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  • April 13, 2019
    9:45 AM

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In today's consumer society there are so many things to choose from how do we choose what are principles to select the right thing for the right people find out on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter a Bible based conversation on life principles contemporary issues and thought provoking Specter now here's your host Justin Tim within the hair we want to welcome to anniversary in our special season talking about families when it comes to parents we can't use your pain so when it comes to siblings Unfortunately we can't choose or siblings but there are some components that we can choose and we're going to talk about some of those aspects today so Kelly can you lead us on prayer yes let's pray. Father in heaven thank you for the gift of your word that reaches into our experience no matter where we are I pray that you guide us by your Holy Spirit and me we be taught and led and we end up loving Jesus more because of our study today we pray this in Christ. And so you let's go to Matthew the Gospel of Matthew chapter 22 and read verse 35 to 37 please share. Then one of them a lawyer asked him a question testing him and saying Teacher which is the great commandment in the Law Jesus said to him You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind. So. It's a full a softball question for the last 2000 years maybe even longer like Are we free moral agents and that's another way of saying Can we like shoes or are we like just controlled by these outside forces or like I I mean I I wore this you know a vest because I was force and what do we have so Israel according to this reverse order some greens that we can get help answer that question and I know we're not going to solve this problem but you can give insights of what Jesus is trying to get the the passage there in Matthew chapter 22 and verse 37 is 1st of all is giving us the command that God is giving us that we are to love our Jesus giving us to love God with our entire being that we would 1st $37.00 just saying You shall love the Lord with all your heart all your and so this is the extreme So yes so Jesus is essentially saying here love the Lord completely and so how is the human being what is the human being composed of now breaking that down word to love the Lord our God with our heart with our soul and with our mind so these are the 3 elements that compose a human being this is what makes us human and so in Jesus' command to love God in these 3 ways means that we have the capacity to love God in these 3 ways so you're saying that free choice is built into the actual And then there was no love yes so it's implicit in it and so essentially what Jesus saying is that love requires So normally when we think about love we think about love as doing something that we do with our soul we love people with our soul and say yeah you do love people with your soul but you also love people with your strength you love people physically not just emotional and you also love people mentally and so this this component of the. Hard saw mind combined together to allow words to express where someone expresses their ability to love God freely love requires this freedom of choice or the ability to not just love emotionally but love cognitively with the mind making making a choice and just the very fact that it's love and it's a commandment shows that we have a choice whether to obey or not because if we didn't have to obey or we had to obey then why what's the point of even saying in the 1st place that's true I mean if we were controlled by also forces Jesus would just say continue or you know but I know he's OK that's that's a very and so often insight insight into me as about OK thank you for the king gentle correction. And I was thinking about those commands that Jesus gives that we should love the Lord and the way that God invites us to love him is yes it's a command but what comes to mind is Romans chapter 2 verse 4 where it says that do you despise. First or you're quoting like you know it and I'm sure you do but on the last question I don't read it in the spirit in service or to the verse for the New King James in it says or do you despise the riches of His goodness or barons and long suffering not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to read and so the way that God draws us to himself he doesn't command Yes it's a command love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind but the way that he prompts us to that love is that he draws us with His love and so it's actually love God's love that awakens love in us and so even though he's saying we should love God is saying the way that we come to this love is because God loved us 1st right now and in response to the love that God has shown to us we respond in kind of the love is not something you can force you know love me are else it's something that is awakened in you as a response to the love that you receive this way so there's a lot of philosophers out there just they want to take this free will free. Choice out of the equation so that we're all human beings are just pre-determined and that just absolves us from all responsibility and all these bad things that happen to us well that's just the course natural course of nature but really biblical philosophy and I like these I think thinking in these terms I mean free will and love is not an important part it's crucial it's the main thing that this entire great controversy is battling over is the reason that Jesus came yesterday was any other way to solve the sin problem I mean Jesus was in the garden of get 70 and he said Father if it's possible you take the couple way from yeah but the Cup wasn't taken away therefore it was not possible for Jesus to not go to the cross and save us at the same time so in order for for love to act for love to be preserved God had to preserve our free will to give us the choice whether to accept him or not and there was no other way so it is central to the whole picture and for a Christian if you do away with free will you do away with the cross right and some ways it's freeing in some ways it's kind of scary it's just opens it up as a lot of possibility and practically speaking the importance of the free will is not just important in our relationship with God But it's also translates to our relationship with each other and with other people and so there is an element of there's an element of choice that is necessary in how I express my love to other people and to take away the free will means that I am no longer responsible for the actions that's all from my role in the brokenness of the relationships that exist in my in my life so so we talk about it we are a lot of it was awful Go themes about the last 3002000 you know 1002 to 2 years but they were coming in coming down in Cali like let's bring it really down so we got to make decisions so what I'd like every day decisions that we need to make that are so sometimes difficult Yeah I mean a lot of this I want to go to meet. My going to marry but I mean what what's like what kind of you know clothes shoes I'm going to wear for my wedding whatever every day. I think you mentioned there the kind of the one time decisions too about you know what am I going to major in films will change that but still kind of a directional thing or who are going to marry who am I going to spend time with where my going to live and there's even decisions that to be made over and over again and I get to have this difficult conversation with this person am I going to go to this place and do this this activity and so not all decisions are as important as others and not even all have the same moral weight right there sometimes I come out this person I talk to them or not the Bible says to do that person should I wear a green or a yellow shirt today I don't think that's what I got going to strike you if you choose the wrong one so there are some things that do have moral weight and some that don't and so just one thing that comes to mind is sometimes we can over. Over analyze and like I will not please God if I don't wear the right colored shirt today and it's like Jesus I mean there might be some situations with some kind of statement by that shirt but in general sure could be so it's like yeah but in general you know not everything is prescribed so part of free will isn't even just because of the you're the free choice because like making the right one sometimes free will is literally you can choose and that's it so it's always that balance and so you gave an extreme version but I do know some individuals and are not I'm not exaggerating there are there are 2 it seems like 2 extremes one it's like it's my choice who cares what God says Who cares what I say the way I'm going to make my choice I'm going to pray about it whatever I want and there's was already people I know kind of go towards that area yeah there's others that say in a friend who say who wakes up in the morning and they get on their knees and Lord water why we're here and I'm not going to get off my knees just even on my faith and I know mocking him a little bit but it's his kind of like I mean I'm wondering Did God tell you what to wear he's like No he doesn't tell me and he sent in like emotional ice where Or is there is there a balance is there principles how do you free ourselves from one part of it that really comes to mind is what is evidence in the Bible how is Jesus led her people lead if there's no evidence of someone saying God What should I wear today god like what should I do in this in this case but there are other situations and another thing too is even as we bring up principles there's no perfect formula like it's on this side of the line therefore you have to pray about the law you do have to pray about it life isn't that clean life is a lot more complicated so the principles that we can take out of different people's lives I think of Joseph a lot just him being led by got the providence of day to day life now we can take those principles and apply them and. I know that even if things differ between maybe you and your friend who prays about their clothes I guess OK even if it's different and I don't say I guess broadening it for for for the principle thing I love the story in Genesis the story of beginnings and when God created the Garden of Eden and he gave Adam and Eve the full garden and you say eat right and in the entire garden there was just one tree that he said Don't you know and so when when God gives freedom he gives complete freedom and if there are restrictions he's makes it clear yes these are the restrictions so I think sometimes we tend to think of God from a restrictive angle so if God doesn't mention it we can do all of it. If. There is a dinner and I don't question the principle yet if if if if it is not restricted OK because I wouldn't say if God doesn't mention it because he may not necessarily mention marijuana in the final specifically but if there is nothing that is restrictive in scripture or God does not restrict it right so they were. All over Washington. Again. The devil's the devil's lie that he told to Eve was that God is restrictive and I think it's a lie that we've kind of bought into that has got said Thou shalt not so we come from that angle but in actuality God is says thou shalt freely freely eat right and the only thing that I mean asking you 1st principle though is is freedom right liberality is 1st and you build upon that someone someone someone once asked me you know what was the 1st command that God ever gave and then I said oh it was the command to not eat of the forbidden tree and then he said no that's not true and he he led me to that very same passage and he said the 1st command that God gave was to freely or says to eat to eat twice you know and it really really shocked me because it more than anything it showed my perspective of who God was my understanding of who God is and when it comes to making decisions when it comes to making choices when it comes to exercising our free will. Part of it requires an understanding of who God is and and that's going to determine to some degree it's going to it's going to it's going to form the context by which we make decisions that it's critical for us to have a correct understanding of who God is is a great principles about life how to make decisions when we come back we'll look at how do we decide on the right life partner about friends about these larger prints larger this is that we make in the principles that go along with it so coming up after the break stay with us. As embrace been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while there join us like us comes up next I'll handle again in 1st Bible Mel States and now back to the discussion. When it comes to making decisions and knowing God's will there are these 2 theories one that God is a transcendent God he is above there above there above all of us and he he just gives us free will to do whatever we want and he really doesn't interact with us on every day level and the other extreme is the eminent view where God is a monk stuff and he's involved in every single decision that we make and he dictating like you must walk now you must speak to this person do not eat this and and then I find that you know in debating these 2 theories or theologies that it actually takes Jesus away as a person he's more of this you know a lifestyle or a philosophy or some impersonal What if we just believe that Jesus is a person and he is a person is severe is with us sometimes he does speak to us and say speak to this person don't eat that eat that and there's other things where like you do have free choice and it's I don't want to say it's a balance but that sounds like some kind of 5050 mixture you know but it's based on the person and his. Presence that we have within I think one word it sort of bounces blended there are times where I can look back or God clearly spoke and other times where God clearly did not speak but there was a point in my life that I thought unless he virtually spoke or very like had a very strong impression that mounted on a face when I was actually in high school there was a weaker person beaker that came and told us that that and that when we had the kind of question anything like what should I wear where should I go should I walk now should I speak we should just pray and ask our question and we hear God speaking to us very clearly yes very clearly no and then we should obey that and if we don't hear something it's simply because we don't have a face and that wrecked my spiritual experience for like half the school year because sometimes I think you said yesterday so I know am I doubting now I'm doubting my doubts I don't know if it's with the air and it doesn't and I didn't come to Jesus as my friend I came to Jesus as my teleprompter and it wasn't a relationship I don't want to dishonor I don't want to doubt and it's just it was a frenzy of spiritual anxiety and that's not the life that God gives us as outlined in the bible oh for sure I can resonate with those kind of as I'm processing I think there's 3 there's 3 things that come to mind 3 principles when it comes to our interaction with God the actions of the exercise of our free will and then also are system of your will exercise exercise exercise of of our will and other episode. And then also the choices that we make I think the 1st component is we have to understand 1st and foremost who God is in understanding of God is going to help us in the way with that we make decisions in a few ways for example when you do understand a number one God loves us and he loves us more than we can even imagine what love really is so God loves us he's on our side he wants what is best for us which sounds elementary but it is the fundamental it's the fundamental thing yes and the more we understand that the more we realise how elementary is it it is. If that's OK to say OK. So the 2nd thing is we also have to understand in the equal of equal importance is the fact that God is all powerful and all wise in other words if if at the end of the day I do have the desire to follow God then God has taken into account my weakness and his strength is made perfect in our weakness which means that when I surrender myself to God even in my weakness I can't mess myself up right when I surrender myself to God And so he's powerful to really. Ensure to make up for my weaknesses he's got the sufficiency to to cover my mistakes and he's also wise all wise in other words I'm not going to catch him off guard he takes into account the mistakes that we make as human beings so an understanding of God gives us this freedom to live life to live life freely to live life in freedom and freedom in Christ so this understanding of who God is this critical to how we make choices the 2nd thing is that we need to focus interject here that really quick this is what the role of theology in everyday life some people think theology is just really a radical it's just ivory tower and some of it actually is and yes but this this this view of God really impacts how you wear clothes or whatever could mean it's so every day and so crucial so you want to underline underscores the 2nd point is that what is the focus of our decisions is the focus me or the focus God And so this is another important guiding principle this decision that I'm making is that in order to advance me or is it something that I want to advance God and if I want to please God then God is going to help me you know God is going to help me make the right decisions and the right decisions that he else make are not going to be so much and in do this do that do this do that at this specific time but in preparing me as an individual to know how to make the right decision and then the 3rd is that choices are revelation of character every action is a revelation of our character and so these as. Actions the actions that we do want to databases more than anything they give us an understanding or a glimpse into who I am and I can go back to look reflect on my on my days actions the choices that I made and I can evaluate who I give an example that I mean that sounds really good and for Found bring that down a little bit this morning when I woke up I was thank you for getting me a hotel to stay out of our car and I have to make the choice do I make my bed or not yes this this choice that I'm making reveals who I am even though it's a small choice it might not be a moral choice watching. You know this is what my room is going to watch right but but these choices are just there are a revelation of who I am right and moment by moment whatever I do reveals gives an idea a picture of who I am not just morally but who I am in every aspect of my life and so I can evaluate my choices and my choices will let me know who I am and by by doing this I can implement change in my life I can come back God change me in this area God change me that so you have the Russian a lot of pressure going to see for what I'm going super super supportive because you're going to do I really appreciated that because. Sometimes thinking about what should I do it kind of becomes about the action as opposed to God I want to change me as a person so even just that extra analogy if and. Yes I really appreciated that you know when when when we talk when they talk about the law like we look at the perfect law of God and what does it do it reveals to us it's like looking in a mirror and you look and you see oh something's wrong with me and I can change myself for America can't fix you but it means I need Jesus to come in change me so that that opportunity that we have to see who we are you know through our actions when we come to the Word of God and we see that reflection of who we are the whole purpose God wants to change us right and then make us into the people who. Make the right choices not just that he wants to dictate what choices to make you want to transform me so that I am like him and make the choices that are right if you think about the fruit of a tree and if the fruit is poisonous You don't just take off the fruit because it'll just grow back over and over again but if you need to fix the tree I think about my personal struggle with speaking kindly I'm sorry Israel and so I can I can maybe like stop speaking I could speak nicer outside but I might still be thinking I'm kind thoughts and I was actually spending time with a friend we want to dinner and the waitress was being a little annoying and they were just kind of talking and then like she walked away anyhow I mumble something under his breath like what he's like I just was saying a prayer and I want to say he's like Jesus help me to think kind thoughts so even though he was irritated and there was nothing extra about a year or 2 she looks super calm and patient but he knew like in my heart I need to love this person even though they're frustrating me and so beyond that's words like that's impossible like I can be quiet but I can't like stop having angry thoughts or stop being frustrated but Jesus wants to penetrate into the heart of US So even when frustrating things do happen our response is like Lord they're probably having a hard day let me pray for them instead of being frustrated so we've gotten that we've laid down the the the answer is yeah I mean we need Jesus more or less that's really the answer for every ever show that we really love so let's get to the very nitty gritty of decisions that we specific this is we need to make so let me ask you Ali I mean you work with a lot of young people and how do we when is when you get older you don't want to make friends I mean you have your friends and I want to meet new people you get containers and really angry grumpy but when you're grumpy you know that's that's a great characteristic to have that 1st like sometimes but sometimes when you're younger I mean you want have a lot of friends and I would say it's important to how do we choose good friends in our young adult and I can I be fit all you want to. Because it goes with what we're talking about here. I think about it as we're talking about. A personal transformation the time summation God wants to bring about in our lives yes I think that becomes one of the principles that guys the way that we make decisions even so 1st Corinthians 1533 I believe says you know don't be fooled that bad associations like Bad Company ruins good morals so if I know that God wants to transform me into the kind of person who is kind and loving if I choose I choose to associate with people who are mean spirited and sarcastic and you know all that comes out of the A mouth is Judge Mental The Bible is wanting me that don't be fooled that I thought the aiding with that all the time and choosing that to be the influence in your life is going to ultimately impact you so that becomes a principle guiding how I'm going to choose my friends you know who do I want to be and I want friends that I can emulate that will have a positive impact on my become you know are finding that the latest neurological studies I've been. Cast talked about a book called the teenage brain and how it's just just really weird how the prefrontal cortex is suspended especially in the late teenage years I mean if I mean like they do something that's right and good for me and healthy or should I do something that will kill me yes let's do something that will kill me like why so I do this is consistent with the choice that a lot of me and the lifestyle habits that they do. Makes them choose this way more or it's very interesting is although they don't have the ability to make judgment and credit critical thinking their ability and as as as you are all very well they the social components of their brains are like flared up right I mean they are like on super high so I don't know why maybe this is something a question can ask the Lord but during those adolescent late teen years or mid teen years or some early teen years. Having the best friends going good for. Friends and that corporate judgment that's made together as a body is so important because if you're going to fall they're all going to fall together but if you're going to do good things you're going to do it together and it can almost be salads istic of choosing the right friends you know in a right you understand right way and so how do we choose those right friends and and that's just a question we want to go to is running out. I'm going to go everything from now on that you asked me is going to go back to those 3 principles I think what it comes what it when it comes when it comes to friends or choosing a life partner or whatever we have to be convinced to God love those in that he wants us to be happy so he's not trying to give us bad friends that are going to be boring that we're not going to enter intersect with he's not going to give us he's not going to want to have a life partner that doesn't make us at the God wants us to be happier more than we want to be happy ourselves and we see that all the time and we don't believe that and I don't believe I didn't believe in I was younger but I'm convinced more of that as I grow up in life Secondly do I want to please God or do I want to please myself you know I need to understand that happiness is monopolized by God if I want to be happy I need God in my life and God is the source of happiness and only he can give me happiness and so I need to be convinced of that when I'm looking for friends or want to looking for a life partner or when I'm looking for a job or when I'm looking for a school and finally my desires and the choices that I want to make are going to be an indication not just of who God is but of who I am and so it's going to help me check myself why do I really want to marry this person do I want to marry this person because I think they're beautiful and I want to beautiful person in my life and so Beauty is my last goal do I want to go to the school because I want to be smart or looked as though I'm smart do I want these friends because I want to be cool all these things are going to be indicators of who I am and that's going to help me in understanding why I'm making the decisions and how much do I really trust God in the decisions that I'm making. Yes if you go back to. Apply there. If you do I just think of 3 pieces that I've told my students to help make good friends I actually had this question for my seniors last year I make friends in college I'm so glad I saw this yesterday yeah the 1st thing is most of the hardest one is to be secure in who you are in Christ 1st otherwise you'll try to make friends or try to please people to try to fill some kind of void so yeah I have students even now who they are seeking certain friends and they'll stay with abusive friends because they feel incomplete without them so 2nd thing is to be intentional What do you need in a friend to someone who listens you Someone same entrust to you someone who's just kind like what do you need in high school I switched my friend group because I became more serious about the Lord's was very intentional and the 3rd thing is not all friends are both ways so sometimes you're there to be lifted up but sometimes there to be a witness and to bless others on that no we can't choose your family members we can choose the friends around us and hopefully we encourage you to choose the right friends or the right spouse to make the right decisions for Jesus has been a blessing to you we'll see you next week here in a verse you've been listening to in verse a Bible based upon the same caliber of Israel that Jonathan was Sebastian Baxter Siku doctor and your host just an. Inverse is brought to you by the folks at television that changes life but this and more inspiring episodes as it infers that hope to a large find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't very.


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