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This is Life Eternal

Dan Vis



  • March 22, 2019
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven I thank you for this opportunity to study your word and just to review some of these promises you've given their familiar we all know them we've read them before but I pray that somehow they would just speak to us and a new fresh way that something would be kindled in our heart you would just encourage us and strengthen us tonight thank you so much again we invite the Holy Spirit to be here and I pray this in Jesus' name amen I promise I want to talk about is found in the book to John one of the most 3000000 promises I'm sure you probably all could quote this John Chapter 14. John Chapter 14 in the verse one the Bible says that not your heart be what troubles you believe in God believe also in me and then this amazing wonderful promise in my Father's house are many mansions or some version say many rooms if it were not so would have told you I go to prepare a place for for you for me for each of us and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself that where and there you may be also you know in the context uses is meeting with his disciples there in the upper room and he knows he's about ready to go through the most difficult part of his experience here on earth he's about ready to be arrested and taken to the cross and and we know the whole story and he's meeting with the disciples here at this last minute trying to prepare them for the worst crisis of their life. He says I'm going to be leaving you skip back just a few verses a Chapter 13 verse 33 Jesus little children yet just a little while I'm with a I'm not going to be here much longer you're going to look for me you're going to seek me and as I said to the Jesus where I go you cannot come so now I say to you just like I told you do I'm going to be leaving I'm going away and you're not going to be able fine you're going to want to look for me are going to want me to be there but you're not going to be able to find me a new time on earth was almost finished he was about to return to his Father in heaven wherever that is somewhere up there you know one of the stars up there maybe and he's going to be leaving the disciples behind verse 36 chapter 13 Peter said Lord where were you going and Jesus answered where I go you cannot follow me now but you shall follow me afterwards and you get there's going to be a little delay there's going to be a way there's going to be some things you have to go through 1st but the day is coming you are going to be able to go to heaven to you're going to have to go to the same place I'm going you can imagine what's going to be liked to go to heaven I don't know about you but I have a real interest in. The. You know the space industry is it's burgeoning right now you know I'm just really fascinated by astronomy and I try and keep up with quantum physics I don't really understand it but I read every news article that comes out you know I'm interested in Einstein relativity and you know I try to keep up with all the latest technology news keeping up with NASA in fact today I had a little time this afternoon I was thinking maybe you had to drive over to Hawthorne and go to Space X. you know it's either good just to said been there you know I'm going into it's like I don't have a lot of hobbies this side of the Bible and whatever but I thought if I have one hobby this is probably trying to keep up with what's happening in our world and just imagine what it be like to be able to go to visit other planets. Sometimes I think the reason I'm fascinated by this is when I look at all the suffering in this world and I saw so much of it as a pastor so many got close to people and we had a pretty good sized church and so many people are going through so many different struggles and challenges and your heart just breaks you almost feel like you kind of trapped in this world you think I could just get out go somewhere else where there's not all this heartache and suffering Well we're not going to figure out how to get out of this world Jesus is going to be the one to take us out of this world Amen so I'm going to be Space X. or Nasser or anyone else it's going to be Jesus in right now he's preparing a place for us this is really actually important for us as believers Sometimes I think we minimize or or under appreciate the importance of our belief about heaven to me to the book of Hebrews just a few books over Hebrews chapter 11 you know this is the great faith chapter Hebrews chapter 11 starting with verse 13 after describing all of these great heroes no and Abraham and so on and in verse 13 he describes what they all had in common all the great heroes of face these all died in face not having received the promise but having seen the afar off and were persuaded of them and embraced. It confess that they were strangers and pilgrims on there that this place is not our home this is not our world right we're citizens of another country another place. For they were to say such things declare plainly that they seek a country another country and truly gifted been mindful of that country from whence they came out of that is this worlds they might have had opportunity to have returned sometimes Christians think about going back into the world only but they desire a. Better country that is a heavenly wherefore God is not ashamed because of their God for He has prepared for them a city see the thing that keeps us from ever haven't even the chance of turning back to this world is we know that God has prepared something better for us where we seen it we've embraced it we believe it and we're heading for it and nothing's going to change or our where we're heading it this is what we want and. There's a reward for God's people we live our lives looking for a better place remember when I 1st became a Christian and you know that's often when it's hardest for new believers I lived a pretty wild life as a young man and I had a pretty dramatic conversion and it was like one of those 180 degree changes and I had to leave all kinds a habit and just drop everything and you know that's hard to do isn't it and I remember when I was struggling in those 1st few months of being a Christian every once in a while the song would come on the radio this is a long time ago and probably none of you ever heard this on I don't even remember the name of it but it was a song about heaven and it would just come on the radio just at the right time when I needed it and when I was struggling the most with all the bad habits and the things I was getting rid of out of my life I would remember there's a promise of heaven and it would encourage me strengthen over the years I spent a lot of time thinking about heaven maybe too much time with my daughter and I wish to sit around the dining room table and bring out a big sheet of paper and we would design our houses and I got a fly on the floor plan for my house and having already planned out. I mean it's going to be pretty exciting I've been working on this for a while I'm excited about it and heaven needs to be that real to each one of us so that we never have to worry about losing heart when things are tough in this world because we know we have something better and then we're going to build houses and having you know that don't you turn back to book of Isaiah Chapter 65 just reviewing a few familiar problems prophecies some verses I'm sure you've already before as a 65 are there near the end of the book there's a chapter that says I'm going to create a new heavens a new earth to form or not be remembered nor come to mind remember the passage talks about how the wolf and the lamb will feed together and the Lions can eat strong like the bullock and so on nothing more heard or destroying all my holy male right in that same passage look in verse 21 to 23 they shall build what houses and so and how but them we're going to plant vineyards and we're going to eat the fruit of them we're not going to build in someone else and have it we're not going to plan and someone else eat Prezza days of a tree are the days of my people and they shall long enjoy the works of their hands and I'm going to labor in vain we're not going to bring forth for trouble for we will be the seed of the Lord's the blessing of the Lord in spring and our offspring with him with us that's what we're going to have to do things in heaven build build real houses and real projects in plant real gardens and and we're going to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labors and we're not going to worry about someone coming along and messing up or destroying it or some problem when we put our hand to do something we're going to have success success. It's. Not going to labor in vain heaven is going to be a real place with real like T.V. We're going to have real goals real plans real dreams we're going to do real work and we're going to experience real accomplishments. Another can have these country homes we have a place in the city and then. God has prepared for us a city and revelation of course talks all about this eternity in Revelation chapter 21 after the 1000 years have been expired fire comes down from God out of have a new member the passage are in sin and all wickedness is going to be destroyed forever in fact it's never going to even the elements themselves are going to melt everything is going to be recreated fresh and pure beautiful once again notice what it says Revelation chapter 21 verse one and 2 as a new heaven and a new earth for the 1st heaven and the 1st earth were passed away and there is no more see and I John saw the holy city the New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven prepared as a bride adorned for husband can imagine what's going to be like this beautiful amazing city that Jesus has been working on preparing everything is going to be just right just perfect and it begins to settle on this planet verse 3 I heard a great voice that of heaven saying Behold the tabernacle of God is with men and he will dwell with them and they shall be as people and God himself shall be with them and be their gods his capital is going to be here in this world is going to be the headquarters for his entire for the entire universe and the city the capital city right here on planet earth 1st for God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes there should be no more death either sorrow nor crying neither shall be any more pain for the former things are passed away all these things that we experience in this world are going to be gone no more poverty no more drugs and more disease no more crying no more loss it's all going to be gone all of us can't wait. Can't wait and it's almost unbelievable so John has to throw in one more verse verse 5 he does that upon the throne said Behold I make all things new and he sent in the ME right for these words are true and 34 you can count on it this is sure this is real this is going to happen Zachariah chapter 14 you don't have to turn there but it suggests that when Jesus returns at the end of the 1000 years he's going to set his foot on the top of the Mount of Olives and it's going to split in 2 make a big gigantic plane and the city is going to land rights in the middle we know quite a few things about the city if you look in verse 16 for example says the city lies 4 Square the length is as large as the Brett and you measure the city with a read $12000.00 furlongs Now I looked it up on Google I was curious and a furlong is about an 8th of a mile so $12000.00 furlongs is about 375 miles so another to one edge of the city just going up one side is about the same as the distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco that's just one edge of the city you know you make a big square right not just a few city sprinkled around the entire area is one city in fact if you calculate the total square footage it's give or take a 10000 miles of square miles of it's almost the same size as the entire state of California one gigantic city burst 1011 you cared new in the spirit to great high mountain and showed me that great city the holy Jerusalem sending out of heaven from God having the glory of God and her light was like the light of the stone most precious even like a Jasper stone clear as crystal city is going to be just shining and radiant with light the very glory of God is going to be bursting out of the city clear magic it's going to look like to see this. You know there's going to be 12 gates verse 18 tells us the wall is going to be made of Jasper this precious stone describes the gates on each wall the foundations are all going to be made out of precious stones of the names of the Apostles and you can read the names of all the stones verse 21 tells us that the streets are going to be made of pure golds back to says this says pure gold as transparent as glass I was wondering what that meant I mean gold's not transparent right well I looked it up and actually it can be translated as like a mirror this is the gold is going to be so shiny so polished so reflective that everything is going to be just like mirrors everywhere now imagine you have a city like that where everything's my head of gold polished as shiny as a mere And then you have the glory of God in the middle of all that and just reflecting off everything I mean I don't think we have any idea how beautiful the city is going to be I mean down here in this world I like cities that night I'm glad I don't live in one I used to live in Chicago which had about 12000000 people we live in a little tiny town now I got about 50 people in my town and the next town almost 20 miles away I mean we're live in the middle and nowhere but I like cities looking at them at night don't you I mean the lights are pretty it's nothing compared to what the city's going to look like the glory of God just going to radiate out in fact chapter $22.00 verse 5 says there shall be no night there and they need no candle neither light of the sun for the Lord God gives them light. God Himself will just flood the city with the light of his own glorious own presence and I do about flipping on the square I mean it's going to be so bright you won't even need the sun to see Revelation chapter 22 verse one you showed me a pure river of water of life clear as crystal proceeding out of the throne of God not of the Lamb. River of Life Living Water flowing right out of the throne of God When you read music you describe the same scene in the river just gets bigger and bigger and bigger the farther it gets from the throne of God to burst who says in the midst of the city the street of the city on either side of the river there was the Tree of Life which bare 12 men or fruits and yielded or fruit every month in the leaves of the 2 for the healing of the nations you know I wondered used to wonder why and I was a 66 this is from one Sabbath you know there is one new moon to another off Lesh will gather together to worship God Well I think this is why we go gather together every new moon because there's going to be a new fruit every month I don't know this is like the standard Adventist table discussion like what kind of fruit do you think's going to be on the tree of I've always think it's going to be mangoes you ever had that discussion had more than one house I think it's going to be 12 completely new 3 that we've never even got to be better than anything they've had and they're all going to be different I mean I don't know it's just my personal thoughts and says that the leaves of the street are going to be for healing of the nations now I've wondered about this verse and I may be wrong on this but. Why are you going to need healing when you're in heaven but I like to just think maybe one of the reasons we're not going to have any health problems in heaven is because of these leaves I mean if you stub your toe you just wrap a leaf around it just heals up or you get a little upset stomach or something just drink some tea with made from the leaves on the tail and just goes away or or you know you haven't been to the chief life in a while and some says oh you're looking at a few weeks older than I or I need to go back and get some more leaves and just whatever you need I mean it just solve any problem that you have when the wonderful. I've wondered another thing that think about the tree of life you know in the Guardian there are 2 trees right the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the tree of life and the reason that we were expelled from the Garden of Eden was because we had eaten of the tree of the knowledge of good evil and God says Behold man's becomes one of us to know good and evil and now lest you put forth this hand and take also the tree of life and you know God didn't want us to be able to know good and evil and to be able to live forget ever at the same time but I wonder when we get back to heaven. Thanks to a Jesus has done if will still have access to the Chief Knowledge of Good and Evil I don't know some people think will no longer have that knowledge of Good and Evil I personally think we will it will actually be safe to have the Knowledge of Good and Evil because that's part of our purpose in heaven isn't it we're going to be able to travel throughout the entire universe to warn other UN fallen world about the dangers of sin we're going to know we're going to be the only beings in the entire universe that have ever tasted sin and been redeemed I don't know and it's going to be amazing of course but perhaps even more amazing is not the things that are there but the things that are not there right look in Revelation 21 verse 27 there shell in no wise enter into it anything that defiles you know whatever works abomination or makes a lie but that they which are written in the lambs but it's going to be nothing corrupt or impure nothing no no liars no thieves no murders no criminal none of that is going to be in heaven is going to be perfect place verse 2022 Verse 3 there shall be no more curse I don't think we really understand how pervasive the curse is that we live under in this world I mean this is why we have keys to our cars and locks on our doors and passwords to our e-mail accounts because we live in a world that's cursed everything is messed up by this curse. Never grow a garden my wife and I would been doing gardening for years and you know gardening is not easy because you constantly have weave coming up and bugs coming in and the plants are don't always do it but it seems like we're just under this constant curse I mean it's like a so normal we don't even think about it when we bought our house in North Dakota we kind of got a fixer upper and. Still and Jeff we had to put all new floors in or put all new trim in we were painting the walls and we did all kinds of stuff to try to get our house and you know seem like I'm not a great handyman so that's probably part of the problem but it seemed like whenever we tried to put a floor in it just wouldn't quite fit right or we put the trim in an angle we're just not there off just one or 2 degrees and just nothing was quite exactly perfect no matter how hard you tried in this world everything you do is touched by the curse when we get to heaven and you plant a garden everything is going to go just right when you remodel your house everything's just going to come together just rancid the curse we're going to be under the blessing of God. No more curse I can't wait for that not only no curse but no tempter no more sin it's going to be so thoroughly eradicated that it will never rise again Bible says I have not seen or heard you that entered into the heart of man that which God has prepared for them love them we can fully grasp what heaven is going to be like does anyone know what the next person has but God has revealed them to us by a spear right I mean we we can imagine on our own but God has given us a picture in the Word of God what heaven will be like he's revealed to us by a spirit now we see through a glass darkly dimly but one day we're going to see face to face and this picture of what heaven will be like will be fully revealed to us now we know in part but then we'll know in full. To my favors about heaven and you probably have yours but this is mine Revelation 21 verse 24 Revelation 21 verse 24 and the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it and the kings of the Earth do bring their glory and honor into it you capture that versus when we get to heaven the kings of the Earth are going to bring their honor and their glory into the New Jerusalem they have their country homes and every so often they're going to go into New Jerusalem and are going to bring their honor and their glory we know who the kings of the earth are but was as God has made us kings and priests are we're all going to be created we're all going to be royalty in heaven and every so often we're going to I mean I have a couple friends of mine for example. His name is Victor and he's amazingly talented musician he can play anything and he not only plays instruments but he makes instruments I mean all kinds of different shapes guitars and and he is this is master craftsman and Susie makes he can just are playing this incredible My daughter she said you are she's at Walla Walla got her degree there she does most beautiful paintings she does incredible ceramics I mean she can do so in May I did friend of mine our last one of our older members he was a master carpenter you go to his house and it's just beautiful ornate the woodwork everything is just spotless right when we get to heaven we're all going to be doing amazing things and he's making into maybe making some instrument or doing ceramics or whatever maybe some other kind of art or maybe writing poetry or doing research or doing experiments or or some invention we're going to be building things and whenever we were doing in our country homes you know every so often I'm going to go to the scene say look look at this and who is it wow that's amazing constantly sharing and growing and learning and developing all in our country homes and we come together and share what we're learning and. Evelyn so excited constantly pressing forward to achieve new heights I don't think we thought enough about how amazing heaven is going to be I made a list of 10 things we're going to be able to do and have and there's lots more but these are just some that I can't wait for real quickly animals you realize you know those were kids I want to slide down the neck of a draft on a ride in the back of a line but you know the whole animal kingdom is going to be completely redesigned so if you have studied zoology or entomology or ornithology or something like that here when you get to heaven the whole animal kingdom is going to be changed and we're going to rediscover what the animal kingdom was originally supposed to be like it's going to be fascinating the system that God had in mind originally for the animals we're going to be able to explore that to discover that in a unpolluted unfallen environments we think that we have here is amazing it's going to be even more amazing and think of all the animal species that have died out over the last 6000 years under the curse of sin I magine they're all going to be recreated we're going to get to explore all of them and their environments and plants I did landscaping when I was younger for a number of years but in heaven you're going to have the time to be able to grow I mean you plant a seed and then you shape the tree as a group you have 100 years 200 years a 1000 years I mean imagine you want to build a tree house for example right you can shape the branches of that tree exactly how you want to make the perfect tree house I don't know you know in in Illinois are used to live they would make these mazes out of cornfields you'll be able to take beautiful shrubs and make these perfect mazes without ins and awe I mean it's would be able to ever you want to have plants be incredible are a real garden travel there are some beautiful places in this world still you know. But I imagine when we get to Heaven all the beautiful little nooks and crannies around the face of the I mean God's going to design this whole planet again from from scratch and it's going to be beautiful just draw jogs dropping beautiful places all around or going be able to travel and visit and see those places explore all the sights music and arts mentioned that already you know here some of us we have that talent some of us don't but in heaven anyone that wants to have the ability and the time to learn any instrument or any kind of art they want whatever media they like they'll be able to whatever they want to do. History and in my postmasters work I was studying the history of science particularly and I'm fascinated by history but you know here we got little scraps of records I mean maybe a pottery shards or a little piece of a manuscript or some we're trying to piece together the pix picture of what happened you know centuries ago and haven't all the record books are going to be open and available be and better than that there will be people from every civilization every time period in heaven we go to someone that lived in the Roman Empire or in Greece or wherever and we're going to talk to them it's going to be absolutely if you have an interest in history heaven is going to be the place to be languages so I got my master's actually in modern languages I love languages I've Tumen interest that's my problem spent too much time in college to change my major but a dozen times but I love languages I love words and and. And we get to have and we're going to be able to study the most obscure strange languages that you could imagine and not only study the languages the find someone that spoke that language ancient Mayan or Egyptian or whatever and you're going to be able to I mean every I mean you know the joke about trilingual isn't by lingos and you know what you call someone speaks one language but some of you probably speak more than one language or and you know there's the way different languages are constructed they change how you think. We're going to have to explore all the languages we want science I mentioned I have a real interest in quantum physics quantum mechanics but you know for me to get into that field here in this world will take the rest of my life just to even get up close to the cutting edge before I can even begin to contribute something is just too much and I can't do that in this life but in heaven I have as long as it takes to study whatever field of science I want to. And be able to contribute to it and then there's another one something I'll write mentions you know will study the work of angels how they've intervened in our life time and time again their ministry to the situations that they were involved in that we couldn't see because it was kind of behind the wheel in heaven the whole spiritual realm the current going to be pulled back and we're going to see what angels were doing through the entire course of our life the disappointments the trials that we went through how they strengthened us or or the opportunities that we missed because we were in tune with that they were trying to do or or maybe the prayers that we prayed that were not answered we're going to have a see why the angels held back that answer because it wasn't really in our best interests the blessings that we received I mean the whole system of interaction between the material and the spiritual world is all going to be pulled back and we're going to be able to explore that and study that to our heart's content and there's another one I don't know what you call it but I wrote down my notes of the ripples of our life OH MY says we're going to be able to study every sacrifice every kind word every smile every good deed that we did and we're going to be able to study the impact of those little acts in them you put $10.00 an offering plate we have no idea where that goes but only get to heaven we're going to be able to trace exactly where that money went what it was spent on and whose life was trained by and that because of the impact of that few dollars we invested and that person's life was changed impacted someone else impacted I mean we can't imagine how the little things we do are going to snowball. She huge blessings and we're going to be able to trace all the cause and effects of life in ways that will never we can never even think about doing here in this world and here's number 10 maybe the biggest of all the whole controversy between Christ and say in between good and evil between truth and error we're going to be able to stay the whole thing the whole story all the issues from every angle all the way from the beginning right on down to the final climax of the great we're going to be able to study that through the ceaseless ages of eternity and of course the cross will be right at the center that is the resolution of the great controversy we're going to stand why an issues and how it's related how everything is connected and we will never tire of studying this amazing great controversy between Christ and Satan One of my favorite statements a couple favorite statements in the book education this is on page $307.00 describing what heaven will be like she says there every power will be developed every capability increased the grandest enterprises will be carried forward the loftiest aspirations will be reached the highest ambitions realize and still there will arise new heights to surmount new wonders to admire new trues to comprehend fresh objects to call forth the powers of body and mind and soul and in the next paragraph the even better if you can imagine that all the treasures of the universe universe will be opened to the study of God's children with on the terrible delight we shall enter into the joy and the wisdom of unfallen beings we shall share the treasures gained through ages upon ages spent in contemplation of God's handiwork. And the years of eternity as they roll will continue to bring more glorious revelations more and more and more you catch at a part entering into the the joy in the wisdom of the unfolding worlds think about what has happened here on planet earth in just the last 100 years in terms of technology and 50 years whatever I mean with our short lifespans our limited intellect our poor memory yet somehow this technology thing has kind of snowball it's taken on a life of its own interest accelerate in we've made incredible changes in our world in the last 10200 years now imagine living on one of these unfallen worlds where you have analysts life span perfect intellect flawless memory and you can and there's no limitations that you can study and this has been going on for thousands and thousands and thousands of years and we get to enter into that you know where the baby planet in the galaxy right you realize that I mean these plans have been around for a lot longer than Planet Earth because when Planet Earth was created all the sons of God From these are the world the Book of Job says they all came together to watch the creation of even around longer than Planet Earth and I've been researching and studying the universe with any kind of obstacles or hindrances for longer than this world has been in existence I think we're going to be able to develop the means to travel to other worlds maybe the angels are just going to haul us around I don't know but but but there's no reason that there's not some way that we can figure out how to pass the speed of light barrier I mean it's conceivable I don't want to actually visited one of these worlds in vision she said there are creatures or individuals of all different sizes just reading again last night. About NASA and they're doing these experiments with the speed of light and they've actually generated lasers that are able to exceed the speed of light I think they're going through some of those E M drives and and I think that somehow it's getting some kind of work bubble or something so when they measure it externally seems like it's going fast I mean this is happening right now in our limited ability what's it going to be like and have and I don't think we can really grasp what happens going to be like Revelation 21 verse 3 again the tabernacle of God will be with men he will dwell with us we will be his people God himself shall be with us and be. God center of the universe to be right here on planet Earth a multi galaxy and par and we get to be part of that we're going to have to sit in Thrones we're going to be judges we're going to be his special agents his representatives his ambassadors to all the unfallen world's 1st forces got a white boy every 2 year start chapter $22.00 verse 4 we shall see his face and his name shall be on our foreheads we're going to be able to see the face of God and his name his character will be in our foreheads friends it's real it's going to happen these words are faithful and true I make it to heaven we're going to her be able to hear God himself saying overspeed people so then Zephaniah 317 you know it doesn't cost anything to go actually cos everything but doesn't really cost anything Revelation 2217 The spirit in the Bride say Come let him that here say come to him that is athirst come Whosoever will let him take of the water of life. Freely for 14 says Blessed are they that do His commandments that they may have right to the tree of life. Maner into the gates of the sea I mean there's conditions but for God's one The provides everything we need to fulfill those conditions so there's really no costs it's going to be free it's going to be wonderful it's going to be beyond our wildest imagination he's revealed some of it through His Word but we're just get a dim picture of what heaven is going to be like but the more we reflect on it more motivates us to give everything we have to God that no matter what we're not going to turn back to work for nothing because we know that we have a city that's waiting for us and then May the Lord help us to be ready when Jesus comes let's have a closing word for fathers we think about what heaven is like we just looked at a few verses tonight but it's a beautiful picture yet something so special planned for your people pray Lord that you would make that picture more real to us than ever before as we go through a day that we just have a bouncer stop a smile and a face because we know that you're preparing a place for each of us and one day you're come and take us home to be with you we see all the struggles in the world maybe some of us are going through the struggles ourself little hearts are heavy but the hope. And encourages us. To help us not to lose sight of the promises that you have. And I thank you and I pray this isn't just. In this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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