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Dead Sea Christianity

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • January 21, 2017
    9:45 AM
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Bless the Lord or my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name bless the Lord all my soul and forget not all his benefits who forgive it all the iniquities who heal it all the ideas eases who redeem it from destruction who Crown is the with loving kindness and tender mercies who satisfy a mouth with good things so that their youth is renewed like the Eagles the Lord is merciful and gracious longsuffering and abundant in goodness and truth he made known his ways unto Moses his acts and to the children of Israel he will not always tried neither will he keep his anger forever he hath not dealt with us after our sins nor rewarded us according to our iniquities for as the heaven is high above the earth so great is his mercy toward them that fear him as far as the east is from the West so far have he removed our transgressions from us like as a father pity of his children so the Lord pity is them that fear him for he know with our frame he remember that we are dust. As for man his days are as grass as a flower of the field so he flourishes for the wind passed over it and it is gone and the place there of shall know it no more but the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear Him and His righteousness on to children's children to such as keep his covenant and to those that remember his commandments to do with him the Lord hath prepared his throne in the heavens and His Kingdom ruling overall I say again The Lord hath prepared his throne in the heavens and his kingdom rule with over all bless the Lord he his angels that excel in strength that do His commandments harkening under the voice of his word bless the Lord all you his hosts ministers of his that do his pleasure bless the Lord all his works in all places of his dominion bless the Lord my soul Well good morning everyone how are you this morning happy Sabbath God is good and all the time God is good he Mina I am so glad you are here this morning as we are here to worship our holy God on this his holy Sabbath day our subject this morning might sound a little odd even titled it did see Christianity. Did see Christianity and we'll explore that biblically in just a moment but before I launch into that I would just like to share something I've thought about for some time and I think would be of value and benefit to you in the time that we shared together here in the divine worship hour and 1st of all if you would go with me in your Bible to the Book of Deuteronomy Durata me Chapter $27.00 and I want to notice a passage here this is something that I believe will and it will benefit all of us if we will follow I believe what God is designing for us to do Deuteronomy Chapter $27.00 The Book of Deuteronomy means 2nd law giving duet is to I do appreciate the duet earlier that we had with Clive and with Judy incredible thank you for sharing your talents with us and blessing us this morning and lifting our hearts and minds to heaven thank you what a beautiful music that was your enemy Chapter 27 beginning in verse one the Bible says and Moses with the Elders of Israel commanded the people saying keep all the commandments which I command you this day. Now if you'll just jump down with me to verse 11 Moses speaking to the people versus 11 and Moses charged the people the same day saying and I'm going to skip a little bit further we went from one to 11 and now we're going to move down to verse 15 and I'm going to ask you a question do you see a pattern in what is being said here by Moses beginning in verse 15 curses be the man that make it any graven or molten image an abomination to the Lord the work of the hands of the craftsman and put it in a secret place and all the people shall answer and say what aim in verse 16 curses be he that set of light by his father or his mother and all the people shall say aim in verse 17 cursed to be he that removed his neighbors landmark and all the people shall say aim in verse 18 curse of the he that make it the blind to wander out of the way and all the people shall say I am in verse 19 cursed to be he that pervert the judgment of the stranger fatherless and widow and all the people shall say what I am in verse 20 to be he that lyeth with his father's wife because he uncovered his father's skirt and all the people shall say a min curse it be he that alliance with any manner of beast and all the people shall say aim in verse 22 curse to be he that lives with his sister the daughter of his father or the daughter of his mother and all the people shall say a min curse to be he that lyeth with his mother in law and all the people shall say I am in verse 24 we're coming down to the end cursed to be he that smite of his neighbor secretly and all the people shall say aim in verse 24 I'm sorry 25 curse to be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person and all the people shall say aimin and finally verse 26 curse it be he that confirm it not all the words of this law to do them and all the people shall say what did you notice a pattern in any of those verses as Moses was speaking the word of the Lord to the people they were instructed to respond. They were instructed to respond by saying something and they were asked to say aimin and I'd like to share with you something that I read some time ago this is from signs of the Times June 24th 1906 speaking about the divine worship service which we are here for this morning says there much of the public worship of God consists of praise and prayer and every follower of Christ shooting gauge in this worship we've had prayers this morning we've had songs this morning music this morning we should all participate and engage in that but now notice this there is also the preaching service conducted by those whose work it is to instruct the congregation in the Word of God although all are not called to minister in word and doctrine they need not be cold and response to listeners I'll say that again they need not be cold and response lists listeners when the Word of God was spoken to the Hebrews anciently the Lord said to Moses and let all the people say Amen we just found that in Deuteronomy 27 it's right there in the scriptures all the people were required to respond by saying a minute now notice why I really like this and this next sentence this response in the fervor of their Souls was required as evidence that they understood the word spoken and were interested in it all right so there's 2 things that were stated in why God asked the people to say a min when the Word of God was spoken number one they understand what is being said they understand the word of the Lord so that's important certainly right God wants us to understand come now and let us reason together though your sins be a scarlet they should be as white as snow Isaiah 118 Let us think about it and understand it together God says and then 2nd of all it was that they would show and express that they were interested in what God's word said to them. So I want to invite you we're starting a new year now this is 2017 this is my 1st time here in the sacred desk I would like to invite you to cultivate this as part of your time no matter who's speaking it doesn't matter when the Word of God is spoken respond by saying a minute if it's something that you understand and you agree with so not for my benefit but for your own I think you will be blessed as you sit and respond to what God says rather than just passively listening to words you will be encouraged to follow along and to respond to the promptings and conviction the Holy Spirit will bring to your heart I'm praying that will be the case if I'm up here and I'm telling a funny joke do not say I'm in but if I'm saying something to you that is from the Word of God and you understand it and you're interested in it please not letting me know let God know you are interested in you understand His word to you so I will be reminding you there might be a quiz from time to time but I will be reminding you all take it upon myself throughout this year in the coming months and years to come think about responding to what God says to you it is reverent and appropriate to say amen you don't have to say it loudly or you might wake up your neighbor if they're getting sleepy that might be a good thing but please if you're if the person next to you does seem irritated by that than you might say it softly but the Word of God to me as I have tried to cultivate this it calls for a response from within me that I have to respond in some way because the Word of God is powerful the Word of God is living and active and sharper than any 2 edged sword it is powerful and we ought to respond. We should respond to the preaching of the word Lord let me say this also just in by way of introduction I did have a chance to watch some of the inauguration yesterday I do not have a T.V. set I watched some of it on my i Pad and was struck by the ceremony the pomp and circumstance the regard that was placed upon the inaugural service and I thought you know what if we translated some of that into God's house and when we come into the sanctuary if we recognized we're not just in the presence of an earthly president he's just a man whoever it is whatever party they're part of they're just a person but we're coming into the sanctuary and we're coming by faith into the presence of God And so we ought to think differently we ought to act differently and we ought to talk differently because we are in the house of God and by faith we want to honor and worship him and think about him uppermost in our minds rather than our hustle and bustle day to day conversations and whatever else might be of a small matter in our lives so at any rate let us apply some of that attitude towards the standing in the reverence and all the focus towards the president towards our heavenly Father who deserves it vastly infinitely more times than any mortal living on this earth OK Do you still like me this morning do you love me. All right you still love me I hope so well all right let's can let's begin with our dead see christianity this morning I'd like you to open your Bibles I appreciate Nicholas Kimbra reading our scripture this morning and we're going to focus our time and drill down on just a short simple parable found in the Gospel of Luke Chapter 13 this is not a theological sermon so much this morning as a practical sermon I do enjoy theological sermons where you get in and really break down some of the depths and the real deep things of God I love that always will but this morning we'll be looking at a very practical aspect of our relationship with Jesus Christ very practical Luke Chapter 13 beginning in verse 6 remember that a parable is a story that has a a lesson that is put in symbolic language symbolic terms so the implements in the parable they represent different things Luke Chapter 13 beginning in verse 6 this is Jesus speaking he says he spake also this parable a certain man had a fig tree planted in where was it located. All right it's in his vineyard and he came and saw it through their own and found none when I ask you a simple question Is it reasonable if you plant of fig tree or any other kind of a fruit bearing tree in your garden to expect to find fruit on it in fact I think we could go so far to say that it would be expected that you would find fruit on it by the very nature and definition of a fruit tree so it's a reasonable expectation that this owner of the vineyard would come and and seek to find fruit on his fig tree what we have some elements here we've got a tree we've got a vineyard What are these things what are they represent we could we could punch it up on google and see what the Internet has to say or we could look in the Word of God Let us just look at a few passages turning your Bibles with me to the Old Testament book of Isaiah Isaiah and we'll look at Chapter 5. Chapter 5 we're going to let the Bible tell us what these different aspects of this parable represent and you might know them already but it's always good to be clear and see it from the Word of God Isaiah Chapter 5 beginning in verse one now will I sing to my well beloved a song of my beloved touching his what you have the King James Version touching his vineyard my well beloved have a venue in a very fruitful hill so the location of the vineyard was a good location yes or no yes it was placed in a prominent a goodly location now let's go ahead and skip down to verse 7 Isaiah 5 or 7 and we're going to have a clear explanation for the vineyard it says for the vineyard of the LORD of hosts is what. The Lord's vineyard is the house of Israel we could say that it's his people it's his church today we understand spiritual Israel is the Church of God glacial chapter 3 verse 29 says and if he cries then are you Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise the spiritual church or vineyard of the Lord to Day is right here in Hendersonville this church here the Hendersonville 7th Day Adventist Church his people the vineyard is the church well what might the tree represent You're still the Book of Isaiah let us flip over to Chapter 61 we're going to notice now trees trees come up in the Book of Revelation is symbolic in a number of places Revelation 7 is what I'm thinking of what Isaiah Chapter 61 also Isaiah Chapter 55 we find that a tree represents something I was a 61 and let's go into universes one into These are awesome verses Jesus quotes these when he went to Nazareth and was given a scroll and stood up to read there at the synagogue Jesus quotes these verses in Luke chapter 4 and I have them memorized there but I don't have them memorized here in Luke 61 and there they read a little differently but Jesus quotes these verses here and says And beginning in verse one the spirit of the Lord is upon me because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings and to the meek he have sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to them that are bound and I want to just pause for a moment and say something I used to read these verses and I think they do have a an application in a temporal since but I as I read these more and more in my study I see that the primary application I believe is spiritual the preaching and the binding up of the wounds and the setting free from the prison house that is in relation to sin. That the primary mission and work of Christ is to set free the captives of sin and bondage and so there's a spiritual meaning that I think is primary to yes we want to help people who are in a situation they need food they need clothing how they're hungry those are that's in a secondary sense as I read it that's just an interpretation verse 2 to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our God to comfort all that mourn and of course that connects with the beatitude Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted in the morning they're described in thoughts from the mount of blessings is a spiritual morning for our loneliness and weakness in our sinfulness not just mourning because my my sports team lost on the T.V. last night morning because of sin there's a spiritual meaning in the Word of God then now verse 3 notice this verse to a point on to them that morning in Zion to give in to them beauty for ashes the oil of joy for mourning the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness now here we find our answer that they might be called what trees of righteousness so there is a equating of people and the Lord's people his church with a tree and they're called Trees of righteousness is the planting of the Lord and then now notice this key phrase the very end of this verse that they or that he rather might what. Be glorified What is the purpose of the tree bring glory and honor to God in some way in some fashion not all trees are the same trees are different there's different kinds of trees they might even have different kinds of fruit but the in result of giving glory to God is still the same that's still the focus of the tree OK let's go back now to our parable in Luke Chapter 13 we've identified the vineyard it is the church we've identified trees and there's other verses that relate to trees that is you and I each one of us Luke Chapter 13 now beginning in verse 6 it says when he came and sought for fruit on the trees he found none this was 1st given to the Jewish nation when Jesus came seeking fruit for all the benefits and privileges the Jews had received he did not find the fruit that he was hoping for the Jews shut themselves up and sequestered themselves with the truth and kept it to themselves rather than being the light and the salt and the messengers of the truth that God had entrusted to them they had a outward pretentious display of bearing fruit but there was no real fruit that was born from the trees all right now let's look at verse 7 then said he and to the dresser of his vineyard behold these 3 years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree and find none and now here comes the judgment judgment as described here in this parable What does it say cut it down. Cut it down the tree is not bearing fruit this what the tree is supposed to do cut it down and then the question is asked why did the ground that phrase rings in my ears from time to time that's why I chose this parable to make the point we're going to get to with the Dead Sea Christianity why is it the ground that's Old King James English cumber to hinder and to in some way prevent something positive from happening it conveys the idea of actually harming the ground from which it is supposed to be drawing forth nutrients and is drawing forth nutrients and life why is it cumbering the ground you know brothers and sisters we have received lots and lots of benefits and privileges by being part of the Lord's vineyard I heard 2 and a half a mins we have received many manifold on countable in numerable blessings and primarily spiritual blessings as law as well as temporal blessings that God has given to us here in this church are we bearing the kind of fruit that will bring honor and glory to Him That is a question that we must ask ourselves because we have a picture of judgment that is brought into the picture if it does not bear fruit cut it down why is it just wasting the ground in other words this tree is taking the place right here that could be taken by someone else who could be planted here as a tree symbolically speaking and could bear fruit. What a treat it sitting here and is drawing from the sunshine and the rain and drawing the new trees from the soil and is not providing anything as a result of those blessings is just really taking up space and a detriment and harming the earth it is harming the church as it were because it is not providing and giving forth a response to the blessings from which it has received there is no response to those blessings Well let's go to verse 8 still in Luke 13 it says here and he that is the dresser of the vineyard answering sudden to him Lord let alone this year also what we see also there is a message of judgment and there is also connected with that a message of mercy a message of judgment that there is a reckoning an account that will be called forth from each one of us but there is also a message of mercy give it another chance give it one more chance give it some more time a probationary time from which they can change from which they can respond differently give them a nother chance it says. He continues on and says Lord let it alone this year also till I shall dig about it and dung it and in other words he's saying I want to attend and continue to help cultivate and nurture and develop this tree which for years has not been productive I'm not going to give up on it I'm still going to stay with it and even give it even more opportunities and more privileges to bring forth fruit I'm going to keep working with it what a picture this is of who God is and his character what a picture that God gives to us that he says I'm still going to get another chance I'm going to keep working and give them more blessings to help them have another opportunity another chance but then notice this verse 9 and if it bear fruit well and if not then after that shalt cut it down so there's a delay in judgment but ultimately we see the judgment does come home in some way or another but there is a probationary merciful time period given to the tree which represents God's people in the church what am I saying this morning dead see christianity how does this relate to the Dead Sea Well I have not traveled to Israel very much would like to go some day and visit especially the area of Israel but the Dead Sea lies between the modern countries of Jordan and Israel and it is as you probably have heard before the lowest place on earth the lowest place on Earth at some 1300 between 13 and 1400 feet below sea level below the Mediterranean Sea Well what makes the Dead Sea so unique is that the composition of the water there is so salty that no life can live in it. In a general sense no plants or animals or people can live in that water because it's about 10 times saltier than the ocean and from what I have read it is it's of course those salty you can float you can sit there and if you actually have I think it's hard to swim from what I've read but the Dead Sea receives fresh water it receives fresh water from primarily the Jordan River which is where John was baptising there we read and it flows down into the Dead Sea But the problem is that there is no outlet for the Dead Sea It receives blessings it receives fresh water but nothing flows out of it it just stays there and sits there and because of the A heat and the location there of the the water evaporates and it just becomes salty Saul at least behind these tremendous salt deposits simple message we receive the blessings of God They are meant to flow out from us Jesus says in speaking to the woman at the well in John chapter 4 verse 14 he says but whosoever drink of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst equating water with the gospel message but whosoever drink of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a will of water springing up into everlasting life that water doesn't just stay there it springs up as a will and is then manifested in giving life and hope and cool refreshment to other people. No Dead Sea Christianity should be allowed Let's look and see though in the Gospel of John what is an example what does it look like when someone meets Jesus John chapter one we look at some of the 1st disciples we're going to come to a close John chapter one when someone meets Jesus what is their reaction in a natural since what should be our reaction when we have a connection with Jesus Christ John chapter one let's look at beginning in verse 35 John chapter one beginning in verse 35 and the question is how do people respond when they know Jesus how do people live when they know Jesus and you probably know the answer but let's see it together in Scripture in the Word of God John one verse 35 again the next day after John stood and 2 of his disciples That's John the Baptist and looking upon Jesus as he walked he say if points them out again had already done that in verse $29.00 Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world pointing out Jesus verse $37.00 and the 2 disciples heard him speak and they follow Jesus so really Jesus 1st the disciples were actually disciples of John the Baptist but when they heard Jesus and they heard that he was pointed out as the Messiah they left and follow Jesus so verse $38.00 then Jesus turned and follow them these 2 following and say it unto them what seek ye they said to him Rabbi which is to say being interpreted master where dwell us now is so interesting they want to know where Jesus lives because they want to spend time with him that's why they want to know where he lives where do you live because just talking in a conversation right now just like we are is not enough time to know all that we want to know from you and so they want to know even more in their asking where do you live so that we can follow you there and we can spend more time with you notice Jesus response in verse 39 he saith unto them come and see come and see that was my alternate title for the sermon today I opted for Dead Sea Christianity to try to wake up some some of our thinking but. See they came and saw where he dwelt in the boat with him that day for it was about the 10th hour it was late in the day now verse 41 of the 2 which heard John speak and followed him was Andrew Simon Peter's brother he 1st find of his own brother Simon and say it to him we have found the Messias which is being interpreted the Christ what does it say that he did 1st says he 1st find his brother and says to him hey listen we found the Messiah we found the Messiah you've got to come and see we have found the Messiah the 1st thing when we come to Jesus that should be as natural as the flower turning to the sunlight is we should be asking people to come to Jesus we should be inviting people to come to Jesus and in this story we see a family member a brother inviting a brother to come to Jesus I want you to keep that in your mind family members and be thinking right now let the Holy Spirit work on your heart do you have any family members that need to be invited to Jesus are there anyone in your household whether immediate or extended family that needs an invitation because we know that time is short we see we are living in very serious times let's continue on in this story still in John one and looking now at verse 43 John one verse 43 the day following just one day later Jesus would go forth into Galilee and find if Philip and say it unto him follow me Jesus invited Philip follow me now Philip was a Bethsaida the city of Andrew and Peter. Philip find it in a thin now who is nothing. That's his friend he had a friend they studied together they were seeking as you read desire of Ages they were studying to know the prophecies they knew that it was around the time that the Messiah was prophesied to come into Daniel 9 and they are studying together and when Philip find Christ invites him he says this is it we've been studying about this and so he invites his friend question for you think about it do you have any friends that need to be invited into a relationship with Jesus Christ do you have friends that you know of whether it's someone you went to school with a long time ago whether it is someone that you have known years ago or maybe lost touch with do you have friends that need to be invited to Jesus I want you to think about that well it says continuing on their 1st 45 Philip finds that then you and say it to him we have found him of whom Moses in the law and the prophets did write Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph and Faneuil said to him can there any good thing come out of Nazareth and then Philip Instead of entering into a calm a controversy your argument with him what does he say Come and see we're to hear that from well maybe that was after he was asked to be a disciple after Andrew and John the 1st 2 disciples at any rate though come and see that is the invitation it's simple but come and see come and see what Jesus means to me Come and see how Jesus has changed my life come and see how precious Jesus is come and see how your life can be changed and you can have a peace and a joy that you have never known in your life before when you are connected to Jesus Christ. This is the experience you can have if you will but come to Jesus turn your Bibles with me now to say you Corinthians chapter 5 and let's read about speaking of government a title that we have that God has given to each one of us 7 Corinthians Chapter 5 beginning in verse 19 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 and will read verses $1020.00 together and this is a position a title that has been bestowed upon you and I that we have been given from the Lord said Corinthians Chapter 5 beginning in verse 19 the Bible says to wit reading from the King James version that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself not imputing their trespasses unto them and have committed until Who and have committed unto us the word of what reconciliation to be reconciled to God and then now he can now he says in verse 20 now then we are what ambassadors for who ambassadors for Christ and Ambassador is an official diplomatic official I used to teach US government at the high school level an ambassador is someone that is sent on a mission as a representative from one government to another location. We have been sent by the king of the universe the King of Heaven on a mission to represent him and to call people to be reconciled to Jesus Christ to call them to be reconciled so this morning I want you to think about how there are people in your lives in your circle and sphere of influence that God might be calling you to invite to come to our church let me just share a few quotes from the Spirit of Prophecy on this point it says here this is Christ object lessons page $326.00 each has his place and eternal plan of salvation each is to work in cooperation with Christ for the salvation of souls each is to work in cooperation with Christ for the salvation of souls not more surely is the place prepared for us in the heavenly mansions that is the special place designated on Earth where we are to work for God you have a special place you can call to work that only you can fill that God has designed for you to take part in Notice this from Volume 5 the testimony of the church page 305 all can do something in the work all right what how many people all can do something in the work none will be pronounced guiltless before God unless they have worked earnestly and unselfishly for the salvation of souls the fruit that were really wanting to get to in the parable the real fruit is to be a blessing to other people yes a blessing to one another here in the church yes yes yes but a blessing to those that are in darkness and need to know the precious trues that we have that we have been entrusted with this is also from Volume 5 the testimony to the church page 464 your duty cannot be shifted upon another. You can't hand it off to your spouse your children the pastor your duty cannot be shifted upon another no one but yourself can do your work if you withhold your light someone must be left in darkness through your neglect that is a serious statement if you neglect your work some one must be left in darkness someone that you know that is in your sphere of influence through your neglect or right counsels to parents teachers and students page $419.00 let everyone labor for God and for souls. Let everyone again I mean there's there's an infinity of quotes that relate to this point let each show wisdom and never be found in idleness waiting for someone to set him to work while I read that I thought we know what I am going to encourage my brothers and sisters in Hendersonville to get set to work today as we are still here at the start of the New Year 2017 to get set to work doing the very things that God would have us to do not to wait for some other great opportunity when it seems grand to get started but to start today through faith in the power of God It is wonderful how strong a weak man may become how decided his efforts how prolific of great results he who begins with a little knowledge in a humble way and tells what he knows while seeking diligently for further knowledge will find the whole heavenly treasure awaiting his demand and now listen to this the more he seeks to impart light the more light he will receive do you want to know more about the Word of God and have a deeper insight in your studies than share what you do know with those that you know around you but that's not all the more one tries to explain the word of God to others with a low for souls the plainer it becomes to himself the plainer and clearer it becomes to yourself as you try to explain it to someone else the more we use our knowledge and exercise our powers the more knowledge and power we shall have you want more knowledge do you want more power do you want to clear understanding of the Scriptures do you want more light on the scriptures it all comes from going out and working to help encourage people in the Word of God and to bring them to his vineyard like this statement here from the great conversely page 70 the Spirit of Christ is a missionary spirit the very 1st impulse of the renewed heart is to bring others also to the Savior that encapsulates the entire sermon today let me say that one more time the spirit of Christ is a missionary spirit the very 1st impulse of the renewed heart my heart has been changed as David pleaded for a clean heart a new heart to be created within him in Psalm $51.00 verse 10 when I have that experience the 1st impulse is to bring others to the Savior and we see the disciples doing that as they themselves had their hearts renewed. Review and Herald June 7th $887.00 the only way to grow in grace is to be interested Lee doing the very work Rice has enjoyed upon us to do you want to grow in grace that we must be sharing the gospel sets the Christ page 83 you are not to wait for great occasions or to expect extraordinary abilities before you go to work for God we're not waiting for a great occasion we're going to make that decision today I'm going to call you to a commitment in just a moment a commitment before the Lord it's because of the work that has been given to us to do the work of reaching out and trying to help other people we understand from the teachings in the Word of God that to be busy trying to do the Lord's work how old was Jesus when He understood that he was to be about his father's business he was 12 everyone in this congregation 12 and older should know that they should be about their father's business in some capacity wherever he's called you to be we're not all called to do the same exact work but we're all called to reach out to other people I want to be busy for the Lord how about you well today I just want to make an appeal to you Do you have neighbors that need to know about Jesus do you have coworkers that you work with that need to know about Jesus bearing fruit means reaching out and helping to bring other people to Jesus all you have to do is say Come and see come and see how can I let my neighbors perish and I have the knowledge the saving knowledge of the truth and just sit by indifferently I have neighbors I have to invite we have in our church I love our church we have so many things happening in our church that you have opportunities to invite people to even coming up in just next week we have dinner with a doctor invite somebody to come to that then just shortly after that of course we have the Daniel Fast 21 days invite somebody to come to that then we also have we're going to be working on having a financial peace seminar here invite somebody to come to that these are bridge of into that it can help people to come and see that we really care about them and ultimately we care about. Their eternal destiny and we care about their salvation we also in the fall have an evangelistic series planned a full of evangelistic meetings which I'll be presenting and I hope you'll even now be praying for me but the best way to get people to come to those meetings is your invitation I can send out handbills I can come and knock on people's doors and sometimes you'll get a small response from some of those but the very best way to get people to come to our church is just to invite them and to give them a personal invitation and say hey listen come just come all they can do is say no or yes no or yes come to our church and in so doing we can connect more and still more people I'd love for a year from now if everyone of us just invited one person and made a commitment to invite one person to come to our church we'd have to go back to the master planning committee and talk about building a new church we would have enough room in here so this morning my appeal is if there is someone that you know I hope the Holy Spirit is working on your heart right now he's working on mine there's someone that you know that you will commit to invite him to our church it can be one person it could be more than one then I want to invite you to stand this morning not yet and listen carefully you're not standing for yourself you're standing up for somebody and saying I know there's somebody that I know that I need to invite to come to our church just an invitation is all an invitation to Bible studies an invitation to you to come to any of the things that happen at our church all of those things happen for a reason Listen to this statement from Acts of the Apostles it's the very 1st 2 sentences of that book Acts of the Apostles the book says it's the very beginning it Page 9 it says the church is God's appointed agency for the salvation of man. The church this church is God's appointed agency it is the means for the salvation of man now listen to the 2nd sentence it was organized for service and its mission is to give the gospel to the world it was organized we have an organization in our church a structure we have pastors and elders and deacons and all other types of helpers and ministers but is organized so that we can effectively give the gospel to the world and of course that includes our neighborhood that includes my job where I work at or my family members sometimes the hardest people to invite to to a church or our own family members at least that's been my experience but I'm committed to inviting people this year so I want to ask if there is anyone who is willing to stay in at this time I want invite you to stand if you will stand up for someone and say I will invite somebody to come to this church in 2017 there is somebody that needs to know about Jesus Christ in our church and I'm just going to invite them let the Holy Spirit work on their heart that's our goal that God is just to make the invitation and invite people to come I will invite someone and I'm going to pray that the Holy Spirit will remind you and convict you throughout the year that you will not forget this moment this is a a decision a commitment that somebody I know needs to come to this church and I want to be the means the the one that God works through to invite them to come to him Well Father in Heaven Lord I confess that I have been a cumber of the ground but Lord I pray that from this day forward you will strengthen us and revive us each one of us to bear fruit to your honor and glory not to be any better or more special than anyone else but that we might give you the praise and the glory for what you have done for us Lord abolish the Dead Sea Christianity it doesn't exist anyway all blessings must be shared and given to other people and I pray that you would give us those opportunities you would give us the the words to say and. You would remind us Lord Mayor Holy Spirit remind us throughout this next year that we have committed to inviting someone to come be part of your church lessness now strengthen us we pray this in Jesus' precious name Amen this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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