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Logo of Michigan Camp Meeting 2018: As a Witness, Matthew 24:14

Part 2 - Promotes Successful Ministries

Theresa Broden


Come and learn how the use of Adventist literature can promote and enhance other ministries in your church spiritually and financially.




  • June 19, 2018
    3:15 PM
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Dear gracious loving Father we thank you so much for this opportunity again to come together Lord we want to learn more of how to be effective in our ministry for you we understand as we move closer to the end of time that we need to be sharing our information the truth that we have with others that we ask that your spirit will be with us that you would guide us and teach us what we need to know in the name of Jesus we pray Amen OK Well 1st of all the 1st that you have is crisis ample and soul winning so we're going to go over that and then we're going to talk about some practical ways to use the information so it says crisis has the cycles the disciples were members of the family of Jesus and they had accompanied him as he traveled on foot through Galilee they had shared with him the toils and the hardships that overtook them they had listened to his discourses they had walked and talked with the sentiment Son of God and in his daily instruction they had learned how to work for the elevation of humanity as Jesus ministers to the vastness multis they gathered about him his disciples were in attendance eager to do his bidding and to lighten his labor they assisted in a ranging the people bringing the afflicted once to the Savior and promoting the comfort of all they watch for interested hearers explaining the scripture to them and in various ways worked for this spiritual benefit they taught what they had learned of Jesus and were every day obtaining a rich experience pay for. Their work but they needed also an experience in laboring alone they were still in need of much Instruction great patience and tenderness now while he was personally with them to point out their errors and counsel and correct them the Savior sent them forth as his representative. So we have a couple things that are bold and these are the things we're going to talk about 1st of all insult winning Jesus was the one who ministers it's Jesus it's the Holy Spirit it's God who touches the heart of people we do not have the power or ability to convert anybody's heart so we need to allow the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ to do that to people's hearts but what did they do they watch for interested here is an open door what are some ways that we will know them when they're interested hears are open doors transitions when people are moving into new areas when there's a death in the family illnesses new neighbors job changes birth death all of those kinds of things are examples of open doors because then people are willing to listen and times when they normally wouldn't so they had to be aware of that then what did they do they explained the scripture to them in and in various ways work for their spiritual benefits they built relationships we talked yesterday about where in between the 6 in the 7th seal and God is in the process of sealing his people but as he is in the process of sealing people we need to be building relationships so that when we share our literature it actually was is able to sink into their souls you know we hear about things tracts and books being thrown away and usually that's because we didn't have a relationship with the people it didn't mean it wasn't effective and Christ still can't use that but when we have relationships and we mix that in with the power of the Holy Spirit our evangelism will be so much more powerful and effective they taught with they had learned of Jesus and what do we do when we teach what we learn to do we give our personal testimony what has he done. For you what is he's done for me people will listen you know I've given lots of talks and sometimes I'll be a group of young people and young people as a vis a vis hard group to keep their attention and every time I've learned the kids when they start becoming distracted I go right into a personal testimony and it automatically picks their ears up and they stop and they start to listen to what you have to say testimony is powerful so if I can get some young people who are just trying to talk amongst each other ears to park up because I'm telling about how God has been used how that has been in my life and made miracle happen it can work because everybody wants to hear the good news everybody wants to know that God is alive he's doing things he's working and so always be ready to share your testimony and it doesn't have to be when you came into the church it could be what he did for you last week how he hailed somebody in your family or someone that you know so always have a testimony and then lastly the savior sent them or as his representative so they had to have these things in their training so when they went forth they would be affected it says they're in Matthew chapter 28 verse 1020 Go ye therefore teach on the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe whatever I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even until that in so the Spirit of God is going to be with us when we follow his plan and that's what happens many times we have our own ideas God has a plan so we need to be focused on his plan as a charge we have received great like this like the Lord has been trusted to us for the benefit and blessing of the world to us has been given the ministry of reconciliation. With the power from on high we are to be seated min to be reconciled to God we are encouraged to pray for success with the divine assurance that our prayers will be heard and answered if 2 of you shall agree on ours as touching anything that they show ask it shall be done for them of my father who is in heaven but where 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name there I am in the midst of them ask of me and I will answer your requests the promise is made on the condition that you 9 if prayers of the charge are offered and in answer to these prayers there may be expected a power greater than that which comes from private prayer the power given with the people the power will be given with the proportion to the unity of the members and the love of the Got The Love of them for God and one another so prayer in unity is much more powerful than prayer alone it doesn't mean you shouldn't pray along but 2 or 3 which means it can be a husband and wife it can be a mother and it and a child it can be a father and a child it could be to charge members pray in unity so the more we pray the more power we will receive and the more effective our ministry will be if you go to the prayer tent at the prayer tent the exhibit tents they have a. Boot from the G.C. and they will have this book it's called Revive it's right Bible a reformation on prayer it's free to go there and get yours I think a whole bunch because every time I get in they disappear because people tell you that you can go there and get it and they also have these 3 tracks on Him Prayer so this is wonderful information I have eyes you to pick up a couple take them back to the church because then you'll have it this is a powerful book is written by Mark family but it's talks about prayer and when we start to use literature in ministry it needs to be bathed in prayer like we talked about yesterday we don't just want to hand it out willy nilly we want to pray over that because God knows exactly who needs it the right track that they need to have we were buying textbooks back in Huntington West Virginia and every day there was this guy that came around in a looked like you know he was 10 straggly did he need some money but every day he would come around and we were passing out tracks of the young people as they came in so we gave him a tract as well and so he came back one day and he was like you know I read that tract you gave me and he said you know I've really been struggling and you know I don't have money and I'm not working in the game the whole spiel about how he was struggling but he said when I read that track on the track that we gave him was does God care if we're ready and God knew exactly what track to put into that young Marines hands and we were able to spend some time with them to pray with him and on our last day when we were time trying to break down you know because we had our I made up our mind we're not giving anybody any money because we're buying textbooks all because we're buying textbooks everybody has them so they're buying textbook with lots of money we're not giving any money but the very last day he came we were breaking down and we were able to hire him because we do hire people to help us break down and so we were able to hire him spend more time with him in. Prayer and I don't know where that's going to go but God knows where it's going to go it's a see this planted and as we talked about yesterday there's going to be stuff people want to be coming out of the woodwork in the last days and we're not going to know where they can find but see has been planted and it's our job to plant that seed so that we can be affective in ministry OK we're going to turn over on the other side and it talks about building relationships Christ and His disciples How did they build relationships they met together every week they went to the synagogue they worked together days early. They prayed together they healed the sick together they visited ate together they ate with friends they studied together they share their joys and concerns they came out of their comfort zone crisis definitely call them to come out of their conference Well they were in groups and they depended on the Holy Spirit so when we start to think OK Who can I get to work with me in my ministry in in literature work these are some of the things that you want to be able to do as you work with these people this is great for new people that are 1st coming in the church because a lot of the matter still on fire they want to do something and if we start to train them and build relationships the way Christ would they would become effective ministers along with us and you've gotta do these things because if you look at the average person in charge then I'll meet each other but once a week on Sabbath they don't go to each other's house they don't do things together they don't pray together they don't visit each other I mean this is the average church member none of these things happen but when these things start to happen dynamics start to occur you start to pray about each other and you pray for each other because you know you have to have a group that is tightly knit for you to really share your heartfelt concerns most of us they always have the having silent requests people raise their hand to it and have them express but most of us are not going to share our heartfelt needs with people that we are not intimate with and so we need to build up some intimacy with people in our church they were ministering with and that is the very best way because when you guys are out there working together and you have your your joys and you have your sorrows together you are going to be knit together just like Christ was knit with his disciples and it makes a difference when you're ministering together. Christ as a leader he sought guidance early and that's what we need to do he got up when it was dark and he prayed and he asked his father to give him guidance and many of us just want to charge ahead because knowing how to do this I'm going to before and then what happens when we run into a brick wall I think I need to pray so we need to sought seek guidance early we need to pray for our friends and for our enemies because there may be somebody that we don't necessarily like or agree with but God wants them in heaven just as much as he wants you so we need to pray for our friends and our enemies he used practical applications he was always telling stories and parables to help people to relate to what was going on when he attended their social events he went to weddings and all of those things and we need to go to those kinds of things as well a lot of times where I've been as I don't go to those kind of things I don't do those kinds of things there are things that we don't do just like we had our our message last night about standards but building relationships is something we can do and you don't build relationships by telling everybody you can't come to everything or do anything you build relationships by going to the wedding and going to the birthday party and going to those kinds of things because then people see you care he led by example he worked with them side by side and when we want to pull people into our ministry these are the things that we need to be able to do he was willing to be a servant you know so I said OK we got all this stuff well there's a big heavy box out there and I disappears it's like no you know he would walk over and get the big heavy box we have to be willing to say OK I can't let this box by myself because somebody help me we're going to get this thing in here and get it done and he depended on the Holy Spirit to convert hearts and that's from Romans 24. In Acts 2 when did the disciples receive the power they needed to fulfill the Gospel commission after they had spent some time in prayer after they had spent some time confessing when they got their hearts right with guy we want the power we need to do the same thing why do we use methods other than those prescribed to finish the our Are we ever learning and never coming into the knowledge of the true because we have done things the world's way and we wonder why we don't have the experience and the fruitfulness that Christ had when he was here because we have to do things God's way not the world's way that's our over bit of Christ as an example and promise that we're going to move into some practical way of sharing the gospel and your personal ministry OK 1st thing on here is you need to pray and we talked about it pray when you feel like crying pray when you don't feel like crying Pratt when you don't know what to do pray before you even start prayer Yes. Yes that's right and say I saw when I thought it was a thing it says you know when you can't get it when you can't get it done following your knee you know when you're fallen on your knees your brain we need to pray we don't cry enough we don't ask enough you know God says with kids more willing to give than we are willing to us we have this independent spirit go around the jack at this hour about family and how we fall then then we reckon lower and it's like no we need to start praying for hours. All you have to do is go you know don't be surprised or intimidated and God is going to do something different when I 1st started doing literature ministry you know I was like I don't know if I want to do this pass out of people but you know the Lord has blessed because I have been able to build some many relationships with people and now you know there most of the people that I know will take pretty much anything I give them because I've built up a relationship with them and that's what it is you would be have to be building relationships but don't pass out anything you're not familiar with whatever you're going to pass out and they sure you read it you don't have to read everything there are only from page to paste to cover to cover but you need to be familiar with that information because if I hand this magazine to somebody and I say I want you to read this because I think that was a really great article but I didn't read it believe me they will come to me and says you know that a section in the Kids' Corner and I have a question about that and you know a lot quite agree that with so you just how it's going to work so make sure you are familiar with the materials that you're passing out start small and God will nurture you and he will make the relationship grow Don't overwhelm people if someone says well you know I want to literature and you to say Well here I've got some stuff for you to read now you're going to overwhelm them yet. OK. Now. OK. Oh my right. I'm hot. That's. Rice. You know yes. There's. So much give us some help that are close to and I picked up one. OK. So. 2 to the top to tally Yeah I should get right so the top 3 gesture. Yeah what was this document it's called general overview of how yes. So those start talking she said. And yes I'm sorry. Oh yes. Do not. Praise God and say and that's what happens when we build relationships. Oh. So absolutely right and. That. Right. To someone. Oh. That's right that's right. Oh. Say it it's our. No you can't bombard and saying we'll try to dwarf all of our efforts but we have to like to be persistent guy wants this information as though the interests of those that you share with know what their hobbies are in their occupations and some of their favorite colors because those things make a difference I have a friend and she likes those little Yorkie dogs I'm not a dog person but she loves me if I want to send her a card I could pick out any card in the whole world and send it to it if I sent her a card with a little Yorkie one from she would love it she would just treasure that just because I took a little extra time and when we know what people like and with they're interested in it makes a difference because I say you know people don't know and I'll get to people don't know care how much you know until they know how much you care and that's what it is price cared enough to leave Heaven and if he cared enough to leave Heaven we can care enough to do a little extra thing the little extra things it's the small things in life the detail that people notice and we need to think about that when we're trying to share things in our ministry. It says here women tend to respond more to their feelings and they're more emotional and their greatest concern is using their families but men tend to respond to what they say and know intellectually but they're concerned about their family as well but Maison amazingly they are their arm accusation and their goals are using their priorities so you've got to kind of balance it out though follow up ask their opinions ask if they like things that you gave the mass of they didn't like things because you don't want to continually to give them something that they're just not interested in you know you might be giving somebody something and it talks a lot about adding vegetables to your diet and then they're just not interested but you could give them something that talks about fruit and their be like oh man I love. Yeah that's it and it's. Yes. Yes then that's it that's it OK people respond to Fountain needs and right now people are responding because if they have a need like you said that woman had constipation that's a felony that I need to deal with that someone is going through depression or green try to deal with those needs because they are going to be open if you're trying to help them with their felt needs be compassionate with dealing with those that are hurting or grieving or very sensitive because selves people sometimes are very easy to offend and we just have to we just have to pry about it the Holy Spirit is not going to take us anywhere that we don't need to be going. Always. OK. Right. There you go. Yes. Right. Right right. Then. OK. OK OK. Right right right. Force. OK All right somebody started it. OK. So. I don't. Write it. Yeah that's it. Right. There you go all right so. All right OK make sure whatever you present is attractive we'll talk about then and then and next keep a record of your contacts and your progress keep notes thoughts and responses and keep it all in one place in the reason that you want to do that keep it all in one place is you want to be able to pray for people now have this little booklet This is the one I use this is a booklet that I actually got here but it's a little pocket square thing and in this little booklet I had a list of people who were attending the revelations on a. And I listed all the people and if they were 7 they haven't so I put down a put the 1st day that they came and so because this was the group that I was praying for and witnessing for witnessing to at that particular time I would lift this book up in prayer because the Lord knew every single name in here and as time went on I would be able to get to know some of these people some of these people I was able to visit but you need to have some kind of way and we'll talk about it a little more to keep track of the people that you're working with yes there are going to be pieces of literature that you pass out and you'll never ever see it again or never know who has it but we need to be developing relationships to disciple these people to bring them into the truth because those will be the people that we work with if you get a group might just fall start out one or 2 of you but if you get 2 or 3 people that come in and they came in through you working they're going to think that's the way they do it see because one thing about people if you come into a church when we came into a church they had seminars going on continuously I probably went in the 1st year probably went to like 10 seminars and 10 different churches so I thought this is what you do because this is what we do you when you come in and ask was having you know we were implant we went to plant we went to Southland we went to Linden we went to how it was like they kept heaven seminar so we just kept going because we've figured this is how you do it you know and so when you bring people into the chart using literature and you're passing it out and showing them how is that they will think that this is why how it's done and that everybody is doing it and so they don't want to be left out so they're just going to automatically get assimilated into it so it's a wonderful way to bring people and disciple them because this is what Christ did with his disciples again he brought them in and he taught them how to find people he told them look for. Interested hearers that's the people that ask questions at the in the sun that's the people that want to know more because when people start asking questions that means they have an interest they didn't just get up and leave after you talk to what about this what about that like she was saying with the lady that she's sharing with she wants to know who are those are interested hearers many times we waste too much time on fruit that is not right sister wife has a vision where she and some friends are picking berries and they get there to pick the berries and they just rush off and they come back a low hour later and they so they can find in the bear's mom was right and so she goes up to the bush and goes inside and looks and she comes back with a big huge basket of berries and they're like oh where to get those from we didn't see any berries that were right because they were just looking at the outside and they were willing to take the time to look inside and she says what happens is we waste too much time on fruit that is not right I know I want my mother in the church I know I want my children in the church they are not ripe and we spend hours inviting them to things taking them to stop giving them things and we go to their house and they don't know where it is they're not interested at the same time there are people out there hungering and thirsting for truth and so we need whole aren't to recognize fruit that is ripe and pick the ripe fruit because you know what God will bring our mothers and fathers novel other people that are not in the church in his time when their fruit is ripe and but we can't waste our time waiting on them when I join the church I hurried to tell my mom and dad and everybody in my family this is wonderful news they looked at me and said OK Thank you. That we're not interested I prayed for my mother for 26 years for I was the only avenues of my family for 26 years and then my mother called me up one day and said I'm going to 7 they haven't a seminar tomorrow and going to be on the Sabbath and I'm like OK I will call on the current and she can and I called her back on the on Sunday and she said Oh I just want to tell you I was better. This is what I'm saying when the fruit was right. You see you know where the fruit was right you know amazing facts came through she went to the things she was right she was ready it took 26 years for her to write it but what would have happened if during that 26 year time I had not been focusing on other people and sharing with others that were ready and were ripe and were interested that could have been time wasted so when we find the fruit is not right you know what if we Jesus say when I go to the town and they're not interested shake the dust off your face and people go it's OK God will ripen the fruit in his time OK So I'm So I'm told you're going to need 1st of are you going to need those interested hearers those are the people that ask the questions that want to know you need those you need something to record stuff then we'll talk about that a lot more printed material recorded material and guess what everybody likes food sorry but food is a great way to minister is yes right it's not literature. There you go see food is a thing that you can use to get our I thought. Oh OK. Or. I do and. That's. Why do I. Praise God. The Lord knows what needs to happen OK people to share way if you're interested here is Who are those you can share with attending charge members we neglect those that are attending challenge we only see our friends once a week but our friends niña problem many of the people that attend our own on the edge of not coming at all if we start minister into them they will you know pressed together part of the group we got a star working on the people that are there everybody likes to have a car or have something that let you know you are interested in them we all like those kinds of things and then. Yes women's ministry is wonderful for that then the next trip is missing members a missing member is a great person to witness to you don't have to teach you about Sabbath they'll have teach you about the state of the dead don't have to teach them about what to eat and what not to eat they know all of these things. But they're missing maybe it's because nobody has this with them in 10 years you know I had one person said you know they would visit somebody and the guy said I've looked at you so long on been 20 years nobody had visited him for 20 years he just stopped coming and nobody even care and that's why we lose members because we don't care we just cannot are not here anymore we have to start reaching out what would Christ knew he would not let somebody be gone for 20 years and never even have any contact with them we have to work with the family members a good family members their own family members of the questions that are curious not all of them but there are some family members that want to know what are you doing why do you want to come you want to put our game with other of the family members and there are ways to share with them anyone and I gave you a little mission map there and you can look you've got a school the post office and the neighbor and that and you can just add all kinds of things that also are places that you can find people that you can witness to I have a habit when I go into any retail store that I will frequent regularly that especially if you go to places like Wal-Mart and some of those places now they have greeters in a place that has someone that I see on a regular basis they usually have a name tag I always greet them by their name and every time I go in Hello Marion how are you and I continue to greet them over time it has not failed that they have asked me what my name is because I always greet them by name and that has helped me to build up relationships with them I had one lady at the Myer grocery store I came in the store when they just went in with him and I got on the show and she went and gave Show me a little newspaper where her husband and her had been honored because they had their 65th wedding anniversary and how many people do you think that comes into that Meyer store that she showed that article to. Probably not in me but you know there might have been a couple but because I had taken the time to speak to her by name every time I saw her when she asked my name we greet each other now when I would go in and be able to have something that I need to share with her I have a greater opportunity and chance that she's going to be resected because the 1st washee shared with me so if I have something to share with her she's probably going to feel obligated I tell people build is a good thing some time to listen to what I have to say because I listen to what she said that's it it's all about building relationships and we've got here you need to have some way to record your stuff I gave you a little example here of the kinds of things you want to record you can record it and a little booklet like this you can have it in a notepad you can have it on your phone or whatever works for you but you need to keep track and the reason why you need to keep track is people like I have time to do all of that these are not this is not for everybody this is for the people who are trying to build relationships or because you want to google ation tips for eternity so it's a little extra effort. Because you don't want to you know here I says I gave this lady and 713 I gave her of the well which is a vibrant Life magazine I don't want to give her the same Bible in Life Magazine 6 months from now and then if I'm actively out there passing out literature I might not remember so it might not be a bad thing to just put down which one I did because if I'm really interested I'm going to spin a little extra time. Because in when we talk about things like she's been taken by her life out given like 6 of them already so she's probably ready to come to the health seminar that we're having next month because she's been taking these things and we've been discussing I need to know that because I may have one person that is totally interested in hell and then I might have another person over here that is totally interested in spiritual things and I don't want to get the 2 mixed up because once the person this interested in health has to ask you to make that connection because a many of the people that are interested in health when you start to giving them spiritual things and they're not ready it will be automatic channel so you really need to keep those things straight OK here we go get to the fun part of Cards all kinds of cards are things that you do need to be able to have unused 1st thing I suggest is I suggest that every single charge member have their own business card not the charge or the pastor's business car but your own business card because you are making the connection not the pastor on the business card you don't have to put any of your information if you don't want to this business card doesn't have anything on here except all the charge information but it has a line to says church represented and on that line I can write whatever I want I can put in the sure. I can put my name my address my phone number I can put any information on there that I want them to have any information that I want them there because I have a line and on that line I can put what I want them to have because you know what there are some people you meet instantaneously you're ready to share your cell phone them with because you clicked there are some people it's like I don't know about this guy he seems interested but I'm going to give him this card he can call the charge and we'll hook up that way to see this allows you to do that in these cards allow you to put them in every single piece of literature that you pass out if you want people to connect with you put it in there yes charges can lose labels and all that but when you're doing your ministry that the people that you are working with puts particularly you want some of these people to connect with you so this is a wonderful way to have them connect with you you know what we did is we got a couple 1000 printed up so everybody at the church can Apple and you know anybody could use them and they never run out their good you know forever because there's no expiration date on. Yes I did. Yes yes. Oh all right. That's it. Praise God. There you go and I was. OK since. There you go see the Lord is good I take in this particular car I have photographed it I haven't the J.F.K. And when people asked me for my business card I texted to. I haven't on the phone because I don't always have cards so I just made a copy to picture of it text it to him so now when they want my information they have it right here right on this card and you can do the same thing so the it's either you know we have technology let's use what we have while we have it or the right harpists So that's one way you can use your cards OK greeting cards are also a good thing that you can use and when you send out a greeting card to do not send out the greeting card without a track on the. I don't care who it's for even if you send Now bills people still going to bill because you do not know you do not know who is hurting and what they're searching for so usually greeting cards in a very specific way this one here is for somebody that just got baptized and then size and now hey the challenge of truth let them know it's nice. But it's OK So greeting cards are a wonderful way to share the information now actually brought to light bulbs cards are good also you can use postcards and one thing that I do here you have Hamlet and Hamlin has a whole set of they call them Lily cards in these Lily cards are specific postcards of a use for ministry and they have all kinds of things little animals on there be healthy happy birthday this is the one I said sent to my friend love the Yorkie because she would love that you know if you like animals if you like nature Lily Cardew you can get them from Hamlin but you can get any other kind of postcard and they'll be up there you can take a look at them another thing that I have started doing is I take recipe cards. And I write the recipe on the cart get this kind and I can use it as a postcard as well so somebody camps a pot luck or visitor where I really like that deals so I just write the recipe out and address it like I would a normal pulse current and I can send it to him so I can use a recipe car as a post card as well so there's all kinds of ways you can use different kinds of postcards this one here I just took some stickers you know they got all kinds of stickers and I couldn't and I wanted it because not everything appeals to me and this was just a page of stickers of scripture and I just stuck them all in here and I made my own postcard because I wanted to send it to a gentleman and I didn't want little animals and all that kind of stuff so I just took some stickers and I stuck them all in here all things that were uplifting and I'm disk in the mail that has a postcard and so just be creative I tell people you know as hands we see stuff I don't know where I could do with it I go to the places cheap look in the clearance section and that's what I buy and spend a whole bunch of money on this stuff but I do want to be able to have stuff that I can use for ministry So those are some things you can use for cards you get memory bars car it's. These are just plain ol memory verse cards on a ring they are great I put them on a ring so I could keep them all together you don't have to have a hole in a but these are great also to slip in to your cards like this you can slip them into gifts all kinds of little things people are searching for truth pry all over this and God will tell you exactly which one to put in and there are signs people put this in there while in carried around for years and years because it really meant something to them and again we talked about it yesterday people need to settle into the truth they need to be seen and so in order to do that they have to just keep having a little layer here and a little layer there and all those layers help them to come to conviction and so everything that we can do to help them with that well how them to be settled into the truth and seal OK We talked about the recipe cards you should always have some sticky notes I take these sticky notes with me I keep some with most of the time when I go to hotels and stuff because we travel a lot you know you want to leave some tracks while they're cleaning up the room and when they come in at Room anything left in that room they're thrown in the trash that's just how they do it and I have a whole bunch of time so if you have some sticky notes with you can put a little note with it and say you know let them know this is for you thank you for keeping my room clean because that way when they come through they'll see a handwritten note it may not get in the trash it might get to them but normally if you don't leave a note or something it's gone I mean that's just the way it is so sticky notes are great just you need to have them wherever you go gift cards are good and I use gift cards for all kinds of things I get little boxes like this you can get them at the dollar store and you can put a gift card and but give cart boxes are nice because tracks fit right in there excellent for people who don't want to have to do anything this one here is one to like a bible. Like the A.B.C. This is like a gift card to the A.B.C. It's not A.B.C. but it's that kind of thing and then there is one here this one is for the student this graduating that's going away to college he's getting a gas gift card because you know he's 4 and you have thinking about him and I put US one in here that says sleep schedules and sanity because that is going to be relevant to that young person that's going away it's something very simple and it doesn't have to be you know up $50.00 gift card just something small lets them know you're thinking about and you're building relationships because a lot of times we give gift cards to people with things that can't even use a thing about practical things and use those gift cards they're excellent way then we have welcome packages you know this welcome package is very unique this welcome packets comes with a little candle inside and sometimes I have a little snack in there with it but this one is one that is welcome to our church this one is given to people when they move into the neighborhood news so find out who's new and on sad fact moon or Sunday or whatever day you want to go you take this back to the people that are new in your neighborhood and your welcoming to the neighborhood you know it used to be people to bring a local bread and this is the charge welcoming people to the name that it tells you about your charge it tells you about the services it has a thing in here about the kids ministry Pathfinders it has a card from the the charge it has a fridge or a magnet you can make it whatever you want to make it but think about it we talk about when people are in transition so here somebody in transition they just move to the neighborhood and a tragedy happens to them maybe the somebody dies in the family. And they don't know a church because they just got there your church is going to be the one they remembered because you reach out to them farms so these are wonderful ways of written minister to new people that are coming into your neighborhood course when you have visitors come to your charge you can always give him gift bags this is one that I got from a church I visited a couple weeks ago they had a really nice long like oh that's kind of cute that's not true but I bought it cause I thought it was Q They had a Bible promises book Inside they also gave me a calendar out of the events and everything that was happening at their church but what I really liked is they have they have their own personal card and it tell you the times and everything of the services which is one full picture of the church if it driving down the road and trying to find it you know if you have never been there but they gave me a business or a card and you know how a lot of times we mail visitor cards out after people have visited but they wanted to make sure I got it so they put it in the bank saying thank you for coming we really appreciate it and you can get creative with that but that's something that people can people that you know have touched my heart or my own business I was a little bit you know you don't know what's going to touch somebody who's heart think about it maybe you've got a young guy that is going to college and he just moved in and he didn't have anything and you put something like this in their life oh I can use this in my dorm room it's little things like that yes. Yes. That's right. Yes. Right and that's what we need to do because you know we have the initiative of every member a total member involvement Well that says when we get people this is when you get those people that aren't coming regularly or those shut ins they have a talent to do something and say hey we're going to make bags to take to new people that are coming into the neighborhood or bags that come to visitors and these are some things because Ask them what would you think needs to go in there they don't all have to be the same but if it gets people involved and that's what we want to do we want to get people involved OK The next thing we got on our list is CD D.V.D. the church bulletins an idea for charge bulletins a lot of churches don't use these bulletins anymore but a lot of churches have this sitting around because they're old the thing you do with these is you take the current bulletin you stick it in and you take these and you have your members sign it and give it to the missing members every going to sign it Mr WE LOVE YOU WHERE ARE YOU AND they get this delivered to them so somebody's coming to visit them bringing them greetings from all of their church members that they don't see that makes them feel part of the church family because we need to let again those that are in the body already another thing you can do is they took this charge bull let's him this is the bulletin. They put it in backwards so you can see the flowers and all the stuff when you open it and then they put the CD or the D.V.D. of the service and a lot of people say well I don't want to do as we have Bailo will cases no you don't because the person that you're delivering to does not want all those cases when you are delivering it to them once a week then they're going to give you the old cases back and you can do it using over and over again so it's a wonderful way that they know what's going on at their church because they're getting one every week or every month whatever works and they're getting a chance to hear keep them involved you cannot continue to lose people because we don't reach out to the members we already have retention is one of the most important things not just getting all these people and this lead in I'm blowed away OK there's all kinds of magazines and that is going to talk to us about magazines in a few minutes but there's all kinds of magazines that we have and our church and we have magazines balances a magazine we have magazines that are subscription magazines we have magazines that are non subscription but what we come up with after it's very unique is. How to get information from people so we have a drawing box and this drawing bottle sitting down for a year and you have cars and so it's good offering them up for a magazine subscription so they just fill this out put a card in they get a free magazine subscription that could be a sample school classes activity their job is pull out the car find out who it is and you don't send the magazine into the house you handle live or the magazine because that's how you build relationships and this way you can let the person know. This is a magazine that you got you're going to get it for a year somebody will be delivering it to area of the month because along comes up 6 times a year and then the rest of the people who didn't you got their address you send them a carte blanc you for an interesting arsed our. Chance to win the free magazine we're sorry that you didn't win it but we're glad that you came to visit our church and now you have names when you're graded to do a lot revelation or any other series you've got names now because these people have asked you can also for the techie people we do the same thing but we have a Q.R. code they scan the Q.R. code it takes them right to your church website they've done all the work for you now so again when you're ready to do evangelistic series you just get those names and send it out they can wind it either way it's a wonderful way to get a use of our magazines because we have so many different magazines some people send them I suggest if you can any reason any way possible deliver the magazines because when you deliver them you build up a relationship if I see somebody 6 times in a year and I'm talking to them I'm to have an opportunity to build a relationship with them and it's all about building relationships and they are not going to be upset because you came to the house because remember they filled it out and asked if you would come so because they asked for you to come it's OK let's see we have tracks and you can look at it we have tracks from our church and every way shape and form we have tax on every single thing that you can possibly think of by Will so that offer. Tracks we have tracks so if you're looking for a way to do tracks we have tracks and let me give you these these are tracks and we give everybody a pamper to. These tracks are from it is written and they gave them to me to give to you these tracks if you look at them you'll see there's a Q.R. code on the back of the track these tracks have a just a little tiny bit of writing on the end side then you scan the Q.R. code or go to the website and there's a 30 minute video oh and each one so they're using the track and the technology all at the same time so this is a new thing that's coming out and I you know I those for you to share it but tracks and I said we have tracks we have so many resources in our chart if people understood all the resources that we had we would not be afraid to witness because we have such a variety There's a wonderful way to be able to witness to any and everybody that you would like to witness to just a couple quick examples if you have a friend who's trying to lose weight this couple tracks and there's a water bottle there is one of those things you put around your neck if you're sweating gave them a little pedometer OK I care I heard China lose weight and stone exercise to something very quick in inexpensive alla water well red thing I mean you know you spend maybe 4 or $5.00 you spend that much on a card that they would throw in the trash this way they've got some tracks that they can keep and every time they use their little pedometer or the little I don't want to call this little sweat red they're going to think about you and they're going to think that you care here's a person here this person is trying to get off of chaos thing a guy at work so you gave him a little mug you gave them some 9 caffeinated drinks to try and you gave them a little tray there are little things like this you know you took some nuts put them in a little container and give so many something about health just little things like this help make people know that you care and when you care they will be responsive. There are some actually we have when you use cookbooks that we did talk about cookbooks we use cookbooks take a mock the cook book put a little marker in there I've got all times a little markers that you can put in like this bread recipe just put a little marker in there so they know that that's the recipe you want and loan them your cookbook it's a reason to come back. We have books for new people that are coming into our charge in this is welcome to the family this book here is for the new member and it helps them to learn about the church what we did if we had someone to join we had all the members of the church sign and we presented this with them and it's a place in here for their picture when they get baptized and some other thing so it's a very wonderful way for that to welcome people in to the charge because remember it got to settle into this truth and you know sometimes you're new and you get discouraged and you know maybe you just pick this up and you look and you see the picture of when you get baptized and you see all the people that signed it in the greetings that they gave you in those kinds of things and it really you know it really sinks in now I tell Betsy I'm going to give her a few minutes here so many give her a few minutes and then I'll finish up so she's going to tell you about magazine and some testimonies go ahead Betsy Betsy I love I'll let you tell him where you're from. Yes I think get back to this good thing we've got somebody is on the ball here. So this is your. New Network. Good afternoon some of you I've met over at the A.B.C. Some of you haven't come by my booth yet I want to ask you a question Is there anyone in this room who came into the avenues message through literature or whose family came in through literature that you. And me. It was my great grandparents they had come from Norway and Denmark and they found literature in their language in the New World because there was a great immigration in the late 18th hundreds and there was a lot of people that were coming from Europe and the avenue to stretch was savvy enough to realize we need to get literature out in the language of these people and you know she talked about how there's change happens people are more open to reading literature so obviously my forebears they were probably Lutherans because that's what people were in these countries they were open to getting truths about the savants in you know what avenues believe the 2nd coming in things and I remember reading a newspaper clipping it was it was a church paper clipping about my great grandfather. August guy was his name he was he was Danish and it said the guy's family came out under the after getting a paper and it was a Danish naming and they used to say you came out what was that referring to. That's right come out of her my people right I love that they came out they came out and they got in right so. You might be surprised if you go back and you probe a little bit into all your family's history to find out that there was somebody that was blessed through literature now when I was growing up I never in my wildest imagination said when I grow up I want to be a magazine editor that was nothing I ever thought about doing OK I'm a nurse I'm a health educator I did my graduate studies in hotel restaurant management I'm a musician but I never thought I would be an editor and writer and sometimes you end up doing things because no one else will do them have you ever been in that situation no one else would do then so be you become the resident expert at something you never trained for OK that's what happened to me. I added a magazine called last generation magazine and some of you have seen it I have a copy for each of you that we can hand out and actually has some low prices in there to case you want to come by. I want to tell you some stories about how God uses magazines before we do that maybe Teresa's already read some of these statements how many of you've seen the publishing ministry did did she tell him to get the publishing ministry you need to get the publishing ministry is a wonderful book to encourage you to use literature and the type of literature you should be using and I should tell you that I also teach in a media program I teach writing and I make my students memorize portions of publishing ministry here is one really important statements. OK in a special sense 7 day avenues have been set in the world as a watchman in light bearers to them has been intrusted the last warning for a perishing world OK to think about the kind of things you want to be handing to people course they gotta be ready we know that but you've got a trajectory you're working on all of them a shining wonderful light from the Word of God They have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd angel's message is there is no other work of so great importance they are so loud nothing else to absorb their attention then this famous statement maybe you've heard it the most solemn truth ever intrusted to mortals have been given us to clean the world. OK didn't stop there though the proclamation of these truths is to be our work the world is to be warning God's people are to be true to the trust committed to them she says the most fearful warnings ever entrusted to mortals has been given to us we are the ones we're the stewards of this great message now like she's been sharing not everybody is ready for you to give them a tract on the Sabbath right there's a progression and I like to think of it this way I didn't have time to prove make this kind of a preparation for presentation but let's just say I needed to pull Teresa out of a ditch I could use to receive and she won't mind this OK and I'm going to get a chain. I'm going to hook it on to Teresa's carcasses in the ditch all right the hook it to my car now what is the chain made up of. Links right now that chain is only as strong as what. The Weakest Link OK. But think of all of those links that's how God reaches us through literature I believe it's usually not one piece of literature that somebody picks up that gets them into the Baptist small pool or gets them to have and really that's that's the goal we back to them is on the way right the a baptism but that's the goal there's a whole series of events the taken place in your little piece of literature might have been his one of those links and that might be all you were supposed to do but God has this plan OK so how does this relate to magazines so you all got a magazine. I'm going to tell you the story of a lady who came into the avenues message through a last generation magazine I've got lots of stories but I'm going to tell you one that's very dear to my heart I call these people my 1st fruits I had been editing magazines for a couple of years and when you're a writer and an editor you feel like you write into a dark void does it give very little feedback every once in a while you get a little encouragement and I have learned you know just one little message a year and can work for another year you know so I've been working for a couple of years doing last generation magazine and I've been doing this for 30 years folks I keep praying Lord send somebody but yet anyway so my mother in law was getting a subscription to last generation magazine and she put it on her coffee table and very sociable people. The insurance salesman call that my father in law said I want to come out and talk with you about your contract I mean your your insurance policy and and see if maybe you want to do some other investments my father in law was a businessman and so that the insurance man came with his wife and while the 2 men were talking and my mother in law was working in the kitchen the wife was sitting in the front row and guess what she was looking at the last generation magazine that she found on the coffee table and she was looking at it and she came out of the kitchen she said Could I have this magazine Oh sure yeah and get more of these my daughter in laws of the editor all get another you just take it home the magazine was 3 angels 3 messages and you know what was in it so she took it home her husband and her were sitting in bed that night he was doing a crossword puzzle she was reading a magazine and she punched him his pencil flew across the room said to you know that Sunday is the Sunday is going to be the mark of the beast Have you ever heard of this before he was Lutheran she was Catholic and they attended her church home never heard of this long story short they call my in-laws back up and they said we with the Bible with you were so excited about what this is amazing no one's ever told us anything about this we started Bible studies one year later they were baptized as a result of let's think of the links in this OK I had to write and edit this magazine in there were other people that had written so they all had their little wings but what was the next link which if it had just stayed in my office would it of ever know somebody ordered a subscription to the magazine it came then what did they do with it if they just stick it in the shelf. Put it on their coffee table right so then you have somebody with it on the coffee table and then this lady's reading but there's more links if she had just read it and that was it we don't know what happened next there was a Bible study right and there but before all of this I should have mentioned there was a friendship and it's interesting even though it was a business relationship they always wanted to come and visit my in-laws because they always felt so good being in their home you know it's very interesting so what you think when you're giving a piece of literature out you don't know about all these links that happens or that are going to happen after you it's not all you never all of it's always a war that's in charge of this process our point is just to do our part of the link and God's going to show you where you where you stand on that so I want to read another statement to you periodicals come in different ways to use me magazine's comments in different types you have periodical which means there are subscription magazines and there's a variety of magazines you could send out the signs message vibrant life last generation magazine our particular publication we go a little more and zaps and we always have a Bible study so if you're working with people that really want to study the Bible this would be a good option and want to read to you from the publishing ministry. Let's say you're out going door to door in the neighborhood and you're giving out magazines and by the way when you have something that has a a cover on it you know like that that's catchy that's And I think you take door to door. But sometimes people are very if they don't want you at their door and I was that kind of a person I'm not really following people that are strange to come knock on my door it's just my personality so I think everybody's going to be like me you know that would take a lot for me to work up my courage and go to a door but let's say you go and they shut the door in your face listen to it all White says this is publishing ministry even if they shut the door in your face do not hasten away in indignation and make no further effort to save them ask God in faith to give you access to those very souls sees not your efforts but study him plan until you find some other means of reaching them if you do not succeed by a personal visit try sending them the silent messenger of truth there is so much pride of opinion in the human heart that our publications often gain admittance with a living messenger cannot So in other words sent it in the mail OK So we have a plan and other publications do too OK this is one of my favorite statements I love this one we have no time to lose important work is before us and if we are slothful servants we shall certainly lose a heavenly reward but if you have brought in extensive use of what can be done in reaching the people by personal interest it efforts in a wise distribution of our periodicals I love that in a why distribution cause we just don't do things you know broadside to scatter it many who will not be induced to listen to the truth presented by the living preacher will take up a track tract or a paper and the paper is a magazine and they'll read it. Listen to what happens next many things they read meet their ideas exactly and they become interested to read all contain impressions are thus made upon their minds which they cannot readily forget the seed of truth has in some cases been buried for years beneath the rubbish of the world the pleasing fables that deceive once have enjoyed after a while some earthly sorrow or affliction softens their hearts and the seed springs up and bears fruit to the glory of God but many re these papers and tracks and there come badness is the row they're angry and they the row the silent messengers from them in a passion all ideas all new to them have although unwelcome made their impression and as the silent messengers bear the abuse without retaliation lying in the corner there is nothing to feed the anger which has been excited again the hand takes up the neglected paper tracked in the eye traces the truthful lines and again in a passion it is thrown from them as their path is crossed but the mind is not at rest the abuse paper is at last perused and thus point after point the truth commences its convicting work step by step the Reformation is wrought self dies and the war for an antagonism to the truth is ended they despise paper track is hands forth honored as the means of converting the stubborn hearts says not interesting you know they throw the thing but God keep impressing their hearts and what is your story of Pastor Mike Thompson he is one of the associate pastors at the Sacramento central church he used to work with me on last generation magazine he was a young kid in the United Kingdom he's he's from England he was in a rock band he was the lead guitar. And. There was a neighbor that used to come an old man would come and hand him a signs of the time and Mike had been taught to be polite so he never wanted to say to the guy I don't want your stuff thank you very much and he'd throw it behind the door and this went on for months and years several years one day one of his buddies was killed and Mike and his friends in the band got together and they were all you know talking about this they were young Where is easy dad is he watching us in heaven and you see it goes and Micah one of many of those papers behind the door have anything to say so he dug out these papers and he found one that said what happens to you when you die and you read it and you is really interested in it he is the 1st time he'd ever heard that you didn't go to heaven when you died the next time the man came he said By the way do you have anything more on on the you know death at what happens when you get the guy brought more books long story short he began studying the Bible with Mike Mike was baptized and might have been avin preacher is not amazing I mean these stories you just go on and on and on I'm going to tell you one last story by the way let's let's just talk before I tell you one last Tory let's talk a little bit more about magazines. How would you define a magazine what's a magazine what characterizes what you find in a magazine. OK if you read publishing ministry she says long articles kill magazines don't put long articles in there OK you know short colorful by the way I believe very strongly that I need to produce literature for you it's your missionaries that you would never be ashamed to hand out that looks attractive that doesn't look weird or you know there's a lot of this society is overly stimulated by visual things and we cannot you know fall behind in that way. OK Short spirited articles. Let's see. If so many great things in publishing ministry I do want to encourage you literature missionaries you know there are a lot of other things to do maybe you're not just literature missionaries maybe like me you also do health work and other things but this is an important text when you think of giving out literature and you think of that chain this is publishing ministry God works by means of instruments or 2nd causes he uses the gospel ministry medical missionary work and the publications containing present truths impress heart and then she says the gospel ministry medical missionary work in our publications are all God's agencies one is not to supersede the other so the each have their place and we need to understand that as we're working with literature that there is a time when that literature is what's needed there's a time when a gospel presentation but if we all work together as a body it will be more powerful other places she talks about how when there is an evangelistic meeting or a Bible study it's going to be more effective if you have something to leave with them because the objections are going to come to magazines and tracks that's where they fit my last story and then I think you all need to go. Here I'm also a coral director a year and a half ago my choir was singing at an ave Stritch it was a very small evidence church that we would go to at the beginning of our choral year when we weren't sounding the best that they were very forgiving and as I turned around after the concert was over I saw a lady that I had never seen at this church before it was a nearby church to our school so I kind of was familiar with members and I made it a point to go up to her and ask her her name and and we equated ourselves and decided to eat together at the Fellowship lunch she had never been in an avenue church before and she just happened inside this is the day to visit and I asked her what her background was and she had been working at a Bible college as an accountant and he moved into the area and was just church hopping never been so she thought she should come she was thrilled to come to a choir concert. So I just begin to talk with her it says so you've never been to an avid church before would you be interested to know why we keep the Sabbath Oh yes I would I said well I'm a magazine editor and I have a special issue on the Sabbath and can I send that too oh yes please so I mailed it to her and a few weeks later she emailed me and she said I'm very interested in what you said and I'm reading. So we started seeing doing little pleasantries by e-mail now and then one about 4 months later I open my email and there in the inbox was happy. I couldn't wait to read this email and sure enough she had come under conviction as she should keep the Sabbath we agreed to meet. And she told me that she brought her she brought her magazine at everything was marked up and I thought I want to give you a new one no no no no this is precious to me she had it marked up everywhere and she said that she was not she wasn't ready to join the others church which you keep. With which would happen next this media was brought to you by audio groups a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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