarters were relocated to the 25 hectic Sambro park which still serves as the headquarters of the British Union to this day. Even though church membership increased by 20 percent through the war World War one would prove a huge test to the young church as the challenge of conscription was faced some were able to serve a conscientious objectors but others were less fortunate and were imprisoned and tortured for refusing to compromise their faith this memorial stands here as a testament to their faith on the fire and in recognition of the sacrifice that they and their family made. Even though the work progressed relatively slowly here in Britain with quite a few challenges early on workers from the British uni and graduates from new ball college here would prove quite influential in World Missions serving as mysteries in Africa and India amongst other places through dedication and commitment the work moved on. As an overpass of the world that has never been a glory era of evangelism but the commission is to go into all the world no matter how easy or hard the work maybe if you are living and working for Christ that in an area and you are not getting the facts if you hope or dreamed of and I want to encourage you to stay faithful at your duty for God rewards us not according to our with the monks accept but according to the spirit in which the work is done.


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