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The Fruit of Revival

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • July 28, 2018
    12:30 PM
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And I'm very thankful for the opportunity to be here this morning as we look at a message that I have entitled The fruit of revival and I don't know about you but revival is something that always appeals to me because it relates to a continual need and a continual desire for a fresh experience with Jesus Christ I don't want to be content with my experience yesterday or a week ago or 5 or 10 years ago or maybe when I was baptized I think it was in 1901 that I was baptized I think I know I have lost my baptismal certificate but I want a fresh reviving experience with Jesus every day and right isn't that how Jesus operates it is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed because his compassion fail not they are new how often every morning new mercies new compassions and I know we all need those mercies and compassions and I don't know how much of the world seems to get along without that in the glen thing and turning their back on God and the blessings that he longs to give to us which I would submit are largely spiritual blessings not financial blessings or just prosperity gospel but a spiritual growth and grace in knowing him what does it say in Jeremiah 923 and 24 Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom neither let the mighty man glory and his might let not the rich man glory in his riches but let him or her that glorious glory in this that he understands and knows me for I am the Lord which exercise loving kindness righteousness and judgment in the earth for in these things I delight say at the Lord so the boasting or the exulting and celebrating is in knowing God that is the greatest thing that any of us can have and revival is based on knowing God I asked the question this morning what is true revival which would imply that there can be a false revive. All that might be motivated and directed based on other motivations or desires but I think true revival there's 2 simple elements and they're found in the Scriptures Psalm 119 verse 25 David who's writing in that Psalm says my soul my life that is Cleaves or clings unto the dust. And then he follows up by saying Quicken thou me according to the word the word quickened in the King James the Hebrew is actually revive to give life give life according to what your word the power of God has the power to give life in His Word a min also combined and connected with that word we find in John 663 Jesus says it is the spirit that Quicken if there is that word Quicken again revive give life it is the Holy Spirit that Quicken it the flesh profit if nothing the words that I speak unto you they are spirit and they are life God's words give a message from the Holy Spirit and as we believe and act on those words they bring the life and reviving influence a divine power that God has for us we become partakers of the divine nature as it says in 2nd Peter one verse for that whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious what precious promises and promises consist of words precious promises and then the Apostle goes on and says that by these by these promises by the words that God has given to us he might be partakers or sharers of the divine nature the nature and character of God is contained in the Word of God That is where we have a connection and understand what it's all about and so by believing and receiving those words we receive the life that comes with it God's words are not like our words they are living and active and sharper than any 2 edged sword according to Hebrews So we want the Word of God and we want the Holy Spirit acting upon that word to bring about a revival in our lives and I hope that you're like me I want this daily I need this daily moment by moment a continuing revival of spiritual life there's a statement in a spirit of prophecy that describes this experience under revival in reformation and I know our church worldwide from the General Conference on down has had an initiative for a year. 2 or more now on revival and reformation and I think this is one of the clearest statements of what that really is like and what it's all about it says a revival and a reformation must take place under the ministration of the Holy Spirit so that's critical revival and reformation are actually what they are 2 different things revival signifies a renewal of spiritual life a quickening of the powers of mind and heart a resurrection from spiritual death and it's possible today that and I think many people sadly are that they are spiritually did Paul says in 1st Timothy 5 or 6 but she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth So they are physically alive but spiritually dead according to what he is referring to but true revival will give spiritual life which leads to eternal life for all eternity and then it says revival signifies our renewal of spiritual life and I must get down to where it says Reformation signifies a reorganization if you just break down the word for reformation into its parts you have re And the root word forma form is the shape or pattern that something takes and so to reform something is to give it a different shape to give it a different appearance that of course we're talking about not based on what our sinful nature might cook up but based on what the Holy Spirit and His leading in the Word of God would design and pattern us to be after the perfect pattern which is of course Jesus Christ so Reformation signifies a reorganization a change in ideas in theories in habits in practices things my life is being changed is being reformed because of revival. Continuing this statement this is founded last day events page $109.00 it says reformation will not bring forth the good fruit of righteousness unless it is connected with the revival of the Spirit so it's not enough just to try and reform things without a genuine connection with God because that will not lead to any long term change or any real vital change from the inside you my can try to change the outside but only God can change is on the inside and that's where we all need to change to take place on the inside so revival and reformation are to do their appointed work and in doing this work they must blend Reformation needs revival genuine life and revival needs reformation is not enough just to say I have a new fresh experience with God today and not have any corresponding change that would come from that revival of God working in your life based on what he says in His Word the Bible is pretty clear that without revival we actually cannot obey God it's impossible according to the Scriptures to obey God without revival and this is in Romans 8 the apostle says for to be carnally minded and by the way carnally minded is the default connection that's our automatic condition being sinful being born with a sinful nature rather at birth not condemned to sin but with the equipment and programming with a tendency to sin to be carnally minded leads to in our default condition leads to death but to be spiritually minded that is to have the mind and thoughts of the Holy Spirit leading us to Christ is life in peace and Romans 8 verse 7 puts it plain because the carnal mind is enmity against God That is it is hostility enmity is is warfare and hostility against God and it says why for it is not subject to the law of God It is not willing to be subordinated to following what God says is right and it says neither. Or indeed can be it cannot under any circumstance or situation be brought into subordination to the law of God in its natural condition to be carnally minded and then he continues and says so then they that are in the flesh cannot please God it's impossible without a change taking place something must happen differently that change is what we want through revival Well when I was younger why the bit younger maybe 5 or 6 years old my sister and I somebody gave my dad a bow and arrow and this wasn't a toy bow and arrow was actually a real bow and arrow and I boys and girls I share this story this is what not to do from the front in this is most of my stories a lot of times are what not to do so don't I don't want to even put ideas in your mind about attempting what my sister and I know we were young and so that's kind of an excuse we didn't fully know what we were doing but we were told not to play with a bow and arrow that had been given to my dead and of course my dad wisely had to put away somewhere and it was a bow that had to be strong and so we didn't have the string on it but we had seen it strong before and so my sister and I decided one day when I think that was away and Mom was was busy with things to get that bow and arrow out and just see if we could play with it and I had to I was texting my sister last night to be sure I got the details of the story straight because this was one time ago and she reminded me of some details that I'd forgotten that we both were taking turns trying to hang on the bow to pull it down so we could get a string up on it so you can then use it but we finally eventually working together were able to get this strong and there were there were some real arrows these are not toy arrows and so I began to take it out you know we had a pretty big yard we lived out in the country in Burlington North Carolina at the time and I was firing away in the you know there were horses in the past years around our house right near we were and luckily I didn't hit any of them but I was just launching arrows see how far I could shoot them and then I had a great idea instead of having to shoot the arrow and see how you know have to go fetch it why don't I just try to shoot it straight up in the air. And they'll just come down closer to me and I'm telling you boys or girls that's not smart that's not something you ever ever ever want to do and so but all the while I was beginning to have a sense of nervousness and danger I think I could perceive that there was danger in using this this bow and arrow that I was instructed not to use but I didn't see it and so sure enough brought me being I have it my sister is younger than me I'm the big brother the one that leads out in mischief and so I'm shooting the arrow straight up and then all of a sudden with terror as we realize as it goes up it almost out of sight and then all it's coming back down right at us and so we began to then try to flee and run for our lives realizing in this this actually could be dangerous I didn't think about the arrow coming down when I shot it up in the air it's going to come back down again I mean he should be very simple obvious things but I just wasn't thinking and so. The moral of the story is there is a very good reason why Mommy and Daddy had asked us to obey them to not use something that would be so dangerous and could be extremely dangerous really for that matter and so I thought that I could handle it but at that age I did not perceive and realize the dangers that could come from this and I asked my sister what happened do you remember what happened and she said I don't know I think we got I think our parents were just glad we were alive she says I think we just got a big lecture and we got grounded and I don't remember we got spanked or not but they took the bow and arrow away and hit it somewhere and anyway we neither of us could quite remember what happened I do remember that my parents were not happy at all and of course when you get older you realise there's a reason for that because God because my parents rather wanted me to be safe and they were not trying to keep me from having fun they were trying to keep me from impaling myself and this morning you might be lucky that your associate pastor was not impaled as a child by using this bow and arrow Well the ultimate point is that we actually need an understanding that comes from a change of heart and a change of mind and none of us can do this without the assistance and the aid of the Holy Spirit the Bible says can to walk together except they be agreed Can we walk with by the way the word walk in the Scriptures is employed oftentimes to describe the conduct and behavior of a person when it's a number of place in the scripture talks about walking in the spirit walking with this way and to walk in good works to versed in the all these things oh it's just relating to your behavior and your actions and your conduct and so can 2 people walk together on a path unless they were agreed what are we doing why are we doing this where are we going I want to go over here you want to go over there and so well we're not going the same place unless they're agreed what do how are we going to behave and act and where are we going to go what is our focus unless they are in agreement and so it is Jesus who can chain. Change our hearts and minds and he describes how very significantly the focus of our message we're going to get into this morning is actually a word that is not popular in many circles today the fruit of revival I believe and I'm going to submit to you this morning always leads to obedience obedience is not a popular word today I don't think but do we see earlier that in our not in our natural condition naturally we don't want to obey we cannot obey God because naturally because of the result of the effects of sin we don't want to follow what God says is right we want to do what we think is right when Notice this statement from Christ object lessons about how there are really in the world today you and me there's only 2 groups or classes of people it says there are only 2 classes in the world today this is it tomorrow or sometime in the distant past today right now only 2 classes will be recognized in the judgment those who violate God's law and those who obey it it's simple as that Christ gives the test by which to prove our loyalty or disloyalty and he says if you love me he says keep my commandments he does say if he hath my commandments and keep him he it is that love with me and how important really are the commandments of the Holy Law of God You know we have a very complete summarizing statement in Ecclesiastes Chapter 12 or 13 at the very end of that book where Solomon says let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear God and keep His commandments for this is what the whole duty obligation responsibility of humanity reverence fear for God and then he keeping an obedience to His commandments this is what God would call and expect of any created human being this is the whole duty of what we would be asked to do now I don't know if you realize but God's Commandments since this is the whole duty of man are not just 10 small obscure precepts or laws that really are maybe they have some significance once a week at church on Sabbath the Psalmist says in Psalm 119 verse 96 I have seen an end of all perfection but I commandment is what you can finish that verse is exceeding broad In other words David is saying I have seen an end of all human perfection but your commandments are so broad and so extensive that they extend to every place every thought and area of human existence that's how broad they are they affect and impact everything in a person's life in some way or another they can be tied to and related to the commandments or you tell me that what I watch on T.V. can have anything to do with the commandments Well if you look at the 1st commandment Thou shalt have no other gods before me it's very easy and possible and for what I understand statistically for the majority of the world probable for people to make another god out of the television when it should be placed on our love and focus something else someone else rather than just on in this case the television or it could be I just picked that it could be anything else could be a any other activity or another person or whatever but God's commandments impact that well as most of you know I was just in Canada a few weeks ago and while we were there we my wife and I and my son we visited Banff National Park which is just spectacularly glorious if you've not been there I just encourage you in some way you got to get there because it's so incredible the mountains and the scenery. Well one of the highlights that we wanted to see were animals and we were disappointed that our 2 big animals that we wanted to see a moose and a grizzly bear we did not see even though we heard they were there we were looking for them and my head was really constantly on a swivel constantly just looking and darting even as I'm driving just to hope to see one of these incredible creatures that we don't have here but while we were there this is actually one of the pictures that I took it I don't know if you can see it very well we did see a lot of elk but all I noticed as we were traveling along the highway there were these tall thin says that went for miles and miles and miles I guess were in Canada so I should say kilometers and kilometers and kilometers in the metric system that's what it's and it got me to wondering are these animals that are supposed to be wild and I guess they are wild even though they do have tags and monitors for some of the the bears I hear are they really free or are they being restricted and caves in some way and prevented from complete true freedom. And so I was wondering that and but what is the purpose though of offense is it to really is it to hurt the animals in some way not at all in fact they are here in Canada this was just from a news article Parks Canada the one inch in charge of this park they are spending $26000000.00 to try and improve their fences along the highways to prevent animals from getting out on the highway and of course getting killed getting hurt and since they started installing these fences I don't know how far back number of years ago they said that the number of animals that have been killed is dropped 80 percent 80 percent less are being killed from these fences that are put up along fences along the highways and I just was wondering you know actually while we were there I'll mention this we didn't know this until after I had made reservations in one of the campgrounds actually Lake Louise they have a lot of grizzly bears there so much so that they actually have an electric fence around the campground and I found out after we arrived and were coming into the campground that there was an electric fence around us there just to protect the people and also to keep the grizzly bears from coming and getting too familiar with people but that was particularly interesting because we had special instructions about don't go out and don't try to go out of the gate or out of the park because they it's after a certain time because they have it there's electric electrical fence they also I read are putting up because of the trains that come through there these electric mats that are along the tracks in certain areas so that when the animal ventures near these tracks and they get onto this electric mat they'll receive a low intensity shock so that it will deter them from coming up and getting on the tracks. All of this is done to hurt the animals no no no to help the animals to try and give them a safe place where they can live and not be subjected to dangers that could cost them their life well it got me to thinking does God actually have a fence for us and of course the answer is yes he does have a fence for us and it's not to keep us out but it's to protect us and keep us from the dangers that sin has in this world today review and herald May 7987 says it is necessary to guard the thoughts to thin the soul about with the injunctions the instructions the commandments of God's word as a fence as it were and to be very careful in every thought word and action not to be betrayed into sin and then as I was considering this I happen to run across this image here I don't know if you can read it all read down this is kind of a cause and effect you know one of the things I've also read in the spirit of prophecy is that people need to learn how to reason from cause to effect we oftentimes have lots of causes and things that come to us and that happen to us and we have the wilderness it because we don't reason what's the effect it's causing this and are able to determine now that I know what the cause is then I can see how to prevent the effects from that but this poster says Watch your thoughts for they become words that is what you think about watch your words for they become actions watch your actions for they become habits watch your habits for they become character watch your character for it becomes your destiny and so that's quite a bit of reasoning there but notice what it traces all the way back to at the very beginning watch your thoughts your thinking and our scripture reading this morning actually perfectly illustrates this idea like a Corinthians 10 versus 4 and 5 Verse 5 says casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalted itself against the now. College of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ is it possible that even my thinking and my thoughts can be brought into subjection to the will and the power of God I'm going to submit to you this morning the answer is Yes Well some might ask isn't obedience really legalism that's been the devil's way of trying to thwart and discourage people from obeying God by having this charge that obedience is really just legal it's only a legal relationship it's only a legal action and it has no you know obedience without a relationship is legalism or slavery but obedience with a relationship with Jesus is worship I'm going to say that again obedience without a relationship is slavery or legalism but obedience with a relationship who knows and understand who God is and who loves God that is worship the highest form of worship I believe is obedience to give God to do what he asked me to do now is just notice just a few examples and try to study this for just a brief moment is obedience legalism you're probably all familiar from childhood with the story of naman who was the captain of the army of Syria and he was a mighty man of valor the Scriptures say but he had leprosy did you know that leprosy which is also mentioned in the New Testament is oftentimes used as a symbol for sin leprosy something we cannot cure ourselves of but only God can provide that cure leprosy as Jesus healed the lepers in the New Testament it's a symbol for his desire to heal each of us of the leprosy of sin in our lives spiritually well because of the witness of a young I don't want to miss this point of a young Israelite maid we don't know how old she was she could have been 7 or 8 maybe she was early teen maybe a young teenager but she witnessed to the wife of name and said If only naman would visit the prophet. In Israel he could be cured of his illness. And so naman after getting word of this from his wife decided to go to visit prophet Elijah and you probably know the story in life did he come out and greet him yes or no no he didn't name him faith was going to be tested because he only said his servant out to tell him Go and wash in the Jordan River 7 times and how did they respond that's it I don't have to climb a high mountain I don't have to pay a huge amount of money and empty my bank account to receive the healing I just have to go do this simple action at 1st he was angry and upset but his service convinced him that you know what this is really a small thing let's humble yourself and do this let's just do this so named decided he would go to Jordan the Jordan River and he would follow through with the instructions that were given to him and I want to ask you a name and dip in the Jordan River 7 times was that legalism when he followed and obeyed the instructions to be given to him by the prophet of the Lord was that legalism of course I hope you can see the answer is a resounding No not at all I would submit to you that obedience is actually faith in the Word of God in complying and following what he asked us to do yes name is faith was tested because it might seem like a strange thing go dip in the river 7 times but in complying with what God asked him to do he received the healing that he sought after in following God's instructions. There is an example in history one of the great generals in history General George Washington tremendous man of valor and courage Well one author actually shares this following story about George Washington and says that his mother was that a special banquet after the Americans working together with the French to defeat the British were having a celebration of independence and freedom after winning at the Battle of Yorktown when Lord Cornwallis was trapped there on the coast of Virginia what is today Virginia a distinguished French officer asked Washington's mother how she managed to raise such a splendid son and her simple reply was I taught him to obey that's what she responded to this French officer I taught him to obey and there's others if you read biographical accounts of George Washington how they different friends and associates remark at the integrity and the obedience of Washington and his reverence for his mother his mother and father even at a late stage in his life even after he became president of the United States of America the 1st president he still exhibited a reverence and a deference for his mother who taught him to obey and the importance of doing what was right well I just put one more story and here is obedience legalism let's look at the New Testament the story of Jesus and when he visited the man who was the paralytic there at the pool of Bethesda in John Chapter 5 Jesus actually asked the man who had been paralyzed for 38 years do you want to be made whole and the man not fully grasping what was being offered to him made some kind of a statement about I can't get to the pool of Bethesda fast enough there's always someone that beside me whenever the waters are stirred Well Jesus gave him simple instructions rise take up your bed and walk. Now what if the man would have just stopped to think and say you know what that sounds I've never been able to walk for 38 years I'm not sure that can happen on that even to try would he have received the healing and the restoration that he longed for no if he had not followed and obeyed he would not have obedience is faith in what God says believing and trusting because we know that God is a good God and would only ask us to do something if it was really for our best good that's it he would only ask us if it was truly for our best good so the paralyzed man obey Jesus and because he obeyed Wolli he was in the act of obeying that is when he received in other words his faith was acting on what God said he received the healing that he had sought for what if we happen to question when Jesus asks us to do things and he doesn't just ask us in terms that might could be misunderstood they are given as commandments to make us know and help us to see these are not you know debatable negotiable these are definitive these are what God Himself has defined as being necessary and important for us to do when we be saved if we refuse to comply with the conditions that God has given to us for salvation. No friends obedience is actually so important that it is salvation it is connected with our salvation this is a statement from a view and herald we must walk and act in obedience to God in harmony with his plan for the salvation of the world and then simply put no soul can be saved in disobedience not one no one without a change of mind a change of heart that says I'm not only willing to follow what God wants me to do but I am wanting to do what God wants me and whatever he asked me to do does God have a right to ask me to do anything as my Creator the answer is yes as my Savior the answer is also yes twofold claim that Jesus has on all of our lives our existence that we owe to him as our creator and as our Savior Well the Scriptures noted that even Jesus himself who came was he a human just like us yes or no yes did he get hungry to get tired yes he went through the same experiences that we go through but yet the Scriptures say influence to let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus the mind is the beginning of the thoughts it is the foundation of the character it's where our thoughts and our will and our decisions and choices are made Let this mind the same attitude towards making decisions be in you that was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and being made in the likeness of min being found in fashion rather as a man He humbled himself and became obedient what level of obedience are we talking about became obedient and to death even the death of the cross the death of the cross was a particularly very ignominy and very shameful form of death and Jesus says I am willing to do that if it's in harmony with what God's will is for me in submission to my Heavenly Father and so that's the same mind the same attitude. That we also should have as Jesus Well you know the fruits of the Spirit as we talk about revival the fruits of the Spirit pastor Hyman would that be a lot more exciting to talk about more fun the fruit of the Spirit Galatians 5 says is love joy peace longsuffering and there's 9 characteristics mention their gentleness goodness faith meekness temperance against such there is no law the results of the Holy Spirit reviving you and me will be seen with these characteristics in our lives and literally just this week as I was preparing and thinking over this message it dawned on me that these fruits of the Holy Spirit also can all be tied to a connection and a desire to want to follow God's law in obedience Now let me just give you some examples in here they are what we're doing we're paralleling the fruits of the spirit in Galatians 5 with the law of God we find quite a bit extensively in Psalm 119 1st one 1st example David says oh how I love the law it is my meditation how much all the day I think about it I meditate it all the time I love your law what was the 1st fruit of the spirit love so low for God will lead to and be manifested and revealed in a love for God's law as we'll with that do you follow that does that make sense to you look at the 2nd one Joy It says also this is all Psalm 1911 David says die testimonies or some translations say the rules you have given me testimony statutes precepts judgments law those are all synonyms for the law of God your testimonies have I taken as a heritage for ever for they are the read joy seeing of my heart. Wow so a revival of the Holy Spirit leads to a joy and rejoicing in wanting to know and do and follow the law of God rejoicing not just drudgery you know John makes it very clear in 1st John 5 and verse 3 that the commandments of God are not grievous this is the way that we worship and know that we love God If we keep His commandments and His commandments are not burdensome they are not difficult or a real yoke of bondage they are not that way at all to the person who loves God and then disses just the 1st 3 piece the fruit of the Spirit is peace you have a peacefulness of the soul a peacefulness with tranquillity in knowing you're connected to God Psalm 1000 again verse 165 David says Great Peace have they which love the law and nothing shall offend him not just partial peace but a greatness of peace come to those who love the law of God and long to obey it so that was an interesting connection as I was reading over and studying this for this week was to look at a few areas practically speaking in areas that God might be calling me to obey Him Does God have a right to tell me what to eat and drink wait a 2nd no I thought that's that's kind of personal right can I choose to do what I want to do. 1st Corinthians $1031.00 whether therefore you eat or drink or whatsoever ye do do all to the glory of God And so there is a commission a way that we can eat and drink that will dishonor and not glorify God because we're counseled in charge to eat and drink in a way that would glorify God Yes I'm submitting that basically as we look at these things here and I'm going to read all the verses but there's a scripture reference to every single one of them God is not unclear about his expectations and what he desires for us and we're going to see why as we come to a close in just a moment does God have the right to tell me what to wear come on absolutely sure enough should I be willing to allow God to help me choose appropriate modest clothing that will not unnecessarily draw attention to myself and that will help people to see that I am a child of his Does God have the right to ask me to talk a certain way of living 3 Verse 20 says Our conversation is in heaven yes he does how I spend my time wait a 2nd can I do what I want with my time yes God has a right it says redeeming the time and 516 because the days are evil using the time wisely is the counsel given to us because the time we're living in is a wicked and sinful time that we should use our time according to God's will and His plan how I treat others yes Matthew 712 the golden rule whatever you do to others do it as you would have them to do unto you what I think about that was our scripture reading yes God has the right to call my mind into a clear obedience into think on holy and pure thoughts and even how I worship him John for over 24 God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth he says it must be led by the Holy Spirit and it must be led and based upon truth and that truth is in the Word of God And so I would just submit to you for all of us and I'm preaching to myself That's the 1st person I preach to every time I present a sermon. Said that before it's always to myself to be open to allow God to search us and Trius and see where is he calling me to a greater or higher level of obedience and I'm just going to skip over the slide briefly obedience but how you're telling me to do this how but how do I do this pastor Hyman it is through a faith connection with God with God all things are possible by believing that God will give us the grace and give us the strength to do what he asked us to do he gives us the ability righteousness by faith could also be corresponded to obedience by faith in order to keep and follow God's law and his holy commandments it is by having faith that he will work in me to give me the power and the Straight to do that and ultimately it's God working in me both to will and to do of His good pleasure as it says of Libyans to 13 it is God that must be working from the inside on my mind in my heart my will and my desires they must go together so that I desire to do the will of God just as Jesus said which was a messianic psalm Psalm 40 verses 7 and 8 I delight to do that I will oh my God why because your law is within my heart I delight to do God's will which shows that the will of God is connected with the law of God that they are connected together well in a close with this story today the story of Peter he gives us an example of the experience that maybe some of us have had but he shows what can happen as we look at the way he wants to revive us if we truly will lead him before the cross we have Peter trusting himself to do what is right and as a result of that he wound up denying Jesus 3 times in a very public and really a shameful way there at his trial well after the resurrection Peter exercise genuine repentance he was truly sorry for his sins just as we all as sinners must all be truly sorry for our sins and seek the Lord for true repentance. But then after Pentecost after he received the gift of the Holy Spirit we find a level of bold obedience that was not seen in Peter before just in fact several months before as a result of his genuine conversion and repentance and the revival of the Holy Spirit in his life and in fact we find these words and actions after 5 verses 27 and 32 when he was called in before the Sanhedrin many of the Sanhedrin knew that he had denied Jesus at his trial just some couple months or so at the most before so only a few months have passed but Peter has now been fully converted and is changed listen to what he says as they call him in and they are attempting the Sanhedrin Jewish rulers to intimidate him to not obey what God has asked him to do listen to what Peter responds by saying briefly to that story X. 527 and when they had brought them this is Peter and the Apostles before the council it says they set them before the council and the high priest asked them saying did not we straitly command you that you should not teach in this name and behold he has filled Jerusalem with your doctrine and intent to bring this man's blood Jesus upon us. And then notice the response of Peter in acceptor 5 Verse $29.00 then said Peter and the other apostles we ought to what obey God rather than man we ought to obey God we should we it makes logical complete sense that we would obey God who is the one that has the highest authority in the universe we are to obey God rather than man the God of our fathers he continues saying raised up Jesus whom he slew and hang on a tree him hath God exalted with his right hand for to be a prince and a Savior and to give repentance Israel and then he says these final words in verse 32 and we are His witnesses of these things and so also is the Holy Ghost whom God has given to them that what that obey Him God has given the Holy Spirit to those who obey Him So the condition of receiving the Holy Spirit is based on obedience to what God tells us in His word and I think Peter makes that very plain and very clear but bold obedience to say listen we ought to obey God no matter what the circumstances are around us no matter how I feel about it or how daunting and fearful it might be I should obey a god my appeal this morning is a very simple one and as for me 1st and foremost I think we should seek for a greater obedience and that's going to be the fruit of revival we need revival this is a daily experience and it's a daily reforming of our lives but a greater obedience to God and I'll close with these 2 verses as to why we should seek for this Jesus says in John 1415 if you love me keep my commandments keep or obey my commandments if you love me if you really if you have a understanding for my goodness and my love for you we love Him because He 1st loved us Romans $24.00 says it's the goodness of God that always leads us to repentance always the. Goodness of God that should cause our hearts to be changed and softened in the Holy Spirit leading us to repentance to keep his commandments Now here is a verse that I really like very much because it tells us in a very powerful clear positive way why and the reason we should want to obey not just yes because we love Jesus but Deuteronomy 624 and 25 this is in the context of the 10 Commandments Deuteronomy Chapter 5 the chapter right before this Moses has just repeated the entire 10 commandments to the children of Israel right before he dies he has just repeated them and then in chapter 6 he is explaining and unfolding some more reasons and details about the importance of God's commandments and then Moses says and the Lord commanded us to do all these statutes all these laws to fear the Lord our good wine. For our good how much how often always God commanded us to do these things so it's really for our good even if we don't see it and we don't realize it at 1st my parents asked me not to play with the bow and arrow because it was for my good not to restrict and keep me from having fun but it was to protect me from harm and danger and potentially you know a terrible disaster but he has commanded us to do these things for our good for our good always that he might preserve us alive as it is at this day and then he continues and says and it shall be our righteousness righteousness is right doing we can only do right through a connection with God by faith faith is always based on believing and trusting His Word it shall be our righteousness if that's the condition if we observe to do all these commands before the Lord our God as He has commanded us it will result in our righteousness if we will faithfully follow Him and obey Him because we love him and we know that he has our best good at heart so brothers and sisters let us seek a greater obedience let us worship God today in choosing to obey him not just in some things but in all things that we might give honor and glory and praise to him. This is our decision in our desire this morning that you would have your own way in our hearts and in our minds that you would revive us according to your word that you would grant us the gift of the Holy Spirit that we might obey you and worship you because we love you so very much more to strengthen us we ask you and invite you to work in us both to will and to do of your good pleasure this is our heart's prayer in Jesus' name amen and amen this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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