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  • April 20, 2019
    8:45 AM

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Changes in life no one likes them but what are some principles we can find to anticipate change find out on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to IN THE BIBLE based conversation on life principles contemporary issues and thought provoking spin now here's your host just until within the next. Day Welcome to in verse everyone if you've been following us on our season we've been looking at different components of families different aspects of families and on this episode we're looking at how to anticipate change and find principles of preparation so we're going to get interceptor but before we do so we have order prayer and seek you can lead us I'm pretty sure. Loving father was not thankful that in every season of life in every change that we go through we can trust that you will be with us and Father we ask that you would teach us how to be with you as you go through these different experiences and now that is going to open your way and guide our thinking help us to learn things from scripture that the Holy Spirit can speak to our lives that will make a difference in our lives in a we pray Amen amen got a 1st Corinthians Chapter 10. First because Chapter 10 verse one to do whatever we feel like stopping there and will have some for us 1st Corinthians 10 a 2nd chapter 9 Sebastian in your Bible absolutely I'm there I'm going to cook Moreover brother and I do not want you to be unaware that all our fathers were under the cloud all pass through the sea all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea all the same spiritual food and all drank the same spiritual drink for they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them and that rock was Christ but with most of them God was not well pleased for their bodies were scattered in the wilderness cable pause there Jonathan what's going on there let's give us some context and so on about you know Sebastian emphasize all those rocks and drink going on that's what's going on well before party yeah so Paul is kind of giving us a little. Like a fly over and over the early experience of the people of Israel out of as they come out of Egypt so it says here you know I don't want to be unaware of this this is very important they were all under the cloud this is referring to that pillar of cloud in which God was leading the people of Israel and then they passed through the Red Sea you know the waters separating and they were all about turns into Moses in the cloud and then this is the exorcist experience exactly you know they're going to go on of course some of them what I mean and some of the mazing experience they had that established a foundation of their relationship with God and you say this is really important yes this is why so so much keep reading verse 6 for us in going to mention why this is important now these things became our examples to the intent that we should not lust after evil things as they also lusted and do not become idolators as were some of them as it is written the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play nor let us commit sexual immorality and some of them did and in one day 23000 fell nor let us tempt Christ and some of them also tempted and were destroyed by serpents nor complain as some of them also complained and were destroyed by the destroyer know all these things happened to them as examples and they were written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the ages have come because of the verse 12 want to give us trouble so you can you think of him there. Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall no temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will also make the way of escape that you may be able to bear it OK so going back to Jonathan again you're mentioning this is because of the Exodus experience and then he's mentioned there's like snakes going on is that there are more and so this numbers Leviticus kind of narratives but why why does Paul say these are important so he gives us he points out that these are examples of things that will happen to you in your life and. If we know the greater context of the Corinthians we know that this these Christians you know these are all 1st generation Christians these people have struggles with idolatry they have struggles with sexual immorality they had these kind of struggles and he says hey this is happened before here's some lessons you can learn of how to deal with this this thing in your life and here is how God will come through for you and you know it reminds me when I was growing up my dad when we lived in Chicago and we're surrounded by a lot of drugs and gangs and all these different things and you know parents are always trying to figure out how do you get your kid not to go down that road right when you're steeped in that environment and my dad used to say that experience is the best teacher but a fool learns by norther means so it's like if you have to learn the lesson by suffering the pain in the consequence my dad would say well if you become addicted to cocaine to find out that it's addictive you may not come back and so the whole idea is learn from other people's mistakes and I think that's what Paul is trying to say is that the history of the world in the history of the those before us in the Bible there are mistakes are our instruction there are warnings that's how we learn and that's how we prepare for the things that are coming up in our own lives and so I find at that point really stuck with me over the years that Sebastian get the point without the pain and yeah that is using the power of biographies where you learn the lessons of other people's lives without having to live through them and there's something powerful about biblical biographies because there's there's a reason why these guys are in there and others didn't make the final cut that's right so secret at the end of the passage says it's about temptation and overcoming So how does he can why does he conclude there how does history how does it impact our day to day and and overcoming Well you know in the in the narrative part of it when he's recounting the history he goes through they had this powerful experience with God and then the is really the Israelites in the beginning of Chapter 10 that this public spins of God and they. Right after that he says but with most of them verse 5 God was not well pleased right and so it transitions from this powerful experience of God to apostasy you know to sexual immorality and I don't see in all these things and so he says in verse 12 therefore this is what the example teaches us is Let him who think that thinks that he stands Take heed less to fall so just because you've had a powerful experience of God doesn't mean when when when the situation changes you are not in slavery anymore when you were poor you were being so faithful to God you were praying every day your praying 5 times a day right but now that you came into money it's like yeah you know you go in our club and I don't like life change because of the change in circumstances you think that I had a strong relationship with God but the circumstances change and suddenly you fall but then the the hope and the courage that he gives in verse 13 is that no temptation will overtake you that God has a prepared a way for you to handle it so you go from poverty to riches God is able to take you through that transition that you're making or you go from riches to poverty God is able to take you through that transition so any situation or circumstance that you come to in life your confidence isn't in yourself and your pasta experience with God Your confidence is in that God is able to take me through it Additionally it seems like we're all not that different from the Israelites sometimes in retrospect like these guys there they go again but if you're the same people you know you're going through the same thing I think verse 11 is the message we need to get from this from this lesson verse 11 now all these things happen to them as examples they were written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the ages have come and it's telling us that all these things all these stories from the Old Testament are giving us principles on how to prepare for the days that are before us and I think and I think would suit you about that is the spiritual experience was universal everybody drink from the spiritual drink. The body was brought out everyone saw the cloud but when you get down into verses 6 through 10 you see some were tempted by this tempted by complaining someone was idolatry which lets you know that we all may have the same spiritual experience but our temptations may be very right or God has given us all the same benefits all the same advantage surest but through our choices we can use to you can choose to choose to benefit from them or turn away I mean exactly to God isn't the God is in the work of changing our characters and so he doesn't just like from one day to the other make us you know perfect and it's a process and so in the process as it says he provides always a way of escape is like hey I know you can handle this if you trust in me take hold of the power of provide and you will overcome don't fall like these others who fell and gave up but what I think is encouraging is that even though there were many that apostatize in the process God stayed faithful to them and I can tell you from my life how many times I've fallen away from the Lord but I knew I could come back to him and he would take pick me up again OK let's go to the next level and it also encourages us to be patient because while one person may say aha you know I didn't fall into idolatry right because they were were on when Moses said who was on the Lord's side in Exodus they joined but then some of those same people model fall in to him to complain that they made of all you see you guys are complainer is like that's not my shell of their own thing that they're dealing exactly and there is like oh no you know sexual immorality is a we don't fall into this but you fell into this and that's why I think the devil is so intent on making us compare ourselves in a way to say well I'm not falling like this person there from safe which goes back to see point of the one who thinks he stands is the one that actually is the one that needs to be warned so let's take this promise of 1st Corinthians nice spanned it out to our lives yet all of the day this entire Bible has been giving up this entire Bible prophesies have been given to us. Help us navigate the lives that we are so we're we're in the season our families Yeah we're going to families and there's different stages of life you know all of you are kind of happily married you know I don't know. What you're on here so. We're ever have so what are some ways. That the Bible gives us to prepare for marriage prepare for matrimony prepare for getting getting hitched. Your breeding for. This is not just specifically for managed but I think generally in terms of preparing for a different stage in life I think about you know in Solomon became king and you know he goes up to worship God and then God comes to him at night and he says What do you want me to give you and this is he's in a transition period like this is his beginning his is work as a king you know of the Israelites and what he asks from God he says got I want you to give me wisdom because how am I going to lead these people and God responds positively says you don't ask what riches you didn't ask for for wealth or fame but because you asked for wisdom he asked for something that was character driven he wanted something that he wanted to be equipped to be the person who could lead the Israelites not material things and I think as we go through transitions looking for the character the type of character that it will take to go through those transitions I demanded when I was in college my brother asked me one time my older brother he said so what who do you want to be you know when you grow up and I said Well then I was pre-med as all the Africans in my school are. He said Who do you want to be and I said no I want to be a doctor and he said no I didn't say what do you want to be I said Who do you want to be and he was saying regardless of what profession you. Like he's already. If you like regardless of what profession you end up choosing you need to be thinking about the person that you want to be and then the goddess of what you're studying you are prepared you are becoming that person and so your daily habits are building the type of character that will be a person so that's I think generally speaking like as we go going into different stages in life it's about who we want to be in those stages and so in marriage it's not just the stuff like I want to have house and whatever you know it's who do I want to be as a spouse what your brother's name doomy do you mean shout out to do. If you're out there. Hope you're watching because your sister and all that was in the you're going to Sister So according to me in theology it's a character that matters most yes go to completion chapter 5 years 225 verse 22 the Bible will be reading the Bible about character and we're going to come back after the break we're going to get back into scripture We'll see you on the other side. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us. I handle again is in 1st Bible states and now back to the discussion. OK That was a quick break and we were in the midst of doing in theology and we're looking at Gleason 5 verse 2223 The Bible says the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control against There is no law I used to think this this is one of those kind of cliche Bible verses and then you have to memorize and you draw like the fruits and you put them on the wall this is one of those primary junior early Sunday service school kind of verses but here I think this is really the core of Christian life and those and those virtues we need to memorize and really embrace an intensive anticipate at this point to character and in preparation for her marriage I mean that we've always had those discussions haven't we and we were married here and I remember before you were married Number one we were like oh no not Preston really like all we're going to be just and I just mean that you. Used to visit me I'm like oh I am I am so get up and clean yourself Sebastian again and use them out remember those days like who do you want to marry and you just used to pick up points trades to make lists and and I had not just had a long list I had 120 things you know 1st place is a way to prepare for marriage it was all shut up and you know answer the question Jonathan you know you know well I know now you know with this is the fruit of the Spirit so this is the character traits of God yet he was developing us because we are His image you. And so for me what really changed my perspective and outlook was when I realized hey in this relationship between a man in the woman you have which is a reflection of the Godhead you know. God wants to develop pure love and this is not something you will have before you're married and they probably take your entire life time to develop it and even then there is still an attorney to go but as you as you embrace this understanding that marriage is not about self gratification but it's about selfless self sacrificial attitude that you develop as you realize hey this is like iron sharpens iron and this is going to this going to smooth things out but it's a beautiful process as you embrace that process as you transition through life that way and understanding that God is love and that he wants to make my wife and myself and a reflection of the love of Christ while like that is a totally different perspective just just just. I think that something happens once you are married it's different from talking about it it isn't about it but I do think that there's something to beginning with the end in mind so 1st Corinthians chapter 13 chapter and tells us you know these are the this is what love looks like. You don't have to be married to be patient to be kind you learn a different kind of kindness when your spouse did that the 10000th time and you've talked about it over and over again and now you have to talk about it and you have to say it kindly it's a different Never. Feeling in the work I say international. Group. But you learn you learn a different it's that and a different level but you don't have to be married to to experience kindness or to practice kindness beginning with the end in mind so becoming the person that you need to be in a marriage relationship if in my marriage I need to focus on posit. Attributes that people have as opposed to focusing on the evil that's something that I need to begin now and that prepares me for and I think this is such a powerful point because I think those who are not prepared for marriage are ones who are looking for these character traits which are very good character traits in the other person but it's not it's I'm going to develop that for myself and the reality is even after marriage we're still developing that anyway and that other person is helping need to develop those traits that I want to see again with marriage. So I hear in our air and the thing it's. A man that has a hard hard about and I know that's true I was going to say you know building off point that when you go to the Love Chapter in 1st Corinthians 13 I find that the qualities that Paul talks about in verse 4 1st Corinthians 13 he says well let's actually go to 1st principles because we're referencing I think we're many many may be familiar but I think it's a juicy chapter it is and we're about to talk about marriage not that this is confined to marriage but it has some principles a verse for Chapter 13 verse 4 and Jonathan can be that yes love suffers long and is kind love does not envy love doesn't operate itself and is not puffed up keep going about it is OK verse 7 the does not behave rudely does not seek its own is not provoked it thinks no evil does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth it bears all things believes all things hopes all things and doers all things and then love never fails Yeah so I I just love that the Apostle Paul when he's coming to talk about the behavior of love that how love behaves the 1st quality is not kindness it's not affection it's not forgiveness right it's patience. In the fact that love suffers long because you think about the fact of Jacob when he loved Rachel he waited 7 years you think about God loving his people in persisting generation after generation after generation and in looking at this actor of you to me preparing for marriage and even for parenting and other stages of life is really all about being grounded in my opinion in this quality of patients your ability to deal with long periods of time your ability to be OK with the process yes because I think feel like when you get married if the person looks like they have those qualities and you find out they don't really have them as much as you thought it's going to require patience right when you're raising your kids and it's like oh I have to talk and for the 10000th time you're going to need to have patience and only love Paul says behaves this way and I think your preparation is I need to learn like secret was saying I need to learn to behave that way now and get used to dealing with long periods of time because I've often told my younger sister like when she's talking about dating a guy I'm like look any guy who cannot wait until you're married right he's pressing you to kiss or to share these sort of physical affections and physical boundaries it's like he's not the person for you because if you can't wait then here we see the 1st quality of love his patients and why he doesn't love you if you cannot wait maybe that's why you know the waiting to get married period in life I think for a lot of young people feels like a really long time but maybe that's why it's like that God is trying to develop you to be the person who would make a good spouse this generation is getting married longer and longer later and later in the waiting longer and longer and there are all we're preparing we're preparing but it's more financial it's more stability it's more I want to I'm I'm 35 years old I want to get on my parents' basement. You know get 4 things I want to do I want to travel I want to. Run But what you're saying is it's just about becoming like Jesus is the best preparation for marriage whether you're there or not who. To judge but it's on getting on that mindset and let's not get too far away from the practical pieces either right so it's true you should not be living in your Mom's basement trying to get married you know to somebody like I would never let my daughter marry a guy living in his mom's basement like to me yes the quality in the character pieces are are appropriate but Jesus was also industrious Jesus was a hard worker Jesus was responsible so we love you out there if you're watching this from your parents' basement we love you we encourage you but you know something you need to get out after $35.00 and and we know there's different life circumstances what's the store ship season how do I get out of here now let's go back to Sebastian even talk about your daughter a bit let's transition to. What is the best way to Jonathan with this is a Pay attention and I want to know how do we prepare I mean are so I mean what are biblical principles of preparation to be a better parent so you could see that. It's true it's the answer so much so much so. I don't write. I think when you when you look at you know 1st Samuel chapter one 1st chapter one Yes 1st Samuel and this is dealing with this myth. Chapter one becoming apparent. Verse 20. 778 OK Roxanne read that 1st yes. So it says for this child I prayed and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him Therefore I also have lent him to the Lord as long as he lives he shall be lent to the Lord so they worship the Lord there so that this for us so we see that Hannah was really desperately wanted to have a child and she prayed for the child and when the child was received she said well I'm going to give him back to the Lord right the word says lent it but really when you dig into the text in its original languages she's granting it to the Lord this is yours and so I feel like preparation for parenting here started off with number one her spiritual life and her prayerful connection to gone I think a lot of times there are children that are born into the world not by intention not by spiritual design you know that Hannah was a premier mother because she prayed for that and she recognized the responsibility she recognized the privilege and the preciousness that it was to be a mother and then took it to the next level to recognize that the child was never really hers that it was a gift from God And so I think when you learn to be a good steward of the things that God has intrusted to you the greatest thing that God's going to trust to you next to your spouse is going to be your children and learning that to say this is not mine for me to just you know go off on my kids when I'm frustrated or upset or like I don't want to do with you right now and you know that's a harsh reality as a parent to do 2 X. 2 to not accept but really to actualize you know I mean isn't there a day this is this is family you know and sometimes you get so familiar and you know this isn't this is my family but really the extension the Lord's family you know what I love about this verse is we come to see through here Hannah she's she's raising this child and she knows that if you look at Eli The priest is not a good dude and yet you look at his son's not good dude's right the whole system not a good dude system. Going on right raising this child and saying and willing to just let him go into that system you think about in today's day and age that I want my child to go to the best education system and there's no good education I mean your home school is I mean also he's going to be my basement floor until he's ready for your throwing out of thing I mean we're thinking about it that way but she's thinking how can I how can this child be a blessing you know there's this intentionality here and sending this child to maybe change the system to be where the Lord can use them in that system that's good parenting I mean that's radical this because right now people would completely keep their child away from the helicopter Tiger Mom you know everyone over. That as you know. I appreciated the aspect of prayer as you know preparing for the for the study actually I wanted to bring out even from the 1st one that we talked about in preparation the importance of prayer and praying Lord do you want me to get married who you want me to marry like putting it in the hands of the Lord and that that's that's the rendering prayer is an act of surrender saying God I want you to take charge of this aspect of my life and you know I mean really you know when when before my husband and I were married and we were quoting and we would talk about you know what our goals were for the future and we prayed a lot about Lord if this leads into marriage should we have children how many children should we have and which the rendering every aspect of our lives especially important decisions like that into the hands of the Lord so I wanted to underscore the importance of prayer in the process of preparation and I want to confirm that because in my personal experience I'm trying not going to tear up here but you know I know that my parents prayed a lot for their children including myself and all 3 of us it's not it was not a cup deal that we're going to be you know faithful to God and give our life to Jesus and serve him. For a while totally the opposite butt. When people ask me what did you do to get your kids you know to be active and all these things sort of Lord there's a it was a prayer it was nothing else prayer and surrendering to God Prayer has such an important role in parenting that's the most that we can do in preparation preparing for the next stage of our lives time has gotten away from us we handing him a chance to talk about the later ends of the lives but the principle still remain the same that whether it's being single married kids or the later half of life the best way to prepare is it's through prayer but becoming like Jesus through the midst of that change I don't this episode has been a personal blessing to me hopefully it's been for you as well thanks for joining us I'll see you next week here in verse you've been listening to inverse a Bible based conversation telling what is wrong with Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could tackle your host just an. Inverse is brought to you by the folks at television that changes like this and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse Oh boy to find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this is enforced.


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