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Part 2 - The Widow with Wonder Bread

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • June 21, 2018
    8:00 PM
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Welcome If this is your 1st evening with us who are. In my part of the program doing the series on the Elijah and we are living in the days of Elijah and what I mean by that is the same the same issues that created a catalysts for a legit account and for Jesus to come I believe those things are going to precipitate the 2nd coming of Jesus and we are in that time now God is looking for the message of Alija to call his people back to the Lord once again and so if you have your Bibles I invite you to turn with me to the 2nd book I'm sorry 1st kings 1st Kings Chapter 17 will briefly review where we are alleges the name is mentioned about $100.00 times in the Bible. Like no kill that icky seems the sort of drop out of the sky I don't hear much about is heritage It just says one day he marches into the presence of the King and pronounces a curse because of the sins of the people and their spiritual harlotry they were going after other gods being in it encouraged by just a bell to do so or instigated you read in chapter 17 verse one second 1st kings and Alijah the Tishbite of the inhabitants of Gilliard said day happened as the Lord God of Israel lives before whom I stand there will not be do nor reign these years except in my Were you know Joseph also predicted a famine to me. Then the word of the Lord came to him sane get away from here and turn eastward and hide by the brook cherish which flows into the Jordan and it will be that you will drink from the brook and I've commanded the Ravens to feed you there so he went and did according to the word of the Lord notice 1st word of the Lord came from him then the word of the Lord came to him and then he'll Baze the word of the Lord that's a good pattern and he went and he stayed by the brook chair which flows into the Jordan and the Ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening and he drank from the brook we don't know how long he was there exactly but you read in the next verses it happened after a while the brook drying up we've had a few famines or I should say droughts in Northern California since I live there our families had a home in the hills for 40 years and there are certain springs that are year round springs even in the summer you can find water but during the years of drought some of them were dry and there are huge dependable springs that you could count on that seem to have water even in the times of drought well nice pools where Alija was staying gradually he noticed the water level was going down you noticed instead of it being a little waterfall it turned into a stream and then the little trickle and he was wondering what was going to happen because even if the breads were bringing him food. He didn't expect the Ravens to bring him water and I don't suppose he was very worried because he thought you know. That same God that's been giving me a miracle from heaven every day is not going to let me perish but you know God Sometimes God sometimes brings his miracles just at the last minute. When we were in Russia they had a proverb there it says God is never late but he seldom early. And it seems like he sometimes waits until your water has run out and your food has run out before you strike the rock and before you collect the manna you may test your faith so gradually the book dried up now that doesn't sound fair does it because a lie just didn't disobeyed the Lord why is he suffering because of the sins of the people do the right is also suffer along with the wicked. Didn't Jesus say that God sends the sunshine on the just in the end just like and also in the whole creation groans and travails waiting to be delivered the whole world right now is suffering because of the results of sin it's like a garment that is waxing old and it shows veils to be delivered and we know Jesus is going to come soon because if he did and Jesus said that there'd be no flesh that would survive men would self-destruct eventually and so even the righteous they suffer because of the sins of the wicked and so eventually the book dried up. And at that point God then gave him the next instructions and the word of the Lord came to him and verse 8 same arising go to 0 fath which belongs as I and there. I have commanded a widow to provide for you as you read on you'll find that she hadn't gotten the word yet but God had prepared a person in advance and so hero's not knowing exactly where he went he knew he was going to Arafat which is about 90 miles but didn't know where he was Steyn you know as we traveled here and I made some hotel arrangements along the way and we get confirmation and you got it to the address save to get the G.P.S. to get you there but in Bible times God has said go west. And there's a woman there oh well can I have a photo Lord trust me can you give me a name a number like text them let you know when you need to know you know God still leads in divine ways tell you quick story we have. An evangelist with amazing facts he's now Baxley pastor and he. Was a Pentecostal pastor and. He began to watch amazing facts programs and study the material and he became convicted about the Sabbath but he you know was an associate pastor of one of the largest Pentecostal churches in Sacramento and really struggled and finally one day he just was so overwhelmed with conviction that this was the Sabbath he woke up one Saturday morning and he thought this is the sound that I need to go to church and he just felt this impression you know where to go to church so while he's under this conviction he gets up and he gets dressed and he puts on a suit and he walks out his front door and he things one of my new and I have no idea where I'm going and never been to an administrator's and right when he's in standing in his front yard he sees up the street a family steps out of the house a father and mother 2 or 3 kids and they get in a car and God says follow them. And so he gets in his car he wondered if you really had that impression and as they pull out he has it easy for me doing the crazy when he pulls out and starts following that as well you know at least I'll get towards a freeway because I don't know exactly where I'm going anyway and Mays Well well they start winding around town. And he's you know like a CIA agent he's trying to track him he's keeping up with these people you know he's racing them through lights and stuff to not get stuck where it turns yellow and he doesn't make it in time and then they get out on the freeway interstate 80. And they're just heading west and he's saying he's arguing with himself all along the way says this is the craziest thing I've ever done so I don't know who these people are they lived a few houses down but I've never met them I don't know who they are I don't know where they're going to be going to Japan I don't know where they're going and here I am I'm trying to follow them all this kept of well pretty soon they turned off the freeway he still following them is like 10 miles that's a long time to argue with yourself. About whether or not you're sane but he couldn't shake the impression that God told him to follow that family then they pulled into an office park and he thinks what am I doing here they got out and he saw them pull Bibles out of their car and they walked from the car into the building he got out of his car and he followed them in and it was a 70 administrates plant and he began to worship there and this was a plant that came from Sacramento central eventually he came over and worship with us after ties and studied became evangelist and now is a pastor in Colorado is an amazing testimony how God leads I don't know if it's in my book or not I woke up one morning and was impressed I was supposed to go to this Sunday church and preach it's actually Easter Sunday and. I thought that's crazy I'm just going to walk and say I'm here to preach but. I just I had this impression and so I went I I went down to the faith tabernacle and I came and I came a little late and they were having the prayer before the worship service and then a Pentecostal church if you've ever been there you know they prayed make the they pray and then they kind the pray in tongues and then they can work themselves up in a lather in the music is playing where they pray and then it settles down and they all kind in are you know it's time and the pastor stood up and he said. We're not testimonies it took a couple testimonies and it's a small town and he said I see Brother Joe is here a brother don't you have a word for the Lord. And I thought Is this really happening. And I said. I said Pastor whole I said you know us preachers I said I don't have just they were. And he said will you come on up and preach. So I went up and I preached and I made an altar call some of them came forward speaking in tongues. And. One of the ladies that responded. Came to me later she said Aren't you the pastor of the minister said yes she started coming to the administrators and she joined and I just know that the Lord brought me there that day God still leads providentially. And so he told a line to go to 0 fast and so he rose and he went Does Arafat and he makes his 90 mile trip and he's probably traveling some at night and things I expect look very different from when he had 1st announced the judgment to Ahab and when he left some area and he went to hide in the brook. Everything was lush and green cattle were fat everything looked good and now he leaves it's very different picture there's the signs of famine and starvation everywhere everything is parched dust and dust devils are blowing around the country there are carcasses of starved animals laying here in there and so as he walks through the land he can already see the results so he gets up to the gates of his Arafat and it tells us a widow was there gathering sticks and he doesn't know exactly who were disposed to be and it's kind of like Elie asr when he went to find a wife for Isaac he went to the gates of the city in the said a prayer and God providentially put him in touch with Rebecca. For memory put out that fleece and said. You know if I asked for a drink of water and she offers to water the camels that's a good test of service let her be the one that happened at the gates of the city so he's there and alive her praises or at Lord I don't know who it is and he says it would all come out she's gathering sticks and he's got a test in this test is about a drink of water to the several stories about where did Jacob meet his wife Rachel is that a well where did Moses meet his wife at a well and if you single. There. You gotta find a water fountain to hang out. And where did Jesus talk to the woman at a well I tell you which woman but you knew. So he says he sees are there he says please drink bring me a little water in a cup that I might drink not asking for a lot bring a little now when someone asked for a drink of water it was really hard to say no I like to sort of a type of crisis and 8 years this woman me asked for a drink and it was like Jesus asked for a drink and Jesus revealed himself to a non Jewish woman that he was the messiah here Alijah is going to reveal the true God to this gentile woman and it starts by asking for a drink and they still had some water in the bottom of the well they just had nothing in the fields and so she says All right we'll. Get a drink and while she is on her way to get the drink he says something outrageous and he said please bring me a morsel like counties to St Just a little of bread in your hand and he's human he's hungry yes and seen the Ravens bring him anything in 90 miles so she said at that point her shoulders slumped. And she said as the Lord your God lives and you know this that she says the Lord that's capital L. in your bible she's saying job in your god she could tell you there from his speech or his attire that he was a Jew and I expect that she had been praying to Jehovah a lot of people saw what happened is really turned away from God and all these bad things started happening and keep in mind she says I don't in. The king of tire used in Tire and Sidon were 2 twin cities used to have a good relationship with Solomon and with David he helped build the house for David and they were peace and he supplied lumber and he knew about the true God and he blessed David and he blessed Solomon when he became king and so they knew about you hope they were their nearest neighbors and so when he said as the Lord your God lives so notice how many times that same as the more lives what is what is a lie just say as the Lord God of Israel lives that's what he said to a have the name as a lord your God lives I do not have any bread of just got a handful of flour I've no bread made all I have left is a little flour in a bin and a little bit of oil in a jar and see I'm gathering a couple of sticks look at the meager Missy's I'm not even gathering bundle of sticks just a couple of sticks a little oil all little Bring it that I might go in prepared for myself and my son that we might even die or about to have our last supper and I'm just scraping together enough wood to heat up one little bun will break it in half we're going to eat that and then we'll wait for starvation to take us what a pitiful picture but I expect that woman had been praying and I think she'd been praying to Jehovah and God knew that you know Jesus when he began his ministry he stood up in his home church and he referenced this woman firsts. Did you know that in Nazareth it was a scripture. He said Surely he said to his hometown church 1st he said you want to quote spirit of the Lord is upon me for he is anointed me he's calling himself the anointed he said surely the scripture is fulfilled today in your ears I am the anointed you know when you start sharing the gospel you started home don't you and then he saw the looks on their faces and he said Verily some of you here are going to say physician here kill yourself and he says there were many widows in the land in the days of Alija when God said if they haven't heard 3 naff years but he wasn't certain to a Jewish widow he was sent to a heathen widow and that outraged them of all the places he could go why would he go to a gentile you know it was one generation after Jesus preached that sermon there were more gentile Christians and Jewish Christians the Gospel was supposed to be taken by the Jews to the Gentiles course that happened at Pentecost a lot there's only one time that Jesus made a for a that we know of other than when he was a child he went to Egypt during his ministry he went once out of the territory of Israel you know where he went to Zion there a fact area and what did he do he performed a miracle for a gentile woman healed her daughter is part that thought it comes up later she said we just have a little bit how much can you do with a little bit of faith just have a little oil this have a little bread a couple of sticks. What can you do with that Jesus said If you've got faith as a grain of mustard seed you can say to this mountain be plucked up and cast into the sea and it will be done a lie just saw she struggling he said Do not fear you know often Jesus said Do not fear father said Lord can you come in heal my daughter and while Jesus was on the way a woman reaches out and touches him and she's healed. And she's afraid trembling It is Jesus said who touched me so don't be afraid go on go in. Peace and then a messenger comes to Gerry's and says your daughter's died and he can see Jerry says Faith sink in Jesus and don't be afraid just believe disciples on the boat why are you so afraid their god want to live in fear or those who want to live in faith he said Don't be afraid do not fear go and do as you've said you're going give me a drink of water and you can make a cake but make a small cake from it 1st and bring it to me afterward make some for yourself and your son while the audacity. He sounds like a televangelist and me. Is a need 1st I know that you're on Social Security in a fixed income and I know you have almost no money in the bank but you write a check to our ministry and God bless you have you heard that sermon before. This would make a great claimant a name a sermon your prosperity preaching they call it blab it and grab it it's just you know so you say whatever you want is going to happen to you why did he say that she's starving he says make a cake for me 1st well it's a real test of faith isn't it so when you give your gifts do you wait until you see that all your needs are taken care of and then you see what you have left for God did Jesus say unless you love me more than father or mother or son or daughter you are not worthy of me does the Bible say See key 2nd the Kingdom of Heaven there is God tell us to bring him the 2nd fruits does God have 1st place in your life or do you see if after you've done what you want to do and what you want to buy if you have something left for God If you would put God 1st what is the promise. Seek 1st his kingdom is righteousness and everything else will be added You know it's interesting that. When Solomon became king you made a very generous sacrifice and that night after you made the sacrifice and give me in the temple wasn't built yet a Lord appeared to him it's a Solomon love the Lord walking and all the commandments of the Lord and the Lord appeared to him and he said ask what I shall give you and you could have asked for a lot of different things but the principal thing on his mind was he said I don't know how to go out or come and I'm just a child and here you've made me king of your people that are like the sand of the sea and give me an understanding heart so I can know between right and wrong and God was very pleased in the thing that Solomon asked for and he said because you have asked for this because you put my kingdom 1st and you did not say well now that you mention it Lord I'd like to be the richest King who's ever lived and I'd like to be the smartest King he's ever lived and I'd like to be the most famous. Because you put me in my kingdom 1st I'm going to give you the things you didn't ask for and he gave him riches and he gave him wisdom you know Jesus I think was alluding to this when he said he 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else you need will be added the God do that for Solomon he said he put God's kingdom for us and everything else was added to him and so it tells us that he said Go make a cake for me 1st do not fear no if you that woman what would you do. You say you crazy preacher who wouldn't be and you know the guys wearing all of a hairy garment and and oh a leather belt and if you see some you know apparently a homeless person during a famine saying Just trust me I've got a word from the Lord give me the 1st cake you make and you'll have plenty for yourself. But there's something about a line Jay He had a relationship with God like Moses talking to God on the mountain he shined a little bit and I think that she recognized there was something special and he said put it put me 1st put God 1st and. Afterward you make some for yourself and your son knows what he gives a promise and by the Word of God for that says the Lord God of Israel the BEEN of flour will not be used nor shall the jar of oil run dry until the day the Lord sends rain on the earth now he's making a promise I'm promising you just like I said there's going to be famine for years I'm promising that God is going to supply for you through that famine if you receive me now who is allied you represent is very name means my lord is Jehovah he is a type of Christ we'll talk later in this series about how Alijah ascends to heaven and a double portion of the Spirit comes down or does Jesus do he sends to heaven he sends the spirit there's so many analogies to Alijah in Jesus and so he makes this promise now I just want to pause for a moment what is oil represent Holy Spirit she's got a little oil left what is bread represent the Word of God One of the 2 sticks represent what's across made out might be a stretch but the only thing I can think of. I wish I had a 2nd witness somewhere in the Bible if you get an idea you can come to me but I'm pretty sure about the 1st 2 he supplies the bread and He multiplies the oil notice what happens so she goes away and she does according to the word of a lighter. And because she follows the word of a lie to the word of the Lord was in a lie just mouth it says that. She and he and her household is not just her son there's evidently maybe other family or servants in the house they ate for many days and the been the flour was not used up nor did the jar of oil run dry according to the word of the Lord that He spoke by a line judge is a number of a videos I'm going to ask the angels to replay for me when I get to heaven and one is going to be what it looked like when she reached into the barrel took her scoop of flour and made a made a cape then looked in and there was more in the next day she took it out and there was more and the next day she took it out and there was more have you ever experienced God multiply for you before how he can stretch things as the Bible tell us that God told the children of Israel if you follow me your shoes will not wear out your garments will not wear away bless what you have if you put God 1st as he say you'll open the windows of heaven does God say Opal I will open for you the windows of heaven. And then you can pay me tight or does he say bring your tithes and offerings into the store house and test me if I will not open for you the windows of heaven we put God 1st and then he says You see if I don't take care of you in the wilderness any prepare a table for the people one time the people got tired of eating bread started to complain Moses said what I'm going to do with these people they're tired of a man a man a man a man a serial man a for lunch man of burgers and loaf at night it's always a man a man a man. And God swallow all give you some quail to break it up and Moses says the lord where are you going to get enough quail for all these people. And God said to Moses is the hand of the Lord shorten since when if you come to doubt me and then you know the Lord sent a wind and it brought his quail they were piled up 3 feet deep and everybody ate so much longer it's sick. God is able to supply he's able to supply and overflow as a woman came to a life. And she said your servant my husband has died one of the sons of the prophets before he died he took out a loan to pay for our home on our farm and then he died he's left us in debt the creditor keeps coming and asking for collections and I've given him everything i got we gave him everything in the house that's of any worth and we can't keep making the payments anymore he said next time he comes he's going to take my sons now they could do that in Bible times by the way the 2nd Kings chapter for your member the man in Matthew Chapter 18 they couldn't pay his debts and the king said that he should be sold and his wife and his children. You couldn't file Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 and just shrug your shoulders back and if you couldn't pay your debts they could take everything and everyone. That woman said to Alicia I don't know what to do and he said What do you have she said I don't have anything left I've taken everything except I do have a little of laws of oil on the mantel don't you have a table any more just sitting on the mantle Now why would they keep oil for the last thing or oil a symbol of the Spirit well is very very precious All of oil was used for healing in the Bible it was used for beauty it was used for religious purposes it was used for light kept the lamp burning it started fires with it it was used for warmth. I mean it was in one of the most precious commodities all she had was a little oil ally she said OK Use what you do have to tell your sons to go through the neighborhood at their Radio Flyer wagon and collecting empty vessels from all of the neighbors and then after you get them all in your house bar all these empty vessels take the oil that you've got in that little jar and pour it out and you'll see what God will do so you don't question a life. He did twice as many miracles as Alijah so she tells her boys to go through the neighborhood they all knew she was struggling this it can we please borrow any empty vessels you have and it's all we got the I got a short when you're going to call when you're going to wide when to go in when to correct when they go use different pots and the S.S. and she brings them into the house and they shut the door she in her voice and she takes a little jar of oil that she has and she begins to pour and it just keeps pouring and it keeps pouring and she never gets beyond 45 degrees just before it and she stops and she said I'd take that when it's bring another one and another one and another one our houses filled with these vessels of oil that's worth a lot more than motor oil back then and finally when all of us was over our full she says her voice rang another one they said there's none left they're all full and then the the oil stopped flowing God does not work miracles for us in our abundance he works miracles for us in our extremity What if we finish the story of a life. She goes back to elections is what do I do now he said we'll go take it sell it pay your debt you'll have money left over to live on God not only supplied enough to pay the debt there was an abundance Doesn't it say in some 23 my cup runs over God is a God who will bless you if you put him 1st what would have happened to that woman if when a lie just said go make one for me 1st if she said you know that's a little too much to ask I think most of us would think that way with the story be in the Bible I wonder how many miracles we've missed in our lives because we didn't put God to the test God says Prove me see if I don't supply your needs see if I don't keep my word if you seek 1st my kingdom if I don't open for you the windows of heaven. If I don't supply and I'm not just talking finances but it certainly includes that whatever it is see if I don't supply you need I think we've missed so many miracles so God open the windows of heaven and the oil kept flowing you know the interesting thing about that story I just shared in the 2nd Kings that's really the pattern for church growth what is your oil. Of the Spirit what is a woman church and what is a pot a vessel all said We are vessels God makes different vessels she brings all these empty vessels into her home she's just got a little bit of oil but she pours out the little bit of oil that she has and they're all filled and she is blessed in the process what a thing happened to her faith wouldn't it be nice if we went through our neighborhoods and brought all the empty vessels to our house if we said a prayer and then begin to share what little bit we've got pouring out the oil and watch God perform a miracle and there's an abundance metaphor and while I'm on the subject turn with me to Mark Chapter 6 we're talking about the miracle of bread multiplying here go to Mark 6 in the if you look in verse 35. Jesus has finished an episode of preaching and it says when the day was now far spent his disciples came to him and said This is a deserted place we're in the wilderness here there's no bazaars a place of you can buy food it's a late send them away they can go into the surrounding country and buy something for themselves the eat they've had nothing to eat you know that's the wonderful thing about Jesus is teaching was so profound that he could talk all day long and people would lose track of time because they were so in wrapped with the power of the truth that he spoke and whereas when I preach I see everybody kind of. And you know. But. They said send the people away so they can get something to eat where did Jesus say the Apostles you give them something to eat don't send them away they said Shall we go and buy 200 in the area with a bread to give them just something to eat. And what does Jesus say what do you have. Sort of thinking about what you don't have what do you have all we just got a few crumbs we had 5 loaves and a couple of sardines but what is that among so many what do you have I have loaves and 2 fish he commanded them to sit them down in groups on the green grass and they sat down in ranks of hundreds and fifties as part of the way that Moses used to divide leadership 2 and when they had taken the 5 loaves and the 2 fish he looked up to heaven what does that mean he blessed and he broke them that means that they took what they had and they gave it to Jesus Jesus blessed it and gave it back are you with me when we consecrate what we have to the Lord What of that woman do with the lives he said Give me one 1st she had to take the little she had and put it in his hands and once she did that god then did the miracle and supplied everything she needed they took the loaves little bit they've got they give it to Jesus and Jesus then takes the little they have that is consecrated he looks to heaven that's what we need to do he blesses it. He gives it back to them they then break it and it's evidently is expanding in their hands talked about bread rising it just keeps expanding in their hands and they can't give it away fast enough it takes the swelling they're seeing that spray foam you do that expands turns and insulation as wonderful stuff to watch you know don't touch it it's all sticky though. But it's like that it's like Jesus gave the bread isn't very give it away quick it'll swallow you know it just began to spread in there I don't know if it was like that but so on the think about that's the other video I want to see. As what it looked like as the disciples were breaking the bread and what do you think the expression was on the disciples face when they took the bread they said he said give it to the people were Jesus broke and he started out with 5 loaves and somehow they got split among 12 and that's why our minds because you're How do you get how that happened OK let's say it's bread and they hand it would that it's still there they had a let's give multiplying and the fish they break off a fish tail another one would grow and they just thought i would happen but I want to see it don't you if. They does it just kept spreading and not only did everybody get fed there were 12 baskets of leftovers they end up with more than they started with. Who got the biggest blessing in the process the disciples were a little boy he got a big blessing he had no idea that is mom could cook like that. But. The disciples feeling that multiply in their hands is a wonderful thing you can give a Bible study and you just you so afraid and you don't know what you're going to do you know what you're going to say in and somehow when it comes time to say something God starts putting words in your mouth because sharing the gospel is the most important thing in the world to the Lord isn't that right he says he wants to say people he wants you use you and I to say people and if you say Lord I'm willing for you to use me to save people well you just better fasten your seat belt as God is going to work miracles to use you if you're willing to be used there is no limit to the usefulness of someone who would lay self aside and make room for the working of the Holy Spirit in their lives it's unlimited to what God can do the harvest is great the laborers are few there's a lot of empty vessels in your community they need to be brought into our homes this woman invited. Alija to come in her house he also didn't just come out he went stayed in the upper room what does that mean. Go back to 1st Kings Chapter 17 the been a flower verse 16 the been the flower was not used up nor did the jar of oil run dry according to the word of the Lord which he spoke biologically everything that God says through life and happens but as some time went by it happened after these things that the son of the woman who owned the house became sick and his sickness was so serious there was no breath left in him and that translates that his spirit was gone he died so she said to Alijah with a broken heart what have I to do with you all man of God How do you come to bring my cinder remembrance and to kill my son she's knowing he's a holy men she's becoming aware because he's living in her home of her own holiness and you know if you invite God into your heart and into your home you may feel conviction about your sin but he didn't allow this to happen because a verse and you wanted to strengthen our faith remember when Martha and Mary said Lord why did you let this happen with Lazarus Jesus said don't be afraid it's going to end good have you done this to call my sin to remember to kill my son he said to her Give me your son now this is a that's a good verse you may want to underline I don't know I expect there's some of you out there that have children and grandchildren that may have been raised knowing the truth or maybe you were converted or they were not and you are praying for loved ones that are laws you're praying for children what does God say to you and me Give me your son give me your daughter place them in his arms and ask God to do whatever he needs to do to reach them he said Give me your son. So he took him out of her arms she was cradling the boy in her arms and in a live shot no doubt a lighter rather he had been living in his home and you know you spend time with people he probably grown fond of the boy and would watch him grow and play during the the months or maybe even years he was in the house and it was breaking his heart too that the boy had done so he took him out of her arms and carried him to the upper room where he was stain Have you heard of her rooms spoken of before in the Bible where was the Holy Spirit poured out. Upper Room where did Jesus have the Last Supper upper room where did he lie show resurrect the boy upper room where did Peter resurrect Dorcas upper room you got another room. Took him into her upper room it's the inner sanctum the Holy of Holies where he states and he stretched himself out for you 1st he prays to the Lord verse 20 cries out to the Lord says Oh Lord my God how do you also run tragedy on the widow with whom I lodged by killing her son and he stretched them out on the child 3 times and he cried out to the Lord and said Oh Lord my God I pray let this child's soul come back to him now it didn't happen the 1st time so I just give up I guess that meant the child was going to be doomed it didn't happen the 2nd time but a light does include Easy does it it turns out he prayed 3 times how many days was Jesus in the tomb 3 days at what point does this miracle take place I want you to notice something after this experience the Bible says God then tells Elijah that the famine is going to end and he goes to meet with a half how long was a famine 3 and a half years so and after 3 and a half years there is a resurrection in the upper room. Where does Jesus reveal Himself to His disciples Sunday afternoon you 1st see he appears to the women but he waits until he's in the upper room how long did Jesus preach 3 and a half years or you seen some parallels between the story of Elijah and the story of Jesus he stretched himself upon the child and he said Lord I pray let this child's soul come back to him in the Lord heard the voice of Alijah Alijah is doing something here called me to me he is going to the Lord in behalf of the woman now what is a woman represent. Where does a lie and you go to survive during the famine and also the woman and what is he doing there he's feeding through his miracle through His Word the woman is fed miraculously through the miracle the oil is multiplied in this woman's house through the miracle of alive his presence there is a resurrection because the whole Gospel in the story can you say men this that moves me. And he said see your son live as. A lord revive the boy he took the child and brought him down from the upper room and gave him to his mother and a line to said see your son lives now there are 7 miracle births in the Bible all 7 of those miracle births are boys they are all types of Christs let me see if I can remember them Isaac is a type of Christ goes up the mountain with the wood on his back is a willing sacrifice it got Rachel son Joseph she was barren Joseph is betrayed by his own brothers sold for the price of a slave and he forgives them. Jacob Isaac's wife Rebecca was fair Jacob is the father of the 12 patriarchs he's a type of Christ's. You've got the shoe might woman her boy dies out in the field. When harvesting with a father she is barren she has his miracle boy but he dies and he's resurrected by Eli shop you've got it Samson is a miracle birth he dies stretching out his arms to save God's people from their enemies a type of crisis you've got John the Baptist's And then you've got Samuel who is a judge and a priest for the people of God and Jesus is our priest and our judge isn't that interesting you get these miracle verse in the Bible and here you've got another resurrection of the boy and these are types of Christ you know. Each one of the miracles of resurrection Jesus did was increasingly more difficult the 1st resurrection Jesus does is for a girl who had just barely died Jerry says daughter 12 years old he raises her and then he raises the widow of Nain son even that long enough he was on his way to the cemetery so he can raise sons and daughters Amen then he raises Lazarus who had been dead for 4 days then Jesus raises him self that's pretty hard says I lay down my life and I have power to take it up again by his spoken word and then some day he's going to come in me the dead in Christ are going to rise when he comes right dead a Christ rise 1st and then of course you get a big resurrection of the end of the 1000 years you believe the Lord can perform a miracle if it wasn't for the resurrection we'd have no miracle would we would have no gospel Paul said if you don't believe in the resurrection of Christ your faith is in vain the whole idea of our existence is because we believe that God can create from nothing if we believe God can make Adam from the dust and why would we doubt that Jesus could be raised why would we doubt that we could live again this is what gives us hope it's through faith in this miracle I'm going to close with this verse and Jonathan is going to make his way up and he's going to be singing for me as we close and then like to pray with you Hebrews 1132. And what shall I more say for time would fail me to tell you of Gideon and barrack and Samson And Jephthah also David and Samuel in the prophets who through faith subdued kingdoms work to righteousness obtain promises stop the miles of lines talking about then maybe Samson quenched the violence of the fire Shadrach the shack Abednego a scape the edge of the sword could be get in and out of the weakness were made strong became a valiant in battle turn to flight the armies of the aliens and notice this women receive their dead raised to life again do you think Paul's talking about would be a lie and you could be a lie should we both did this story is a story of when that woman took the step of faith to invite the man of God into her home that there was a miracle of supply that took place and a miracle of life that took place and it's very similar to what Jesus does when we invite Him into our homes and into our churches that he provides for us but you know what the test was it was that they were surrounded by famine can you live a holy life in a famine plagued world can you be fed with the Word of God when everyone around you is starving will your bread and water be sure. This is a story that tells us if we seek 1st his kingdom he will supply for us you believe it and he can give you new life as he did in that woman's house. How many of you today would like to say Lord by your grace. I want to invite you into my upper room. I want to put you 1st in my life for father mother husband wife. And Lord I'm going to put all that I am and all the have on the all that you might feed me with the bread of life give me the oil of your spirit cause a resurrection in mind. That you desire. Other in heaven. Lord we believe we've heard your word tonight that never fails and you are the same God that you always have been you know that Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us and now he's at the right hand of our father pleading in our behalf. Lord in the same way that Alija interceded for a new life and that woman's home we pray for a new life in your church. That you bring revival or we believe there's a famine in the last we're living in the days of great compromise we pray that we may not be part of the problem a part of the solution. Search us and Shreyas Lord if there's anything in our lives that we're holding back give us the faith in the courage to put that on the old right now and make a full surrender. Or your blessing on these convocations that medians you with every speaker filled him with your spirit. To do the work you've called us to do and for your return we thank you pray all this believing in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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