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Repairer of the Breach

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • August 25, 2018
    12:30 PM
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Well the Bible says make a joyful noise and to the Lord all ye lands serve the Lord with gladness come before his presence with singing know ye that the Lord He is God It is He that hath made us and not we ourselves we are his people and the sheep of his pasture enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise be thankful unto him and bless his name why for the Lord is good aim in some way are still awake I hope you're not sleeping with your eyes open just yet for the Lord is good his mercy is everlasting and his truth endured how long to all generations forever and ever is correct his truth endure through all generations Well good morning church family it's a privilege to see all of you here it's always an undeserved privilege and a high honor to share God's word with you on Sabbath morning an undeserved privilege we are living in a serious and solemn time as you probably are well aware and it is really not time for us to continue on with business as usual BUSINESS UNUSUAL rather that was the theme for the recent A.S.I. convention that was held at thought that was a good theme BUSINESS UNUSUAL is the theme and the focus for the Christian as they read as we read and study the Word of God So this morning our subject I've been titled as repairers of the breach we're going to do that in just a moment but if you would just pause for a moment like about my head and seek the Lord in prayer Let's pray. Well Father in Heaven Lord thank you for the privilege of preaching and for standing before your people Lord we have come seeking blessings which we do not have otherwise apart from you we can do nothing and so we humble ourselves and and just cry out to you Lord for the blessings that we need the salvation that's undeserved and the righteousness that you you offer to us so freely and abundantly in what bless us now as we consider your word is my humble prayer in Jesus' name a min. Repairers of the breach repairers of the breach Well I don't know how many of you have traveled extensively and been to China I have been to China last year but I did not have the chance to visit which you can see on the screen here was something I was close to I was only about an hour away in Beijing the capital the Great Wall of China the Great Wall of China when I used to teach history was something we would study and talk about and you know it actually dates back over 2300 years before the time of Christ on earth a long long time ago it's considered to be the world's longest wall and the largest ancient architecture that was constructed back in ancient times which evidently if you're over 33 you're enchant So that's something that those of you that were here for children's story a week or 2 ago will remember well this wall was 1st connected together by a name for a name sheer huangdi in around the 222-2230 S. or so B. C. and they were it was there were other existing parts of this wall that had been constructed and by the way the purpose of the wall was to keep out invaders northern invaders for choose from China the region today that is Mongolia later on the Mongols were invaders from the north but that's not until nearly 2000 years after the wall had started so they were a reason for building this wall to keep out intruders and invaders Well it's interesting the official length of the wall is been calculated somebody maybe walked it or did something 13170.7 miles that's more than halfway around the world I guess if you count all of the little side pieces and connecting parts the average height of the main section of the wall is about 25 feet and it's been called the longest graveyard in the world because all of the peasants and workers that were forced to to work on the wall many of them died and they were just buried inside the wall. And so that was the long graveyard as it's been called for over 13000 miles it's interesting though that the record from history shows that it really wasn't an overall and effective deterrent from keeping invaders out the historical record says that any time you would bring together any kind of a sizable army they could always break through the wall and have a breach in some way and get through Often times I guess some stories say they could just bribe some of the centuries that were in the guard towers and get through that way but at any rate the wall itself was some some people have said maybe a lot of wasted effort but it still stands as something that's impressive none the least but a breach in the wall was not too difficult to make and I'll start out again with our scripture reading thank you for reading that you did such a wonderful job it's always special to have our young ones up front reading the Word of God such a blessing but notice what the Scripture says here in Isaiah $58.00 we find a picture of the work that God has called us to do in the last days that we're living in as if the verse 12 it says and they that shall be of the shall number one build the Oldways places that I shall raise up the foundation of many generations or rather the foundations of many generations and thou shalt be called the repairer of the breach the restorer of past to dwell in now there's actually a lot of things in that verse that I want you to notice we are to be rebuilding repairers and restorers rebuilding repairing restoring is something that you do on something that has been torn down right you cannot rebuild something unless there has been some kind of of a breach or a breakthrough in the building of the wall this is a picture I believe that God has given to us of our work is specially in these last days the waste. Places of humanity the waste places of this world to be rebuilding years of what has been broken how many of you know something about brokenness I'm not going to ask for show of hands but I'm sure all of us could raise our hands that know something about the brokenness that this world has caused or brought to us whether it's broken homes broken families broken health broken minds broken relationships broken finances broken in some way I think God that we serve a God of restoration a God who is a restorer and a rebuilder of what has been broken we find in Romans chapter 8 verses 28 and 29 you might know the 1st part of this passage very well where it says and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to them who are the called according to His purpose for who but in Notice verse 39 or $29.00 rather in Romans 8 for whom he did for no he also did predestinate or pre-determined to be conformed to be in the image and shape of his son that he might be the 1st born among many brethren that is a calling that God is given for us to reste or us individually so that he can work through us to restore humanity collectively I'll say that again God has called us to a work of restoration that he wants to do in our lives so that he could use us to help be restorers and rebuild or Z. and repairers of the brokenness in humanity around us what a privilege God has given to us in fact we're told in the book desire of ages page 824 the very essence of the Gospel is restoration the very essence the very key the very heart of the whole gospel message the good news is restoring what has been lost and restoring what has been broken that reminds me of a of a passage in 1st John chapter 3 and verse 8 where John writes These were. Virgin says he that committed sin is of the devil for the devil said it's from the beginning now notice the next part for this purpose the Son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil can you say man to a God who wants to destroy the works of the devil that is his mission his focus is to destroy the devil's work to tear down and to destroy people's lives well I want you to notice something the work of restoration actually involves several phases to simple phases number one there must be a demolition a tearing down of what has been broken to the point where it can then be built up on solid ground a rebuilding upon solid foundations in fact some of you know a model my wife and I we recently of relocated not far away we just moved about a mile down Howard gap road and the house that we're living in with my my in-laws were living downstairs in the lower section and we had a we had some water damage and some water issues in as we're moving in and we don't even have our things put away we're having to beat down sheet rock and tear out walls and even tear out ductwork in the ceiling so that's that was fun and has been fun but we've had to get some help and hired help rather to tear out all of the walls and areas that have been damaged by the water leak so that can then be Rishi rocked and restored and repainted and fixed again we had a guy come last weekend and he did tremendous job I don't know how but you have to tear out and fully clean out things in order to then repair them properly and rebuild again and I believe it's kind of a similar process in the restoration process of God there are walls in our lives that need to be torn down that we ourselves have built that we ourselves have constructed. There are ministries and people though who are so consumed with tearing down that they spend very little time in the work of restoration and that is an important focus we should never lose our focus on the restored process that God wants us to keep in mind our religion is not a negative religion that consists in various prohibitions you can't do this you can't do that but rather it is a positive religion which offers something better than the world offers can you say amen to that it offers something better than what the world offers and so the walls of selfishness and set in our lives need to be torn down and God will do that work calling us to repentance in fact we're called to the very 1st verse of this chapter that our scripture reading is taken from Isaiah Chapter 58 that God is calling us to cry aloud to spare not and lift up our voice like a trumpet and to call sin by its right name not excuse it and rationalize it and try to seek to justify it but to call it by its right name so then once the sin has been identified it can then be properly treated the help that we need can be sought from Jesus walls of sand need to be torn down well there are lessons from our past that are going to I think give us our message today and we're going to go back to the Old Testament back to a time when because of transgression and sin and the abominations of Israel the kingdom of Babylon invaded Jerusalem and brought desolation to the city the Babylonian captivity which the Jews came under starting in 605 B.C. with the invasions of King never can as are and all of this occurred though when you read the record because of the sins of God's people the walls of the city were breached the Temple was burned and God's people were in slave in Babylonian bondage for a time period of 70 years after 70 years in captivity Babylon itself fell to another succeeding empire the Empire of the new. Eason Persians under the Emperor or the general Cyrus rather in $539.00 B.C. and it was at this time that God opened the way for a brand new beginning for his people a brand new opportunity was opened before them God called his people to come out of Babylon and return back to Jerusalem to engage in the work of restoration to come back whole to Jerusalem and be involved in a work of restoration and after a number of years in fact nearly 100 years had passed and several decrees had been given to allow the Jewish people to return home but many still found comfort in Babylon and did not want to or wish to return back home and to follow their distinctive peculiar identity that God called them to well as in this captivity that there was a person in the providence of God a lay person a lay leader if you don't know what the laity is the laity or just all those who are not the clergy not the officially sanctioned pastors and workers in that regard a lay person named needs who by the providence of God had been led to a prominent position in the Persian court the King at the time or desert seas and his position was that of cup bearer the cupbearer was the one who was entrusted to sample whatever drink was given to the king 1st and make sure that it was not laced with poison before then passing it on and giving it to the king and so you can imagine this would be a person you would really want to trust that they themselves would be slipping any kind of poison into the drink and handing it to the king a trustworthy position a responsible position that Nehemiah was called in but Nehemiah was a was a Jew and he was in a sense he had been left over and had been from his family in captivity in in Babylon and it's interesting that he did not consider the palace a place to be desired while. His people were still in captivity and while God's work of rebuilding the the walls of Jerusalem were unfinished was not something to prefer that he himself was in a comfortable position while there was a work to do that needed to be done so Nehemiah a lay person in fact I actually I've only been serving as a pastor for about 2 and a half years you'll have to pinch myself that God has allowed me the privilege of serving in this capacity and I had told God Years and years ago that Lord I don't want any titles I know the titles don't matter with you I just want the privilege of the work itself the opportunity to do that work and so I'll confess to you this morning I still feel like an undercover lay person someone is just a lay person they just let him preach every now and then but it's you and me the laity that God is calling to do a work and we're going to talk about that this morning and I want to ask you as Nehemiah had a burden What is it that burdens you at night when you're laying in bed are you concerned for your own comfort absorbed in your own agenda captivated by your career or ingrowth maybe with your own goals while all the while the walls of truth are broken down and God is calling for workers to stand in the breach and fill the position that he calls us to fill what is it that burdens you I hope and pray that is a a desire to say Lord what is it that you want me to do maybe you haven't called me to stand up and preach before thousands of people but maybe you can you can use me in such a way to reach this colleague of mine a coworker or you can use me to to reach my next door neighbor or you can use me to somehow reach someone in my family someone an aunt and uncle a niece and nephew or whoever that needs to know the precious truths that you have revealed and have given to me Well God's ideal for you is so great and it's so incredible. Desire Of Ages tells us that his ideal is higher than the highest human thought can reach is a God's ideal for his children I can think of some pretty incredible things but it still falls short to what God's ideal is for you and for me what his desire is for us to do I believe that we were created for the glory of God in the blessing of others and I hope somebody will say amen to that we were created to be a blessing to others and to glorify God Somebody said it like this Your job is what you're paid to do but your calling is what you're made to do don't allow your job to get in the way of your calling God wants you to use your job in such a way as to fulfill your calling whatever it is that he calls you to do and we're all called in different various capacities that are all necessary but but don't allow your job to to hinder the calling that God has for you to be a blessing and to reach out to those around us. It is it is incredible to see how God has has led in my own life personally from starting out in such humble beginnings from an unplanned teenage pregnancy to bringing me to the point of serving as a teacher and standing before young people to try and teach and educate them for eternity to now actually having the privilege of being a full time minister of the gospel message that gospel message is so precious to me I'm so thankful that God has called all of us to serve together as a family not one of us if any of you are missing there is a breach in our wall of unity only you have the talents that God has given you to to do no one else not the bachelor not MARK FINDLAY not elder WILSON They have their own talents but only you can fulfill the talents and abilities that God has given you not one other person in the world because you were created uniquely and God has given you something that no one else has exactly the same package of what God has given to you want you to notice in our story that Nehemiah did 2 things 2 things Number one he got down on his knees in prayer is that a good idea somebody ought to say Man Yes that's a great idea he got down on his knees in prayer and then number 2 he got up off his knees and offered himself as the answer to his own prayer he got up and offered himself as the answer to his own prayer so God is calling us today to do tremendously a special work for him how should we respond should we pray Yes And should we get up off our knees and then ask for God to show us how can I be the answer to the prayer that I believe you've called me to to pray so if there is a work that needs to be done let's do it if there is something needs to be said Let's say it if there is a message that needs to be given then let's give it if there is a need that needs to be supplied then let's meet it if there is a check that needs to be written then let's write it if there is a position that needs to be filled. Old Then let's fill it if there is a promise that needs to be claimed let's claim it and that is exactly my friend's Nehemiah did he followed through with the prayers that he himself had offered while Nehemiah kept his focus on the work that needed to be done he kept his focus on the work that needed to be done we must never lose sight of our focus on Jesus and the work that he has and trusted us to do we have been given the greatest privilege and the greatest commission to share the everlasting Gospel with the world the everlasting Gospel it never gets old it never gets tired it never gets boring it never expires it is the everlasting Gospel What do you think the God heard Nehemiah's prayer absolutely Nehemias prayer was answered by God If you read about that in chapter one in 2 Nehemiah is the cup bearer for a time he did his best to try and mask his true feelings and came in before the king with a smile on his face but he had such a burden for the work that needed to be done in Jerusalem that one day he came in and the king noticed the king was accustomed to reading expressions something's not right something is not OK with Nehemiah and so he asked him why is your face and countenance downtrodden seeing that you're not sick and no you are not physically sick so why do you look sad and that would cause the King I mean this would be a great concern is there a plot is there something going on that the king could be very much worried about this and Nehemiah if you read in the Scriptures at that moment he offered up a quick prayer to the Lord and at that point after offering the prayer What should I say How should I respond I'm being asked is this my opportunity he then pours out his heart to the King this is a foreign heathen King King or desert of Persia and tells him about the walls that are torn down and the work that needs to be done in the home in the house of his father forefathers for all Jerusalem and that he was mourning and in sorrow because of the work that needed to be done there and the Bible says they. Or in the chapter 2 verse 8 the king's heart was impressed he was touch with the sympathy and compassion that that he had because of the request of Nehemiah the Bible says and the king granted me this is an E.M.I. recording this according to the good hand of my God upon me so why did they the king grant the request because of the good hand of God You know there's a simple verse that my wife and I like to claim often times when we pray for people it's call it's Proverbs $21.00 and verse one Proverbs $21.00 in verse one and it says the king's heart is in the hand of the Lord as the rivers of water he turned if it were so ever he will and so if the king's heart is in the hand of the Lord then surely every one of the subjects heart is in the hand of the Lord and he can turn their heart or ever he wills he will not force them against their will but he can so soften and impress their hearts that they will want and desire the righteousness and forgiveness and mercy that he longs to give to them the king's heart is in the hand of the Lord so put that away in your own Bible promises Proverbs 21 verse 11 am I was so excited about this request being granted that he took courage and asked even more and said Would it be possible for me to even be given a military escort and letters that show I have the sanction and authority of the king on the mission that I'm on and the king granted this request so this would add a certain amount of legitimacy and authority and significance to what he's now going to do he's asking permission I didn't really tell you he asked permission can I leave your service and go home and do the work that needs to be done there not knowing how the king would respond he offered that request and the king granted that request and then gave him further this military escort to go with him when he exercised wise planning and caution so what have we seen so far Nehemiah never lost his focus and the number to the wise planning and caution that followed I think is also a less. Than for us today as we also seek to restore and rebuild the lives of those around us even though Nehemiah had a royal commission that required the Jews to cooperate with him he did not appeal to that factor or that element in order to do the work instead when he arrived he didn't really tell anyone what he was doing because he was so concerned that someone might find out and someone might tell someone else and the work that he planned to do might get mis interpreted or misrepresented and the enemies which were numerous around God's people would catch wind of this and would somehow put an end to the work he wanted to do before it got started so he came in and we can see here this picture actually shows an artist he spent one night and got up at midnight when everyone was sleeping and walked around the whole city and saw with his own eyes it must have been somewhat of stars or moon out the condition of the walls the brokenness and how vulnerable Jerusalem was to their enemies and to attack Nehemiah sought though to win the hearts of the people to gain their confidence for this important work and so it's important to recognize a union of hearts and hands is essential to complete the work it's our hearts and our hands must be united a desire and an interest and a willingness to do the work not just being forced to do it from some outward requirement or some outward drudgery that we are really truly committed in desiring to do well you know what there are people that you can reach but I can't reach and there might be some people that I can reach that you can't reach but if we work together we can reach the whole world I'm in if we work together we can reach the whole world because God has given us that commission and that commission is something that he will fulfill if we cooperate with him so they word came in with Nehemiah's wise planning and caution Let us rise up and build or read. Bild rather because Jerusalem had been torn down and burned by the Babylonians at this time this is around circa $445.00 B.C. So over 100 years prior the city had been burned down by the Babylonians and 586 B.C. notice what it says here in Scripture then I told them of the hand of my God he's talking to the people which was good upon me as also the king's words that he had spoken unto me and they said the people let us rise up and build so they strengthen their hands for this good work you know the talents and gifts that God has given to you and I've said this before our own like anyone else's God has given us all talents that put together can do a work that we cannot do individually I cannot do the work and finish the work by myself without you and without a cooperation with the talents and gifts that God has given to you it cannot be done without all of the gifts that God has given to us working together and in fact it's been said This way the work that God has given to us is called The Great come mission not the great competition the Great Commission and the word commission it means a combining and joining cooperatively to work together to fulfill a mission not the great competition but the Great Commission is what God has called us to do well as Nehemiah begins to work and the people join in to work and had a mind to work the enemies were not far away and they were watching they were observing what's happening what's going on the enemies of the work were not and were did not take long before they began to try and stop the work and in fact it's interesting because it was a 3 fold Union 3 fold of sand ballot the Hora night Tobiah his serve it and get shown the Arabian when they heard with the work and the proposal was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem the Bible says they laughed at us to scorn Nobody likes to be scorned Nobody likes to be mocked and ridiculed. But did that deter did that stop Nehemiah and the people of God as they were building on this project of course you know the answer is no we must be willing to accept whatever scorn or mocking those that are enemies of the work that do not want to see the truth of God spread far and wide and hard to be changed and allow us to be changed by the incredible power of God So I tried to get Nehemiah to meet him under the pretense of diplomatic relations let's meet together and discuss what's going on and we're going to have a diplomacy these these other surrounding people that are around Jerusalem in the area but I'm here to tell you today friends that faithfulness to God was more important to Nehemiah than compromise with the enemy faithfulness to God was far more important than any compromise that the enemy might try to bring you know we're actually living in an age of compromise compromise values morals beliefs compromise lives but notice the response here of Nehemiah in chapter 6 of this attempt of his enemies to try and pull him off the wall and distract him from the work that needed to be done it says in verse Toussaint ballot and get him sent to me saying Come let us meet together in some one of the villages in the plain of Ono but he said but they thought to do me mischief he had the wise understanding and realization they're not wanting to be supportive and cooperative they're trying to be distractive and to hinder the work that I need to do and I love this next verse here in verse 3 and fact I've committed to memory tried to in verse 3 namei A says and I sent messengers on to them saying I am doing a what a great work I am doing a great work so that I would I cannot come down and then he says why should the work cease or stop while if I leave it and come down to you he recognize he has been given a commission to do a great work and he says I cannot. Come down and I will not come down why should God's work ceased and be hindered by your distractions and your Whatever your trying to do to pull me off of this work that is a verse I think we should do well to commit to memory I am doing a great works that I cannot come down and what is the result of this faithfulness and focus and fusion that came about from God People working together hearts and hands united together the wall was finished in how much time incredibly the wall was finished and we'll read this here out of the chapter 6 verses $15.16 so the wall is finished in the 20 and the 5th day of the month Elul in $50.00 and $2.00 days $52.00 days they completed the project because of the Union they came together to work on this the whole walls around Jerusalem and it came to pass that when all our enemies heard their of and all the heathen there were about a saw these things they were much cast down the enemies cast down in their own eyes and now walk watch the last part of Verse 16 for they proceed that this work was what it was wrought of God I mean that the rot and means it was worked it was accomplished by the working power of God that's what enabled the work to be completed they perceive that even the enemies saw that God was working with his people to accomplish the work that he had given them to do and the wall was finished in 52 days question for us today is what is it that enables us to finish God's work to day the work that he's given to us well just like Nehemiah Jesus was not happy in his Heavenly Palace while you and I were down here in the mire of sin he wasn't content to stay in a comfortable place to have a cushy easy life while there were sinners crying out in despair in brokenness and in pain Jesus came on a red. Q. mission in fact desire of a just says he left a heavenly courts for a life of reproach and insult and a death of shame he who was rich in Heaven's priceless treasure became poor that through his poverty we might be rich and that's actually an illusion a 2nd Corinthians 89 right there we are to follow in the path that he trod follow me do you want to follow Jesus this morning I do all I want to follow him to follow in the path that he has trod to be willing to sacrifice any earthly treasure or whatever it might be or or sacrifice any comforts in order to follow the path that God has marked out for us you know Jesus mission to the world was simple Luke $1910.00 For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost that was his focus and just like Nehemiah he kept focused on his mission was determined to seek and to save all that were lost and all that would come would come to him and turn to Him to receive the salvation that he was promised like Nehemiah Jesus was tempted to abort his mission to say Come down off the wall quit what you're trying to do come up with maybe there's another way you can go about doing this or maybe there's an easier way Matthew 26 verse 42 says speaking of Jesus when he was in the garden of disseminating there with the weight of the sins of the world beginning to press upon our Savior he went away again the 2nd time and prayed saying all my father if this cup may not pass away from me except I drink it what is he finishes prayer with the high will be done never my will be done but always I will be done that is the key to victory I believe friends is always to pray that God's Will our heavenly Father that his will would be done and he will accomplish his will when we connect ourselves together with him but Jesus said no I'm not going to come down off the wall I'm not going to stop what I'm doing I have an important work to do and I will not be did. Heard or distracted or delayed from going forward in the work of being the savior of humanity yes Jesus was tempted to quit his mission to just flat out quit his mission and notice the language here in Matthew 27 verses 39 and 40 when Jesus is there hanging on the cross wearing the sins of the world including your sins and my sins the Bible says and they that passed by reviled him wagging their heads and saying that now that destroys the temple and build this it in 3 days saved a self if thou be the Son of God come down from the cross but what did Jesus say he echoed the response of Nehemiah 63 I am doing a great work so that I cannot come down why should the work of salvation for lost humanity cease while I leave it and come down to you he would not be deterred by the devil and all of his distractions and so today the focus and the goal of what God has called us to do is to be repairers of the breach in restoring humanity to be on a mission to save lost souls will allow me to close with some good news and some bad news 1st the bad news. Our obstacles are great our enemies are many our resources are limited our numbers are few Our faith is weak and our doubts are strong but here's the good news my brothers and sisters our God is Almighty His power is unlimited his wisdom is unmatched his resources are infinite His grace is sufficient his love is eternal and his presence is with us his presence is with us always as an abiding presence to cheer us and to guide us and guard us as we go about doing his work as the Scripture says if God be for us who can be against us do we believe that this morning if God is for us has he not called us to do a tremendous work in restoring humanity and so today if you want to say Lord I want to be active in your work every story humanity I want to cooperate with you in the work of repairing and rebuilding the waste places of humanity all Father in heaven as we take advantage of the restoration that you have done in our lives and the blessing of the Sabbath Lord May we use the strength that you empower us with to be about your business business as usual today on the work of c sitting and saving those who are lost and fall in this world of sin bless my brothers and sisters strengthen them empower them equip them to go on to your business this week is our prayer in Jesus' name even and aim in this media was brought to you by audio for us a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio or.


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