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Episode 39: Ellen White and Sunnyside

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • April 9, 2019
    8:15 AM
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When the land was purchased for a new school in Cornwall the vision was to sell some of the land surrounding the family associated with the school in all that the show her face in the project Ella White was the 1st in the gaucherie a land for a home garden and orchard and show 16 or 40 acres. This home one to build would be her place of residence from 89629800 while the home was being built Ellen Weiss stayed on site to ensure that it was done correctly but also to help out helping to clear the land driving her own 2 horse team and planting trees all at the age of 68. Establishing a home in the bush wasn't easy and it took a lot of hard work to get the land from what it looked like on a rival to what it looks like today kangaroos and other wild native animals roam freely and it was necessary to get a good watchdog take a laugh was named after an Assyrian king who had a reputation for being cut throat and ruthless Ellen loved the climate here saying that it was a beautiful and the best that she had experienced Juta the frequent sunshine she named this particular home Sunnyside. The stories that happened here in this house and in this area are many and her influence was great not just as a church leader but also. As a community leader there was once innocence which children in the area were sealing clothing off the washing line rather than letting the authorities deal with it Ellen White went around to the houses and arranged to hold sewing classes with the mothers T. think them how to better their lives her faith was not just the arrest record but it was practical to demonstrating the love of Jesus to those whom she met. One of the most significant accomplishments of our time here in this house for the completion of the Masterpiece the desire of ages this book starts with the birth of Jesus and goes through to his ascension and records in vivid detail using the best language possible every aspect of Jesus' life taken advantage of the pleasant climate here at Sunnyside some of this book was written under a tree outside this book has changed countless lives over the years other books that were completed during her time here are thoughts from the mouth of blessings and Christ object lessons. One of the pioneer bands live in Australia past the J.B. Conley spoke how 120th family was in a time of need Ellen White immediately harnessed her horse and went and visited them she brought fruit from her own garden as well as encourage them numerous other individuals and families also experienced Ellen White helping them out during her time here. Element time in Australia would have a huge impact on the church here as a comprehensive foundation and structure was put in place however she never lost her passion for helping people out and demonstrating practically the love of Jesus in her neighborhood. Unfortunately too often too many of us have been introduced to Ellen White and with the words Ellen White says followed by a rebuke or a council but the L. one who lived here always sought to reflect Jesus practically in all she did mean we get to know this side of Elm white as well and may we reflect Gee that in our lives wherever we may be.


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