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Part 4 - Overcoming Worry and Anxiety

Dick Bullock


A study of practical Biblical principles that give victory in common everyday struggles.




  • June 21, 2018
    3:30 PM
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Father in heaven I thank you so much for this day and I want to thank you especially for your words and the power of scripture. Father as we study it today we need the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts you know what creatures of habit so we are and we can read things pretty superficial at times I guess that you will. Your sword. And cut deep dividing between soul and spirit. And help us to understand the send fulness of worry and anxiety and to experience the joy of resting trusting in your great. We thank you Father for hearing us for joining us now in Jesus name Amen. Overcoming worry and anxiety have you noticed that worrying seems to be a national preoccupation. Even though most people don't see worry as a positive thing they still worry about everything don't ask me to explain that it doesn't make sense they even worry about the physical and emotional and spiritual effect all their worrying is going to bring upon them figure that one now. In this study we're going to see what the Bible says about worry and how we can overcome it it's not that hard but 1st let me ask you a couple questions and I want some response on these are right number one why do you worry who's going to be brave Yes. Lack of control go to anyone else why do you worry. All right there was another one. Fearful of something all right let's go to the 2nd question what do you hope to accomplish by worrying. I mean we all do it right what do you hope to accomplish. Finding answers by worrying. Well now are you thinking or are you worrying. I'm not going to ask you to divide the percentages on that for us about this. But really what do you hope to accomplish by worrying Let's go to the next one what do you gain by worrying Besides all Cers. More already right this is beginning to seem like a foolish pastime it has. All right. She's saying I don't gain anything by worrying but how do you stop worrying. Well let me just give you a quick answer to that one alright somewhere in this yard years and years ago pirates hid some trays or couple gold coins I'm going to give you a shovel when are you going to start or stop digging holes all around the camp grow. And you probably won't even start why. So how do you stop worrying you realize that you don't gain anything for your investment right let's go to another question can you think of anything positive you've accomplished by worrying someone in this crowd ought to have at least one positive thing. Yeah. And so you have something to be grateful for. Can I suggest there are easier ways to find things to be grateful for yes. That's unless you worry that you didn't get the worst case scenario. OK Next question what statement does your worrying make about God. Don't let this one go by too quickly what does your worrying what statement is your worrying make about God Now at that point it's not a funny question anymore is it the others we could laugh at perhaps but we are getting to the very core of the issue of warring with this question let's go one more what statement does your worrying make about you. I don't like those 2 questions those last to but those are the 2 I want you to take home with you Jos Fram's all knew him to be a major worrier he worried about everything and one day Bill one of his friends saw Joe bouncing along as happy as a man could be it really got his attention because he didn't usually see Joe happy he was too busy worrying and he was just whistling in humming and wearing this huge smile he looked as if he didn't have a care in the whole world. Bill could hardly believe his eyes so he came up to him to have to find out what happened he said Joe What happened to you don't look worried anymore and he said Oh it's wonderful bill I haven't worried now for several weeks and he said well that's great but how did you manage that. Anyone interested in finding out how we manage that he says Well I hired a man to do all my worry and for me. And Bill said what he said that's right feel so well I have to admit that's a new way of dealing with worry but how much does he charge you talk $1000.00 a week Joe how much a 1000 dollars a week I said How in the world could you possibly were raise that money to pay him he said Oh that's his worry that's what I hired him for that. Wouldn't it be great friends. If there was someone who could handle all your worries for you like that when that be wonderful anyone here interested in having someone else do all your worrying for you now you're not. Because we have somebody casting all your cares or anxieties upon him who's the him. God Because what's. How much does he charge. How many of us how many of us he doesn't charge at that's already his. How many of us seriously would love to have someone else do all our worrying for. None of us because we've rejected the one who's offered to take care of it all worry is not an innocent pastime it's sinful behavior and until we see it in that light we're not going to make much headway in overcoming it. What is worry and then the dictionary defines worry as a state of undue solicitude a state of the stir bones from care and anxiety vexation anxiety fret. That's that's a dictionary definition anxiety disquietude greatly concerned especially regarding something what. Future or known thing in painful suspense and I want you to think about that dictionary definition for a moment how many of you here have ever worried about something that happened in the past or is happening right now let me ask a question again How many of you ever worried about something that's happened in the past. No you haven't. Or you know exactly what happened in the past right. Your past the past you aren't worrying about the past anymore what are you worrying about. Not even the present none of you know exactly where you are you're not worried about a thing right now in this present moment. You only worry about the future it is impossible to worry about the past we might worry that our past may catch up with the sometime in the future but that's worrying about the future think about that let that one sink in all our worry all is about something in the future. It's concern over something we can do nothing about how many of you have a handle on the future yeah how many of you can you know right how many are even sure that you have a future no. But don't get worrying about it. The worry your lives in the future but the future is not here yet so there's nothing to grab hold of there's nothing you can do about it you can't control it you don't even know what it looks like and yet you're worrying about it how many of our Are you are feeling a little foolish for worrying. It's not here and what's not my purpose to make you feel fully spot it is my purpose to make you do some serious thinking right there is only one who does know what the future looks like and that's for 2 reasons number one because he sees the beginning and the end right. So he's not concerned about it number 2 is that he controls the future you know Jesus specifically commands us not to worry about the future how many of you know that of course. You know it's something that we haven't taken seriously if I ask the question how movie how many of you know that Jesus has told us to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy Are you more careful about that than your are the command Don't worry why comes from the same source doesn't it course it does Jesus says therefore do not worry about what I know why did he say do not worry about tomorrow. Comes out see only thing we worry about is the future he knows we can't worry about the past we can't worry about the present we're always worrying about the future and he specifically tells us do not worry about tomorrow why not tomorrow worry about itself now if tomorrow is going to worry about itself you think tomorrow need some help or something. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble do you hear what he's saying here when I reach into the future and worry about the future and sufficient for the day is the trouble I am overburdening myself for today right why do we like to carry such burdens I may not get enough for today what do I want to borrow for next week or next month or next year or I mean we really load ourselves on yes. We said that the beginning we don't worry about the past I might worry about how my past may catch up with me in my future or how it may impact my future but that's future not past right because I know exactly what happened in the past it's history so I'm not worried about that I'm just worried about how that might impact me in the future. I could easily worry about that but then I'm borrowing their worry instead of just sticking with my home. Now I'm not making light of your career I love your questions and I'm glad you asked them and I hope all the rest of you are free to ask these questions we need to wrestle with this I like to scratch where it is and I don't know where really it is unless you ask questions but as we think about it now and if we go along you might see this developed a little more it's about the future that's where the worrier lives now let's take this one step further some story for one says the earth is hooves. The Lord's and all its fullness are everything in it the world and those who dwell in it right. Who doesn't belong to. It belongs to God Now if that statement is true how many of you believe that statement is true you're convinced that the earth is alarms if that statement is true then nothing on this is ours to worry about in the 1st place right it all belongs to God and the question we really need to ask ourselves is gone big enough to take care of his own stuff or are you worried that he's not. He says Yeah I'm in charge I didn't ask you to be in charge I asked you to join me for the journey let me make sure you're getting the point here too often we fly over these verses without making a practical connection yes. Is worried the same as being afraid what would you say. There is fear but why do we have fear. I'm worried about what might happen to me or someone else they're connected they're kind of like identical twins where you see one you usually see the other. You just stepped in a good one for me thank you so much she said sometimes I worry about my grandkids what does this verse songs 241 say the Earth is a Lord's and all its fullness the world and all those who dwell in it so I'm going to ask you a question How many grandchildren do you have how many grandchildren there she have come on let's read it again the earth those awards and all its fullest the world and those who dwell in it how many grandchildren does she have. Thank you you don't have any grandchildren because all who live on the earth belong to who they're just loaned to you to manage for a while but they're not yours. How many cards do you have or own. Lot of cars how many cars to show the Earth is the large and all its fullness those who dwell there are in right. How many animals you know. 0 Do you have any pets. Are you managing or are you the steward of any pets. Ah OK. Does that mean he pays for him absolutely Where do you get the strength Stern your money to make the payment. Absolutely not I'm pushing this point because I want it to sink in if you let this one sink in you've got most of your worrying taken care of. Nothing is ours friends everything we have is simply on loan to OS from God right that includes our houses our cars our children our jobs everything now what does that make us. Stewards what's another word for a steward. Caretakers managers we are always managers we are never owners how many of you have ever rented before when you ranch and the roof Springs a lake how many of you really get anxious and worry over that. Why not. Ets not your roof and that's the landlord's job right are you making the connection on this verse. OK as managers our job is to manage the Lord's goods as he would do himself. And if we are faithfully managing his goods and something happens whose responsibility is it to take care of it let's go back to that question what does your worry say about God What does your worries say about you those are 2 key questions. What's that. Why worry when you can pray I like that that song says Oh what peace we often forfeit so what needless pain we bear all because we do not what carry everything to God in prayer the story is told of an old farmer who love the Lord one day while he was reading his Bible it came across this concept that the earth is the Lord's and what we're talking about today and you know it was it was kind of a new concept. He got down on his knees and he had he prayed Lord I've had it all backwards these years I thought this was my farm and each day I've come to you and asked you for help to run my farm but now I see from your word that it's it's not my farm it's really yours Father forgive me for my wrong thinking today I give the farm back to you and from now on instead of asking you to help me run my farm I'm just going to report for duty and let you tell me what you want to do what do you want me to do on your farm today. He says now Lord we have things a little backwards on this world my name will have to stay on the on the deed and and everything but I I will recognize from this day that you are the owner he felt such peace as he got up off his knees with this new arrangement a few days later and to be at it in the co-op get some some stuff and and he was just so excited about the load off the shoulders he had to share it with someone until he shared it with some of the other farmers said you know I gave my farm away the other day I said you know what I try to give my farm away well who'd you give it to I gave it back to the original owner one who would say that he said God They thought he'd been out on the tractor little too long in the sun. Well there wasn't one long the crop started coming on and they were coming and good but just before the harvest a plague of grasshoppers wept across the area they ate their way across the neighbour's far they came to his farm and guess what happened. They ate their way right across his farm to and some you know no god would allow that yeah bad things happen to good people they ate their way right across is fields and the neighbors were all watching and they couldn't wait to see him at the co-op again and they when they came in I said hey what about the new owner say not able to take care of his farm or something he says now listen here boys let's get one thing straight God He owns that farm and God He owns him grasshoppers and if he wants to grace his grasshoppers on his farm that's all right by me. There is peace. In understanding Psalms 241 does not the owner have the right to do with his farm whatever he wants does he have that right with the farm that he has called you to manage. Yes the farmer defended upon the crops in the end come from the crops to pay his bills but it was God's farm and God could do what he wanted with it God has promised to provide everything we need right for life and for godliness through our knowledge of him. Is God limited to the crops in the field to provide for money I mean let's let's this is what the stories of the Bible is all about how many of you have worn the same pair of shoes for 40 years without the moring out. That anyone ever wear the same pair of shoes 40 years without him wearing out the Israelites did where did they buy new shoes don't you remember God says I lead you through that wilderness 40 years your clothes didn't wear out your shoes didn't wear out how much money did they spend on food and where were they going to find food for several 1000000 people in the mobile middle of the desert God provided is that just a god of the Old Testament or is he the same today friends you see we've got things mixed up we need to get down on our knees and say Lord I thought this was my car but it's not it's yours I'll manage it I'll check the oil and you know the the air in the tires and all the rest and I can tell you a lot of experiences God and I and cars that's just that's just a unique thing. I don't drive fancy cars driving a 97 Toyota Purcel right now 220000 miles on it still gets 4042 miles a gallon that's why I drive it. But you know what they think keep going I lost the Nissan 2 years ago just 2 weeks before camp meeting my wife's car died and my car died so we had to find 2 cars because I'm coming to camp meeting on my car a little Nissan Sentra it died at 348000 miles on it I haven't had to spend much on cars. It's not mine and I said look a lot of you've killed them both what you want to do and you know you found us a little $97.00 Toyota to sell paid $1400.00 bucks for it a little 2000 to 2 Toyota Corolla paid 1500 bucks for that. And they still go and my wife has the Corolla it's a bigger car she carries more stuff and you know it's got 200 what is it pushing 240001 that one god knows how to take care of this stuff it's absolutely amazing if we give him permission. First Corinthians Chapter 61020 reminds us that not even our bodies are our own they belong to God or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you and you have from God and you are not your own right for you were bought at a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God's now as Christians we know that we belong to God both by creation and then by re Dempsey and right are you convinced on that we're not our own. God is the ultimate owner of everything including ourselves so the loss worry is concern over what will happen in the future to something that doesn't even belong to us how brilliant is that folks. Not very brilliant is it worrying over something that will happen in the future to something that doesn't even belong to us. Can I go just one more step with us haven't hurt your toes too much all right verse 20 says you were bought at a price let's suppose that you buy a car you bought it brand new right off the lot and you've been the only owner you have baby this thing I mean you kept it claiming you'd never driven it on a dirt road it's been ahead of time for all the scheduled maintenance and the oil changes it and it's been a great car it has served you well for a long time but you decide you're ready for a new car so you're going to sell that one and you have a good price on it because it has been maintained in tip top shape and someone comes along and buys it for your asking price they see the value and how you've cared for it what change takes place in your mind regarding that car when you sign the title over to a new owner how many of you would still feel responsible for making sure it was serviced regularly. You know do you have concern over how the new owner is going to be treating it whether he's going to be driving it on rough roads or anything why not. Because it done belong to you anymore that's a right now lesson worry is the result of maintaining ownership of your own life you need to be converted. You need to die to self and sign the title over to the new owner right. Worry begins friends. When we still maintain ownership let's look at Worry versus Faith is it possible for me to have worry and faith about the same issue at the same time anyone here think we can have faith and worry at the same time. So if I'm worrying what does that tell me. I'm short on faith and yet we are called to live by faith right the just shall live by worry plus faith that one of that says the Joshua live by faith if I am living by worry what am I not living by. So Jesus has told us not specifically not to worry about tomorrow we only worry about tomorrow we've never worried about the past so I'm violating that command and then he says The just shall live by faith but I'm worrying about everything that's the 2nd command that I'm violating. And you know what Roman says are Hebrews $116.00 and it says without faith it is what is. Impossible to please God for He who comes to God must believe that he is and that he is what the punisher of those who diligently seek Him right. Know he's the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. I'm going to suggest that worry begins where faith ins and where faith ends sin begins is that a fair assessment based on the scripture. Where he began where faith in and where faith and sends begin send begins because Romans 1423 says for whatever is not of faith is sin how many of you and I I'm I'm just curious because I can't share what I haven't wrestled through myself so I don't think I've got all the answers I've struggled and still wrestle with some of these things but here's my question how many of us have thought of worry as sin before a couple most of us we don't know it's just part of life we don't haven't seen it from God's perspective and that right there can make a huge difference for us oh I'm not sure what's going to happen so I think I'm just going to sit down and do some sending here. No but we might set out to do some worry and it's the same thing friends same thing this is the thrust of Christ's teaching in Matthew chapter 619 through 34 you're familiar with this I'm not going to go through all of it with you but Jesus is talking about the focus of our lives what traders were running after what treasures were gathering storing and worrying over in verses 19 through 21 he says Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth then rust destroy you were thieves break in and steal but lay up for yourselves strangers where in heaven where neither MOF nor rust destroys were thieves do not break in and steal there is nothing to worry about with heavenly treasures right how many of you have ever had a heavenly treasure stolen how many of you given heavenly Travers' over to the devil who intimidated you he didn't steal him we have to let go of him right. They can't be destroyed the VZ cannot break in and steal heavenly trader's that's what we need to be focusing on they last forever verse $24.00 Jesus says we can't pursue both earthly traders and heavenly treasures at the same time no one can serve 2 masters now who said that. Don't be macho and try to prove him wrong it's just not going to happen either for either he will hate the one and love the other or else he will be loyal to the one and what. Despise the other you cannot serve both gods and Mammon 25 to 27 Therefore I say to you do not worry about your life now notice he says therefore is the conclusion right that conclusion if we back up comes from who laying up our traders and have an instant of on Earth and serving just one master not 2 and when we are doing that therefore I say to you Don't worry about your life what you will eat what you will drink or about your body what you will put on is not life more than food in the body more then clothing now the Jew notice that troubling question he asks is not life more than food how would you answer that question how many of you can live without food. Yeah how long can you live without food lets out that way. Not very long so is food a basic necessity and clothing is thrown in there that's something that's pretty important to right. Is Jesus saying that life is more important than the basic necessities that we spend so much time worrying about yes he is. He says this is eternal life. That you they may know You the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent That's the important thing right there that's that heavenly Trager and I can't be chasing after both earthly treasures heavenly traitors I can't serve both God and Mammon look at verse 26. Matthew 6 he says look at the birds. Of the air for they neither sonar reap nor gather in the barns yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not of more value than they what does my worrying what statement does my worrying make about me or to that verse Yeah I don't think I'm as valuable as the birds that's right are you not much more valuable than they are how many of you have ever seen a bird setting in a tree Lamb are on a. Electric wire wings drooping in the head down and just mumbling health terrible life is and is and worried sick about what's going to happen to him that day havea course not and I suggest we start living the bird life. You know just go around singing and be happy because why we have a creator who provides everything we need. And if somebody if some rotten little squirrel cleans out my favorite bird feeder there's always another one somewhere else right he's going to provide for our needs. Versus 3132. He says. Therefore do not worry saying What shall we eat or what shall we drink or what shall we wear for after all these things who seek the Gentiles who someone give me a definition of a gentile. An unbeliever some translations say the pagans run after they is not don't like that translation because I don't like to see myself as a pagan but that's what it was the perspective of the pagans run after all these for your Heavenly Father knows that you need these things. How many of us want to consider ourselves as a gentile or an unbeliever because of our worry oh no now 5 violated the Sabbath and some of the other things I might deserve being called a pagan but I'm I'm pretty right just in those areas. Births 33 as Christ answer to worry seek 1st what the Kingdom of Heaven and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you what is the focus to be of our life worry says something about the focus of our life doesn't it. You're right. You're right we care more about here then there. Now this doesn't mean that we are not to plan for the future and not saying that we ought to live all whatever will be will be type of life what's the difference between worry and planning. Christ is not opposed to planning he's not opposed to preparing for the future what he forbids is worrying about the future right. Now some have been wrongly interpreted the the no worry verse as no planning and they appeal to James Chapter 4 verses 13 and 14 as proof for this a safe Come now you who say Today or tomorrow will go to such and such a city and spend of their a year there buy and sell and make a profit whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow for what is your life it is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away and they say see God tells us not to plan you know the very next verse God tells us how to plan and stand to say if the Lord will we shall live and do this or that is God opposed to planning no James says we must plan and then lay our plans before God to be modified or carried out as he sees best and that's where worried jumps out of the bushes right because I put all this work into my plans and now things are happening at all pray for me the devil is just trying to mess me up how do you know it's a devil enough award because I prayed about it like the farmer prayed about his feelings you know Lord it's your farm it's not mine anymore I'm just reporting for duty or lord you've got to do what I've planned we need to lay our plans before God and allow him to modify them carry him out scrap them as he sees best we can say or do to the best of my ability I've tried to sketch out my plans according to your will. But you know what is best and so I submit my plans to you not my will but yours be done I think that's one of the hardest prayers for us to pray and you know there's 2 different outcomes we can face what will be the results of this change of focus from temporal things to eternal things Isaiah 263 says it best you will keep him and what. Are a bunch of warrior words and here you knew what the seminar was today so I cannot say that that's why you're here right how many of us worry warts would like to experience perfect peace is that possible in the world in which we live. If it's not possible who said this god are we ready to tell us tell him that he's lying he says he is able to keep him in perfect peace did he write this or inspire Isaiah to write this when Isaiah was still in heaven before send Kaymer in the Garden of Eden No he inspired him to write that in the midst of a crooked and perverse and evil and vile perverted weren't I am able to keep you in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you how is that possible because it ain't mine anyway right it's not mine to worry about is your god big enough to take care of his stuff have you given it to him as his stuff or are you still trying to hang on to it those are questions we have to wrestle with. On the other hand what are the results if we turn away from pursuing 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and we start worrying about life does the Bible say what will happen then yes it does in a parable Jesus told parable of the Sower marks rendition of up Mark 418 and 19 Now these are the ones you know the SO or went out so to see them fell on good soil and other soils and so forth some of them fell among forms and he says Now these are the ones sown among forms they are the ones who hear the words that's us right we've heard the word and the cares of the world the deceitful most of what riches and the desire for what other things entering in do what to the word that we have heard. They choke it and make it. Unfruitful Wow Is that what worried us when you give time to worrying you are really opening the door for these other things to come in and choke the Word of God and make it on fruitful in your life how many of you think that's a good idea how many of you are done worrying. You say oh I want to be done wearing Have you decided to stop wearing if you want to be done wearing Ah now you have it I need a volunteer and I have a volunteer for your scared of you know all right come out of it. All right I want you to listen very carefully to this instruction OK I'll see what I have and the glass case would you please try to pick that up and give it to me did she do what I told her no strike again would you please try to pick that up and give it to me. But I ask you to do. It now just try try to pick it up and give it to me that you do what I asked her to one more time would you try to pick that up and give it to me. I'm. Do you get the point what's the point. There is no such thing as trying you either do or you don't trying is simply the lousy excuse it sounds so piezo I'm trying to overcome this hogwash you either do it or you don't either pick it up or you don't thank you. Would you try to pick and how. Do you catch the point their friends how out this trying bit you either do it or you don't right it's a choice now you may have to make that choice every 30 seconds. For a while and that's OK because you're still making the right choice there is no such thing as trying with Gone you either accomplish it or you don't you either accept his power or you reject it you let the cares of the world come in and choke out the power of His Word. Worry friends as a destructive sin that takes our eyes off of eternal reality and chokes out the power of God's word in our hearts this is not an innocent past time I find much instruction in this quote from desire of ages page 30 take some time to read the whole chapter Chapter 34 Let not your heart be troubled What was that let not your heart be troubled Yes Here's what it says. There are many whose hearts are aching under a load of care because they see seek to reach the world standard we're going to dignify with that. They have chosen it's service accepted it's perplexities adopted its customs thus their character is what marred and what else. Made a weariness how accurate of a description that is for so many in order to gratify ambition and worldly desires they wound the conscience and bring upon themselves what an additional burden of remorse the continual worry is wearing out the life forces our Lord desired them to lay aside this yoke of bondage he invites them to except his yoke he says my yoke is easy my burden is light he bids them seek 1st what. The Kingdom of God and His righteousness and His promise is that all things needful to them for this life shall be added somebody should have gotten excited about that. How many things need 4 and if it doesn't show up what do you know you don't need it so don't sweat it don't worry about it don't think oh what am I going to do say well God I thought that was going to happen but it's not you know I just enjoyed being on an adventure with you God you are what an amazing God Let's see what you're going to do with this would not be so much more fun. Can you imagine a church full of advent of who've lived all week like that when they come to church and they say how you know and says Oh ho ho so hard to pray for me you wouldn't believe all the devils window and to me this week we wouldn't have so much of that would weigh and fact and as a pastor I would love to see this in fact you know some of us before the morning prayer we say are there any prayer requests and he praises I'd love to go the whole sermon time just hearing how the Lord had been working you don't need a sermon every week right Wouldn't that be one incredible Sabbath fellowship. How many of you going to start doing that when you go back home to your churches. That's right I mean all what no sermon. Good for you. And you know what it would be fresh manna to wouldn't it it would be repeating the same thing that happened a month ago because we're living life with an incredible God who knows no failure who is able to supply everything we need. You know the Lord tested me on that this week I it's a pain for me to swap Bibles and I did about a couple years ago I I bought this Bible and and I'm tempted to go through you know the old Bible with all your notes and everything and and just transfer and I said No Lord let's start out afresh it was a different translation and I said let's just go through it so I've been through it a time or 2 and and I've got more notes and and it came up missing the other day from the Jane to 10 who is Monday or Tuesday. You know what I'm going to be honest with you. I wanted to and I said Lord I can't if I'm going to speak on this. It was a good reminder and I just said Lord I I thought I really needed that and you know how overwhelming it is for me I have to get and I checked. Lost and Found I mentioned it to the kids and it was nowhere to be found. I had it that day and at the end of the day at the tents in the evening meeting it wasn't there and so for 2 days to have to raise I was just saying Lord OK I thought I needed that I'll trust you but you know I I'm going to I'm going to miss that. Well you know what I drove in the other day and the other staff member was standing out there holding my Bible. And one of the J 2 was as a Bible just like this and I almost taken his home with me a day or 2 before same cover same Bible and I picked and I said this this is and I opened it does and now this is my bible that someone else well he thought my Bible was his and they had been praying and then he finally opened his Bible the other day and realize that's not my Bible and brought it back to me you know I was but I needed that I needed that this week because I knew I had to be authentic here and it's so much easier if those things don't happen right no. Those are precious moments when we realize how wonderful God is it goes on Worry is blind and cannot discern the future but Jesus caesium from the beginning. In every difficulty now hang on to this these next 2 sentences and every difficulty he has his way prepared to bring relief our heavenly Father has what. 1000 ways to provide for us of which we know nothing stop I want you to think that a 1000 ways to provide for us of which we know nothing what does that mean it means that after we have set down and gone through all the possible scenarios we could think of he has a 1000 more that we haven't even thought of isn't that a precious sentence Lord I thought through this there is I don't see how it would work and he pats me on the shoulder and says That's all right I've got a 1000 ways you haven't even started to think about what an exciting God we serve is there any need to worry if this is true and get any answer out of that I'm getting nervous Is there any reason to worry on NO 1000 ways to provide for us of which we know nothing those who accept the one principle how many one principle of making the service in honor of God supreme will find what per plex it is vanished and plain path before their feet questioned again when will you find the plane path before you're free. When you're not worrying and you're making gobs on or supreme right that's just incredible I love. Let me close with give me a couple examples or specifics on how to overcome Worry Number one acknowledge it as what. And what do you do with your sims. You know your knowledge it as sin not a habit not about how it's sin are you convinced of that today goods and confess it and if we confess our sins. He's faithful and just to forgive them so do I have to worry about whether I've been forgiven no. Number to sign the title of your life over to God sell out to him and let him deal with his property as he sees best right cars not yours anymore stop worrying about it number 3 trust that God is in control of every situation and is working all things out for your own good right thank upon the realities of Romans 828 and we know that all things work together for the good deeds of those who love the Lord you know if we really believe that when we run into unexpected things that we used to worry about we could do what now we could be like little kids eagerly anticipating a new adventure. Right by the way I think there's something in that book that says unless you become of little children right. Verse 29 tells us why he's working all things out for a good so that we can be conformed to the image of his song do you want that yeah and then number 4 Think about what is true noble just pure or as Philippians 48 tells us and stead of upon all the horrible things that you think might happen I love this little quote from Mark Twain he says My life has been filled with terrible things most of which have never happened. Why didn't they happen because they were all conjured up where and the worry. And then the word and number 5 Live the life of Psalms 37 verses a 3 through 8 and I'm just going to summarize you can study it on your hand out there and it says trust in the Lord right that's where this starts trust in the Lord and keep busy doing good you know and when we stop doing good we have idle hands or I don't time right not all hands are whose workshop the devil's yell so trust in the Lord keep busy doing good dwell in the land in the situation God has put un and feed on his faithfulness in other words grow where you're planted right well in the land grow where you're planted and feed on his faithfulness and then delight yourself and what and the Lord not in temporary treasures and he will give you the desires of your heart and then the next one verse says commit your ways to the Lord then trust him to take care of what you've committed to doing commit your ways to the Lord trust in the Lord we often think those are the same Anyone who is a father of of kids know that they're not when my daughters started learning to drive I could commit my car keys to them and then go in the house and worry whether it would come back in one piece right that's not what I'm saying commit your ways to the Lord commit the car keys and then trust that he will bring it back safely right so often we commit our life to him but then we fret that he's not going to work it out he won't know how to drive our car you'll get all crashed or smashed or something so commit your ways and then trust those are 2 different things and then he goes on rest in the Lord and wait for him to work things out. Don't fret over the wickedness of those around you and then he says refrain from anger because it only leads to watch evil friends if we live this kind of life then our lives would be filled with peace instead of worry right joy instead of anxiety is there something in your life right now that you've been worrying about that's been weighing you down. You don't have to say what it is. But I want you to identify that thing. And I'm going to ask you a question Would you like to turn it over to the LORD Will you turn it over to the war no I'm not just saying you know do something like this here Lord I I want you to see this and and this is what I'm more development pick it up and take it away from me just lay it down at the foot of the cross and say this isn't my problem anymore it's yours. And the devil will try to give it back to you I'm sorry it's not my problem anymore it's the Lord's I found out that I cannot hold on to worry and walk closely with God At the same time in my own life I've tried I have tried gallantly to do that but I've never been able to pull that off and I don't think I ever will be so he's inviting you and me all of us Cast all your cares all your anxieties on me because I care for you I will provide for you how many of you would like to take him up on that offer. You know tomorrow I'd like to begin with a few just short testimonies. Of any anyone who's lost some weight. Of the time we meet again tomorrow. I'm not talking about the type you step on a scale. The weight of the burden of worry that we carry and you know it you can experience it for a moment you've done that for a day or 2 or week and then we can go back to it that's what tomorrow's classes on how to change bad habits and to good habits the habit of boring into the habit of rejoicing so we'll attack that a little more tomorrow any questions we wrap up comments yes. This is my 1st time so. You know what. Just for you. I have a whole stack of notes of almost word for word of everything I've said to you today and a couple from the last few but you don't have to worry about re me at remembering and you just have to remember that you're not your own anymore right I saw on the other hand yes. Right. I acknowledge that that exists. I also acknowledge that there are many many examples in the Bible and other words in the martyrs and in the you know dark ages and things of people who've gone through traumatic experiences and it shapes their life some but they still are positive and hopeful and press on and a lot of that is how we've prepared our mines God tells us prepare your minds for action be self-control such your Hopefully upon the grace to be given you in the Lord Jesus as if our if our focus is there that goes a long way to dealing with that if that's not been my focus God is still able to help me play catch up that's the importance of hiding God's word in our hearts now. That we might not sin against Him or struggle as difficult I'm not demeaning the the lack of struggle there we will Jesus what drops of blood over what he went through but he could still cry out I mean cried out Father why have you for saken me but he had to bring his mind back to holding on to those promises it doesn't matter whether I live or die it doesn't matter what happens to me it matters that God is glorified and when that time came he cried out in triumph it is finished. I've run the race I finished So yes it's just a matter of filling the mind with the positive and it's going to take some work and some effort. And we have to go back to Romans 828 it can take time but God is working in all things and you know he may need some people to wrestle with that so they can help others who are wrestling as well let's have a word of prayer I let you go Father in heaven thank you so much for your goodness thank you Lord for such broad shoulders that you can carry all our cares. Father forgive us you've been Vitus to cast all our cares upon you and you've also told us in your word not to cast our confidence away but oh we are often so foolish that we cast away or confidence and then carry all our cares we don't want to do that anymore and we're asking that you would just stick with us Lord when the mind begins to stray hapless on the shoulder and remind us of where we're headed and pull us back to you Father we look to you for there's no strength in ourselves and as we go through the rest of this day in this camp ground and from here on out this help us to remember. That you have a 1000 ways to provide for us that we haven't even thought of and may we embrace each moment each day each challenge with eager anticipation to see what kind of God we have and all the resources you have to deal with. Thank you Father for hearing us we pray in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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