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Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • June 20, 2018
    8:00 PM
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Good evening. Thank you for that song Somebody asked Bill Gates or famous lyricist and songwriter. The Any opinions on what was it were the best lyrics ever written and he actually said it was a line from that song the love of God the skies of parchment made in every stock on earth a quill you know that verse there and so that is a beautiful beautiful song Thank you Karen I are glad to be with you. It isn't often we've been able to travel to some of the camp meetings together because many moons we had kids in tow and now the youngest of the bachelor litter is doing counselling work in one of the Christian camps and so it is so think that we could join you here this week we're going to be talking about a Bible hero in a subject that I think is very relevant to the Times in which we're living and that would be the person in the magic character of Elijah if you look in your bible go to the last book in the Old Testament that's a book of Malikai chapter 4 you find the last prophecy in the Bible last prophecy in the Old Testament I should say start with verse 4 Remember the Law of Moses my servant which I commanded him in horror of for all Israel with the statutes and judgments behold I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great in the dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers lest I come and strike the earth with a curse. Now it's interesting that it would say Remember the Law of Moses me hold I send you a life and then you turn to the next book in the Bible and you can read in Matthew where Jesus is up on this mountain in Moses and Elijah appeared to him so in one sense it was a literally fulfilled but if you go to Matthew Chapter 17 the disciples interim to a dialogue with Jesus about Alija why just name is mentioned about 100 times if my computer is right it's exactly 100 times in the Bible and so even important character to study Matthew 17 verse 11 also with verse 10 and the disciples asked Him the same why then do the scribes say that Alija must come 1st and Jesus answered and said to them indeed a light is coming 1st and will restore all things the notice this is very important the wording. Of the statement is made several months after John the Baptist has been executed and yet Jesus said indeed Alija is coming 1st and Will were store all things in those 7 Molokai and he will restore the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children of the fathers as a restoration and happens and then he says in verse 12 but I say to you did Alija has come already it and they did not know him but they did whatever they wished Likewise the Son of Man is about to suffer at their hands then the disciples understood that he spoke to them of John the Baptist so at least one fulfillment of a lie John was John the Baptist who's the 1st one who came in the spirit in the power of Elijah. The lie shot well Alija Yeah. Smarty pants. But then there would be a life who asked for a double portion of his spirit. And then you have John the Baptist and yet the Bible says before the great and terrible day of the Lord that's clearly a reference to other scriptures and prophecies about the day of the Lord the day of judgment the day of the Lord's coming which is future from the time when Christ said it at I believe we're living in the times where we need the ministry of Elijah some of wonder does this work that the 100 $44000.00 are going to do and in the same way that God raised up John the Baptist to prepare the way for his 1st coming of God will raise up an army of John the Baptist's that will come in the spirit and power of Alija to prepare the world for the 2nd coming and the way Alija brought revival this group will bring revival and so some of wonder that but before I go too deep because I've got several days the unpack that I want to go to the story of Alija and so if you have your Bibles turn with me to 1st kings 1st Kings Chapter 17 and maybe just as. A transition I should give a little bit of background Alija comes on the scene at a time of great apostasy in fact if you read risking Chapter 16 it sells us in verse 29 1st King 1629 in the 38th year of Isa king of Juda a have the son of om ride became king over Israel and they have the son of Amr I reigned over Israel in some area 22 years now a HAVE THE SON OF All right did more evil in the side of the Lord than all who were before him. And it came to pass as though it had been a trivial thing for him to walk on the sins of Jeremiah Jeroboam the son of need that he also took as a Wives Isabel the daughter of eth bail king with his I don't aeons and he went and served bail and worshipped him and he set up an altar for Bale in the temple of Bale which he had built in some area and they have made a wooden image national and they have did more to provoke the Lord God of Israel to anger than all the kings of Israel who were before him. So the Northern Kingdom entered a time of great apostasy now we bear with me for just a minute as they give you a little history because this this comes in later in the story and it makes for an important background. The son of Solomon Zane was real moment when Solomon died. One of the leaders who admitted Solomon's court that Solomon had some trouble with was a man named Jeroboam and I know Re of Mohmed Jeroboam sound similar Re of owns the son of Solomon Jeroboam was one of the other tribes of Israel and he gathered Israel and they met with 3 of them when they were about to Coronation him and they said look before we go through this coronation ceremony and recognize you as our King we need to ask you your father we admit you know those are times of peace and prosperity but he axed us very heavily for all of his building projects and he worked this very hard and we're looking for a break now are you going to be as hard as your father was and real bombs and give me a few days to answer and he went to talk to his young friends and they said you show me his boss you tell him my father chastise you with whips but I'm going to chastise you with scorpions and the old counselors who counseled Solomon is that on and on us are these people gently if you serve them and you humble yourself they will serve you forever. Now I would think if you're smart and all of Solomon's a wise man who ever lived you listen to Solomon's counsel is I mean how do you get to be a counselor to solve what's the test on that re a bomb didn't listen and when he gave them a harsh answer that 10 tribes said that well they would see to your own house those who want more from the tribe of Judah from the tribe of David if you want to serve Reimold help yourself and they took in they made Jeroboam King and 10 of the tribes broke away and that's civil war was never really heal so from then on you hear about Israel in 2 different sets you hear of Jew that the Southern Kingdom really had 3 tribes which is Benjamin Levi the Levites all stayed down there in the south in Judah then you had with a called the 10 Tribes of the north sometimes referred to as Ephraim because he from was the biggest of them and their capital was Samarian a have ended up being a king in the northern kingdom now what Jeroboam did when he took the Northern Kingdom North eat you took the leadership of those kingdoms he said to himself you know the Jewish priests are going to start coming around and the people are all trained and we're commanded to go down to the temple that Solomon built opera sacrifice on their holy days and and. And then the priests are the ones who have been specifically chosen by God The Levites and the sons of Aaron's Aaron to lead out there in the ministry and I'm going to lose control because their hearts are going to start going after with the temple it's so here's what I'll do. To council with some of his advisors and they said look you just need to have you need to have an alternate for people. So we put a golden calf in Dan and he put one up in Bethany and is the furthest north and one in Bethel and the people got into I don't know what you would think that Israelites you know don't make another golden calf but they went right back in the old pattern and they got involved in idolatry but at least they called the Golden Calf worshiping Jehovah. And he said look I'm going to make priests of anybody and so they started to ordain and commission priests of all the people in a matter whether or not you are leaving your child on an errand and there is a big rift in the kingdom you know history has a way of repeating itself you know the sort of happened with. The church in the dark ages and I got. A split between Protestants and Catholics and one leaned more towards idolatry than the other and history could repeat itself again so I have he comes into power there already worshipping golden calves and he makes things even worse and he marries a daughter of a king who is a king priests of this I don't mean he's a Phoenician and there begin the male worship and she is so zealous about bail worship that she starts pushing her husband to worship male. Now that's not the 1st time that's happened you know Solomon had a pretty good record as a king it was during the time of Solomon They had great peace matter of fact all the promises that God made to Israel almost reached a fulfillment during the time of Solomon they'd become a line on a hill nations were flowing to Israel to learn of the wisdom of Solomon to learn about God and it sorta reaches its zenith when the Queen of Sheba comes to Solomon she brings all this gold she says I want to hear about your god remember when the ambassadors came to Hezekiah as and let me show you all my stuff but when they came to Solomon. He talked about God and she asked him questions in it and he was sharing the wisdom of God and and you look at the history from the time of David Israel was getting closer and closer to God in the time of Solomon while he was faithful for the 1st 20 years or so closer and closer to God and then you read there in 1st kings after he builds a temple and after the Queen of Sheba comes it makes an interesting statement that says in one year 666 talents of gold came to Solomon a number that sounds familiar right after that number is mentioned the next chapter says and Solomon many foreign women and he started to marry other girls because they were pretty and not because they worshipped God and his wife who's turned his heart away and began to say oh I miss my god from when I was in Moab and I miss my god from when I was in Egypt and I miss my god from when I was in need I'm in gradually he you know he just well you know he had what 700 wives and 300 concubines or is it 300 concubines and or doesn't matter at that point even. One of our kids one time was explaining to his brother Solomon had 700 wives and 300 porcupines. And he turned his heart away what happened to Sampson an unholy alliance now it's very important as a believer you marry within the faith I just counseled with somebody a little while ago and they said you know I'm gaged to somebody and they're not a believer I said why in the world are you doing that and so I wonder if you can counsel Mason My counsel is break it off all of it's gone too far we've sent out we sent out invitations I said it's not too late to break it all off. So that they're not a believer why would you do that and their conscience was bothering them and I think you want me to talk them out of it I did my best. But the Bible's pretty clear on that it doesn't usually in very well and then well for Samson and in the end Solomon regretted it look what happened to Israel because they tried to co-mingle it commingled they will worship with the worship of God So just as a bell in your zeal to establish bail is the one and only because they have said look we need to allow freedom let everybody kind of choose what they want to do and he said you know we'll have a contemporary service for for the bail people a lot more conservative service for the Jehovah people isn't this clear try to make everybody happy how does that end and. She began to persecute the prophets of God kill him and Obadiah to conserve and had to hide something in a cave so it's in this picture we start chapter 17 and a line is introduced a time of great apostasy and a light to the Tishbite of the inhabitants of the gillie a good elite is on the eastern side of the Jordan up in the hills that were given to Reuben monastic. In gas and and. This little town up there fish by he said that Ahab Alice the border God of Israel lives before whom I stand there shall not be do or reign these years accepted my were. Now a ham like any king the periodic Lee sits in the gate and he would judge people the king was typically the Supreme Court people would have different cases that they would bring to the various judges around the land normally in the southern kingdom it was the Levites I don't know what they did in the north but the hard cases were brought to the king remember David was sitting the judge when when making the prophet came and brought this case that he made up and and Solomon was judging when the women arguing about the baby was brought as a difficult case and so we haven't seen different people in and. Without any introduction Alija just marches in you stand before the king some people recognise him because he's wearing the garb of the sons of the prophets and he makes this prophecy he didn't go to the people he went right to the source of the problem the king was a leader and he was compromised and he says Thus as the Lord the God of Israel before him I stand there will not be do or reign these years and he didn't say a day in say there will be any for a week he said these years they were getting ready to enter years of famine in say just no rain he said no do on the grass it was going to be parched except in my Word In other words until I'm give another word will be nothing and without waiting for an explanation he doesn't about facing the marches up. And the king of the guards are all taking it in there wondering 1st of all how did he get in without a pass there is a pastor he was called the handshake man you've heard the story has to Richard Weaver the Secret Service knew him pretty well he had a way of his walking through security and shaking hands with presidents. He was always dressed nice had a crew cut clean cut not friendly looking guy and he would just walk he sometimes would unhook the velvet ropes to keeping people already done who can walk through a can you walk over shake hands it off and hand them a letter say got a message for you from God it's fine she can walk up the aisle shake hands with the president's wife and everybody and then he walk out they go sometimes even snap pictures and he leaves and the Secret Service frequently cornered him but since you know presence of Public Citizen he didn't really break any specific like this you can the left he did this with Clinton Obama George Bush both Bush's and they don't know how he managed to keep getting through security he was interviewed on and whenever he would show up they started watching them and when he would show up in the event the Secret Service would be very nervous but somehow they called him the handshake men and if you heard that story before yeah he does the only seem to get through Alijah got through. And a ham doesn't know what to think of that and then finally they have says Look go arrest that guy who does he think he is pronouncing a terrible curse like that on us or they can find him anywhere because God told. To get away he said turning eastward and hide by the brook charity which flows into the Jordan now Alija said there's going to be a famine Alija said it based on the Word of God Moses had said in Deuteronomy 28. Take heed yourself I'm going to actually start with you I mean 11 verse 16 Take heed yourselves list your heart is deceived in you turn aside and serve other gods and worship them lest the more danger be aroused against you and he shut up the heavens that there be no rain in the land yield no proof produce and you perish quickly from the good land that the Lord has given you the good land will only stay in the good land as long as you behave goddess and if you turn and worship other gods I'll drive things up now look at Deuteronomy 28 years 23 and your heavens that are over you will be bronze and the earth that is under you will be iron the Lord will change the rain of your land to powder and dust from the heaven it will come down until you are destroying it why am I talking about this turn with me to the book of Amos Amos Chapter 8 there is a prophecy here and it starts in verse 11. Behold the days are coming says the Lord gone that I will send a famine on the land not a famine of bread or thirst for water but of hearing the words of the Lord and they will wander from sea to sea and from north to east and they will run to and fro seeking the word of the Lord but shall not find it I will send a famine on the land yet a famine come in the days of Alija Why did the famine come because of the disobedience of the people and principally their disobedience was became double minded later will read were Alija comes before the people and he says How long will you halt between 2 opinions if the Lord as God serve him a bale as God serve him and I just wonder that if aligned who was here to day if you would ask the church so make up your mind you want to serve the Lord are you going to serve the world. There's a lot of idolatry even in the church when he says also in the famine on the land for the Word of God is that a famine that's talking about just the general pagans of the world or is this a message that Amos is giving to the church Amos is concerned with the church the church is supposed to have the Word of God right. But what is the church half of that doesn't have the Word of God Someone please tell me if the church doesn't have the Word of God What do they have they got a form of godliness and no power they got ritual they got social interaction they get institutions they've got buildings but if the church doesn't have the Word of God we don't have anything the Constitution the foundation for everything that makes anything worth anything among 7th Day Adventists is the Bible but is it possible to have a famine for the Word of God in families in churches where we've got thousands of miles I don't know how many Bibles we have in our family and we probably get 15 or 20 in our house the average Christians got 5 Bibles how many of you have more than 5 by US Do you know that only the Bible is not a substitute for reading a bible. You can have a famine for the Word of God. Well you have plenty of Bibles what happens during a famine. People get hungry you know it's possible to be starving to death while you have an artificial sensation of being full I read about in China between 19591961 was the worst famine in modern times and it was brought on by some very bad government policies and discouraged production. They're killing off all the sparrows it's this it's crazy it up the sparrows at the grain and so they're killing off the sparrows and you because a certain number of other things happen across sort of an environmental and an economic an industrial chain reaction and they went through a famine where they estimated somewhere around 30000000 people starved to death a lot of people they estimate there is at least that many miscarry babies as well because of the hunger and the malnutrition and during that time some of the people discovered there was clay that they could eat that would give them the sensation of being full but it had no nutritional value but it would take away the pain in the stomach if you VERY long it kill you I heard about some explores the early explorers that went across the center of Australia and they got separated from the supply party and they gradually starved to death while they are starving there was a desert plant that the Aborigines would eat they didn't know quite how to prepare it for the NOR DO plant and they would even argue plant and they said that the strange thing about it is it gave you a very pleasant satisfying sensation so even though they had no strength they could not even stand up they felt very satisfied and they starved to death at 2 out of the 3 that were left behind is it possible that we could be deceived into thinking that we're well fed when we're really starving. I asked the question why do you spend your money for that which is not brand and your wages for what does not satisfy listen carefully to me and eat what is good and let your soul delight itself in abundance. Why do you eat that which is not good the White House sponsor the study and they said if you classify foods from the most useful to the least useful you'd place vegetables fruits milk and eggs I don't use the same category this is their study in the 1st category bread grain cereals in the 2nd snacks and the 3rd candy soft drinks and beer in the 4th Yet the bulk of advertising in America is for the least useful foods that part is true millions if not billions of dollars are spent advertising the most at least nutritional things and I understand for one of the 1st times in history that more people are dying from eating too much as opposed to eating too little but clearly they're not eating too much of the good things I'm preparing a sermon on not going to preach it here I'm just telling you about it. It's called losing our minds I think the devil is a nest the size of a whole generation of Christians with media with phone with texting social media we think we're rich and increased with goods and we don't know that we're poor and rich and in miserable blind and naked and we're not feeding on the Word of God do we hunger and thirst after righteousness we recognize that there's a famine in the land now little story you've probably heard me share this before. But I was not reason administers and I learned through reading the Bible and then later some spirit of prophecy books about admins but I read several spirit of prophecy books before I ever went to an Adams tourch and I would dare say and I don't think this is an exaggeration that I think I was better acquainted with the admin is police before I was ever baptized and Mossad Intissar I know young people to go up they grow up. In a 7th Day Adventists home and if you ask them to explain Revelation 13 they'd be loss order to explain what what does what happened in 844 what's going on in the century in heaven right now a lot of would have no idea I know because I've done a Vangelis of programs in revivals a lot of our schools and when the kids here they go Wow never heard that before now this conference if there's a conference it's an exception this would be a conference and I'm just I'm telling that sincerely. But as I travel and it's around the world too just in the last few months Karen and I have been to India Africa Dubai Israel and we're doing more overseas travel Pennsylvania Don't forget Pennsylvania doesn't sound doesn't sound nearly as exotic. Africa and the Middle East and Sylvania. That was great really great time there too but. As a Lebanon a lot of schools around the world and I just I sense that there's a famine in the land now when I 1st visited my very 1st act in this church it was in Palm Springs California and everyone knows that I'm not trying to give me a hard time. And I want to sound a school class and God in His providence arranged that the South is cool quarter that week that I showed up was on the 490 year prophecy in Daniel Chapter 9 which I had just read about up in the cave I've been reading the book by Stephen Haskell I was a high school dropout and I could understand that and so reading this book by Stephen Haskell on the Daniel and I was so excited I just finished reading that you know God's timing is amazing never read a scripture in the morning someone needs it later in that day. And so I think the Lord worked that out I went to that class and I found out the teacher said this is what we're studying today and I would also excited. And I couldn't wait I was on the edge of my seat and I'm in a relatively full Sabbath school class it was an adult class and I know I stood out because you know I just come out of the cave and I'm wearing overalls and hiking boots and no shirt just overalls. And your Palm Springs are pretty hot and. And so the teacher said so he made some introductory remarks or so when did this time period begin and I'm looking around you know what when he said anything no one seemed all interested and these are all the like professionals and finally I thought maybe I misunderstood the question but I think he asked what the study period is and I raised my hand and he looked to me I said for 57 B.C. and then several people looked at the hippie I was sitting there. And there's some more discussion and then he said no in the this time period concluded. And no one looking around a couple of looked at me when. I said 34 a day and I never forgot that day I left that church I had such high expectations I had read this great controversy in steps to Christ and Peter X. and prophet had been administering it I mean you know there was an administration because you are you where you can read steps to Christ controversy and desire pages you don't find the word 70 endless and and I asked my friend they gave me these books I said other people somewhere that believe these things oh yeah they're almost the place so I finally said wow. Here is Eden I'd been going to all these the nominations I said there's a denomination somewhere that believes these things. Oh wow. I can't work as I'd I've been looking for the truth I mean I worship with and the cost of evangelicals and activist and I study with everybody I was as hungry and I mean you are you lost your whole life life has no purpose you discover the Bible in Jesus always in the light goes on you wow this is it I mean I've been through trans and gentle meditation and Shakti and yoga and Buddhism and it just didn't make any sense and when I heard the Bible and then I heard the 70 AD in this truth I said you Reka I may not have actually said Eureka but that was the idea of this is it and so when I 1st came to that church I just thought I was going to see people glowing I thought I would see people just you know let Scripture was coming out like tickertape from their mouths and their ears just these people have the word and I was I was stunned by the biblical ignorance and apathy about the message of what these folks have the truth do they not know they have the truth do they know what it's like to not know the truth and you know they say that. Absence makes the heart grow fonder but the opposite is familiarity breeds contempt and sometimes when you grow up with something you can take it for granted somebody collected a list of responses from young people. When they were given Bible quizzes in their Sunday school class and I thought some of these were pretty interesting sort of indicates what is prevalent in a lot of Christian churches in answer to who are Noah and said. Oh who is Noah was called Joan of Arc. Because he built an arc which animals came in 2 pairs. Wots wife was a pillar of salt by day and a ball of fire and night. The Jews were a proud people throughout history. Can read you know and. Sanson Slate The Philistines with the axe of the Apostles. X. of. The Egyptians were all drowned in the desert afterward Moses went up Mount Sinai to get the 10 amendments a Christian should only have one wife this is called the holy monotony. The 5th commandment is to humor and I father and mother 7th commandment is also not admitted adultery. Moses died before he ever reached Canada. Then Joshua lived the Hebrews in the battle of Geritol. Greatest miracle in the Bible is Joshua told his son to stand still and he obeyed him. You can tell they got part of the story. David was a Hebrew King skilled at playing a liar. He fought with the Finkelstein's a race of people who lived in Biblical times Jesus was born because Mary had an immaculate contraption. Saint John the blacksmith dumped water on his head. It's enough that someone else said the A pistols were the wives of the Apostles. And there's a lot of people that really don't have a regular Bible reading program we need to know our Bibles a lot better than we do today. This movement came into being because a lot of young people caught on fire about the Word of God and they would have all night Bible studies never had an all night Bible study. You probably think of the spirits willing but the flesh is weak I've only done it a couple times I just felt the Holy Spirit so close and friends and I got together we just couldn't stop to study it all my remember once we were studying Daniel mine were actually the prayer of Daniel 9 and we just keep seeing praise the Lord hollowly we felt the spirits presence in a way and when I read Alan White in early writing she talks about those nights where they'd study in just the glory and never had that feeling where you love the Word of God so much and it moves you and your hunger you're hungry for it but I'm afraid we're at the time where we think only the Bible is a substitute for reading one in the book great controversy you can read on page 51 Satan will knew that the Holy Script Scriptures would enable men to discern is the section is and to withstand his power it was by the word that even our Savior of the world had resisted his attacks at every assault Christ presented the shield of eternal truth same it is written to every suggestion of the ADD to Syria he opposed him in the wisdom of the power of the word in order for Satan to maintain his sway over man in establishing is authority he must keep them in ignorance of the scripture why lossing the world the devil once is free to be holy Devils not afraid of the Bible if you don't let the Bible change you to read it if you own the Bible and you don't read the devils even happier because you've got enough religion to inoculate you against catching the real thing someone once said it's not how many times you've been through the Bible but it's how many times the bible has been through use the word I have hidden in my heart that I might not send what's going to keep you from send. My word I have hidden in my heart moody used to say either the Bible will keep you from san or sin will keep you from the Bible which way is it in your life because if you're living in sin and you read the Bible and it convicts you of your sin you're going to say something's got to go. I've either got to get rid of my sin or get to get rid of the Bible. Like this man from China came to the U.S. many years ago and he's was able to look through this microscope and he saw petals of a flower and he was so intricate to so the crystal design of it all he was so amazed you had to own what he was a successful businessman so we bought a microscope he took it back and he was showing everybody everything you could see he was so fascinated with a microscope one day before dinner he wanted to take a look at the Rice and he took a grain of rice before it was cooked and put it underneath the microscope and he was horrified to see that that little grain of rice which is swarming with all kinds of parasites and pains and. Every now and then he'd pull out his food look at his favorite food underneath the microscope. And just start to really bothering him and you get exasperated one day and he broke smash the microscope to pieces I didn't change the truth about his food he just didn't want to know any more and so some people have a hard time reading the Bible because when you do you're convicted but maybe that's a good thing the Word of God does not need to be changed we do and the Word of God changes us change me I hope it's still changing me the need to read our Bibles someone once in the Bible represents be ideal the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth the Bible is like a telescope of a man who looks at his telescope all these can see is a telescope if you look through the telescope you see worlds beyond you can see the heavens Someone once asked George Washington Carver to what he. Owed his success and he said the Bible. This is because I decided to commit my ways to the Lord and I knew that he would direct my paths and whenever I was stumped by some difficult but tentacle problem I would commit it to the Lord and he would give me the answer John Bunyan said read the Bible read it again do not despair of help to understand something of the will of the mind of God as if they are fast locked up from you neither trouble yourself as though you may not have commentaries and expositions prayed and read read in prayer for a little from God is better than a great deal for man. Sometimes he never listen to Pilgrim's Progress I mean you can read it we have it on tape so we listen to it when we are driving and. It's especially moving if you know your Bible because when Bunyan wrote it he is making references and allusions to the Bible all over the place I'll tell you a book I don't think can find it in print anymore you might find it online that Iran written by I want to find out I like to read the books that the great preachers read that touch them so I try to find out what they read and several of the great reformers and some of the great preachers read a book by a pastor that had a very short life but he was Spirit filled named Joseph a lean and he wrote a book called an alarm to the unconverted you might some of. Your readers might write that down a little bit of old English alarm to the end convert and he was a Puritan pastor and I found amazing facts and reprint that book it's public domain now but my concern is that so much of what he says is in the language it's in Biblical Billie's it's the language of the Bible and unless you know the stories of the Bible you may not understand it. But he sprinkles allusions to scriptures from all over the Bible in his sentences that are calling you to different stories in the Bible and he is assuming as he writes that you know the Bible and what is amazing to me is that he knew his Bible from cover to cover and he didn't have a computer program we had a young man came to our church and Father father came up and he said My my son is memorize a book of Revelation I said really sad really he said I you know we're traveling through or visiting We don't know would you like him to do a demonstration at some point or in Sabbath school or church so I called him over and I tested him a little bit I want to say is he really was you can do a front if I do this and I just I call out a chapter in Revelation he closes eyes he thought from and start quote it verbatim and I brought him up front and I allowed him to demonstrate he had memorized the whole book of Revelation this is working on The Book of Daniel last I saw. You know. Jan Andrews knew his Bible so well someone asked him one time if he had memorized the whole Bible is it no but if the New Testament was destroyed I could reproduce it so how well do you know your Bible there was a. There was an evangelist and. His name was Byron Spears I don't know if you ever heard Byron Spears preach here and I went to hear him preach when he was in a seventy's he was a converted Episcopalian black pastor and he got polio when he was a young man and Sue is never able to walk without canes but we went and heard him preach in the capital city church 3020 years ago something like that 70 years old he would preach 38 sermons 150 Bible references her sermon no slides no notes no Bible in his hand. And he would tell you where to go chapter and verse it's in the back of read this receipts start doing a King James always on the I'm not an advocate understand that's what he did and. It was mind boggling they call him the walking Bible do you hear your pastor Spears so. He lived to 199 he was in a nursing home and he was giving Bible studies to the people in the nursing home and they were flabbergasted that he still appeared to remember the Bible and he said the only reason he remembered so well as he spent so long sharing it that it was just absolutely and it was like with a jackhammer engraved in his mind but don't tell me you can't remember the Bible or you can't learn the Bible at his funeral he asked me if I do his funeral which kind of surprised me because. He said he spent all this time watching amazing facts once he retired and. Eventually kicked him out of one of the churches that he attended uses an all conservative 7 the I'm going to sit and listen when he saw changes come in and he would speak up and he quote the Bible they said he was becoming a nuisance so he would he would watch from home and at his sermon we heard some does incredible testimonies even his kids so they never met saw anything like it he just goes groups or after scripture after Scripture never pick up a buy when he would read his Bible at home during his public meetings he was doing a meeting in Canada I'm just sharing this from memory as well as I can sitting at the funeral service listening and a Church of Christ preacher called the mountain said he was teaching Harrison to challenge him to a debate and normally he didn't go looking for debates but he wanted to debate the law in the Sabbath with Byron Spears and spears said Let the brother know that I'll be happy to meet him if it's fairly organized. And he said matter of fact. If it's OK with him we'll put it on T.V. and. They advertise it and everybody came together and. Through the whole debate spheres he just stood with his 2 canes in each hand but the one with their talk and he was always respectful he said I respectfully disagree and he would then give all scripture after scripture after scripture after scripture after scripture on the law on the covenants in the Sabbath and commentator a newspaper guy who showed up because thousands of people came to watch this event. He wrote afterward and he said I think I just saw an amateur getting beaten up by a professional. That he just knew the bomb so well you know I asked the family I said Would you be willing to let amazing facts have his cassette tapes because we'd like to convert them to M P 30 put them on our website so our evangelists can hear what an old evangelist sounded like as you live to 100 he remember doing evangelism back in the thirty's and so they did the family sent us all of his tapes and they allowed us to make them available for free and so if you want to hear something amazing Unfortunately it's not video I think we recorded we brought him into the Central Church when he was 92 we had to carry him on to the platform because. He couldn't walk very well by then he preached for 90 minutes on the Holy Spirit it's online and You Tube never opened his Bible scripture after scripture after Scripture and then you ask a 70 AD minutes can you quote the 10 Commandments should we be able to I went to a Catholic school and they made me remember the Beatitudes should we know our Bibles but if I was asked you. Latest programs are who won American Idol lot of church members would have all the details on those things so how long do we halt between 2 opinions could it be that there is a famine in the land you know what deceives us comparatively 7th Day Adventist are better educated than most Christians I didn't evangelist meeting in one town and. Several people small town everybody knew each other several people from one of the local Presbyterian churches came to our meetings and some took a stand where the some of the audience member church and the pastor was very upset his brother Doug years ship Sealy said Brother I don't I don't agree with that I said if they were your sheep I'd be stealing but they're not your sheep or his sheep Jesus said My sheep hear my voice and the sheep go where the grass is and he said Well how would you like it if I start studying with your members that help yourself. This is the truth few weeks I ran into him at the post office and I said I heard you were studying with someone so he said yes I will How's it going. He said not very well she knows her Bible too good and. That's what is. So we're deceived because we do know our Bibles comparatively well because a sort of a general apathy among Christians in North America what happens I heard a pastor explain it this way one time as let's say this is where the church is in their knowledge of scripture and this is where society is in the knowledge of Scripture you know even society has knowledge in Scripture. And as the standards of the world go now the church always tries to just be a little better than the world but over time what happens is as the standards of the world go down the churches kind of hovers above that you can have a situation where of then surely the standards of the church is lower than the standards of the world and I suspect that today the average Christian knows less of the Bible than a deist did during the revolution I know because I'm reading a book right now Colonel we're driving along reading a book about John Adams and those people back in and they knew their Bibles. Now the reason I'm making a big stink about this is because I think we're living in those days of Alija I think that we need a revival I think that there are I think there's a famine for the Word of God right now in that often precipitates when people's hearts are divided it persists precipitates other kinds of times of trouble. Could be economic or natural disasters I don't know someone asked me What's it going to take to bring revival to the church as a trouble all the godly will suffer persecution and the reason I think we're not seeing very much persecution right now is because there's not very much godly living so he said there will be neither do nor aim except my word. And then God said you know you need to take cover the word of the Lord came to him you know the word of the Lord goes to Elijah in the Word of the Lord comes from Elijah the word Lord came to him saying Get away from here and go east where them hide by the brook cherub that we're here at means cutting because they're on the eastern side of the Jordan Valley in the hills was kind of a deep cut Canyon and it came down from the area where that the Ammonites were and eventually we met up with the Jordan but much of the year you want to see any water coming out of the canyon because it dried up before it ever reached the Jordan River but higher up in the canyon and there'd be water. And God told you lied to this is a very remote desolate place few people go there because it's such a rugged country and. I'll provide for you there and I can relate to this in a very personal way because I lived in the desert Union and even in the summer time. There'd be no water coming out of talk which creek we went down to Palm Springs you have to hike up a ways and eventually you could get to where any water that was in the hills would come and hit smooth the rock it was forced to the surface you know what I mean so you'd find places in the canyon where there were pools of clear water and you could drink from even in the summertime and nobody even Trinity were near there because it was so hot getting to it and around it and so God directed him to a place like this where trees were there you notice in our scripture reading talks about a man who obeys the Lord of like a tree planted by the rivers of water doesn't matter how desert deserted or hot it might be around it it flourishes So in the canyon where I lived in the deserts around me was all dry and dead because right down in the canyon it was all lush and green appearance been there who knows what I'm talking about and most people would never find. God directly into a spot like this and he said I've spoken to the birds you'll drink from the brook and I've commanded the Ravens to feed you. So he went according to the word of the Lord and he stayed by the book charity which flows into the Jordan and the Ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and read in meat in the evening and he drank from the book brook and doesn't live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God you say amen. So things are looking pretty desperate outside he said Time would go by. A year passes and there is no rain and the earth is parched as if with fire I'm reading from prophets and King's Speech $124.00 the scorching heat of the sun destroys what little vegetation has survived streams dry out the lowing herds in the bleeding flocks wander hither and thither in distress once flourishing fields have become like burning desert sands and desolate waste the groves dedicated to the idol worship are leafless the forest trees are gone skeletons of nature they afford no shame the air is dry and suffocating dust storms blind the eyes and nearly stopped the breath once prosperous cities and villages have become places of morn of morning hunger and thirst a telling upon man and beast with fear for mortality famine with all of its horror has come closer and closer all around dying and desolation and yet alleges fat Do we need to worry about God feeding us when that time comes those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength you can read in Isaiah 3316 he will dwell on the high his place of Defense will be the fortress of rocks bread will be given him and his water will be sure and God feed his people and give them bread and water in a desert so God provided for Alija during this time will he provide for us if there is a famine for the Word of God in the land do you need to have a famine in your heart in your home you can just shrug and say yeah these are the days of Leo see as I just need to be lukewarm there's no excuse for it while that day is going to come upon most of the world as a thief Paul says that day should not come upon you as a city your children of the day and you are not a children of the night and while the world may be starving God feeds his own David said I was young and I am now old and have not seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread. You and I should be feeding on the Word of God the way the know us survived the storm was he stored away food for the coming flood you and I now need to be fortifying our mind with the truth of God's word so we can stand through that final conflict how did Jesus meet with every temptation it is written it is written it is written all 3 times you quoted from the Book of Deuteronomy I think of Jesus wanted to he quote could have quoted from memory from any book in the Old Testament I think Jesus spent a lot of time how did Jesus know the Bible did God give him some supernatural revelation or did he learn it as a child and did he learned it his mother's day like every other child he just made it his priority so God is feeding the why didn't God tell you to go gather up. Manna Why did he say I'm going to use the Ravens to feed. You know a little later Jesus said. Luke 1224 consider the Ravens no one please he says consider the birds but he specifically says Ravens and Luke 1224 consider the Ravens for they neither snow nor reap neither have the store houses or barns and God feeds them of how much of value are you than the birds it's interesting the God which is Ravens You know they're one of the smartest birds there in the corvids family they live a long time their intelligence is measured right up there with the intelligence of dogs and dolphins they're very intelligent they use tools they'll find a twig or a stick and they'll bend it and adjust it and they'll use it took to pry a grub out of a worm hole and then they save it they've got their favorite tools they put things in bottles before and they croak and figure out how to get something out of a bottle using the stick using leverage either very very clever birds and. They survive in almost any environment it's amazing how they do in our little town Sacramento. I drive to the radio program once a week and I go through this town Sunday afternoon it's always desolate and these Ravens are always on the street and I go around the corner they just hop over the yellow line they don't try to get out of the way they know he's not going to come over this line here and I think one of those a few loose birds if it was a sparrow they would float off the crows very smart so I used to wonder about. The crows me tell you an interesting story is an amazing fact $999.00 it kitten appeared in the yard of an elderly Massachusetts couple and it was so small that Wallace and included at 1st thought it was a rat actually does believe that someone had thrown the little black and white kitten over the fence into the mobile home park and they worried about its welfare until they noticed the cat had an unlikely caretaker an American Crow the Clippers watched in amazement as the crow took the kitten who they named Cassie under its wing pardon the pun and began feeding and worms in incense they couldn't believe their eyes as they watched the crow that they dove Moses feeding Cassie protecting her from other animals calling to keep her out of the street they knew no one would believe the remarkable tale unless they had proof so they began filming and photographing the playful kitten and with his watchful wing Guardian eventually the leaders were able to coax Cassie indoors with cat food she spent the evenings enjoying the luxuries of an indoor cat life but every morning at 6 am Moses the crow would peek in at the screen door looking for his friend and they let Cassie come out play with the crows now they say that it could be when the cat was little having some black fur every now and then one animal will adopt another getting confused you know and maybe the Crow thought it was an ugly little raven needed help well that got me to thinking about Alija. First of all I was thinking Where were the crows getting the bread. Now they will fly a long way and they fly straight line that's why you hear expression as the crow flies I think you read on in the story you'll find one of the only places in the kingdom you're going to find bread is in the palace of a haven't just a bell. So my mind continued to work and I picture it having just a bell setting down in the morning for breakfast and they don't have screens on the windows back and they haven't invented them yet and the Crow lands on the window hops and snatches food and bread off the table couple crows and just before they grab the food they say where is all I jam Where's Alija and they fly off. Because they can learn to speak did you know that some some crows here they can actually learn to talk. Now the Bible says Alijah was a hairy man and. It could mean he had a hairy garment in a leather belt and I don't think it means he had necessarily here like Esau but in my mind I picture that he's got you know a black hairy garment and maybe dark hair and some crows thought he was just a fat chick. And they were bringing them up so I meant you know Bird chicks are just. And. And they're bringing him. They're bringing him food every day twice a day they're feeding him with the provisions of heaven and God feed his people in a famine in the fetus in the wilderness did he feeds Jesus when he was after 40 years of fasten it as an angels came and ministered to him How do you think that Minister joy. Is the Bible say God is going to feed his people very 1260 years when the woman flees into the wilderness God provides for her there doesn't mean I don't think a little provide for us but do we need to cooperate. Every day the Lord would rain bread bread down from heaven 6 days a week I should say and the children of his will would go out of the camp and they must gather it they would need it they would roll it and put it into pans and they would bake it and then they would eat it and masticate it and swallow it in the simulated and you've got to participate you know how much it's cost people for you're going to have whole Bibles at our disposal to read the freedom to read the Word of God When care and I went to Russia in 1992. Among the many things we brought that we it was a miracle because the Iron Curtain just fallen Spangler asked if we go to a meeting in a town where they hadn't had a 70 admin is meeting in 70 years no public Angeles and we want to stop or poll and the people have not been allowed to have Bibles we brought you know we have like 15 cases of extra baggage miracle number one is that we were able to get these airlines to put that on the plane without charging us that's you that's the biggest miracle of the night isn't it. And when they argued with us tons of for quite a while we told them it was for you know if anything of Angela's have the gift of persuasion and so we you know we begged complete and said it was humanitarian and provincially that I discussed it is OK to put container of container of the plane most of it was Bibles we brought into the country now when I do one of implicit meeting in North America my custom back then was people come in opening night we give them a Bible we give them a lesson we tell them when you come tonight you get to keep the Bible and so we thought we would do the same thing in Russia these people have not been allowed to have their own Bible in 70 years. And so during the program I hadn't consulted the pastor we had all the Bible stacked up and they looked at them a little passive looking at the Bibles like we had just brought Fort Knox into the church and. And you should've seen the look on their faces and during my opening announcements to my translator I said now we're going to give each of you a Bible tonight to take home with Lesson number one and then and when I said that I said beginning of my meeting they all looked at each other they got up they walked out of my meeting I had preached my sermon yet. And they went into the lobby and they stood in line so they would be in line to get a Bible. They were so used to standing in lines back then from shortages as soon as they knew there might be a line that's all they want to was a Bible every priest my sermon so I said the pastor what do we do. About it I says you giving these Bibles and we'll come back to these bums you know how much they're worth so little sell on the black market as Will someone who buys it all read it will think and so we had quite a discussion right here at the beginning that we had this meeting with translators right on the platforms everybody kind of walked out of the meeting. And we said I said give out the Bible so come back and give out the Bibles and finally this hour and you know the stubborn Americans so they gave out the bibles and I think just about everybody came back again and. Care and I were walking around later during those meetings and we'd see people in the park that had Bibles they got from our meetings and they were stroking them like in disbelief like it was a love letter from God and I never seen anything like. This is how it is now in China when you get bibles over there is where people still difficult many places for them get their own Bible and here we've got so many Bibles Why is it such an important book. It's because man doesn't live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the house from the mouth of God I meant the Scriptures is what it's all about and we need to acquaint ourselves with him and be at peace George Miller said the vigor of our spiritual life will be in exact proportion to the place held by the Bible in our life and thoughts that except that I agree the vigor of our spiritual life will be in proportion to the place held by the Bible in our thought and in our lives Luther said he studied the Bible like he gathered apples 1st he shook the whole tree and he shook the branches then he searched the Lambs and then he looked behind every leaf Mahatma Gandhi said the reading of the New Testament has given me comfort and boundless joy you can read. Abraham Lincoln said Take this book as far as you can upon reason take the balance upon faith you'll live and die a better man Lincoln also said I believe the Bible is the best gift God ever gave demand all the good from the savior of the world is communicated to us through this book I don't think we appreciate what a gift we have and especially as 70 administrations you know a years ago I heard. Some tourists were going through Yellowstone Park and everybody that goes in there you'll see signs this is please do not feed the bears. And yet the bears come up to the cars and people are taking pictures and some folks inevitably will say all the cute bear looks like a teddy bear you know and they'll see little baby bears and so the Loper in the window of this little crack in the toss up some donuts and things and so they can get a good picture you know the kind that there's a state park rangers is not enough to watch everything the tourists do all the time. And one of the one of the people who were going through the park they came up to arrange rooms and you got these signs everywhere that says Please do not feed the bears he says but you know I still see turns feeding the barracks This is ya'll It's really sad is is really dangerous but it's a more than anything it's that and he said because what happens is those bears get so used to being fed junk food by the terrorists that they don't really learn to feed themselves and when winter comes we have to go around with a back on pick up their bodies because they frozen and start there is a famine coming there is a storm coming Jesus said the wise man is the one who hears these words of mine and does he is building on the rock at least of who hears them he doesn't knew him what would be even more foolish if someone had them and he doesn't even hear them how is he going to survive the storm how is she going to survive the storm we're going to be challenged on why we believe what we believe Peter said we need to be ready always to give an answer to anyone who asks us the reason for the hope that is in us with meekness and fear we need to be ready to tell someone why we believe what we believe now how can that change you know the quickest way to remember the Bible is to give it away I don't I don't remember the Scriptures unless I read them and then share them with someone else in giving Bible studies and doing evangelism you remember your brain store things in a different place when you actually when you read it that's one place but then when you have to recall it to give to someone else it locks it in at another place it is a lot closer to the surface and you'll find in sharing your faith with others you may be saving yourself because as you give it away you get to keep it so my appeal to you tonight would be friends there's a famine coming there may be a famine here now for The Word of God I think there's some very difficult times ahead. In the country in the church in the world we're going to get hit broadside with a star and I'm not to saying that to try to sound like I'm crying that the sky is falling I'm saying because the Bible says it and we're going to need a faith that is rooted on the Word of God Everything that could be shaken will be shaken and unless you know where you stand with Jesus based on his word. You're on shifting sand how much time do you spend with the Lord how much time do you spend in His Word you have regular times every day where you get up and you read the word and if you're not doing anything now don't start by trying to read through the whole Bible in a month start doing something religiously nothing wrong with being religious about this say I am going to read this many versus I'm going to read a chapter I'm going to do something and you might say I'm not getting anything out of it do it anyway do it and you eventually will you might be surprised what you're getting and you don't know you're getting it good Bible tapes play them in your car I do everything I know how to do to try to keep it in my head I have it on my phone I have it in the car I listen to sermons on the radio. I try to share with people I have to study to reach and I'm just like you and yet I struggle. To keep focused on God to serve so many things to distract us we need to spend some time in the word friends. Jesus said I am the bread of life he said except you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you what does he mean by saying eat my flesh when he gave them bread it is death we need to take Christ into us through His Word He is the brother came down from heaven would you like Jesus and you we all say that how do you think it happens if his word abides in you then Christ to violence. So friends I'd like to encourage you and appeal to you that we really have a revival Your see revival the camp meeting. Yet on your knees when you go back to your room in your cabin or wherever you're at your tent at one of what would happen of everybody tonight said I'm going to go open the Word of God and read until I get something when you stop eating when you're full when you stop reading when you feel like you've got something get on your knees and say Lord speak to me through your word he is the author he will what would happen if everybody did then what would would it change the spiritual level with all of us and be a little closer to God at the next meeting if you come to camp meeting and you leave and you don't increase your spiritual input and of many of you do this I'm speaking of those of you that which I like the church in like a camp meeting like the religion and what you're not really in the word open his word see if he doesn't keep his promise and speak your heart the promises of you draw near to God He will draw near to you Jesus said You will search me Jeremiah 2930 you will search me and you will find me you say men when you search for Me with all of your heart Father in heaven you promise if we seek you will find Lord if we knock the local we ask will receive we believe that in many respects there is a famine for your were in the country in the world among your people in Christians in general but there is no reason that we need to have a famine you can feed us with bread from heaven like you did Alija and water from the brook. Lord I pray that you will just inspired each of us with a hunger in a thirst for righteousness that will realize how crucial it is to our spiritual health and survival that we spend time in your word I pray Lord you just pour out your spirit on this can't meeting every person family division and I pray that we can have priced in us the hope of glory is a prayer in his name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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