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Episode 36: The Birth of Adventism in New Zealand

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • March 2, 2019
    8:15 AM
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Funds had been raised by Sabbath school members in California to send the missionary team down to Australia the intention was to open the works in Australia God had additional plans in store headed by S.M. Pascual the team stopped in New Zealand for $4.00 to $5.00 days on route in 1885 impressed by the friendliness of the people and noting the libraries in town have school commented that the people must be interested in learning and would therefore make good prospects for learning Bible truths. After settling in Melbourne he decided to return to America and stopped off in New Zealand on the way he had heard of a group of Sunday keeping Adventist and found accommodation with Edward and Lizzie they introduced him to others in the area and he held some meetings over the course of a few weeks breaking the evangelist rule he presented the Sabbath on the 1st night and the 2nd coming on the 2nd night they were convinced and encouraged him to visit the rest of the Hare family who live north in Cairo. Deciding not to return to the US He stayed with the Hare family in Cairo about 250 kilometers north of Oakland this area is rich in religious history with the Methodist Anglican Catholic and stem they have been to churches have been roots in the area here he met the patriarch of the family Joseph hare an Irish Orangeman who along with his family. Lived in a house on the mound behind me he also met his son Robert and both of them were preachers pastor was invited to speak and spoke for 3 consecutive Sundays along with evening meetings and also holding bible studies during the day in the home of. The Hare family decided to keep the Sabbath and this chemist behind me would end up being one of the 1st church buildings that they met in RAW but the son had a difficult decision to make he was engaged to be married the house had been built the furniture had been ordered but his bride to be objected to his new beliefs it was marriage or the Sabbath she wouldn't convert and he wouldn't compromise the marriage was off and he left for America to study for the ministry at Healdsburg college. Has school returned in 1886 around a 2 week evangelistic series and before he left to organize the kale 7th Day Adventist Church the 1st in New Zealand on the 23rd of March 18th 86 passed more sent a good report to the General Conference and requested an evangelist to be sent the choice was 28 year old A.G. Daniels who would later go on to be the longest serving general conference President A.G. Daniels brought with him a 15 square metre marquee that was pitched in this park along with a pedal organ and together with his wife lived in a tent on site. Daniels would lead the 1st band with intense series in all current and through large crowds and at the end of 17 weeks of meetings school with 78 member. Later on a small wooden church was built on Mackell street with $67.00 charter members and the 1st service took place on the 15th of October 18th $87.00 this was the 1st church built in the southern hemisphere and still stands today as part of the Ponsonby 7th Day Adventist Church. Robert Hare would soon return from the USA with his American bride Henrietta Johnson and thrust himself into the work here a few years later a conference would be formed and the work would progress to the south island with amongst others starting the church there as well a few years later the conference was split into 2 in 1915. Started long burn on the south part of the North Island when Ellen White was in the South Pacific She spent some time here helping to establish the church and spoke at the 1st New Zealand camp meeting and also began writing on the life of Christ while she was down here. And on the journey to Australia to more than just a few days' rest God had bigger plans than just rest and relaxation and how schools return journey to America never materialized then and instead to church with birth in the beautiful country sometimes we have big plans that we want God to accomplish good to have we must always be open to God turning things around and remember. That his ways are higher than our ways.


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