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Part 1 - Accepting the Me God Made Me to Be

Dick Bullock


A study of practical Biblical principles that give victory in common everyday struggles.




  • June 18, 2018
    3:15 PM
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Father in heaven I thank you so much for the privilege of being here today you know us you made us you know where we've gotten our wires crossed the Lord and there's nothing that I could say of my own that would make any difference. But you have said that your word is powerful sharper than a double edged sword and I pray that you will on sheath that sword even if it may be painful to us I pray that you will cut dividing between the joints in the Morrows the thoughts and intense of the Hearts I thank you for that promise that Jesus gave you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free father that's what we want we want to be free and easy and so I pray that you will take this simple humble presentation and and just send it home to our hearts may we walk out of here differently than we came in. Is my prayer in Jesus' name and then I want to start with a verse. How many of you are familiar with this verse how many of you have memorized this verse but by the grace of God. I am what I am and His grace toward me was all mixed up. All right so I want to says how many of you read it that way you don't have to show your hand but how many of you have read it that way I am what I am by the grace of God and His grace toward me was not in vain today we're going to look at the profound impact a person's attitude toward himself or herself has on their attitude toward God and life in general. Too many of us see life our life as a mistake rather than as an expression of God's creative low right I know there been times in my life where I wasn't so sure whether my life was an expression of God's creative love for whether it was just because 2 people my mom and dad came together and produced mean I I like to joke about it my my parents and some of you probably know my parents so I've got to watch what I say Britain Joyce Bullock they were at the camp for years. I claim them but. I started out rough in life. My parents were going to have the perfect American family one boy one girl and my brother was born 1st so I was Cynthia Joyce some of you may know my sister too. And the doctor told my mum you know this was back in 1960 when I was born and I said you know I didn't have all the ultrasounds and all the interest in finding out before you're born what gender you are but my mum knew I was Cynthia JOYCE The doc says you need to consider a boy's name Nope it's going to be Cynthia Joyce and so it was 9 o'clock 7 morning I was I was coming out in time for Sabbath school and my aunt was there my mom was there of course and my grandma was there and I came out with the wrong plumbing and they all cried. And that was my beginning in life I told my mom that it's affected me all my life you know we Cynthia Joyce came along 2 years later my dad was administrator of a hospital there Portland Tennessee and had a 17 year old gal come in and. Pregnant said you know anyone who wants a baby and it's going to be a baby girl and my dad said Sure I do. And that was before social services and welfare and all the rest and so they signed the papers and Cynthia Joyce was born and he called my mom up says How you feeling he said well fine why well you just had a baby girl and he brought her home from the hospital. He did that for about 6 other gals that came in one to adopt their babies and then the state came in and said hey wait a minute you can't do this so anyway. You know sometimes we wonder though I mean that hasn't affected my life at all I like to tell the story but. Some of us. That story could come pretty close to home this verse is profound and I hope you never forget it I am what I am by the grace of God and God's grace to me is not in vain you know for many the greatest tender and loving trusting relationship with God is an underlying resentment for the way he has made us and you want to Dennis fly with us we don't believe he's made us right we don't believe he's treated us right in the past and so we're reluctant to trust him fully with our present and our future I just want to suggest to you friends that it's impossible what did I say what word it's impossible to truly love and trust somebody we have resentment toward Have you noticed. And that includes God for many of us it begins with not liking the way that God made us now the bible is very clear that we are not the product of chance you believe that. We're not an accident there are no accidents and let me just give you some scriptures to back this up by the way I have handouts with everything I've almost everything I'm saying today so that you can take them home all the texts out there ready to go right Psalms one thing verse 73 what does it say who's hands are we talking about your hands God have made me and fashioned made LET THAT SINK IN Is that true or not it's in the Bible and if it's in the Bible we can trust that right number 2 Isaiah 64 Verse 8 but now Lord you are our you know some of us have a hard time with our dad we go into prisons take cards for prisoners who want to send cards to their mothers for Mother's Day and it's a great success they went into those same prisms with cards for dads for Father's Day And guess what happened not so much who's your daddy. According to. Gaudio. We are the clay You are our potter all way are the works are the work of your hand that's an interesting verses in it let's try another one I like the way the N.I.V. puts this when you get the idea in the King James as well a New King James for you formed my N. word part. Unit me together in my mother's womb who's a talking about God right. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made your works are wonderful All I know that full well and I bet if I were to ask the question how many of you know that all his works are wonderful full well not every hand would go up in this room some of us don't think we were so wonderfully made right. My frame was not hidden from you. When I was made in a secret place when I was woven together in the depths of the earth your eyes saw my unformed body and this is a tough one all the days how many how many does all include every day that you have lived. Is that what's included here all the days ordained for me were written in your book when before one of them came to be now some of us have a problem with that how many of you would like to just erase a few days out of the book and for us to realize that those days were written out before one of them came to be who decided what went into those days some of that you want to erase who decided that that's a troubling concept isn't but it's one that we need to wrestle with because you shall know the truth and the truth will do what it sets you free. Now this scripture here tells us several things this last one number one yes. For knowledge and predestination are 2 different things when I had kids are my wife had them I knew I was into for trouble 1st was a girl 2nd when I was a girl the 3rd one was a girl that's where I got all my gray hair. I knew I was in trouble. I knew I would have challenges I knew there would be a learning curve but that didn't mean I predestined everything right the scriptures tell us we are no accident God is the one who determined who we should be conceived He is the one who knit us together in our mother's womb Number 2 it tells us that he has designed our lives according to a glorious plan that he has for us right some of us may not have found that plan yes but it's there he designed us according to a plan number 3 God chose 10 arbitrary unchangeable features for each one of us before we were ever born and some of these are hard for us to accept some of them we've had resentment over for years 10 unchangeable features not better if we took the time you could come up with the 10 of them things that you had no control but I'll just help you out how many of you chose your parents how many wish you could have don't know the don't know siblings how many of you chose your siblings. You could have done without one or 2 of them right how about your physical features who chose those for you how tall you are short color your hair all that about your mental abilities. That's God shows and how about your gender that's 5 here's the other 5 birth order how many firstborns do we have how many wish you were 1st born how many middle kids. How about the youngest Did you ever wish you could have changed your birth order how about your nationality did you choose that what about your race. We don't choose how about your time in history how many of you ever wished you could have lived at a different time in history there you go which time. I wanted to make that trek across the west in the covered wagon. You know I mean but we didn't choose our time and history how about our aging and the time of death. You know we don't always get it we can hasten that along but we really don't choose that. All of those things are doing by God's written in his book before one of them came to be how we view ourselves these 10 unchangeable comes as a result of the judgments we make about ourselves and this internal evaluation is what many refer to as self image friends self image is not an emotion or a feeling self image is a part of our cognitive process our thinking process how we think about ourselves may end Florence how I feel about myself but self-image does not come from feeling it comes from thought. Now we may feel good about our self evaluation or we may feel bad about our self evaluation but the feelings are the result of our thoughts So who controls our feeling we do we do. You see as we began to evaluate how God has put us together those 10 unchangeable we come to a fork in the road one fork leads to bitterness and resentment the other leads to acceptance and joy. One way we can go is compare our outward features and abilities with others around us what does that lead to that leads to some major bitterness or resentment right. Or if you're on the other side it can lead you to pride and arrogance the pending on. How you were put together God tells us it's not wise for us to compare ourselves among ourselves he says and 2nd Corinthians Chapter 10 verse 12 but they majoring themselves by themselves or among themselves are not what. If you're not wise what are you I won't ask how many foolish folks I have been my class but I can tell you you've got a foolish teacher in your class because I've done that but that's not wise that's God saying that. The other path we can compare our character with the character of Jesus. And seek to imitate him now this path leads to spiritual growth and except and. I like what 2nd Corinthians 10 verse 18 says For it is not the one who commands himself who is approved but the one whom the Lord commands right those are the 2 paths we have can anyone offer a 3rd path not really we're either looking horizontally or we're looking vertically right comparing ourselves among ourselves or comparing ourselves with our example the Lord Jesus Christ Now let's explore these 2 paths for a moment comparing ourselves with others from the time we were young we began to notice that we weren't all created equal right. And if you ever thought you were when you went to 1st grade or kindergarden if you got there you found out. Your ears stick out where you get that kinky hair why are you so short why are you so tall you've got big feet where do you get those skis your dad's ugly your dad's not nice Are you sure that was your mother look I mean all kinds of comments that are hurtful right and leave we experience that very early that comparing ourselves with others even if we didn't do what others would do it for us. As we compare ourselves with others we began to wish that we had what they had and at that point. We become dissatisfied. With how God made us and thus dissatisfied with go so it knows the Scriptures better than all of us combined and he is well aware of the potential that God has placed within each one of us he knows as Paul said in Corinthians that we are but what earthen vessel Jars of Clay now I know that doesn't sound very glamorous or handsome or pretty or anything else but let's face it he knows we're earthen vessels and we were made to reflect the glory of God as Paul said it in Corinthians we have this trace you're in earthen vessels and guess what the trade here and us it's gone and so Satan works hard. To totally destroy or at least diminish the potential that God sought through this earth and vessel as much as possible one of Satan's methods is to get us to question God's love and wisdom in giving us those 10 unchangeable features. I don't meet too many who are satisfied with all 10 in fact it's kind of rare to find people who are satisfied with 5 of the 10 so as a result many Christians struggle with dedicating their life to God why they're afraid of what God will do to them if they make a complete surrender to him and it starts like this and if what I see in that mirror is a reflection of God's love and mercy for me I'm not about to trust him if he messed me up so bad the 1st time without my permission what might he do to me if I give him permission right and so we wrestle with these things. Here's what we need to understand friends to reject the design is to what to reject the design are right there is the key that will unlock your prison house it comes back to can I trust the designer that he knew what he was doing for in my life when he nipped me together in my mother's womb. The 2nd path is measuring our character with Christ's and this is the only path that brings fulfillment joy acceptance because it gives us a proper perspective on why God made us the way he did why he allowed certain things even terrible things to happen in our life remember everything God does is for our I heard one voice. For our good right and we wrestle with that for our goods. That we might share in what. His Holiness. His Holiness. If we choose to travel this path. There are 4 principles that we need to understand number one there is no such thing as a universal ideal all in outward abilities or features let's just put that to rest right now I don't care about the Miss America Pageant sin the Miss Universe pageant there is no ideal in outward abilities or features. You agree with us but there is a universal ideal inward character where do I find that where I find it in the Lord Jesus Christ right the ideal an inward character God is working in all things to reproduce in US anyone finish that quote Ellen White wrote it when the blank. Is perfectly reproduce and his people Christ will come what's the blank when his character is perfectly reproduce and you know what it may take a while if I'm too busy making sure that my hair doesn't go grey prematurely and I don't get too many sags in wrinkles and I gotta keep up with the latest no it's the N. word character he wants to reproduce in us the character do you believe that you're going to be challenged on that this week do you really believe that that's what God wants to do listen friends the time for us to have perfect bodies and minds. Is Yet To Come it's not now right now we live in a world filled with disease with death with suffering and and sin and and God is not concerned about how we look physically. He just wants to get that character right so that the time for the perfect bodies no aging we can all be a part of that. Now listen carefully some of you may not like this but God's Once us to be like Jesus so much that if necessary he will sacrifice outward beauty or ability in order to develop in words character just chew on that one a little bit and we could go through many Biblical examples of that couldn't we sold I'm not telling you anything new but God will sometimes sacrifice outward beauty or ability to develop inward character the 2nd thing we need to learn those principles is that our happiness is not dependent on our outward looks abilities or circumstances our happiness comes from what being in harmony with God's That's right. You know I'm only going to give you one example of this Jesus had no form of comeliness What does that mean he was a handsome dude was the no form of comeliness you know what Isaiah the prophet comparing to a dry root out of or a root out of dry ground in that an exciting thing. Oh you're so cute you look just like a route out of drug ground I mean come on he had no form or comeliness and when we see him there is no beauty that we should desire Him nothing in his appearance that we should desire in me was despised rejected by man a man of what sorrows acquainted with what. And we hid as it were our faces from him Have you ever thought through the picture of that though he did as it were our faces from him he was despised we did not esteem him and yet what kind of life what kind of self-worth that he had how many times did you hear the disciples saying that the disciples hear him saying whoa is me nobody loves me I'm going to go eat some worms you know he was filled with joy. Filled with hope filled with love and compassion even though he was knit together like that. Wherever he went people were drawn to him how could that be with that background drawn by the beauty of his character. That's the beauty that's important you know if you read the letter Paul wrote to the Philippians church while he was setting in that prison cell in Rome that the Book of a weapons is just a book filled with joy and with with peace and comfort and hope and here's what he says I also count. All things was now let's just stop right there how much is all things. How long i'll let me put it this way you know naff answer might you want to what is the one or 2 things in your life that you are not ready to count as loss for the sake of becoming like Jesus what's the few things. Lady I don't want my hair to get great guys don't want to lose the muscle for the flab What is it. What is it that we are not willing to count as you know I heard children they can they can lead us astray because we want so badly for them to be successful as the world counts success that we're run in every which direction no time for the Lord Jesus Christ no time to to demonstrate in our own lives the beauty of character that would attract them that's a big one I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and I count them as rubbish that I may gain Christ and be found in him that I may know him now this is I'm going to be honest this is the part where I I start kind of the verging away from Paul that I may know him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering. How many of you are really excited about sharing in the fellowship of Christ suffering how many of you wake up every day saying Lord how can I share in the fellowship of your sufferings today that's a hard one to know that I may share in the fellowship of His sufferings and being conforms to his death if by any means I may attain to the resurrection from the dead you know when I read Paul I think he's been in prison a little too long it's starting to affect his thinking when he wrote that I mean I want to know Christ right I want to be found in him but I'm not sure I want to know him that closely fellowship of sharing in a softer. The 3rd principle is the difference in our appearance abilities and parentage those 10 unchangeable are God's special frames to highlight and amplified the unique message of his grace that he wants to develop within us let me just give you a little mental exercise all right I want you to just think in your mind of the most beautiful painting that you have ever seen just visualize it you've got it in your mind could you tell me the details of that painting all right now forget the painting and I want you to describe the frame to me how many of you find the frame popping in to mine the details why not because a good artist paints the picture to deliver a specific message and he chooses the frame to highlight the message of the picture how many of you have seen a beautiful picture in a frame that you can hardly remember the picture because the frame just didn't fit are you following the connection those 10 unchangeable features are the frame that God gave us to highlight the message of our life that he wants to paint in our lives now we get the frame before we get the message right the painting and we look at this frame and we say oh this is ugly God why did you have to makes my life like this and we'll jump off God's easel because we think he's shafted us. The good thing about it or maybe some of you jumped off that easel and there may be some pretty deep dark scars as a result but we have a master artist dont we. And he can take those black flashes that have come through your picture and he can make something beautiful out. If you're beating yourself up today because of your foolishness and jumping off that frame I want you to stop it it's God knew all that was coming all the days or danger were written in his book before one of them came to be. And he knows how to turn. Our failures into something beautiful you know that old song don't hear very much if there ever were dreams that were lost in Mobile they were my dreams of the stars and my hopes for life's best story the hopes that I harbor down deep in my heart but my dreams turned to ashes my castles all crumbled my fortunes turned to loss. So I wrapped them up in the rags of my life and laid them. At the cross and you know the chorus write something beautiful something good all my confusion he understood all I had to offer was brokenness and strife. But he made something beautiful. Of my life those differences friends are so God could have a unique picture of his love and His grace in your life the Bible tells us. That God chose the what things the foolish things of the world to put to shame what. How many of us were at the bottom of the class in school I like this verse he chose a full ish things to shame the wise the weak things of the Worlds to put to shame the things that are mighty The base things the world in the things which are despised God is chosen in the things which are not to bring to nothing the things that are no flesh should glory in his presence I like that verse. Because that verse means I'm included. I can identify with a few of those things think about it what are the stories that moved us most powerfully are they not the stories of individuals who've experienced great disadvantages gone through tragic circumstances and yet overcome at incredible odds aren't those the stories that move us to tears more than any other that inspire us aren't they the ones that we talk about and share Oh yeah as long as it's yours not mine right Such people are an inspiration to all they come in contact with because of their frame or the message of their life because of the message. And that's what God wants to do with each of us how often we are like the disciples they saw a man who was born blind remember John Chapter 9 and as they walk by not caring about the feelings of the guy says Lord who says this manner is parents that he was born blind remember that story how many of you remember Jesus answer what did he say neither this man nor his parents what's the next part but this happened that the glory of God might be displayed in his life think about the implications of that. How old was the man we're told 40 years old how long had he suffered blindness. 40 years for what purpose that the glory of God could be displayed in his Like how many want to sign up to be blind for 40 years so God would have a moment of glory that Sim credible is in its 40 years so the glory of God could be displayed in his life what are we whining about. These things happen is that the glory of God and yet we'd like to be like those disciples and wonder what happened we like to talk about people don't. Like to put them down they made the mistakes and all the rest instead of realizing that Gawd's works in all things for the good. Of those who love all things the 4th principle God's not finished writing his unique story of love and grace in your life. Somebody should have shouted Hallelujah or a man or something on that one I know it's hot and stuffy but come on if we will put ourselves back on God and God's hands and trust that he knows what he's doing then he will use the very things we thought were so unfair and undeserved So make a glorious story of his power and grace a story that will catch the attention of others and draw them to a personal encounter with Gone. What verse did we start out with but I am what I am. By the grace of God. And his grace to me was not in vain each one of you been given a special frame those 10 unchangeable it's stop fighting them embrace them and let God. Do what he wants to do in your life with that frame the only way that he could do that. Is if he kept his eyes were on the Lord's not comparing himself. With others. You may ask How can I change my feelings of inferiority and that's a good question but remember people do not feel inferior people do not feel inferior rather they judge themselves to be inferior and they feel awful about their self evaluation right self-image is not a feeling it's what cognitive process. The inferior the inferiority judgments that they make. Are at the root of all self-image problems as Christians our objective should not be to help ourselves have a positive self image. You've been trying to do that. But rather that we have an accurate image based on Biblically correct values you see the difference between those too. Our self evaluation falls into one of 3 or more categories and there is something we can do about each one now I'm getting very specific here and again be on the handouts you can have it there but write him down to help you specific things that you can do to help this number one is inaccurate perceptions well if I have an accurate perceptions What can I do about them change my perception that's right the 2nd one is accurate perceptions that are not sinful and what can I do about that change my values. The 3rd one is accurate perceptions that our sinful What do I need to do without one. Change my behavior that's right now the 1st category has to do with the accuracy of our perceptions because of sin where hindered from interpret ing life from God's perspective his ways are not always our ways his thoughts are not always our thoughts though they should be and this is why we are so dependent on the biblical perspective of truth not general society's perspective but the Biblical perspective die word is what's Jesus said it's true. Also our sinful hearts are capable of seriously distorting our judgments on a person who's inferiority judgments are the result of inaccurate self perceptions can learn to change those perceptions with the assistance of Scripture and a good almost from the 2nd kind of inferiority judgments has to do with our value systems they've not been programmed biblically let me give you an example. Sometimes we judge ourselves to be inadequate in a particular area in which the Bible does not call for adequacy right I don't know how to fly an airplane I don't know how to build a website in fact the reason you're getting such basic power points is I don't know much about computers and how to do anything fancier than that I'm not worth much because I can't keep up with the time if I admitted it to you I'd have to say I don't I'm not even smart enough to operate a smart. I swore I would never have a cell phone in my life because I see how it is the master of so many people well I was moving from one district in the conference to the next in my. Said I have to be able to get in touch with you when I need you so I went to Walmart and I bought the cheapest little Trac Fone I still have that cheap little Trac Fone it stays in my car off except when I want to turn it on and make a call so if you ever try to call me you call my home phone and leave a message I'll get back to you but I hate I.E. I wouldn't even know I have to you know my girls hand me a phone and say Here give me a Cossack I don't know how to work this I'm inadequate right you can be honest right why the Bible doesn't tell me I have to be adequate with smartphones right so we need to evaluate these things in light of biblical truth maybe I didn't do well in school does that make me an inadequate person no God doesn't say I have to be a straight A student Aren't you glad for that now. Now if I judge myself to be an inferior person because I don't know how to do those things then something is wrong with what my value system I'm setting a standard of adequacy that is different or even higher than what God says. Big careful about going down that path a person whose inferiority judgments are the result of accurate perceptions about themselves in areas that are not sinful to be inferior in they need to change their value system to match God's value system the 3rd characteristic accurate perceptions that are simple well we need to. We need to make some changes in behavior there right let me tell you something listen carefully it doesn't matter how often you preach the gospel to yourself. It doesn't matter how often you tell yourself I'm a child of the King. If you do not cooperate with the Holy Spirit. And his sanctifying work in your life you will continue to be plagued by inferiority judgments and feel miserable about yourself how many times have we preached that gospel to ourselves. We've got to cooperate with the Holy Spirit we've got to change in behavior now we know this to be true in our life we see it in others as well but if you want to help yourself or someone else develop a Biblically accurate self image consider doing this take a piece of paper and write on the top areas of my life in which I judge myself to be inadequate Now be honest with yourself in this and let's say that a person comes up with the following list no one loves me. I don't manage my time well and I'm too short I'm lazy and I'm disciplined everyone thinks I'm dumb I can't do anything right I'm a slow learner I'm a proud person I can't provide a decent living for my family I'm a terrible husband I don't manage my time well all of these things if we did the self evaluation assignment in an honest and thorough manner guess what you're holding in your hand you're holding a photograph of yourself in it. Right and because self image is a product of what. Our thoughts. Then we can go to work evaluating those thoughts in the light of God's word and we can put those evaluations in one of the 3 categories Let's go through that I'm going to give you the 3 categories All right I'm going to ask you if there's an accurate perceptions accurate but not sinful accurate and sinful I'm going to go through that list again and I want you to tell me which category it goes in no one loves me or cares for me just put 1st 2nd or 3rd 1st I don't manage my time well. I'm going to go with free time is the most precious gift God has given us and he expects a return on his talents that he gives us right and if I'm not managing it well I'm wasting all that he wants me to once to the compilation my life as a sinful behavior I'm too short. Once I am lazy and on discipline 3 everyone thinks I'm dumb. I I can't do anything right I'm a slow learner I'm not very athletic. I'm a proud person. I can't provide a decent living for mice and why I got one block in the 3 story I got another one with a 2 string So where do I put it and accurate but not simple but kind of home to Jesus girl can they have all the bells and whistles because a Joseph could adequately provide for well I went on a 7 year vacation in Egypt now they do that. The wisemen euro Bible doesn't say you have to provide an adequate by the way what's inadequate who defines at where my going to look to find an adequate living for my family had all you guys I'm going to pick one of you guys that I think I need to copy and say Oh I do that right now if I can't provide an adequate living because I'm lazy and I'm disciplined that's a different story right but just because I can't keep up with the Joneses is not a simple thing how about I have a quick temper. I am a terrible husband if I'm a terrible husband. I need to make some changes right. Well that could be one or 3 depending on who's saying it if I can't you know have a car for my kids when they graduate and all the rest then terrible husband that night well that would be oh I wife. You know I could be one of but I'm thinking of this in terms of I'm not very kind I you know sit there and a woman's job is to wait on me and all of that stuff I think you know all right now if we did this self evaluation assignment and an honest manner then we have something to go to work on don't we. We can roll up our sleeves and we can start comparing these things with the Scriptures and change our perception of column one our values of column 2 and our behavior in column 3 but we must evaluate this truthfully truth is that which conforms to reality reality is found where in the Word of God not our feelings but in the Scriptures Jesus said If you abide in my word you are my disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth will do what it will set you free the Bible also tells us that people will perish because they did not receive the love of the truth. That they might be saved some of us are in that category I don't want to I don't want to hear that I don't want to receive the truth I don't like the truth because I'm still battling with God over the way he made me or something so we need to know the truth and we need to receive the truth right it is only when we Major our perceptions against the reality of God's word that we can find the truth about ourselves and be set free from our inferiority judgment. Now let's look at those 3 areas again they're all filled up here and let's just look at that 1st one. Is it true that no one loves or cares for me there you go is God the only one who else might love me up there how many angels are there the Bible doesn't count me just as myriads right the Father the Son the Holy Spirit if no one else on earth and I'm still greatly be loved in heaven you know if I look at this also in my life. God has commanded us to love each other has any is it possible that you live in a place that nobody nobody loves you nobody is living in obedience to God's word and caring for you know perhaps I've been so busy feeling sorry for myself I haven't taken the time to see just how others love and care for me or I write their actions off because I don't deserve it on this piece of junk anyway not about you anybody how about the I can't do anything right perception could that be true why do you say No God has given all of us gifts and he's also told us in 2nd Peter one that God has it given us everything we need for a wife and godliness through our knowledge of him right everything we need he also promises wisdom for those who lack it James 15 right and he promises the strength to carry on when when we're feeling down in Philippians 413 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength is it true that you have rejected all these perforations and failed in everything now when we start feeling sorry for ourselves we start slinging around 100 percent words when you hear yourself thinking like that or talking like that so take a deep breath and reevaluate when confronted with the reality of God's Word we have to make a choice either to accept the truth or to hold onto our false perceptions to let go of our lives and hold on to the truth is to find freedom from sin freedom from the low self-worth or self image that we might have. That's not too hard does that make the point for you evaluate those things 2nd category inferiority of a judgments accurate but not sinful doesn't need a change in perception but a change of values or either placing greater value on something than God loves or we're not valuing highly enough what God values so how do we deal with that we need to reprogram our thinking our conscience so we can distinguish issues that are sinful from issues that are not sinful that's how you deal with that middle category you know the prophet Isaiah had something to say to this. I think it's some we need to pay attention to he says whoa to those who call evil good and good evil who put darkness for light and light for darkness who put bitter 1st sweet and sweet for better whoa to those who are wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight that we need to remember that don't you think because we often get those things mixed up most of the inferiority judgments come from doing what God tells us not to do that we talked about earlier was that comparing ourselves among ourselves right. Because God values godly character more than outward appearance mental or physical abilities friends the only comparison we can legitimately make is one. Character with the character of Christ. And God calls us to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ this is a growing process. In regard to the 3rd category. In regard to this 3rd category accurate self perceptions that are sinful let me just say 2 words we don't have time to go over all of these there is no way to address them all in just one session so consider 2 points this is often the hardest area to change for us because it calls for a change of behavior and we like to be lazy people when it comes to our behavior right and so this I'll tell you right now it is the most difficult we're going to be talking about that how to change bad habits into good habits later on in the week but if we don't change these things we will never feel good about ourselves and I'll just say this Point number 2 Christians don't break habits they simply replace them OK if you spend time focusing on breaking a habit you're going to be in the mud hole for a long time focus on replacing bad habits with good habits if Asian says put off the old man which grows corrupt and put on the new man which is created according to God you know I don't get from nice new clothes on very easily if I'm still focusing on all the old junk clothes and I might hang it in my closet right so it put off put on principle. We'll talk about that a little more I'm challenged with this statement from Christ object lessons remember that you will never reach a higher standard than you yourself cept if we stop with that 1st sentence we have a lot to chew on a higher standard than who sets then you not what your parents not what others but the new set. For yourself then such your mark. And step by step even though it may be by painful effort by self-denial and sacrifice ascended the whole length of the ladder of progress let nothing hinder you opposing circumstances should create what what kind of the terminations under what circumstances opposing circumstances create a firm determination to overcome them you know Alexander the great soldiers they eagerly look forward to every battle and when they conquered the Persian Empire they were fighting against various or Darius however you want to say that history tells us Darius heads a 1000000 men in his army you know how many Alexander had 40000 now what's the ratio 400028 1000000 and those soldiers of Alexander were chomping at the bit you know why they trusted their general and they had never lost a single battle each battle just fed their enthusiasm bring on the next one we can handle that bring on the next one and those 40000 men utterly routed the Persian army and Alexander the Great became the next ruler of the world. That's what we're looking at here opposing circumstances should create a firm determination to overcome them because we have all the resources on our Saadawi the breaking down of one barrier will give greater ability so what and courage to what to go forward press with the terminations in the right direction and circumstances will be your helpers not your endurance of what will be helpers. Yeah been on mine is there any qualifier on the word circumstances no so take it meaning 100 percent of the circumstances will become your helper. Do not disappoint him who so loved you that he gave his own life to cancel your sins he says without me you can do nothing remember this if you've made mistakes you certainly gain a victory if you see these mistakes and regard them as beacons of warning notice the didn't say as utter failures right that you catch that beacons of warning thus you turn defeat into victory disappointing the enemy and honoring your Redeemer the heavenly intelligences will work with the human agent who seeks with the term in faith that perfection of character which will reach out to perfection in action to everyone in gauged in this work crisis as I met your right hand to help you as the will of man cooperates with the will of God It becomes what's the word what is that word what does that word mean. Your will becomes all powerful I thought. It was something that only lied to God. I like your answer though I'm intimidate you that's right. Do you catch that let this sink in your will becomes what. Until you set down and say Oh ah I can't do that that's impossible now friends that's not impossible I love this quote and it goes on and says whatever is to be done at his command may be accomplished. In his string all his bidding are what. Awaiting for a shout of glory or something there maybe we'll hit you when you read the handout later on that's exciting when we value what God values we can glory in our infirmities instead of becoming bitter about them because Christ said My grace is what. Sufficient for you my strength is made perfect in what. How many of you want to see the perfect strength of God in your life then stop whining about your weaknesses that's where his strength is made perfect therefore most gladly I will rather boast in what. My infirmities a power of Christ may rest upon me therefore I take pleasure in what come on what's the latest in infirmities and what else and what else and what else and what O. S. why for when I am awake. That's when I am strong friends what we consider unnecessary hindrances those 10 unchangeable than how we've added to them they are the very things that God allowed for what reason to show forth the power of his life in your life all the more powerful right once we understand this we can glory in the very things we despise I'm going to give you an assignment those of you who want to come back tomorrow here's your assignment and don't let the assignment keep you away I won't force this but I think it would be helpful to us it would be interesting if you came back. With one weakness that you wished you didn't have that you now see differently and can praise God for that you haven't produced in 4 people would that be a neat sharing time guess what we discover we discover that we're all in the same boat right and we all have the same captain and we're blessed. When we see things in the right way I close with this say it with me but by the grace of God I know what I and his grace to me as not without effect. Here's my appeal if you've been revaluing against God's design for your life and what he's given you I plead with you even if it means missing the evening meeting or missing supper or something I plead with you to find some quiet time just you in the Lord's and straighten it out with thing confess your rebellion confess your bitterness your reason. And asking to change your thinking so you can wrap your arms around just like Nick did in that video wrapped his arms around his condition and turned that into a blot. Would you do that with the Lord's and I it's not going to help me out it's going to help you out and you'll be a changed person and how long does it take to change as soon as we let confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to do what uh no no no no you read that wrong cleanse us gradually over a long period of time hopefully it will be done by the time I die. Now am I reading out wrong. How many of you read it wrong with me. You don't have to answer but if we confess our sins he's faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from all of that would you like to be clean from that resentments that bitterness those inferiority judgments the anger at what God has allowed you to have to go through it's yours for a moment with him let's pray Father thank you for your word and how it speaks to our hearts forgive us Lord. It's taken some of us a long time to learn some of these things but Father Your grace is sufficient your power is made perfect in our weakness and we give you permission to do whatever it takes for us just just lay it all down. The rags of our life the foot of the cross. And let you make something of you to fall out of. What a great. Thank you so much fun. In Jesus name and in this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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