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That They Might Know Him

Dan Vis



  • March 23, 2019
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven we do want to go home to be with do we want to go to heaven we want to see all the suffering and heartache in this world come to a close but you've given us a work to do and we haven't been doing a great job at it and I pray Lord that as we study this morning that you would help us to understand exactly what has to happen so that this work can be finished and we can be home go home to be with you police in the Holy Spirit make things clear and simple is my prayer and I ask this in Jesus' name amen I want to talk about a word may not seem related at 1st but actually I think this is the root of the problem when I talk about the word paradigm. You know the word was popularized back in the 1960 S. by a physicist named Thomas Kuhn and he wrote a book he wasn't really a historian but he wrote a book on the history of science and it was called The Structure of Scientific Revolutions some of you may read it's a fascinating book and what Thomas Kuhn argued in this book he said that science didn't advance the way we normally think of it as advancing we normally think of laboratory and they're doing all these experiments and and little by little step by step they're tweaking and refining their theories and things are getting more and more accurate but it's a very slow gradual incremental process that's how we normally think about science but what Thomas Kuhn argued was that science didn't advance this way at all it said that science advances when there was a radical shift in the underlying paradigm of the theory that was being used to model whatever discipline he was studying and what he did in his book as he went through all sorts of major academic disciplines whether it's physics or chemistry or astronomy or you know biology or whatever and he showed time and time again this is what happened that there'd be a certain way of thinking and maybe working working and working trying to develop this thinking until finally someone came along it's like no we got the whole paradigm wrong we need a paradigm shift right and propose a brand new model that completely revolutionize and up and did everything that we thought about that particular field and this is how science made advances take the field of astronomy just one example. If you go back about 2500 years ago roughly there's a man by the name of Plato and he argued that that all the planetary bodies moved around the earth and circular a perfect uniform motion and if we could just calculate how those steers were configured in the speed of rotation in angles and so on we should be able to predict the planetary motion the different wandering stars as what they called we should be able to predict when there would be eclipse isn't when Mars will be in some place or or Jupiter no other place and we should be 0 and so for the next 1000 years Greek scientists set out to try and maximize their understanding of the stars based on this paradigm instead what I'm talking about by the time we finally get to 4 or 500 A.D. of a man by the name of Ptolemy came up with this amazing masterpiece that was extremely accurate and predicted exactly where the planets would be and all the eclipses and all the astronomical I mean it work it actually explain the phenomena that we noticed and for the next 1000 years no one really questioned Ptolemy's work. And to come down to about the 15 hundreds and you can know where I'm going with this right a man by the name of Copernicus said you know why don't we rather just tweaking the model why don't we change the underlying paradigm Let's have a paradigm shift and rather than putting the earth at the center and all these things spinning around the Earth why don't we put a sign of the center and we put all the planets spinning around the sun and he developed a mathematical model to try to explain the very same exact astronomical phenomena that they've been studying for 2000 years and you know the fact is Copernicus is results were not any more accurate than Ptolemy's but what he did is he changed the paradigm he changed discussion he said why don't we look at it from another perspective a paradigm shift and if you think about what happened over the next couple 100 years in astronomy as a result of that paradigm shift the field of astronomy and this happened in every scientific discipline the field of astronomy just exploded with Galileo and Kepler and Isaac Newton and all the way down to Einstein and within just a few 100 years or actually putting man on the moon you see how powerful a paradigm miss when you're locked into a paradigm that's not working you can tweak as much as you want and you're not going to get where you want to go but if you can have a paradigm shifts that changes everything in a remarkably short period of time you can have dramatic change you know what I'm saying and let me do my opinion you can disagree or agree but I think what we need is not just a minor tweak to how we're doing Avengers and ministry today we can try to refine it we can try and to weaker model make it a little bit better here and there and fix these better pictures and our Power Points are better advertise we can try and tweak it all we want and we're never going to get where we want to be what we need is a radical paradigm shift the underlying model has to change and how we think is why I believe this. Well look at the Scriptures in just a minute but let's take your typical minister each I was a pastor for 7 years in the Chicago area and and we did this time and time again and we suffered a good growth I mean our church tripled in attendance over the course of about 7 years but you know but I've seen this in church after church after church and we basically kind of follow the same model so what we would do is every so often we would get together as a church board say we need to do some of vandalism and so we you know we done this only times you know exactly HOW DO YOU ARE we think about who we're going to get to be your speaker and we think about how much money we're going to put into flyers and and we go through this whole process we plan now we get our location right you know so I'm talking about so let's just take a hypothetical situation let's say you live in a town that has for a nice round number 600000 people living in it and it may be in that town maybe there's $50000.00 homes and so you decide you're going to mail a flyer to every single home in that community so you're mailing out $50000.00 flyers now we've done this so many times as a church we know exactly what to expect we know all the statistics and all the probabilities so so if we mail up 50000 flyers we can pretty well predict how many people are going to show up on opening night far beyond just meeting. Now I very sometimes we are in right now in North America we get about one percent 1000 or so of so if we mail out 50000 flyers It means we might have 50 people from the community not counting our own church members that come out on opening night and if 50 people show up would you be excited about the. Praise the Lord I mean I don't think we ever quite have that many We we try to do Benjamin least once or twice a year but let's say that you have 50 people show up and everyone's excited enthusiastic I'm all praying and moving forward and we should be by the way praying we should be moving forward we should be doing Avengers and don't misunderstand me by this illustration but you know what happens when you start the meetings right I mean Little by little something happens maybe someone hears something they don't like or or maybe you know there's some other problem scheduling conflict or you know and that number just seems to kind of shrink down shrink down and get smaller and smaller until you finally end up with just a handful left and some of them don't even make a decision to accept the message even if they make it all the way through to the end now I don't know what you think is a good percentage but my guess is if you have 50 people show up on opening night you might if you do well get 20 percent to make a decision for baptism by the end maybe 10 people if you do serious like then you had 10 people get baptized in your church would you be excited about that I mean it was even just turned 3 as I praise the Lord I mean every person is precious in the eyes of God right and we'd be ecstatic and the angels in heaven we know they're going to be celebrating but we got another problem and of those 10 people. You know what's probably going to happen right I mean they may show up for a few weeks and then little by little some of them start to slip away and I don't we're don't always know why but we lose track of them and they just stop coming maybe they get discouraged maybe someone in the Church isn't quite as friendly as we'd like and I say something nation and for all sorts of reasons we start to lose some of these brand new members in fact in North America today we lose about 50 percent of every new member this baptized within 12 months so out of those 10 people we're going to lose 5 of them probably most likely in most churches by the end of the year now would you be happy if you had 5 people join your church and actually survive that transition and become regular members would be happy about that you're not quite as enthusiastic going to have about the 5 hours out about the other 5 that we lost right then we got another problem out of those 5 members how many of them do you think are likely to go on to become regular consistent soul winners and start reaching out to other people and bringing them in on a regular basis I don't know if this is true but I heard of this is somewhere few years back they said something like 9598 percent of our members never win one person to Christ their entire life so what do you think the chances add of those 5 even one of them is going to become a regular consistent so I'm not talking about just you know one or 2 people by I mean every year they're bringing someone to Christ consistently really think the chance of that is. You know here's what I'm yours what I'm getting to right how many people lived in our community this hypothetical town that we're talking about 100000 people how many can we not get to come out and even here one of our meetings well 99950 right I mean we got another 99.95 percent of the population we couldn't even get to come out here one meeting although I was a fire in the mail they tossed in the trash. We couldn't baptize 99.99 percent of the people in that community we couldn't keep 99.995 percent and as far as equipping for ministry so that we now have more soul winners in our church basically failed 100 percent completely and totally Now do you think that just by rearranging order of our sermons or having better pictures on our powerpoint or having better marketing brochures and that by this method somehow we're going to tweak things anough to actually reach 100000 people in that community so you do this and the problem is that the harvest is plenty is but what the laborers are few unless we have a paradigm shift and we start thinking about how we can produce more laborers eventually as I'm alone the way we've been doing it will never finish the work we're just going to get farther and farther and farther behind I'm not saying we should do we shouldn't do that we should do more of it we need more people doing evangelists for the way we're doing right now it can never work it's impossible turn with me to book X.. I want to see what was happening in the New Testament just to give you a little picture. Aren't you think for that we have the record of the New Testament church so we can go back it's like like a little window a little snapshot we can almost go back in time and see what Paul and the other apostles and and the other you know leaders and what they were actually doing in New Testament times to get the results they did I'm so thankful we have this record X. Chapter 2 you know the story Peter on the day Pentecost it gets a preacher is a powerful sermon talks about Jesus being crucified and how he was resurrected in the sending to heaven and so on anyway starting in verse 41 then they gladly received his word were baptized in the same day were added unto them what. 3000 souls Nuss pretty astonishing right there but if you think about it this number is not really the most amazing verse in this chapter to me and I'll tell you why I think about the context right Jesus had been preaching for 3 and a half years and made several trips to Jerusalem and perform many amazing miracles prophecy was being fulfilled left and right and right and many of those people were knowledgeable the scriptures as I thought about what had happened they realized that something significant It happened when Jesus was and they began to put pieces together when Jesus was crucified on the crossed the sun went dark for a number of hours when he died the Grays were open and dead people came up out of the tombs and went into the city and started preaching now on the day of Pentecost Peter gets up and him and the other disciples they start preaching other languages and people hearing these guys speak in their all and and they're saying this is the fulfillment of the book at all now I mean it under those kinds of circumstances we have amazing supernatural things happening maybe 3000 soul is not quite as amazing as it sounds today you know someone saying right but keep reading with me the next few verses describe what this early church was like what they were doing skip on down to verse 47 they were praising God having favor with all the people and the Lord added to the church what. How often were people joining this church every single day new people were joining this church how many churches do you think there are in North America that are adding new members every single day and while I don't know maybe there are some but I kind of skeptical that there's a lot of them but this is what was happening in Jerusalem every single day new people were joining just to give you an idea how quickly the church was growing 3000 people about a 1000 actually after 2 notice Acts Chapter 4 verse 4 Acts Chapter 4 verse 4. How be it many of them which heard the word believed and the number of the are there the number of the men was how much so if you have $5000.00 men how many women you think there were probably another 5000 what about teenagers and children from a 5000 families right so in from Chapter 2 to chapter 4 and if you just read the narrative it doesn't even sound like it's more than just a few weeks I mean it's what it sounds like I don't know the exact time period but over the short period of time from X. Chapter 2 to accept it for the church grew from 3000 souls 210-1215 maybe 20000 souls in just a short period of time. Sorry I'll go over on the side of this one OK Actually after 5 Look at this again a short period of time Peter and John had been arrested once before they were beaten they were told not to preach anymore in Jesus' name and mediately go back to pray for more boldness and then they go right back out there preaching again they get arrested a 2nd time accepted 5 1st 28 The priest says to them did not we straitly command you that you should not teach in this name and behold you have what you filled Jerusalem with your doctrine and said you you christians are everywhere every single knock and cranny of the city of Jerusalem you Christians are there preaching about this man Jesus you are everywhere you failed entire city is anyone really saying that about Christianity Today you christians are everywhere your in every single every little spot everywhere we turn you christians are everywhere and saying that about us today you know in Acts Chapter 8 there is a big persecution of believers are scattered under that persecution verse for they were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word so it didn't just happen in Jerusalem but now we see the churches starting to expand into all the surrounding areas Acts chapter. 17 skipping over just a bit she actually after 16 and acceptor 15 they had a council at Jerusalem to settle some issues just to give you the context and they made some decisions about circumcision other things and so they wrote some letters and sent them with Paul and his team out to all the gents altars now he's got it all over the place and there's churches everywhere right now Swiss says in verse 3 of verse 4 brother as they went through this it is they delivered them the decrees for to keep that were ordained of the Apostles and elders which are at Jerusalem and so were the churches established in the faith and what increased in number so now we're not talking about Jerusalem where all those miracles happen in the supernatural phenomena that we talked mentioned earlier but now we're talking about Gentile churches far away from Jerusalem that didn't have any kind of exposure to those specific circumstances Gentile backgrounds even and Paul is out visiting these churches some of them he plan and others are probably planted by other individuals and what is happening in all of these churches now I'm not quite sure if it means new churches are being planted every day or in all these churches new members are doing it kind of think the latter but it sounds like all the churches were growing explosively I mean something was happening in the New Testament that is radically different than what we're seeing today but I've been in Jerusalem wasn't a fluke that was the norm for the New Testament church if you're a Christian you should expect new members to join your church every single day this is just what happened in the New Testament Acts Chapter 17 for 6 Paul was preaching in another city got some people upset and got a little mob together broke into this house try to rest and they didn't find a but anyway notice the last part of the verse. When they found the. 17 verse when they found out Paul and his and his team they do Jason certain brother into the ruse of the city crying these that have turned the world's upside down they're here now to. Anyone saying that about Christianity Today you're These Christians are turning the whole world upside down of we don't do something to stop their growth they're going to take over our right thing they're going to be no good saying that what they're saying today is Christianity is dying out the mainline churches are in decline then in another generation we're not even going to be a Christian nation anymore the majority of our people will not be Christian we're losing ground we're not gaining ground can you see why I believe that we have to have not just an incremental change to our model of ministry make small tweaks here and there what we need is a radical paradigm shifts I mean to get these kind of results is going to take more than just minor fixes to what we're doing we need a whole new model of ministry and I believe it will study the New Testament carefully will be able to discover exactly what that motto should be in terms of me to Acts chapter 19. And this is just one place that Paul went to happens to be the city of emphasis and he was extremely successful and his ministry there well we get a little picture of his methodology and I like it because it kind of makes me think of a college campus you'll see why in just a moment but accept in 1000 look at certainly verse 8 and just in your mind visualize Paul walking right in through the gates of the city of office this is looking around trying to figure out what do I do 1st and of course he's going to do exactly what he did in every other church every other city he went to verse 8 1st thing he does he goes into the synagogue he speaks boldly for the space of 3 months disputing persuading things concerning came about was a time like do you go into a new city get a group of people to go and have some kind of religious background for 3 months you're preaching every night sounds like adventure 6 areas and it I'm not saying we shouldn't have endless money ball not Avengers and it's pretty clear he didn't ever worry when that's why I keep getting arrested and thrown in you know get in trouble and getting stoned all kinds of things because he was constantly preaching constantly doing of Angelus and that's what he doesn't say about this is the 1st thing he did his he did evangelism Zona anyone say that Dan this is we should do evangelism we should we didn't do more vandalism but knows what happens next verse 9. When some are hardened and believe not but speak evil of that way before the multitude Now there's some controversy some of the Jews rejected the message Some accept it as another you know butting heads together in the synagogue when this happened as he separated the disciples disputing a teaching daily in the school of one time around as soon as I had to leave the synagogue I found another meeting occasion where they had a big gap of the year like this like are gathered together and Paul continues to work but now he is teaching and training the believers he is continuing their education so they can grow up in a spiritual maturity and others a vandal is a need to be combined with training evangelism and training together is the model that I see in the New Testament people who are just brought to Christ but they were equipped to grow up into spiritual maturity and knows what happens when you do this right the next verse this continued by the space of how long 2 years now where was Paul during these 2 years or 3 months he was in the synagogue but the rest of the time or maybe it's 2 months more he was at the school or Tyrrel So he spent 3 months doing evangelism and 2 years doing training this continued by the space of 2 years so that all day which 2 out in Asia talking about Asia Minor or what we now call Turkey everyone in the whole country all this it isn't small towns and villages and people living in the countryside everyone heard the word of the Lord Jesus both Jews and Greeks within a space of how long and where was Paul during this time was he out visiting all these other cities and sounds to me like he was in the school of Thai Rana's there in the city of FS as every day he was there training training training training so how is it that everyone else in all the other cities heard the message I should be pretty obvious conclusion right it was the people that he was training that he was instructing that he was working with these new believers they decided you know I need to go and share with someone too and so they would start spreading out. Every person that came into the church was equipped to go out and share their faith with someone else and so the church exploded it following getting out when you combine evangelism affective evangelism zone new people are coming into church on a steady basis and you combine that with training where everyone that comes in is equipped and mobilized to go out and share with others then the result is going to be explosive growth in 2 years the whole region was saturated with the gospel and passes what we've pretty much knocked out this area to muzzle pick up and go over to the next place and do the same thing again this is where the problem is that we don't have enough workers or harvest is plenty as there's plenty of people all around everywhere but the problem is we don't have enough workers as well unless it's every church should be a training school for Christian workers because if we don't find a way to mobilize our members then then we're not going to have much impact in our community it's just simple if we could help every member learn how to reproduce we would jump from one percent rate of growth to 100 percent rate of gross overnight. Order of magnitude of 2 I mean $100.00 times the rate of growth what we're seeing today our church would be exploding and they would be saying you admin is our everywhere if we don't do something these admins are going to go over everything we've got to figure out how to do it right now don't you wish Don't you wish we could go back in time and go to the school tie Rennison sit in on some of Paul's lectures and figure out what it was he was teaching to get these kind of how is producing work is when you like to know what he was teaching I sure wouldn't up in fact spent most of my life trying to figure that out and praise God We have the New Testament record to give us an idea what he taught if we show you know the passage 1st US alone eons. This is one of my favorite passages and we actually kind of built our whole ministry on this passage because so clear the process that Paul led his students through 1st US alone in chapter one starting with verse 5 again just imagine we go back in time we have a little window a little snapshot and we're able to actually watch Paul at work he's going into a particular city and these verses that we're going to repose just recounting exactly what happened the stages that those believe those individuals went through as they advance in their Christian life so we get to watch his education in action versus learn in chapter one starting with verse 5 for our gospel came not and to you in word only but also in power in the Holy Ghost in a much assurance as you know men are men we were among you for sex so the 1st thing a Paul did when he went into the salon Nika is he started preaching he started preaching with power with conviction with authority and their hearts were tied I mean he was doing evangelists That's the 1st thing he did again he started with evangelism but notice what he does next verse 6 says you became followers of us and of the Lord having received the word in much affliction with joy of the Holy Ghost so they went from being unbelievers and false preaching and doing as a man just experienced now they've received the message and they become Christians they become spiritual babes this is the 1st step in the journey right we accept Christ into our life we accept the truth of the Bible and now we are believers. Now aren't you glad that Paul just didn't pick up and leave and say OK we've got some brand new babes here some new Christians are going to go on to the next city but he didn't do that he stuck around for a while and notice what happens next verse 7 not only were they spiritual babes they become brand new Christian but were 7 says that they became examples to other believe in Macedonian A-K. in fact they they went on to be models pocket go anywhere in the ancient world he said look if you want to know what a Christian is like our Christian lives just go to 1000 locket because their models are examples you can imitate them they are actually living out the Christian life yes they heard the message when Paul preached it they received the Word of God and they became believers but now they are practicing their living the Word of God they're applying its principles in their life in very practical concrete ways and pockets are you guys are actually living out the Word of God where you think comes next verse 8 for from you sounded out the word of the Lord not only Macedonia K. but also in every place notes they heard the word of God they received it the except it they believed it then they began living it practicing it and now we see them sharing it they went from being a spiritual baby to a disciple to a worker can you see this process clearly now and then dualism is what enables an unbeliever to become a believer and we absolutely have to have a vandalism and I'm not saying public abandons the only way but we have to have some means to help unbelievers become believers that's what evangelism does but training is what helps a spiritual babe become a mature disciple and a mature disciple eventually be equipped to become an effective worker if there's no training what happens to the spiritual base you know we think that a spiritual baby someone is new to the church but I think that we have many spiritual babes in our churches that have been members for 20 and 30 and 40 years and they're still spiritual babes you know why. Because they've never been tried and they've they've never been taught how to internalize Scripture how to practically apply it to their life and they've never been taught how to share it so they stay spiritual Bay and in fact unless we provide that training they may say a spiritual baby their entire life it's a problem isn't it so the spiritual bit is someone that is just brand new Christian or maybe a Christian for a long time but they are only beginning to learn how to take the word of God into their life a disciple is someone that has gone from just taking in the word to actually living it out practically in their personal experience and a worker someone has to skills they need to be able to shared effectively with other people can you see the stages so and others as a church and I guess I'm talking to the church leaders here maybe but as a church all we need to do is put our heads together and think about how can we identify where the members of our church are and how can how we help them grow from step to step to step we have spiritual babes in our church we need to figure out how we can get them studying and memorizing the Word of God Start internalizing it taking it in so the Word of God can have the impact in their life that is supposed to have and they can go on to become a disciple those that are maybe a little more mature in their Christian walk we need to show them how to make specific practical applications how to manage their time how to destroy the will of God How to gain victory over temptation so they can actually start living out the Word of God. And those that are already living the Christian life in effective in a pretty consistent way we need to give them the tools and the vision in the skills that they need to be able to share the word of God with others and we're going to figure out how to do that I mean we've got the framework laid out for us right here in the New Testaments we can just figure out how to do we can put our heads together and solve these problems something radical would happen in our church but you know we're whole starts. Sort of the paradigm shift so as long as our paradigm is our current method we're going to be thinking how many people get baptized how many people come out to a meeting we're just we're just measuring baptisms a numeric growth but we're not really measuring the spirituality of the members of our church we're not asking our set how many people are having regular personal devotions We're not asking ourselves How many people are living in victory in their life how many of our members are actively sharing that I don't know the questions we should be asking when the paradigm shift what we measure shifts Yes we still do BENJAMIN Yes we still count baptisms and all that but that is one part of the bigger puzzle big bigger picture to say what I'm saying I am I'm being clear so important spiritual babes really should learn how to begin memorizing scripture there's nothing more powerful in my experience and I've helped thousands of people learn how to memorize scripture I could just give you testimony after testimony of what happens when you learn to memorize the words of scripture and meditate there's something powerful about the word about it will change your life change your life I wish I had time to do all I just go on meeting this afternoon I guess I'm special plan for that I'm not going to be able to talk about memorization but you know find someone around here that's gone through our survival kit or go to our website at fast and learn that it's not that hard you just have to know the basic principles of memorization and you can memorize as much Scripture as you want and I guarantee you it will jumpstart your spiritual experience we also need to teach the basic skills of discipleship than I can even begin to scratch the surface for this but how to pray effectively and claim the promises of God and see answers to our prayer we need to learn how to pray. We need to learn how to study the Bible effectively how to find the principles of scripture and how to convert them into personal practical applications and you know many of us struggle and so the Bible seems like a worn book a dead look it's irrelevant as we don't know how to connect with it and post of out of it that will change our life once you learn to do that your life will change and you will never see this book the same again I remember one time years ago it was one of my very 1st a substitute was living a small group and the cademy is a very conservative academy with good kids from all over the country they came here because a school had a reputation and so we're talking about like the cream of the crop right and this particular group I was leading was a voluntary program so no one had to participate they weren't getting a greater any kind of academic credit just because they wanted it so I had the cream of the crop literally in this class and I remember one day we were talking early on about the importance of Bible study and I asked him a question I said how many of you have been told all your life you should study the Bible how many would you think Raise your hand every single one Raise your hand I say how many of you ever had someone sit down and show you how to study the Bible so you can get something out of it were to him a good conservative administers Christian young kids not one raise their hand you know what happens when you tell someone you should pray you should study you should memorize and you don't give him the tools to be able to do it and results in frustration or results in discouragement because you know we think we should be done with if you feel guilt like are should be doing this should be doing never know how is not working for me and this is why we have so much spiritual Malays in our church because we're telling people what to do but we're not showing them how to do it tell people you need to have victory over sin but we're not teaching them the basic principles of how to gain victory over sin you know before you tell someone to give it your reason you need to want to come alongside and I will go through this with you and I will help you through this all aspects of discipleship. And many times I feel that we are just not even teaching the basics of the Christian life and then we wonder why so many of our members are still acting like spiritual babes you know or you know pauses you know you're still carnal get your bickering and fussing with each other because it was still spiritual behaves when your spirit to maturity in your church you won't have those problems people need to learn how to take in the Word of God People need to learn how to live the Word of God and people need to learn how to share the word of God We need to be able to teach ministry skills how to reach out to our community how to find interest how to meet need how to build relationships how to waken spiritual interest how to communicate Bible truths in a compelling way how to call for decision and eventually people make a decision to unite with God and time people that we need to teach these basic skills to every believer I personally believe if you look at the New Testament model and not on going to this either I could do a whole series on any one of these topics but if you look at the New Testament I'm convinced that what they used primarily as a means of engines New Testament was a small group model I call it called care groups they may meet together in homes and this is where most of the banjos was being done in the New Testament but I'll tell you what care groups or small groups are not a magic bullet to solve your vandalism problems because if you don't have all the pieces pulled together your care group or your small group is not going to work any better than your public evangelism or your personal Bible work so we need to understand the whole process of evangelism and make sure we have all the pieces in place or whatever method you use your evangelism will not work your health ministry will not lead to conversions your public evangelism will not lead to conversions your small ministry will not lead to conversions unless we have all the pieces that are necessary for effective evangelism unless is triste method alone will give true success in reaching the people and then she outlines a process right we need to make sure we have all the pieces in place or whatever model of a ministry we're doing it's not going to work. Can you imagine what would happen if we got our brightest minds together our most committed dedicated leaders as you know we need to and we have the framework right here if you would just put our minds again there's a why don't we work to try and figure this out and make it happen right here in Adam hope when we make this church a training center where every believer has the opportunity to learn how to take in the Word of God for their for themselves how to live it out practically and then learn how to share consistently with a can you imagine what would happen if something just came over this church here to give an example of what might happen so Bowser's one person I don't often brag about the only name I know here but it's eyebrows pick on bread and say Brad is listening everyone has a really interesting sermon this guy from North Dakota doesn't you know whatever but Brad says you know there's something about what Dan said it makes sense or something to this end and maybe no one else happens for them but for Brad he has a paradigm shift he says you know I need to start focusing on training workers a paradigm shift that happens for bread one person and so Brad spends this next year acquiring the skills that he needs to be able to teach isn't he finds maybe just one person maybe even that has an interest in growing and start pouring out his life to them seeking them how to memorize teaching them how to grow in their per life and in their bible study and a personal obedience and showing them how to transform their marriage in their relationship with their peer with their kids and and all aspects of their life how to be more faithful and diligent work and and eventually as a person begins to grow and over the process of time starts teaching how to go out and knock on doors in a bible studies or lead a small group or whatever and he starts pouring out his life to one person and he had a whole year doing that again so it was strange and I bear with me how many workers would you have at the end of that 1st year. Well you have Brad and you have the personal trainer and if during the course in a hurry also somehow I'm part of the same paradigm and part of the same vision for multiplication is same in the same way of thinking about the importance of work training workers if you do that you have 2 workers at the end of the 1st year and if he was able to do that successfully in one year then Brad is able to start looking for another person and the person he trained is able to start looking for another person right and they both take someone under their wing by the way you don't have to limit yourself to one person I'm not saying it takes a year may take longer may go quicker I'm just just for the sake of illustration right so you do this for a whole nother year how many workers you can have at the end of the 2nd year while those 2 have all found someone else another becomes 4 and all 4 of them have the same vision the same burning passion to multiplied it to create workers that they recognize what the issue is what the paradigm has to be to finish the work and so they set out to find someone else each and all 4 of them take another person under their wing and maybe someone relocate and so now it's starting up the same thing in some other area but but they just keep doing it so the next year before them become how many 8 in those 8 become 16 Now suppose you did this for 10 years I mean you would you have well this thing about this right to the 1st year then for than a then 163-264-1282 extension 5652 have a 1024 nodes in 10 years Rad would multiply and become a 1000 workers not a 1000 new members but a 1000 workers and you've got a great growth here and hope right there still Now 1000 people here has been more in 10 years right and as a 6022 there's a little one shall become which is a 1000 a small one a strong nation I the LORD Y. and this is what God wants to do he wants to multiplies he wants to make each of us in the digital able to reproduce so we can become a 1000. So in 10 years Brad could multiply become a 1000 what if over the next 10 years each of those 1000 workers does the same thing each of them multiplies and becomes another 1000 right so now we've gone from 1002000 times a 1000 right how many mathematicians here you have a 1000000 in 20 years grad would have multiple and all the data just train one person every year one person every year right don't have to limit yourself to one of just so it was duration he just trains one person every year in each person is able to reproduce at the end of 20 years bread will have multiplied no one else in this room has to do anything just bread I'm talking to you right. If bread is the only one that anything and you multiply for 20 years you'll become a 1000000 workers I suppose as 1000000 workers do the same thing the next 10 years write a 1000000 each of them become another 1000 with a 1000000 times a 1000 help me. It's a 1000000000 with a 1000000000 workers I mean a 1000000000 workers we're talking about the work on planet earth being finished right I mean there's what 7 and a half 1000000000 a 1000000000 something like that I mean we talk to 6 to 6 or 7 people and everyone has heard the message and the work is done we should never have to have another pastor start his ministry when he's 22 years old and work for 40 years and retire and not see the work we should be able to get it done in a couple decades that's what they did in the New Testament church every believer became a worker and the work exploded beyond their wildest expectations and the same thing can happen again today if we can figure out how to do this and even one church. And why not make it out and hope right and we can figure how to do it in one church with the technology and the advantages we have today there's no reason that this couldn't replicate itself and circle the globe in an amazingly short period of time but we've got to figure out how to get back to the New Testament plan we've got to figure it out we're going to put our heads together no one person is going to be able to figure it out we've got to get our brightest minds like how do we do this how do we help every spiritual babe become a disciple how do we help every disciple become a worker how do we give them the skills and the tools and the training they need to be affective so they can multiply if we could figure it out right here and hope the work to be finished in just a matter of a few years and Jesus could come and we could go home and we could leave all this heartache and suffering behind it we can enjoy the blessings of it. But it all starts with a paradigm shift that has to start with the paradigm shift. Focusing on the New Testament May the Lord help us to do this this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio for us if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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