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Government, Politics, And The Kingdom Of Heaven

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • January 15, 2016
    12:15 PM
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Happy Sabbath tackling a. Potentially very controversial subject this morning for those of you who don't know I used to be a government and American history teacher at the high school level not college but high school level for 17 years and in light of the current season it seems like this is a subject that carries a lot of interest for many of us and just wanted to Day Take a look at scripture and the council we have the Spirit of Prophecy and find out what should be our position our attitude in this area of our lives that government impacts all of us government politics and the kingdom of heaven but as we begin that study today we want to know what God's word says what my words have to say those are meaningless those are just an opinion and opinions are a dime a dozen but what God's word says is eternal Matthew $2435.00 the Bible says heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away so we want to know the words of God the everlasting God So as we begin our study this morning will you by your heads with me as we seek the Lord in prayer Father in Heaven Lord I commit myself to you as a weak and sinful vessel what I ask that you would grant me the gift of the Holy Spirit to speak clearly and effectively the message of your word and that all people would understand and that we would be convicted of your scripture what you want each one of us to do Lord thank you for guiding and leading us and not leaving us in the dark on these important subjects in these important matters I thank you and I praise you as my own personal savior in Jesus Christ name a min. All right I want to begin by sharing a statement with you it's found in signs of the times you notice the date there July for 899 signs of The Times July for 1909 paragraph one and it says there the greatest and most favored nation upon the earth is the United States greatest and most favored nation upon the entire earth is the United States a gracious Providence has shielded this country and poured upon her the choices of heavens blessings here the persecuted and oppressed have found refuge here the Christian faith and its purity has been taught this people have been the recipients of great light and unrivaled mercies That's the 1st part of the paragraph but it doesn't in their continuing on but these gifts have been repaid by in gratitude and forget fullness of God the infinite one keeps a reckoning with the nations and their guilt is proportion to the light rejected a fearful record now stands a fearful record now stands in the register of heaven against our land but the crime which shall fill up the measure of her iniquity is that of making void the law of God you know the Bible does mention the United States in Bible prophecy Revelation 13 we understand that Pastor David preached a sermon in the spring season on America in Bible prophecy and it's not my my subject this morning to really go into that standpoint but we understand that that will happen there will be a time when the United States will make void the law of God It says In Psalm 119 verse 126 it is time for the Lord to work why for they have made void the law the Lord will rise up and work when his law is made void. Well some key questions I want to look at today just some of them very basic and elementary what is government and what does the Bible say about it is government a bad thing or idea such a contentious subject or issue is a bad thing how did Jesus relate to governments while he was on earth. Also what counsel does the Bible give regarding earthly government and then finally practically speaking we don't want to just hear a message and have it be theory we want to practically know and apply the word of God to ourselves what should be our attitude toward politics and government today and I might add that about 5 years ago my family we got rid of our televisions it so I have not seen any campaign speeches I have not watched any talking heads on T.V. I have not heard any of those over and over news cycles at all so that is just to throw that out there all right now let me just give you a just a very brief basic explanation of what our US government is founded in based upon There's a picture here on your screen of the signing of the US Constitution this was an extremely important document that was written over the summer months of $787.00 written over a period of about 4 months by a group of about $55.00 delegates from the state at that time our Constitution which is the which is the document that our government is supposed to operate based upon it consists of 7 articles and $27.00 amendment an amendment is a change that has been added to the original document and I might add that an amendment is fully equal to and has the full weight of the original document itself all 27 Amendment are equal to the original constitution written back in 7907 the very 1st 10 amendments are called collectively the Bill of Rights and they were added just a few years after the constitution itself was approved in 1787 I believe it was 791 that they were added and the very 1st Amendment is one which we should think the Lord for providing for in our country it contains 5 freedoms the very 1st mentioned in that 1st Amendment is. The freedom of religion and it's given to different expressions number one the establishment clause which says that the government does not have the right or the power to establish a religion for all people and then number 2 the free exercise clause that all people within the government of the United States have the freedom to exercise their religion according to their conscience and their own personal beliefs free exercise and the establishment clause and I want you to also realize the Constitution in itself has a built in provision for change in other words the the rights and freedoms and privileges that we have today they can be altered they can be changed and that is of course through the amendment process. In Article 5 it actually gives 4 ways I won't go into those there are 4 different ways the Constitution can be altered or changed and it requires a vote from the states along with ratification of the congressional or national level working together but it can be altered and we do have an example of a amendment to our country that is was changed it was added and it was later changed some of you might know what it was it was Prohibition the 18th amendment added back in 1900 prohibiting the manufacture sale and distribution of alcohol was added to our government added to our constitution and then about 15 years later 14 years one $933.00 another amendment the 21st cancelled the 18th and so both of those amendments just really cancel each other out. But it is possible for it to change now notice here the little picture at the bottom this is the back of the chair that George Washington sat in he was the president of the of the group here meeting to discuss and reorganize our government after our 1st failed attempt at government called the Articles of Confederation did not work out too well and Benjamin Franklin you can see him seated in a kind of the middle of this artist picture he often stared at this chair and wondered if the sun it was on the back of the chair is it a rising sun or is it a setting sun and he kind of as he was listening to the discussion over 4 months of of debating and discussing how to create a government he finally at the very end as they came to a conclusion of this document he came to the conclusion that he determine it is a rising sun that the sun in fact was rising on the newly created United States and the government that had been created in just a few short months and which we still follow today incredible. Well interesting that government that was created protects freedom of religion in 2009 this is a picture here of a news article of a person named Cecil Bothwell Cecil Bothwell is a member currently serving of the Asheville City Council and he was and is as I understand it an avowed atheist and in the North Carolina State Constitution it actually has a clause in there that says that no one can serve in the in North Carolina the state of North Carolina who does not let's see here who denies the being of Almighty God is the wording as it is there and so there was an effort to try to remove him because the North Carolina Constitution says you cannot serve in government in this state if you reject the existence of God Well I'm here to tell you the national Constitution actually is preeminent over the state constitutions and so the fact that the national Constitution says an Article 5 that no religious test shall ever be a requirement for any office under the public trust that trumps anything that would be in a state constitution that might say otherwise and so he is actually serving his 2nd term Still as an atheist in Asheville because he enjoys that freedom of religion the protection just as we as Christians enjoy freedom of religion so to do others who are nonbelievers enjoy that same protection. Well. 3 criteria for classifying governments and I think I'm going to skip over this for the sake of time because we want to get into the Word of God But let me just say up here there's 3 ways that governments are defined and the United States is a federal government that is a government in which power is divided between a national government or central government and regional or state governments as we call them power is divided they have some power at the regional or state level and there are some power at the national level and neither one can overthrow the other because that would be to overthrow the whole federal system number 2 the United States is a presidential government we invented this form of government in fact in terms of of world history we have a president who is the the head of the executive branch and he is also co-equal to the legislative branch in a parliamentary government of which Great Britain is an example the prime minister is part of the legislative branch and operates as a member of the legislative branch and so they are actually closely tied together as opposed to being separate and independent from each other and then finally the 3rd criteria is who can purchase participate in the government there's 2 major forms a dictatorship and a democracy in a democracy well in a dictatorship an autocracy is a one person dictator such as North Korea or Cuba in an oligarchy that is a government in which there are a small group of people that are holding all the power such as a family or a small group of generals there are over 50 dictatorships in the world today democracy there are 2 types of democracy a direct or pure democracy we're all of the will of the people is translated into public policy but in a country with 323000000 people that's not practical and so we have an indirect or representative democracy where we choose people that represent us that actually vote and make our laws and discuss and debate those things better more more properly known as a republic is a direct democracy where we rule through or the rulers are based on being chosen by the people representative. Well as a United States government any problems and I'm not here to make any political speeches or political stance at all but politics is a process of trying to influence and control the government government is defined the textbook definition is an institution through which a society makes and enforces public policies sounds like what you heard in school a lot of times right that's a real head scratcher an institution through which a society makes and then enforces public policies and so we're going to find that government as it exists today has lots of problems among those this is you can I'm sorry it's so small I try to do a screen grab of this web page called the U.S. debt clock and if you look up in the upper left hand corner you can see our current national debt is estimated at 19 trillion 647356000000 179514 dollars That is a lot of money whether you whatever party you belong to or whoever you think I can fix that I'm not sure that can be fixed or solved the amount of debt per citizen is $60541.00 That is a lot to pay for young people and young kids just born to those of us older $60000.00 a person you know our national debt 1st passed one trillion dollars in $1901.00 and it was at that time early in President Reagan's presidency that he asked some of his advisors to help him come up with a way of comprehending how much money $1.00 trillion dollars is how much is that and so they did some math crunched some numbers and they came up with an illustration and they said here it is if you have a stack of 1000 dollar bills Notice I said $1000.00 bills these are not in circulation today a $1000.00 bills and if it's about 4 inches thick that's a $1000000.00 you can hold that in your hands that is a 1000000 dollars. $1000001.00 trillion dollars is a stack of $1000.00 bills 67 miles high that is further than the distance from here to Spartanburg South Carolina. That is 67 miles of $1000.00 bills stacked flat on top of each other that's one trillion I cannot comprehend mighty near Lee 20 trillion dollars So you think as a politician they don't like to save money that's not fun they like to spin and no matter what party you spin to do things and it just is going to be a day of reckoning I'm afraid sometime very soon we understand from scripture there come a time when no one can buy or so and I think it could have something to do with our current debt Well all right let's get into the word here and notice if you have your bullet in you should receive a study guide let's go through this I'm going to try to go through it and I have most of the verses on the screen so that we can go quicker and if you need to come back later and look at any of the other verses you have that there is a reference if there's one thing you take from our service sermon today I hope it's this VERSE Psalm 118 verse 8 I think it's so good you might even want to commit it to memory that the Bible says it is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man I love how clear and simple to Scripture puts things it is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence and man and then following up on that a Christian should not put their trust if you read Jeremiah 175 it actually says curse it is the man that puts his trust in the arm of flesh trusting in just human beings to help fix and solve their problems whether they're political government or business related or any other type of related. Curse it is the man that puts their trust in flesh the arm of flesh rather than putting their trust and confidence in God please please remember and here with that verse says we must put our trust in the LORD Well what does Isaiah 96 and 7 Tell us about government this is sometimes called the famous Christmas verse For unto us a child is born unto us a son is given and that's referring to who all right is referring to Jesus Christ and the government shall be upon his shoulder what does that mean it means that Jesus Christ when he came to this earth would carry and would demonstrate the principles of God's government. The government of heaven would be demonstrated and would be carried by Jesus Christ from his birth all the way through his life he would carry the government of God God himself has the government as we continue on in reverse 7 it tells us of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end to the increase of the Dominion and the authority and the administration of God's government there will be no end can you say man for the government of God This morning a min upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom to order it and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even forever and that reminds me in Revelation 11 where they get the Hallelujah Chorus from where it says and he shall reign forever and ever and ever KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS I want to break out of the how do you chorus because he will and he does reign forever and ever and if he is a king he has a government and his government his constitution the standard of which he judges and abides and rules by is the Word of God and we would do well to take heat into it while continuing on what does Daniel 2 prophetic portions getting into Daniel Chapter 2 verses $20.21 tell us about rulers of the land or their principles although Daniel and the story here of never can as are and his dream this would be circa 603604 B.C. when this event that we're reading about right here in this verse took place is it still relevant 2600 years later I believe the answer is yes well notice what it says Daniel answered This is after the dream was revealed to him after he had prayed that God would reveal now because there's dream to Him Blessed be the name of God forever and ever for wisdom and might are his and he changed it the times and the seasons. We're into the fall season and it is in the power and the authority of God to determine and to determine when seasons occur I could say today you know what I don't really I'm not looking forward to fall and winter let's just skip tomorrow to spring. I don't have the power to make that happen all only God has the power to control that's what Daniel is saying in this 1st part he has authority over nature and then it says he removed it kings and set it up kings he has authority over earthly rulers he is the one that allows them the opportunity to rule and then will take away that opportunity as well he give it wisdom on to the wise and knowledge to them that no wonder standing it is within God's power and God's Parag active to allow earthly rulers to rule and here's just some examples that does not mean that they always make good decisions and and make good policies but they are given that a 40 and position from God himself whether it's Napoleon Bonaparte in the French Revolution ruler of France Ganga's calm the fears some leader of the Mongols back in the 1200s Henry the 8 the the famous King that had how many wives if you can count on well good luck many wives he broke away from the Catholic Church founded the Anglican Church created himself as they had an Anglican church Tsar Peter the Great from Russia all of these rulers and many others they have been given their position and their opportunity to rule by God he sets up kings or rulers and he takes them away notice this principle even expanded even further I'm sorry it's small on the screen but we're going to see this repeated in triple 3 times in Daniel Chapter 4 this is were never can is or has another dream about a tree that ascended up into heaven and the birds of the air came and nested in the tree and the animals of the field came and found pasture and shade under the tree and the tree stand it up to heaven and its branches extended across the whole earth and that tree of course was a symbol of never can as are. Well there was an angel that came and gave a statement here about what would happen if never can as or took all this credit to himself and I'm just going to read the highlighted part here actually Merida 1st verse verse 17 this heavenly being or watcher or angel says this matter is by the decree of the watchers and the demand by the word of the holy ones to the intent that the living may know that the most high rule is in the kingdom of men and give us it to whomsoever he will and set us up over it the basis of min and base in that context is not mean based as in corrupt base just means simple elementary just a simple plain person who otherwise might have no outward appearance of greatness the simplest of persons the Lord can exalt and place in a position of high trust and rulership What is it to the living or to know the living may know that the most high rule of this is now verse 25 that the most high rules in the kingdom of men and give it to whomsoever he God will verse 32 until now know that the most high rule within the kingdom in and devoted to whomsoever he will is it clear this morning that it is God who gives rulers the opportunity and the privilege to rule he is the one who gives them that authority they do not have it from themselves we're going to find it now because there had to learn this the hard way as he went out and because he stood out on the roof of his palace and made this statement is that is not this the great Babylon as he is looking over his kingdom which I have created by my power and with my might and majesty and as the words were still in his mouth the decree came that we just read until you recognize and the living all those alive recognize it is the most high that is sovereign over the kingdoms of mint and he went out and ate grass for 7 years and lost his sense of reason his mind he was still alive but he lost his mind by the way interesting historical note from the years 582 to 575 there is curiously no give it there is no record or cuneiform tablets of any decrees or laws that never can as are ever gave were made. He was raining during this time he ran for about 40 years and it's interesting that the historical record there is a gap of about 7 years of which there are no decrees or things that he would have signed or issued does that square right with what the Scriptures tell us that he lost as for 7 years he went out and grazed with the oxen until the hair became long like eagles feathers in his claws and fingernails will notice now where Jesus tells pilot that pilot's own authority comes from was pilot a good guy or a bad guy. He actually declared Jesus to be innocent 3 times so was he a in that sense that he understand judgement and understand what was right yes he declared Jesus was innocent I find no fault of him you find that on 3 different occasions in the scripture but his weakness was giving in to the will of the people and he allowed the people to push him against what his own judgment knew was right well pilots out on to Jesus speak of found out on to me in John 110 no was found not that I have power to crucify the and have power to release the and notice what Jesus says although he's in bindings change whatever they are before pilot that all could have no power at all against me except it were given the from above the power of pilot did not come from his own cunning and devising his own clever political skills it came from God Himself God gave him that opportunity that privilege to rule and although Jesus might have seemingly been standing there helpless before him he recognized that all authority and power Alternately it comes from God. Well it's known as the attitude that we should have and the attitude the early New Testament Church head towards government and authorities were looking at the question where it says what does Paul remind people to do in Titus chapter 3 verses one into Titus chapter 3 verses one into the Bible says put them in mind to be subject to Prince apologies and powers I'm reading from the King James modern translations say rulers and authorities that is those who have the position of rule and authority to be subject to Prince apologies and powers to obey magistrates to be ready to every good work to speak evil of no man to be no brawlers but gentle showing all meekness unto all men all right so the Christian if we want to follow what God says we should be subject to the ruling and governing authorities just because I'm a Christian does not mean I don't have to follow the speed limit and I can drive because I don't own knowledge what man's laws say I just do what I want to do because I'm under a higher power not so we're told that we should be subject and obey the magistrates and rulers and authorities of the land and that we should speak evil of no person whether they're a politician or not whether I agree with their politics or their ideology or their philosophies or not is not the question I should not speak evil of them. Or post evil things about them on Facebook I should not speak evil of anyone trying to make it practical and I know there's a temptation to let everyone know how stirred up and angry we are but that is not the same spirit of Christ as I read it in scripture How does Peter say Now notice this is a different Bible writer same principle same Holy Spirit inspiration but a different writer and I mean so if they think the magically across Scripture how does Peter say we should respond to human authority in 1st Peter chapter 2 verses 13 and 14 and he's saying the same thing submit yourselves to every ordinance of man that is every authority every established. Position of rule and why should we do this for the Lord's sake whether it be to the king as supreme or into governors as and to them that are sent by him for the punishment if you will of evil doers and for the praise of them that do will. Submit to all levels all types of authority and why should we do this it says For the Lord's sake to be submissive and obedient as long as there's no conflict with what I'm being asked to do or told to do and what God asked me and tells me to do sure I'm not like the speed limit but that doesn't give me a right to disobey it I should follow and obey now I have a picture here that shows here in Henderson County the president at the moment is Barack Obama we're told we should be submissive and obedient the current governor is Pat McCrory from North Carolina both of these men Obama and McCrory even though I don't watch T.V. I can see a lot of ugly things on as I scan the news I still keep up with the news but I just take brief times of reading on the Internet and then let it go so it does not get me in a state of worked up and out of control the mayor for Hendersonville is Barbara Volk she is nonpartizan Pat McCrory Republican Barack Obama Democrat These are people whether I agree with their politics or not I am called as a good Christian to be supportive and obedient and to speak evil of no one Well our next question very serious question what if earthly governments oppose God's government what if they oppose God's government all right this is a verse I told you to memorize Psalm 108 I would memorize this verse if I were you I would I would circle or highlight it in some way I think it carries with it a principle that you and i will all need to have with us committed to memory for future time in Acts Chapter 5 The apostles were brought into the Sanhedrin and they were ordered to stop preaching in Jesus' name they were ordered to stop doing that this counsel the Sanhedrin said stop doing that we forbids you from doing this we command you not to do this as the highest spiritual governing authority in Israel we command you not to do this. And I love the response X. 529 very simple then Peter and not just Peter and the other apostles answered and said we ought to obey God rather than min there is our principle we ought to obey God rather than min if there is a conflict in what man asks us to do and what God asks us to do God does God's will God's commandments God's Constitution the Word of God is always supreme to anything on earth even though the Constitution in the United States is actually called in our government class it's called the supreme law of the land the highest form of law is the supreme is the Constitution it actually says that in the document itself this document this Constitution shall be the highest greatest form of law in the land but brothers and sisters I hope you understand all the laws of man are always subordinate and obedient and should be obedient under the laws of God They are underneath what God Himself has called us to do so we must remember if there is a conflict as far as it is with us we should always obey as long as it is does not conflict with what God asked us to do but if there is a conflict we ought to obey God rather than man has there ever been a time when there has been laws passed in our country that we should not obey and the answer of course is yes back before the Civil War in 850 there was a terrible law that was passed called the Fugitive Slave Act The Fugitive Slave Act. It ordered northerners who did not believe in slavery or who were more anti-slavery and did not have slavery in the northern part of this country it ordered them to help assist and capture runaway slaves basically taking the slavery in the south and as slaves tried to escape to the north northerners who might say we don't have slaves it's not my business now with this law that was passed they are ordered to help assist and tell and capture slaves that had escaped and if you didn't you could be you could have to pay a fine of a $1000.00 which adjusted for inflation is about $30000.00 today and up to 6 months and in jail while very serious notice the council given Ellen White was alive during this time this is taken from Volume One of the testimonies page 2 a one paragraph 2 very very important statement she says when the laws of min conflict with the word and law of God we are to obey what the latter that is the Word of God when there is a conflict at any time we always obey the law of God and continuing on that sentence whatever the consequences may be and now she's speaking to this law that we're just I'm just telling you about the Fugitive Slave Act the law of our land requiring us to deliver a slave to his master we are not to obey and we must abide the consequences of violating this law the slave is not the property of any man God is his rightful master and man has no right to take God's workmanship into his hands and claim him as his own as a possession so we are not to obey the Fugitive Slave Act of $850.00 and that was put out. And carried forth in the church at that time this is even before the official establishment of the 7th Day Adventist Church in 1963 the church had not even organized yet at that point as official as a separate church. So when the laws of man conflict with the word laws of God we are to obey the latter the law of God no matter what those consequences might be well our next question what does Paul say we should do and this is in a positive sense for kings and all in authority in 1st Timothy Chapter 2123 maybe your surprise this morning how much the Bible speaks about government and the Christians relation to government it could be a surprise and the Bible says I exhort therefore that 1st of all supplications prayers intercessions and giving of think be made for all men and then it says specifically for kings and for all that are in authority so I am praying for and interceding for and making supplications for the leaders and and authorities here on earth I'm not going to it's not going to be easy to criticize them that doesn't mean that if they're wrong I can't say it's wrong but to spend more time in praying interceding for them and now why should we do this it says that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty why for this is good and acceptable or pleasing in the sight of God our Savior it is pleasing and good to pray for and intercede for those with the weight and responsibility of civil government that they might have the aid and assistance of the Holy Spirit to guide them in their decision making process this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior. Now one of the one of the most powerful chapters on the Christian's responsibility to government in the Bible is Romans Chapter 13 versus 137 we're going to look at a few of the verses Romans 13137 has a a lot of specific counsel on the Christian and government well what are the 1st 2 verses of that chapter say about those who rebel against earthly authority it says here Romans 13 reading verse one let every soul be subject under the higher powers and we've seen that in other places obedience objections submission on to the higher powers are authorities for there is no power but of God The powers that be are ordained of God Whosoever therefore resisted the power resisted the ordinance of God and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation a strong language that it will be judged upon us if we resist and just choose to disobey the authorities that God has established he himself has established or ordained them and so we are called to be subjected to them as long as there is no conflict with what God asked us to do as good citizens would you believe there's over 2000000 people in prison and jail in the United States incarcerated over 2000000 people who think you know what I don't need to obey the law I don't need to be subjected to the higher powers I'll do it my way over 2000000 people it really is overcrowding and the cost of running and maintaining prisons is really a a serious financial taxpayer cost and expense but so many people choose not to follow and be obedient to the powers that be we as Christians are called to be obedient to them OK according to Romans 13 vs $436.00 they all the same chapter why should we pay taxes it was a famous American that said the only 2 things in life that are certain are death and taxes who said that. So you will remember I think I heard a student up here say that a Catholic Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin one of our early early. Founders founding fathers only 2 things death and taxes and we all grumble and complain when taxes come up but notice the Bible on several occasions speaks directly to this point and it says and I'm going to read the last part of here for the sake of time the last part of the verse it says For this cause pay you tribute the word for tribute is actually tax for they speaking of the authorities are God's ministers they are his workers if you please attending continually upon this very thing now the words they are full time employed in governing and maintaining the civil order in society and so Paula saying we pay our taxes because this is their job to spend their time to maintain order decency and decorum throughout that the territory in which they are in charge of because they are God's ministers attending continually That is their full time employment upon this very thing not want to notice something that Jesus himself says about paying taxes Matthew chapter 22 and so if you'll turn there with me for just a moment Matthew 22 and let's look at verses 15 through 22 Jesus himself was asked a question and they were trying to trip him up so to speak to get him either in trouble with the Romans or in trouble with the people in some way it seemed like an impossible question that was put forth to Jesus but he answered it and gives us a principle that I think is important for us to recognize Matthew 22 reading in verse 15 the Bible says then with the Pharisees and took counsel how they might entangle him in his talk. And they sent out to him their disciples with the Herodian saying Master we know that they are true and teaches the way of God in truth neither carousel for any man for that regard is not the person of min tell us therefore what think is that well is it lawful to give tribute that is taxes and to Caesar or not it is an impossible question seemingly But notice Jesus answer I hope that you know what he says but Jesus perceived their wickedness and said Why you hypocrites and then he says show me the tribute or tax money and they brought into him a penny or a denarius and and he says Jesus says and he said to them whose is this image and superscription Now that is the picture or image on it does anyone know who the Caesar was at that time it was tied Derrius thank you somebody over here got it beery is one of the most wicked cruel rulers Roman emperors that you can read a study about a world history I can't tell you how bad he was because it would not be appropriate to do so it's that bad he was horrible in terms of his actions activities his character but yet Jesus says whose picture is on this coin this money and then he lays down a principle for us and says verse 21 as they responded in answer his question well as Caesar's on this point then say Is he under them render or give therefore on to Caesar the things which are Caesar's and unto God the things which are God's brothers and sisters right there Jesus just made a separation between church and state. In that statement he said there are some things that belong to the state government such as taxes but then he says there are some things that belong to God that we give to God there are things such as our worship our obedience and our love and affection that is something we give to God you not give that to another human being I love my wife but I do not worship her my wife loves me but I do not worship her worship Jesus as a Matthew Fortin that I shall worship the Lord thy God and Him only shout that will serve it only belongs to God And so what man tries to in some way legislate or control the worship of another man's conscience he is outside of his bounds in 888 there was an attempt to pass a Sunday rest bill by this senator on your right is that same for you it is the same on your right you're looking at Senator Henry Blair who was a senator from New Hampshire and he was this is an $888.00 this is just after the Civil War had ended in $865.00 the country was in tumult during a time period known as reconstruction trying to reconstruct the country back together after the hardships and atrocities of the 4 years of the Civil War And so there's massive amounts of immigration coming in there is the aftereffects of the Civil War and the turmoil from that and he had an idea I've got it let's have a day that we all just rest and go to church and worship on the Lord's day and that day will be Sunday and so he actually introduced in the Senate a piece of legislation to secure a day of rest for all the people. Now this bill came to the attention of the 7th Day Adventist Church which was formed by that time and the church sent a young man named Alonzo or 80 Jones to go and appear before a Senate committee on education and reform education and labor I'm sorry education and labor subcommittee in the Senate and make an appeal that this is not a good idea 80 Jones was a history and Bible teacher at Andrews or Emanuel Institute. For Zander's University and he argued and explain and the passage we just read in Matthew 22 he asked Henry Blair and said when Jesus is giving this principle he is showing a separation between church and state and so he said we could ask the question this way show me the Sabbath whose inscription is on it whose picture it's the Creator the God of the universe and he says Therefore the Sabbath is owed to the creator or God It's not something you give to human beings or to man and so based on he had about 15 minutes they were going to talk to him or just ask him questions for his his hearing they question him for over an hour and they could not refute and I believe the Holy Spirit really blessed him his logic his reason his historical arguments his biblical arguments and the bill wound up being tabled and was never put forth. Because of that work in that effort but he said very clearly there are 2 tables of the commandments the 1st table on the left is what is something that belongs to God render unto God the things that are God and on the 2nd table is our own our duty to our fellow man or the state the state has a right to regulate murder and stealing and lying and those type of things dishonoring our parents did you know surprisingly it's even against the law in most states to commit adultery I was surprised because it seems like such a common of theme that you hear about so often it actually technically is against the law and so man has a right in dealing with other things that are on the 2nd table to legislate in that sphere but not so on the 1st table the Sabbath worshipping God blasphemy keeping the Lord not taking the Lord's name in vain that is something that there is no government on earth that has the power or right to legislate in that area well where is God's government located let's come to a close here and our time is getting away where is God Government located load notice what Jesus says and John 1836 Jesus answered and we would do well to keep this in mind my kingdom is what is not of this world do Christians today forget that as they in other churches and denominations make political speeches and whole political rallies and try to of trying to change in impact the world by using the church to influence the state if you read the great Conover see Chapter 16 the Pilgrim Fathers the speaker property says whenever you combine the church and the state together it always winds up bringing the church closer to the world rather than bringing the world closer to the church. Always it only weakens and undermines the message and the mission of our church which is the everlasting Gospel Jesus says my kingdom were of this world then with my servants fight and he speaking to pilot in this verse here that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now is my kingdom not from hints My kingdom is not from here on this earth now will is there a time when God's kingdom will be established or fully reestablished on this earth very quickly for the sake of time Matthew 2531 The Bible says Jesus is talking and says When the Son of man shall come in His glory and all the holy angels with him then he shall set upon the throne of His glory at that time at the 2nd coming when the Son of Man comes with all the holy angels then he will sit upon the throne and the Throne is the place where a king or ruler sits he will sit on the throne of His Glory Now when Jesus came the 1st time he came to establish the Kingdom of Great but when he comes again he will be as a conquering King to establish the kingdom of glory Well what is God's government rule over and you know the answer to this but I just love this verse so much I want to this is another verse out encourage you to remember or memorize Psalm one of 3 Verse 19 I love it I get goosebumps just quoting it the Bible says the Lord has prepared his throne in the heavens and His Kingdom his government his authority his power rulers over what it rules over all can you say amen to the authority and glory and power of God that we don't have to worry and wonder about fixing the problems and all the challenges the issues and challenges of government today we know that ultimately God is in control and his kingdom rules overall Well if we have accepted Jesus as our King Where is our true citizenship the Libyans chapter 3 verse 20 where is our citizenship I love this verse. The King James Version says for our conversation is in heaven but if you look at the marginal reading and flipping 3 Verse 20 the word conversation actually is translated as citizenship and it makes sense that if my citizenship is in heaven I'll be speaking and talking like a citizen of heaven and if I may have my conversation if I am of a citizen of heaven anyway you know what I'm trying to say I hope our citizenship is in heaven and so therefore if we have accepted Jesus as our King we are not citizens so much of of the United States of Rwanda or Russia Japan Brazil we are citizens of heaven and we should act and conduct ourselves as citizens of that kingdom All right let me read this quote to you from desire of ages this is so powerful I asked the question HOW TO JESUS relate to earthly government when he was on earth and I apologize if it's hard to read you have the reference there is desired ages page 509 and I'm going to return graph 3 and 4 and this is such a powerful passage describing Jesus' relation to earthly government it says there the government under which Jesus lived was corrupt and oppressive he was living during one of the most corrupt oppressive times in world history the rise and the grand jury of this Roman Empire on every hand were crying abuses there was explore ssion there was intolerance and grinding cruelty now noticed this yet the savior attempted no civil reforms he attacked no national abuses nor condemned the national enemies he did not interfere with the authority or administration of those in power he who was whose example our example Jesus is always a perfect example. He who was our example kept aloof from earthly governments I think that's a key sentence right there he Jesus who was our example he kept aloof from earthly governments not because he was indifferent to the woes of min but because the remedy did not lie in merely human and external measures to be efficient the cure must reach men individually and must regenerate the heart in other words you can't just expect that someone passing laws and forcing people to outwardly comply with doing what's right is really going to change them you're only forcing them into hypocrisy by complying with something they don't really desire or want to do but if you are change from the inside and desire to do what is right well then you are changed indeed and this is a change that is wrought in each one of us individually not in forcing laws or judicial decisions upon everyone as a group individually continuing on desire of ages page 5 and I'm paragraph 4 not by the decisions of courts or councils or legislative assemblies not by the patronage of worldly great min is the kingdom of Christ established how is it established that's the question but by the implanting of Christ nature in humanity through the work of the Holy Spirit that is something that we must choose individually to have in our own lives in our own experience the implanting of Christ nature his spirit his government what is the greatest commandment and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart with all thy soul with all that I might and the 2nd commandment is like and to it now shalt love thy neighbor as thyself all the law and the government of God hanging on those 2 principles loving God with everything and loving my fellow man with everything and then as many as received Him to them gave he power to become the sons of God even to them that believe on his name which were born not of blood nor the will of the flesh nor the will of man but of God and it says there here is the only. The power that can work the uplifting of mankind the only power not through the Democrats but through the Republicans through the Libertarians and through the Reform Party to the Constitutional Law Party to the Prohibition Party or any other party but through the work of the Holy Spirit and the human agency for the accomplishment of this work is the teaching and practicing of the Word of God the agency for this transformation and accomplishing this is to teach and preach and study the Word of God A min indeed Well what manner of persons ought you to be what manner of persons This is a question asked by Peter in 2nd Peter chapter one verse 11 What man or what type of person is always to be counsel for the church it says there the Lord would have his people very political questions on the scenes silence is eloquence what are we to do this in an expert paragraph councils of the church pay 316 paragraph 4 let political questions alone next paragraph there is a large vineyard to be cultivated but while Christians are to work among unbelievers they are not to appear like worldlings they are not to spend their time talking politics or acting politics I think it's very clear and then finally God's children are to separate themselves from politics from any alliance with unbelievers do not take part in political strife separate from the world and refrain from bringing into the church or school ideas that will lead to contention and disorder. I want to close my last slide of my last verse and I thank you for your extension of time today what is God's desire and promise for you and me and I don't have this I added this after your I finished your study guide and so if you want to write in Revelation 321 this is the promise given to the church out of the 7 churches that is the last church that is in a week his condition and seemingly the most hopeless but the promise held out to them is so grand and so great that it even it boggles the mind and the imagination God's desire it says. As many as I love I rebuke and chase and be zealous therefore and repent to him that overcome it while I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and I'm set down my father in his throne brothers and sisters we have a focus in front of us that if we overcome through God straight through the work of the Holy Spirit we will sit on the throne with Jesus Christ who is sitting on the throne of God the Father and reigning over the entire universe I can't even comprehend what that really means what that really entails but we are really raised up and exalted to such a position that is is not even comprehensible barely comprehensible this is what our focus should be our message and our mission is to keep our eyes and our focus fixed upon Jesus brothers and sisters I want each of us to be there and I hope that you want to be there as well to overcome and sit on the throne of Jesus Himself in heavenly places with God reigning and ruling with him as they are 3322 says for the Lord is our judge the Lord is our law giver the Lord is our king he will save us and he will in fact do that if we trust him and depend upon Him Our Father in Heaven Lord we thank you so very much for being our great king and who rules over all the universe Lord may we be members be citizens of your kingdom by faith in what you have called us to be I pray a blessing on each person here may we put forth the most effort that we can to make sure that our calling election is according to your will your Constitution and your word bless us now we pray in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more service leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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