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How can we Stir the People

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • February 23, 2019
    11:15 AM
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Well the tile that I'm preaching from today is how can we stir the people I don't know about you but have you noticed that we live in a time and an age where people are saturated to death with stimulus and screens and even pumping gas sometimes you have something come on giving you advertisements certainly on our phones and our devices and everywhere we go we're being entertained almost to the point that we feel like a minute or 2 is going by we're not being entertained something is the matter we have a society that is obsessed with movies if you will and going to movies and the latest movies in their wards for movies again we already mention entertainment entertain me all day long from the time I get up to the time I go to bed concerts where the lighting and all the pyrotechnics and who knows what they do is just so entertaining if you will it just stimulates all the senses we have huge arenas then for sports and the game and the way that they've improved how we view it and on and on pretty extravagant vacations right we want to go to the nicest places and be able to place. Social media or what have you where we've been and so if you're not here there's a problem because you're looking at a picture while you're eating breakfast or lunch or dinner at somebody else that is and you think how come I'm not there and then of course these little devices they seem to manipulate all of our attention we can't seem to go to the restroom without our device. Have mercy and all of these social media outlets you see listed there gaming you might be surprised but gaming is a huge thing I think the average American spends something like 3 hours a day gaming Now if you don't spend any hours a day like I don't then somebody is taking your hours right but again this idea of entertain me I have to have something fun to do and then we come to church. So slow and so boring and now you've taken away the last gleam of hope now my preacher himself is old. What a mind it is. And so we come back to the initial question how will we stir the people now again I mean entertainment in and of itself I suppose isn't necessarily bad although we could talk about the forms of entertainment and all the vices that are there but I believe the devil is a way of manipulating things to cause us to feel like if we're not being entertained and even our attention span is shortening Have you heard this from 12 seconds to 9 seconds to 7 seconds to 6 seconds to where if I don't have something for 6 seconds to stimulate that I have to find something to do there's got to be something somewhere maybe I have a notification let me check Nope I don't have anything turn off all my notifications it's a better life let me tell you and so we have coming up this unlock revelation of endless tick series that we're going to be doing in the month of April but people oftentimes will say you know I just evangelism to me I think it's DID I don't think it works I've never heard that before and so some churches are adopting the idea well let's just love people let's get to know people let's be their friends' lives so concern and that's fine that's wonderful I'm not against people I'm not against relationships or anything of the sort but I can do all of those things while doing all of these things I can be friends with someone while I'm at a game or while I'm on vacation or gaming I suppose but will that really stirred people and lead them is my question to the foot of the Cross now I suppose if I'm very intentional which I hope that you are about bringing God into the conversation and so sometimes when we do that than it sparks a spiritual conversation it might spark a Bible study and people may come into the church and that's all well and good and we praise the Lord for this but all too often I'm afraid what we end up doing is we just keep getting cozy in these relationships and it just stays the status quo and if we bring. God it's in a very minimal way and we don't get into deep discussions we certainly don't get into deep bible study but oh well this is still friendship evangelism and so for 5101525 years where you doing I'm still doing friendship evangelism but when are you going to leave them and have a Bible study to hold they're not ready for that just yet and so the friendship goes on forever but what happens to actually stirring the people to what they need to hear where's the Life Transformation I've heard others say they're sick and tired of the beasts of Daniel and Revelation Have you ever heard that one before I was in a church somewhere that we were talking to the congregation maybe is the church board I guess or maybe is knows a church business meeting and someone raise their hand they said What is this series going to be about and we said well it's going to be about our 7th day adventists message does that mean we're going to be talking about peace and animals and kingdoms and and timelines and we said yes and they said can't we do something else I'm so sick and tired of the beasts and and trying to scare people and all the rest In fact when clues they came here not that long ago the same question arose are we going to talk about all these beasts again and I thought he had a very interesting answer he says you know what and seen you bring that up the beasts are not my idea it's not me the evangelists that came up with this idea of all of these beasts and to put them on slides and all this kind of thing it really is God's idea in his word to have a beast represent powers in Scripture and so on and so it's part of our message and so yes I'm going to be using the marketing tool that God came up with to explain our message I thought that was pretty clever and so when I hear are we going to preach something else I'm thinking well do we want a different message do we have a new message are we supposed to invent one for our own but sadly I think there's a shift today in many of our to. Searches and the shifts says let's just take out the beef let's take out prophecy let's take out the harsh messages of the destruction of the wicked We don't want to hear about Hell we don't want to talk about what happens when you die the 2300 days man is just too confusing let's just leave that alone and I've heard Daniel do so many times well I got news for you it's really not about you and if you bring a guest with you it'll be far more exciting than if you're just here to hear it again but they want to take that out too they want to take you know the 10 Commandments listen to such a legal istic approach just leave that to the side but friends again these things are not my idea they're here this is part of our message the everlasting Gospel that we are to take to the whole world if there were important they wouldn't be here but too many in our evidence Church want to minimize and watered down important aspects of our prophetic message many churches have stopped giving the prophetic message if you will all together in favor of speaking simply about salvation and forgiveness and love and the grace of God Those are all wonderful things don't get me wrong without any of those things without the love and grace of God we're all hopelessly law but you know many churches although they're coming up with new innovative ways of vandalism I have yet to see an innovative way that works better than the traditional evangelists tick series now if you can find I'm not against innovation I'm not against trying new things when they start putting slides on the screen that was a new thing before that it was you know these these pieces of cloth that they would draw on They'd roll up in that whole thing I'm not opposed to innovation I just want the full message and so people say oh we're trying this new thing over here we're trying that you think well tell me about what results you found with it well we're still you know it takes a little longer and we're still working with. People keep working with people and work with people working with people but our message never gets delivered rather than the beastie brochure they want something with Jesus with his hand outstretched of grace mercy forgiveness his robe of rights and it's his goodness his faithfulness and they like to quote and again that's that's a beautiful picture I love that picture but they like to quote this quotation from Sister White sometimes it's from evangelism $101.00 the Son of God uplifted on the cross is to be the foundation of every discourse given by our ministers and I don't disagree with that but notice it doesn't say the Son of God lifted on the cross is to be the topic of every discourse It simply says is to be the foundation that's what ultimately gives any it's meaning what does this say about the nature and character of God you know if you check out our whites own sermon content you will find your preaching very practical sermons on Christian living our duty to God in prophecy and doctrine and a via wide variety of topics many of her sermons I would imagine people say you know I don't know if those are Christ centered enough well how come because he didn't talk about the cross as the central thing you know I wonder for those that or and again I'm not opposed to Christ centered that's should be again like this quote says the foundation but not necessarily the topic but sometimes I wonder if Jesus very own 1st sermon the Sermon on the mount if he would have been accused of not being Christ centered enough because he doesn't make only mentions of the cross and His crucifixion in fact if we pull up some of the things he talks about in that 1st sermon he talks about Murray talks about adultery keeping your word he talks about revenge how as God's and not ours loving your enemies charitable deeds prayer and fasting wealth judging So this is Jesus 1st sermon but someone could easily come along and say but it's not really Christ centered enough don't talk to me about Judd. Or don't talk to me about adultery or murder or you know as to legal let's just talk about Christ now he has to be the foundation of all we talk about but the cross of Christ isn't the only thing we talk about you see the difference I've heard other people use this quote as a people we have preached the law until we are dry as the Hill the gal that neither do no wrong and they stop right there and they say let's just quit talking about the law of the law of the law be anough of the law but is that really what's he saying we should stop preaching the law and start preaching Christ let's finish the quotation we must preach Christ in the law and there will be sap and nourishment in the preaching that will be as food to the famished seen flock of God friends the reality is this 1st you have to recognize your guilt before you see your need of grace what makes grace so wonderful when i'm place face to face with a holy God and see my sinfulness my incredible lack and my guilt when I see what I deserve but then I have this loving God that offers me a way of escape but if there's no judgement there's no need of grace if you're not guilty you're not in need of mercy if you're not a sinner you don't need a savior but the church has bought into the idea largely that you don't point out people's faults you just love them the way that they are now folks God loves you just the way you are don't let there be any confusion but he loves you too much to keep you that way how do we come to him as we are how else can we come to him but he says now I have something else for you that will bring you greater joy and happiness and fulfillment Oh but if it doesn't have to do with him hanging on the cross I just I don't want to hear it. No Jesus himself is pointing back again and again and again to the law and to the Old Testament and so on but it needs to have the foundation of what does this have to say if it's in a relationship with Jesus then I want to follow his law right if it's just the law and there's no relationship and there's no Jesus then what's the motivation there's none and that is in fact legalism but if Jesus is the foundation then we can preach all the other stuff too because it helps us to see more clearly the picture of who Christ is yes Christ hung on a tree and died for you and me and that's a beautiful picture but are there other pictures of him in the same way we need to preach Christ in the Sabbath as the Creator and Lord of the Sabbath which is that memorial of his creation and a sign of his power to recreate the image of God in our hearts and that this all powerful God wants to spend unhurried uninterrupted time with us each week so it's the Sabbath but it has the foundation of Christ we should preach Christ in the sanctuary as the great high priest who is on our side intercede for us in the heavenly judgment and pleading the blood of his own sacrifice in our behalf we should preach Christ in death I mean after all isn't he the resurrection and the life and who one day soon will descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel with the trumpet call of God and the dead in Christ will rise 1st so preach about death with the foundation of Christ how does this tell us and better help us understand who he is we should preach Christ in the judgment of the Wiccan. As the one who has no pleasure in the death of the wicked but who will execute justice by bringing the we could to ashes rather than torturing them for all eternity what does that say about the character of God 2nd time of the 31617 you know this verse part of Scripture is given by inspiration of God Oh no all scripture is given by inspiration of God and it is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work and then a few verses later it says preach the Word or be ready in season and out of season convince rebuke exhort with all longsuffering and teaching friends we need to preach the word and I'm assuming that's all of it because he just said a few verses ago not just part of it not just the soft stuff all of it and really when it comes right down to it all of it even the quotes heavy stuff isn't really that heavy because we have a god and a Savior who has redeemed us and called us and shown us a better way for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but according to their own desires because they have it seniors they will heap up for themselves teachers they will turn to years away from the truth and be turned aside to fables we want to feel good preacher we will and won't step on our toes that just makes us feel like everything's going to be OK just warm and cozy and we're seeing a lot of soft messages of great grace but my fear is it's not stirring that people why then in part because preachers are afraid to call sin by its right name because God is seen as weak. Simply begging us to be is Buddy and there's no sense that he is the Lord of the universe there's no sense of my own worthiness there is no color need to allow him to be the lord of my life but God in His wisdom I believe knew this he knew people would become complacent he knew people would give little thought of God He knew a soft easy message would not alone convince them and so he gave them something to stir the people you know what that is I suppose it could be many things this morning though I want to run with the idea that it is prophecy and you might say huh yes prophecy why prophecy because it speaks of an all powerful God who holds the future in his hands and that is bigger than anything we can possibly ask or think and all timidly his purpose is not mine not world leaders not kings not princes not dictators no gods purposes that will prevail and when I see through prophecy those things unfolding something happens deep within my heart and I am stirred Have you ever found that to be the case if you brought your Bibles I'm not going to put this one on the screen I want you to look at it yourself it's in 2nd Peter chapter one verse 16 2nd Peter chapter one verse 16 it says here we do not follow cunningly devised fables. When we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but we were I witnesses of his Majesty for he received from God the honor and glory when such a voice came to him from the excellent glory this is my beloved son and whom I am well pleased and we heard this voice which came from heaven when we were with him on the Holy Mountain What is Peter referring to exactly he's referring to the Transfiguration when he was glorified I mean it was an amazing event in their experience to see the glory and the majesty and then to hear the voice this is my beloved son and who I am well pleased listen to him and then verse 19 and so we have the prophetic word confirmed which you do well to heed as the light that shines in a dark place you can say there's something equally convincing to Peter than actually seeing the glory of God and in fact in the King James Version verse 19 says we have a sure a more sure way sorry a more sure word of prophecy I don't know about you but if I just saw the glory of God if I just heard the voice of God if I was there in part of that Transfiguration if you will I don't know if I would have been able to write we have a more sure word of prophecy more than all this is the sure word of prophecy Peter says the proof that the mission of Christ will fill the Old Testament prophecies that he is who he claims to be. And we see the Bible's predictions for filled with stunning accuracy and we can't escape the conclusion that the Bible is supernatural that is not just put together by human origin if you will that God is real that the Bible is true and Jesus truly is our divine Savior and what reason is Peter give this more sure word of prophecy he doesn't say trust your senses trust what you see trust the glory trust the voices from heaven he says no more sure word prophecy that God is the divine savior of this world and fact the gospel message as given by Jesus himself was based on the prophecies do you realize that. This one's And Mark Chapter one Verse 14 Jesus came to Galilee preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God and saying The time is what fulfilled was he referring to prophecy and the Kingdom of God is that hand repent and believe in the gospel why I believe because the time is fulfilled he's referring to the 2300 day prophecy that I am the one you were expecting to come here and say look at my face look at my glory look at Americans and I'm able to do he says no the times to fill look at prophecy here in John 1319 at the Last Supper says now I tell you before it comes that when it does come to pass you may believe that I am in your Bible say that I am he and that he is italicized I mean to supply he really means that I am I am that I am but I tell you before so that when it comes to pass this prophecy that you may believe. That I am who I claim to be. Except in Jesus as the Messiah again is rooted and grounded in prophecy not that he's just a kind carpenter from now as a risk no he's the divine Savior who holds eternity and his hands for sale of prophecy gives evidence of supernatural power the divinity of God and His word like nothing else which is why I believe the church has always given its message in the context of prophecy beginning with Jesus' own example after Jesus' resurrection the validity of his message is based and rooted and grounded in prophecy This is one in Luke 2444 then he Jesus said to them these are the words which I spoke to you while I was still with you that all things must be fulfilled which was written in the Law of Moses and the prophets and the songs concerning me these are Jesus' own words so how are we to know that this is in fact the Messiah because all things are filled let's do a Bible study let's go to the laws of Moses Let's go to the prophets Let's go to the songs every prophecy concerning me has come to pass and you disciples need to know it 1st because you're going to take this message the everlasting Gospel and you're going to take it to the entire world what proof do we have you're going to go back prophecies your proof and you too are going to explain to the Law of Moses and to the prophets and to the Psalms concerning me concerning Christ's and they'll believe and he opened their understanding that they might comprehend the scriptures they might have understanding of the prophecies then he said to them does it is written and thus it was necessary for the christ to suffer and rise from the dead the 3rd day yes Jesus was taking his disciples through a Bible study through prophesy. In fact just a few verses before that account Jesus does the same thing on the road to M A S 3 back up to Luke 24 verse 25 then he said to them oh foolish ones as slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken. Not the crisis suffered these things and to enter into His glory and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself this is Jesus example he again uses prophecy to give them understanding Peter later follows that example in Acts chapter 2 and I'm not going to put that one on the screen to turn to Acts chapter 2 like to hear your Bibles turning. To verse 22 Acts chapter 2 beginning verse 22 if I can find it men of Israel hear these words Jesus of Nazareth a man attested by God to you by America's wonders and signs which God did through him in your midst as you yourselves also know him being delivered by the determined purpose and for knowledge of God That's prophecy language you have taken this person you have taken by lawless hands have crucified and put to death whom God raised up having loosed the pains of death because it was not possible why prophesy that he should be held by it and then it quoth the songs for David says concerning him I 1st saw the Lord always before my face for he is at the right hand that I may not be shaken therefore my heart rejoice and my tongue was glad Moreover my flesh will also rest in hope verse 27 for you will not leave my soul in Hades nor will you allow your holy one to see corruption. So here Peter quote some 16 how David prophesied that the Messiah would not be kept in the grave nor be corrupted and so you have the Jews there listening that day they listen to Jesus preach and I think at times they were even convicted but then they went to the scribes in the fair city. And of course they're all saying no he's from bells and he's no good he's a blasphemer don't listen to him and so I think many just decided to go along with the crowd but weren't acts now a few things that happened since then there was the crucifixion darkness covered the earth the earthquake the veil in the temple tore from top to bottom everything has been very mysterious since then there's this incredible supernatural nature of what has happened and now there's reports that Jesus has risen and they have these questions but now Peter shows them this passage that this was all of a film and of Bible prophecy and it was so convincing that there is nothing left for them to do and Peter brings it home now in verse 36 therefore let all the house of Israel know as surely that God has made this Jesus whom you crucified both Lord and Christ he's speaking with boldness here and the people were fearful and convinced by the power of prophecy and responded in verse 37 they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the rest apostles Men and brother and what shall we do what is it that cuts them to the heart Bible prophecy God For knew that it would happen just this way and look around you friends prophecy is being fulfilled and it wasn't just in Christ time even though that's what we're talking about here it's in our time now and when you see the problems that were written hundreds thousands of years before coming to fruition. It cuts to the heart and people find themselves asking me what do we do and so we count them there's 38 repaired let every one of you be baptized the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and later on verse what is it 41 and that day about 3000 souls were added to them because Peter shows them prophecy and how all of this is unfolding just as God said it would just last night I was sharing a French Academy at the Vespers and I asked what should I talk about and I got feedback from some of the faculty that says you know they hear a lot of the the same topics over and over again you know whether it be about purity or I don't know following the rules or just grace will give them some prophecy really a month a teenager human in wonder for all this really OK so I basically gave what I preached here a few weeks ago on the religious liberty sever that Revelation 13 and I marched down through that you know the beast rising up out of the earth and how it gets all of this authority from the 1st beast that rose up out of the sea and then make a likeness or image to the 1st beast how the deadly wound is being healed and I put all the pictures of the papacy up there and all kinds of stuff and I said it's happening right before your eyes I mean people in my day said great controversy cause i'll never happen. It's baloney and then lo and behold I said here it is some of this just happened last month here it is and I just urge them to the Times in which we're living Are we serious about our walk with the Lord I finished the thing I wasn't even sure I had I thought I had another slide but I was out and so I finished and they all clapped I don't know if that customer that they clapped they all clapped it's not me. It's the message it's the pictures is the fulfillment of prophecy and their cut to the heart I said OK well maybe we need to make a call 2 thirds of the students came up it's not my call folks it's Bible prophecy and they see it happening around them and then there's there's students that are saying to various faculty members that tell told me afterwards I need you to put some some accountability software on my phone I didn't talk about accountability I didn't talk about phones I didn't talk about technology I didn't talk about purity or the Lhari thing else but they felt cut to the heart and they said what do we do other said well we need to start a Bible study on campus where you help us get one sorry this is sure I'm going his role and you're going on spring break when I get back sure there's something about prophecy though friends that wakes us up from our stupor and it stirs the heart I believe like nothing else can and there's a difference between sharing a feel good message that you can agree with and that's nice and sharing Babel prophecy that clearly shows a supernatural element that moves us off of status quo and say something is happening but sadly in our church today there's a drift away from our distinctive message there's a drift away from Bible prophecy there's a drift away from Beeston charts and timelines I go to ministers me are you still doing typical evangelists meetings and I say absolutely has been replaced with a soft message of the love of God God loves us so much that he gave us the beasts and the charts and the prophecy to wake us up. Mrs White do I have to show you this you warn an elder Kay for his spiritual blindness and said this elder K. is so we don't know who it is Elder Cain knows not of what spirit he is he is a United is influence with the Dragon host to oppose those who keep the commands of God This sounds pretty serious and you have the testimony of Jesus he has a hard warfare before him what has he done as far as the Sabbath is concerned he occupies the same position as the 7th day Baptists timeout last I checked 7th day Baptist went to church on which day 7th day the Sabbath Saturday so 1st glance this seems like a strange criticism of Elder K. because you would think that we hold the same position so why the review. Well if you stop and think about it 7th day Baptists have the right day but they don't share in our prophetic significance of the day are you with me ave understand the Sabbath in light of the 3rd angel's message. Agnes understand there's been a change of the staff by a certain power then your standard going to be a restoration of the Sabbath that there's an end time call to keep the commandments of God and a test of loyalty in the end times is going to be over this issue of the Sabbath and so the Sabbath has a prophetic significance for the 7th Day Adventists but it doesn't have it for the 7th day Baptists Now again I have every respect for 7th day Babs they're the people that gave us this whole idea in the 1st place but look at this separate the Sabbath from the messages can we say 3 angels messages and it loses its power but when connected with the message of the 3rd angel of power attends it which convicts unbelievers and infidels and brings them out with strength to stand to live grow and flourish in the Lord and so Rachael the 7th day Baptists but she brought it to us in Washington New Hampshire $943.00 and so this is a simple pie chart if you will Sabbath keepers and $863.00 half of them were 7th Day Adventists half of them are 7th day Baptists that's when we officially formed as a nomination if you fast forward to today and look at the chart it looks like this the blue is 7th Day Adventist and that tiny sliver which is actually 110th of a percent is 7th day Baptists they have 50000 followers and the 7 day on this church has 25000000 why not because we're better than anybody but because our message is superior in the fact that the Sabbath is couched in prophecy but if you take away the Sabbath and Revelation and prophecy and the 10 Commandments in time people Sabbath and the mark of the B. verses the seal of God You take all that away and it loses its power and lose its ability to stir the people. Get more today feel like we have an answer just like everyone else except we worship on a different day friends it's more than just worshipping on a different day it's our prophetic significance if we go back to it just being another day and if we get rid of all the charts and all the B.S. and all the prophecies. What's going to happen to our relevance manship releases Volume $1000.00 page $41.00 this is a startling quote I'm almost done the light that Christ revealed to a servant the prophet is for us in His revelation are given the 3 angels messages and a description of the angel that was to come down from heaven with great power lightning the earth with his glory in it our warnings against the wickedness that would exist in the last days and against the mark of the beast were not only to read understand this messes but to proclaim it with no uncertain sound to the world and this one is incredible as we continue here by presenting these things which he just talked about revealed to John prophecies the 3 angels message the mark of the beast all these things we shall be able to what stirred people that is are key to stirring the people the usual subjects on which the ministers of nearly all other denominations dwell will not move them do you see that happening as other churches are dwindling as their soft Grace message is not really gaining any traction I'm fine just the way I am leave me alone let me just do it I want to anyway she says we must proclaim our God given message to them the world is to be worn by the proclamation of this message if we blanket it if we hide our light under a bushel we are answerable to God for our failure to warn the world it's on us. He didn't give it to the 7th day bad as he didn't give it to the best as he didn't give it to the Pentagon he didn't get yes they have some truth but he gave prophecy to us is this building of truth and now we have it in our laps and too often the church response is. No we're accountable we're answerable to God if we hide under a bushel I have tell you this story friend of mine was having a fantastic series and there was a guy going to try to make a quick kept coming every night and he'd come to the back at the end he'd try and greet the guests and as they're walking through there was one individual it always just played it cool just calm as a cucumber thank you very much on his way you know you like to interact and see if you're connecting but this guy was just on his way on his way on his way until eventually one of the members kind of backslidden from his congregation but it was coming back and this Mr Cool was his guest the guest went through you know played it cool again shook the hand and then the guest came along behind the said he's my pastor and my friend thought Now wait a minute I thought you're member of my church and Anyway so you went to another senator and he's your but this inching OK And so he kept preaching the message this person kept coming have kept playing it cool until finally he talked about Babylon and the harlot churches that have spawned off from the mother church and there how they're not truly following all of what the Bible has to say and how the Bible predicted that is exactly what they see happening and all these kinds of things and so finally this same guy Mr Cool comes up and he's wondering how we're going to respond to this and this time instead of a Mr Cool handshake and on his way he gives him a big hug on Friday night by the way and he said I'll see you in the morning meaning I'll be in church on 7 morning and he was on his way home with his wife and he said Honey passive anon the nomination of church you know what I what we have to do we have to follow the truth wherever it leads us. And so he told his congregation what had happened and how this change been brought about but what was it that brought about the change for him was prophecy as he saw the things happening in the world just as the Bible foretold it and it pierced his heart and he and his wife are now he's a pastor in the Avenues church fast forward like 10 years and this is his wife and now they are preaching the full message but it was prophecy that gripped him the names Rod Thompson his wife Sabrina but I believe many people today not the idea of truth because it's not relational enough because they think it leaves out Jesus but they're forgetting that the great burden of the human heart is to find truth how can I know that this is true or is it just some fable some fairy tale and I just is it wishful thinking but then they're confronted with the truth they're confronted with prophecy they're given the evidence and the clarity that they need that they've been desperately trying to figure out because of confusion the world is everywhere it tosses a surround to and fro but when there can convinced of the truth you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free friends are nothing more powerful they when someone 1st understands this harmonious chain of truth and how it all blends together so nicely and with tears running down their cheeks they battle their head to God in earnest humble prayer and asked if they'll be guided into all truth and at that moment the Bible to them is a new book and they hug it to their hearts with grateful joy and when their accountants aglow with happiness and a holy joy because Christ has scattered the darkness you know from that moment on they're going to be a different person they're going to be a powerful witness for Jesus. So Jesus give us the simple mandate go therefore make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I command you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the age so I'm simply asking Hendersonville church where you partner with me in giving the full message in teaching them to observe not just some but all the things that he has entrusted to us because it's all for our best good it all shows us where we are nerds history it all helps us to be prepared it helps us to be on the side of Christ to stay away from the land mines in the pit falls for the devil is set for us I believe prophecy is the key that God has given us to stir that people for this time we can't compete with rock concerts we can't compete with video games we can't compete with music and all this entertainment I can't compete with any of that but you know any of that can't compete with the Holy Spirit and prophecy when they see that the game console forget it the movie stubs forget it I just want to stay home and I want to study God's word because I'm understanding things I've never understood before in my life and I've a piece I've never had before so I encourage you partner with me partner with us let's bring people let's share this message and let's pray that the Holy Spirit will penetrate their hearts in a way that we can't do because we let the Bible and His Word do the cutting as we present and love as we're gracious with people let's see what God has in store for us you have the Father we thank you for the more sure word of Bible prophecy. You have given it to us not to hide under a bushel but to share that others may know that you truly are the God of all gods that knows the in from the beginning that if you can map out the future like this as we watch it unfolding around us maybe you're also mindful of us Lord may prophesy penetrate our hearts and may we be able to share it by the power of your Holy Spirit to this community to pray and Usenet. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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