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Episode 37: The Birth of Adventism in Australia & Sanitarium

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • March 13, 2019
    8:15 AM
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Ellen White's work in Australia and New Zealand was largely a pioneering work S. on Haskell and his team had a dry several years earlier but much of the work was yet to be done here in this new country they would go into an end to field open schools churches sanitariums and publishing houses the membership was small but the vision was big Ellum White had mentioned Australia as early as $874.00 when she wrote the message will go in power to Oregon to Europe to wash up at the age of 6417 years later she would arrive here in Australia the original team had originally docked in Sydney but they would end up settling in Melbourne and this city is really the birthplace of Adventism in Australia. This was also a white 1st settled when she came in mid 8092 she sent a message to the conference President A.J. Daniels that a school needed to be started for the education of the youth this message was both welcome and also troubling how could a membership so small and poor worldly goods accomplish this they started the Australasian viable school in 2 rented houses on St George's Terrace on saying killed as road in their 1st term they have between $25.50 students later on the school would grow and a 3rd would be added later on the school would move north. But its roots lie here. Early on the publishing work was started and a building on the corner of Ray and Scotch served as both accommodation and publishing house the 1st copy of the Bible echo and science at the time was published in January 18th $86.00 later on they would purchase a property here on Fish Street for $1400.00 and a 3 story building was erected the publishing house would stay here until it would move in 1905 to Warburton where remains to this day our early pioneers sought to use the best means of communication to share their message and this was integral to the strategy of the church as they planted in new areas. Here in the Edinburgh gardens they also held the 1st 10 meetings that would later on lead to the 1st Adventist Church in the southern hemisphere the North Fitzroy Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Another work this started early on was the health food company this was known as sanitarium health food and started in 8098 on clock Sherry in North Melbourne Ellen White strongly encouraged this as well as the LATE TO MOVE of the company from Melbourne to Avondale for the college students could work there today sanitarium food is one of the largest health food companies in the world and is widely recognised throughout Australia for its wide range of products in particular its flagship product mix. The financial support given by sanitarium to the work of the church is in line with the instruction Ellen White gave about the health food work that it is good. Gift to his people and the profits to be used for the good of suffering humanity everywhere this is perhaps the best illustration of this close working relationship anywhere in the world. And so the work of the Church started in a comprehensive fashion evangelism church planting education health food company a publishing house and the sanitarium there were many dimensions to the church in its early days despite only having a few members they worked hard and sort of fall of the council their God had given them even though they only had a little bit of funds some time today I think we are too constrained by our circumstances and if the pioneers manifested the same presidency there we often have I wonder if the work would ever have got going God is looking for people today. In Faith pool follow the counsel that he has given and seek to accomplish great things in these times in which we are living.


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