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Divine Genetics

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • April 1, 2017
    10:15 AM
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God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble therefore will not we fear though the earth be removed and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea the waters there of roar and be troubled though the mountains shake with the swelling there Rove say Alok there is a river the streams where shall make glad the City of God the Holy Place of the tabernacles of the most high God is in the midst of her she shall not be moved God shall help her and that right early come behold the works of the Lord what desolations he hath made in the year he make it wars to cease unto the ends of the earth he break it the bow and cut it the spear in sunder he Bernat the chariot in the fire some $46.00 verse 10 BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD I will be exalted among the heathen I will be exalted in the earth the LORD of hosts is with us the God of Jacob is our refuge say a LAW Well good morning everyone happy Sabbath are subject this morning is divine genetics. Divine genetics divine meaning of or pertaining to or related to God and genetics meaning the composition the genetic D.N.A. code of our existence biologically animals human beings the hereditary traits and features that combine to make a person who they are and what their personality is like divine genetics is our subject this morning if you are by your heads with me I would just like to seek the Lord in prayer as we begin precious father in heaven Lord is the great privilege to stand before your people and to present your message your word and to share just a small portion of what you have done in my life in transforming my heart my mind my character Lord I thank you for your goodness to me which is entirely undeserved on my part but I praise you in exalts you and I pray Lord that today we would see what your divine grace can do through a simple humble jar of clay and I pray this prayer in Jesus' name a min. Well ancestry and heredity matters I was adopted when I was 3 days old I've shared some of this before and I'm going to skip a little bit ahead one of my biological relatives an aunt that I have about 7 years ago did some research and found that she was related to a passenger on the Mayflower that was the ship that came over with the Puritans and 1620 almost 400 years ago and landed there at Plymouth Rock and I think they've not been there in person but I've seen pictures of where they have put that in the rock the year 620 and found in the Plymouth colony and it just so happens I'm related to the captain of that enterprise that was chosen to be kept in check kept in Miles Standish to be exact and if you look over here on the left hand side only if you can see it but it traces down to where I am and my name is not on this list but this was a list that was sent to what is called the Mayflower Society to authenticate that you are related to indeed one of the $102.00 plus the we don't know the exact number the number of crew on board but we know $102.00 for sure passengers on that boat and so it goes for Miles Standish his son Alexander Standish is this is in my line on the left hand side had Ebenezer Standish who had a daughter named there via Standish who had a son named William ring who had another son named William ring that's confusing who had a daughter named Sarah ring who had a son named Caleb Nickerson Smith who had a daughter named Hannah Isabella Smith who had a son named Roy Byron long guard who had a son named William Albert long guard who had a daughter Carole Marie long guard and that's my aunt and so I would be in the 13th position in that lawn me here Brian Heineman And so it's fascinating that just there's just 13 generations between me and the Mayflower. The captain no less and she did some other research and found that in fact for sure we're related to 8 of the passengers on board possibly 9 because of all of their marriage and marrying their kids but for sure 8 passengers on the Mayflower and that's a picture of a Captain Miles Standish show a portrait of him up on the right and used to work in high school and I had a student of mine did a little Photoshop there and you can see a little bit of a resemblance it's a very good photoshop image there but I can assure you that's actually me when I was a lot younger and had had a lot more hair so all right and 3 and heritage matters as I mentioned I am adopted and the family you belong to is significant and key in your life for many reasons if you were part of the British royal family then that makes you Royal other famous families we have in the United States the Rockefeller's the Kennedys in this area we have the Vanderbilt who are responsible for building the Biltmore House and constructing that we even have the family I happen to my wife and I years ago before we had our son we were in a class with I believe the grandson of the founder of Ingles and we were in a class together preparing for all the birth experience and so anyway that was kind of interesting but it is considered very shameful not to have a family or to be illegitimate This is a picture of my parents of when my mom was pregnant with me as I'm told and my mom was 15 my dad was 16 they were soft More's in high school now it's interesting the way that I acquired this picture is because my adoption was supposed to be a closed adoption neither family was supposed to know the biological family wasn't supposed to know the adoptive family in the adoptive family wasn't supposed to know the biological family but there was a pastor who happened to know both families and knew that. The the family that adopted me they had had 2 miscarriages and they were afraid they were not going to be able to have a child and so they were interested in adopting a child and he knew that condition and they also knew the condition that came up when my mom was pregnant with me a young teenage girl and so he agreed to be the one to go between the families while he retired to the states over Mount his Cademy which is where I taught for 17 years and in visiting him one day he brought out and shared this picture with me and so I happened to to to have that but as I'm told my mom was pregnant for 8 and a half months before she told anyone and I don't know I mean I was there but I wasn't really there how that can happen but in some way it was a it was a short time period to make a decision and my mom has a younger brother who's 9 years older than me my uncle and so they considered keeping me and having me to be raised just amongst my aunts and uncles and have my grandparents be my parents they strongly considered that but I think it was a truly providential act of God that I was placed in the home that I was placed in I cannot say enough about the Providence in my life to making a decision to put me up for adoption and then place me in a home I could have had better parents I hope you feel the same way about your parents but I could not have had better parents than Charles and Linda Heineman So anyway these are a few pictures of me when I was growing up and you know I can see here that I had a lot of fun playing in a mud puddle we grew up very poor in a single wide trailer but in prayer meeting this week we read something very interesting statement about what matters most to children is actually not the amount of money or the amount of land that you have. It's the amount of love that you have in your home and so all parents can provide that for their children no matter what their situation or their condition is and so there it is you can see on the top right I have a sister who is not adopted she came along 11 months after I was born and adopted we look very similar even though we're not actually related but she is my sister and I love her dearly and so I grew up in a very happy home and very thankful that my parents when they adopted me they were living in Greenville South Carolina at the time I was born up in Virginia and I think I mentioned it's kind of interesting that I think they would have had to drive right through here at Hendersonville between Greenville and Virginia the place where they picked me up right here that would be back in 1973 which is the year that abortion was legalized least in the eyes of the federal government that very year is the year that I was born in December of 1973 and I'm thankful though that my mom made the difficult decision I think really it was with her and her parents my grandparents to not have an abortion to choose life and to choose you know this is a bad circumstance but is it possible that God can work and bring about for his honor and glory out of man's mistake God can still bring something worthwhile or beneficial I hope and pray that is the case because God has been so abundantly merciful and gracious to me that I cannot put into words or express to you the value and the influence the training that I had for my parents who raised me cannot even express that well although the circumstances of my birth are shameful and humiliating I still believe that God has a plan for my life and I believe God has a plan for your life to. God somehow in his great love and mercy loves and wants even me and he loves you and wants you to if you did not know that if you're not aware Well the parents that raised me are no longer living but I am so grateful to them that even when I'm reunited with him Lord willing of They'll be there and I'll be there when the roll is called up yonder I will belong to them for all eternity that is my position that is how I feel about the people that raised me and took care of me even though there was not a D.N.A. connection is there a difference in divine genetics than just physical genetics there in fact is the way that God views and sees us is not the same as we oftentimes of you and see ourselves and this is just as another side note my dad who became he was the literature evangelist when every I was born in Greenville South Carolina he went and became a 70 had been as pastor for many years pastor here in Carolina 7 churches 7 districts rather many churches and he read to us the Bible stories every night my sister and I every night and if there's one thing I could appeal to you as parents to do read the Bible stories to your children every night because it will just impress on their minds these wonderful amazing stories in their hearts their precious little hearts and minds and it will stay there as long as they live because these stories they've stayed in my mind well here's just an ironic point here that is my grandfather here in the middle and he was actually working for the review and herald the press up in Tacoma Park Maryland for 35 years and he was a model for many of the paintings of the Bible stories that I was reading as a kid years later this is actually him here on the left posing as I mean this is the finished painting you would see in the book and this is him as Adam with Adam and Eve on the right hand side and I was looking and seeing a picture of my mom mom's dad my maternal grandfather for years and we were through all the volumes of those books and then went over McGinn they were so interesting I can still remember begging and pleading with my dad to read issues one more story. Partially because I didn't want to go to bed and partially because they were so interesting they were so interesting but as I later on found out and had some contact it was while I was a student at Fletcher academy my sophomore year that my biological grandparents came and wanted to contact me they had worked at the General Conference my grandmother worked at admin is risk management and because she somehow had found out the name of my adopted family they watched for 16 years while I grew up and while we moved from Greenville South Carolina to Columbia South Carolina from Columbia South Carolina to Burlington North Carolina from Burlington North Carolina to Raleigh North Carolina from Raleigh North Carolina to Hickory North Carolina and they had waited until I was 16 when I was away at school and they said he's old enough we want to go see him we want to go meet him for the 1st time and so they called up my adoptive parents on the phone and said Can we go see Brian and. I've got to tell you I mean I had the best adoptive parents I have to tell you that would be one of the hardest phone calls I think I could ever imagine taking that someone is coming and wanting to see my child I mean their intentions are good but they might be tempted to want to leave in and you belong to these people just leave with them but my adopted parents said no no no we would be glad if it would be special for Brian if he would if that's something he desires we would be glad for this to happen and we would not have any restrictions or reservations if it's good for him as a parent we want to do what's best for him and that's the way they always always dealt with things even though I know it was hard for them and I didn't realize until years later when I got older and had more maturity that this would be extremely difficult so my grandparents came my mom's parents to see and visit me there in the ad building pleasure academy called out of class they came out and saw them for the 1st time meth him talk with him and my parents who actually I should say grow up and I'm skipping big huge huge pieces of the story if this is not clear if you want more information see me afterwards it's really there's so many details it's more twisted and bizarre in a lot of ways than even the most complex soap opera. I'm not kidding I'm really not kidding eyes I say that literally not facetiously or Anyway they came and they saw me and they were excited to meet me and I was excited to meet them and all these strange feelings and emotions meeting grandparents for the 1st time and you're already 16 and they went back home and told my parents who I should say grew up and got married and I have a full brother and a sister so they grew up from teenagers got married 8 years after I was born and then had 2 other kids who. Are my brother and sister full brother sister they were back and told my parents of my parents they wanted to come and see me and so my parents came and visited about a month later and I can still remember meeting at it I were living in Hickory. With Carolina at the time and I came they were staying at a hotel and I drove I got my driver's license I could drive I took driver's ed Fletcher Academy wanted to drive and then went over to see them 1st by myself before my adoptive parents came with me and the way that my mom if she could stop hugging me and here's this strange woman hugging me just because I think I was taken away from her and they didn't allow her to hold me when I when I was born because they say it really is even harder for the the mother to take the child to give up the child once they hold it because it just creates an even greater bond between the mother in the child and so it was just strange odd feelings and emotions but fast forward a little bit and my biological dad became a 7th Day Adventist pastor and was worried that if I was around or came around that it would cost him his job in some way and so he right when I got engaged to my wife wrote me a letter and said Just stay away from us just stay away we don't want anything to do with you and just if you come around it could cost your brother and sister there their food on the table or something it was or wasn't mean but it was kind of a kind of a mean letter and I just I was in shock when I got this I was in college by this time at Southern and I shared it with my Of course my parents my real parents are my adoptive parents and I've never seen my dad get so upset and defensive and he was always a very calm and cool person collected never over reacted but if his son was being threatened in some way he was going to stand up for him and so he was saying how dare he talk about my son this way and I this is my adoptive dad talking about my biological father. Anyway from that point there's pretty much been mostly silence between myself and my parents for it's about let's see before I've been married 20 years this July and we sent them a wedding invitation we didn't hear anything back so it was about 20 years ago we're right about 20 years ago nothing from biological family but interesting and I'll just mention this point I need to move on my dad's dad also was a 70 had been his pastor and he was called to serve at the General Conference level they served 2 terms as one of the vice presidents of the General Conference I think he might have served with Elizabeth's dad in the 1990 S. I'm not sure when your dad was a vice president or not but it might have served together there 6 general vice presidents that was my grandfather my great grandfather was also a 70 out of his pastor and he was the founder of the voice of prophecy in Brazil in 1903 and so as I have calculated the math from my great grandfather to my grandfather to both of my fathers I'm a quadruple pastor's kid. Quadruple 7th Day Adventists pastor's kid I've never heard of that before. I've never heard so you guys are in major trouble I'm the 5th in line and now as of a just a year ago when I started here in Hendersonville to serve the Lord in pastoral ministry so God has been so gracious to me in spite of some of the the challenges along the way he called us to a wonderful place here in the Hendersonville and I didn't go over this I shared my personal testimony kind of an abbreviated form was my 2nd sermon here a year ago but I ran out of time because I talk too long to get to really the good part of how called us to come here to Henderson Bill my whole life is just been a tremendous blessing after a blessing that I do not deserve 1st of all 2 years ago from right now going back to 2015 I was a Bible and a history teacher at his academy and our son that's a picture of our son up on the left he got accepted at Fountain View Academy and that's a picture of found the Academy it's one of the most beautiful incredible schools I've ever seen and that I know about it is a tremendous place he got accepted there they had a they have a very narrow number of students they accept it he got accepted right away we saw that as a great act of God that he was accepted into the school and so the school that I was currently at was not very happy with me sending my son to another school when I was working at that school and so it really pretty much obviously meant that would be my employment there but I was willing to do that for my son if it meant the best opportunity for him to have an education that would prepare him for eternity there's no price there's no cost that's too great that you will not put forth for your child and so in the mean time after I quit my job I was somehow invited to appear on the right you can see that's me sitting there talking to Greg and Jill Morricone at 3 in they call me to come up there in southern Illinois with their studios or to film a program for 3 B.N. today just of one of their. Regular programs about ministries and people in the church and so I was invited to go up there and share that and while I was up there and shared my testimony there on 3 B. in there were some people out in California that saw that that invited me to come and preach on in California and I didn't have a job and I said well OK I decided to go to amazing facts on the bottom left is a picture of me at my graduation it facts there after spending about 4 months there with John Ross he was probably my favorite teacher there he's the speaker with Doug Batchelor of bible answers live and he is a phenomenal Bible student he was a revelation teacher and wrote a commentary on the whole book of Revelation which I have and would like to share with our church here it's excellent and so anyway the Lord was leading and after I got there it was within just a couple of weeks and I still have the voicemail on my phone that I received a call from a young man named David Wright. Asking about an interest 1st of all he said would I just call him back because I was in class and I didn't get the I just went to my voicemail and I thought well that's interesting I knew who Pastor Wright was but I did not actually have any real connection with him even though I was just up not far away in Nashville and it was just amazing I thought maybe he wants me to come speak at his church or something how that would be exciting I've never been spoken to him or some village church well I called him back and he had a lot more than come and speak at the Hendersonville church it was would you be interested in coming and serving here at the Hendersonville church and so that was truly it was not until I quit my job I was out in the hands of the Lord only on faith trusting that he had called me to do something else than what I was doing that then after I had stepped to that point they God opened the door and made it clear in my mind where he wanted us to go and he even made it even clearer after we came here in December 8th and an interview here at the church and was accepted one month later January 8th to the day I got a phone call from Doug Batchelor And he asked if I would be interested in coming to serve as a pastor at his church but I had to tell him I'm very very sorry I've been asked to work with a young pastor named David Wright and I have accepted that position and rather than shaking or unsettling my confidence that well maybe I should go here is that there in my mind it only confirmed this is where you're supposed to be because if you to call me a month earlier or a month and a day earlier I would have taken that position but you did not so at any rate the board called us here and then hear some of my son getting to be with some of the most precious kids in the world in the case you were not aware we love it here. If you were not aware my family and we love being here we love every single one of you and the way you have welcomed and open your hearts to each one of us and accepted each one of us in such an incredible way and happy birthday to Mary and I understand it's her birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY I hope to give you a happy birthday and happy after the service so God bless you guys well I do and my time is already almost gone but I do want to preach at you just a little bit today as we really focus on divine genetics the Bible says that we are all children of God by creation accepting verse 24 through 28 Paul is standing on the Mars Hill there at Athens right there on what is called the High City the Acropolis just below the Pantheon the Parthenon sorry pantheon as in Rome Parthenon that building which is still standing today and what have been standing back when Paul was speaking built some 400 years before the time the Apostle Paul noticed what he says to the he speaking to the wise and learned philosophers and scholars of his day and he says God that made the world and all things there in seeing that he is Lord of Heaven and Earth dwelleth not in temples made with hands neither is worship with men's hands as though he needed anything seeing he give to all life and breath and all things now here verse 26 is where we come into the picture and hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth and has determined the times before appointed and the bounds of their habitation why that they should seek the Lord if happily they might feel after him and find him and I love this verse the last part of this verse verse 28 always gives me goosebumps though he be not far from every one of us God is not far away he is the creator of all the human race will divine genetics we are all children of God by creation but we are not all children of God by choice this is a see. Serious statement verse here from Jesus Christ one that you might not expect him to make as he is such a kind and loving person right but he speaks the truth and he speaks the truth in love notice what the Bible says here in John 844 a shocking verse as it were by Jesus Christ Jesus speaking to those who are doubting and disbelieving there as he was speaking in the temple in John 8 says Ye are of your father the devil and the lust of your father you will do he was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him when he speaks at the law he speak of his own for he is a liar and the father of it divine genetics what matters with God is character not just physical D.N.A.. The Jews were claiming to be the descendants of Abraham and claiming their physical lineage as what gave them merit and value to God but God says what matters most is the choices and the character and the quality of the faith that a person has as they trust and believe in Him the devil has followers or children it is within our power God has given it to us to choose to follow God or to choose to follow satan this is a very serious matter and is of no small consequence Well the question comes to my mind why would anyone choose to be a follower of Satan why would they choose to have him as their father and then one of my memory verses flashed into my mind is Matthew chapter 7 vs 13 and 14 Jesus is speaking as he is coming to the conclusion of his sermon on the Mount Matthew 56 and 7 and he says into ye in at the strait gate for why does the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and many there be which go in there at why because straight or narrow is the gate and narrow is the way that lead it until life and few there be that find it and it's not because they cannot find it so much as they do not want to find it and walk there in the narrow path of choosing God and surrendering and completely submitting our lives to him that narrow path Jesus makes it plain in Luke 923 and he said to them all speaking to His disciples if any man will come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross how often daily and then follow me take up his cross daily and following. The Bible says In Proverbs $28.00 verse 13 very serious he that covered his sins shall not prosper but who so confess it and for sake of him shall have mercy as we look at how God treats each one of us as His children by creation longings for us to be his children by choice as well standing at the door knocking if any man hear my voice and open the door then I will come in I will never ever force my way in longing for us to be serious with our sins if we've made mistakes to always do our absolute best to correct them that was something that my adopted parents which are my real parents ingrained in me throughout my whole childhood when you say something wrong when you do something wrong when whatever you've done is wrong make it right as soon as possible go to God and ask for forgiveness and make it right do not allow that guilt to her harbor and accumulate and a hold onto you and weigh you down do not allow that that is in the Spirit of Prophecy we're told the great cry of the human race is the weight of the guilt of sin upon us from all of the things that sometimes we slide into the rug and put away or ignore to not be honest with our souls and receive the forgiveness and that purity and perfection and cleansing that God wants to give us by confessing and for staking them which Father will you choose which Father will you choose all God's children by creation but not all by choice notice what this verse says it's easy to remember 2nd John one minus one of my newest memory verses is so awesome 1st on one line we all know that 2nd John 19. And abideth not in the doctrine of Christ have not God Now watch what it says He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ talk about the importance of doctrine will you the doctrine is the teaching the instruction that Jesus has given to us in His Word He that abideth they are connected in Contin. And what God has said in the doctrine of Christ what does it say He that person or she has both the Father and the son you are a child of God If you abide in the Word of God That is the connection that we have with him the spiritual divine genetics that we can all have no matter how ignominy is and embarrassing and shameful our birth might happen to be our situation could possibly be God cares about our spiritual connection with him similar statement in John 14 verse 23 speaking to one of his disciples it says Jesus answered and said to him if a man love me there is a condition if if a man loves me he will keep my word keep my word to abide to continue to study and to practice what God has said and then it says what and my Father will love him and we will come unto him and make our abode with him we will make our dwelling place with that person because of their connection with us their spiritual connection. Jesus knows what it's like to be rejected Jesus knows what it's like to be ridiculed for his birth and the circumstances surrounding his birth but were told here in John one verse 11 to 13 he came into his own his own people his own treasured possession the Jewish nation and his own received Him not but as many as received him as many as believe on his name to them gave he the power to become the sons of God even to them that believe on his name and now verse 13 tells us how they are born the connection the divine genetics of how we have a connection with him it is a new birth experience through the Word of God born not of blood that is not of a parents and family bloodline Oh we should have a child because we want to perpetuate our descendants nor of the will of flesh we should have a child because hey it would be fun to have a baby nor of the will of man not because a husband said I want to have a child but born because of God's decision we can all have that and that is far greater than the circumstances surrounding our earthly physical birth it is the spiritual birth that is held out to all of us today did you know what Christ favorite theme is in all the scriptures his favorite theme I want to preach like Jesus I'll tell you that right up front Ah I want to preach like Jesus and were told in Christ object lessons the Christ favorite theme was the paternal that refers to fatherly the paternal tenderness and abundant grace of God we're in a weekend right now focusing on the effects of abortion and maybe the embarrassment the shame of maybe being a failed abortion or whatever it might be and there are many things that go along with the hardships of these issues I personally believe that my parents I'm 43 years old are still grappling with the weight of the shame and guilt of my birth. I don't have any of that because I I had nothing to do with it I had I had nothing to do with it but as frustrated and sometimes I'm being very honest and upset as I get with them I have to do my best to pray for them even though they want nothing to do with me and want no contact whatsoever I have tried my best to pray for them that they would turn and allow God to give them the forgiveness that only he can give only God can give that Christ favorite theme that protect her turtle tenderness and love of God Well I do have a few more slides here going to go quickly just to make a few points before we close I want to have a slide that relates to the perspective of the unplanned or unwanted child I don't know all of your stories I hope as I'm here as long as God desires to get to know all of you as well as you want me to know you by God's grace but there are some of us who are unplanned and maybe were planned and later rejected unwanted and I thought of the story of Ishmael we're told in Genesis 21 that he was sent away after Isaac was born he was desirable in fact in the 1st place his birth. It's because Abraham and Sarah did not trust God to work things out God's way that he came about to exist in the 1st place you could say this is an accident this is a mistake it's clearly a mistake but can God do anything from that mistake or just is that person forever banished away from the love in the heart of God They have no hope of any inkling of any love from God Well we're told that as Hagar initially were sent away that an angel appeared before them and God promised to make of Ishmael a great nation and in fact if you fast forward the story Ishmael he was present with his brother Isaac to bury Abraham when Abraham died and by this time he would have been about circa 89 years old so many years have passed from the time that he was sent away and yet he comes back and I know that he chose to live most of his life as a wild as it says in the Bible a while donkey and ultimately because of his inner marrying with foreign wives his heart was turned away from God but nonetheless he had the opportunity and the privilege to know God and to be his child an unwanted child can choose to be a loved and cherished child of God by choice you can have that choice there are many verses in the Bible that speak to this desire of God to reach out to any person who might feel in some way unloved or on wanted 1st Timothy 2 verse forces speaking of God who will have all min to be saved. And notice how that salvation occurs and to come into the knowledge of the truth Haan love that to come unto the knowledge of the Truth God does not keep and hide his truth away from any child who wants to know it His will is that all will be saved but he will not make everyone to be saved irrespective of your choice or my choice now what about the perspective of a hurting parent who has made a wrong decision in some way and chose to have an abortion Well this isn't directly maybe a story of an abortion by a human choice but nonetheless it comes about from similar circumstances with King David and Bathsheba we're told that David was confronted about what he had done 1st of all he committed adultery then he committed murder to get rid of your ra of the husband of Bathsheba and then committed lying to try and cover this up so he is an adulterer he is a liar and a murderer and yet we see King David as being one of the great kings of the Bible so I want to give you hope today if you have made a decision that you regret now there is still hope for you if you will choose to turn and ask for God to help you were told here in the King's 12 versus 1314 even though his child died as a result of his sin with Bathsheba it says that God forgave him it says the Lord forgave him forgiveness is with our God He is abundant in mercy forgiving thousands the Bible says in Exodus $34.00 a person who has made a mistake can choose to be forgiven and still be a loved and cherished child of God John $637.00 says all that The Father gives to me The Heavenly Father shall come to me and Jesus declares with no one certainty and all that cometh to me to him I will in no wise cast them out I will no wise derive or turn them away that reminds me of another verse Isaiah 57 verse 15 it says for the. Say it the high and lofty one that inhabit at the turn of the whose name is holy I do well in the high and holy place God is high he is holy and notice who also he dwells with with him also that is of a contrary and humble spirit contrition is sorrow genuine sorrow for sin a contract and humble spirit to revive the heart of the country and to revive the spirit of the humble ones God dwells with those who are sorry for their sins yes he is high yes he is lifted up but it's not as they used to say in world history class referring to the emperor they said Heaven is high and the Emperor is far away meaning heaven is high God too far away to help you the emperor is far away he's too far away to help you you're just on your own tough luck that's not how God is God is near and close to those who are contrary and humble and then we find Isaiah 55 or 7 listen to the intentions of God Let the wicked for say his way in the end righteous man his thought on that says and let him return to the Lord and He will have mercy upon him and to our God for He will what is the way that he pardons this is the Word of God God cannot lie he will abundantly pardon he wants all of us today to have that pardon whether it's for an abortion whether it's for a fail a child abandonment or some other some other sin God wants us to have the forgiveness that only he can provide divine genetics what matters with God is not so much physical D.N.A. but it is spiritual D.N.A. the quality and character of your choices and your faith and your trust and belief in him if he she is chapter 3 verses 14 and 15 says Paul writes for this cause I bow my knees and to the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ of whom the whole family in earth and heaven is named we are a family with heavenly angels that are connected together through Jesus Christ the whole family of heaven and earth is connect. Good by faith with Jesus Christ and then our scripture reading which says Wherefore come out from among them and be separate say at the LORD and touch not the unclean thing here are the conditions of choosing and being accepted with God and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you and I will be a father unto you and you shall be my sons and daughters say at the Lord if we will come out from our sins and confess our sins he will give us the forgiveness we need Luke 112728 And Jesus is speaking and there is a crowd of people around him and notice what a woman says to him these are just 2 short verses but I find them fascinating in verse 2728 and it came to pass as he Jesus spake these things a certain woman of the company or the crowd lifted up her voice and said it to him bless it is the womb that bare the and the paps which now has sucked so the woman is saying she is pronouncing in front of the crowd the mother who physically gave birth to you and bore you in her womb and nursed you she is blessed Now notice how Jesus response to this he says Yea rather verse 28 Blessed are they that hear the Word of God and keep it we can all have that blessing it's not just blessing because you're physically connected to Jesus by way of being his mother or his physical brothers or sisters it is by faith in His word bless it is the one who hears the word of God and who keeps the Word of God and then we see this also illustrated Matthew 124-6250 while Jesus talk to the people it says Behold his mother and his brother and stood without desiring to speak with him then one said to him Behold I mother and my brother in stand without desiring to speak with the but he answered and said to them who is my mother and who are my brother in and he Jesus stretched forth his hand and he pointed at his disciples and he said Whosoever do with the will of My Father which is in Heaven is my mother and my brother and my sister and my cousin. And my daughters and everyone else in the family that's who my family is those who do the will of God And so my family in the highest since is really truly all of you guys because you are here because you want to know and you want to do the will of God That is the family of God We are children of one family I'm going to close with this slide we are children of one family this is an amazing incredible statement in the Spirit of Prophecy Volume 2 selected messages page $48.00 it says here when the sinner is converted he receives the Holy Spirit that makes him a child of God and fits him for the society of the Redeemed and the angelic host he is made a joint air with Christ who ever of the human family give themselves to Christ whoever hear the truth and obey it become children of one family no matter what you've done in the past which you have trailing behind you what difficult what mistakes you've made you have that opportunity to be part of the one family to choose Christ to choose to hear and obey the truth it says the ignorant and the wise the rich and the poor the he even and the slave white or black Jesus paid the purchase price for their souls if they believe on Him There is John 112 right there if they believe on Him He gave them power to become his sons and daughters if they believe on Him His clinching blood is applied to them the black man's name is written in the book of life beside the white man's All are one in Christ birth station nationality or color cannot elevate or degrade the man and I thought that was powerful no matter what you have behind you it cannot elevate you before God It cannot degrade you before God All are one in Christ the character makes the man or woman if a red man a Chinese or an African give. His heart to God in obedience and faith Jesus loves him none the less for his color he calls him his well beloved brother we are family we are God's family let us be reconverted today and confess our sins whether it's abortion child abandonment Child and Family neglect or any other sin that we might have committed against God let us become an active connected living child of our heavenly Father who today would like to raise their hand with me and say I want to be a child of God with all my heart I want to be a part of God's heavenly family and enter into the joy of the Lord I trust and believe God loves even me and will forgive me for my sin and receive me as his beloved child this is the intention of God we can be His children by choice and we are all his already by creation our Father and our God Lord we thank you for the privilege of being your children or maybe work earnest work of repentance and look to you by choice because of your goodness and the mercy that you have had on each one of us but I thank you and praise you for giving me life and I thank you and praise you for all of my brothers and sisters who are here I love them and I pray Lord that we will all grow closer together as your family as we seek your face bless us now on your holy Sabbath day we pray in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio for us if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio or.


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