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A Double Crucifixion

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • July 22, 2017
    1:30 PM
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Our subject this morning it might sound a little strange but it's in titled A double crucifixion a double crucifixion What is that all about well I don't have a Power Point today it's just going to be you and your bible and the Holy Spirit and I'm going to try not to get in the way that's OK So we're going to have a just a little bit of a Bible study and a lot of this is going to just stem from my own study of the Bible from things that I've learned and studied myself so I hope that it will be personal and practical and meaningful spiritual blessing to you so before we begin though our heads and we'll pray Father in heaven your people have gathered here to worship you on your Sabbath as the creator God of all the universe Lord we've come to hear a word from our Savior we've come to hear a message that speaks to our hearts and speaks to our souls because we recognize that we do not live by simply physical bread alone but our life is based on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God Lord bless us grant us your Holy Spirit to quicken and awaken and revive our hearts and our minds today is our prayer in Jesus' name amen all right if you have your Bible I hope you do take them out and let's take a look at Hebrews Chapter 12 and verse 3 we're going to try to go through a series of Bible verses today as we come to understand what are we talking about with a double crucifixion Our subject is a double crucifixion beginning with Hebrews 12 in verse 3 and we're asking the question why should we think about God Why is it important for our minds to be turned to our God and our Savior Jesus Christ Hebrews Chapter 12 and verse 3. The Bible says For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself consider him and the him if we back up and look at verse 2 talks about looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross but back to verse 34 consider Him Jesus that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself Now here's the why lest ye be wearied and what. All right we have different translations today my favorite translation the King James that's OK disturbed or faint in your minds how is your mind today is it weary is it faint is it disturbed with things and troubles of this world we are to consider our Savior and the contradiction the conflict that he endured lest we ourselves become wearied and faint in our minds this is for our benefit and for our good well what should be the keynote of every sermon really let's go to 1st Corinthians chapter 2 and verse 2 1st Corinthians chapter 2 verse 2 I hope you enjoy reading through the Word of God in the Scriptures today because we're going to look at as many verses as I can cram into our time together I will be mindful of our time but let us consider the Word of God 1st Corinthians 2 verse 2 and the question we're asking is what should be the key note the overarching theme of every sermon that we are ever presented 1st Corinthians 2 Verse 2 Paul says for I determined not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ and finish the verse and Him crucified save Jesus Christ and Him crucified the message that Paul had the theme that Paul had that he focused on and had a laser focus was Jesus Christ his mission his life his character and the crowning example of his character was his sacrificial death on the cross Jesus and Him crucified Well did you know that Jesus has given us an invitation he's given us several invitations but let's go and look at this invitation in John chapter to in John Chapter tin and will look at 2 verses 27 and 28 we're looking at an invitation that Jesus has given us as we today consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners and we want to hear a message that is focused on Jesus and Him crucified what invitation has Jesus offered to you and I. Today John chapter tin and let's look at verse 27 and 28 John Chapter 10 when you're there please say I'm in the Bible says My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they what and they follow me and I give unto them eternal life and they shall never perish neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand the call of the shepherd is to follow him to follow him all the way to Calvary to follow him in character to follow him in life to follow his example in all things well let's look at another way of Jesus giving this invitation in the book of Luke the Gospel of Luke Chapter 9 and verse 23 Luke Chapter 9 and verse 23 this is also an invitation of Jesus for us to follow him but it will give us a condition or a description of what we must do in order to follow Jesus and I want to follow Jesus how about you this morning I want to follow Jesus I'm determined with God's strength and God's grace to do that every day every moment every 2nd of every moment of every day of my life and I hope that is your intention and desire to look now at Luke Chapter 9 verse 23 Jesus speaking to His disciples and these words echoed down to us today it says there and he said to them all if any man will come after me let him what. Deny yourself deny himself let him deny himself and take up his cross how often daily and then comes the invitation and follow me if anyone will come after me there are some conditions before we get to following Him It says 1st is self-denial let him deny himself and then comes taking up his cross notice that doesn't say taking up somebody else's cross taking up our own cross What is the significance of the cross the cross is really a hideous instrument that was used by the Romans I understand for some 4 or 500 years for killing someone it was a shameful albeit ignominy as form of death slow painful long protracted drawn out but it nonetheless results in death and Jesus invites us to deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow him in following him we will then receive what all the blessings that we could ever need Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all these other things the temporal things that we need shall be added unto you in Matthew $633.00 so we want to understand what does it mean to deny ourselves and what does it mean to take up our cross so that we can follow Jesus will turn in your Bibles with me to Revelation Chapter 14 What is something that we are asked commanded rather to do at this time those of you know hopefully we will where am I going in Revelation 14 I hope you know this chapter Well I invite you to memorize at least verses 6 through 12 these are present truth present truth messages that tell us what we should know most importantly for the time that we're living present truth beginning in verse 6 it says and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that did well on the earth and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people saying. What kind of a voice saying with a loud voice Fear God and then what is the next phrase give glory to him pause give glory to Him Yes it gets to worship the creator and the and all that but notice it says 1st of all fear God The 1st sermon I ever preached in this church was about the importance of fearing God having the highest regard and reverence for God that we possibly humanly can have because that will then help our ability to give glory to God and worship God properly if we don't recognize the holiness of God Our worship will be skewed our attempt at giving glory to GOD will be skewed because we do not have the highest position and regard and offer God in our lives and so that's why it's stated 1st but I'm going to move past that and assume that we all have this fear a proper holy regard for God and look at give glory to Him What does it mean to give glory to God. What does it actually mean to give glory to Him Well there's a statement that is found in from signs of The Times October 17th 1902 and it simply says this to give glory to God is to reveal his character in our own to give glory to God it is to reveal his character in our own and thus make him known we would make God known and his praise is known by living the character and life that he lives and by having his character reproduced in our own and in whatever way we make known the Father or the son we glorify God what do we talk about what do we think about what is most important to us are we giving glory to God with our lives and I'm going to steal somebody else's testimony for just half a 2nd and this was told to me by his wife not himself personally even though I did talk to him later about it Chris what more works here in our church very actively in many ways as an elder and serving ministries addiction recovery and many things Chris just this past week was out working on a jobsite or taking an estimate I think for a customer and as he was talking to this customer for some period of time the man suddenly stopped him and said Are you a Christian. Out of the blue just from nowhere are you a Christian was it obvious or evident in the way that Chris was acting and living his life that he certainly was a Christian I think those of you that know Chris would say that's certainly the case and so this is how it should be to give glory to God to make him known is to live the life that he lived in such a way that others can say Are you a Christian because I can tell that something is different about you Are you a Christian there is this other statement inside of the Times March 3904 that says that God's promise is shall be holy for I am holy and holiness is the reflection of God's glory the reflection of God's glory I have the glory to give of myself I can only give back praise and glory to God for what he has done for me and demonstrated in my life but notice this in order to reflect this glory we must cooperate with God heart and mind must be emptied of all that leads to wrong the Word of God must be read and studied with a sincere desire to gain from it spiritual strength spiritual strength comes from reading and studying and obeying the word of God So if we're going to reflect God's character how does this happen how do we develop a Christ like character let's go to separate these chapter 3 verse 18 I hope you all know this verse very well so I Corinthians chapter 3 and verse 18 and we're asking the question how can I have a character that gives glory to God and then will eventually we're going to figure out what is this double crucifixion business all about how can I have a character that reflects the glory of God in my own in the Bible tells us all the answers to the problems that any human being has ever had or ever will have are contained in the Word of God and I'm led to people said a min Everyone should say I'm in this is our life our source of information to know what we need to know for the times that we're living in a secular. 318 I hope you know this verse added to your list of verses to memorize the Bible says but we all with open face beholding as in a glass be holding what the glory of the LORD What is the result of that are changed into the same image from glory to glory and how does this transformation take place even if by the spirit of the Lord we are changed from glory to glory now I was reading some time ago a statement that really jumped out at me in a book called Sons and Daughters of God page 337 that really gives a clear picture of what's happening in this verse sons and daughters of God page 337 paragraph 5. It says here under inspiration by beholding Christ by talking of him by beholding the loveliness of his character we become changed changed from glory to glory and then she asked the question and what is glory character and he becomes changed from character to character did you see that what it says there change from glory to glory it means to be changed from my character that I start with to his character which we can all in with to be changed from character to character how does this happen by beholding him how do I see God How do I behold him it's by looking and seeing what he said about Himself in His word it's not just the physical beholding of God I don't have that privilege we don't have that privilege just yet but we can be hold his character his words his actions his attributes and that will change us and transform us completely and entirely We'll look at Chapter 6 and verse 14 in your Bible chapter 6 and verse 14 as we really 0 in and focus in on our message today a double crucifixion Galatians 6 verse 14 love to hear the sound of the turning pages always bring your Bible to church if the preacher is not speaking from the Bible you just read your Bible and ignore whatever else they might be saying read the Word of God I'm giving you permission to do that and I'm telling you that you should do that it is absolutely of vital importance it is our life now here is the verse I want to consider very seriously today Galatians 6 verse 14 the Bible says God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is crucified on to me and I unto the world God forbid that I should glory now this is a different word for glory than what we saw in 2nd Corinthians 318 this is the word for exult boast brag and celebrate as it were but God forbid that I should boast. Or give glory in such a way to anything but Jesus Christ and His cross that is the focus that we should have in this verse we find several key points that I want to make today but the question comes to my mind have we given our glory our boasting and exulting to other things are there things in our lives we profess to be God's holy people his Christians we take his name upon our lips we claim to be his followers but have I given glory to other things such as things that I see on T.V. movies that come out celebrities reality T.V. shows sports teams athletes movie stars politicians political figures and my exulting and glorying in what they're saying and what they're doing news commentators radio talking shows and the list goes on and on and on but God forbid God disallow and not be it so that I should glory or boast in anything save Jesus Christ and Him crucified as a result of this we see that something else that happened did you notice the last part of the verse and this is what came to me as a revelation or an epiphany as I was studying in my own devotions not too long ago this is a statement from historical sketches of the 70 AD that is church page 232 Paragraph 2 to serve the Lord says Paul says God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is crucified on to me and I into the world and then she says this here is a double crucifixion period here in this verse is a double crucifixion what's happening a double crucifixion the world is crucified and I'm crucified to any pull or thing that the world might try to get that is of a worldly nature the world is crucified should be crucified to each and every one of us brothers and sisters is it so is this verse. Reality in your Christian experience I want to follow Jesus I know you do too I know you want to follow him because that's why you're here a church but we cannot allow the world to keep us in any way a distraction from what God is wanting us to focus on that is an outward pull the world but what about the inward pull that we all struggle with of things that we have chosen to do the cultivated tendencies that lead us away from the straight and narrow path did Jesus have this same experience Well I believe that he did Jesus said the prince of this world cometh and hath nothing where in me there's nothing in me that responds to the temptations and the allurements of this world there's nothing in me Jesus could say that the prince of this world the devil has that can pull me away from my focus and love for God nothing at all there's nothing that can do that so who is our perfect example in all things is it not Jesus Christ Listen to this verse here 1st Peter 2 verses 21 and 22 it says for even here on 2 were you cold because Christ also suffered for us leaving us a what leaving us an example that he should follow in his steps who did no sin neither was guile found in his mouth signs of the Times March 31004 says Christ is our ideal he has left us a perfect example for childhood youth and manhood he came to this earth and passed through the different phases of human experience in his life since found no place from the beginning to the close of his earthly life he preserved unsullied his loyalty to God So how does a person think and live who has had a double crucifixion let's look at collage in chapter 3 verses one through 3 and the question is how does a person who has had this experience live what is their focus what is their thinking and I believe this gives us a picture the Bible says If ye then be risen with Christ seek those things which are where. Seek those things which are above where Christ it is on the right hand of God set your affections some translations might say set your mind on things above not on things on the earth now notice verse 3 for ye are what if you're dead you've been crucified right for you are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God did to the world did to the allurements of this world by the power of God and the power of His Holy Spirit that is how a person lives Well let's look at an example since Jesus is our perfect example how did he live in a way that gives us an example in such a way that the world was crucified to him Matthew Chapter 4 verses 8 through 10 Matthew chapter 4 and we're going to look at Jesus as He is in the wilderness of temptation and this is the last temptation that came to him and the Devil thought this was the last opportunity at getting Jesus to trip up and swerve from his mission I'm going to throw the devil says the whole kitchen sink it Jesus I'm going to give him every enticement that I possibly can and let's see how Jesus responded in Matthew 4 verses 8 to 10 the Bible says again the devil take of him Jesus up into an exceeding high mountain and show with him all the kingdoms of what all the kingdoms of the world and their most glorious and spectacular imagery that he could possibly present all the kingdoms of this world and it says the glory of them everything that would look charming and attractive and then the devil says and say it on to him all these things will I give the if thou wilt fall down and what and worship me in verse 10 is so powerful that I had to memorize it because it's the words of our Savior when he was presented with enticing things that the world was trying to offer him and clearly it could have been a temptation it might have probably was a temptation is not a sin but it was a temptation and Jesus very clearly says then say if Jesus on to him Get the hint Satan for what. It is written God has said and it's recorded it is written that I shout worship the Lord thy God and Him only shout that was served I think today the devil is just as pleased if we worship whatever it is on this earth that will distract us and pull us away from Christ and He will receive it to himself as if we were worshipping Him It is the pull of the world and Jesus said I will only worship God I will only give my devotion my attention my love my thinking my talking is all dedicated to God I'm going to make a commitment to him to only do what he wants me to do and the only think those things that he wants me to think about what is our focus with our thoughts and our words Jesus had crucified the world well the question then is for us have we crucified the world let me just share with you for the sake of time a few passages that speak to this point 1st John Chapter 2 verses 15317 1st John Chapter 2 looking at verses 15 through 17 The Bible says Love not the world that's pretty plain right at the beginning love not the world neither the things that are in the world for all that is in the world the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the world and notice why this is so and the world pass it the way and the lust there oh of but he or she that do with the will of God abideth or continue with forever doing the will of God results in eternal life and salvation swerving away and following the path of the world only leads to temporal gain maybe here on this life but forfeiting all eternity how can we keep our focus on earthly things rather than on heavenly things I want nothing to keep me from focusing on Jesus Listen to this other verse this is another strong verse but the Bible doesn't want to mince words it doesn't want to be unclear on this point. James chapter 4 and verse for James chapter 4 and verse 4 the Bible says adulterers and adulteresses I mean that's strong language we're being accused of committing adultery spiritual adultery against our Savior Jesus Christ you adulterers and adulteresses No you're not that the friendship of the world is enmity against God Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world this is the result of being afraid of the world that makes us a what the enemy of God I don't want to be God's enemy by cozying up to the world and following the things of this world I do not want to follow the world I want to have a faithful committed relationship to Jesus and so I need to crucify the world because of my love for God and crucify the sinful desires from within noticed this statement now from this is early writings page 64 Paragraph one early writings page 64 Paragraph one in a few that was given to her in June 27850 my accompanying angel said time is almost finished and I'll repeat that again time is almost finished do you reflect the lovely image of Jesus as you should then I was pointed to the earth and saw that there would have to be a getting ready among those who have of late embrace the 3rd angel's message there would have to be a what a getting ready a preparation a work of transformation a getting ready by all those who have embraced the 3rd angel's message and that is the 3rd completion of all of the 3 If you accept the 3rd you will accept the 1st and 2nd because they follow in a sequence of order but it continues on and says said the Angel Get ready get ready get ready you will have to die a greater death to the world than he have yet ever died now those words smacked me in the face but it's something that I needed to have a wake up call it says By An Angel giving this message directly. To serve the Lord you will have to die a greater death to the world that he have ever yet died I want to be willing to die to the world to you I really want that you know Pastor Wright and I we want to preach not to be popular but to preach what is true to preach what is actually going to change us to be like Jesus truth has never been popular and never will be popular We're told it's never going to be popular to want to come out and stand on the platform of truth but that's what we have to stay in if we're going to stand singly for God and be his denominated special remnant chosen people you will have to die a greater death than you have ever yet died I saw that there was a great work to do for God's people but little time in which to do it it's time for us to redeem the time because the days are short the days and the time are short let's come to the 2nd point of a double crucifixion How was Jesus crucified to the world the world was crucified to him How was he himself crucified to the World Open your Bibles me to John Chapter 19 I think we would do well to spend a few solemn moments looking at and considering our Savior as he goes through the horror and the darkness of separation from his father not because he himself in any wise was guilty of sin but because he had a love for his people a love for humanity that was even stronger than death a love for you and I that was even stronger than death notice John Chapter 19 beginning in verse one and we're looking at a double crucifixion verse one then pilot therefore took Jesus and scourge him and the soldiers planted a crown of thorns and put it on his head and put on him a purple robe and said Hail King of the Jews and they smote him with their hands what a mockery that he was subject to this humiliation to go through with a plan. A way of making possible our salvation no other way possible under divine wisdom there is no other plan that could have been formulated no other way that you and I could have the possibility of being saved pilot therefore went forth again and say it unto him Behold I bring him forth to you that you may know that I find no fault in him here's a secular political ruler saying listen this guy has done nothing wrong in my eyes he's done nothing wrong verse 5 then came Jesus forth wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe and pilots say it unto them Be hold them in and that's what we're doing today behold the man for Consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself lest we become wearied and faint in our love and dedication for Jesus because he never got wearied or fainted in his love and dedication for each one of us never did he weary in his plan for our salvation be hold them in when the chief priest verse 6 therefore and officer saw him they cried out saying crucify him crucify him pilot say it unto them take the him and crucify him for Again he repeats a 2nd time for I find no fault in him but he was still willing to allow an innocent person to be crucified we cannot trust political leaders to solve or protect our problems to solve or fix whatever is wrong with us better to trust in the Lord to the put confidence in man Psalm 1000 verse 8 did use answered him verse 7 we have a law and by our law he ought to die because he made himself the Son of God Well if you really are the Son of God then you are not telling a lie you are not living a lie it's true they just did not want a king that was coming to save them from their sins they wanted a king to save them in their sins not from their sins for they shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins he has done that Matthew 121. Verse 81 pilot therefore heard that saying he was the more afraid and he went again into the judgment hall and say it on to Jesus whence art thou but Jesus gave him no answer he didn't need to answer pilot had had an abundance of evidence that have been presented to him that he was the Son of God then the pilot said unto him versed in speaking to me no it's not that I have power to crucify the and have power to release the then we learn a principle here in John $1000.00 verse 11 that also comes out in Daniel 4 that earthly power and earthly ability to rule comes from God that Parag active and permission is a mandate and permission it's given by heaven Jesus answered could have no power at all against me except it were given the from above therefore he that had to live in me and to the had the greater sin and from this 4th pilot sought to release him he tried he tried to release Jesus but the Jews cried out saying if this man go thou art not Caesar's friend the Roman Caesar at that time was tied Derrius a cruel and corrupt Roman emperor he was so cruel he lived in a villa on a small island in the Mediterranean called Capri and he would have a place if anyone offended him or made him upset he had a place where was about a $400.00 foot sheer cliff I have been there and he would throw them off have them cast down under the jagged rocks below repeated daily all he was a cruel and wicked ruler and now they're coming a pilot that if he doesn't crucify Jesus then he is in some way not fully supportive of this cruel wicked Roman emperor. So if you let this man go you are not Caesar's friend whosoever make of himself a king speak against Caesar one pilot therefore heard that saying he brought Jesus forth and sat down in the judgment seat in a place that is called the pavement but in the Hebrew. And it was the preparation of the Passover and about the. 6 hour and he say it under the Jews be hold your king but they cried out Away with Him away with him crucify him pilots say it unto them shall I crucify your King the chief priests answered We have no king but Caesar and they were wanting a kingdom to help overthrow Caesar and they were so in hatred and stirred up at this point that they actually claim that they had no other king but Caesar even though in reality they hated Caesar this is the madness that sin has led them to to crucify the King of Glory and the prince of life then delivered he him therefore unto them to be crucified and they took Jesus and led him away verse 17 and he buried his cross went forth into a place called the place of a scroll which is called in the Hebrew gold Gotham where they crucified him and 2 other with him on either side one and Jesus in the midst and pilot wrote a title and put it on the cross and the writing was Jesus of Nazareth the king of the Jews this title then read many of the Jews for the place where Jesus was crucified was not to the city and it was written in Hebrew and Greek and Latin then said the chief priest of the Jews to pilot right not the king of the Jews but that he said I am the king of the Jews and pilot now is tired of being pushed around and notice what he says in verse 22 pilot answered what I have written I have written Jesus of Nazareth the king of the Jews for all the world to behold and see the truly Jesus was the king of the Jews and the king of all jumped our to verse 28 after this Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished that the Scripture might be fulfilled following the path of the Word of God Every step of his life that the Scripture might be fulfilled say if I thirst Now there was said a vessel full of vinegar and they filled a sponge with vinegar and put it upon his and put it to his mouth when Jesus therefore had received the Venator he said it is finished and he bowed his head and gave up the ghost. Jesus was willing to suffer at the hands of cruel and wicked and sinful min because of his principle of love for you and I because of his love of the Father and His love of making possible many sons and daughters bringing them to glory he submitted willingly and patiently to crucifixion there is a statement from volume 2 of the testimonies pace $212.00 it says many who profess to be Christians become excited over worldly enterprises and their interest is awakened for new and exciting amusements something new over here something new over there something in the using something interesting that is of a worldly nature they become excited over these things these are professed Christians while they are cold hearted and appear as if frozen in the Cause of God What can I do to reach someone around me what can I do to lift someone up to a connection with Jesus Christ what can I say what can I do these things are seemingly of no importance in the Cause of God But notice what is said next here is the theme poor formalised which is of sufficient importance to excite you eternal interests are here involved upon this theme it is sin to be calm and unimpassioned I've done my best to be excited and very lively and interested in this today because we're told it is a sin to be calm and indifferent and impassioned about what our Savior has done for us the crucifixion of his life all to make possible our salvation the scenes of Calvary call for the deepest emotion and then she says this upon this subject you will be excusable if you manifest enthusiasm if you manifest enthusiasm you will be excused because it is of importance it is what we should glory in and what we should exult in the death of our Savior Jesus Christ that Christ so excellent so innocent should suffer such a painful death bearing the weight of the. Sins of the world our thoughts and imaginations can never fully comprehend the late the breadth the height the depth of such amazing love we cannot fathom the contemplation of the matchless depths of a Saviour's love should fill the mind touch and melt the soul refine and elevate the affections and completely transform the whole character our characters by beholding Jesus and His sacrifice for us should be completely transformed what was Jesus' main focus in life turn with John 8 hopefully still in John 1000 just flip back a few chapters What was Jesus' main focus in life as we focus on the importance of having a double crucifixion the main focus in life John 8 verse 29 you probably are familiar with these words John 8 verse 29 Jesus says and he that sent me is with me the Father hath not left me alone for I do what. I do sometimes I do always those things that please Him This should be our desire and our joy and what we hope for and want and long for more than anything else we do always those things to please him well how is it possible to do this how is it possible to have this experience to always please God to have the world crucified and the influence and the the pull of the world from the inside also crucified turning your Bibles even earlier to John one verse 12 John chapter one and verse 12 and we're going to look at how and we're going to bring this to a close how is it possible we want this message to be practical that we can have this experience each and every one of us today right now without any delay a double crucifixion John chapter one verse 12 the Bible says but as many as received Him to as many as believed on his name then gave he power to become the sons of God even to them that believe on his name what is God given to you he is given power if you believe on his name and you believe that he has the power to save you to the uttermost he has given you a power to live a godly life to follow him let's see that expressed in very emphatic terms in 2nd Peter chapter one and verse 3 2nd Peter chapter one and verse 3 and while you're looking that up I'm going to go and start reading verse one but we're looking up Peter chapter one and verse 3 this is the beginning of the 1st chapter of 2nd Peter Peter chapter one verse 3 The Bible says Simon Peter a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ to them that have obtained like Precious faced with us through the righteousness of God and our Savior Jesus Christ verse to Grace and peace be multiplied unto you how through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord now watch verse 3 according as his is what. According as his divine power hath done what hath given unto us how many things all things that pertain that relate to life and godliness life spiritual life godliness living like God God likeness all things that are need his divine power has given it to us to live in such a way that the world is dead to me it has nothing for me and I have nothing in me that has any attraction with the world a double crucifixion God has given us the power do you believe it this morning well God will have a people on the earth when he comes that are just like Jesus he will have a people there's no question of if it will happen it's a definite question of will we be a part of these people 1st John chapter 3 and verse 2 plainly tells us this is what is going to be the experience of God's people when Jesus comes 1st John chapter 3 and verse 2 and we will come to a close very shortly 1st John Chapter 3 I've used this verse before this was my dad's favorite Bible verse that I found out shortly after he passed away I found a note in his desk with this verse on it and you can better believe it is one of my favorite verses Now the Bible says beloved Now are we the sons of God and it does not yet appear what we shall be but we know that we are certain that we know for a certain definite fact but we know that when he Jesus shall appear we show what we shall be like Him for we shall see him as he is we shall be just like him with no pull no desire to do anything that would be displeasing and dishonoring to God nothing connecting us to the world nothing at all the Bible describes in Revelation 14 as we go back and close there are a group of people who REAL have their father's name and character on their foreheads in symbolic language Revelation 14. Looking at verses one and 4 Revelation Chapter 14 versus one in 4 The Bible says and I looked and lo a lamb stood on the Mount Zion and Mount Zion is a symbol for the mountain there in Jerusalem which is the symbol for God's Holy City Mount Zion a people John saw a people that fit this qualification this character description that he gives to us with him there described as 844000 they're described now as having his father's name written in their foreheads these are they which were not defiled with women for they are virgins they were talking in a spiritual sense they have not committed fornication with any false beliefs false teachings of those that are all on the earth then it describes them this way these are they which follow the Lamb how they follow the lamb that is the secondary theme of my message today is that we follow the lamb to a double crucifixion of the world and to ourselves and selfishness and self-interest take up my cross daily and have death to my own selfishness but it describes them as following the lamb whether soever he goes now listen to the statement from Acts of the Apostles page 591 we're looking at the point of following the lamb were ever he goes actually Apostles page 591 these are they which follow the lamb whether so ever he go within describing this group These were redeemed from among men in being the 1st fruits unto God and to the laying the vision of the Prophet pictures them as standing on Mount Zion on Gert for a holy service clothed in white linen which is the righteousness of the saints but now listen carefully but all who follow the lamb in heaven must 1st have followed him where here on earth all who follow the lamb wherever he goes in heaven must 1st how learn to follow him here on Earth follow him in the path to Calvary the path to denial of self the path to taking up my cross daily. Following him because I want to stand for truth and live and practice what God has revealed as truth all who follow the lamb in heaven must 1st have follow him on earth it's not an optional it's a definite requirement we must follow him now follow Him by faith and it says not fretfully or capriciously but in trustful loving willing obedience as the flock follows the Shepherd Well this morning I want to follow the Shepherd I want to follow him all the way all the way my Savior leads me wherever that goes wherever it is it's for my best benefit that I see crucify myself and I crucify anything that would pull me and tempt me to distract me from that focus of loving God and doing all those things that always please him and I hope that is your prayer today the Bible says in Revelation 14 verse 12 will close with this verse here is the patience or the in durance of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus they have faith in Jesus the same quality and the same belief in Jesus to do what he has promised that he will do for us to lift us up in the heavenly places to sit with him Father in heaven our prayer is that you would forbid that we should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is crucified unto us and we into the world thank you for giving us divine power to be your sons and daughters and to live a godly and holy life that we would follow in your paths were ever you lead us all of my brothers and sisters here may we have your power this week to live out your character in our life is my prayer in Jesus' name amen and amen this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. 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