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12-What Have They Seen in Your House?

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Sikhu Daco Callie Williams



  • June 22, 2019
    11:00 AM

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Whether you watch us on Monday morning or Friday night we're coming into your house to see what's going on in your family on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on life principles contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in within the hour you guys were in episode 12 on this entire season on the topic of Emily's we've covered so many different aspects of family but on this office so we're going to break through the screening go into your house to see what's going on in your family I wish technology would be that advance to do that but we're not going to be talking about what is the witness that your internal dynamics of your family show to the rest of your neighborhood so we have word of prayer and smash when you pray for us or get directly into scripture with sprit found in heaven we know that it is easy to be a Christian in certain contexts but father and all homes are places where you may not be so easy and so we pray for your grace We pray Lord that you will not only speak through us in this discussion but you may speak to us and we offer this prayer from our hearts in Christ's name and your mission and Kelly let's go to a 2nd Khurana cause they're a very rare book I go by will to be reading from not that's not rare but just not common and up to $32.00. All starring in narrative from verse 242526 and the skip down to verse 31 writes as a very specific instructions yes I would involve them in those days Hezekiah was sick and near death and he prayed to the Lord and he spoke to him and gave him a sign that Hezekiah did not repair according to the favor shown him for his heart was lifted up therefore wrath was looming over him and over Judah and Jerusalem then Hezekiah humbled himself for the pride of his heart he and the inhabitants of Jerusalem so that the wrath of the Lord did not come upon them in the days of Hezekiah in verse 31 however regarding the ambassadors of the princes of Babylon whom they sent to him to inquire about the wonder that was done in the land God withdrew from him in order to test him that he might know all that was in his heart. What is going on in there. OK well for background his is a king and his father actually was a has was turned out to not be a good king and of his reign but his comes into the picture and he is bringing up all these reforms he yeah very good do you know who the temple and restoring were to have the Passover and all these reforms but then he comes to this point where he gets sick and he's about to die in the prophet of the Lord comes and tells him the full stories in Isaiah I think 38 and 39 the prophet comes to him and says Hezekiah you better get your house in order because you're about to die so get your anything you know so your goodbyes but here's a crisis I don't want to die yet and so he petitions to God he prays to God that God would give him more life and in response God answers yes you're going to get 15 more years and as a sign that I have answered your prayer God performs a smirk all where the sun goes backwards and the way that is put in Scripture is you know they had sun dials and so the Sun Dial went back I think is 10 degrees so this was anyone with a sundial. Anywhere in the whole world could see that something changed at least if the sun was shining on where you were you could see that. It was so so so this is a sign that is specifically for his attire miracle that God is doing in Hezekiah personal life but it becomes evident to everyone that something strange in the cosmos is happening. And so people all the way in Babylon find out that that that the reason that this happened is because God performed a miracle for King Hezekiah so they come all the way to find out what is this thing that has happened and has a higher goes about and in verse 31 Second Chronicles 32 it says ambassador of the princes of Babylon the is an ambassador sent from Babylon personally went 31 sorry 31 of Chapter 32. They came to enquire about the wonder that was done in the land. And it says that God wanted to see what was in his heart so when they come in they inquire what what what is this thing all about in Isaiah it actually tells us that his attire goes about initials of his and household he shows him all his riches he's like oh him and I've got this chest over here and opens it up and he shows them all the wealth that has been accumulated through throughout that time and the profit comes the motto is and says these guys came to your house what did they see in your house as I showed them everything I showed them all my wealth I saw him but he never told them about the God who actually turned the son back and because of that you know curse is pronounced on him he's happy that you know he gets to live another 15 years but his sons are not going to be able to experience the prosperity that they should have and let's also know that his son comes out to be one of the most we could kings ever in the history of Israel and reigns for 50 years you know Manasseh and this whole idea that Hezekiah is house was not in order so when he was about to die the prophet said search your house in order you're going to die God extends his life and rather than using the extended time to make his house even more in order extending your life doesn't mean you're not going to die it just means God prolong the time to give you more time to get your house in order and by the time that God had used this situation to bring the Babylonians who at that point in time weren't a great nation they weren't a powerhouse on the earth God was given opportunity so the seed so that a person like never can answer down the line when he was born in would eventually become king of Babylon he would actually probably have been born a believer in the God of Jehovah the God Jehovah and not into the false gods of Babylon but Hezekiah missed an opportunity that in his house the thing that was most precious that he should have shared should have been Christ and he missed the opportunity I mean it. To me it's literally mind boggling how you could be like I showed everything's missing of an opportunity we get close back to the topic of this we like when people see the internal things of your house what do they come away with isn't like wow you got a new you know you know X $59.00 do 3 or $9000000.00 or so you know with what's what's what's the takeaway What's the intuitive feel and I think here in verse 27 of Chapter 32 2nd Chronicles the 1st 27 Hezekiah had a very great riches and Audrey made himself treasuries for silver for gold for precious stones responses and for all kinds of desirable items and all these blessings in instead of saying hey God gave me these things you like you know that's what I I think what's the scariest part of this for me is it doesn't sound like I mean I'm not missing a verse but Hezekiah doesn't like has a cause intentionally hiding God he's like I'm ashamed that I worship God So I know I want to mention him his priorities are just not street and he is more proud of the things that he has than the God that he serves and so I see that you know a lot of course I love God so of course I talk about God but it takes intentionality to show that to your neighbors the people who come in contact with your home I was talking to David recently you were talking about how it is bigger than what is going on say your fiance Yes OK husband soon there's a lot of time in this is my brother's watch inverts. And I can't say. So we're talking about what we want our family to be known for when people interact with all the families always this way that families always that way and not something we show off and we we sign up for certain days but it just becomes natural and that's what I think we all want our families to naturally glorify God and to naturally mention him and to naturally it's like man you can't help it and it's nothing we're putting on but I can. That not talking to you that you mentioned that even when you're not putting anything on there something that still coming out and you family is always homes and you're always you're always going to advertise something you or I or any of the or. It was something is being advertised guard lists whether you're trying or not I was talking to one of my students recently when I was talking to students and talking it's and. I will and they asked me a question and they are saying they're going to ask someone else but you know if you talk to Mr Williams Because you know she said you know she's going to have your Jesus answer and I meant it as an insult but I take it as the highest compliment parent is like I'm glad you know that I'm glad that you know when you interact with me it will somehow come back to Jesus because Jesus I mean he's the answer to actually taught us I was school class where I made fun of you you know and use every time you know the problem and I would Jesus know I know Jesus no knows but then that that is the answer. And it's just you know the thing that got me is when people came into his home what they saw what he showed them was his wealth and it said if. I kind of on the opposite spectrum of his family is not wealthy. And you know we are house is not bigness and he finished I remember. Near the beginning of us moving into a hole and I was feeling kind of embarrassed you know how sparsely furnished our home is and now you know we can't have people over don't have enough places where people to say you know it's cetera and it's kind of made me feel like not wanting to invite people into our home because I felt like there wasn't anything that you hear. Yeah but but at the end of the day became I realized that our whole is not the thing that people. See when they come into a home of the experience that they have shouldn't be that they sat on a really awesome coach you know or for that you know the carpet was super plush but they should be an experience that beyond that that that's beyond that that transcends that the draping and the hangings on the wall that when people come into your home even though I may not have riches to show them but they can see Jesus in my home and so not to be ashamed of that having meager resources to still be able to open up our lives to people because Jesus is there and Jesus is the priceless treasure that people can find we appreciate you opening up your house to all of us and we have our inverse power seekers house every time that we meet for these are for the preparation for these meetings and she opens up her sofa and a car so one can really like another you know. I mean it's the one for the house that is portrayed nationally and I think that's and I think I can't really you know emphasize that point enough because it's like when you travel. To different places like going to Dubai and you see these like police is guarding you it's tower and you're just like man I mean this is ridiculous how much money these people and everything is gold the trim on the banister to go up the steps like what is the point of this gold. So you realize that. You know all of this you could have but if you're alone and you lack things like meaning and love and. Deep friendship this will amount to nothing you're going to feel empty right it's just like a golden cage and I and I believe that that's really what you know Hezekiah feel that he failed to see that advertising these things to other people isn't really projecting you know anything significant outside of him and whenever we get big like we need to rob Israel got a lot again it is like man you know here's. Man with all this wealth but his true wealth is in the God who possesses him not what he possesses we see a special power that families have in the spirit a sense a certain aroma or a scent that's given off to all those who visit we come back after the break we'll look at how families can you really utilize this power for the gospel for the benefit the kingdom of heaven we back after this. Has been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next a handle again is in 1st Bible states and now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back we're looking at the implicit and in nature power that families have and in giving the a certain influence into the communities around them and wherever so that should so whoever should visit the families and we've been looking at the story of Hezekiah Let's go to Ruth Chapter one Verse 822 and some of these some of it we'll talk about some of these families are intentional some of these families are not intentional and the old one is if Christ is in the home it will be seen should Christ not be in the home that would also be not 60 and that would be seen noticed as well missing as well yes so that's got a story of Ruth and we may be familiar with Ruth let's go to Chapter one Verse 22 and see who can you start reading from their show. And I only said to her 2 daughters in law goal return each to her mother's house the Lord deal kindly with you as you have dealt with the dead and with me the Lord grant that you may find rest each in the house of her husband so she kissed them and they lifted up their voices and wept and they said to her surely we will return with you to your people but Naomi said turn back my daughters why will you go with me are there still sons in my womb that they may be your husbands turn back my daughters go for I am too old to have a husband if I should say I have hope if I should have a husband tonight and should also bear sons would you wait for them till they were grown would you restrain yourselves from having husbands know my daughters void grieves me very much for your sakes that the hand of the Lord has gone out against me then they lifted up their voices and wept again and or practiced her mother in law but Ruth clung to her and she said look your sister in law has gone back to her people and to her god's return after your sister in law for 6 years Go to carry 16. And treat me not to leave you or to turn back from following after you forever you go I will go and wherever you large I will lodge your people shall be my people and your God My God where you die I will die and there will I be buried the Lord do so to me and more also if anything but death parts you and me when she saw that she was determined to go with her she stopped speaking to her. Now the 2 of them went until they came to Bethlehem and it happened when they had come to Bethlehem that all the city was excited because of them and the woman said is this Naomi so she said to them Do not call me Naomi call me Mara for the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me I went out full and the Lord has brought me home again empty Why do you call me NOW me since the Lord has testified against me and the Almighty has afflicted me so Naomi returned and Ruth the more by this her daughter in law with her who returned from the country of Moab Now they came to Bethlehem at the beginning of parley Hartnell thank you this is an incredible story about a mother in law and a daughter in law this is just a rebuke to every mother in law daughter in law this is. Kind of supernatural So that's what's going on here shed some light on this there are 2 sort of stuff and we'll go around the table I think the 1st thing you see is there was something that Ruth in or post saw in the home of Naomi that even though you know their husbands have passed away the only husband passed away there's a famine in the leg and Naomi is like well there's nothing here I've just got to go home and she's saying look go back to your people go back to those find another husband live your life enjoy yourself she's relieving them she's not telling them you have to stay with me to comfort me in my old age or in my widowhood and they're saying they've seen something in her in her house in her family that they're like even though I don't have a husband I still want to be connected to you and I mean that's saying something substantial and that's yes that a daughter in law of a different culture of a different religion wants to stick with her mother in law after you know her only reason of being connected to her was to be married to her son but now when you see Ruth common is her connection is your people will be my people your God will be my God And so there was something in the motherhood of the old me and I think that testifies to. What Ruth saw in her house that made her stay and want to a bar and the very fact that your me would say she doesn't say Come with me so that we can find who to make this work because I'm old and you guys are young so you guys can go work you know and help me out that she would she would say even though you want to come with me and that would be a blessing to her that she is she selfless that way and I think that speaks to the type of thing that you saw in her household was she was the type of mother in law who wasn't just looking out for herself you know. Speaking to mother in law daughter in law ships sometimes I feel like well you know you I'm not speaking about my personal situation but you can be. Very nice then you take him away from me and he's supposed to take care of me and I'm his all he thinks about is you and. She was she was actually selfless in the way that's related to me which was thinking about their guy which leads to the fact that she probably wasn't an overbearing mother right and I think that's huge because it's true I know of circumstance like. This I think you know just their judgment of things like their real. Cost. Because when you love it when I when I think about circumstances that I know like this this is not mine my wife and my mother in law have very good relationships yes but. It speaks volumes to the fact that it doesn't have to be this way this whole misnomer in this caricature that all of the mother in law who is the mother hand is going to make your life a living you know what you know because you married her son and she'll never like you you'll never be good enough you never cook right you never take your kids right you never take over her son right no you need to are his shirts you know you need to prepare his food should be ready at this time and I find that to be a caricature that people continue to reproduce that the Bible is telling us here that listen if it's all really rests upon the mother in law in a large way of how she handles her position of influence and for Naomi it's never been about me it's never been about what I want what I need and that speaks volumes to not just her daughter in law relationship but to her religion to her witness and ultimately to the conversion of Ruth. I mean that's this huge there's this is incredible for me I mean they've also encountered horrible suffering you know they lost their husbands equally I'm sure there are some bonding that occurred as they both lost their spouses were. Practically right. They bonded a lot but this I mean the mother in law daughter in law relationship is probably the weakest of within the family complex when you know the son in law father in law could be moved. By user OK So a father and son I mean it's a pretty tight relationship mom and some mom daughter but here you have kind of just this there's a reason why pop culture makes fun of this relationship is typically it's as contentious as contentious but here it's been transformative to be a witness and a very very tight relationship and I think the other thing that you know Ruth Ruth in the way that she responds to her mother in law is also telling we don't have it in the story but just because the mother died and Sebastian was saying you know there is an onus that rests upon a mother in law especially a believer you know to treat her you know her children and her in-laws in the way that is appropriate but even the way that a daughter in law or you know the child responds to the parent can be a witness or becomes a witness where it's like you know we talked about in previous episodes that not treating the other person based on how they treat you but treating them for the sake of Christ you know and if in this case you know Ruth is the believer and you know Naomi is the unbeliever How does Ruth relate to her mother in law you know how how do I relate to you know this family member who may not be a believer and that becomes a witness or what do they see in my life in the way that I relate in situations that may be troubling or difficult in times of suffering that becomes a witness that can lead them to Christ and it can be solve the thing for them to the dynamic here is Naomi was an Israelite she's part of the true chosen people and you have a mole daughter in law she's a different race in terms of there are social stratification She's the outsider and in many ways she's Kurz she's. The other local you know if you can put in those stern titles but here she doesn't play that game at all I mean she's cheating her like her own daughter and even she says Hey leave me and go live your life because I can't and she know she was there whole dramatic thing I'm not going to hold again and I saw them going to the law and say you can you can use your life more for for more profitable things and hear what you think roots saw that she's like no I'll my youth will be not wasted on another man but I'm following you and your God in your people and what was a factor in the question is is do we have in our own homes in our own families a larger question I want to open if you guys is this what do you do practically in your own families in your own households in your own apartment buildings in your in your in your new mortgages that you. Use so you know many current events that you have or are there practical things that you do to potentially expand that witness intentionally or unintentionally that people have mentioned to you. I've had you know my cousins had visited a couple years ago and they had had kids yet but when they came you know we had 3 children by then and when they when they got there. We were having worship to bring in the Sabbath and we usually start the Sabbath by. Forgiving one another apologizing Hey I did this you know this because Matthew Farm says you know put down your gift and you know go reconcile with your brother and so we all apologize to each other and then we sing the song and we have prayer and then we have all the lights off and then we kind of lot of candles like our Sabbath candle and everybody gets a turn all the kids whatever they love it and so then we do that and we we have worship again and we do Bible memory verses in the way to interact and we let the kids lead out in worship and my cousin was saying when he left that he said Man I've never felt so. Rested and restored. Just from being in your house like watching the kids interact watching them look out for each other watching and forgive each other when they're fighting over toys and it's like no you shouldn't take this from me and they're like yelling You're like a you know that's not kind you should apologize and like hey I'm sorry to the kids and you know hug and I forgive you and he's like Man like it's just he's like This doesn't mean this is the world like I've never seen this kind of thing in one of my daughters was screaming and crying she was upset and more normally right when kids start screaming that kind of disruptive screaming it's kind of like you're having a meltdown and people are like stop acting like grab the child remove them and they were shocked when I asked her I said Hey do you want to pray do you feel sad and she really stopped crying instantly and then we just prayed together near like man like I've never seen a child stop crying because a parent said let's pray and so for in my family I've seen that the visitors we have and when they've come over they provided. So much feedback to us about the idea that the way we conduct ourselves in worship and interact was very very telling and very restorative to them. And one takeaway I'm getting from this entire season is really getting back to the basics of family worship I love to hear what you guys you out there on social media what you do to increase your evangelistic influence for the Lord Jesus Christ in your own families and in your own this is been a special blessing to my to my family in the panelists here hope it's been a blessing to you thanks for joining us as you next week here on in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the callee word is wrong God Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the folks at the television that changes life for this and more inspiring episodes visit inverse dot Coke T.V. news that Origen find this on social media hash tag in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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