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Part 1 - A Key to Discipleship

Theresa Broden


This class will give you principles and practices in using Adventist literature instead of “plain Christian” literature in your personal ministries.




  • June 18, 2018
    3:15 PM
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Dear gracious loving Father we thank you for this opportunity to come together to spend time in fellowship and to learn more about your work and why you would have us to be involved in the literature ministry we ask that your spirit will be with each one hearing that are coming later and we ask that you open our minds and our eyes guide us with your eyes and teaches that you would have us to know in Jesus name we pray. OK Well for those of you who don't know me give you a little background names Teresa bro I have been an Adventist for about 35 there 6 right there is 7 yet there are 7 years I came into the charge as a result of literature so literature has always been kind of dear to my heart what happened is my my family is totally non Adventists no religious background at all My parents grew up in the church not an end in the search and when they when they were grown they said we have had enough of charts we have put in our quota we're not going any more and they were true to their word we I never ever set foot in a church with my parents my whole entire life that I lived with them as a child I moved to Michigan to go to the University of Michigan and there that's where I met my husband and my husband came from a back to spec Wow But his parents had been given or they had purchased books from cold water and one of the books that they had was bible readings for the home. My husband's father passed away and when he passed away he wanted to get that book because they had been studying a little bit about it his father was keeping the Sabbath he kept it under the Jewish tradition because he couldn't find an Adventist church so he just stayed home on Sabbath and didn't drive his car and he kept the Sabbath the best he knew and so when my husband started looking for this book we had already started keeping the Sabbath because he'd been studying with his dad so he went to get the book from his brother and brother said This book is not leaving the house so he knew that the book somehow he figured out it was an admin this book and he had an avid to spread so he went to her and said Hey I'm trying to find this book because he had went to places like sunshine by which I've been other Bible places and they're like oh that's a called and we don't have books that they said and so I was like This place is and I called I didn't read the stuff this is good stuff and so as a result his friend said Well this is where the charge is and if you go over there they owe me in addition to somebody who has the books and they did they introduced us to a call porter and the Cole Porter came to our house and sold us the books that he was looking for a Bible readings for the home and as a result we got into Bible studies and today we're in the church. So Guy have uses his literature in a very specific and special way and part of this class is for us to understand how important literature is but also to understand that literature is not an instant reward type of ministry and that's I believe one of the reasons why a lot of people are discouraged because we have gotten into the instant reward mentality so if I pass out 100 tracks and nobody asks for a Bible study I feel unsuccessful but God has said that there is no failure in his work so we have to understand that and once we can understand that and translate that to other people I think that they will have a greater understanding and appreciation for the literature of work so what I've done is a lot of what I have has come from this book called The printed profits and if you haven't read it it's a really good RE and this book was a rigidly written in Spanish and then it was they had so much good results with it it was translated to English so you'll see a lot of what I have comes right out of this book but most of this book is just quotes from the Spirit of Prophecy So if you're not a spirit of prophecy parson you're probably going to have a little difficulty in this class because this class really is based on the spirit of passion they've got that at the A.B.C. and it's after a very into the paper the name of the book and. The name of the book and the author is a very last page so you don't have to didn't like take his information just make it. So but a lot of the information that I have has come from this so what we're going to do this is. An interactive class and so we're going to go through this we're going to talk about it because basically you need to understand and you need to get the message and you need to make this part of who you are you know me just presenting information is just me presenting information that doesn't make a you know doesn't change anybody So 1st question we have is this is a question that was asked by Mark family and it says why would a guy poor out His Spirit in Lateran power to finish his work if the majority of the charge has little or no interest in witnessing If the latter a the fullness of the Holy Spirit's power is to empower the church to reach the world with Guy in time message why would God give us the latter rain if we have a complacent lukewarm attitude to our reaching lost people the fullness of the Holy Spirit's power will be poured out on a praying totally commit it unify witnessing church so think about that is this the situation that we're in today are we totally uncommitted lukewarm not really interested me think pretty much pretty much I mean we have people in our church that are just going home for literature ministry help ministry pathfinders and then we have another group of people that we can't get involved in anything. Yes and it's usually the 20 percent and the 80 percent and because of that we don't see what the Lord wants to do and our life and in our church and you know it says here says I want to clarify here that the for the purpose of this class charge is individuals not congregations or denominations because the ladder rang will be falling all around and certain people will be receiving the latter rain and others won't and certain charges may because you know there are some targets that you can say that church is on fire everything is I mean they're witnessing they're getting people back ties they're moving and then there's other churches who can't tell you the last time they've had someone new come into their church so as we talk about the latter rain falling the Latter Rain is definitely necessary to do the work in gardening terminology if you plant some seeds you need rain to get the sea going but if you only get one rain and it never ever readings again your stuff would have are you plan it is going to be pretty small and you probably won't get a harvest that latter rain is the one that brings in the harvest and so we are looking for the latter rang because it's time to go home and because it's time to go home we really want that letter writing experience but it's not going to happen and in most cases to a whole church it's going to happen to individual people who are ready and willing and accepting of what the Lord wants to do and that's something we have to understand and appreciate when we do our literature where it is the whole church is never going to get excited about it. Not everybody is going to want to do literature ministry even when the whole charge is excited there's going to be some naysayers that say you know this isn't going to last we we have to be ready for that even Jesus had to deal with that so it doesn't mean that you know we can opt out and not have to deal with it. We're not the only charge though that understand the importance of the written word and so 1st of all Assembly of God leader his name is Bob Hawke Hoskins he said that Christian literature annoying about the Holy Spirit is always affective and the only way that he believes that we will be able to fulfil Christ and junction to reach the whole war that's Assemblies of God They understand the importance of literature and then we have another group another mass literature plan is for every home for Christ this is a systematic distribution of the van evangelical literature to every home in various countries in cooperation with local churches and missionaries it has so far circulated 3250000000 pieces of literature Dick Eastman one of the leaders. Says a global movement is underway to reach every home for Christ and the impact will be on our imagination so it's not just the Adventists who have this idea that we need to be getting this in literature out other churches understand the same message that we understand we have to get the message out Martin Luther once said that the press is God's highest and extremeness act of grace whereby the business of the Gospel is driven all we need to have the printed paper we need something printed and the press is was going to do it and we have ad been a snow that God wants to do something big in our time and that publications will constitute one of his and. Thus the charge effort to use this means as never before for example on Sabbath March the 242012 the charge and South America distributed 25000000 copies of the great hope in a single day 25000000 copies and the single that that's a lot of little a little book The Great Hope which is a condensed version of the great controversy that's a lot but this just goes to show you that everybody is waking up to the fact that literature is important in order to finish the work we have to have it please consider what this means the final stretch of finishing the Gospel is now underway the fact remains that we can still consider publications one of the most important means of fulfilling God's Church meant with got some churches mission so knowing that what do you think we should do. To further that mission do you think. It's. OK we need to get our by so right that's one thing is it really worth it what was. That. Our. Own. For the for the. Use of the base of the show when the writers of the course. That's right or. This yes and then we have to are. And we have many miracle stories of people who have found a piece of literature in the trash can and somebody had on it you know sitting on their cell for 25 years and then they pick that up so it is in the literature doesn't work it's just it doesn't work the way we want it to work again this is instant gratification if I can even with a Bible study you know we go through evangelistic meetings and we feel disappointed when 200 people come on a farce day and by people give after X. we think that evangelistic series was good because we had 200 people I don't buy that baptized but how many heard the word and have that word in their heart how many took their pamphlet home with them that they may read and study and look at and allow the Lord to let that sink into their heart but we again because an instant gratification we forget how important that written word is and the effect that it can have I mean we're still reading the Bible today right. We should be I mean and this thing is considered Oh and a lot of us have a mad house and that we have to blow you know we dust them you know what was a little kid was saying that the mom was dusting and the kid picked up the Bible and the mom was destined it in the kid said mom whose book is that because it's really dusty and the mom's That way it's God's book so the kids are what you need to give it back home because nobody's using it here. So we have to start picking up that literature picking up that Bible we need to use these things because there is a value in the printed word Think about the Walden seas and I mean they had scripture song inside their clothing seat just pages of the bibles inside of their clothing so that they would be able at an opportune moment to share someone else they valued the literature and say we've gotten to the point because we have so much technology that we don't value the written word as much as. And you know that even goes back to the word of guy the 10 Commandments is a written word written with God's own hand and that's not valued anymore either because it's just you know the space paper just of it where yeah it's right that a rocket can't get past that but the value of the written word is just because it doesn't have instant gratification people just don't care anymore and we need to realize that. This is a key to discipleship is the written word because I mean like I said I came in through literature I'm sure everybody here has that some connection with somebody that came in through literature or they themselves came in as a result of literature because it works it does work it just doesn't work as fast as we won it and we have to start to learn to let things work and guide to time and not in our time OK let's see where our way you may be surprised to learn that in the context of the last day crisis print media will be one of the most crucial means that the Lord will use to save millions from deadly delusions as a church we have been not been mindful of inspired counsel the book you are should be the means of quickly giving sacred light of the presence of the word when the charge members realize the importance of the circulation of our literature they will devote more time to it and I think that's the problem most people don't think it's important we've done everything we have tracks that you can get for little to nothing all the way up to here huge encyclopedias and volumes so you can get literature and tomorrow will look at all these different ways you can use literature but you can get literature and almost any form for almost any price and we still don't use it you know we get how many of us get books we ave the seeing by is books take among you doing bang with those books so we think well we would just take a moment collection I mean we want to use that literature because God is going to hold us accountable for every thing that we could have and learn so if we got all these. But all these books we need to be reading them as well but we need to take that information in so that we can share that information with others because it says here if people really realized how important it was. They would spin it more time but we having them to the realisation of how important it really is it's extremely important that we understand this you know in the early times and long time ago before there was written history people had great minds and they didn't have to write things down but today people don't have minds now we need to write everything down because we forget and so literature helps to remind us it helps us to settle into the truth that we know I mean think about the Word of God How many times have you read attacks and the news again and you hype I've read this thing 50 times and I have never ever seen that statement or understood with best statement meant is the printed word that settles into our mind and it helps us to make decisions but we have to have it there as a reminder because we do forget we do forget think about the Sabbath we have to have a weekly reminder of the Sabbath because if we didn't have a weekly reminder of the Sabbath we would forget and even though we have a weekly mom do what happens a lot of Friday 2 hours before Sunday we have somehow forgotten that it's almost Sabbath and we have to hurry I don't rush around so we can get ready I mean we just tend to forget. Even though we know and so what about the people who don't know who haven't heard who no one has shared any literature with I have a prayer and my prayer is that I pray every day for the people that nobody prays for because there are people out there that don't have any connection at all to Christ or someone who knows cries and I think about those people you know and the reason I think about him like I said I come from a non-Christian family and I know my parents were not praying for me I had grandparents that were praying for me but I know my parents were not praying for me because they had sever their connection and so guy was able to do something in my life that he would have never been able to do had I not have somebody praying for me well all these other people that are out there that have never heard the word no one's ever given the track no one's ever visited then they don't have that connection and the world is getting ready to be come very very difficult and crazy and they have nothing to hang onto nothing there are people who have a little track I've seen several people they pull it out of their wallet and it's all in you maybe know something it's all beat up in banks stop or it's a card it's a scripture it's something that is very dear to their heart and they stick it in their wallet and they keep it you know and they'll say 10 years ago such and such gave me this and they carry it around and it's dear to their heart and it reminds them of how much God loves them or how much that person loves them you can't do that with a television program. You can't you can't carry the dollars in program around or the Internet sometimes you go Internet is not who they are anymore so you have to have the written word Let's go to the next page it says. There will be a coming crisis and there will be greater difficulties as we draw closer to the end God will then call into action agencies currently known only to him to aid in the completion of this tremendous task but the missionary strength of the charge rests within every member regardless of place or position when divine power is combined with human effort the work will spread like fire and stumble God will employ agencies whose origins man will be unable to discern angles will do a work which men might have had the blessing of accomplishing had they not neglected the claims of God So it's going to come a time when angles are going to have to do the work that we just didn't do because we didn't think it was important or we were too busy or we just didn't understand but the work has to be finished it has to be done we can't go home until the stillness but God is going to Sr White says it guys then take the reins in its own hands eventually because he's going to get to the point I wonder why is not there yet because he is long suffering and patient because you know when we look at the things that are going on in this world one hike Lord how much can you take how long can you bear and so it's going to come to a point where Angelus are going to have to come and fill in and help us to finish the work. And inspire us but again it's that latter round that's only going to be poured out on those who have already made a decision that they want to be a ball if you just want to sit in your charge and be a pew warmer the latter rain might miss you you know if you don't want to go the extra mile and do the bible study and pass out the literature and make the phone calls in the business the latter rain may miss you and that's going to be a SAY IT thing and it's real difficult you know when you're in a church and you're excited. And nobody else's interest you know it's difficult because you really want to do something and you talk to people and you try to get them involved and they'll go out once and because they didn't have you know I knocked on doors and that anybody was willing to take my tracks and I go in anymore you know it's those kinds of things that cause them to be discouraged but we have to have by and trust the guy this is when he's asked us to do he have masses to do a lot and we need to realize that if he just wants us to just put those pieces of literature of the seams the leaves of autumn we need to do that because there are so many Souls that are going to be won because of it we've all heard Still we've we've all we all know that it works and suggests that we have accepted it and it says next question we have a question what is the parfit technology for the Gospel at the end time Harvick technology. The printed word. At last that's right the PRINT IT WHERE IS THE PARTY technology for the End Time to many of us fall prey to the fantasy of believing that satellite television radio and Internet evangelism are the sum total of public evangelism. What. Both call as right and they're giving you a book that's right if you want a frame book they've given it to you Well you know you think about countries that don't have this technology we go to Kenya from time to time nothing's going to work over there but the printed pay. They have pastors there that have cell phones but at the same time they don't have electricity which means at the same time they don't have internet so they might have a cell phone it's not going to be a smartphone and it's only going to be so they can actually communicate with somebody so they can get a ride from the A to B. because they don't have cars but they're not on their phones sending text messages and looking up stuff on the internet because that's not the kind of technology they have and most of the world does not have that technology we here in the United States because everybody including our children have smartphones we believe that you know everybody has this technology but that technology is not relevant to everybody and what happens when the power goes out it's not read in the available to anybody you know we are we love our cell phones and we get upset when we can't get why. Oh haha it's not working I can't check my email You know those kinds of the things so I mean that technology is great now but it's not going to work forever broadcast media despite their present glory will not have the S.S. ability in the coming struggle that a simple book will have the enemies of the gospel will attempt to block all manner of potential avenues through which our message could find its way to the people 7 day have been US will no longer be able to make a large media parts of says in a nobody no cell environment but what is easy to do to a T.V. program is not so easy to do to books when France resorted to censoring books during the Reformation Dutch presses station near the border of France and soon shored that the books are collating continues on a based so when saying tries to shut us down with books and print it were Christ is going to make sure that we have a way to get things through those of you who are not from a with the French Reformation when they went through the Reformation they got every single book I read they said they were done with religion we will no longer be a religious country anything in it is going we are going to follow reason and reason is going to be what we follow and so they got a prostitute and put her up on the thing and cared Talon called a reason and they all fell down and worship her and all the bibles and religious books and everything was Barnes and you couldn't have a Bible you couldn't have a book where there's a says here the Dutch presses stationed at the border we're still printing and making sure the books came in. There is a story of a pastor and this pastor was bringing Bibles into the country and he always prayed that it in because I bring my was into the country and so finally they pulled him over and I asked him where he was getting his money from so he could get bibles and he said Well what happened is he was bringing Bibles in and he got caught at the border and so he got caught at the border they weren't going to let him bring any more Bibles in while the guy who was caught him said OK well what we'll do is they kind of worked out a deal then they said we'll give you some money for this because we're going to destroy it so they gave him some money and then he was getting ready to print a new volume but he didn't have enough money and no money that they gave him for the all once was more than he needed to get the new volumes printed so they asked him well who is your greatest contributor because they were trying to round up the people who were helping them he said well actually it was that like police sergeant or whoever it was that confiscated my books and gave me some money because he gave me more money than anybody else had given me for my individual books so you know a guy has made ways for people to get literature and to the country and get it to people yes. By the oh I heard. That by the by. OK. God's going to get the printed word in and a printed word mean so much to people see we have taken it for granted so long because we we can you know we got the A.B.C. over to a translation of Bible do you want with a dictionary do you want to go with it how many tracks would you like most people in the world do not have that luxury and we need to understand that Satan is going to use literature in a way we've got is going to be used in the ditch or in a way that Satan will not be able to stop you know when people are so on and up inside their clothes and you know passing them out everywhere you go those seeds are going to grow and they're going to produce fruit. According to Alan White when the religious denominations unite with the papacy to oppress God's people places where there is religious freedom will be opened by evangelistic came the saying Well I think we're here I are the religious denominations uniting with privacy I thinks I think we're we're probably here and says places where there is religious freedom will be open for evangelistic So as we see this ecumenical movement coming together it's actually going to be giving us greater opportunity to spread the gospel it looks like it isn't but it's actually going to be given us greater opportunity and we need to take advantage of these opportunities because we don't know how long that window of time is going to be open and right now. Where and I have a hurricane and we'll talk about that but we're right there I mean we can do things now with relative freedom but it won't last very long I was reading in religious liberty magazine about jehovah witnesses that are in Russia the Jehovah Witnesses in Russia their faith has been banned from Russia completely all their charges have been confiscated they are no longer allowed to meet in homes or any other place at all they're no longer allowed to pass out any information any miniature nothing Russia has banned them completely so if you are a job witness and you are in Russia you just have to zip your mouth up and say nothing so we asked the question we had a religious liberty guy come and we asked the question is like well you know this is a religious liberty issue and we try to defend people that are having religious liberty issues you know are we doing anything to help the Jehovah Witnesses out and the comment was Well we're not saying too much because we don't want to look at us and it's kind of sad because we're next I mean it may be some other groups but we're next we know where next what do you do and in a situation like that you know I mean we can pray for them but it's I mean it's very difficult because they you know you can't mention your home it's nothing it's the whole religion is totally Band-Aid and and one is very ironic is they someone had told me as like a couple years ago they had picked a Jehovah Witness family and like highlighted them as like the model family and now you can't even say that you're the home witness in that country. So it's going to happen here but literature that is placed in the hands of people who steal do the work because we have people that are judges and lawyers and those people really things and if they're getting literature you know my liberty magazine goes out to them and if they're getting literature a saint is being planted in their heart there have been people who have said you know like you said the guy didn't see anybody any Bibles in the back seat there have been people who have went before judges and the judges have been sympathetic because something that they read for the Lord has caused their heart because they see from the literature has been planted there and the situation that could have been very very dire has been turned around God has put his Holy Spirit on his lives and we need to remember when we're passing out literature that we need to pray over this and ask the Holy Spirit to be with each and every piece that goes out wherever it goes be it in the trash can be made on the desk we need to have the Holy Spirit going to touch the heart of those people because God said his word is not going to return boy and so if it's not going to return boy that means that literature is going to touch somebody at some time. So we need to be rich you know thinking about passing out this little let me pry open this let me give it to the right people people walked up and asked for literature I had some lives I was had some on my desk I was. Buying textbooks back from students and I always give them a piece of literature and I just had some sit in there one young man he just walked up and ask and I want to say and I'm like sure that's what they're for you know I didn't I didn't mean that to give him one he wanted it praise God that he wanted that there are so many other young people that aren't arrested but there are people out there that are sung Ching there are people that want the truth and for a lot of people the truth has to settle in and you know I find going to evangelistic meetings every night I get a little bit every night to get a little bit in the can settle in and I can start except in and I can kind of mauling over in my mind but for someone who you don't have a lot of contact with they can take that book of that magazine and that track and they can read it 234 times and every time they read it you know it kind of settles in a little more it settles in a little more it settles in a little more I remember my. Our head elder at our church said he was a Catholic and he was given the great controversy to marry. He said he threw that book down many a time when he was read because they talked about the Catholic Church and he has got it and he said he threw the thing down because he was mad because he didn't want to hear what they were saying about his stunt but he went back got it again and he kept going back and it's hard to test saddle that word started to saddle on his soul and his spirit in the Holy Spirit was able to work with men and he ended up being our head elder at our church so obviously the Holy Spirit worked on his heart through that literature and that's what has to happen but it's a little bit here and the little bit they are and it's the prayers that go with this I can't over emphasize how important prayer is in the literature work you have to have everything you do when you're dealing with literature they are in prayer I remember my son went out he had to do came to sing in the summer and he didn't want to do it. But that was a criteria if you want to go waves all came the sense and summer. I remember the 1st day he came back and he was like oh my God answers prayer. As you know I didn't know this and he was like yes we were preset we were trying to get some books into some of these halls and nobody wanted him and so we stopped and we prayed and he said in the very next house that we went to the parson one of some books he said I thought I never knew that God is prayer like that and so we have got to pray over our literature you know our young people I have softer our young people that come in the summer and do the mega book program because that is a tremendous work you would not believe how many of our conferences no longer have mega books no longer have summer programs for kids no longer have Cole Porter's and many don't even have publishing departments anymore he especially here in North America they are closing weekly It's just they're like We don't have publishing ministries and many of them don't have any scenes anymore so many of our A.B.C.'s You know where we're here in Michigan we are blessed we have 2 A.B.C.'s and our state there are states have no A.B.C.'s at all in the whole entire state you know their people all have the drive that access to go to the A.B.C. Yes So you know we are blessed that we have these resources because there are so many places that don't have A.B.C. don't have our information and our literature is the literature that we need to be sharing you know when you can go out to your neighborhood book I'm buying bonds but what happens when we use the world's literature is we confuse people because our literature is not the same and what happens if you share that with them. You know when you're new in your learning which you 1st learn you know 1st impressions those kind of thanks think it is very difficult to educate somebody when I came into the charges and have any Christian background at all I didn't need to do re reeducated they tell me as it might sound folk I am joining it was that simple but when you have been brought up in a vast this charge or a Catholic church or in any type of denomination and over your lifetime you have been given this information and then when someone tries to give you haven't this literature you have to be reeducated and it's very difficult and especially difficult if when we as admin is are not giving you Adventists material when we're trying to help you because again this message has to settle in it doesn't happen overnight we've all been through our own conversion experience and we've all had to settle in to the truth you know not everything we took the 1st day you know we found out grandma was not in heaven we want to always have. You know if we had a grandma in heaven that was not something I was trying to hear right away and we had to settle into that true and so when we don't use our literature we confuse people that are coming into the church and it makes it more difficult for them so we have to really be careful and make sure that when we are doing our witnessing and we are passing out our literature whatever we share that it is Adventists literature because God has called us with a special message this is a movement going on here this is a very special message that non of the other churches are sharing with people. Today's spiritual ism is everywhere and not many churches are saying that it's wrong you know I mean you've got charges now you're doing a whole bunch strange things you're in Michigan you don't see a lot of that stuff but there's a lot of strange things going on and charges today you know people are talking to the dead there haven't seances and a lot of these things are going on and charges Yeah they're read Harry Potter charge schools are read Harry Potter and the so we have to be very careful about what we share with people and make sure that it is rooted and grounded in Adventists the ology and doctrine and it's difficult you know here at Michigan can't meaning we have all the good speakers a common warn us about the things that are going on and that's just not happening across the country I get to travel a lot and I get to go to a lot of different hand meetings and I can tell you. Some of the things I can't meet I come here because it's I tell people it's like water from my parched soul it just whets me and fills me up because I go to a lot of other can't meetings and they're not teaching the same thing and these are Adventists these are evident is and you know as as you get closer to the coasts the east in the West the thing from a stranger and stranger on each coast you're in the middle so you're good but I mean this is just what's going on and so you know I want to be aware and this is why Adventists literature is what we need to be using it says Could it be that God is preparing a mighty last a spiritual movement that will move the world and that literature will play a significant part in God's final plan to save the last generation is can we conclude that the greatest challenge to every avenue as this side of the 2nd Coming is the mass distribution of the message through every means at his or her disposal we need to understand the challenge of reaching 7000000000 people we have to read 7000000000 people how much of the world would we be able to reach if we waited till the last moment. We have been cautioned as faithful watchman You should see the sword coming and give a warning that men and women may not pursue a course through ignorance that they would avoid if they knew the truth we have a tremendous responsibility we have to reach 7000000000 people and why are we waiting told the very last moment we won't be able to do it if we wait till the very last moment we won't have enough time time is already short and there's many who have gone to Chrysler graves because we haven't done the work that we should have done. So we need to understand there is urgency about getting this message out it's Arjun it's a life or death situation and it could be life or death for us or someone that we love and so literature is the way to do it we need to be having literature and passing it out everywhere we go you know we think wow I don't know what to do with lives of Tomorrow we'll talk about a lot of different things you can do literature that you probably never thought of but we need to have a sense of urgency about finishing this work 7000000000 people is a lot of people I can't even imagine with 7000000000 looks like you know some I say was a 1000 people their new unit was 5000 and you can kind of imagine with the group and I said where was the order tore him in order to room had about you know 5000 people and you can imagine it OK 1000000000 I'm struggling with the millions so we get a 1000000000 instance more than I can think about but God wouldn't give us a job that we could bins and he's already said that there will be angels that are going to be helping to get this done says we cannot tell what will be the result of sharing one track containing these present truths and the 00s in the 11th hour will see and acknowledge the truth these conversions to the truth will be made we were predicting that will surprise the church so that means there's stuff out there there is literature and people's homes today sitting on the shelf collecting dust that they have not used we had a friend join our church she bar a set of books from called hoarders they were in the box that he sent it to her and for 10 years. Not even opened inside our house in the box sealed up for 10 years and then she came to us I mean she's like. No Then she opened the box and there was the book that she'd had for 10 years in her house sealed up and in the box so you see there is see out there here just waiting to see Guy had to take her through something to get her heart ready because she had opened it maybe 9 years earlier her heart might not have been. That's right but we've got to have the material there because think about it when she started going to the meetings and then she found those books she came on she started devouring others you know it was like OK I get this you know she was so happy because she was settling in to the truth and so this is why we need to put literature any and everywhere we can in every way and that we can because we don't know what is going to happen to that piece of whose heart it's going to touch you know there's a saying that I use and it says God had an idea and then he made you because there was something that only you could do and so he's like you know Carol I got something and done and Carol because she'll take care. These are the things that he does he has an idea and then he makes you because the people that we come in contact with our sphere of influence is totally different from the sphere that someone else has there are people that will believe me that won't believe anybody else there are people who will lead you and they won't believe anybody else because you have that sphere of influence and putting that literature in their hands is going to make a difference that piece of literature they've been prayer we don't know when it's going to happen but want to be one point you're having some attention a shoulder and say hey you gave me that literature like 20 years ago I read that thing out like yeah right I put it on the shelf and then now I went back to get it and I read and I was like what was wrong with me why don't I raise this thing those are the kind of read you need to do to get in heaven and it's wanted but if we don't start so in the see there will be so many lost and there will be plenty there will be people who are lost because that was a decision they made but you know who wants to know that someone they know was lost because we didn't make the choice to to share the information with. That's right we will be held accountable for the thing that we could have done and didn't do. Before the final visitation of God's judgment upon the earth there will be among the people of the Lord such are viable of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed sense Apostol at times this spirit em Power of God will be poured out upon his people at that time. Many will separate themselves from those churches in which the love of this world has supplant has supplanted love of God and His Word many both of ministers and people who will gladly accept those great truths which God has caused to become a pro climbed to prepare a people for the Lord's 2nd coming so we're going to have people ministers and people in other churches coming out when we start proclaiming the message some people have just never heard the message and so of course if they've never heard the message they can't make a decision so we need to be giving the message so that they can hear it says you know they were brought there trumpets and the trumpet had to have a clear sound so the people knew what to do well if our trumpet is arm literature and we are not using it there is no clear sound so the people will not know what to do is in a large degree throughout publishing houses is to be accomplished the work of that other angle who comes down from heaven with great power and who lightens that with his glory the printed page anointed by the Holy Spirit which we talked about is destined to play a wonderful role at our decisive moment to be for sits specific 3 classes of people exist on our of today those who love the true those who hate the truth and those who neither love nor hate the truth the undecided God wants to bring him in to indecision this is a battle for the mine what will you do now that you know you have a decisive role in determining who will stand for Guy because we have a role there won't be a when Christ comes back any people who haven't made up their mind yet. You know all being well lowered let When you finish that judgement over there get back with me and I'll let you know Haasil there won't be any of that they will either love the war or they will hate the war because God is a just God he can't punish someone who hasn't made up their mind who hasn't settled into the truth or who has decided that they're not accepting the truth but right now there are large group there was a pastor who gave a message a couple weeks ago at a camp meeting was it and he said the majority of the people now in the United States are if you ask what religion you are are 9 the majority in this country are 9 that means they haven't made up their mind that means they're undecided that means we need to do something to help 7000000000 people know what kind of choice to make because otherwise if you don't choose satan get you by default but have no one ever shares with them they don't have any reason to make a decision for Christ because they don't have any information and this is where we come in this is why our literature is so important because once you understand the truth and it says you know there's people who love the truth and people who hate the truth they say if you don't know the truth you can't even make an educated choice and most people don't know the truth you know if someone knew that your house was going to burn down and a certain time and like your house is going to burn down sometime next year then no when but they just knew positively that your house was going to burn that would you want them to tell you. Even then no day you'd want to know because Elise you went every day you've been taking precautions you would be like this can happen but at least I'll be prepared I won't leave all my children and a house you know I won't leave anything on cooking because my house is going to burn down it's an eval it's going to burn down but let's make the casualties as less as possible if it's just the house burned down OK I can deal with them but it was the House and the children and that's not a good thing you know as a house and what that's not a good thing so we know the Christ is coming back and that those people who have not accepted him who are still in the undecided most are going to be not we are doing them a disservice when we don't share the truth with them and guys like you said we're going to be counsel for the things we knew to do and for the Council for the things we didn't know to do that we didn't do that when it moved the thing that we didn't do that we knew we should have done and so we have to think about am I going to be held accountable because I didn't share the masses with somebody I have this literature I mean it almost everywhere Evans I know it has in that chair. Sitting around somewhere in a car at home we have literature I mean that's one thing we have an abundance of literature but I would we doing with it are we just getting it so I can have a bookcase of one of everything so someone comes in the house I got one of everything publishers and editors live to have you read any of it well now I'm just collecting it is a collection so I could have want to rethink case I ever need know has not what it's for but many of us have that kind of collection so we have to understand that we are going to be responsible it is the role that I'm sorry it is it is certain that one of the key problems facing us in the final days will be that of seeing our evangelistic media outlets banished from public eye so where will the profits be who must give the loud cry in the coming crisis who will pay play the role of the last messenger of mercy for world on its way to eternal ruin we know there won't be it is written there won't be voice of opposition not assets going to be on there won't be Internet we won't be on the Internet they'll be Internet but we won't be on there we are getting notices coming. So are we going to wait to the very last minute to start Sharon on that issue while we all just wait because right now they've got all these other things are we going to wait no we can't wait we need to start now and see this is why we need to build up friendships with people this is why we need to continue we need to be praying so God will open doors because prayer can open doors that nothing else can open because we all have neighbors we all have friends we all have relatives we need to be praying for them so that we can put this literature in their hands because think about it when they notice that there's no more avenues T.V. no more adventures radio no more Adventists Internet they're going to start asking questions what's going on how come you guys are taken off the radio you know I used to watch 3 A.B.N. Is there anything else I can do oh yeah the literature for you but if we haven't been praying for these people and encouraging those people they're not going to take that stuff from us but it's going to happen and it's probably not going to be very soon before it's going to be gone you know right now it's opening and of keeps opening up a little more but we know we're in the eye of that her K. The storm is coming. In the fleeting moments just before the end many will understand for the 1st time the importance of Christ Sabbath the message will be Kerry not so much by argument as by the deep conviction of the spirit of guy the arguments have been Pret presented the sea has been sound and now it will spring up to bear fruit the publications distributed by missionary workers had exerted their influence the harvest produced by the printed page during our last moments will be completely unexpected and therefore most impressive the printed publication is an instrument that can reach and influence the public as no other means can because you can read that over and over again when you get something and it just touches your heart you can just keep reading you set it down come back and keep reading it and every time you read it it just settles into your soul a little bit more and you just become more more convicted you know when you 1st heard about the Sabbath you heard about them you know you didn't thank whole bunch of A But as years really started studying and reading about the Sabbath this really started sinking in you know this is this is true you know and then it's like I need to do something because I know about this it just settles into your soul and wants to starts to settle in it has an effect that nothing else had. And so the printed word is important for the but that but here it is for the printed word to be printed page to be effective it simply needs to be distributed it is not good workin on the shelves and they see and snag good in the back of your car is not good in the charge it needs to be distributed. It won't work if it's not distributing this is why when we start seeing people coming into the charge it's going to be impressive because remember 80 percent of the people are sitting in the pews a lot of rain is not falling on them they're not doing anything but when they start seeing people does walk into the charge asking questions wanting to know it's going to be the work of a small majority not minority that 20 percent that's been out there passing out tricks sharing literature giving things away and when those people start to come in and those people will know why. Because they know that they have been involved in spreading the seed so that the soil can be vetted chasten Herrick hangs they have people the chaser. Their job is to fly when they see a hurricane come they get special planes they go up and they fly through the storm bar of our county into the middle part where it's calm drop the weather balloons down in there and then they fly back out that's their job they have to chase these hurricanes why are they tracing them because they need to prepare people to give a warning in a hurricane I had a friend she live in Key West Florida she said hurricanes come all the time they were used she said but when the eye of the storm would come they could run outside and play because the storm would come the winds would blow and everything was torn up and then the I would come and it would be all calm no rain no fog when it's whole calm so they were they were kids they would all run outside employment and then when the rains and things started they knew the other side of the hurricane was coming and they would come back in. We're folks we're in the eye of her again that's where we are because all of the persecution and everything from the dark ages and all of those things have passed and we've had peace and safety and calm and it looks pretty good and right now me feels pretty good and we can do things and we can say thank you as their eyes and restrictions you know they don't want you soliciting as I made with hoods and doing that but for the most part we're it in the are. Against what the other side is coming and when that other side come it's usually worse than the farm side and that's where we are right now and you go through the seals were right there in between Seal number 6 cylinders so I'm 6 of them are a dime the stars and this number 6 it's already done we're getting ready for sat right there in the car. That means we've got opportunity but what are we going to do with that. We have opportunity to share our literature because there is freedom right now we can get our stuff printed pretty soon we won't even be able to get anything right so we need to get it printed and get it out so we can keep getting it printed get it out get it printed get it out we can just get it printed and stockpile get it out get it out get it out because there will come a time you know even today some of our literature Sisto Why is very embarrassed that we have our own printing How's this but today I can tell you we have a literature that is not being printed by 7 Day Adventist presses because we have given up some of our presses a lot of our lives there is being printed even some of it has been printed by Catholic press which care nothing about the Sabbath. And this is our literature but how long do you think that these other presses will print our literature saying what we're saying not long soon there's going to come a time when they're not going to print it or they'll just change it I worked for a printing company publishing house and there were times when there were things written about the publishing house that we didn't even know and we were printing it because we weren't a publisher we were just the printer and somehow that's what happens when you let someone else print your information because once they give you your book your magazine or whatever you know you turn in your thing this is what we want so you expect to have that when you get it back most people you don't check it I order 5000000 books or come back to get my 5000000 books and I've changed a couple things in my 5000000 books and. You don't know it because who checks right we have to be pretty we really need to be very we're in the eye of the store and we're losing our publishing. We're losing our publishing houses our is our literature is even going to be more important because we're really going to have to go through it and make sure it's our chests. Are going. You know we have one in the U.S. our publishing houses are closing because of a lot of different reasons some of it's political some of it is just our people are not aware of what's going on you know like I said I work at a publishing house before clothes so I know a lot about the ins and outs but these things are all predicted this is going to happen God is allowing these things to happen because we've sat on our Duff and done nothing and because we've sat on our Duff and done nothing. Our publishing houses are closing many of our people don't support our publishing houses many people go to the book my house down the street and buy their literature and that's why this class is here to help us understand as we need Adventist literature and unless we start supporting arse our Adventist bookstores and publishers busily and financially they're going to continue to close a lot of the reason is a lot of things can be printed overseas a whole lot cheaper than it can be printed here and that's not just publishing that's a whole bunch of stuff we know a lot of jobs and things we've lost that's gone overseas. And see all of those are the signs it's letting us know we're getting close to the storm starting to start up again so we need to support them with everything we can you know I tell people buy stuff from your A B. C. from your local call port or wherever we have to get our literature get it as long as we can because one day we will not be able to get it it's just like Bible you know now you can sometimes some of these translations are a little bit strange you know you go into the bible store and you're looking for certain versions of the Bible and it's like you know we don't hand out we have this one and that one but we don't have this some of the ones that are more conservative they're doing away with because people want the new translations we have to be really careful about these things we really have to be careful and if we don't use our literature support our Bible and book houses and our publishers we're not going to have anything. We're just not going to have anything and that's part of the problem is if nobody is passing out literature nobody believes in our literature if anything is good you know if I can get a state of the dead thing from life where whatever it is place and it's not according to our beliefs but I think what's good enough and I'll just explain to him that's not the real but if we continue to do that they will continue to close we have to really decide you know I believe in Advent to smash it I believe in Evan to slitter and I'm going to support it now despite my mouth but financially and I'm going to encourage other people you know when you hear people say well I'm a rabbi that because I can go across the street to the regular place and get the same stuff cheaper is not the same stuff that is and that's the problem it's not the same stuff Revelation Chapter 7 vs one through 3 I'm going to read that we're just about one. Revelation Chapter 7 versus 133. And this comes again like I said this comes at the end of the 6 a 0 and this is the ceiling of God's people and it say And after these things I saw 4 angel standing on the 4 corners of the arms holding the 4 winds of the hour that the wind should not below our earth nor the sea nor the tree and I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice to the 4 angels to whom it was given to her the earth and the sea saying her not there are neither the sea nor the trees until we have sealed the servants of God in their foreheads. It's a question is why are they restraining the wins because the servants of God have to be sealed in their or their minds have to be made up they cannot be undecided anymore the winds today are being held back so that those that are undecided have an opportunity to decide and they can't decide if they don't have truth to give them the way to go the angels are now restraining the winds of strike that they may not below until the world so be warned of its coming doom but a storm is gathering ready to burst upon the earth and when God Shelby it is angles lose the winds there will be such a sense of strife as no pin can picture we are in the eye of the HER can ever disbelief on the basis of Biblical predictions that Jess prior to the 2nd coming of Christ this hour will experience a period of on precedented turmoil with the 7th day Sabbath as a focal point are we there yet here they are in that context we expect that world religions including major Christian bodies will be key players they will align themselves with the forces in opposition to guide and the Sabbath as that sounds like the economical movement that is being pulled together. I got a story about Chinese and Japanese bamboo the Japanese plant bamboo and before they plant it they have to. Plow the ground and irrigate the ground and take out the we and then they they do all this fertilize do everything to get the ground ready they have to get the ground ready for the bamboo to grow they take em plant the bamboo and then they cover it up and then they have to continue because it's like a sea they have to continue to water in and keep the weeds out and work on it several months go by and nothing has happened but they keep working it a year goes by nothing has come up they keep watering they keep weeding it they keep working 2 years go by the the field still looks the same they work in it the keeper means 3 years 4 years go by nothing has come up yet some of them if they had that experience farmers with bamboo might start getting discouraged and dig that up is there anything up underneath but the experience farmer knows he has to wait 5 years ago 6 years go by nothing but the steel looks the sand in the 7 year the bamboo will start to sprout and $12.00 to $15.00 weeks it will reach up to 100 feet tall bamboo grows so fast you can literally watch it who are out when it's growing and when the hurricanes come. The Bamboo is the only thing standing it knocks over by the wind and the rains but soon as the storm is gone it stands straight again because it has a foundation that has been working under Grant for years and years and. Our literature is the foundation of truth for the world that is about to come into major turmoil wienie people who are grounded in shrew who have had time to settle into their bombs into their heart into their mind so that when those winds calm they will be able to stand. It won't happen reading any other kind of literature our message is the message for the last day or the last time we have to understand we have to love it we have to embrace it and we have to understand it is a life and death situation people will perish that don't have this information we cannot expect our books and tracks and magazines that we distribute to bear fruit immediately or constantly from one day to the next Think of books as time bombs which do not explode at impact but if at a pre-determined time set by set by and divine intelligence God knows when to allow them to explode these silent messengers are lighting and molding the minds of thousands in every country and every clime more than $1000.00 will soon be combated and wind day. Most of whom who trace their convictions to the reading of one of our publications who will have distributed those same ages who stands will who's who stands will a chip and other that is that the right word would change what as must be what I don't know that's the wrong word OK well achieve such a wide world wide reaching results it is up to you and me it is in that slow it's how it's up to you and me we got to do it somebody has to do we have to be committed compared it to Adventist literature and once we are nothing else will do and we will be able to have people stand next to us like the bamboo stands in the storm because God is coming back it's going to be worse than we can even imagine but only those that are grounded and viewed it and have a foundation in Christ are going to be able to make Let's have a closing prayer Dear gracious Father we thank you for this opportunity to just examine your word and the importance of your word. We thank you lord that you have given us the printed word that we may share this truth with Laura we ask that you would be with each one here that you would have touched their hearts that you would teach them what they need to know that you would guide them in the direction that they need to go and that they would be willing to not share just with those that they know and their families in their charges but with others the precious truce hidden in your word we are about to approach a stone help us to be rooted grounded and the church truth has been sunken in to our soul so that we can stand for you in Jesus name we pray in this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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