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Why I Love Jesus

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • April 21, 2018
    11:15 AM
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Well our subject this morning is a rather simple one but I hope it will be profound and that is just a simple explanation of why I love Jesus Christ is that important at all and I ask that question why do I love Jesus so much and what is it that would be the motivation for that the foundation the basis for that and I like to study my Bible a lot and to study into the deep things of prophecy and all the the symbolism and all the theology I love those things and sometimes I think in my own experience I can maybe lose sight of the greatest biggest focus and most important piece an aspect and that is Jesus they are all he is the great center from which all truth and all love and all joy and happiness it emanates from from him at the center and so this morning is a fairly simple message but I hope that it will be a blessing to you as I will do my best to try to explain why I do love Jesus so I'm asking the question though as I said it's a moment ago why is this important when I was a teacher at the beginning of every class one of the things they would have us do they wanted us to do an education is to be able to tell all of your students why does this matter why do I have to know this information as a history teacher that can sometimes be challenging Why do I have to know all these things from hundreds or thousands of years ago in the past that are there are not relevant to me today are they well so on that you have to think about it how are you going to express and explain to your students that this information is is something you need to know and I remember thinking you know math teachers you know how often do students say why do I need to learn this about the quadratic formula I'm never going to use it again I'm never going to need it again in a minute but what is it about math though even if you don't use those exact formulas it teaches you how to think logically and systematically. And the Bible says in 1st Corinthians 1440 Let all things be done how decently and in order so God is a God of order and mathematics based on principles of order what about you know history the importance of history you know I had a professor in college who said that's the subject I used to mostly teach he would tell us on the 1st day of class Imagine you're sitting there in your seat and imagine having your entire memory erased so that you didn't know anything about yourself I mean completely wiped clean and imagine now that is what it is like in a sense to not know history you have no meaning no context for who am I You don't know why you're so why am I here where am I going what am I do what am I doing if you don't know anything at all and of course about your past then that is the same way of just having your memory wiped clean you don't have an anchor or basis or foundation to know where that why the things are the way they are and where you're going and so on why is this important there's a scripture that job says in Job 22 verse 21 is very short it says acquaint now with him become acquainted is speaking of becoming acquainted with God equate now by self with him and be at peace there by good shall come on to be but the message is simple become acquainted with our God because when we do we will find peace and joy and satisfaction and happiness that nothing else can replace you know the greatest commandment in all the scriptures Jesus was asked a question what is the greatest commandment of the great commandment pinning on translation What is the most important thing that a person should do and Jesus answered this in Matthew 223638 he was asked the question which is the great commandment in the law and Jesus said Thou shalt what love the Lord by God with all thy heart and this is the how with all your heart with all thy soul and with all my mind this is the. 1st and great commandment greatest commandment and this used to perplex me a little bit because my association with love was that love is primarily a feeling but that's wrong and I preached a sermon about this last year called I principle you because love is a principle it has feelings that follow the principle you cannot command somebody to feel a certain way about someone or something else you can't command that either you have the feelings or you don't but what you can command or principles that are based on righteousness and truth that are based on on what is right and what is true those can be commanded because those are things I can choose to realize and to follow and to accept and believe and so in seeing the principles of who Jesus is then the feelings should come with that in admiration and appreciation for who he is so this morning I just want to walk through 7 reasons and I'll try not to take too much time I can talk about Bible verses I have a lot of them but I'm not going to going to try to use all of them but just to explain and some of these reasons are interconnected and I'm hoping that some of these reasons also will be significant to you and will be meaningful to you as well as to why you also might love Jesus but before I begin I'm going to bow my head and pray so if you buy your goods with me let's pray Dear Heavenly Father Lord I pray this morning as we consider your son and the incredible work and life and truth and mercy and grace and things that he has done for us a lot I pray that you would help us to think that we would think more than maybe we ever have before about who Jesus is what he has done what he is doing and what he wants to do in each of our lives Lord this is my humble prayer in Jesus' name amen All right so a little bit of suspense I'm going to look at the verses or some of the verses for each one of these and I'll see if you can figure out what it is that it relates to for each reason and then I'll put the reason up on the screen. So 1st of all psycho Peter chapter 3 verse 9 why I love Jesus the Bible says The Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some in counts lacking this but is what what's the word but is longsuffering to us word not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance So Jesus is long suffering what's another word for long suffering. Has Jesus been patient with you or he has been patient with me in many many ways I had the privilege of growing up in a wonderful home and with wonderful parents was adopted into a 7th Day Adventist pastor's family could have had a better upbringing could have had a better environment better teaching better schools better training but I have not always had a focus and an eyes single for the glory of God But throughout all of my life of 44 years this for Jesus has been patient with me been so patient in just waiting for me and reaching out to me drawing me in ever so kind and loving ways closer to him even though I have not always recognized and realized that and I have veered down my own selfish ways far too often that I care to admit Romans 2 verse 4 says or despises the riches speaking of Jesus the riches of His goodness and forbearance and long suffering not knowing that the goodness of God leads the to repentance it is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance but in that goodness is articulated and defined as being very patient with us Romans $58.00 not even on the screen but God commanded his love toward us in that here's how he demonstrated it while we were yet sinners Christ died for us we have done nothing to commend ourselves and make ourselves worthwhile someone worthy to save but Jesus came on a rescue mission is that I'm going to rescue those people commence. His love for us I am thankful that Jesus has been so very patient with me and if you want to write down some these other references I won't read all of them let's go to reason number 6 and will look now at why I love Jesus Reason Number 6 Psalm 46 verse one I hope these verses are familiar to you and if these are not memory verses of yours I want to encourage you to jot them down and consider just memorizing them most of them are short and they are easy to remember and they will give you a strain of character and a strength of mind and purpose unlike anything else can to have God's word anchored and cemented in your mind and heart like nothing else 46 verse one says God is our refuge and strength a very present what help in trouble God has helped me so many times in so many ways I can't even I mean even just to mention even the loss of my parents when my mom passed away from cancer that was a real shock and a struggle 17 years ago my dad passed away from a heart attack 4 years ago that was a shock and a surprise but in the midst of all of that Jesus has helped me he has helped me to find him he has helped me to find peace to find meaning in life life has no real substantive purpose and meaning if it's not connected in him and based on what he wants to do in my life Joshua 19 says have not I commanded the Be strong and have a good courage Be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God Jesus Christ is with the withers whoever thou goest Jesus helps me on a daily basis he really does and it's not just something that you know we owe you God helps this and the Lord helps those that help themselves well that verse is not even a verse that's not in the Bible. Jesus helps me whether I am worthy of it or not this little picture you know illustrates Jesus going out to search for the lost sheep the lost sheep was lost and could not help itself it could not rescue itself but we have a savior Jesus who goes on a mission and Luke $910.00 The Bible says For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost he is on a search and rescue mission for every single one of us to help us out of the mire and the pit of sin that we might find joy and happiness in him and that Isaiah 41 verse 10 very well known fear though not for I am with the be not dismayed for I am by God I will strengthen the yea I will help the yea I will uphold the with the right hand of my righteousness in the right hand just record represents the ultimate strength and power of God not that his right hand is more strong than the left but that he has his greatest power will be given to help those who need it and so Jesus has helped me in so many ways I'm thankful for that reason number 5 so I'm 32 verse 8. Some of these are short I don't have all of these memorized and so I do have to look up some Psalm 32 and verse 8 as we get to why I love Jesus and he is so precious $32.00 verse 8 it says I will instruct the teach the in the way which thou shall go I will guide the with mine I what promises Jesus give to all of us there I will instruct the and teach the in the way that thou shall go and you can see here from the picture of what Jesus is doing in driving He's at the helm in spite of the storms that are life Jesus gives us guidance and leading Proverbs 35 and 6 I hope you all know that trust in the Lord with all and heart all of the in heart Lee not into the unknown understanding that such an easy default condition to lead into our own understanding of what I think is best and what I think I should do but it makes the promise for the condition rather is in all your ways acknowledge him acknowledge him when it comes to choosing a spouse when it comes to choosing a career path when it comes to deciding where to live where to move what to do in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall what he shall direct i Pads and what that promise comes the assurance that you'll know that he's leading in directing you will know that he is through His Providence through his his Holy Spirit and impressions that he is leading and guiding you you will know that Isaiah 53 and verse 11 it says there are in fact I think that's actually a typo on my part I think that should be Isaiah 58 and verse 11 which says the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy the soul in drought and make fat by bones and thou shall be like a water garden and like a spring of water whose waters fail not but it says and the Lord the throne into that promise says and the Lord shall guide the how continually I have found that to be the case in my life from growing up and my dad. In 7 different churches that were different districts here in Carolina all over North and South Carolina people asked me for I'm from and I generally just say I'm from the states of North and South Carolina because I've lived so much in so many different places but in spite of all of that of course my God was leading my family but as I grew up and began to make my own decisions and choosing where to go to school at choosing to attend Fletcher Academy I looked at several schools and before finally praying and deciding to go to Fletcher Academy and was there for a couple of years and I decided to go to mount his go Academy and I decided to go to southern and all those things decisions I really did worry and fret about at the time they were happening but I could I committed it to God and I asked him to lead me and I think in every one of those I have the assurance that he was leading and guiding me to learn more about what I needed to know from different teachers to develop certain aspects of my character and on and on but Jesus has guided me because he loves me Reason Number 4. This will probably be pretty obvious these are some simple verses John 146 Jesus was speaking directly to one of his disciples of Philip who told him Lord show us the Father and it will be sufficient for us and Jesus said I am the Way the Truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father but by me and then in John 17 verse 17 Jesus says Thank defy them through the truth by word is truth the truth as it is in Jesus and in John 831 and 32 Jesus is speaking well actually before he speaks it says then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on Him If you continue in my word then you are really my disciples indeed if you continue to believe it continue to study it and continue to practice it then you really are my disciples Jesus defines discipleship right there in John 831 and 32 and verse 32 we all know and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. I am so thankful that Jesus is my truth in a world full of error and deceptions and uncertainties the more you look at the political landscape and just the cultural landscape and Hollywood and entertain you see so many lies and so much deception and how do you weigh through all that and find the truth in and that's just not something I'm even interested in but Jesus as the truth I don't know if that appeals to your heart as much as it does to mine but I love that Jesus is the truth he is the all truth finds its source in Jesus if it is truth because he is by definition the truth and then a little verse in the Old Testament that I like very much Proverbs 23 and verse 23 we have this command or admonition by the truth and sell it not love that. In fact before I was hired to come and serve here is the associate pastor I had thought and I had committed before the Lord if he's calling me to some kind of a capacity of ministry willing to go and I even went so far as trying to create a website very crudely really were OK I should let me explain a Facebook website that doesn't take as much work and this was my key verse it was going to be called by the truth it still sits on Facebook if you are so inclined to go look for it but it's called by the truth biblical revival ministries and that was my vision is if the Lord was going to call me to go out and preach somewhere that the basis for that preaching was going to be grounded and rooted and established in truth and Jesus and the Bible and His Word are truth the revival that comes in a person's life through connection with Jesus and His truth is is so big I can't even explain it but I can just tell you it's happened to me that connection with the truth and the truth as it is in Jesus has changed my life in every particular in so many ways continuing on Reason Number 3 were somewhat counting down to maybe quite possibly I know they're all important and you can't really put one above another but if you're not aware I think we're counting down somewhat to maybe the greatest reason so there's a tiny bit of suspense I'm hoping to build in. Well reason number 3 without even reading the verses you can probably tell from the pictures what this is relating to 1st Timothy fortin I can pick I can tell it to you in a paraphrase but I don't want to read it because I don't have it memorized 1st Timothy 4 verse 10 speaking of Jesus it describes him as the savior of all min 1st Timothy 4 and verse 10 it says for Therefore we both Labor and suffer reproach because we trust in the living God this is Speaking of Jesus who is the savior of how many people of all min That's a powerful verse Jesus is every one savior but notice the rest of the verse it says but especially of them that believe because only those that believe will receive the benefits of what he has done on Calvary unfortunate will not apply to those who do not believe it is essential to believe in what Jesus has done and what he says because he was a living one says but without faith it is impossible to please God for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a reward or of them that see him how diligently some 18 verse 15 when I was in college I heard a sermon and I don't remember at all any other details about the sermon I just remember this one verse stood out in my mind as being a special verse as it relates to Jesus and his. His love for us some 18 of verse 19 it says he brought me forth also into a large place and notice the last part of this verse he delivered me was another word for deliver he saved me he delivered me why because he delighted in me and I just remember as a college student that just really struck me that God delights in me I mean he really truly and he delights in you and each one of us because you are his special creation no one else can be just like you when I was little growing up there were so many people that I tried to emulate basketball players in and Famous other people on T.V. or whatever but really there is no one else that we should emulate Jesus wants us to be the way that he created us unique and special and different and distinct. Reason Number 3 Let me read a nother verse here Jeremiah 235 and 6 obviously Jesus is our Savior He is my savior Sometimes we say things in a general sense and we don't apply it as specifically as I think we should yes Jesus is the savior of all min 1st time of the 14 but especially of those that believe and so if I ask myself Do I really believe in what Jesus says then he is especially is specially in a special since my Savior and your savior in a personal way Jesus is a personal God Jeremiah 23 verses 5 and 6 the prophet says God speaking through the prophet Jeremiah behold the days calm say at the Lord that I will raise unto David a righteous branch and a king shall reign and prosper and shall execute judgement and justice in the earth in his days Judah shall be saved and Israel shall dwell safely I don't know don't miss the last part of verse 6 and this is his name whereby he shall be called and in your bible it should be in all capital letters what is the name he shall be called The Lord Our Righteousness the this is his name the Lord Our Righteousness What a picture Jesus is my personal Savior and he also is my righteousness I know those are interrelated He saves us and offers his righteousness to us and so that is the saving grace the saving merits of Jesus are defined as his righteousness it says in Isaiah $54.00 verse 17 no weapon that is formed against these shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against the in judgment about shout condemn and then notice the last part of the verse this is the heritage of the service of the Lord and their righteousness is Who me say it the Lord so God is speaking Jesus and he says that their righteousness is of me they have gotten that righteousness from me and so this is something that Jesus provides for us that gives us our salvation and I believe that it is transformative it is so powerful and so transformative that my life has been changed by his righteousness that he provides by his salvation. Our scripture reading I have Verse 12 memorized the 1st John 5 but I don't have 11 memorized and so I'm going to have to look that up and this is the record that God has given to us eternal life and this life is in his Son So in other words Jesus is my savior Jesus is my righteousness Jesus is my life that's what it is saying and then it says in verse 12 he that hath the sun has life and then he that hath not the Son of God hath not life I mean to put it plainly if we have the son we have spiritual life we have eternal life if we have Jesus and I love him so much for the life that he has provided for me and giving his righteousness to me well I want to share with you a couple quick statements from the Spirit of Prophecy on this point about righteousness powerful quotes here to quote this is the 1st one is from review and herald November 4890 paragraph 7 and it says there the only way how many ways only way in which he speaking of the sinner can attain to righteousness is through faith that is the vehicle the means to faith is and I have to explain I can't I can't pass up an opportunity as I stand before you we have to be so clear on what faith is faith is based always on something God has said it's always grounded and based on something God has said and promised in his word the basis for faith is taking God at His word so the way in which a center can attain to righteousness is to take God at His word when he offers his righteousness and his life to us we take him at his word that is the essence and the key of faith now continuing by faith he can bring to God the merits of Christ that is his righteousness his perfection and the Lord places the obedience of his son to the center's account to my account. Christ's righteousness is accepted in place of man's failure my failure and God receives pardons justifies the repentant believing soul treats him as though he were righteous and loves him as he loves his son that's that's hard to believe isn't it do you believe that God loves you as much as he loves Jesus when you accept the righteousness that Jesus offers to you but it's true it is a it is an inspired statement that he loves you and me as much as he loves his son Jesus when we accept the sacrifice and the righteousness and the merits of Jesus what he gives to us this is how faith is accounted righteousness and then notice this statement here from Volume one selected messages it says the righteousness manifested in the character of Christ was forever to be the what is that too small and if you guys can read it or not like I squeezed in a lot of text here to be the anchor that's what holds everything down together the anchor the saving hope of who the world especially then that believe and now notice how she expresses this next sentence every soul who chooses Christ can say with faith taking God at His word the Lord ma a righteous Innes you see how she applied in a personal way the Jeremiah 23 verse 6 where it says The Lord Our Righteousness she took and said Yes that's true in a general sense it is true but most importantly for each of us individually I must apply it personally and accept and realize it is the Lord my righteousness and so I love Jesus for giving his perfect righteousness to a terrible on where the center like me but that is the way we can all every one of us today we can say that with by faith in His word the Lord my righteousness all right reason number 2 why I love Jesus getting down to the last 2 Psalm 139 verse 14. The Salma says I will praise the for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are the works and that my soul know with the right will so what is another word for made I am fearfully and wonderfully made all right you can probably see creation did you know that before we needed a Savior we needed a creator and the fact that Jesus is our creator stands in my of my opinion 1st and foremost of the highest importance and rank why our worship belongs to him and no one else yes we worship him as I'm not minimizing and the slightest bit his work as our Savior because we had we would have had no hope without having his life in our place but as our Creator the being that created us and got brought us into existence that stands and I think today the Sabbath is so important because it's a reminder of that eternal immutable perpetual fact that God is our Creator and we are all His creation and that's why we come to worship Him in recognition of that fundamental fact in reality God is the creator and today evolution has made so many inroads into quote Christian churches and it's such a complete dichotomy and a false fallacy of reasoning to claim to be a Christian which is to take the name of Jesus and to follow Jesus and to claim at the same time to believe in evolution which says we just evolved and there is no creation because the Bible describes and identifies Jesus as the creator and as we look at John one verses $1.00 to $3.00 we all know there are verses in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God The same was with God in the beginning and then it says All things were made by him and without Him was not any thing made that was made and it's pretty clear pretty plain So what good do I take Jesus' name in my mouth and say I believe in Jesus and yet the Bible says Jesus made all things He created all things and so notice what it says in Colossians one and verse 16 there is a little detail in here about creation that I want you to see. Colossians chapter one and verse 16 and we're going to see something here about Jesus as our Creator kolache in chapter one and verse 16 speaking of Jesus says verse 16 for by Him Jesus were all things created that are in heaven and that are in earth visible and invisible whether they be Thrones or dominions or Prince apologies or powers all things were created by Him I mean you wrote a list here of all these things that there's any doubt or any question well maybe this wasn't created or maybe that was a created not so it said All things were created by Him and notice the last phrase in this verse what does it say were created by him and for him created by him and for him you and I were created for Jesus that's how much he loves as we were created to have a relationship with him and then notice what it says in Revelation itself revelation $411.00 It says that you are worthy Oh lord to receive glory and honor and power for the how has created all things and for that I will and my pleasure they are and were created for the pleasure we were created to be enjoyable to God Now why do I have appeared Jesus created me X. 2 or times 2. I actually thought of this after I was done with my sermon and the point that I'm making in most of these verses that are listed is that I'm recognizing Jesus is my physical creator but salvation is a work of creation it is a work of having a new heart and a new mind created in me and in you in every one of us David says I'm 51 verse 10 created me a new heart or God and renew a right spirit within me a work of creation and it's the same way that physical creation took place by the Word of God And so Jesus is my creator in a twofold since by creating my physical being and also creating the new life that he has given me through his incredible power I would out of the air for the divine power of just one verse 7 Corinthians 517 Therefore if anyone is in Christ he or she is a new creation there it is in the verse itself I'm not making things up all things are passed away behold how many things have become new all things are become new so it is a work of creation and Jesus is the one who does that and I am thankful that he has done that in my life I pray Lord that He will continue to do that and strengthen that every single day well how can you measure the love of Jesus how can you quantify such an incredible love that he has for us I don't know if you can see this up here on the screen this is a my son used to like to. Razor or have fish and he had a big old 29 gallon fish tank in his room it was a fresh water tank and he had like all different kinds of fish that were supposed to get along community fish he had top swimmers he had middle swimmers and then bottom feeders and bottom swimmers I didn't even know until he got into these fish that they were that there was that much complexity in the fish Kingdom and did not realize that but we had a pet store one day this is years back and I remember looking as we're looking at different fish this particular tank I don't know if you can see the price the price tag to buy one of these fishes is down here in the lower left hand corner and really got to put your eyes to the strain but you can buy the whole fish the life of the fish for can anybody read it 15 since. $0.15 will buy you what was this somewhat Guppy or something I don't remember exactly what it was but the value of that fish for 8 for 15 pennies or a dime and a nickel you could have the whole life of the fish and have it in your hands and it in no that's the value of these lives of all these fish in there but when we think about what Jesus has done for us 1st Peter one verses $18.19 that really makes this plain the measuring the love of Jesus is how you how much you will pay for something how much would you pay for it 1st Peter $1.00 verse 18 says for as much as you know that you were not redeemed or bought with corruptible or perishable things silver and gold from your vain conversation received by tradition from your father's but you were bought or redeemed with what verse 1819 with the precious blood of Christ as of a lamb without blemish and without spot you were bought with the blood of Jesus Christ and so the price that was paid to redeem you and to buy you is the highest possible price that could ever be paid in the universe for anything for anything at all because it is the blood and the life of Jesus who is God Himself is the one who bought us there is a statement a desire of ages this is on page $131.00 it says never can the cost of our redemption be realized until the redeemed shall stand with the Redeemer before the throne of God We can even fathom and even have hardly a clue as to the depth of the price that was paid for us it says then as we stand before the throne of God It says then as the glories of the eternal home burst upon our in raptured senses we shall remember that Jesus left all this for us he left it all the adoration of angels the Thrones the the adoration all those things he left that for us that he not only became an exile from the heavenly court but for us. He took the risk of failure any turn a loss and that is a statement that causes me to tremble because it's so serious to realize Jesus really did take the risk of failure and risk eternal loss to go on a rescue mission and lay aside the perfection and all the joy and happiness of heaven Jesus did not consider heaven a place to be desired while we were lost as sinners because he loves us so much we're the is the land that was slain and even well there is another statement that I found that is also just so powerful in the spirit of prophecy about why we were created you remember that illustration Earlier I talked to you about when you're if you're in history class and your memory is erased and you have no idea what are the fundamental questions a human being would ask Who am I why am I here where am I going what is my purpose who what why where when why how what all those questions become very important to you if you have especially if you have no recollection of the past watch what it says here in this period this is a book called The Truth About Angels which is a compilation page 47 paragraph 8 why you and I were created it gives me chills just reading the statement God created man for his own glory that after test and trial the human family might become one with the have a heavenly family it was God's purpose to repopulate heaven with the human family why would Heaven need to be repopulated. We know something in Revelation 12 versus 7 through 9 about the devil and his angels chose on their account to war and fight against God and they were cast out of heaven but here's the point you and I beings were created to live as part of the heavenly family and to repopulate replenish heaven itself in the closest near miss presence of our God and our Savior I mean what a higher calling and position could we have in life but wait a 2nd doesn't seem like Satan has thwarted that plan he has caused it to go astray because he caused our parents Adam and Eve to sin and they forfeited the opportunity to to live in heaven for all eternity without Jesus on a rescue mission did that plan get the war to or hindered by the work of Satan notice this next statement the vacancies made in heaven by the fall of Satan and his angels what's the word will be filled by the Redeemer the Lord not may be filled or could be filled it says they will be filled by the Redeemer the Lord brothers and sisters I hope and pray that it is every single one of us here today and every single one watching online or wherever you find yourselves that we would take seriously the incredible awesome amazing position that God wants for us to occupy and to realize what God has called us to be and that he will his purposes although they may have been delayed temporarily they will be accomplished just as he intended from the beginning that the redeemed the human beings that choose to to respond to his love will fill the vacancies in heaven by Satan and his angels are right reason number one coming to a close Why do I love Jesus 1st John 419 answers the question for me we love him because why he 1st loved us John 316 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not pay. But have everlasting life 1st John 3 Verse one behold what manner or what type of Love The Father has bestowed or given to us that we we should be called the Sons and Daughters of God What man or what kind of love is this that we should have this position to be the sons and daughters the children of God What incredible love John couldn't even describe what he said just be hold it try to take it in Galatians 2 verse 24 I am crucified with Christ Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ live within me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for mean I can't explain the incredible love of Jesus for me but I want to respond to that love and then Jeremiah $31.00 verse 3 says The Lord hath appear to hold on to me saying Yea certainly definitely yea I have love the with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness have I drawn the and that has been my experience with my Savior Jesus Christ my whole life through the ups and downs of my bad choices in turning away and living laid the seed and whatever but he has loved me with an everlasting love and he has drawn me with his everlasting tender mercy and kindness I'm so thankful for that and so in conclusion Jesus is everything to me and I've saved 2 of my favorite Bible verses for last and we're going to have the benediction Jesus is everything to me I want you to see these last 2 verses and just how incredible and power packed they are and meaningful as we talk as I talk about and explain and try to put into words how much I love Jesus maybe I've not heard this verse very much before but this is such an incredible verse to me 1st Corinthians one in verse 30 speaking of Jesus and it says but of him of Jesus but of him rather are ye in Christ Jesus who of God This is God's design and his position is made. Unto us Jesus is made into us for things and notice what those are he is our wisdom he is our righteousness he is our sanctification and he is our redemption all of those combined in that one verse it says all those things and so that is just an incredible verse to me as I even try to wrap my mind around one of those things Jesus has given me wisdom it's through his wisdom that I have I've been able to to live my life he gives me his righteousness that we talked about that already sanctification setting aside for a holy special purpose that will fulfill His purpose in my life he is the one that makes that possible and leads in direction that and he is the one that is the author and the founder of the redemption paying the price for me to be saved and then finally will close with collages to versed in which there is and ye are complete in him that is in Jesus and that's a very short statement but I want you to take try to try to take it all in you are complete in Jesus and how are we in Jesus is by faith face is the connecting link between us and God We are complete nothing is lacking Nucky nothing is missing all of my weaknesses and frailties all of those things when united by faith with Jesus become complete in his strength to make up the deficiencies in all of my shortcomings but it's in a faith believing connection with him that I can be and you can be complete in him has your heart today been touched by the love of Jesus do you want to make Jesus your wisdom your righteousness your scientific ation and your redemption I believe and we humbly come to Jesus just as we are and ask Him to forgive our sins he will do all this for us if we will but take him at his word. Do you really want to be complete in Jesus this is some strange difficult unusual hard to hard to grasp concept we can have a complete perfect character if we are connected in tied to Jesus he is the head of all principality and power and he says in Matthew 28 verse 18 all power is given to me in heaven on earth he has all power and then what has he done according to Peter one verse 3 it says according as his divine power has given unto us all things that pertain and to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him that have called us to glory in virtue he has given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness and that's another way of saying you are complete in him you really truly are complete in Jesus in recognizing and responding to his love for us you are complete or Father in heaven all that the rules are Soul truly is Jesus we are so thankful for all that he has done for us and Lord as we praise you today may we grow deeper in our love and our appreciation in our understanding of your dear son Jesus that we might take hold of the great salvation that has been provided for us and that we might through the love of Jesus share that with others around us the love of Christ constrains us the Apostle say because Jesus' love is so incredible bless us today I pray in Jesus' precious name. 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