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Episode 35: Ellen White Called to Australia

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • February 27, 2019
    8:15 AM
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How do you know when you're called to do something or go somewhere how do you decide if something is the right thing to do do you always know in black and white which path to take or which way to go in life or is it sometimes less clear to go and leave some of the decision making to us L M White call and subsequent trip to Australia illustrates in many ways the challenges that we face in seeking God's will as she faced these 2. In 1901 the General Conference office's send an urgent request to Ellen White to spend some time in the new field of Australia they felt it would be a great blessing and if she had to lie in this direction she was invited to set sail for that same autumn she prayed for weeks for guidance and direction but nothing was forthcoming. She was willing to go even though it was a great sacrifice as long as she knew that it was the will of God But despite her prayers she only heard silence she said I have not special like to leave America for this far off country Nevertheless if I knew it was the voice of God I would go she had no life either way. In the absence of any clear light either way rather than delay she decided to go some have viewed her call to Australia as the result of politically orchestrated circumstances but Ella White never got in Tangled in such debates. She later said to her son Ed said that she came in submission to the office of the General Conference which I have ever maintained to be authority this decision would prove a huge blessing to the work here in Australia New Zealand and the South Pacific a blessing they are still reaping the rewards of today. Not every decision we make Does God have to spell out clearly and action is better than delay move forward and during a time here in Australia they would establish a sanitarium and later a hospital a publishing house a health food company a college all of which would grow rapidly over time. When L.-Y. arrived in Australia she was soon sick with rheumatic fever for about 8 months she was in pain and was in bed for a long time despite her pain she would continue to write in bed but he got worse and worse and it got to a point where they had to move over every 2 hours so as to lessen the pain eventually she asked to be anointed and afterwards she said that she was relieved but not restored but content to wait for the Lord to work on her behalf. Joining this time while lying on her back in bed she spent a lot of time in prayer and later on said that she wouldn't and Shane's this experience for anything in the world it was joining this time that Jesus became a friend more dear than before and one of the results of this experience was the writing of the book the desire ages later on during her time here. Sometimes God was very. Explicit with how we lead Ella white and at other times he was less direct sometimes he was quiet and she would have to figure it out if this was how God led a prophet then we can expect him to be more prescriptive in our lives today not every decision we make disease spell out exactly for it and often times he expects us to use our minds to reason as we come to a decision. God leads us in many ways primarily through His Word through the wise counsel of friends and through providential circumstances knowing God's will is a constant struggle and challenge that we face at the many stages in life that we go through I pray that as you seek God's will in your life in the decisions that you have to make whether to go into ministry or not what occupation to have where to live whom to marry and as you seek His will you may move forward decisively.


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