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What to do at Midnight? Serving God in Times of Persecution

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • March 16, 2019
    7:00 PM
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A message tonight isn't titled what to do at midnight what to do at midnight Let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study your word we thank you lord that you are the God of the universe once again I ask that you make me just a rusty old nail Lord Lord I hang again I ask that you hammer that nail into the wall with your Holy Spirit and then more to hang a portrait of Jesus Christ upon that nail so that I'm not seen tonight is that Father God let us hear word from the throne of grace is our prayer in Jesus's name Amen was our tonight the book of Acts the 16th chapter or my favorite stories of Paul and Silas found in the book of Acts Chapter 16 verse 16 says and it came to pass as we went to prayer a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us which brought her Masters much gain by soothsaying the same followed Paul and us and cried saying these men these men are the servants of the most high God it would show on to us the way of salvation and this did she many days but Paul Paul being grieved that turned and said into the spirit I command the in the name of Jesus Christ come out of her and he came out the same hour. It's an interesting story Paul and Silas are doing their thing they're preaching the gospel traveling around and doing their work a young lady begins to follow them and she cries out constantly over and over again that in fact these are the servants of God and they're bringing us the way to salvation the problem is she keeps saying it over and over and over again to the point where it becomes a distraction for those who are actually trying to hear the Gospel odd is a powerful lesson in there just because folks save the right thing doesn't mean that it has the right effect and so Paul gets upset and the other thing of course the Spirit of Prophecy tells is Paul did not want the endorsement of someone with her track record because it was her job to actually predict the future and the spirit she used to do that was not of God to Paul that I'm not sure I want to be endorsed by someone possessed by a demon so finally pauses OK that's enough he turns as he is grieved the Scripture says and in the name of Jesus he's a listen the spirit that's in you needs to come on a Bible says the Spirit came out the same our verse 19 and when her Masters saw that the hope of their gains was gone they caught Paul and Silas and drew them into the marketplace under the ruler so here this young girl has the what they call the spirit of divination she's able to tell the future how do you do this all in California we have I don't know maybe it's all over the country is a California psychics. Advertisement is that come on everywhere in the country or just a gala for you and people calling in you know it used to they've been doing this since the eighty's but they call in and they spend you know how much money it costs and the person on the other line is opposed to be able to tell you what's going to happen in your future. I don't know what would make you think someone on the other like it was going to be your future people believe this and they call it and it's actually quite lucrative The Spirit of Prophecy tells us and even if you study people who've studied this that there's a few ways that this happens every so many people just really speak very vaguely as watching one show in a guy was like someone in your life someone a Peter Paul a Daniel there's someone in your life with a name like that. Name like that like everybody's name it was people in my life with names oh you've got nameless friends are we talking about. But in a deeper spiritual context remember saying I want you to hear this Satan cannot read your mind but you get that he can't read your mind but he can reach a face he can also impact circumstances so what Lucifer does Satan does is he will try to predict the future and if you submit your will to someone who does this kind of stuff you give him power and now he can direct you in a way that 2 years later 6 months later it sticks weeks later you're saying Wow that's just what the psychic order which said order whoever said because when you give it over say it has the power to mess with you by knowing what you like and what you think what kind of decisions you make and it will also be able to mess with your circumstances let me submit to you that one of the big dangers in these last days is this rise of spiritual ism and more and more Americans are getting caught up in the idea that somebody is going to be able to help them find a perfect future by spiritual means and it is rising the fastest growing religion up until a few years ago it may still be so the fastest growing religion in the United States is Wicca and witchcraft. I was in London preaching summer before last and one a pastor said Listen here in London for every Christian pastor there are 30 witches and they pray I want you to hear this they pray they come together and pray that our meetings will not be successful that our services will not be successful so in fact you're probably speak it back to the prayer ministry that that we're talking about that we're doing in the mornings here it is critical that if you are going to come together and have meetings that you are absorbed in praying and fasting before you enter the meetings because even though you think in your community this is not happening the truth of the matter is it is happening everywhere was a list that it was got to come out the guys get mad wait a minute she was our locals $1900.00 psychic is cast out the spirit we're not going to more money so I grab them you know really say something people let you get away with a whole lot of stuff don't mess with their food or their money people will come after you. And brought them to the magistrate saying verse 20 these men being Jews do exceedingly trouble our city and teach customs which are not lawful for us to receive neither to observe being Romans that verse is very important that verse says that in that time the religion and in the time of of the ancient Romans it was a world of religious intolerance in other words you notice what he said we can't receive what they're saying it was against the law to speak anything that would contradict the divinity at many times of the Roman emperor or themselves or any of the pantheon of gods. And so this was a religious liberty case and teach custom which are not lawful for us to receive not have to observe being Romans verse $22.00 and a multitude rose up together against them the the whole crowd rolled up against them and the magistrates right after close and commanded to beat them and when they laid many stripes upon them they cast them into prison charging the jailer to keep them safely Paul and Silas are being within an inch of their lives by a mad crowd after they are beaten kicked spat upon abused they're taken and locked away in a prison and the and the and awarded to prison as the job of keeping them there and not allowing them to miraculously exclaim verse $24.00 says that when this warden gets them that the warden who having seen such a charge thrust them into the inner prison and made their feet fast in the stocks you gotta follow this by pushing them in the inner prison what that means is there was a room inside the prison that had no way to the outside it was there were no windows it was dark this was the room where there was nowhere for you to relieve yourself if you had to go to the bathroom where or rats and bugs and roaches were would would sit and develop it was the place you put the most hardened most dangerous criminals that you were worried would escape because even if you get out of the inner room you'd still be inside the prison so they took them and threw Paul and Silas in there and it wasn't enough to have some pictures here and you see a picture of what would have been like their feet would have gone through these holes so that they were stuck on the ground unable to stand up if they had to go to Russia they couldn't even get up to relieve themselves and so when you look at this. You have to you have to really get the picture in it that you need to see where they are there in the inner prison in a room full of filth excrement rats bugs there's no light the stench of whoever was there last week is still in the room that is the condition Paul and Silas find themselves in they are imprisoned for the Gospel of Jesus Christ now I'm a talk a little bit about some of the things I went through I can't do the whole thing tonight but but I do want to talk about what's going on around the world because what there's a real debate going on if you watch even the nightly news on the cable networks as to whether or not Christians and other religions even but definitely Christians are we being targeted for persecution we as admin is talk a lot about that but the question I want to ask is has the world come to a place where there is an intolerance and an attack on Christianity itself let's see well the 1st place I want to go to is China and what you find if you go to China is that the prime minister of China and the Communist Party has already begun to shut down churches who do not join the Communist approved national church. So at the wrongly church and one Joe southern China was stormed by more than 60 police and the governor of fissions at around 10 am local time on a Saturday morning is the 3rd unregistered Protestant church to be closed down by Chinese government in recent months according to the South China Morning Post the church a church member said halfway through the children Bible class we heard the footsteps of dozens of police and officials stomping up the stairs the church closure comes after Chinese authorities closed down a prominent 1500 members sign church and Beijing and the Chengdu 500 member early reign Covenant Church last week right now in China it is very dangerous to run a church that is not sponsored by and approved by the communist government and there are people sitting in prison right now in China because they are Christians while you take for granted your right to walk in here and worship there are parts of the world right now where if they did what we're doing police would storm through that back door and begin to arrest who they could cash not just Paul and Silas this is happening today and not just happening to Christians in fact this group here who are Muslims and parts of China see the symbolism as she has on of these Muslims are being attacked for their beliefs they're trying to synthesize meaning make them more Chinese bring them in line with the communist government let me say that when you deal with religious liberty you can't just deal with hoping to keep your own liberty you've got a defend the liberties of everyone's religion and here even there their right to not believe anything the only way to guarantee that you have a right to believe and worship the way you want is the fight that everyone has that right it is the 1st and we'll get to this in a 2nd but it is it is literally the 1st liberty given in the Constitution of the United States. Because it is that important and I believe the reason America is as great a nation as it is is because it is founded on the principle of religious freedom so look you want to do it in China to these guys this is this is really tough stuff so if you read if I can read through all is what I wanted a bad Islamic text including the Koran if you read up here even if you can't name a challenge Muslim sounding name Men can't wear beards and clothing that is Muslim and women wear has been outlawed but even more crazy is that they've made it mandatory that their motor bikes and cars that they place G.P.S. tracking devices on their vehicles and it gets crazier than that the police have been given special glasses let me see if I can find. The officers here is a dystopian futuristic novel or something but I've given them special glasses which use facial recognition software smart glasses to to so that they can. Sort of take it at dead of these Muslims on trains buses and club public areas Isn't that crazy sort of the police will wear glasses you minding your own business get on the train and the glasses light up that you are of a group of believers that is outlawed and they will arrest you on the spot that saga sounds like science fiction but it's happening and fat the smart glasses are there's a design and all of a one of the most frightening parts of it of course is that they take these Muslims and what they do is they take them and then they put them in reeducation camps and try to train them by force some estimates also articles I read there are over a 1000000 such Muslims in these camps in China and Christians as well as we talk about his crazy this is a country we trade with. It's a country that America you all of us in here buy goods as they made in China were supporting this government and I honestly believe that the tactics that are happening in communist China today are being prepared for the persecution that will one day envelop the globe and you get what I'm saying you've got to have a Test place you've got have test subjects and right now I believe that's happening in communist China and I don't think it's an accident that we still trade with a country that's capable of doing this stuff because this is something from out of the kind of stuff we fought World War 2 to stop from happening and now we're trading with such a company a country but it gets more interesting sort of Protestant churches are being shut down when I was in China the privilege of going to China and lecturing at universities all across China I want to go all over Beijing all over the place it was it was an amazing experience what a what a funny things happened what. I was at the time I think I was still working with the Bush administration George W. Bush and so I went with one of the ladies who actually want to take her job in D.C. and we went so she's actually from Texas we went to China and we went to dinner and I was I was I was very happy to be vegetarian in China it was good that's the bills and stuff and so. We were having dinner and I started bringing all these meat dishes. And I just told the people serving us a lesson I don't eat meat just bring me vegetables and the lady said I like you eat just such troubles I said good so she brought me at all events them then he said so these Americans you know I'm from Texas and Arkansas and North Korea they just kill me just eat meat eat meat and one of the one of the one of the dive like the chef or somebody from a kid that came out and said how you like you donkey. And one of the ladies from North she said when I'm in it you even tell me that me we as a dog and she say yes don't worry. And she said Oh my goodness it's kicking me in my throat. There's going to be a vegetarian. I was so glad I didn't know donkey. But wow all of this is happening while Protestantism is being attacked in the church have been torn down something interesting happened late last year role cut a deal with Beijing that's fascinating in fact September 18th 2018 a deal between the Vatican and Beijing was would be signed shortly after this was was was published. Roma Bennett of China's Catholics just as the come come as regime is brutally cracking down on religious freedom want critics under the terms of the landmark agreement Beijing will recognize the Pope as the head of the Catholic Church in China and the Holy See will give Beijing control over appointing bishops That's according to The Wall Street Journal. Fascinating Now when I was in China the 1st time I believe it was the time when Pope John Paul the 2nd died communist television communist Chinese television just that they spoke so terribly of the papacy and of the Vatican how they were imperialists and all these different things I was watching the shock that the government of China was talking so horribly about the Vatican I was even more shocked when I saw that the pope had signed an agreement with that same government which is that the prophecy we believe and teach is powerful and we scratch only the surface of it many of the time now I will stay in China before I move on other parts of the of the world but one of the books you have to read is a must read book there's a book called The Heavenly Man read this book I need to read it again so not having this but this is a Christian pastor who went through persecution like Paul and Silas the beatings the imprisonments the miraculous escapes from prison you've got to read this book now he said something profound because I'm a come back around it later on in the book he talks about how he was beaten and jailed and abused in prison in China and by the government how miraculously a Bible appeared for him just amazing stories but he says that when he came to North America and began to give his testimony a writer out of California I think a Christian right out of California began to say to all that he was saying was a lie began to challenge his rep trying to really bring down his reputation and attack him you know he said he said all the physical abuse he suffered in China paled in comparison to the attacks on his reputation he received in North America you see because there's a new wave of the ability to persecute someone now so you can persecute people today online. Through social media you don't you don't actually have to even meet the person you have to go anywhere in Merom and let me tell you some we live in an age of cowards we live in an age and cowards who sit at their computers who don't face life and they will criticize and tear people down they've never met or ever spoke to we live in that kind of an AIDS AIDS of cowardice and when I went to what I went through people were attacking me never met me never spoke to me lying about me and you realize what are you going to how do you fight back you're really powerless to fight back but it's not just China this is Russia and this Danish Jehovah's Witness Dennis Christensen 46 year old builder we're in May of 2017 I was having a prayer meeting an Oriole about 200 miles south of Moscow and and after this he was arrested and put in jail and given 6 years because they said he was he was they threatened and he was a terrorist as a Jehovah's Witness so after that the Supreme Court. They banned job as witness pretty much period in Russia it's frightening again it's a country that Americans often do business with here Putin of Orthodox. Russian Christian is saying look we don't want them here and when they passed a law against terrorists they swept the Jehovah's Witnesses in with them and that incredible is happening right now not just in Russia. This is in India where now in India they have a pro Hindu. John not a party to be J.P. led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi I who came in power in 2014 of it are going to have it they are banning Christians in India banning Christianity no proselytizing Compassion International who runs orphanages in India has actually stopped going to India to work because of what is happening to India to Christians in India and I was talking to some of the folks here who do some work overseas and they said that's probably because they mark their passport and people they can't even get into the country anymore and of course this is Egypt stop the killing of Christians in Egypt and in that hope region of the world religious freedom is under attack all around the globe and here's the thing we are so busy binge watching Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime that we don't even realize that we are living in a world where freedoms are being erased and here at home the 1st amendment The Congress shall make no law no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or the press or the right of the people to peaceably to assemble at a petition the government for a redress of grievances this is the 1st Amendment of the Constitution and I said let me say this I believe the Constitution of the United States was divinely inspired I've had people get mad at me when I said it but I still believe it I believe that God breathed on the founding fathers got because here's the thing they didn't even live up to what they wrote they said all men are created equal but they didn't treat all men equally. Which tells me that there was a divine influence on those who wrote those early documents the the Constitution the Declaration of Independence the Bill of Rights it was divinely inspired is the reason I believe the remnant church was raised up in this country I believe those documents provided a safeguard for the church to grow in fact later on when Dr Martin Luther King Jr and the civil rights movement he stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial one of the things he said is that if and I'm paraphrasing but the founding fathers wrote a check when they wrote those documents and that we are here today to cash that check some powerful those documents are but we are taught in Adventism that this is going to change how would it change well there was a there was a hurricane I forget which one it was before the. Hurricane Harvey actually here in Texas and after that terrible hurricane is that what we signed. Believe this is an executive order that we that Sunday would be a national day of prayer is that it's not that big a deal but the truth of the matter is in much of our country there's still blue laws still laws protecting Sundays you can't buy liquor in many places on Sunday can't buy lottery tickets on Sundays but there's a new approach a more sophisticated approach not this pope a pope John Paul a 2nd wrote a document called deist domany the Lord's Day This is back in the ninety's and it venerated Sunday as a day of worship we know that the environment is in trouble I'm not I believe the environment trouble but the but environment has been changing forever so it is a climate change well that means it was an ice age and it changed so climate has been changing and I believe everything you say you know the new house representative from New York very popular young lady said the whole country is going to the world going to end in 12 years. If we don't stop flying airplanes and drive in cars and eat meat right so I mean it's there but that's how serious this thing is and what was funny to me is I'm watching guys like Bill Maher like Bill Maher show it not Christian he hates Christians actually but I like to hear his perspective on a lot things I find it interesting you don't believe in God you believe in evolution but you have said that the world will come to an end all by itself and that kind of the way it came at the beginning in the 1st place like this really doesn't make any sense but they believe this so the pope to say listen there's an urgent appeal for a new dialogue about how we wish shaping the future of our planet and part of that is this just like in California and Los Angeles they have a think of the good Monday Have you guys are that so are Mondays are by supposed to stop eating meat to save the planet so my way to most of you kill the cow on Tuesday is a change what happens or will they make any logical sense right the reason we eat extra cow during the week and I don't know get around here to save the planet but our right is good for health stop eating meat on Monday they're going to move to a place where they're going to say look we observe Sunday as sacred if we shut down the economy on Sundays it will help to preserve the environment mark my words there's a strong move around the environment so a lot of people who watch like Fox News they're mad about the green deal because they don't want to lose jobs and they don't like the government regulating things and they've actually make a legitimate point on both sides about this stuff I'm a Christian I really get mixed up in these earthly arguments but when I do get concerned is when I see that this there's got to be a back door so how what is otherwise a how does this happen. Those who are of the law of God have been accused of bringing judgments upon the world and they will be regarded as the cause of the fearful convulsions of nature and the strife and bloodshed among men that are filling the earth with Will the power attending the last warning has enraged the wicked their anger is kindled against all will receive the message and Satan will excite the still greater intensity the spirit of hatred and what persecution you see the day is going to come when the fires in California the earthquakes around the world the great hurricanes and tornadoes the violence the whole world is going to say listen if we could get them to stop keeping the 7th day Sabbath we would appease God if we get everybody to keep Sunday sacred and not move that Bush is really what they're going after and it can start with the environment and I don't know if you see it I mean I'm a I don't eat meat don't don't don't do dairy and I was I was looking read an article Berkeley California where some animal activists protested outside of a butcher shop that he shouldn't be killing animals but it's a butcher shop and it's funny they kill they do the same butchering every grocery store all over the state of California but it picked on this one little shot because he couldn't defend himself because he had no way to fight back he wasn't a part of the Jude corporation you see we're going to be vulnerable because they're going to attack us individually they're going to come after us now I don't want you to serve God out of fear I don't believe in that when I try to get people stop smoking cigarettes at do not tell them your lungs are going turn black and you will cough them up in all kinds of people doesn't work long term with Eventually people say you know what others have to die either die somehow but if I say to that person. You should consider stop and ask them Do you have any grandchildren Yeah have a 3 year old grandchild do you want to live to see that 3 year old graduate from high school would you like to be at their wedding do you love that child enough to quit smoking for them you know that changes the way they view quitting smoking when it's not about fear of anything but a love for that child so we are Christianity needs to be I don't give this so that you can go home scared and the world in a time of trouble is coming but I am going to ask you Do you love Christ anough or more than whatever it ever it is the world is not trying to take from you if you don't have that kind of a love relationship really doesn't matter for you you'll lose the fair fight anyway this is the world that we maybe had to an interesting slider to show the the how the Supreme Court is constituted and you can see that historically up until 2881.6 percent of Supreme Court justices were Protestant. Now since then there's one Protestant was actually raised in Catholic schools. One 3rd are Jewish and the rest over half are actually still practicing Catholics the Supreme Court is different fundamentally and only bring that up to say if the Vatican really did push for there to be a change and how things are done in the United States and laws were needed you could find that if the courts all pledge allegiance to the Vatican we could wind up where we talked about always being all these years now when I was growing up they would give us these sermons and they would be quite frightening sometimes and you think I want to grow up and work and have a job a career and a family and why do they preach this stuff and scare us as kids but as I've gotten older I realize there's nothing to be afraid of. I have found that God is a protecting God David says something profound He says I was young and now I am old he said I've never seen the righteous for saken nor his seed begging bread if you've heard my full testimony you know out everything was taken from me and at every step of the way God gave me what I needed and then some I am telling you today that you need to be ready because it is midnight we are at the point where things are going to begin to happen in this war and they are already happening if you just listen to the messages not just my but all of the messages for a week and it is time things are happening and the question you have to ask yourself is do you love Christ more than you love the things of this world because if you know if you are not in love with Jesus none of this even actually really matters you're not going to sacrifice your future for Jesus you don't know or love that's not you're not going to do it which is what I was going to write stuff in Pasadena and they came after me and they were threatening my job and I had everybody right you could go on the audio verse and hear my. Testimony is called tribulation song they were coming after me in a writing stuff a newspaper a line about me in a newspaper saying I said stuff I didn't say they were hit me hard and threatening my job and calling for my resignation the Catholic League in New York spoke to the newspaper editor in Pasadena said he needs to be fired he should not have that job and I was going to go through it all I got a call from some of the people in the community that I used to do work with and I said Listen Dr Walsh what we've found out that you know we think we can fix your problem if you willing to come meet us at this church one of the very liberal Sunday church if you want to meet us at this church we'll call out the media and a not so many words what they said is if you're willing to basically denounce and renege on what you believe. If you will in the back off on one of things as creationism and a few other things if you will in the back off on those things we can get we can secure your job with the city you don't have to worry you'll be safe you'll be protected we'll take care of you but we want you to publicly go out and backtrack on what you believe and what you preached seeing in those moments begins to whisper in your ears the church gave up on you people very close to you walked away why wouldn't you do this it only makes sense you could you can always preach again later all the good you can fix this down the road spirit of Living God came over me so I can sit with the 17 for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a what a sound mind and my response was I can't do that I said You see when I was a kid my mother was a single mother there were 3 boys she had to feed and there were many months where we write we were where we ran out of money before we ran out a month and I remember a Thursday night when my mother called us into the into the family room to pray we were out of food and most of the normal an amazing job of budgeting and make it in stretch we were at a point where with 3 hungry boys she couldn't figure out to go make it she we got on our knees in that family room I want you to hear this church and we began to agonize with God and cry out to him and ask Lord make a way for us well provide for our family I would say some church while my mother was praying or just as she finished the doorbell rang when she went to the door and opened it there were bags of groceries on the porch of our house that to this day I have no idea how they got there. How can I denounce that god. How can I remember what I believe about that god how can I say make his holy word of not a fact I would rather shovel dung in the streets of Los Angeles than to back off from my belief in the living God. And I'm not perfect man let me tell you some when I get to heaven I'm a pain in it in a pick up my book of works was going to be it's going to be a thick book but guess what every page by the grace of the Living God will be have every sin sponged in the red blood of Jesus Christ. And I live on the face of what Christ did for me on the cross so guess what if I've got to suffer a little here for him let me suffer in prod that pride in myself pride in what he did for me I trust him it's midnight what I went through was just a taste of what many of us are going to go through and let me tell you something if your relationship with Christ is not right when the crisis starts you won't finish the relationship of you will finish the crisis with Christ very easy to walk away from and I watch many people do it so many people want to spot like turn on them they just back off and they just this is their simile is it listen I'll just go with the flow pastors charge people church members church leaders I've watched them simply wash their hands say whatever the world is doing I'm going to do because my position is too important my check is too important my retirement is too important my spouse is too important midnight What are you going to do at midnight How will you stand a wife of the great country. In a southern watchman October 31st 100-0050 is the time is hastening on all on when those who stand in the fence of the truth will know by experience what it means to be partakers in Christ sufferings. The great oppressor sees that he has but a short time in which to work the Sunni will lose his hold upon man and his power be taken from him and he is working with all the civil business of unrighteousness in them that perish superstition and air are trampling upon truth justice and equity every power that is antagonistic to truth is strengthening she goes on as she says Satan will excite indignation against a humble minority who conscientiously refuse to accept popular customs and traditions men of position and reputation will join to the lawless and the vile to take counsel against the people of God wealth genius education will combine to cover them with contempt persecuting rulers ministers and church members who conspire against them you see that inside the church that conspire against you was voice and penned by both and threats and ridicule they will seek to overthrow their faith but by false representations and angry appeals they will stir up the passions of the people not having the set the Scriptures to bring against the advocates of the Bible Sabbath they resort to oppressive and that means to supply the lack to secure popularity and patronage let legislators will yield to the demand for a Sunday law on this battlefield comes the last great conflict of the controversy between truth and error testimonies for the church 55 page 45451 The question is What do you do at midnight the Bible tells us in the story of Paul and Silas here it is verse 25 says and at midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake so that the foundations of the prison were shaken and immediately all the doors were open and everyone's bands were loosed and the keeper of the prison awakening out of his sleep and seeing the prison doors open he drew out his sword and would have killed himself supposing that the prisoners had been fled but Paul Clyde with a loud voice saying do yourself no harm for all here then he calls for a light and sprang in and came trembling and fell down before Paul and Silas and brought them out and said Sirs what must I do to be saved and they said believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved you in your house and they spake unto him the word of the Lord and to all that were in the house so what do you do at midnight worship God Praise the Lord at midnight policy as they prayed and sang praise under God and look at this the prisoners heard them nobody ever sang from the inner prison and that filth and stench with the rats walking around with the with the with that with the darkness that was in there no body saying in that room would you do it midnight praise God the scripture says that God inhabits the praises of his people you know why God seems so far when many of us get into trials and tribulation we spend our time complaining rather than praising and with every complaint we drive got away with every word of praise every song of praise we draw Christ in. A wise as a like this with astonishment the other prisoners heard the sound of prayer and singing issuing from the inner prison they had been accustomed to hear shrieks and moans cursing and swearing Breaking the Silence of the night but never before had they had the words of prayer and praise ascending from the gloomy cell guards and prisoners Marvel then asked themselves who these men could be watch this who called home greedy and tortured could yet rejoice some of those guards put to supplant him beating them can you imagine their backs a bleeding they're laying in filth yet Paul and Silas are praising God how many of us would praise God in that situation Number 2 no matter how dark the midnight is for you you daughter do you want to do something for somebody else you to be there for the spiritually dying the keeper of the prison when he woke about asleep saw the prison doors a bit open drew out his sword would have killed himself supposing the prisoners had fled Paul and Silas Paul jumps and say wait a minute don't kill yourself we're all here look at what I will I says in the bitterness of his of his spirit he felt that it was better for him to die by his own hand to submit to a disgraceful execution drawing his sword he was about to kill himself this is the warden one pause force was heard in the words of cheer do the self no harm for we are all here every man was in his place restrained by the power of God exerted through one fellow prisoner acts of the Apostles preached to 15 let me taste some church if you can praise God in your midnight. And be more focused on those that are spiritually dying than on your discomfort God will work miracles for you. I'll never forget when I had to leave I'd lost a job in Pasadena I resigned that job and the job in Georgia does it evaporated I was on the nightly news and in Los Angeles on a nightly news in Atlanta they blocked me from getting any jobs and I was on my way to Guam it was funny I was sitting at my friend's house and I see this in my testimony and my friend said What are you going to do you don't have a job and my parents are Jamaicans always got 3 jobs at least for those you know Jamaican them or I was got an extra hustle the next year was a long time without us and so I was that age job but my you know my main job was gone so we all get that something I don't really get that that's OK. So. I said I don't know I said you know I always wanted to be a missionary I want to be a missionary to Blom and call me at Loma Linda 10 years ago and I was so busy with my career I couldn't go or how many years earlier it was always wanted to go to Guam I said to my friends like. You could tell it like the world is a. Church would in 30 minutes I got an email from the physician recruiter for the warm 7 Day Adventist clinic Dr Walsh We would love to have you come and join us as a missionary physician at the Guam 7 events clinic but in 30 minutes of me speaking it the e-mail came in and you know what rather than focus on my own career having been derailed I got on a plane and went and served other people and you know what I learned serving folk is some of the best healing you'll ever get I was on a plane to glom and I kept telling the Lord I quit I said I'm not preaching no more I quit if this is a quick preach and gets me I. Never preach again. I got off the plane and met Dr Robinson a phenomenal Christian man was the medical director of the clinic here in the morning and one of the workers at the clinic met me at the airport and as he shook my hand he said Here's your card is which you can drive for the 1st few weeks that you get your own car here and he said oh and by the way it's good to preach Wednesday night for prayer be. As I want to talk about not just oh god I'm done preaching you can be signing me up for stuff I need to talk to you all about this yeah. Let me say so when you go into your trials in life one of the secrets to getting through it is to look around at who else is hurting stop focusing on your pain and serve someone else is power in that you worship God you serve others she says the severity with which the jailer had treated the apostles had not aroused their resentment Paul and Silas had the spirit of Christ not the spirit of revenge their hearts filled of the love of the Savior had no room for malice against their persecutors did you get that you know I pray for the very folks that did what they did to me and I pray that since many of them listen to my sermons I pray that the Word of God The Bible says they cannot go out and come back void I pray that some of them come to know Jesus Christ I pray to one day I'm standing want to see a glass and some of those reporters that talk so terribly about me come up to me as a man it was because of their sermons that I'm here I don't credit or harm comes to anyone else I pray that God comes to them that they come to know Jesus Christ as their savior but a 3rd thing this 3rd thing you do and it goes along what I was just saying is that you've got to share the gospel. If you're going to trial if it's midnight if the world is going to dart or our voice of proclaiming the 3 and use messages and this everlasting Gospel our voice ought to get all our. Brought them out and they said Sirs what must I do to be saved you know that's what the world is asking what do I need to do to be saved and they said believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved you and your house. Allies as the jailer had trembled as he beheld the wrath of God manifested in the earthquake when he thought that the prisoners had escaped he had been ready to die by his own hand but now all these things seemed of little consequence compared with the new strange dread that agitated his mind and is desired to possess the triangle the tranquillity and cheerfulness shown by the Apostles under suffering and abuse he saw in their countenances the light of heaven yet he knew that God had interposed in a miraculous man to save their lives and with peculiar force the words of the spirit possessed woman came to his mind these are the men these men are the servants of the most high God which show on to us the way of salvation so what will you do at midnight what are you going to do with this Jesus Christ how are you going to respond to what God is trying to do in your life and in the life of those around you imitate some church when I was going through all that stuff I remember one night. It was very lonely it was very dark very depressing when I had a really good time near you know with all the beautiful tropical environment but on at nights especially on Friday nights when I wasn't working and I was left alone with God It was a lot that I had to wrestle with I understand better what the time of Jacob's trouble is going to be like because it of though I had gone through all of that trial all of that difficult you know what the devil kept bringing up to me my past. My failures my sins he kept bringing up all the ways that I had failed God and one night I was agonizing with God about all I had lost I mean a few months earlier my name was being sent to Washington D.C. for Barack Obama to consider me as the surgeon general to people want to send my name up I was I was in a line to probably take over one of the other health department the county health department or people said you surely get a job and when the guy was running it retired my career was on on a rocket blast it was I was going to go into the stratosphere it was everything I hope for my life everything was lining up and on Friday nights alone in Guam I would say to God Why I worked so hard for my degrees I was so hard to do well in my career I worked so hard to build a reputation and Lord you allowed to be torn down overnight because I preached kneel down and I went to pray one night and I opened my mouth all that came out was I'm unworthy even when I want to say other things the only thing I could say was I'm not worthy I'm not worthy and God began to speak to me God said you know what you never passed an exam I did you never obtained a degree I obtained those degrees and gave to you the job you lost as a job I am a rock illicitly gave you and God began to walk me through my life and show me that in fact it wasn't ever me or my efforts he was the one who gave things to me and the words of Joel came to me the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away bless it be the name of the Lord. Let me taste of that moment I began to realize wait a minute I'm not even worthy of any of the good things God has done for me so guess what I really never lost anything in fact if my trials caused me to know Jesus Christ better it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. That young lady just up here talking about her ministry as a nurse with Dr nettle who does a phenomenal work at Wiemar is that ironically the depression was a was the best thing that happened because now I'm in this ministry let me tell you something some time God sends you through fire not just sort of you can come up pure gold on the other side but I when you come out the other side you are the most and best equipped soldier to go back and fight on that very issue for his cause like Pastor Ron does like so many other does we go through these trials to be made stronger better equipped soldiers so guess what it isn't that that is a myth as a whole perspective of persecution a trial will change when we realize God uses it to make us better soldiers you know I got told he said I'm not concerned with how big your houses are concerned how nice your car is or how many degrees you have or your position because I'm concerned with figuring out how my get you to spend eternity with me what I'm worried about is where are you going to spend all of eternity not where you going to spend the rest of your career and that changed me his wife's things I want you to contemplate this for yourself what is your relationship with Jesus Christ where are you with him the time of trouble is going to come but you know like those disciples in the ship they were so worried about about the water filling up the ship and and drowning in the ship they were so worried about it while they were worried Jesus will sleep in. How the Jesus sleeps SOCAN what. Because Jesus understood that as long as he was in the boat it could sing. Whatever trial you're going through as long as Jesus is in your life. OK see this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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