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13-Turning Hearts in the End Time

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Jonathan Walter Callie Williams



  • June 29, 2019
    9:00 AM

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Find out what the last time prophecy in the Old Testament is talking about in reference to a lie John and last days and families on this up a sort of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation on life principle contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in time within the. Friends welcome to in verse we have been covering 13 episodes our 12 episodes on the topic of families and we are on the 13th week the final week on this season we've been covering on fathers mothers grandfathers grandmothers family finds and all the answer to all of families problems is Jesus and this kind of get an AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN and we're on our last episode we're going to cover the last prophecy in the Old Testament founded Malakai chapter 4th verse 5 and 6 before we go we need to have a prayer when asked the Lord to bless us in a reading of his words Jonathan can you pray for us let's pray. Father to come before you and we're so thankful for the Word of God thank You that you have taught us so many that since in this past season and one more time we asked if you will send your spirit to guide us into more truth helps to understand your word and to apply it in our lives this we pray in the name of Jesus Amen and Amen amen Israel go to chapter 4 verse 5 and 6. It says Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord and He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers lest I come and strike the earth with a curse All right Cal you what is going on this is the last book of the Christian order of the Hebrew prophet Hebrew Testament Hebrew Scriptures and this is kind of the last Bible verse before we get to Jesus coming out in that you want. It's going Yeah so this is in Chapter 4 it's talking about the Great Day of God to so everything being wrapped up Jesus coming back and it ends with I just have fun and as we were reading it like this is where it ends there's so many different because so many things will happen when Jesus comes back there's so many things that we have to look forward to in the experience but he ends with this idea of hearts being turned back and I could just add people who were enemies or people who didn't like each other or people who hadn't had their hearts but fathers and their children will have their hearts turned back to them so this picture of unity in the family and when this comes to a place you know even talk about families for quite a long couple months now and sometimes people think in families that it's not really a bible study the but here we see it's not a time prophecy where time is mentioned but there is a timely element to this prophecy and it's incorporated into family so Family Ministry family life family health has a correlation to the last days to the 2nd coming of Jesus and where is that how does that work Kelly Well I'm not sure answering that question. This idea that it's so foundational that a family is the smallest building block of relationships that Lisa communities which leads to greater groups of people so if we can have the fathers and the children's hearts turn back together we can have unity there that we can build greater unity upon that but if you don't have unity at the smallest unit you can't have long lasting unity anywhere else let's look at the personal a bit more carefully verse 5 beholder I will send you a large of The Prophet who is this illogical prophet is this or reincarnation the old dude coming back to life is this is a zombie profit what is going on that I could never do so logic you never do. Well. With your couple of things yes that's. Very sad it's. A lie it's a lie was an Old Testament prophet and. He was a very very powerful prophet had some crazy experiences yes some amazing experiences amazing prayers answered and he actually the privilege to go into heaven without seeing death and here hundreds of years later we have the results of the chariots of fire there is a fire I don't know a little bit but there was I think it might have been a soundtrack as he was going up there the angel seeing something and eighty's band rock we don't know we don't know so he went up there but this is hundreds of years later now we have this prophecy a lie just coming and then in the time of Jesus people were like you know is Jesus alive is Jesus praying to ally Joe what's going on and then there's actually reference Jesus was actually clarifying that this prophecy is not talking about the actual coming but there's elements of his ministry that will be seen again and again in the time of Jesus and in the time of the end let's go to keep your finger there the mail cuts go to the Luke chapter of his one and verse something in chapter one. Luke chapter one verse. Oh man welcome forces where preparation would actually help you gave verse 14 verse 14. He will have joined gladness you rejoice at his birth for you will be great aside the Lord and showed me their wine or strong drink you'll be filled with the whole the single the Spirit even from his mother's womb he will turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God and you will also go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make ready people prepared for the Lord so impartial this was fulfilled by John about this is that you have John the matter of what was John the Baptist's ministry how what was the link between him and Elijah well done if you want to go ahead All right so John the Baptist he was. The guy who. He was he was preparing the world in basically in a small beer for the 1st coming of Jesus just for the 1st advent of Christ he was going before he was preaching a message of repentance turn to God you know repent be baptized and he said that we will repent is as a Christian word again as a religious word but what you're saying is essentially means just turn turn around and calibrate turn around spiritually OK cool yeah and so he was giving that message preparing the people for the appearance of the Messiah some people thought he was the Messiah but then there was no no no he's saying I'm not worthy you know there's some greater coming and he was pointing towards him and then he said you know I must decrease He must increase so his ministry is very powerful and Malakai seems to indicate that before Jesus comes the 2nd time there will be a whole movement of a lie just so to say people in the spirit of power Alija not only calling the world to repentance but also you bring unity through the grace of God in the Middle East let's go back to Molokai chapter 45 Been Where is that found the 2nd coming of Jesus the. Verse before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord many people think that's one day or finding that's actually 2 days there is the great day of the Lord and the dreadful day of the Lord when Jesus came the 1st time was it a great day yes was it a dreadful day no when Jesus comes the 2nd time it will be a dreadful day for some people and that's where a mother in law of the problem who is that you lied that's another question to ask the mission statement about a verse 6 he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children hearts of the children to the fathers as well what is that turning the hearts mean there's a dynamic here that is speaking about obviously the the family dynamic for his children it's a resurrection should between the families when and to me why. This is saying is that especially when it comes to the last days when it comes just before the coming of Christ there's going to be an emphasis on families and so it's a reference and this is important for us to understand there's a reference here to Elijah now I think it's important for us to go to the story of a larger if you will but when you talk about the story of a larger There's actually references there to Elijah he's referred us to the Tishbite from Gilliatt So here is giving a reference to his family right we belongs to where where he comes from and this dynamic of preparation coming from a lineage of people who have been faithful to God he comes now with the message to a king a message of what God's about to do then that message is also coming back again to the last days this message of the family unit once again as Jesus getting ready to come there's a role that families are to play and in order for these families to play the role that they are called the police they need to be united together and they need to be united in the word and that's what we learn from the story we want to know let's go to 1st Kings Chapter 16 and look at some of the narrative vignettes of Eliza 1st Kings Chapter 16. Verse 29. All read from what we can you know Chapter 16 verse 29 and Cally can read from 29 to 33. And the 38th year of ace king of Juda they have the son of Mary became king over Israel and they have the son of Henri reigned over Israel in some area 22 years now I have the son of Henri did evil in the sight of the Lord more than all who were before him and it came to pass as though it had been a trivial thing for him to walk in the sense of Jeroboam the son of neighbor that he took as wife jazz about the daughter of F. by L. King of the side on aeons and he went and served jail and birth and worshiped him then he set up an altar for Bell in the temple of bail which he had built in some area and they have made a wooden image. Ahab did more to provoke the Lord God of Israel to anger that all the kings of Israel were before him again this is setting up the text of no tense Alys freaking out because they have more to prove both the Lord and all the kings of Israel before and are similar again as if you know we are what chapter we were in chapter 16. 16 chapter introduction of the context just to show the context of where we are just coming in at this king this king this king this king this king this king this by his body but then there was this guy and this is was worse than all of the previous 15 chapters but we had to read the 15 chapters that was how bad of a guy that yeah so here's the emphasis on the family because it's a king it's you know it's a position that you receive your place on the family that you belong to and I don't know if you caught there are so so many references to family the son of only the son of you know the king did worse than all the kings that were before him and so you have here a history more than the history of a nation you have a history of a family the family just gets progressively worse progressively worse progressively worse progressively worse and this is the context of what is taking place then within that context of the the decline of family now you have the context of God's going to insert his own family in here and you have Chapter 17 verse one and Elijah the Tishbite of the inhabitants of Gilliatt said to have as a lord God of Israel lives before before whom I stand there shall be neither do nor reign these these years and so now you have here God is preparing and this is critical for us to understand the value of the family unit that as evil is increasing that is evil is dominating the world God is at the very same time through the family unit preparing his response his footnote his addition to what is taking place in the evil around us and so Elijah sorry has been prepared to stand before King Ahab in chapter 17 he's been prepared for this moment through his family. Right through the inhabitants of Gilead and you know this is how God is preparing to respond to the apostasy that will be continuous narrative and Jonathan I want to ask you what are the modern application we can make from the narrative we read thus far well he's describing the author here is describing an extremely weak at the evil time yes and so it is increasingly we could as you pointed out with the previous chapters as we come to the close of time Bible prophecy is making very clear that wickedness will abound the love of many will grow cold it will get really really bad and and so in that context you would think you know there is no one else left there is no one out there and even alive who will make that proclamation I call it I'm the only one that's really faithful but then it comes the reality is that there is someone there is a large and there's as we found out later you know 7000 others that are not giving it you know when we come back we're going to look at this narrative and see what are the the modern applications especially with King Ahab queen just a bow and the role of prophetic Alija especially the last days. Yes embrace been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while there join us like us comes up next a handle again is in 1st Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. It will come back we're in the middle of the Old Testament with a look at the end of the Old Testament now we're going to go to the end of the New Testament this is a short little Bible study that's going all over the Bible it's good it's wrapping everything together we're looking at 1st Kings Chapter $1617.00 ish around there we're looking at evil king evil queen just a bell we're looking at state power of King combining forces with a woman with a Bible prophecy POS state religion coming together and persecuting righteous prophet prophetic movement and people it was appropriate I mean I mean there are there revelation applications going on yeah there's even 3.5 years of drought happening and that's the number you find in Revelation this is going to look super super excited you know there's a lot a lot of stuff going on here so then this is the context when it's the worst point in Israel's history pops up it lives out of nowhere and then modern application is in the worst point of worst taught worst worst point in Earth's history is there is to be a righteous people that play comes out and with especially with the family message that's let's keep on moving there's there's a book Kerith and Sarah let's go she goes Arafat Chapter 17 verse 17 and he's living with the widow Yes. Just a side note I just find this to be a whole area God's humor that you know is just about his hometown own is. Chapter 16 verse 31. Her father asked barking of the side own hands and as they're searching for 4 it was like he's hiding out inside on like he's in a basement. Yeah I mean it's just that's the last place she would like you know he's living in just those ROOM. And they're going to come back you I mean that's just me and my weird imagination for a 1st 17 and as you're going to be there for us for 17 to 24. Now it happened after these things of the son of the woman who owned the house became sick and his sickness was so serious that there was no breath left in him so she said to a larger What have I to do with you old man of God Have you come to bring my sins to remembrance and to kill my son and he said to her Give me your son so he took him out of her arms and he carried him to the upper room where he was staying and he laid him on his own bed then he cried out to the Lord and said Oh Lord my God have you also brought tragedy on this would all with whom I lodged by killing her son and he stretched himself out on the child 3 times and he cried out to the Lord and he said Oh Lord my God I pray let this child Saul come back to him 23 Calli. Then the Lord heard the voice of Alija and the solve the child came back to him and he revived and a lodger took the child and brought him down from the upper room into the house and gave him to his mother and a lot just said see your son lives and then the woman said to a lodger now by this I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the Lord in your mouth is the true what's going on that story there that's a pretty powerful story and I think the principle of the story as applied to us today as the modern day lives or movement so we see here Alija is hanging out in the basement of the cousin of decibel or something like that the whole imagination but if there is heathen land where they do Bale worship all this stuff and God let him there and he's staying here in the situation with her son the widow's son is dying and you know I'm going to pray I'm going to pray for this you know heathen I'm going to pray for this kid and he lays down and he prays for him the child is revived it brings him back and this miracle then leads to a turning of the heart of this widow to the true God Yahweh a God of Israel and so in the same way we are called in these last days as God's faithful people to turn the hearts of those who do not believe or those who follow false concepts of religions or whatever it is they're following turn the hearts to God by making ourselves available to be used by him in the in the reckless way you see a ministry of sort of a larger kind of being a connector in some way a restorer he is in the actual immediate family and he's connecting mom with son yet again and trying to restore the family in an even land and then later on you see in the Karma he's connecting God's people with God the father going to. Ministry So what's you know you have the connection between 1st thing 17 a revolution you talked a little bit about that already so what do we do in a situation where more reality is decreasing what do we do in a situation where morals have just gone out. The window and there's an absence of more ality a lot of a lot of times we're tempted to think as Christians we need to bring back God into our country and so we need to legislate religious more ality through the state what happens here and 1st King 17 it tells this is not work you cannot legislate godliness and so then that ultimately which according to Revelation will happen in an effort to legislate Christianity we will have now the union of church and state I so called Christians themselves Christians themselves and so what ends up happening is that this does not work like it doesn't work in 1st 17 it won't work in the last days so the question is what does work and so we have here a picture of what does where God tells us look when more reality is decreasing the way to impact more reality is not to state legislation but is through the family unit it is the family unit by impacting the most basic of societal groups you impact the world and so this is exactly what Alija is doing is working the way that God would work and so he meets here in the home the home of a widow single mother who has a child this child dies she attributes the death of this child to her own sin and so she says like Eliza are you here to bring my sin upon me notice what Alija does Alija doesn't legislate more ality he doesn't say Man we need to bring God back and what a large It is as he begins to live out his own religion what religion is he living out the religion that he himself developed in the 1st part of Chapter 17 through his family he's living that out and so what ends up happening is that the living out of his religious experience of his what he grew up with ends up changing the trajectory of the life of this woman and her son he's revived he presents her he presents the son back to the mother and the mother says something critical in verse 24 it says in now now by this I know that you are a man of God and that the Word of God is in your mouth in other words you're saying the way. The way that you have responded to me the way that you have responded to my circumstance is an indication that you are really who you are who you say you are and so you go back to that point that Christians are only real Christians if they are Christians in the home so Elijah has you know he stands before the people he stands before God and the people I'm on Mount Carmel he stands before the king in early chapter 17 and all of these are our experiences where he's showing his connection to God So this I can see the 3 stages that were most we can go back to different episodes we've done this I didn't but in my book care of he's all alone. And that stage needs to be developed and he's with the crows Yeah but. I mean there's no human beings I talked about a whole episode on the island innocent and then he's now in a family kind of in the family as close as he can get to be a family a widow and this son and he's showing the fruits of his alone experience now with his roommates and his internal family and only when he's a true Christian here can he get on top of the Mount caramel come out and now he's not it's not a show this is reality generally who he is because he's built up to that you know I'm Let's go to the 1st king Chapter 18 verse 20 which shows you Mt Carmel just the vignette there not the whole chapter verse $28.00 Chapter 18 verse 20 so I have sent for all the children of Israel and gather the prophets together on Mount Carmel Eliza came to all the people and said How long will you falter between 2 opinions if the Lord is God follow him but if Bale follow him but the people answered Not a word that a lot just said to the people I alone am left of the prophet of the Lord but Bale's profits are $450.00 men and later on you see the whole test and the fire that down you see a natural progression what is the modern day application. In this application that we can implement today well I think there's definitely encourage them and we think of you know when you hear prophet you think of you know like like Elijah on Mt Carmel like the mass of experience all the people of Israel make a decision right off fire and I'm like how do I fit into this in the prophetic movement but. You know he was faithful in that family unit he was ministering face to face with an individual I think that is very very important for us to understand that in these last days it is not just a mass of preaching that's going to convert it is the living out of my religion in my home circle in my sphere of influence with my neighbors that's going to make a difference they need to see Jesus in my life it's not just television that's going to do it you know it's not just of the famous preacher it is you and me living Jesus to other people many is just the most difficult stage of your you're alone with God It's me you're in Monk mode and you're actually doing and you're hanging out with crows or you're now on national international television and you're calling fire from heaven but at home where mom and dad and brother and sister see every single day that's real Christianity when your kids see you and your grumpy days and you're not going to be days and that's that's that's rough. That's that's only the grace of God can make those 2 experiences the same as the message of the message of. 1st 17 is that 1st of all in these last days the last day message is a message for family what is that message for families hide yourself in care earth be along with God spent allow the Word of God to come to you and for you to experience the now that's not enough because many times you know you wake up in the morning we're spending time with God It's like God did I'm ready like how come you're not taking me hey what's happening how come I'm going up and then you leave your room you leave your room and then you interact with your kids and you interact with your spouse and then as they go this is why I'm still here right when you face the difficult moments of crisis you realize. You realize you realize when you when you reach moments of crisis in your life that God is developing you to your family circle so that the message that you're proclaiming is a message 1st that you're living the message of godliness in the home right after God has prepared you by spending time alone with him after God has molded you to your family whether it's your own legitimate family blood family or whether it's the family that surrounds you then you are ready to stand on top of Mount Carmel where God can use you to win the world for him to stand as his witness in the middle of opposition where the persecution areas yes where where the world literally gathers after you and you're able to stand by faith and this is what Revelation is pointing to that's what will happen that's right that's right that's right Kelly I'm saying you just the level being content and each of these 3 stages that we talked about God called him to the book Terrorist got called in as Arafat's God called him to not Carmel he wasn't at the at the reverence and like man I want to like just tell him blast us bail profits I can't wait to do that if he does I'll be here until God let me go somewhere else and I we always back to our 1st episode about the rhythms of life and just making sure that the big thing and again it sounds cliche but just be close to Jesus because he let us know when we go to a different stage when we do have to stand before many people or many to be alone. Amen amen how many of you have been really blessed by not this up assault but the entire season some takeaways I'm getting is I need my family to be ready for the last days and that cannot be done by anything that I do it's got to be Jesus who is in the center of my home so we want to encourage you I don't know but if you've been listening to us for the last 13 weeks I think it's pretty clear that we don't have perfect families and a lot of times where preaching to ourselves kind of speaking out of agony that we want our families to be at right with God and Jesus at the center of all that we do we would encourage you right now take some time in prayer and study and dedicate your children your parents your siblings your self to the Lord Jesus Christ families are not an optional thing out there it is core to the gospel message that's our prayer hopefully that's yours thank you so much for joining us on this entire season if you have if you missed a couple episodes go back to our archives and listen to the entire season as a whole binge watch and verse you'll be blessed thanks for joining us we'll see you next season here in verse you've been listening to invest a Bible based on the same caliber as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could doctor your host just an. Inverse is brought to you by the folks at television that changes along with this and more inspiring episode there's an inverse all the more I. Find this on social media. In verse 5 until next time this is enforced.


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