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Part 1 - Heaven on Earth

Kameron DeVasher


Rather than merely a branch of labor for a handful of specially-gifted church members, Personal Ministries is a heaven-born initiative representing God’s ideal for all His people. In this seminar series, we’ll discover the biblical foundations of Personal Ministries and give practical instruction for how you can help transform your local church into the soul-winning organization the Lord intends it to be.


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church




  • June 18, 2018
    1:15 PM
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It's their only Father thank you so much for this beautiful morning here at Camp Meeting thank you for the privilege of not only knowing you personally but sharing you with others and Lord we're here to learn about personal ministries and the doctrine of personal ministries help us to see that this is not just some man made idea or organizational construct for efficiency that we develop but this is actually. The very heartbeat of Heaven is for every created being to be a minister for others as Lord bless us as we study today for prayer in Jesus' name amen. Good morning as Gladys come on in. You may have noticed in the in my prayer that we. Gave kind of an overview of where we're headed in this series I mean it's titled The doctrine of person I'm surprised that there's many of you here as there are I try to come up with a stale a title as possible right but seriously because the doctrine of person ministries you think of a doctor is going to be a laborious tedious nuts and bolts A leads to be leads therefore see kind of thing and in a sense there is that element to it but what I want to lay out for you is a biblical and spirit of prophecy and by the time of the end of it even Adventists policy case that personal Ministries is not just an interesting notion it's not just something made up in a boardroom somewhere but this is actually how heaven itself operates this is God's expectation for the whole universe and if we're going to be followers of him we have to come in line with his plans and principles OK so that's where we're going to day so let's take out our Bibles we're going to like I said this is going to be a Bible study spirit of prophecy study class. And we will talk about some practical application especially as we go I like to present from a funnel perspective get the broad philosophical theological foundation and walk to the therefore let's go and do this type of presentation OK And we're going to do that over this series not particularly in this lesson today we're going to start that but as we go along it will get more and more practical but it's my prayer that we don't have to point out all the this leads to this you should be able to have between you and the Holy Spirit see these biblical principles and say how would this apply in my life in my local church what would this look like where I live OK So hopefully you'll be thinking along those lines as we go forward but let's go to Revelation the Book of Revelation every good admin is Bible study starts in the Book of Revelation. Revelation Chapter 4 if you would please. I only have the piece of paper that I absolutely need right here but there's a spare right there thank you Revelation Chapter 4. You are likely familiar although I think we end at. 1045 perfect aren't Revelation Chapter 4 is a picture of heaven in fact it's a picture specifically shown to the Apostle John while he was on the Isle of Patmos you're likely well aware of this and it says here you look at this description it says starting with verse one after these things I looked and behold a door standing open in heaven and the 1st voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying Come up here and I will show you things which must take place after this immediately I was in the spirit and behold a throne set in heaven and one set on the throne one practical application I like to draw from this kind of facetiously but if a door ever opens and heaven in a voice says Come up here. Go look what he sees right immediately says again I was in the spirit and behold a throne set in heaven and one sat on the throne. And he who sat there was like a Jasper in a sort of stone in appearance and there was a rainbow around the throne an appearance like an emerald or around the throne were $24.00 Thrones and on the thrones I saw 24 elder sitting clothed in white robes and had crowns of gold on their heads and from the throne proceeded lightning sundries and voices 7 lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are the 7 Spirits of God One of the things I want you to take note of as we're reading through this is notice that there's a not just a description of the quality of things like the nature of them but notice there's a quantitative element everything is numbered right there was one sitting on the throne there were 7 lamps burning which represents of course the perfection of God the Holy Spirit before the throne of God You have the 24 Thrones but we're not done with that let's keep going verse 6 before the throne there was a sea of glass like Crystal and in the midst of the throne and around the throne were 4 living creatures full of eyes in front and in back the 1st living creatures like a lion the 2nd living creature like a calf the 3rd living creature had a face like a man in the 4th living creature was like a flying eagle the 4 living creatures each having 6 wings were full of lies around within they do not rest day or night saying Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come so you get this picture that John was shown and he'd write it here in Revelation Chapter 4 of the vision of heaven itself there's It starts right there in the middle with the Throne of God and there is God himself sitting on the throne and then around that throne it describes other creatures in their number and in their position OK so you have the $24.00 elders you have the 4 living creatures and it's giving you a kind of a logistical overview of the throne room of God interesting but one element is missing of God the Father there and of course you have the Holy Spirit they are the 7 Spirits of God. And you have the 24 elders in the 4 living creatures but what important divine person is missing in Revelation Chapter 4 Jesus there's no Son of God There's only the 2 members of God It angels are coming up yes yes but let's keep going Chapter 5 let's get down there well in fact let's skip the 5 verse one is mine and I saw on the right hand of Him who sat on the throne a scroll written inside and back sealed with 7 seals and I saw a strong angel proclaim with a loud voice who is worthy to open the scroll and to loose it seals and no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or to look at it now is not the burden of our passage study today but if you'll notice not even God the Father in whose hand the scroll was sitting was deemed And this is a biblical language worthy to open that doesn't make him less God let's be clear but he has a different role as a God than does the son right so he can't do this the Holy Spirit can't do it for a living creature no one could do it. Thus John breaks down and he writes so I wept much because no one was found worthy to open and read the scroll to look at it but one of the elder said to me Do not weep behold the line of the tribe of Judah of the root of David has prevailed to open the scroll in the loose 7 seals and beautifully in verse 6 and I looked and behold in the midst of the throne of the 4 living creatures and in the midst of the elder stood a lamb as though it had been slain having 7 horns and 7 eyes which are the 7 Spirits of God sent out into all the earth this is a picture of Christ returning to heaven a mission accomplished with the scars to prove that he has indeed fulfilled the type of the Lamb and he is that lamb slain from the foundation the world so now the Godhead is reunited Well interesting enough only to stay there what happened to those 7 spirits now they're sent out where INTO ALL THE EARTH what what earthly event is this a reflection of the Day of Pentecost of course right this is the sinning out of the Holy Spirit which the next chapter 2 you see the other side of Pentecost that earthly side when the Holy Spirit comes down and they say this is the sign that Jesus now sits at the right hand of God It's a beautiful. Balance here that we see and most of the sermons I've ever heard on Revelation 4 and 5 Focus on exactly what we just talked about either the father on his throne the Holy Spirit being poured out the son returning triumphant they've been heard sermons about the 4 living creatures in the 24 elders but as was mentioned earlier skip down to verse 11 there's one other group of beings that we've just passed by and most of the attention goes on the ones we've already mentioned but look at verse 11 then I looked and I heard the voice of many what's the word angels Now keep in mind everything has been in numerated up to this point there's one sitting on the throne there's a lamb there's 24 elders there's 4 living creatures but now it just simply says there's many Which begs the question. How many Let's keep reading. I heard the voice of many angels around the throne around the living creatures and around the elder So it's still the throne is in the center still we have those 4 living creatures still we have the 24 elders but there's that other group way out there beyond them and the number of them was how many 10000 times 10000 and thousands of thousands let's do a little math what is 10000 times 10000. 100000000 but in addition to the 100000000 and thousands of thousands now is there any way we can derive a literal number from this I can't calculate but what can we summarize. It's a lot deep theological construct big number of angels right way more than the number of them 3 members of the Godhead the 4 living creatures of the 24 elders most of the press goes to and rightfully so the Father the Son the Holy Spirit when we study Revelation 4 and 5 we talk about the 24 elders in the 4 living creatures but the overwhelming majority of heavens and habitants is recorded here in Revelation 4 and 5 are not the 3 members of Godhead before living creatures or the 24 years the overwhelming majority of heavens population is what angels many angels millions of angels whether the number is literal or symbolic we can all agree it's big right now why we bring this up this is a picture of heaven itself John was shown how God operates his kingdom in heaven now let's talk about angels a little bit more go back to read Hebrews Chapter one back to the left in your Bibles. You can't really go write in Revelation so Revelation chapter I mean start Hebrews Chapter one. The book of Hebrews of course is all about Jesus and explain to the Hebrew people about the position and work of Jesus in the heavenly realms as our priest in King and he talks about here in the beginning chapter about Christ's supremacy over the angels in relation to the angels and notice what it says here in verse 7 Hebrews chapter one verse 7 and of the angels he says so here is Paul's explanation of what angels do and where does he get that explanation from Scripture itself from the Word of God So this is Paul saying here's what God tells us about angels and of the angels he says who makes his angels spirits and his ministers a flame of fire look at that little parallelism there look at that little poetry What are the 2 interchangeable nouns there angels are also known as ministers write to clarify that point now go down to verse 14 he asked rhetorically are they speaking of the angels not all Minister ing spirits since 4th to minister for those who will inherit salvation all the angels in heaven according to scripture are expected of God to be minister in spirit sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation the purpose of this series is to demonstrate that personal Ministries is not just some man made construct this is the expectation of God himself this is how he runs heaven now let's flesh this out in Scripture some more the way back now the other into the Bible Genesis Chapter 28. Genesis Chapter 28. Here we have Jacob in a time of distress. And we'll start with verse 10 of Genesis Chapter 28 again all of these I'm assuming anything we go to in the Bible is something you're familiar with so I don't have to introduce Jacob and let you know that he's the son of a new father of and this kind of thing but you understand the context pretty straight away Genesis 28 versed in Jacob went out from Bishop and went toward Heron So he came to a certain place and stayed there all night because the sun had set and he took one of the stones of that place and put it at his head and he laid down in that place to sleep then he dreamed and behold a ladder was set up on the earth and its top reached to heaven Paul's right here what was the experience of John on the island of Patmos as he was on that island of rocks. A door opened up in heaven and God said Come up here I will show you things what it was and he gets a view of heaven here Jacob is laying on the ground put his head on a rock and he has a dream and behold a ladder extending from Earth all the way up to heaven and what does he see now remember what John saw he saw millions of what angels. Just as 28 as he looks at this latter again verse 12 and he dreamed to hold a ladder was set up on Earth and its top reached to heaven and there the angels of God were a sending and decent thing on it a sending means going the sending means down right so but the latter by the way does the latter move in the dream No the latter is set it's set on the earth and extends to heaven it is a point but one of the moving parts that he sees the angels so as not every time there's a thing the ladder goes up and a lot of comes out of letter stay still is the angels that move right and he wakes up behold the Lord stood above it so the Lords in heaven there's a lot of that reaches the earth and the Angels are going up and down. The Lord stood above it and said I am the Lord God of Abraham your father in the God of Isaac the land on which you live I will give to your disk you and your descendants and he goes on to give them this beautiful promise Look at verse 1617 then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said surely the Lord God is in this place and I did not know it and he was afraid and said How awesome is this place this is none other than the house of God and this is the gate of heaven John was shown a door open in heaven he goes up and he sees all these angels and according to Bible they are all ministering spirits Genesis $28.00 Jacob sees a dream with a ladder it's a gate of Heaven he looks in what's he see angels up and down the ladder Now what's fascinating to me is you would think with such a rich symbolic dream or. Vision experience that you would have some sort of interpretation or explanation but you know what it's interesting no where in the rest of the Old Testament does it ever mention that latter again it's just kind of like oh yeah that latter thing and it moves on we don't find it explanation of this into we get to gospel of John go to gospel of John. John chapter one. What is the latter. John chapter one Jesus is just beginning his ministry he is a symbol in his disciple team and we're going to come back to this later in a another presentation so I don't want to give away the answer right now but I want to be think about why did Jesus even have disciples don't answer just think about it why did Jesus have disciples at all just let that marinate for a while OK John chapter one Jesus assembling his disciples and will go to verse 43 the following day Jesus wanted to go to Galilee and found Philip and said to him Follow me notice of appeal to Philip is very simple follow me OK. Very straightforward Now Philip was from Bethsaida the city of Andrew and Peter Phillips found the Faneuil and said to him we have found him of whom Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph So notice that Jesus doesn't directly find the finial but through Philip the Faneuil is called right or at least he's informed only Jesus can call Be understand the message was relayed and obviously these a student of Scripture because they are talking about how joyous is this that we found the fulfillment of scripture and I'm guessing a fan who was pretty excited until he got to that little dash Jesus of Nazareth and I'm guessing up there is I caught you. And he's like yes from Nazareth long long long right just kind of like you know you I was with you but look at Burton and his response and nothing you said to him. Can anything good come out of Nazareth now is he against the Messiah No In fact he's eager for the messiah he's been studying for the messiah has been looking forward to this but does he have some doubts about the identity of Jesus as the fulfillment of the society that Messiah Yes he does he's not doubting that there's a messiah he's doubting that Jesus is the Messiah right because of his circumstances from Nazareth whatever Philip said to him Come and see just you evaluate for yourself the great response and say and Philip argued him into submission. First 47 now think about it let's just suppose a little what do you think that Jesus was so direct to Philip I mean Jesus approach to Philip was follow meet the OK. Philip was already there he was waiting for the call right but Nathaniel has a little. He's got an objection. He's not looking for an excuse he wants to follow if it's the real thing but he doesn't see it yet right so Jesus understands he has a different approach now to Philip Jesus on the thin you're coming 1st 47 toward him and said of him behold and Israelite indeed in whom is no deceit and sent a Fed that said to him How do you know me how do you know I'm an Israelite you how do you know I'm a good guy and a parlor trick you try to play here and look at Jesus does it's one of the smallest little slivers of a miracle in all the Bible Jesus answered and said to him before Philip called you when you were under the fig tree I saw you now were not given the details like where the fig tree was but it kind of Lin's itself to the. Idea that the fig tree was maybe over the horizon around the corner it was and something obviously right there that they had to go from where they were to come to Jesus and she was like oh no you're the one I saw into the fig tree how would you know he was under a fig tree that little divine insight that little toehold of America all look what happens and then you within you answered and said to him Rabbi you are the Son of God You are the king of Israel and you can almost imagine what that was easy. I hope the rest of my ministry go so swimmingly well hello I'm Jesus now yes but Nathaniel was so close he had that one objection he was ready to follow but he couldn't get past the how do I know that this guy's who he says and she's like hi I saw you know the fig tree and assuming that you're the son of God You're the king of Israel and you can tell Jesus has a bit of astonishment or at least fun with this because look at the next verse Jesus answered and said to him because I said to you I saw you under the fig tree do you believe I mean that's it. And I didn't and he said to him most assuredly I say to you here after. You shall see heaven open and the Son of God A sending and decent thing upon but he doesn't say the latter he says what the Son of man who is the Son of Man Jesus himself that's his moniker for himself. Now let's put what to pieces together what we've just seen here Jesus just performed a tiny little miracle he says it that got you excited way you see you know walking a water calming the storm healing the sick raising the dead that's going to knock your socks off you see greater things than these He's clearly referring to miracles he's going to witness if he follows Jesus right and then he says I'm that latter the angels go up and down I want you to please notice that Jesus tied the working of miracles to the working of angels you see that now this brings us to an idea God operates primarily through delegation God's primary source of activity is not direct intervention but delegation through his created agent I want to nail home that idea from the Bible itself let's see what the Bible says about that go to Psalm 91 Psalm 91 if you start understanding this concept then you'll start to read Bible passages and even bible stories that you've already known all your life with a little bit different angle OK Some 91. Verses 10 through 12 no evil shall be fall you know show any plague come near your dwelling for he shall give his angels charge over now is God We say God will take care of you is that true yes how does he take care of you through his angels. He shall give his angels charge of you to keep you and all your ways in their hands they shall bear you up lest you dash your foot against a stone so it is fair to say that God takes care yes but is it also fair to say that angels minister absolutely those 2 things are not you know what's the word I'm looking for mutually exclusive they're harmonious in fact one is the extension of the other that is how God takes care is through the ministry of angels OK Of course we have Daniel Chapter 6 The famous illustration was go there very quickly. Daniel Chapter 6. This is a great By the way this is a great little chapter to look at the legal hermeneutics because I think that Darius was a pretty brilliant guy here you know he got tricked into the whole throwing down young lions then they made him write a law that couldn't be changed and the penalty is very clear they have to be thrown into the den of lions right but you know it's missing in that law apparently was any clause saying that they had to stay in the den of lions. Right what is the assumption of the law. You don't need any policy or clause for an exit strategy what you go and you say and you never come out right but notice this of course verse 18 days of Chapter 6 now the king went to his palace and spent the night fasting and no music was brought before him also asleep for him then the king arose very early in the morning and went in haste to the den of lions it's like he's like Ah here's how we can do it if he lived through going in that I have every right under the law to take him out verse 20 and when he came to the end he cried with a lamenting voice to Daniel the king spoke to Daniel Daniel servant of the Living God has your god who may you serve continue been able to deliver you from the Lions. Then Daniel said to the king Oking live forever my God did what sent his angel and shut the lion's mouth did God shut the lion's mouth yes did the angel show the last about yes one doesn't compete with the other that's how God works let me illustrate this for you I built a house and this isn't a made up this is a true story I actually built a house in the state of Idaho. I was that doesn't matter the circumstances but I built a house and. When it was all said and done I had I should've brought a picture I think is a cute little house the world is so proud of it it's nice my little house knows paying for it and what not and. What is interesting though is that in that entire building of my house no one time not one time did I pick up a hammer I didn't do use the saw I didn't do any of the foundation work it into the plumbing the electrical the roofing I didn't do any of the framing I didn't do any of the siding I didn't do any the land none of it and yet at the end of the day I get to say I built a house. How can I get to say that when I didn't do any of the hands on work. Why is mine because I'm paying for it number one as my money anything that happens on the authority of my dollar is my responsibility right he who funds it runs it. Sometimes it works in the church too but that's an aside when I get into the OK button but you get the idea it was it was my choice to build the house I chose the location and chose the style the house with the contractor I paid the money all this it's in my name that it was done but who actually built the house. And be careful don't say the contractor couldn't do it either he got subcontractors right. But they didn't do the work either you know what they did they hire workers who in turn hired helpers and at the end of the day some 16 year old kid. That I'll never meet they were the ones out swinging hammers all the other guys were just part of a chain of responsibility but haven't works God operates by delegating through his created beings for the work he wants done let's take a little bit of time ago the Book of Exodus Chapter 18. Yes you do please. Yes. I know you were wrong. But but you were right in this it did God speak to Cain did the Lord speak to CAIN Yes that is an option he could do that is an option but that's not what happened there the reason I say that so definitively and almost arrogantly sounding Is that because it's not conjecture the Spirit of Prophecy specifically tells us that it was through an angel messenger that God sent that message to Cain I'm sorry I don't have a reference with me here but look it up I promise if there. That one is on another level that I don't know going to get into right now and I don't even have a good answer he was asking about job what about like when Satan comes to the present you know in that instance it seems to be that I don't want to go down this path too far at all but how is it that every other sinner dies at the 2nd coming yet Satan lives on. Is he inherently immortal is he appear with God that he can be even sinful and still come before him and God can't kill him no I believe that God is maintaining his life for the conclusion of the great controversy that he's in a special category of sinner because he is the father of it that makes sense so when he deals with Satan and his angels there's a different interaction. That's all I got time for now but that's best I got card yes or you've been patient I'm sorry you had a head of a man to go. OK. Yes or. Perfect yes she is very clear she takes that John one application Jesus Himself says that latter is the Son of Man that's me she could tell all through the the weeds and said Oh that was Jesus period yes we can be very sure of that OK now what we've done here is shown at the best of my ability here is still a biblical case for delegated personal ministry as the operating principle of Heaven right now I want to transition to showing you that as we look at the church on the earth that is God's intent that we follow that model in church organization and we're going start the Old Testament go to exit Chapter 18 up until this point up until exit is checked or 12 you know that the children of Israel were really good will just literally of the children of Israel they were Jacob's children and their descendants the immediate nuclear family basically of that man and you can look through the history of Israel is fascinating to me that. The Lord called Abrams but it is not like Abraham was prolifically you know prodigious with children right off the bat I mean it took 25 years before his 1st child was born I mean it's a long process right and. And basically when you get into 215 years ago by in the story of Abraham from the call of Abraham in Genesis Chapter 12 till the children of Israel go down into Egypt and in the time of Joseph right and they're driven there by family you know the whole circumstances and does anybody remember off the top your head about how many children of Israel the whole household of Israel went into Egypt at the time of Joseph is about 70 right how many came out. Hundreds of thousands and including the mix multitude easily in the millions OK because they only count men and it was like you know 600000 men besides women and children and the mix multitude So it was a crowd go to I like to point this text I go to exit chapter one because I want to highlight that we're transitioning from the nuclear family of Jacob to the nation of Israel right that there's a great leap here and we seem to find the leak bill believe from that little household to this great nation an existential one verse one Now these are the names of the children of his who came to Egypt and his household came with Jacob and it lists off the actual children of Israel Reuben Simeon Levi and Judah on 1st but all those were descendants of all those who were descendants of Jacob or 70 persons for Joseph as in Egypt already so by the way we're halfway through the 400 or 430 year prophecy and this great nation is only 70 and we're already halfway done by the way I'll just add this also please disabuse your mind of the idea that the children of Israel were enslaved in Egypt for 400 years not even close to true I know it sounds heresy to say doesn't it but we're already halfway through the prophecy exactly halfway through the 430 years at 215 years they're just entering into Egypt how were they treated in Egypt when they arrived great they were given the best of the land picked up spot Goetia it was only after Joseph and that generation died and all the people who knew him died the things turned sour and the thing that made that turn sour was their prolific growth watch this verse 6 and Joseph died and all his brothers and all that generation and look at verse 7 how many different ways can in one sentence you squeeze in big growth look at this but the children of Israel were fruitful and increased abundantly multiplied and grew exceedingly Mighty and the land was filled with them. 8 different verbs different ways of saying they grew and they grew and they grew and they grew right and thus verse 8 now there rose a new king over Egypt who did not know Joseph and he's like who are this people these outside non Egyptians who are just like go in crazy like bunnies in the middle of our land right and they're going to run the place over right and thus they said we've got to keep these people in check that's when the persecution started and they started growing into that nation it's fascinating anyway you know the story from there on the Lord raises up Moses to let my people go and as they come out they are now this large group that God is going to organize into what the Bible calls his church in the wilderness right there not just the household of Jacob they're going to become the nation of Israel the church in the wilderness exits chapter 18 and X. is Chapter 18 they've already gone through the Red Sea Of course they survived the plagues in the Passover event they go through the Red Sea miraculously they've been fed with manna and exit Chapter 16 and now you know they're on their way and where are they going and don't just say the Promised Land was the 1st stop on the route to the Promised Land was supposed to be Mt Sinai What are they going to get a mount Sinai the law of God because God is going to be their king Here's my government he's about to read organize his government on earth right now in that context we go to X. is Chapter 18 he stops by his father in law's house and they had a great meeting together they hugged each other they ate together it was wonderful and till verse 13 comes along and so it was on the next day that Moses set down to judge the people and the people stood before Moses from morning until evening so when Moses father in law saw all that he did for the people he said What is this thing that you are doing for the people why do you alone sit in all the people stand before you from morning until evening. So literally had this huge multitude of people and Moses was what we would turn a day micro-managing he was literally doing solving every single problem himself and Jethro what are you doing and Moses in this listen to the good he wasn't doing out a vain glory and some sort of arrogance you know assumption here he explains verse 15 and Moses said to his father in law because the people come to me to inquire of God They come and ask me stuff what am I to do like go to see somebody to help them when they have a difficulty they come to me and I judge between one and another and I make known the statutes of God and His laws this sounds like a good thing that he is doing but look at verse 17 So Moses father in law said to him the thing that you do is not good why is it not good he explains both to you and these people who are with you will surely wear yourselves out have you ever noticed you can be exhausted from doing nothing all day ever been to the secretary of state's office or something to try and you go in that line and you just I don't know if you have the same thing I just feel my soul crumble you can just it's a palpable tangible like depression that comes over you get you that ticket and it's in the triple digits your number and they are alike and calling number 6 you know. And you just you know you're just going to be sitting there no physical exertion but the exhaustion of just waiting both you and these people wear yourself for this thing is too much for you and you're not able to perform it by yourself listen out of my voice I will give you counsel and God will be with you stand before God for the people so that you may bring the difficulties of God and you shall teach in the statutes and the law by the way isn't that exactly what Moses said he was doing look again he said and back in verse 16 and I make known the statutes of God in His laws so Jethro says here's what you should do differently make known to them the statutes and laws but he adds One other thing. And show them the way in which they must walk and the work they must do don't just teach them train them you see the difference there he said that's going to change your whole experience and you show teach in the statues and laws and show them work in which they must walk the way in which they must walk in the work which they must do moreover you shall select from all of the people able men such as fear God Men of truth hating covetousness and play such of them over a set play such over them to be rulers of thousands rulers of hundreds of fifties and rulers of tens. And let them judge the people at all times then it will be that every great matter they shall bring to you so there's still a role for Moses right but it's an organizational structure that reflects heaven but every small matter they themselves shall judge I don't remember the statement right off the word for word but when the 7th heaven is church was growing there was basically was just a general conference and then there were local conferences and so anything you had to do You had to appeal to the General Conference in Battle Creek what as it became a global mission movement and we went to you know the islands of the sea in the nations over there was a work going on in Australia and they wanted to I think it was build a building or a do something like that and Ella what was there she said Why haven't I mean finishes building that well we have to get clearance from the General Conference but they didn't have a telephone they didn't have even telegraph they didn't have face time they couldn't just like call in real quick they would literally write a letter explaining the project and send it on a boat and then it would land on the western coast of the United States and then would get on some other thing like a train and cross the country and get to Battle Creek and they'd say you want to be 1200 square feet we think it should be only or maybe make it bigger 800 square feet sin the letter back and go back and go across the sea and they would say oh but we'll and they would correspond back. It would take months the work was moving glacially slow and so and I forget exactly the phrase but Mrs White asked the question Have you no one here with since. If you can find one get him here quickly because basically what the work the way that you're working this micromanagement of the top figuring out every little difficulty is not good now that's not to play say that they're in please don't misunderstand me I absolutely think there's a place for conference Union and general gone Prince leadership. But there's a pattern that we're so should be following if you do this thing oh I'm sorry but every small matter they shall just reverse 22 so it will be easier for you for they will bear the burden with you they're not working just for you they're working with you if you do this thing in God so commands you then you will be able to endure and all this people will also go to their place in peace how so Moses heeded the voice of the father's father in law and all that he said it was a beautiful thing. Well number one who's to say that that man wasn't God's messenger so. Yeah it seems to be yet you look at the context you bring that up that the point why is why is this chapter in the Bible why is the meal with father in law in here except for this one thing I mean it's a linked up there with like crossing the Red Sea The manna from heaven water from the rock why occlude this little incidental aside this is not an incidental detail this is a critical matter for the organization because I mean Next they go to Mount Sinai in the Lord says you know get ready I'm going to meet you X. is 20 give the command they had to have this model in their mind to receive what God was about to get this was pivotal right and so and also I found out that listening your father was always a good idea. Yes or. So. God can over all always overrule a bad decision Yeah absolutely and so he doesn't correct in fact he expands upon it and this is what I want to get to we said 45 right. Great we're going to just barely make it exit Chapter 25 just keep going to the right. Now there is further organization after they get the 10 commandments God organizes what again the New Testament calls his church in the wilderness and I want you to start noticing something exist up to 25 Verse 8 this is very famous deceptiveness and let them make me a what sanctuary that I may dwell where among them according to all that I show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle in the pattern of all its furnishings just so you shall make it he did not say I want to dwell among you now go get creative give me something that you feel would be pleasing to me or of suits your taste and I know I have a blueprint and I want you to follow it he's going to build a house right through his agents now clearly the Lord is not going to be operating his kingdom of Israel by proxy for but from a distance he wants to actually come there and have his place his tent amongst his people that will be the throne of this kingdom I'm going to dwell among you make my tent 1st and you're going to make it just like the pattern of course we know Hebrews Chapter 8 what we find there you could probably resigned it blesses double check to make sure it's still there this morning Hebrews Chapter 8 what does it say about that sanctuary that Moses was instructed to build Chapter 8 we find in the book of Hebrews verses one through 5 Now this is the main point of the things we are saying we have such a high priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the majesty in the heavens a minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle which the Lord erected and not men. Right so the men the one that Moses made that's by the way when he says the true tabernacle That's not to say that the one that Moses made was false it's not true versus false it's copy to shadow right that one is an image or a shadow of the larger original right and he goes on to explain for every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices therefore it is necessary that this one also have something to offer for if he were on earth lead as Jesus was just another guy he would not be a priest since there are priests who offer the gifts according to the law we didn't need another earthly priest the thing we were missing was a heavenly priest right who served no notice of speaking of those earthly priests who serve the copy and shadow of the heavenly things as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle for he said See that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain so my question is what was the pattern shown to Moses on the mountain OK but come on nuts and bolts he's building a building the heavenly sanctuary he said I want you to make a scale model of what you see here just so you shall make it he gave him the blueprints he showed on the plan of heavens sanctuary do you see what God is doing here will get even more clear about this so God builds his tent 1st and said Don't you make all the furnishings all the dimensions all the materials everything exactly like a plan now let's get even deeper Numbers Chapter one. Numbers Chapter one. Verses Let's go 52 and onward once God By the way the rest of the book of existence is building that tent with the exception of the golden calf incident where they had to you know go melt the calf and make them drink it and it was a horrible thing and by the way that's where they remove their jewelry for the end of it Bible tells us very specifically they know more for the rest of their wanderings had any jewelry on them by the way dressed reform as part of the church in the wilderness to seriously health reform. It was part of the church in the wilderness to organizational structure part of the church in the wilderness to sometimes I think we get this picture they were a ragtag bunch of people and it's not how it was the Bible goes to great lengths to say I want to do this way I can do the rest as I want you to organize the work this way why is he so because it's a rift like I don't have with you already know we're going but keep going Numbers Chapter one Verse 52 The Lord gives further instruction because this is the picture I use advice that they are the Lord a very particular about the 6 who are the holy place most holy place the courtyard and all the dimensions and all material and all the different services and then beyond that it was just kind of you know you go pick your church somewhere around it just makes you no where near the sacred but that's not the case look at verse 52 the children is was just pitched their tents everyone by his own camp everyone by his own standard according to their armies which implies that every tribe had their own standard or banner or flag or logo right they each had a thing that represented them bets are signed right but the Levites verse $53.00 shall camp around the tabernacle of the testimony that there may be no wrath on the Congregation of the children of Israel and the Levites shall keep charge of the tabernacle of the testimony now I think we can do this here thanks. Good so let's start mapping out the organization of the church in the wilderness according to the Word of God He starts where with his own tent right and it's going to be where in the camp in the center of the camp right and we understand that it's from an aerial view is a rectangle that's got a division there and don't don't get the cardinal directions on custom just to feel that I could be wrong about this but I'm not taking the time to be detail so we have. A courtyard and. Let's do this let's draw better. So basically of the courtyard the holy place and the most holy place. And if you recall Rimmer all the furnishings and everything were supposed to so what's the what's the thing the most holy place was the one piece furniture Ark of the Covenant right and it's got the angels there like that if you can't see it from way back there probably is bad from up close it's beautiful. In the holy place what are some of the furnishings here you have another part of throne here with a table saw over enter the but also how the lamp stand that the 7 branch candlesticks like and stuff and of course the altar of incense right and then out here you have the altar of sacrifice and you know the bronze labor and all those things again don't get into the details but you understand the rough what I'm drawing here. Now that is God's tent exists after $25.00 built according to the pattern shown Moses now all the other tents that start charting it out what we just learned there is that apparently each of the tribes had a position a place where they had an H. had their own standard but one tribe was in the closest proximity to the sanctuary which was the tribe of give me a reason why that would be OK but. Now they are the workers in the things they both had the priest the sons of Aaron Right they do the spiritual work right and they also have the physical labor of caring for the saints when all that so they do the work of the sanctuary so they're the ones closest by and they're around they're the ones that camp around it kind of bring this out for a point OK Now verse $34.00 thus the children of Israel did according to all the command that the Lord commanded most so that it now even breaks down the rest of the tribes and the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron saying every one of the children of his own show can't by his own standard beside the emblems of his father's house they shall camp some distance from the tabernacle meeting but they weren't free to choose where. God even given specific directions verse 3 on the east side toward the rising of the Sun Those are the standard of the forces with Judah shall camp according to their armies OK So on the east side would have Judah notice this verse 5 those who can't next to him shall be the tribe is a car and verse 7 then comes the tribe of Zabulon Issachar and. I can't spell as a car. Anyway something like that just trust me it's correct. And Zabulon OK but notice you have a primary because there's there's 3 tribes collected together right why does that make sense. Because there's 4 sides and there's talk drives. So this section is cordoned off for Judah along with is a car right. By the way you can look this up in Jewish history just what do you think what are the odds what do you think the emblem of the standard of the camp of Judah might be. Look at the scholars. Why would you think that because there is that the lion of the tribe of Judah right it's the ruling of the law. So they used to live in Florida and. Is the opposite of Michigan and in so many ways but one of they had these massive They had Disney World and Sea World and all these do you know crazy world down there and they would have. Equally proportionately large parking lots for the for the event that you're going to write the theme park and these things are these parking lots are so large that you know you're not expected to park your car and then walk into the theme park you're supposed to park your car and then get a ride from your car to the front door right and then you go in and spend I mean we're talking to lots of money. And you're supposed to not at all for all the health professionals right and you've got to have all of these sugary things and then you have flipped upside down and have heat stroke and everything and then come out and find your car. And when I lived there we had a compact silver S.U.V. On a typical I don't know Tuesday at Disney world how many. Silver compact S.U.V.s might there be in the parking lot hundreds if not thousands of that very car right and here I am all delirious from a rider who how my suppose to find my car they don't expect you to go looking for your car they have provision for this what do they do how are the parking lots organized. Letters numbers and if your Disney Pictures write characters so what do they put them on a bit a big pole right and there's a dolphin with the sunglasses on or something and I'm not looking for my car I'm looking for the flag I parked next to right so when I wonder if I don't know I know I'm not there and so I can say nope nope no process of elimination whittle down where my car is and as long as I know where I was relative that I'm safe so I don't say take me to my car I say take me to my Dolphin and they drive me over there and I can find my car the truth there's some logistic. Logistical common sense in this organization you've got hundreds of thousands if not millions of people out on the desert floor and they organize them in such a way that it makes sense so that the thing can work efficiently Yes ma'am don't skip ahead OK. I just drew it up there because I've put in these things I'm just thinking north south east and west and again don't get in the details I just want to show you a picture here and if the details are off you're probably right OK. So what I want to show you though is this as it keeps going and we can skip around because we've only got 5 minutes left OK now if you were to do this. On the other side. If you will find out that over here would be. Along with Asher and Naftali. Then we have the north we would have. Dan along with. Him and NASA and Benjamin and then in the south you'd have been a simian and dad and I promise this has everything to do with personal ministries Jewish tradition will tell us just like you sourced out what is the flag of Judah. Dan Eagle. Ox and Reuben man someone tell me the significance of this remember how we started Revelation Chapter 4 for living creatures the eyes in the face right one was like Let's look at it again to make sure it's still there Revelation Chapter 4 verse 6 before the throne there was a sea of glass like Crystal in the midst of the throne and around the throne were 4 living creatures full of eyes in the front and in back the 1st living creature was like a lion the 2nd creature like a calf or some birds and ox the 3rd living creature had a face like a man in the 4th living creature was like a flying eagle What is God doing by the way I got to tell you this one more you find this in the 1st Chronicles 24 it's the last piece of thing before we get our conclusions drawn I promise 1st Chronicles 24 the Lord had one further division of organization he wanted to do amongst his people and that was specifically what the tribe of. Levi. Verse 20 Chapter 24 verse one Now these are the divisions of the sons of Aaron the sons of Aaron were named Abu by who Ellie's or and if them are in a definite by who died before their father had no children therefore Ellie's or and if them are ministered as priests and this is division of the priest of course of their order of service and they kept that all the way up to the birth of Jesus you remember or at least the birth of John the Baptist because his father Zachariah was in the temple when he was visited by Gabriel Why was he in the temple according the Bible because it was is a term of service right they went to this rotation OK Now then David verse 3 with a talk of the sons of Ellie's or to him a look at the sons of them are divided them according to their schedule of their service and they're not going to go through the names but I want you to notice something interesting go to verse 18 and 19 the 23rd to Delilah the 24th to Messiah this was the schedule of their service for the coming into the house of the Lord according to the ordinance by the hand of Aaron their father as the Lord God of Israel commanded them how many divisions were there amongst the priests who root ministered in the same $324.00 And where did they if you were to be dropped dead center into the camp of Israel the 1st thing you would see is the throne with one sitting on it and you walk out and you'd find 7 flames of fire burning before the throne and around the phone were 24 other Thrones and beyond them were 4 living creatures but the overwhelming majority of the population was not the priests and wasn't these people it was all the people in the camp What does God expect of all the people in the church that would be minister in spirit sent forth to minister for those who are hair itself nation. That's what God wanted for his people in the Old Testament that I used to think that the saint sure where was supposed to be a copy and shadow of what is in heaven friends the whole encampment of Israel was supposed to be a reflection of God's kingdom on Earth a little piece of heaven right here when people encounter the Church of God They should get a glimpse of heaven now for the last 2 minutes of overtime. Imagine for just a moment what it would be like for someone who had never met an Israelite never even heard of the Nation of Israel to wander over a hilltop and come upon the camp what would be the 1st thing they would notice big and organized like a Swiss watch precision again draw your own conclusions but I believe that we are the Church of God in this last day the 7th heaven is movement right now by the way in Deuteronomy Moses made should tell them Be sure to keep all the laws because this is your wisdom in the sight of all who will know who will know you right all who see you so what happens if the children of Israel actually kept those 10 commandment law of God He gave them a Mount Sinai what would the society look like not just organizational governance but what would the actual Society of the culture of Israel look like. Would there be any crime whatsoever none nobody locks their tent doors. How much divorce with there be none no crime no no no dishonesty everybody tells you the truth even if it hurts your feelings praise the Lord. Now he's the one that they just tell the truth they get everybody tells the truth. By the way they all keep the Sabbath you've never heard of the Sabbath but the idea of having a full day off we can just commune with the Lord and rest and be with your friends about what a great idea and if you want to work for one of them every 7th year you got off. I don't care what kind of really do you fall you give me one year and 7 off I'm with you. And if some point are going to say how you know in the world did you people come up with a vis. You know who else now are doing let's go to the middle of the camp and it leads them to Jesus who is the land and God who is our Father isn't that how the church is supposed to be that we're living example and to the lives that we lead and the testimony that we share people can see and understand who God is and they can be part of the kingdom too that makes sense today was it clear our IT WAS OUR has for we're pretty heavily Father thank you so much for giving us this picture of your will for our church please Lord help us 1st and foremost individually and here by your grace to vs principals and Lord more than just us is in his corporate Lee collectively as a body of Christ help us to represent Heaven's working. Already pray all of this in Jesus name. 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