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The Resurrection of Jesus

Clifford Goldstein


Clifford Goldstein

Editor of the Adult Sabbath School Ministries Quarterly



  • December 31, 2009
    3:45 PM
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that's why I was discounted now the name of Jesus ISS for your presence as for your spirit the guide is this final session of today in Jesus name I pray amen Harry 's top of my voice is gone and now I don't know what the problem is on a start out with these versus famous versus Vietnam Corinthians first Corinthians fifteen twelve through nineteen and was basically Paul is talking about the resurrection and basically in those verses ceased saying that Christ is not raised from the dead that our faith is in vain and we have all people are most miserable and another was in these verses you really he's really emphatic about the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Fahey 's Crusade everything else is in vain our faith is in vain and there's no ambivalence here there's no ambivalence and Paul there's none of this in ROI no as I caught the spirit of Re: where it's skin oh well you believe what you want or whatever for Paul it's clear-cut you try to work on the sound you know there's no middle ground here either Christ was raised from the dead or he was okay if he wasn't our faith is a lie we're living a lie everything is in vain no middle ground here and it's it's interesting to that Paul is talking about this catalyst talking about this with his big emphasis on the on the resurrection this is even after him Jesus was the death of Jesus Paul is adamant about the importance of the resurrection for most like as if Christ's death in this end as adamant as he is about Christ death without the resurrection Christ death is is meaningless so it seems very clear that when I read my Bible that the resurrection of Jesus is crucial to the Christian faith it's part of the message of the cross in a sense the cross without the resurrection Paul saying enforcement is useless is useless felt as if he wasn't resurrected from the dead everything is in vain so you know it's not that big of a deal and once I happen to be you honey for the promise to crucify somebody wellness to crucify you within our no big deal back then they crucified lots of as I said it was a big deal if you happen to be the one being crucified but down the span of faith but it's the resurrection of the dead from Jesus that makes all the difference in the world and is no matter how much emphasis Paul has on the gospel in Christ death and justification by faith and salvation by faith alone those verses in Corinthians if the bed aren't resurrected Jesus was resurrected we aren't resurrected in our faith is my TI believe is the Greek word and saying it's meaningless that's pretty happy that there is a Christ's death ultimately is meaningless for us if there wasn't the resurrection of the dead so I guess the question is what evidence do we really have no further resurrection of Jesus on a wine we both and as I say not one thing for the way the Romans crucified to me now they crucify lots into but for someone to be resurrected from the dead and I think of course you say the first three and answers were legally because it's in the Scriptures they offer a lot of people that is not good enough that's not good enough and and so do we have any store what is the evidence that we have to buttress our faith zero the Bible says the just shall live by faith and I believe that faith could be it's not a blind faith I have to live by faith I live by faith and a lot of them to be surprised as to how many things you really have to take on faith how little we know in my Christian faith my Christian belief is no exception but it's not a blind faith I have some very very good reasons for believing in things that are believe I will if they reflect that I might need faith Iran am saying there them but not all of your earlier you need faith to plus two equals four is built on certain assumptions that ultimately you cannot prove alternately you got a take on faith this was a work of a great mathematician in the twentieth century and Kurt Gödel and completely take out the entire foundations of mathematics which people once believed was the absolute certain truth and that got kicked out seven and a kick out the foundations of math and now it's if you take math on faith and help things about God you know where could now I've is not such a big stretch but anyway I want to talk about some of the reasons for the resurrection of Jesus and the evidence for the resurrection because I never really thought about telling I know it will pass powerful than the story from CS Lewis now I'm not on not a big CS Lewis fan was CS Lewis is good these good in any Screwtape letters are the closest thing I've ever seen the inspiration outside a real inspiration Screwtape is unbelievable good and I will ease goodies good reason that he's atrocious that anyway anyway he told the story title story not from his agnostic days he was teaching at Cambridge Classics he was in the room with a bunch of the T-shirts are classics professors probably sent around between classes now I'm in a smoking and drinking some coffee and chatting around the professor says Phil he said something to the effect of mouse CS old shack you know there really is an incredible amount of historical evidence to back up the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death and then just drop it just draw you said you know there's a lot of evidence he just dropped the denomination was in a drop as if he were talking about the latest cricket match your something he went on his merry way it would almost be like there was someone you're eating dinner with someone he says I'll know for last night three aliens came down and he left out and snatched up my dog has to solve please now you guys send this the guy said that the committee to draw the subject now CS Lewis sat there telling the story believe this was in his book surprised by Joy 's conversion story now I remember that was a pretty good book pretty good book to but anyway just think about this in a strange about this I like this was I like this logical thinking I like the logic of his thinking here he says now you know he started to think about the implications it has so many more in the ways three days after they die that would be pretty incredible you said it would vehemently have a mind blowing implications considering you know that all our modern science and everything was science we went to do that you know we can do that I mean it would be it would be I daresay it would be America's and if it's a miracle then if you are your humanists if you're an atheist if you have this eighty three Re: commitment to materialism in all the universe is all that therein is Carl Sagan and all and and other words if you have visible below the world and in their and then somebody who was dead for three days was raised from the dead and came back to life it would be American it would be something outside the parameters of natural law it would mean that there was a reality greater greater than natural law anyway that was the logic of his thinking and then a long story short CS Lewis became CS Lewis that we know now about that that got him started on his quest so I guess the question is what is the historical resurrection the evidence that we had I was fine we were just talking here about reading novels in reading fiction here I want to talk about the Russian writer César Dostoevsky maybe you haven't read him maybe if you probably know the name you at least know the name and Dostoevsky one of his greatest novels was call crime and punishment who gives all sorts of questions about God and morals in the meaning of life and so on and recommend here out in July she read it but I anyway but suppose suppose that he even was based on a true story it was based on a true story of a murderer of an old woman an old woman was murdered suppose Dostoevsky insisted that the story itself and the characters and their thoughts their dreams which was a psychological novel he goes into their mind suppose he insisted that the story the story every emotion every character the dialogues everything worked just fictitious book portrayed were portrayed exactly what happened lying by line the murder the murder of outlining your mana rests on because meeting with Mama led off his inner turmoil after the crime his encounter with the magistrate proof read even Raskolnikov Rhodiola Ramona Vince Raskolnikov was the murderer in addition dreams Japan New Zealand he insisted that these were all real nothing made up everything exactly happened as he said he insisted it was true I mean you think they are needed to spend a will this far little less time with the books and so when he would need to get no error out a little bit okay is supposed to that Dostoevsky was so consistent that it withdrew that he would because he would face vilification it would face jail if he would face meeting anyone even face that is assisting that these were all true but this wasn't fiction that it really happened not only that Dostoevsky himself but suppose that his brother and his wife and his polisher and insisted that yes nothing was fictitious in the book but everything happened as written exactly in crime and punishment than attempt to think that the people would be crazy but you know but how can we get all for insane people can keep their thoughts together so well on this idea on after the enough something else going on here you know why would they insist that this would be true for the fact of the matter is is that Dostoevsky and his wife and his brothers Bulger none of them ever insisted that the book was true as I said it was based on a true story but he just made up the rest but now let's shift over to the Gospels centuries earlier the writers of the Gospels in the New Testament Matthew Mark Luke and John and insisted on something a lot more implausible than Dostoevsky 's novel being radio and insisted on the resurrection of Jesus after his death the other gospel writers some tell stories that others so will all of them talk about the resurrection of Jesus not some people flat out right off the bat reject the idea of the resurrection of Jesus it's amazing to how many professed Christians who reject the idea of a literal resurrection of Jesus believe it or not or some professed Christians that do that but they were just in somewhat of a United States craziness this acid product of a sick mind mindful of hallucinations and craziness and so forth I'm not asked to explain the belief that Jesus rose from the dead okay now that might be a reasonable assumption if only one person making it okay now it's one thing in our clerk in our for one person to make the claim that in this case all four were making the claim it's one thing for all men okay it's one thing for all for the crazy but for all their to be crazy in the same way and you never tried to have an intelligent conversation with West San'a will make life and it was somebody with real mental illness or somebody was having hallucinations or paranoid schizophrenic I mean it's difficult enough trying to catch a conversational watchful conversation with one person who's laughed out who's really messed up and someone younger and will jump from one thought to another to another you can barely get on you keep up the good outfit each man each of his own personal sanity and insanity all with the same delusion the same bizarre idea as I said I was one person say okay you want to do that when you say the guys in the case him or people all are saying the same thing to say that all four were crazy and all that were crazy in the same way really isn't a logical rational explanation for it I mean and I don't have any logical person could buy into that so okay so you got to reject the hypothesis is not a reject I posit that all four were crazy what's the next logical thing it would seem at the most logical thing would be that all four got together and conspired and conspired to make up a story of the resurrection of Jesus that's certainly a lot more reasonable than the rest of our crazy okay having a pretty much I think we can write off more for crazy okay there's a lot more sensible to say they got together and I said let's let's make up the story that Jesus rose from the dead nevertheless that that view to comes heavy laden with some big problems in the biggest problem but that the conspiracy theory has is the world now knows with these men have for making up the resurrection of Jesus might be power prestige police everything we know about these men everything we know about these men teaches us that far from doing worldly power from gaining money or for gaining worldly prestige at least in their time these men lost everything or their belief in Jesus Sean Weiner old people rejected by religious leaders unmercifully mercilessly persecuted by just about everyone you know they never gain really worldly power never gain worldly influence or never again really any money as far as we know as a result of the belief in the resurrection on the contrary they lost everything everything on their belief in the resurrection since I fabricated a story line make up a story that would basically call as you will lose everything and everything you would think the motives to make it up for okay so that's a problem now some people realizing that this is a problem though I argue this is their argument they argue that old Matthew Mark Luke and John conspired in hopes of personal advantage things went away with their plans things went awry but because they had already committed to the resurrection they had no choice but to keep on promoting basically they wanted to say that he however plans layout whatever great plans I had for our procedure didn't work in other words the resurrection of Jesus was nothing but a face-saving device you know by those whose machinations had failed and that whatever plan they had whatever plan they had religion they were going to start hopes that the resurrection to come through but they felt that we say we better stick with it and all in as better than just keep making will make it up rather than face the humility you don't humiliate as you want to go exactly one problem the Gospels were not written until many years after the resurrection of Jesus J some think that twenty years thirty years maybe even more from the time and up until the Gospels were written so if the apostles had hoped that I would have fabricated story of Jesus resurrection that that they were in a get rich or powerful or whatever they certainly learn a Harley on about what I can happen in all things it also like they had a badge they face persecution hatred and rejection from the start and then decades later when they could have faded into what were you using Google people back there out it was on Facebook they could've made an end they could calmly disappear in the connect commonly just drop the whole project and move away and go on about their business and nobody would've known Italy squad and it has it was decades after the mayhem when the time to disassociate themselves from Jesus from the gospel from their failed story of the resurrection why decades later even with all the persecution they claim to win anyway at such a cost to themselves okay in short the conspiracy theory doesn't really make any sense they said that the that the hallucination crazy theory doesn't work the conspiracy theory doesn't work for me what makes the most sense if you start put the pieces together as a resurrection did happen this alone gives the best explanation for why these men in thirty years prima facie turmoil persecution challenge on on on doing with Dostoevsky suffered jail exile even defense and that in defense of the story he made out getting a lot of these guys do the same thing for decades after they they lost their life having to do it for something they made up it does not make sense the only thing that really makes sense is that they truly believe in what they wrote about now there's a lot of internal evidence for the resurrection of Jesus as well what is this scared the Spartan group of people who would suddenly lost their leader the Satterlee and boldly proclaiming the idea of Jesus as the Messiah you know and as a leader who rose from the dead because if you go back and study the idea right at that time of a Messiah rising from the dead wasn't a common belief in Judaism that it wasn't a common belief that that and yet the only later in all it is is you start studying the prophecies but they ultimately proclaim right after this that the Messiah would rise from the dead this wasn't a common belief back you know and and and so suddenly they lose their leader and the next thing they know they proclaim them as risen from the dead and suddenly there out boldly proclaiming belief in Jesus when three days before their leader had been crucified in the Ahmedabad so they all scattered and fled in our lab have done that unless he rose from the dead as they said that here's the other thing to when you read the story of the resurrection you mean the gospel stories put yourself in the position of these men suppose you were trying to make up a religion you want to make up a religion you want to be some of the leaders of the religion and you are writing a story I mean when you read the gospel accounts why would these men see themselves and let's let's say OS X flattering lighting when you read the stories they think themselves in a very unflattering light of talking about all the mistakes they made in a disbelief in their league and they're abandoning your sanity that they were making up a religion and they were fake in this stuff why would they know and I don't exactly see the point where white paint I would want to go your way to identifying it in a you don't make yourself look good and to make everybody look good instead they talk about all their flaws all the mistakes all the things that they did wrong not a very rational thing to do if they were making all the story Kerry then to when you read the Gospels considering the lowers status of women in the Bible at that time it really cannot people don't understand from our perspective how important a point this is why did they happen women again from our perspective today this sounds terrible but back then from their perspective they are making this up to have women be the first ones at the two for Jesus to appear first women to announce that all of the resurrection and so on first ones to discover the tomb it just doesn't make sense in that culture and society for people who were making up making up a story they want them gone it that way they once have done it and then too there are some small discrepancies in the accounts of the stories between minor things and five from disproving the story I think it adds credence to it because it shows it okay to get together and let's can't make the story up they each told the story as the spirit convicted them as they remember and so on it wasn't like I got together in some kind of conspiracy said let's make sure all our points match out exactly that you don't have so far from disproving it I think that's evidence more towards the fact that it did happen as they said they read in first Corinthians fifteen Paul talks about the resurrection of Jesus and listen to what Paul says about the resurrection of Jesus was I think this is fascinating this is fascinating to me first Corinthians fifteen one through eight he's talking about the resurrection of Jesus and then he says in Matthew was seen as C6 S Peter and men are the twelve after that he was seen of Obama five hundred brethren at once and then what does Paul say he received a five hundred brethren at once I him greater part remain until the present but some have fallen asleep I think about that for a minute busy saying where he sang again and it was seen as Cephas another twelve after that he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once of whom the greater part remain alive until the present but some have fallen asleep busy doing their he's almost saying hello to my word for K the hundreds and hundreds of people will show you and are still alive go check them out and ask them to see the point here is well on a All-Star but they're all bad donors are there all gone he says now hundreds and hundreds of seeing them some day but many of them are still alive go read them and ask them really doesn't come right out here and say it but that's the implication go to them and ask them about the resurrected Jesus now if Paul had met Jesus if this was just something fabricated why in the world would you do why in the world would he don't take such a chance on something like that instead he says it's almost like you say go ahead ask him yourself that's not something that somebody would do if they were not making up a story it's something I think somebody would do which threw believed it was true and wanted to convince you that it was true and I think to the other thing that's interesting to go back and read him you read the Gospel the Gospel story and every last one of them is not what they say striking it's what they don't say that so striking you don't find any of the Gospels in any of the accounts of the resurrection you don't find them giving any kind of theology by the resurrection they again think about if you think in this you were making it up you want people to believe it for whatever you want to start a religion and you're basing so much on the resurrection of Jesus you're basing so much on the resurrection so much white lady ladies on this again all I do is describe as a disease as well as he appeared in Michigan that even as he did a few other things in there there is no theology in the Gospels at all on the resurrection of Jesus and that's what matters to me if you think about that's rather strange if you think about it because if they were making this all for whatever reason for whatever reason they were making it up because they wanted to start a new religion and they wanted you to believe it why was there no none of them gave any theology of what it means they just told the story of the resurrection of Jesus how do you make sense of that if they were making it up can you see the point there you see the point now none of this none of this evidence and theirs and there's even more to EV do some reading on the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus 's that Jesus was resurrected in the sense of proof the word process up arrow read very often I thought I'd read to much philosophy to try to prove anything is his emphasis is very poor especially when you get the area of science and enough so I guess this philosophy science and maintenance most scientists they were honest they would science doesn't really prove anything but none of this moves the resurrection of Jesus that it does prove is that the claim of Christ's resurrection is very very powerful very very plausible and that those of us who believe in it we had very good reasons for leaving me if you go to think about it has also the same extent with Alan why I've gone through with Alan White in and out upside down every which way every angle I can look at and the only thing that makes real sense to me is the movement of the prophetic gift K Anand gone through all the other angles and interest doesn't fly it just doesn't make sense and makes the most sense and if you look at all the other angles here all the other ways the hell that beckons the crazy hallucination thing doesn't work the conspiracy thing doesn't work in our look at some of the internal evidence you know what you know what else can you explain it how can you explain what the only one nurse their death verify writing their leader was crucified three days later in Iraq boldly proclaiming Jesus as the risen Messiah which again was a very strange idea at the time that wasn't common belief and that the Messiah would rise in fact you know what was interesting it was interesting how multimedia follow as Orthodox Jews in New York recall the bondage and they had the rabbis read that Menachem 's seniors was the chief rabbi was that had other Rabbi and many of them believed he was the Messiah and you go to New York it seemed these signs machine now machine Yiddish word for Messiah machine Yahoo now and they say that smears and was the Messiah now he had wanted a daily updating died on a diet on about ten years ago well you think that whether that would've you know Mister Moloch then you know what happened in eleven happened these Orthodox Jews were talking blue bondage boob bondage started to say hey if you study the processes the Messiah is going to be resurrected today and ensure old the rest of the Jews crazy because they said that two thousand years we've been white Christians on this idea of a resurrected Messiah we would like the Christians on a resurrected Messiah and I got this ultra-Orthodox say him while we were talking the black Casio were talking the time I do know that network talking hard-core Orthodox Williamsburg Virginia England Williamsburg Virginia when a landmine Williamsburg New York I live in the South Williamsburg New York arena it's the holy bondage is the headquarters and Ashley Schneerson was and there were even rumors that they had drilled holes in his coffin could give an error you know the breed and so on and identify poisonous for two thousand years the Jews would argue there's no thing is the algorithm resurrected Messiah resurrected Messiah and in and in the time of Jesus it wasn't a common belief that the Messiah would be resurrected and all of a sudden for these disciples suddenly claim a resurrected Messiah wasn't something I was it wasn't something that they were common that was commonly expected donating cash into a common sentiment which everybody was expecting it went really against the sentiment of the time and yet for them to proclaim it was something rather wacko something different it's not something that makes a lick of sense how we made it up had they not truly believe in as I said it wasn't until the death of Menachem Shearson about ten years ago could you get any Jews at all to even admit about the ID of the Messiah being resurrected and as I said it cost to cause the minor a minor CR in Judaism because they said you handed you've handed these people these missionaries this is the stuff that we been fighting with them on her for her guilt to thousand years Olmos that is the plan for how I want to say on all this amid again Jason was common for the Romans to crucify people they did it all the time crucified Jews to read about the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus is a you could walk between the crosses you can they were trapped in the city they were starving they were Diana family tried to escape the Romans would catch him and crucify him and is in the holes outside Jerusalem you can walk between them because there were so many people trying to imagine the carnage but then so theirs is one crucified within his resurrected and that's makes it all the difference in the world so I cite the point is as I said I have to live by faith and you think about something to this is a whole other sermon nothing to getting equipment we got a few minutes left but think about all the things we have to believe the most incredible thing we have to believe is in the resurrection of the dead at the end of time okay so earlier and without that our religion means nothing they are mean Jesus to come give me a nice moral system and all that turn the other cheek that's fine I need a lot more than that I need the promise of eternal life I need my body resurrected Chris it's Asian to Asian and out it's like I'm this with you on the upper start griping about management and fifty zero one but now you think about it him we believe that millions and millions of people billions of people some will have been there for centuries irony raise out of the ground I mean that's a pretty while Lee afraid I mean if you can believe that you know to believe that I mean and yet I will we have nothing so it's almost like from the start God is asking us to stretch our faith and believe in something really really something that logic and reason and science and experience anyone logical reason to women reason do we have to believe in that science logic reason experiencing nothing wasted at all and yet we have to believe in believing that because without it everything means nothing it's all fake and when I tell people is that a friend of mine came up to me to church when baby was griping about all his love life woes and I said John if you can believe if you can believe that the end of time guys can resurrect all the dad if you can believe in that can't you trust God for whatever whatever blows you got now see what I'm saying whatever well you got out okay but if you believe God for that and you have to you have to leave room for that reason we don't believe that the holy Joe it's all meaningless as an utterly utterly meaningless if you could trust God for that you can trust him with your love life will now that's all very good very logical and rational when you go through which while I would reason anything about a month ago L how and I all in my head I had it all worked out logically and rationally but you know emotionally I was a basket case now I am in every sermon ever preached everybody else about everything I was Parisian of myself and medicine is easy but I have some of you can trust God of the Indochina resurrected that you can trust them with you now whatever your dealing with now the point is that this now I guess in an end the bottom line unscented we have to trust God that we can trust him on about any other struggle anything else were gone I have and the fact is no in the resurrection of Jesus that's all that's what Paul says in our resurrection in our resurrection as I said if you put the evidence together to put the historical evidence together you put the biblical evidence together and nothing else really makes sense nothing else really trying to try to come up trying to come up with some other way to explain that the Gospel writers wrote got come up with a rational logical way to explain what the gospel why these people would tell this story suffer persecution for decades and decades after ostracism and everything the resurrected messiah and nobody believed at the time would happen why would they go through all that and on and on and on if it didn't happen general point is there's a lot a very good reasons to believe in the resurrection of Jesus and and that's where we have the hope of our resurrection without which our room she means nothing okay anyway is a car of while we got some promises that this is it murder you got me questions on anything we talk about okay go and speak loud and clear really is and what is by definition can ever be anything hot yeah yeah I get this when you have your blind or just talking about the modifier line on faith is faith it's all I think you get a blind faith in Africa Honeywell I don't want to insult anybody but many are Mormon manifests show me some of the nonsense that people believe that most people have some evidence to this gets to the whole things was I love to get in the stock when synthesizing a real interest in you get up pretty much a lot evidence for this but anything you want to believe so how do you know so but in the end though you have to have faith but as a Christian in my face is not blind my faith is not mine I've got a lot of good we especially know that you really do think about it I was in Northern Ireland a couple weeks ago I preached a group of people for whom anonymous I was dealing with the arguments for the existence of God and am convinced in the analogical and wrap for those who believe in God logic and ration rationality are much more on the side of those of us who believe in God and if you don't believe in God I think you know any again to but I think if you were to really sit there and do it logically and rationally the logic and ration work much more on the side of those of us who believe in God it's not foolproof nothing I believe is foolproof version on it again maybe it's the philosophy every him that I I have absolute no absolute certainty and how I do not align on leaving me in our elders a guy out there guys know the theory is a professor and he came up with the theory that the universe we all just computer models were all just computer-generated there some alien beings out there that just created the universe of the computer model okay that and that's when anyone me I'm telling you have some powerful logical arguments for allowance is absurd you got you know you can say wow there that make some sense I mean obviously I rejected it I am and is pure speculation but it all gets it wrong of the areas epistemology is a fancy philosophical terms of use when you say you when I say I know that Jesus died for my same when I say I no one in St. Louis all notices and sicknesses Louisville and I'm not usually in the very easily mistaken nine oh two plus two equals four I know Jesus died for my sins I know I'm in Louisville Kentucky on using the word no I'm using the word no the same word but amusing the ring will adequately radically different way so that you know that you can find reasons to believe just about anything in Melbourne as I said I believe I is as a Christian and I than this a thousand times in my experience the only logical the most sensible thing of everything that's happening everything I have read someone is belief in the Bible belief in Jesus and believe in you know the this message I mean it just the pieces fit together the fact was forever one of my columns once years ago I sometimes did not have in the church thirty years and this guy ever since unlike losing your first love and I ran my first became a believer when I first the family when I first got the prophecies about American prophecy you can study American process of studying with the role of role necessarily nineteen seventy nine nineteen eighty nine these Bible studies and I was so excited and I are I was witness in the envelope in on Tim and Dawn I still remember going out with during the presidential campaign I was going out talent want to tell people that Teddy Kennedy was going to be the next president and I can prove from the Bible that Teddy Kennedy was an agreement express well because I'm Catholic Protestant light with America and American Romans on all the admissible in their hair out of their head when negative villages guy playing they were thrilled about my seal they were thrilled about my zeal that there wasn't a lot of knowledge at the time and sometimes I thought any I am mad and enough light to be say that I have more than enough like music some as I wish I could trade some of that light for some of the flyer than we've been here too long we've been here too long we've been here way too long and the church is suffering was suffering from being here too long and the longer were here it's kind of ironic I like my wife and I talked about this every day brings us one day closer to the second coming of Jesus yet every day here here it just gets a little easier to get you get more invested in the world no I first became analysis everything I own everything I owned I could I had a seventy three Plymouth valiant and I had sworn the back seat out of allowing illegal boarding so I can sleep in it and everything in the world I own I had in that limit value and when I first joined them became an activist so in our I want to stay in things but you know thirty years later my mortgage I got my retirement can help you develop is like it was CS Lewis as I said when glucose is good is good when these management he had aligned Screwtape letters that haunted me and that's haunted me ever since because it's so true because I've experienced Screwtape says that the junior demon he says a younger man will be just a much more willing to die for his faith in the middle age and I thought I thought about it wow I mean in those early days I while I wanted to get burned now in those early days I am not really all that he shares now figuring that it either that's all that is just like on the longer each day brings us closer to Jesus and that is that much easier to get caught in the world and my wife and I we talk about that sometimes I don't think you look back I got two teenagers now area look back on that when he and I guess the one thing that I said I don't think my kids live with a sense of urgency about the second coming of your visor wearing an again affronted and get it for me and I meet with the second coming everything means nothing okay but the sense of urgency I do not hear something too I came and I know people Jesus is coming any day is coming months and months and months may have the seal in the fire that was thirty years ago and they snapped in the rat of the church completely around the church completely how do you somehow find this balance how do you find them as I get a the same time it is easier because my mortality to your yummy seasonal live forever in the older you get older and the body parts just start going in our dynamic trips to the doctor and all that the numbers are different you come a little bit more they so that's one good thing about you know one thing about getting older as you you realize more next to get a second coming without it there's nothing you know without it there's nothing so in that sense the older you get the realize from meaningless this life really is without the hope and promise that we have at the second coming and also as I said and he got very good reasons for believing it was thumbing a few moments anymore questions I go ahead and usually is a is an is an and is as an death he will love you and I know we have to believe that in the end alternate as I said earlier if only thing we're in the plot along organ the plot lines were going it's going to be the Sabbath Sunday issue whenever it comes however it calms then you Helen White the story controversy the three angels message will be given a force in the power that hitherto foreigner Hassan and map maps I don't maybe it's the cynical side of me maybe it's the cynical side of me and as I said we need to do it we need to do we need to preach we need to get out tell everyone we can we need to get it sprinted but in the end I have a feeling the Sunday law Sabbath Sunday persecution however it's going to take place that'll give this in a position of power that this point is lacking anything else okay go ahead and is a a part of an low that it's a big challenge though but it was funny they say anywhere you go on the world three things Roman Catholic Seventh-day Adventists and Coca-Cola and nine at six interesting it's interesting amino acid serine more countries of the world than any other Protestant denomination I think is very very interesting considering the first Angels message now our presence in some places working hours hardly overwhelming but the fact that where there is no is is very is amazing is amazing the way God has use the movement that I simply been here too long I think that's the problem we've just been here too long and now I don't have a solution to it I think I last one is in say a every second and that is more than that you him that I have and ultimately in the timing and nothing is as we settling that I think Daniel too we have so much reasons to believe in the second coming it's going to come it's going to come and as humans it's I guess it's our concept of time in our concept of time it seems like a long time for us but when you're dealing with God a new dealing with thousands of years and beat well I should've gotten the Leah hundred fifty some years after eighteen forty four we could be here another two hundred years and now it's not a pleasant thought but that I guess in the end what I always tell myself the second coming phenomenally for me personally encourage my own experience is no is not more than a second after my death you look at it that way you die the next thing you know is the second coming of Jesus that's ultimately how quick the second come the news and since we're all sort of on a precipice you never know when death could come if you live it look at it that way then the second coming is near in the first believed if you look at it that way they that is the that is the time let's pray we got two more tomorrow the appreciate you coming down again I just thank you for all the reasons we have for our faith for all the reasons that are always questions there's always room for doubt is with everything we believe secular or sacred but I'm very thankful for the evidence that we have been the fact that we don't have to believe blindly we still have to believe by faith we still have to move ahead without fully understanding things you than us so much light so much truth so many reasons to believe that your grace the claimant of those beliefs the claimant to what we know when to rely that we had in the trust you when things just go the way we like or understand Mister so much about that but we have the revelation of you at the cross and that shows us what you're like when we cleaned that we can have hope no matter what in Jesus name I pray amen this media was used by audio version for cheap flights generation of Christ he would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. utilizes a review like this more free online sermon please visit www. audio verse


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